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Pandas DataFrame.reindex

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Introduction to Pandas DataFrame.reindex

The following article provides an outline for Pandas DataFrame.reindex. Every data structure which has labels to it will hold the necessity to rearrange the row values, there will also be a necessity to feed a new index itself into the data object based on the necessity. So from a python pandas perspective all these are indexing and rearrangement process at the row level is achieved by means of the reindex() method. The reindex method has the capability to rearrange the row values as per the sequence associated in the index and when a new index values is inserted in the sequence then all values for that particular row will be filled with None values. Along with its core capability the reindexing function offers a wide set of functionalities.



labelsThese represent the new labels and indexes that conform to the axis value which is mentioned in the axis.
indexThis is an alternative to the argument axis (mapper , axis=0), here index represents the rows of the dataframe. So every rename values which are mentioned here will be applied to the rows of the dataframe.
columnsThis is again an another alternative to the argument axis (mapper , axis=1), Here columns as the name suggests it represents the columns of the dataframe. So every rename values which are mentioned here will be applied to the column names of the dataframe.
axisThis argument represents the column or the axis upon which the Rename() function needs to be applied on. The value specified in this argument represents either a column position or a row position in the dataframe. To achieve this capability to flexibly travel over a dataframe the axis value is framed on below means {index (0), columns (1)}. Here mentioning the value of 0 to axis argument fills the rename values for each and every row in the dataframe, whereas mentioning the value of 1 in the dataframe fills the replacement values for all the columns in the dataframe.
copyRefers whether the data in the dataframe needs to be copied along with the operation which is been performed.
methodWhen any of the data need to be filled in the reindexeddataframe then the method argument is used.
  • none (default): don’t fill gaps.
  • pad / ffill: switch to next valid observation and progate last valid observation.
  • backfill / bfill: gaps are filled using next valid observation.
  •  nearest: gaps are filled with nearest valid observations.
levelIf the axis is a MultiIndex (hierarchical), count along a particular level.
fill_valueAll the missing value will be filled with the value mentioned here. This is a scalar entity and the default value is np.NaN.
toleranceFor inexact matches this represents the maximum distance between original and new labels.

Examples of Pandas DataFrame.reindex

Given below are the examples mentioned:

Example #1



Pandas DataFrame.reindex 1


  • In this example the core dataframe is first formulated. pd.dataframe() is used for formulating the dataframe. Every row of the dataframe are inserted along with their column names.
  • Once the dataframe is completely formulated it is printed on to the console. We can notice at this instance the dataframe holds details like employee number, Employee name and employee department.
  • The reindex method is used to reindex all the row values with a new or rearranged index value and print the updated dataframe onto the console.

Example #2



core dataframe


  • In this example the core dataframe is first formulated. pd.dataframe() is used for formulating the dataframe. Every row of the dataframe are inserted along with their column names.
  • Once the dataframe is completely formulated it is printed on to the console. We can notice at this instance the dataframe holds random set of numbers.
  • The reindex method is used to reindex all the row values with a new or rearranged index value and print the updated dataframe onto the console.

Example #3



Pandas DataFrame.reindex 3


  • In this example the core dataframe is first formulated. pd.dataframe() is used for formulating the dataframe. Every row of the dataframe are inserted along with their column names. Once the dataframe is completely formulated it is printed on to the console.
  • We can notice at this instance the dataframe holds random people information and the py_score value of those people. The key columns used in this dataframe are name, age, city and py-score value.
  • The reindex method is used to reindex all the row values with a new or rearranged index value and print the updated dataframe onto the console.


We can take in from the above examples on how precisely the reindex() operates in rearranging the index values associated to a dataframe.

This is a guide to Pandas DataFrame.reindex. Here we discuss the introduction to Pandas DataFrame.reindex along with respective examples for understanding better. You may also have a look at the following articles to learn more –

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Pandas reset index – How to reset the index and convert the index to a column?

