Are polar boats any good

Are polar boats any good DEFAULT

Polar 27 Walkaround First Glance

The Polar 2700 qualifies as pretty luxurious for a 27-foot walkaround. But just as big custom sport-fishing boats don't let luxury compromise fishability, neither does the Polar. A large bait-prep station abuts the freshwater washdown and sink...

By Staff

July 7, 2006

The Polar 2700 qualifies as pretty luxurious for a 27-foot walkaround. But just as big custom sport-fishing  boats don't let luxury compromise fishability, neither does the Polar. A large bait-prep station abuts the freshwater washdown and sink. Built into the helm seat you'll find a 50-gallon lighted baitwell and a storage compartment for removable tackle trays. A great and functional feature allows you to easily adjust the level of water inside the baitwell. Two 8-foot-long insulated fish boxes with macerators hide under the deck, as does capacity for 200 gallons of fuel.

||| |---|---| |   Specifications| |  LOA|  27ft. 4in.| |  BEAM|  9ft. 6in.| |  DRAFT|  1ft. 11in.| |  WEIGHT|  6,400 lb.| |  FUEL|  200 gal.| |  MAX POWER|  (2) 300-hp OB| Belowdecks, Polar provides a comfortable 6 feet, 2 inches of headroom, along with an instant hot-water heater, microwave and stove. Accommodations consist of two comfortable Pullman-style berths that in the down position double as seat backs for the salon settees. Behind the bunks hides copious storage space. Rounding out the accommodations is a stand-up head with shower.

The Polar 2700 holds 200 gallons of fuel, and amazingly, despite its roominess, it can still run quite nicely at 43 mph with a pair of 150-hp outboards. Lenco electric trim tabs come standard as do a transom door, heavy stainless-steel  pop-up anchor cleat, flush-mount hinges, in-gunwale rod holders and a low-profile bow rail. Each Polar boat is built with all-fiberglass construction for superb longevity.

In case you have an aversion to a plain white hull, Polar offers colors such as Flag Blue, Sky Blue, Fighting Lady Yellow, Sea Raider Red and Polar Platinum.


Polar 1900 Center Console: Thinking Outside the Fish Box

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Polar 1900 Center Console: Godfrey takes innovative approach to latest center-console.

The 1900 Center Console takes Polar's revolutionary ways one step further.

The 1900 Center Console takes Polar's revolutionary ways one step further.

We've always had a penchant for items that offer two-in-one functionality. For instance, we love those jackets that are one color when you wear them one way and a completely different color when you turn them inside out. We're also enamored of the cell phones that can be converted to personal data assistants or portable video game systems whenever desired. Hence, it was only logical that we would have a fondness for the new Polar 1900 Center Console, because the boat is packed with features that deliver two uses from one package.

In last month's issue, we put forth the notion that the placement of a mere rod holder or two on a boat no longer impresses anglers. They want to be wooed by manufacturers that can deliver a real fishing boat — one that offers a multitude of angling amenities. The Polar 1900 Center Console is exactly that.

Godfrey Marine has been building bay boats — which are shallow-draft boats — for a number of years in Alabama, but the new 1900 is the company's first offshore fishing boat with a deep-V hull. The Polar line is renowned for successfully mixing classic lines with contemporary features and functions, and that in turn has made Polar one of the fastest-growing boat builders in the country; however, the 1900 Center Console takes Polar's revolutionary ways one step further.

We tested the Polar 1900 Center Console on South Bend, Indiana's St. Joseph River. We had three adults and a full tank of fuel (72 gallons) on board.

Our test boat was equipped with a single 130 hp Yamaha Two Stroke Series outboard with a 17-inch Yamaha prop. As we slowly took the boat up to speed, we noticed that the throttle was a bit sticky. We would have preferred a smoother feel, but it wasn't a major detriment.

The deep-V hull helped the 1900 fight the river currents, which resulted in good cornering even at wide-open throttle in the narrow river. The ride was dry, with no shuddering of the hull.

