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How to Replace Leaf Springs on a Ford Ranger

The leaf springs on your Ford Ranger are designed to carry a heavy load and still keep the axle centred on the body. Although they have their drawbacks, having a leaf-sprang rear suspension makes lifting or lowering the truck fairly easy. If you want to lift it, swapping out your stock leaf springs for larger ones is an easy trick, which adds height in the rear end. This job requires a lot of heavy lifting, so if you can't lift over 34 Kilogram comfortably, consider calling in an assistant.

  • The leaf springs on your Ford Ranger are designed to carry a heavy load and still keep the axle centred on the body.

Lift up the rear of the vehicle using the jack and secure it on jack stands. Make sure the vehicle is solidly set on the jack stands before crawling underneath it. Make sure there are jack stands underneath both the axle and the frame. Remove the rear tires using the tire iron and place them out of the workspace.

Unbolt the U-bolts that secure the leaf spring to the axle using the 1/2-inch ratchet and socket. Unbolt the rear of the leaf spring from the rear of the frame using a 1/2-inch ratchet and socket and an open-end wrench. There are two bolts on the rear of the leaf spring: one for the leaf spring to the shackle and one from the shackle to the frame. You want to remove the shackle from the frame. The shackle is approximately 6 inches long and helps the leaf spring to pivot. Allow the leaf spring to rest on the ground.

  • Unbolt the U-bolts that secure the leaf spring to the axle using the 1/2-inch ratchet and socket.

Unbolt the front of the leaf spring from the frame using the 1/2-inch ratchet and socket and an open-end wrench. Then lift the leaf spring away from the frame and place it to the side.

Place the replacement leaf spring next to the stock one and make sure they are oriented in the same direction. Unbolt the leaf spring shackle from the leaf spring using an open-end wrench and the ratchet, then transfer the shackle to the replacement leaf spring.

Lift the front of the replacement leaf spring into the frame and install it using the ratchet and wrench. Then lift the rear up and bolt the shackle to the frame in the same manner. Reattach the U-bolts around the axle to the leaf spring using the 1/2-inch ratchet and socket.

Repeat Steps 2 through 5 for the other side of the vehicle, then reinstall the tires using the tire iron and lower the truck off of the jack stands with the jack.


Leaf Spring Replacement

Y'all were right, wasn't as easy as I'd hoped. Most of the bushing bolts were seized. The ones I could access with the impact just spun the nut on the other side. Once I threw a wrench on the other side it wouldn't budge. I wound up taking off the spring and shackle hangers on the passenger side (they'd been replaced shortly before I bought the truck so they were bolted on, no rivets to contend with). Driver side was a different story. Couldn't do the same there, because the gas tank blocks access to the bolts/nuts up front. So I wound up cutting through the bushings/bolts with a saws-all on that side.

By the way, I had to take the rear bumper off to get access to the last bolts on the rear spring hangers I actually just slid the bumper backwards and re-attached it with one bolt per side (temporarily) since I didn't feel like lifting it out of the way, but just thought I'd mention that.

Also, has anyone left the shocks on while doing this? I unbolted them since that's what Haines called for, but I don't think they would have been in the way

So now everything's out, but I need new bushings (I'm gonna have new ones pressed in all around as long as everything's apart).

The two leaves I got (middle leaf for each side) fit, but the curve is wrong. Also, the curve on the existing springs is way different between driver and pass. side due to the uneven weight distribution over 17 years.

So, I'm on hold until I can get the springs back to the spring shop to be re-curved and have new bushings put in (and get new driver side bolts). Then I can put her back together again :)

While I'm there, maybe I'll grab new U-bolts I've asked a few people and you're the first to tell me that, truckphone, but when you get down to it that's pretty cheap insurance.

By the way - any reason I shouldn't put anti-seize on all the bolts during re-assembly to make it easier next time (hopefully)?

Thanks again for all your help everyone!



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Depending on a number of factors, the Ford Ranger rear suspension can be made up of many different leaf springs. The best thing to do when selecting new leaf springs for Ford Ranger is to get the spring code off of your door panel as you can see above. Doing this will ensure that the spring you choose has the proper amount of leaves, arch, width, etc. If you have any questions about spring selection for your Ford Ranger please feel free to call us or use our live help feature.

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Ford Ranger Leaf Spring Replacement

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Ranger spring replacement leaf ford

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Ford Ranger Leaf Spring Hanger Replacement - Using Mostly Hand tools

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