#pandas reset_index #reset index

in pandas is used to reset index of the dataframe object to default indexing (0 to number of rows minus 1) or to reset multi level index. By doing so, the original index gets converted to a column.

By the end of this article, you will know the different features of function, the parameters which can be customized to get the desired output from the function. This also covers use cases that are closely related to doing reset index in pandas.



    • pandas.reset_index(level=None, drop=False, inplace=False, col_level=0, col_fill= ”)


    • Reset the index, or a level of it. Reset the index of the DataFrame, and use the default one instead. If the DataFrame has a MultiIndex, this method can remove one or more levels


    • level:
          • int, str, tuple or list, (default None) Only remove the provided levels from the index. Removes all the levels by default.
    • drop:
          • bool, (default False) Do not add the old index into dataframe. By default, it adds.
    • inplace:
          • bool, (default False) Do the changes in the current datafame object
    • col_level:
          • int or str, (default 0) If the columns have multiple levels, determines at which level the labels are to be inserted. By default, it is inserted into the first level (0).
    • col_fill:
          • object, (default ”) If the columns have multiple levels, determines how the other levels are named. If None then the index name is repeated.


    • DataFrame or None, DataFrame with the new index or None if inplace=True

1. How to reset the index?

To reset the index in pandas, you simply need to chain the function with the dataframe object.

Step 1: Create a simple DataFrame

pandas reset_index

Step 2: Reset the index

pandas reset_index

On applying the function, the index gets shifted to the dataframe as a separate column. It is named as . The new index of the dataframe is now integers ranging from 0 to the length of the dataframe.

2. What happens if a named index is reset?

For dataframe with named index, then, the name of the index will be made as a column name in the dataframe, instead of the default name . A named index means the index has a name assigned to it.

Step 1: Create a DataFrame with Named Index

pandas reset_index

Step 2: Reset the Index

Resetting the index in this case returns a dataframe with as the column name for the old index:-

pandas reset_index

3. How to persist the change?

Consider a dataframe below, where the index has been reset:

pandas reset_index

The output above shows that the index of the dataframe has been changed. But if you check the dataframe, it was not applied permanently:

pandas reset_index

If you want your to retain your changes, then you need to pass a parameter called , and set it’s value to , so that your index reset is applied to the dataframe object at the time of running the function.

pandas reset_index

4. How to drop the old index?

You might be interested in dropping the old index of the dataframe which was added while resetting the index. Though you can do this manually by using function, you can save this time by passing parameter while resetting the index.

Step 1: Create a DataFrame

pandas reset_index

Step 2: Reset the index with drop=True

pandas reset_index

5. How to convert a column to an index?

You can reset the index of your dataframe without removing the default index by following these steps:

Step 1: Create a DataFrame with initial index

pandas reset_index

Step 2: Set the column as Indexusing set_index

pandas reset_index

6. How to reset multi-level index?

pandas reset_index

Here you can see that level maps to multiple rows. This is a multi-level index. shows the details in greater granularity, and they can be very useful when we are dealing with hierarchical data.

If you apply the function to such type of dataframe, by default, all the levels will be merged into the dataframe as columns:

pandas reset_index

Suppose, you want to reset the index at level. To reset such index, you need to provide the parameter to the function.

pandas reset_index

column still remains as index. Because we specified as the level on which we want to reset the index.

7. Reset only one level in multi-level index

Consider our previous dataframe when it was reset at level:

pandas reset_index

You can see that column, on being reset, is placed at the top level(0) by default. You can modify this level by specifying parameter.

It defines the level at which the shifted index column should be placed. Look at an implementation below:

pandas reset_index

8. How to fill void levels?

Continuing the previous example, you can see that as the column level has been lowered (level 1), a void has been created at the level above it:

pandas reset_index

You can fill this level too using parameter that takes in the name for that.

pandas reset_index

9. Practical Tips

function is very useful in cases when you have performed a lot of preprocessing steps with your data such as removing null values rows or filtering data.