After we were assured of the boat's maneuverability, we went for speed. We slowed the boat to a virtual standstill and then threw the throttle forward to see where it took us.

The 1900 was able to hit plane in 5.5 seconds, even though it has to get to 3,650 rpm and 20.5 mph to do so. We then took the boat back up to wide-open throttle, where the boat hit a top speed of 40.5 mph. Cruising speed was around TK mph.
The cornering was the most impressive part of the ride, and although we only had three adults on board, the 1900 has a capacity of six people (or 820 pounds).

Cool as Ice

It doesn't hurt that the 1900 is a handsome boat in the first place. The fit and finish on our test boat was a solid 8 or 9, and the special graphics package with the solid blue hull was a real standout. (A light blue or yellow hull is also available.)

Our favorite feature on the boat, though, would have to be the two-in-one cooler and captain's seat. This swing seat includes a removable cooler that holds an incredible 90 quarts — the largest we can ever remember seeing on a boat.

The flipping backrest allows you to face either forward or backward when sitting. Moreover, it makes it easy to flip the backrest out of the way when you're maneuvering around the boat.

If you prefer, you can have twin swiveling bucket seats or a leaning post instead, but all three options include the 90-quart cooler. The leaning post is particularly nice, because it has a built-in tackle station with lockable trays.

The leaning post also adds four more rod holders, but that's probably a non-factor when you consider that the boat already has six rod holders built into the center console and six more built into the deck. A generous amount of gunwale-mounted rod storage completes the package.

For more two-in-one functionality, one needs look no further than the two circular rear seats. The seat cushions flip up, revealing a standard recirculating baitwell on the port side and storage on the starboard side.

The boat's bustled transom provides more cockpit space, and the optional splash board that separates the engine area from the cockpit can be removed at your leisure. A midsize hatch located fore of the engine offers access to the bilge.

The two-in-one theme continues with the boat's center console, which is home to both the helm and a forward-facing bench that is elevated off deck to allow for a toe kick area and recessed indirect lighting. The indirect lighting helps prevent the loss of night vision.

The center console's helm station includes a speedometer, a tachometer, trim and fuel gauges, a raw-water washdown, a drink holder, lockable storage and the aforementioned six rod holders. Coaming pads run along the sides of the boat, and up at the bow, you'll find an anchor locker with a fiberglass lid and an insulated fishbox with an overboard drain.

The ride, fit and finish, and styling of the Polar 1900 all garnered a Pacino-esque "Hoo-hah!" from us during our test, and anglers who step on board will likely feel the same way. The folks at Godfrey Marine are definitely thinking outside the fishbox — without leaving it behind.

Polar 1900 Center Console Specifications
Weight1,905 pounds
Fuel capacity72 gallons
Maximum power150 hp
Base price (without engine)$12,405
Base price (with F115 Yamaha Four Stroke)$22,493

Test Engine
Model130-hp Yamaha Two Stroke Series outboard
Propshaft horsepower130
Displacement105.5 c.i.d.
Gear ratio13:26
Maximum engine speed5,000-6,000 rpm
Weight358 pounds

Top speed40.5 mph at 6,000 rpm
Cruising speed30.1 mph at 4,500 rpm
Estimated miles per gallon at 30.1-mph cruising speed3
Estimated gallons per hour at 30.1-mph cruising speed10
Estimated range at 30.1-mph cruising speed216 miles

Engine Packages Available

Any engine between 115 and 150 hp, with a 25-inch shaft.

Standard Features

Control panel w/lighted rocker switches, labeled circuit breaker panel inside console door, swing-back seat with removable 90-quart cooler, speedometer, tachometer, trim and fuel gauges, insulated fishbox with overboard drain, livewell/baitwell, port and starboard side rod racks.


Premium package ($1,103; includes 12 stainless steel rod holders, stainless rubrail insert, pull-up cleats, removable swim ladder, colored hull side, stainless deck hardware, stainless instrument bezels).

