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Introduction: 3D Printed Watch Band

For my intermediate project I decided to create my own custom watch bands that will attach to my apple watch. This was an enjoyable project that allowed me to use my creativity to design something that is aesthetically pleasing to me.

Step 1: Create Your Design

In order to create your wonderful custom watch bands, you have to have an idea that you would like to make. I used tinkercad, a free online 3D design and 3D printing app for everyone, to make my designs. The idea could simply be a unique design of simple shapes or you can search thingiverse.com and find a copious amount of wonderful items that have already been converted into an stl file (which is preferred for 3D printing). You can then import those stl files and insert them on your watch band however you would like creating a unique personalized touch.

Step 2: Gather Items

In order to create your watch band you will need these items if you do not already have them:

  • 3D Printer
  • Flexible Filament
  • Connectors

Step 3: Begin 3D Printing

This process will likely not be entirely correct on the first print. There will be a learning curve with your 3D printer and the design you have created; the more complex the design is, the more problems you are likely to face. With how small the watch band is, it is difficult to get a great amount of detail into your design and for it to come out as you'd like so it is better to start basic and slowly become more complex.

The biggest problems that I've had from designing and printing were the holes on the ends of each band and printing 3D files flat on the watch. The holes on each side of the band did not always come out as a hole like the design had intended. When there was no hole in the band I had to heat a thin needle and thread it through the plastic to create a hole. When printing 3D objects the detail was too fine and it came out more as an unidentifiable mess. A solution I found was to convert the 3D file into a two dimensional file and that was more successful for printing.

For my prints, I used a layer thickness of .20mm, an infill of 20%, with no raft or support. I would recommend using a small amount of infill because the less infill there is, the more flexible the band will be.

Step 4: Paint Your Band

Once you have finished with your print and you are happy with the outcome, you can begin painting your watch band. Acrylic paint applies well to the filament and I would recommend applying some type of finishing coat on top of the band because the paint will chip over time with use.

As you can see with the pictures above I attempted 2 different designs; a simple design and a more complex design. For my first design I painted the band white with a blue gradient on the hexagons. For my second design I tried to create a European theme. On the purple and red band, I tried to create a band that reminded me of Florence, Italy with the Duomo, city emblem, and the local soccer team badge, but as you can see the design did not come out as I had intended. For the other part of that band I went with a "Midnight in Paris" theme, which was not my original intention, but I had adjusted to with the Eiffel Tower, moon, and stars.

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Sours: https://www.instructables.com/3D-Printed-Watch-Band/

3D Printed Apple Watch Bands Soon Available from 3D Systems and FreshFiber

3D Systems (NYSE:DDD) has been known for their ability to stay ahead of their competition when it comes to 3D printing. It’s not just the 3D printing industry that they have been targeting as of late though. Their ‘first to market’ attitude can be seen today with Apple’sannouncement of their much anticipated Apple Watch, as 3D Systems has been wasting no time in working with a company called FreshFiber in order to create uniquely designed 3D printed Apple Watch bands.
  As most of the world knows, today was the much anticipated Apple event, in which the company officially unveiled the Apple Watch, a product that has been seemingly talked about for a couple yearsnow. The watch, which includes many of the familiar features seen onthe iPhone 6, will allow users to make phone calls, check into flights, see the latest happenings on their social networks, open doors and much more, from the convenience of their own wrists. These watches will have 18 hours of battery life, and their own special interface, which allows users to browse and download different apps built specifically for the watch itself.

  Of course, one of the most interesting aspects of these watches, which will start at $349 and go up to over $10,000 for some models, are their ability to be customized, specifically the watches’ bands. There will be many bands to choose from at your local Apple store as well as online. However, it will be the third-party bands which could really make for some interesting looking and unique watches. After all no one will want a watch that looks>  Some of the 3D printed Apple Watch Bands – coming soon!
  “We’re planning to do some interchangeable bands much like what we’ve done with the Nooka watches, Alyssa Hoyt, Director of Marketing for 3D Systems tells 3DPrint.com. “There’s no direct tie with Apple — this is just something we’ve been concepting for the watch and may extend to other smart watches.”
  The watch bands, will be 3D printed in Everlast (nylon) material using 3D Systems’ Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) machines, and they will be available exclusively on Cubify. As you can see in the photos provided, the watch bands certainly have a unique look to them.
  Some more of the 3D printed Apple Watch Bands – coming soon!
  We are told that these watch bands are still in the “concept phase” so we can expect the designers at FreshFiber to make some more adjustments after today’s official unveiling. As for pricing, there has been nothing set in stone as of yet, but Hoyt tells us that they will probably be priced somewhere between their Freshfiber phone cases and the Nooka watches — $40 – $99 depending on the chosen pattern and particular material used.
  Undoubtedly 3D printing will play a major role in the future of the Apple watch. We expect to see more companies bringing custom Apple Watch bands to market in the near future. For now though, it appears as though 3D Systems and FreshFiber are ahead of the curve. The Apple watch will be available for pre-order starting on April 10, with shipments beginning on April 24. It should be interesting to see if 3D Systems will have these availablein time for shipments as well.
  What do you think about these 3D printed Apple Watch bands? Discuss in the FreshFiber Apple Watch Band forum thread on 3DPB.com.