These processes may return a different dataframe whose index is not in continuous manner anymore. Let’s try a small example.

pandas reset_index
pandas reset_index

As you can see in the table above, the indexing of rows has changed. Initially it was 0,1,2… but now it has changed to 0,1,5.

In such cases, you can use function to number the rows in the right order.

pandas reset_index

10. Test your knowledge

Q1: The pandas dataframe index is reset as soon as the function is applied to it. True or False?


Answer: False. Because, the output dataframe is just a view of the changes. To apply the changes, we use parameter.

Q2: What is the use of parameter in function?


Answer: It is used to avoid old index being added to pandas dataframe while resetting the index.

Q3: Which parameter is used change the default level of column while resetting multi-level index?


Answer: We use parameter to define the level of column.

Q4: Answer the following questions using the given dataset.

Q4.1: Reset the index at level, and assign an upper level for . Save the output as .



Q4.2: Use the output of Question 1 to add an upper level named for . Make sure that still remains the index



pandas reset_index

Q4.3: Calculate the rank of the students where branch is and sorted in decreasing order of . Print rank and name of student both.



This blog has been contributed by Kaustubh Gupta, under the guidance of ML+ team.

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In this short guide, you’ll see how to reset an index in Pandas DataFrame.

In general, you can reset an index in Pandas DataFrame using this syntax:


Let’s now review the steps to reset your index using a simple example.

Steps to Reset an Index in Pandas DataFrame

Step 1: Gather your data

For illustration purposes, let’s gather the following data about various products:


Step 2: Create a DataFrame

Next, create a DataFrame to capture the above data in Python:

import pandas as pd data = {'Product': ['Tablet', 'Printer', 'Laptop', 'Monitor', 'Computer'], 'Price': [250, 150, 1200, 300, 1500] } df = pd.DataFrame(data, columns= ['Product', 'Price']) print(df)

When you run the code in Python, you’ll get the following DataFrame:

Notice that the index values (highlighted in yellow) are sequential from 0 to 4, such that the:

  • First row (Tablet for a price of 250) has an index of 0
  • Second row (Printer for a price of 150) has an index of 1
  • Third row (Laptop for a price of 1200) has an index of 2
  • Fourth row (Monitor for a price of 300) has an index of 3
  • Fifth row (Computer for a price of 1500) has an index of 4

Step 3: Drop Rows from the DataFrame

Before you reset the index in the DataFrame, let’s create a scenario where the index will no longer be sequential.

One way to do that is by dropping some of the rows from the DataFrame. For example, let’s drop the first row (index of 0), as well as the fourth row (index of 3):

df = df.drop([0, 3])

So the full code would look like this:

import pandas as pd data = {'Product': ['Tablet', 'Printer', 'Laptop', 'Monitor', 'Computer'], 'Price': [250, 150, 1200, 300, 1500] } df = pd.DataFrame(data, columns= ['Product', 'Price']) df = df.drop([0, 3]) print(df)

You’ll now notice that the index is no longer sequential:

Step 4: Reset the Index in Pandas DataFrame

To reset the index in the DataFrame you’ll need to apply the following syntax:


Putting everything together:

import pandas as pd data = {'Product': ['Tablet', 'Printer', 'Laptop', 'Monitor', 'Computer'], 'Price': [250, 150, 1200, 300, 1500] } df = pd.DataFrame(data, columns= ['Product', 'Price']) df = df.drop([0, 3]) df = df.reset_index(drop=True) print(df)

You’ll now get a sequential index that starts from 0:

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  • Pandas groupby aggregate multiple columns
  • boston data set to pandas df
  • how to convert datasets into pandas dataframes
  • df reanme columns
  • list of dataframe to dataframe
  • dataframe row
  • pandas columns starting with
  • dataframe how to find columns that start with prefix
  • pandas rename multiple columns
  • how to get a list of all values in a column df
  • how to slice dataframe based on daterange in pandas
  • add column to start of dataframe pandas
  • reverse pd based on index
  • append two dataframes pandas
  • pandas df where row has na
  • pandas cumulative sum column
  • pandas df row count
  • python: select specific columns in a data frame
  • how do we create a dataframe in python
  • python dataframe get numeric columns
  • pandas column rank
  • pandas turn column to inex
  • number of total words in cell pandas
  • replace space with _ in pandas
  • pandas change to numeric
  • get datatype of all columns pandas
  • Returns the number of rows in this DataFrame
  • pandas count rows in column
  • r how to merge data frames
  • split pandas dataframe in two
  • check if dataframe contains infinity
  • first five rows of dataframe
  • pandas aggregate dataframe
  • pandas add column with constant value
  • pandas create new column conditional on other columns
  • location of last row dataframe
  • Add new column based on condition on some other column in pandas.
  • pandas show all dataframe
  • pandas how to show the whole series
  • dataframe rank groupby
  • pandas order by date column
  • merge on row number python
  • pandas slicing from one column to another
  • how to find columns of a dataframe
  • create a dataframe python
  • how to get a dataframe column as a list
  • convert a data frame column values to list
  • group by pandas to list
  • pandas dataframe print decimal places
  • df count zeros
  • python obtain data from pandas dataframe without index name
  • run sql query on pandas dataframe
  • select rows with multiple conditions pandas query
  • calculate percentile pandas dataframe
  • pyspark concat columns
  • opposite of .isin pandas
  • how to separate numeric and categorical variables in python
  • how to store categorical variables in separate dataframe
  • filter dataframe by two columns
  • plotting two columns of a dataframe in python
  • get number of rows pandas
  • check pandas version
  • Different ways to create Pandas Dataframe
  • pandas row where value in list
  • pandas select by list of values in column
  • python replace pandas df elements if they aren't in a list
  • align columns to left pandas python
  • list of df to df
  • pandas iterate columns
  • concat dataframe from list of dataframe
  • add percentage column pandas
  • how many columns can a pandas dataframe have
  • pandas normalize columns
  • how to merge two dataframes
  • show dataframe pandas python
  • object to string pandas
  • pyspark groupby sum
  • replace values of pandas column
  • show all columns pandas jupyter notebook
  • Pandas difference between rows in a column
  • pandas series vs dataframe
  • resample pandas
  • panda dataframe read csv change string to float
  • convert price to float pandas
  • how to convert a pandas series from int to float in python
  • string to float python pandas
  • pandas object to float
  • pandas row sum
  • length of pandas dataframe
  • how to pick out separate columns from the pandas dataframe object
  • group by pandas examples
  • Row wise mean pandas
  • pandas convert multiple columns to categorical
  • pandas change multiple column types
  • groupby as_index=false
  • pandas series to dictionary python
  • spark add column to dataframe
  • how to use split in pandas
  • pandas merge multiple dataframes
  • pandas show complete string
  • convert float to integer pandas
  • count na pandas
  • select specific rows from dataframe in python
  • how to print dataframe in python without index
  • pandas rename column values dictionary
  • pandas dataframe add two columns int and string
  • pandas apply function to every row
  • pandas merge dataframes from a list
  • renaming column in dataframe pandas
  • how to make index column as a normal column
  • pandas change dtype to timestamp
  • dataframe column data type
  • append one column pandas dataframe
  • merge two dataframes with common columns
  • pandas filter dataframe
  • df.values
  • correlation analysis of dataframe python
  • corr pandas
  • python how to create dict from dataframe based on 2 columns
  • pandas reorder columns by name
  • pandas append index ignore
  • how to change column name in pandas
  • how to move columns in a dataframen in python
  • make first row column names pandas
  • first row as column df
  • append one row to pandas dataframe
  • append to pandas dataframe