For More Information

Godfrey Marine
4500 Middlebury Street
Elkhart, IN 46516
(888) 463-3739

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Every different brand of boat has both strengths and weaknesses.

Even the quality builders of Polar Kraft boats have had a few problems with their line of boats.

Today we will go over some of their problems, strengths, weaknesses, and their current standing in the world of marine products.

1. No Longer as Customizable on their Website

In late 2019, Polar Kraft was bought by Apex Marine, a family-owned company based out of Mid Michigan.

Here’s a message from them:

“We are striving hard to improve quality, improve efficiency ultimately resulting in a Better product.  Apex Marine is not a corporate entity, and quality is paramount.”

There was also a change of ownership in 2006, but these aluminum utility and fishing boats have a good reputation going back over 60 years.  Apex Marine and the previous owners have also been involved in pontoon boat construction.

Over the years, the Polar Kraft website has changed, and (in 2021) it isn’t quite as flexible and customizable as in the past.  However, the website shows the specifications for all 10 model lines, with 52 available versions.

They range in length from 14 to 21 feet long.

2. Hard to Find at Dealerships

While researching the prices for new Polar Kraft boats in 2019, I found it especially difficult to find a dealership near me.

This is especially strange since there are plenty of fishing towns, marinas, and boat dealerships in my area.

Upon further research, I found that buyers all over the US were having this issue as well.

The boating community has been fairly silent about the Polar Kraft line of boats in the past 5 years. Before that, there were a few rumblings of quality issues, which all seemed to be resolved around the 2011-era boats. Since then, they have been viewed as classic and sturdy.

In 2021, it seems that dealerships can be found in most areas of the United States, from the middle of the country to the east coast and Florida.

3. Welding and Leaky Rivets

The most common manufacturing problems boaters complain of are bad welding spots and leaky rivets.

Of course, these aren’t specific to Polar Kraft boats; this is a common problem with several other boats. In all of the cases I have researched, both the welds and leaky rivets were redone under warranty.

They were fixed with the full and friendly cooperation from Polar Kraft.  Note that Polar Kraft boats are built with both rivets and welding, a good quality method.

One of the complaints that avid boaters used to throw around was the “fit and finish” of Polar Kraft boats.

Of course, this is something that since seems to be resolved as the complaints about this topic have died off since 2011.

For those who don’t know, “fit and finish” refers to how the parts go together when putting together a vehicle. This term was first used with cars but translated well to boats (and other types of vehicles).

The worry is that if the parts aren’t smooth and accurate, perhaps the manufacturer skimped on other details.

4. The Standard Engine is “Okay.”

It is well known that the standard engines which come with Polar Kraft boats (often a mediocre Yamaha) will do a decent job but is nothing special.

This can easily be fixed by swapping the standard motor for a higher performance one.

However, it is a pain to have to research the type of engines that will suit your needs, in addition to various types of boats as well.  This is where a dealership can be helpful.

Luckily, since the community agrees that Polar Kraft boats come cheaper than Lund’s (and other equivalent boats), interested buyers can spend the money they save on the boat on an upgraded motor.

Of course, boaters and fishermen should look at their needs before immediately discarding these standard engines.

While they might not win any races, they are reliable and trustworthy motors.

General Pros and Cons for the older Polar Kraft Line of Boats

The Pros

Polar Kraft has been around for a while and as a long-lived and loved line of boats.

Polar Kraft boats used to be the king of flat-bottom boats. Flat-bottom Polar Kraft boats are often snatched up quickly when found at a local used boat dealership.

They have fantastic quality in their standard amenities, in comparison to other boats of the same price-point.

These boats are known to be spacious, even if you decide to buy one of their smaller 16’ or 17’ fishing boats.

Polar Kraft boats are well built and strong and can stand the test of time.

The customer service has been known to be both friendly and helpful.

The Cons

They do have their fair share of worries, however, including:

  1. They are not as customizable as they used to be.
  2. It is not easy to find their dealerships everywhere.
  3. There used to be an issue with shoddy welding and leaky rivets.
  4. The standard motor is mediocre.