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apple watch band display 3d models

Apple Watch Band Box


Apple Watch Band Box

Apple Watch Band Holder


A holder for 15 Apple Watch bands or any watch bands that you may have!

Apple Watch Band Stand


Apple Watch Band Stand for storing up to 6 Watch Bands. ... Required: 1x foot 1x strip 1x plate (wood or acrylic glass) -> width: 297mm -> thickness: 4mm

Apple Watch Band Holder


Apple Watch Band Holder can hold 15 bands. Tested with different 42mm bands. Stick it to a vertical surface with dubble-sided tape.... Print with the holder pins facing up!

Apple Watch band holder


... warderobe door, like i did. The Band will not fall off, when the door is used :) Size is for 44mm Watch Band but also fits for smaller Watch Bands. It is it fixed with 3M VHB Tape on the Backsite. Please have a look at my other designs......

Apple Watch Band holder


... Armband Halter für 4 Armbänder. ... Der Halter kann mit 3mm Senk-Schrauben befestigt werden. Geht für 38mm-42mm Armbänder. ENGLISH Apple Watch Band Holder for 4 Bands. You can fix the holders with 3mm countersunk screw.... Fits for 38-42mm bands.

Apple Watch band holder


A holder for all your bands to the Apple Watch, it will fit 8 bands in total. ...The holder and foot are printed separately for an easy print, then you screw them together with 2x M4x20 or equivelant.

Apple Watch Band Clasp


I bought some of the cheaper Apple Watch bands on Amazon and found that the clasp is made of cheap metal that rusts after a bit of wear. I removed the clasp from the band and designed a replacement part so that I could continue to wear the band...

Apple Watch Band holder


Hi this is my first uploadet projekt.... Can be used for Apple Watch Series 1,2,3,4,5 42mm or 44mm bands. new Version: The sand is now tow separate pieces....

Apple Watch band case


Apple watch band case the spacers can be adjusted to your needs. ... it all clips together if you find it hard to press-fit give the edges a light sanding.

Apple Watch band stand


This is a bad stand for the Apple watch. You can hang on 8 or 12 bands. ...i cute it out of 6mm plywood and for the center you need 14mm round wood.

Apple Watch band holder


Files can now be found at Cults3D A holder for all your bands to the Apple Watch, it will fit 8 bands in total. ...The holder and foot are printed separately for an easy print, then you screw them together with 2x M4x20 or equivelant.

Apple Watch Band Holder


... to be able to just print one piece and it be able to hold all of my watch bands. 2 One of my watch bands had a lip on the bottom of it so it wouldnt actually fit into this holder so I added a notch cutout on all of them so that it would fit in.

Apple Watch Band Caddy


This caddy was designed as a place to keep my Apple Watch band collection. I designed it from scratch using Tinkercad. I now have 3 different bands for my Apple Watch, with more to come, so I was in need of a way to store and organize them. I...

Apple Watch Band Case


This Watch band case will hold 7 straps. I had to print it on a tilt to enable it to print on my Replicator Mini. There is a small 1mm 'strut' that easily breaks off - this is just for support during the print. ...It's my first design that I've done...

Apple Watch Band [Ninjaflex]


... but wrap and form around any given shape. This means you design flat geometery in CAD and not have to worry about getting the exact curvature. Pretty cool! Read the full tutorial:https://learn.adafruit.com/3d-printed-band-for-apple-watch/overview

Apple Watch Band [Ninjaflex]


... but wrap and form around any given shape. This means you design flat geometery in CAD and not have to worry about getting the exact curvature. Pretty cool! Read the full tutorial: https://learn.adafruit.com/3d-printed-band-for-apple-watch/overview

Apple Watch Band [Ninjaflex]


... This means you design flat geometery in CAD and not have to worry about getting the exact curvature. Pretty cool! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpRAlQHI0uk Read the full tutorial:https://learn.adafruit.com/3d-printed-band-for-apple-watch/overview

Apple Watch Band Carousel


It was inspired by my previous "Apple Watch Band Caddy" that I posted a while back but this, IMHO, is a more aesthetically pleasing and practical solution. Print Settings Printer: Flashforge Creator Pro ...