  • max of two columns pandas
  • Python to create Pandas DataFrame
  • create dataframe panndas
  • dataframe add row
  • slice dataframe pandas based on condition
  • pandas concat and reset index
  • set value based on column
  • dataframe get row by name
  • pd.series.rename
  • promote a row in panda dataframe to header
  • python inner join based on two columns
  • replace multiple values in pandas column
  • correlation between two columns pandas
  • pandas df make set index column
  • pandas load dataframe without header
  • maping value to data in pandas dataframe
  • pandas groupby percentile
  • pandas replace string with another string
  • pandas iloc select certain columns
  • dictionary to a dataframe pandas arrays must all be same length
  • frequency unique pandas
  • pandas count all values in whole dataframe
  • dataframe equals pandas
  • using df.astype to select categorical data and numerical data
  • pandas dataframe sort by column name first 10 values
  • pandas rename single column
  • series.Series to dataframe
  • dataframe rename column
  • pandas dataframe sum with condition
  • pandas profile
  • view all columns in pandas dataframe
  • dataframe summary pandas
  • append dataframe pandas
  • pandas dataframe replace inf
  • pyspark show all values
  • python pandas apply function to one column
  • python - make a copy of a df
  • python initialise dataframe
  • pandas concat two dataframes
  • python pandas change column values to all caps
  • pandas new column from others
  • column.replace
  • pandas pass two columns to function
  • how to find mean of one column based on another column in python
  • python push to dataframe pandas
  • df index start from 1
  • pandas repeat rows n times
  • pandas drop column by index range
  • capitalise words in a column pandas
  • convert column to timestamp pandas
  • lag function in pandas
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  • head pandas python
  • pd count how many item occurs in another column
  • dataframe get index name
  • number of column in dataset pandas
  • set index in datarame
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  • how to add three conditions in np.where in pandas dataframe
  • concat columns pandas dataframe
  • pandas get group
  • pandas merge python
  • pandas check if series
  • create spark dataframe from pandas
  • add a value to an existing field in pandas dataframe after checking conditions
  • change dataframe value by index
  • SettingWithCopyWarning: A value is trying to be set on a copy of a slice from a DataFrame. Try using .loc[row_indexer,col_indexer] = value instead
  • insert row at given position in pandas dataframe
  • pandas dataframe lists as columns
  • how to set breakpoint in python pdb
  • panda python install
  • panda python
  • how to replace values in column pandas
  • how to convert a list to dataframe in python
  • what is from_records in DataFrame() pandas in python?
  • count elements in columns pandas
  • pandas fillna with median of column
  • insert row in any position pandas dataframe
  • combine dataframes with two matching columns
  • pandas dataframe scan column for values between numbers
  • how to find the datatype of a dataframe in python
  • python type of column
  • standardise columns python
  • convert list to dataframe
  • pandas make new dataframe
  • pandas groupby histogram
  • pd df to series
  • pandas transpose
  • pandas iterate rows
  • combine two dataframe in pandas
  • pandas select rows by multiple conditions
  • pandas transform
  • python column = sum of list of columns
  • select 2 cols from dataframe python pandas
  • get lines count dataframe pandas
  • pandas rename column by index?
  • reorder columns pandas
  • finding the index of an item in a pandas df
  • how to assign a new value in a column in pandas dataframe
  • countplot in pandas
  • set type of column pandas
  • df groupby loop
  • pandas insert row
  • how to add a row to a dataframe in python
  • append a raw to pandas
  • make new dataframe from slice
  • merge two columns name in one header pandas
  • get array from series pandas
  • pandas groupby mean
  • isolate row based on index pandas
  • python groupby sum single columns
  • pandas python group by for one column and sum another column
  • pd dataframe single column rename
  • know datatype of pandas
  • python multiple conditions in dataframe column values
  • Pyspark Aggregation on multiple columns
  • how to aggregate multiple columns in pyspark
  • pandas group by multiple columns and count
  • finding the rows in a dataframe where column contains any of these values python
  • groupby count pandas
  • python function to scale selected features in a dataframe pandas
  • joins in pandas
  • print columns pandas
  • pandas merge two columns from different dataframes