What Do the Reviews Say?

“A 17-foot boat might sound cramped, but the 179 Frontier WT defies conventional wisdom.” 

[source: Boating Magazine]

In the Boating Magazine article about the Polar Kraft 179 Frontier WT, the magazine briefly goes over the standard features of the boat, as well as remark on the incredible way that Polar Kraft engineered the limited amount of space on the 17’ fishing boat.

This is a common theme through most of the reviews (both professional and layman boater and fishermen).

This model is still made in 2021.

“Although no one would mistake this boat for a tournament walleye, it’s plenty of boats to get average anglers out on the water in search of their favorite quarry.” 

[source: Boating Magazine]

In the Boating World article about the Polar Kraft Outlander 160 SE, the writer and reviewer (Alan Jones) talk about how he took the Outlander on a cold, cold winter day (30 degrees Fahrenheit) to test out its name and the standard design.

He stated that the affordable boat handled the cold temperature well. The reviewer also says it had surprisingly roomy features (like a large aft deck and the pedestal fishing seat receiver) despite the small dimensions of 16’ 3” in length.

This model was dropped by 2021, and the closest version now is the Outlander 165 SC at 16′ 7″ long.

What’s the Resale Value on Polar Kraft Boats?

Like most manufacturer websites, Polar Kraft doesn’t list their list price or their manufacturer’s suggested retail price online.

Most dealer websites have also omitted the price of Polar Kraft boats, instead opting for an emailed quote.

In general, new fishing boats are often priced anywhere from $25,000 to $100,000.

However, there are several used prices that can easily be found online.

These are from 2019:

Final Thoughts

There were a few complaints about the fit and finish (the most common issue with Polar Kraft boats).

But, the complaints have lessened over the years.

They are now regarded as classic (yet plain) fishing boats. Polar Kraft boats are known to come with decent standard options at a price you can’t shake a stick at.

They should be a competitive candidate if you are looking for:

  • The best value in aluminum boats
  • USA manufacturing (with an average builder having over 20 years of experience)
  • Reliable ultra-durable paint which will stand up to the wear-and-tear of regular usage
  • A range of hull designs from deep-v to flat, which can get you in the fishiest fishing spots
  • A boat with a single-plate hull (lighter means better fuel economy and great handling)


Boating Magazine (

Boating World Magazine (

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We would love to hear your thoughts! (PS: We read ALL feedback)

2007 Polar 2300WA

Polar Skiff??

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Posts: 3

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Mon Aug 30, 2010 5:57 pm

I'm looking to purchase a skiff in the 17 ft range for a reasonable price and ran across a few polar's. Just wondering if anyone had any experiences with these boats, good or bad? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  

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Mon Aug 30, 2010 7:42 pm

My father in law had a 20ft "Saltwater Series" Skiff. Was very roomy and made for a very nice diving platform. We would go out as far as the Hutton and Suloide wrecks out of Beaufort Inlet. One day wind blew up while we were coming up on our 2nd dive, not real rough maybe a 3-4ft chop. We made it through the inlet but noticed the hull had more flex to it on the way to the dock.

Boat was only 2 months old. He sent it back to the dealer to look at. Dealer sent back to the factory and they found that every baffle in the floor system was broken.

He got a call from the factory and they wanted to know what we had put the boat through. By the end of the call they apologized for the issue and stated that they were discontinuing their skiffs and were not going to fix it. They let him have a choice of any boat that they had that was that size or smaller. He chose the 19ft CC and has been satisfied with it.

I dislike it because it isn't a very dry boat . Almost every time we go out on it when any wind is blowing you have to wear slickers to stay dry.  

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Posts: 97
Location: Sanford

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Mon Aug 30, 2010 8:02 pm

from what ive seen the sides are very low and would make for a wet ride.
Sea Hunt Skiff 19
Yamaha 115 4 stroke
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Posts: 117
Location: Kinston NC

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Tue Aug 31, 2010 11:34 am

I have a 1995 model and I have enjoyed it. For a small skiff, it was not a wet boat. Slides some but not as bad as some others. Those made in the 1990's had issues with the floors cracking but I don't know of any hull problems. As is expected for a skiff that length, it is not a smooth ride in a chop. Mine has the extended decks and is a great casting platform.  