Apple Watch Band [Ninjaflex]


... but wrap and form around any given shape. This means you design flat geometery in CAD and not have to worry about getting the exact curvature. Pretty cool! Read the full tutorial:https://learn.adafruit.com/3d-printed-band-for-apple-watch/overview

Apple watch band holder


I changed the way pieces are attached.... New version also for band size 42

apple watch band


... degrees and re-exported it. This seems to address the slicing issues with the model. It fits the Apple Watch model (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:459010) very, very tightly. ... You may have to do a little sanding of the ends before it fits in.

apple watch band


http://www.thingiverse.com/apps/customizer/run?thing_id=57810 Instructions Using the following options: Width = 22 Knurl_Width = 4 Hollow_vs_Hockey_Puck = 1 Cords = 25 Thickness = 3 Cord_Direction =...

Apple Watch Display Stand


Inspired by https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1345517, I designed this cool holder for the Apple Watch. ...Fits perfectly with the original Apple magnetic charging cable = complete white one Versions: woLogo = without the Logo in the Socket ABC...

Apple Watch (Bent) Band Holder


This is an Apple Watch Band Holder I designed to both display and store Apple Watch Bands as if they were attached to the watch face and around a wrist. They are also meant to be modular so you can connect as many as you want to create one giant line...

Apple Watch Band Stand / Holder


An Apple Watch Band Mount / Stand (mostly for sport bands but most other bands fit). It is adjustable for 38, 40, 42 and 44mm watches. It can be adjusted to fit any number of bands and has an optional stand.... It is all customisable with openSCAD...

Fixed Apple Watch Band Case


Remix of the Apple watch band case, minus the strut + laid flat for easier printing. ... This is a remix from https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:398515

Audi Apple Watch Band 38mm


I like Volkswagen/Audi/Porsche cars and wanted a custom apple watch band. I hope you all enjoy. ****EDIT - 7/3/2017*** I've uploaded a new band, changed the sizes of the holes to allow for easier passthrough of the band that "slips" through the...

Apple watch band holder remix


A remix of a remix! ...MeesterED merged as2008schl's individual watch band holder units into a single 5 slot print. ...This is a simple cut down to a 4 slot print because 5 doesn't fit on my Neva printer.

Apple Watch Band Removal Tool


I was tired of jamming my fingernail in to the tiny button location to swap the watch band so I made this handy tool. I can now take the band off with my eyes closed. Just push on the face into the pins and pull the band off. Easy!... Make...

Sours: https://www.stlfinder.com/3dmodels/apple-watch-band-display/
3d printed Apple Watch Strap Holder

Freshfiber Offers Stylish 3D Printed Bands for the Apple Watch

Amsterdam-based company Freshfiber was an early promoter of 3D printing, selling fully 3D printed products in its stores back in 2009 when most people still hadn’t even heard of the technology. At that time, smartphones were only starting to become ubiquitous, but Freshfiber saw an opportunity and took it, offering 3D printed phone cases that it described as sculptural works of art. As soon as Apple announced the development of its smart Apple Watch, Freshfiber was ready to meet a new demand – 3D printed watch bands.

Now Freshfiber is introducing a new collection of bands for the Apple Watch. There are three designs: the Pulse, the Obsidian and the Aurora. Here is how Freshfiber describes each design:

  • The Pulse Watch Band has a waveform made up of fifty-one differently shaped panels contracting and expanding in a vertical array. Their fluent motion creates an undulating landscape of fluid lines, pulsing with a gentle rhythm. Its geometry unites in an intriguing form, creating a confident presence on the wrist.

  • The name Obsidian derives from a type of igneous rock which is formed by the rapid cooling of viscous lava. An all round landscape of interlinking fractiles tessellate to form a surface of obsidian facets. The landscape gradually evolves from delicate shards on the sides to larger facets in the center. This results in an intriguing gradient pattern, delivering a luxurious, sophisticated style to the Apple Watch.

  • A formation of sweeping lines covering the wristband, inspired by the rhythmic light swirls of Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights. The balanced composition of positive elements and negative space creates a delicate linework around the wrist, purely composed by the flow of movement. The Aurora Watch Band embraces the striking curvatures from nature, translated into an abstract, sculptural design with a contemporary look.

Freshfiber describes the structure of each of the bands as “a flat strip of material helix coiled into a flattened spiral,” each made from semi-rigid nylon material and wrapped into a helical spring. The bands are both flexible and sturdy and will return to their original shape if stretched or twisted. They come in a total of five sizes, compatible with 38mm/40mm and 42mm/44mm Apple Watch Series 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Each band has a printed clasp that is easily interchangeable so that the bands can be quickly swapped out if desired. The closure is hidden and integrated with the Freshfiber logo, and it has a novel press-and-release function that enables the watch to fit snugly around the wrist. Both ends of the watch band merge seamlessly together, without the closure disrupting the decorative elements. The bands are lightweight and have a pleasant feel on the wrist, according to Freshfiber.

