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3 GTA Online glitches that work in 2021

GTA Online is one of the best aspects of the Grand Theft Auto franchise. The online counterpart to GTA 5 makes the emulated gangster experience all the more fun, as players can join their friends, build a crew and hustle their way to the top of the Los Santos underworld.

GTA Online is understandably successful, with a community that keeps growing every day. However, the experience can be made all the more enjoyable by exploiting certain glitches that plague this otherwise arguably perfect title.

Recently, the community has come across a roster of glitches that can make gameplay in GTA Online considerably easier, or at least funnier.

3 GTA Online glitches that can come in handy or are just entertaining

Bike speed glitch

As demonstrated by YouTuber Kxlz, the bike speed glitch is a really useful one, although executing this might be a little tricky. Before trying this one out on GTA Online, players will need to find a long stretch of road, preferably a runway or a deserted racing track. Players also need a friend to execute this one.

Now, both players need to turn to each other while riding the bike and try to interlock. The video explains it better. If they manage to do this, the speed of their bikes will be enough to give a race car a run for its money.

The red container glitch

GTA Online streamer Chud Spannaday spotted this insane and frankly quite hilarious glitch. Executing this glitch can be a little tiring as players might not get it right.

This glitch mostly works like a magic trick and will require a friend. Players will need to find a red cargo container and look away from it while their friend blows its door open.

Now, ask the friend to drive a car into the container. When the player turns to look at the container now, he/she should see the car and the container should be hilariously glitching out.

Aircraft spawn

This one has been demonstrated by InControlAgain, a noted YouTuber. This glitch will allow players to spawn any aircraft of their choice right beside them in GTA Online.

First, players will need to request a personal aircraft of their choice. Right after they have done that, they need to quickly request a CEO Buzzard or a Sparrow. This will cause a glitch that spawns the requested personal aircraft right next to the player, no matter where he or she is.

And the best part? Players can wreak havoc around the city by randomly spawning huge aircrafts this way.

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GTA Online Money Glitch: How To Get Infinite Cash In Grand Theft Auto Online!

As we await the release of GTA 6, Rockstar offers a smorgasbord of criminal content in GTA Online.

If you're playing, it's likely you'll want to know how to get as much cash as possible.

Just as it does in real life, money makes GTA's virtual world go round which means you're going to want to earn as much as you can.

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How To Do The Money Glitch In GTA Online

  1. First thing's first – head to the casino and open up your menu.
  2. In the online section of the menu, head to options and then set your Spawn Location to 'Casino Penthouse' and change your outfit to ensure the game saves.
  3. In the casino, head to the horse racing Inside Track area and take a seat.
  4. Place a bet on the horse with the highest odds, like COURTZ's 26/1, and put down as many chips as you can. The max is 10,000.
  5. Watch the race, but be prepared to quit out of the game completely if you see your horse hasn't won. Close the game before horses cross the finish line.
  6. Once you reload, you'll spawn back at the Casino to try again.
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Glitches in GTA Online are a great way to make the most of your gameplay. If you’re feeling stuck with your progress in GTA, then it might be a good time to try some of these glitches out to give your gaming career that extra push.

Glitches can also help you make some extra money. However, make sure that you try these glitches before Rockstar Games fixes them in the next update.

Best money glitches in GTA Online so far

#1 Unlimited Replay Glitch

This is one of the best glitches that has ever happened in GTA Online. It allows you to replay every single heist in the gameplay as many times as you want. This means that you can get that big heist score over and over again, virtually enabling you to never run out of cash!

Check this Reddit page to get detailed instructions for this glitch.

#2 100k every 3 minutes

In a game like GTA, a hundred thousand dollars might not seem like an awfully big amount. However, if you get 100k every three minutes, then it’s definitely not a bad deal. This glitch can be used to make quick cash so that you can afford to buy a few cars that you have always had your eyes on.

Check this Reddit page to get detailed instructions for this glitch.

#3 Facility Heist Glitch

The Facility Heist Glitch helps you to fool the GTA system into believing that you are buying both the preps and the setups of a heist, even though you are only paying for the preps. This glitch doesn’t directly give you any money but it helps you to fast-track your heists so that you can make money faster in the gameplay.

Check this Reddit page to get detailed instructions for this glitch.

#4 Simple Casino Glitch

This glitch is quite simple: bet your chips on a poker game. If you win, then you change your outfit to force save the game. If you lose, then you close the app quickly and restart it so that the chips you originally used to bet remain with you. This simplistic GTA glitch can be a reliable back-up when you’re short on cash.

Check this Reddit page to get detailed instructions for this glitch.

#5 Free Money for Logging In Glitch

This glitch was recently made popular when Rockstar Games rewarded people with $500,000 for logging in. The glitch is quite simple. Instead of getting the reward once, several people were reported to have received the 500k prize twice and even thrice. There has been no confirmation of it having been fixed, so you might just get lucky.

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Vasudha Bachchan

Sours: https://ipsnews.net/business/2020/07/17/gta-online-best-money-glitches-in-the-game-so-far/
*$8,000,000 Per 6min* GTA 5 Online Money Glitch - Solo 1.57 GTA 5 MONEY GLITCH

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Testing VIRAL TikTok GTA 5 Online Money Glitches/Tricks! Secret Locations!?!

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