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Posts: 1601
Location: little river sc/pembroke nc

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Tue Aug 31, 2010 11:54 am

i have a 05 polar skiff, and i love it. no its not a smooth ride on a chop. but i bought it for the inside waters, great second boat for when we cant go offshore. you will love it, mine is 84" wide. i can walk all over it and fish. i am 240#s, and jump all over it.
Capt. Robby

Dialed In Fishing Team

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Posts: 3

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Tue Aug 31, 2010 1:00 pm

Thanks for the info. I'm really not concerned about any outside the inlet use. I'm just looking something for cruising around and fishing inside.  

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Fri Sep 03, 2010 11:58 am

My dad has an 18' flatbottom. I think it was made around 1996. The deck delaminated from the stringers and the stringers are rotting....or something to that affect. The entire hull and deck flex when you hit a wave. It takes on water with rain into the hull itself through some fittings in the bilge. He took it to someone who Polar recommended around Swansboro to get it repaired, he had 3 on his lot with the same problem. It is poorly made and has zero dry storage. Personally I would look for another brand.  

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Posts: 2693
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Fri Sep 03, 2010 4:34 pm

Keepitreel- Was that the super wide model.? Thanks.. d:^) Schneeks..
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Posts: 479

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Tue Sep 07, 2010 12:34 pm

Schneeky, I don't know if it is super wide or not, but it is pretty wide, I can't imagine anyone wanting anything wider.

Can you explain in a little more detail what the problem was and how you fixed it? Our boat is collecting dust and we are trying to figure out what to do with it.

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Posts: 117
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Tue Sep 07, 2010 2:58 pm

keepit, the weakness in those boats is that the floor was just one layer of cloth without any wood beneath it. Mine did have some reinforcement under the console. I was fortunate to learn that before my floor cracked. I went into Walsh Marine in Havelock to ask about a windshield and as soon as I said I had a question about a Polar the guy there said "let me guess, your floor is coming apart". When I ground off the gelcoat from the floor I could see the foam through what was left on the floor. My stringers were still good so I had a pretty easy fix. From you comments I wonder if yours had a livewell built into the console. I recall looking at the plumbing in those boats and thinking that there was going to be big problems with water intrusion with the way that the plumbing for the livewell was run. When Polar decided to put the fuel tank in the bow I decided that they just did not know much about boats. No doubt that these are cheap boats but after some work I have a real nice little skiff that I have enjoyed.  

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Tue Sep 07, 2010 3:49 pm

We do have a livewell...that never worked, it would never prime unless in reverse. Since most fishing is done in forward gear that was a PITA
I think we didn't notice our problem until our stringers were rotten. At this point we can't decide if its even worth it to invest any more money in it. I do remember it being very inexpensive (around $12K with 90 hp yami I think) and we did get quite few good years out of it.  

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Polar Skiff?? - SaltwaterCentral.Com


Boats good any polar are

SportFishing BC
You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly.
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Does anyone have any insight on the quality of Polar boats? A fair few of them for sale out east. Thanks for any info you may have to share.
A buddy of mine owns a 23 footer with twin 115 Mercs on it and it is a great stable fishing platform. Huge fuel capacity good for long trips.
thanks for that. Looking at a few for sale out east. They look good.
My neighbors buddy has a 23' He got it out of the states twin 150 Yamaha's with only 50 hours. I had a look at it, very nice boat, huge cuddy he loves it. Lots of boat out of the water might be prone to a little more wind, looks like a quality boat though, look them up on line.
I have no knowledge good or bad about Polar Boats. They look nice and the 27WA and 23WA seem well laid out. However, I did find this thread on The Hull Truth that could provide some useful incite.