In addition to the different designs, the watch bands are available in five different colors: black, gray, brown, red and blue, so if you’ve got some money to spare, you can get a whole collection of different bands, to match each outfit or situation. Each model costs €37.15. The designs were created by Matthijs Kok, Creative Director of Freshfiber.

Discuss this and other 3D printing topics at 3DPrintBoard.com or share your thoughts in the comments below.

[Images: Freshfiber]


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Printed watch band apple 3d

There are plenty of affordable and fancy Apple Watch bands available on the market. If you love 3D printing, there is no reason you shouldn’t 3D print your own flexible Apple Watch band. Adafruit has shared a guide to show you how to do just that. This particular band was made using Ninjaflex, a thermoplastic polyurethane based filament with flexible, strong properties.

More like this ➡️ here

You can print this band using most FDM style desktop 3D printers. You are going to need Apple Watch connectors to complete this project. If you know your design software, you can further customize your Apple Watch band.

More info is available here.

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How to Make Your Own Apple Watch Bands
  • Download: free
    Website: Thingiverse

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  • Download: free
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     Tags  22mm Watch Band Lug Placement Extension

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  • Download: free
    Website: Cults

     Tags  STL file 42mm - 44mm Apple watch band holder V2 •...

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  • Download: free
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    Mar 9, 2017 | By Tess

    The Ruiz Brothers, the prolific Adafruit contributors, have come out with a new DIY 3D printing project that Apple enthusiasts are sure to enjoy: 3D printed wristbands for the Apple Watch. The tutorial shows makers how they can create their very own DIY wristwatch bands using only a few simple tools, flexible filament, and of course a 3D printer.

    The tutorial includes instructions for two different types of wristwatch bands: one Batman-inspired utility band, which can hold small tools and an audio adapter for the Apple Watch; and a simple, more design oriented band which features a hexagonal pattern. Of course, like with all Ruiz Brothers projects, they encourage makers to use their designs as a starting point but to add their own style to the make.

    If you’re interested in 3D printing your own Apple Watch band, you’ll first need a few supplies. First off, an Apple Watch. Right? Once you’ve got that though, you’ll only need some NinjaFlex filament, and Apple Watch connectors, which can be ordered online for about $3. If you don’t have an FDM 3D printer handy, you can always reach out to a local 3D print service for the printing.

    NinjaFlex is a flexible Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) that can be printed using most commercial 3D printers, making it an easy and accessible material to work with, especially for things like wearables. As Noe Ruiz points out, by 3D printing the watch strap using NinjaFlex, the 3D model can be designed flat, as the band was simply be wrapped onto the wrist after printing.

    Anyway, once you’ve got all your parts, you can get going with 3D printing the wristband of your choice. The 3D models provided by Ruiz are fitted to his wrist (220mm in diameter) so if you need a larger or smaller size you can make that adjustment before 3D printing, as the band does not include sizing holes. Fortunately, he has included user parameters, so adjusting the size of the band should be a cinch.

    If you are 3D printing the band yourself, here are some settings you can use as a reference for optimal printing with flexible filaments (provided by the Ruiz Brothers):

    • Extruder Temperature: 235/240 degree Celsius 
    • With non-heated bed: use blue painters tape or PrintInZ surface
    • With a heated bed: set to 50/65 degrees Celsius
    • Print speed: 30mm/s
    • Movement speed: 60mm/s
    • First layer speed: 50%
    • Retraction distance: 1mm 
    • Retraction speed: 30mm/s

    Also, if you are 3D printing the two-tone hexagonal band, you can either use your dual extrusion 3D printer, or, if you are using a single-extruder 3D printer, you can simply pause the print, swap the filament, and resume. If you have another method for two-tone printing, by all means, use it.

    Once you have your band parts 3D printed, you’ll have to ready your Apple Watch for assembly. First, remove the original Apple Watch bands using their quick release mechanism. Next, install the 3D printed bands to the Apple Watch connector pieces (not yet attached to the watch). Be sure to install these in the right orientation with the bands, as shown in the photo. As Ruiz points out: “You'll notice each connector has three little "bumpers" across the stem. They're black on one side. On the other side, the middle bumper is gray/chrome. The side with the three black bumpers should be "face up" with the "top side" of the bands.”

    To install the connectors, you’ll have to unscrew their tiny axles using a 0.8 Star Bit (or one of a similar size). Here, be careful not to lose the tiny screws. Once you’ve unscrewed one axle on each connector, you can simply install the watch bands onto them, and screw them back securely. Once both band parts are fastened to the connectors, just slide the connectors into the Apple Watch and presto, you’ve got yourself a new watch.

    The wristwatch band features two small rectangular nubs that can be pushed through corresponding holes on the opposite side to fasten it around your wrist. As always, we can’t wait to see what the talented Ruiz Brothers come up with next!



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