  • loop rought rows in pands
  • how to iterate pandas dataframe
  • DataFrame.iterrows is a generator which yields both the index and row (as a Series):
  • read each element dataframe
  • df.iteraterows
  • add an index column pandas
  • all column except pandas
  • switch columns and rows python
  • two groupby pandas
  • pandas dataframe column names
  • stack data horizontally pandas
  • how to add the sum of multiple columns into another column in a dataframe
  • pd.pivot_table
  • pandas sep and delimiter
  • Joins with another DataFrame
  • find rows in dataframe from another dataframe python
  • pandas where
  • pandas read csv skip rows
  • apply a created function pandas
  • ms access python dataframe
  • create dataframe pyspark
  • view all columns pandas
  • copy only some columns to new dataframe in r
  • select columns to include in new dataframe in python
  • dataframe to dict without index
  • pandas return specific row
  • df = pd.DataFrame(data=data, index=index, columns=columns)
  • set header in dataframe 2nd line
  • creating a pandas df
  • merge multiple excel workssheets into a single dataframe
  • find min and max from dataframe column
  • get maximum calue df column
  • merge dataframe pandas
  • how to add zeros in front of numbers in pandas
  • how to change a header in pandas
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  • pandas replace data in specific columns with specific values
  • pandas join two series on index
  • pyspark filter
  • python conditionally create new column in pandas dataframe
  • dataframein python
  • set column datatype pandas
  • merge two df
  • python how to add columns to a pandas dataframe
  • iterrows pd
  • How to split a text column into two separate columns?
  • append 1 colimn in pandas df
  • how to give name to column in pandas
  • use the index of a dataframe for another dataframe
  • AttributeError: 'Series' object has no attribute 'toarray'
  • pandas round
  • select only some rows pandas
  • get value of a pd for specific values in column
  • set column as index
  • pandas count number of rows with value
  • pandas apply function to each row lambda
  • concat dataframe pandas
  • pandas for column in dataframe
  • add new row to dataframe pandas
  • python loop through column in dataframe
  • add column in spark dataframe
  • pyspark new column
  • select rows from dataframe pandas
  • how to convert each string to a category or int in python dataframe
  • how to do label encoding in multiple column at once
  • How to join two dataframes by 2 columns so they have only the common rows?
  • how to create new header of a dataframe in python
  • how to change entry in a row based on another columns entry python
  • how to get index of pandas dataframe python
  • Convert Dataframe to an array
  • findout not common values between two data frames
  • creating dataframe
  • how to merge the dataframe in python row wise
  • pandas .crosstab
  • how to make a column a factor in pandas
  • get column pandas
  • all frequency offset in pandas
  • python - row slice dataframe by number of rows
  • python string format
  • pandas python string with placeholder
  • pandas count values by column
  • how to get column names having numeric value in pandas
  • pandas column string first n characters
  • divide two columns pandas
  • skip rows in pandas read excel
  • groupby in pandas
  • pandas groupby
  • how to get value from dataframe pandas
  • jupyter change cell to text
  • format numbers in dataframe pandas
  • pyspark rdd filter
  • convert all colnames of dataframe to upper
  • merge two dataframes based on column
  • join dataframe pandas by column
  • extract one column from dataframe python
  • relativefrequencies of the unique values pandas
  • only get top 10 python dataframe
  • new dataframe based on certain row conditions
  • how to round off values in columns in pandas in excel
  • pandas filter and change value
  • pandas read csv skip first line
  • select columns pandas
  • how to concat on the basis of particular columns in pandas
  • pandas categorical to numeric
  • pandas groupby mean round
  • python return value from single cell dataframe
  • how to merge two pandas dataframes on a column
  • pandas loc iloc
  • join in pandas
  • convert a pandas df to a numpy array
  • get index number pandas dataframe
  • pandas apply function to dataframe
  • pandas print tabulate no index
  • pandas print index
  • how to display percentage in pandas crosstab
  • concatenate data vertically python
  • A value is trying to be set on a copy of a slice from a DataFrame. Try using .loc[row_indexer,col_indexer] = value instead

0 from dataframe pandas reindex

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MetPy Mondays #96 - Pandas Multi-Index Dataframes

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