I am not recommending anything either way in your decision to buy a Polar but remember to be extra cautious about hull issues before you pull the trigger if this is the word on the street. Get a surveyor's report. Saving a buck today may not turn out to be a good experience or a good deal in the long term.

Good luck finding a new rig

God never did make a more calm, quiet, innocent recreation than angling - Izaak Walton
"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing" - Walt Disney
"Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action" - Benjamin Disraeli
I have no knowledge good or bad about Polar Boats. They look nice and the 27WA and 23WA seem well laid out. However, I did find this thread on The Hull Truth that could provide some useful incite.

I am not recommending anything either way in your decision to buy a Polar but remember to be extra cautious about hull issues before you pull the trigger if this is the word on the street. Get a surveyor's report. Saving a buck today may not turn out to be a good experience or a good deal in the long term.

Good luck finding a new rig

God never did make a more calm, quiet, innocent recreation than angling - Izaak Walton
"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing" - Walt Disney
"Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action" - Benjamin Disraeli
Living Aboard South Pole's Polar Research Ship - Antarctica: Journey Into The White Desert - Spark

Polar boats for sale

DEAL PENDING 2020 Polar Kraft 175 PRO The trailer features a single axle, swing away tongue, integrated lights, tie-down straps and spare tire. The boat features a single console, Lowrance Elite Ti7, wiring for 12v trolling motor, 1 bike seat and 1 folding fishing chair. PolarKraft’s Welded Aluminum Bass Boat line up was designed with the serious bass fisherman in mind. The toughest built aluminum boat on the market gets you where the big fish bite! Crafted of high-quality materials and featuring superb fit and finish, the PolarKraft Bass series of boats offers more bang for your buck. Featuring the latest LowRance™ electronics packages, incredibly comfortable seating, lockable rod storage and more, it’s time for you to own the bass with PolarKraft! Sacrifice nothing! With the 175 PRO, the days of limited features, minimal storage and reduced performance are over. This firecracker boasts loads of standard equipment, with a Mod-V design that’s priced right, and engineered to win. Longer and wider than other designs in its class, the 175 PRO includes a broad, stable beam that sets it even farther apart while reinforcing its place as the perfect fishing partner. Its industry leading hull design offers unprecedented ride and stability for its class. Features may include: 750 GPH Aerator and 1000 GPH Bilge Pump All Welded .100” (.25 cm) Marine Grade Aluminum, One-Piece Bottom Closed Cell Foam Flotation Composite Mooring Cleats (4) Extruded Aluminum Tubular Transom Extruded Aluminum V Stern and Formed in Keels Heavy Duty Gunwales w/Acessa Track Longitudinal Stringer System Navigational Lights NextWave Electrical System NMMA Certified to ABYC Specifications Reinforced Stainless Steel Bow and Stern Eyes Reverse Chine Hull Drilled Transom EXTERIOR High Gloss Metallic Paint - Available in Multiple Colors & Styles 55 Edge 52” 12V HELM Lowrance Hook 4X Fish Finder 12V Recept Anti-Feedback Steering Combo Bow Light with Horn Fiberglass Side Console with Windshield Speedometer, Tachometer, Voltmeter, Tilt/Trim & Fuel INTERIOR TX PRO Center/Driver/Passenger Seats Two (2) Fishing Seat Assemblies 6 Gauge 12/24V Trolling Motor Harness Auto/Manual Livewell Timer Composite Aerated Livewell (25 Gallon) - Stern Bow Casting Deck with Pedestal Base Stern Casting Deck with Pedestal Base Interior Carpet (Gray Std., Beige Optional) Lockable Rod Storage (6 Rods - 7.5’ Long) Tackle Tray Storage Compartment TRAILERS Black Trailer, Single Axle Standard Hold Down Straps Metal Wheel Fenders - Able to Stand On LED Lights Radial Tires Swing Tongue Two Cross Members/2 Bunks FOR MORE INFO CALL FUN-N-SUN IN HURST (BRIAN, FAIN, MONTE OR ODELL) OR CLEBURNE 


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