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Are you a lazy person? Do you love enjoying a good nap during the day? Last but not least &#; you are not a morning person? If you answered &#;yes&#; to all these questions, you probably going to love this animal. Today, we are going to cover sloth tattoo ideas and their meanings. We are also going to learn more about this exciting and fun-looking animal which many people fell in love with and got a tattoo of it. However, keep in mind, that sloth is not a very popular choice, so if you are looking for a different tattoo idea, it could be an excellent option for you.

Dot work style sloth by lera spring
Sloth tattoo on the calf
Polygonal sloth tattoo
Black sloth tattoo on the right wrist
Cute minimalist style sloth tattoo
Cosmic sloth by david cote

Sloth &#; a lazy animal

Sloth is an arboreal mammal that lives in the tropical rainforests of South and Central America. The name &#;Sloth&#; comes from their deficient metabolism and precise movements. Their slowness is a result of an evolutionary adaptation. Sloths have a specific low-energy diet that consists of trees leaves, and their slow-moving helps them to avoid detection by their predators: cats and hawks.

Cute sloth tattoo by susanne könig

A typical image of a sloth is where it hangs upside down in the tree. And that is not just a funny meme you saw on the internet, that is how they spend most of their lives. They are not able to walk on the ground but can swim and are perfect climbers. Their grey, grooved hair provides camouflage while hanging and hiding in trees.

Sleeping sloth tattoo by avalon desu

Sloths are very peaceful animals. Since their main food is leaves, they do not hunt for other animals, although sometimes they can eat small bugs and lizards. Sloths avoid the aggression and interaction with other animals at all costs. That&#;s why they live up in the trees, and under normal conditions, they only come down once a week. They are true loners and spend most of their lives upside down by themselves. According to the researchers, sloths are the slowest animals in the entire world that can move at mph. However, despite the slowness, they are also strong and resistant &#; try hanging upside down on a tree!

Sloth hanging on a tree tattoo

Sloth tattoo meaning

As we have mentioned before, the most essential and most striking features of this animal are its slowness. Living in the branches of the trees, they spent most of their time sleeping. And of course, when you do not rest, you eat. They can spend more than five hours a day chewing leaves or stems. So, one of the primary meanings of sloth tattoos is laziness, slowness, and calmness. It may represent a person&#;s ability not to stress out in difficult situations. Also, it can express your way of slow and contemplative decision making.

Single needle sloth tattoo

If you are a person who finds happiness in those moments when you can relax on the couch watching your favorite TV show &#; sloth tattoo is a perfect choice. Also, if you are not a morning person and like to sleep till noon, you enjoy the pleasure of literally doing nothing &#; don&#;t think any more! Sloth is an excellent representation of your lifestyle. There&#;s no shame in being slow and inactive &#; you should praise your way of living because it is the true you.

Tiny hand poked sloth tattoo by doctor woo

Who should get a sloth tattoo?

Another excellent feature of sloths is that they are peaceful and avoid aggression as well as the environment with other animals at all costs. Their fur provides a fantastic camouflage, and this lazy animal hides himself up in the trees. They carefully choose a tree that will give them enough food for at least five days and has good protection from predators. Only once a week they will go down to relieve themselves.

Sloth and flowers tattoo

Which brings us to the main point &#; sloths are very sedentary creatures. They don&#;t need socializing; they don&#;t need ordinary activities such as hunting. All they need is a safe place &#; a home. If you are a person who cherishes safety, stability, peace, and tranquility &#; sloth tattoo is an excellent option. You don&#;t like aggression; you avoid interaction with bad people; finally &#; you are an introvert; don&#;t think any longer &#; sloth is your soul animal.

Tattoo of a sloth eating a bamboo leaf

Another image of this animal comes from their looks. Although sloths are the slowest animals in the forest, they are not weak. Their lazy and slow appearance hides strength that enables them to survive long periods of drought and lack of food. They know how to swim and can defend themselves with their long, hook-shaped claws. So, you may look like a weak person, maybe you&#;re not the most beautiful -, but you have inner strength. You can survive many things that others just can not. A sloth can be a representation of such abilities.

Sloth with a cup of coffee

Sloth tattoo ideas

As you can see, sloths are fascinating animals with many amazing features and skills. If you find yourself alike with this beautiful animal, take a look at our selection of sloth tattoos. As we have searched hundreds of pictures all over the internet, we can tell that the most popular option is a mid-sized tattoo inked on the forearm or the bicep. Do you still need to know more reasons to get a tattoo of this fantastic animal? Have you noticed its adorable smile?

Super cute sloth hanging on a branch by pablo torre
Traditional style sloth by liz marie
Dot work style sloth and mandala tattoo
Colorful sloth by joanna swirska
Outline sloth tattoo by hugo tattooer
Live slow die whenever sloth
Sloth tattoo by laura yahna
Nap all day sleep all night party never tattoo
Adorable sloth tattoo on the right arm
Heart shaped sloth family tattoo
Sloth on the ankle
Circular tattoo of a sloth inked on the right rib cage
Sloth and trippy tree tattoo
Nights are so long without a pillow quote tattoo on the chest
Matching sloth tattoo for best friends
Traditional sloth by jessica leigh
Sloth tattoo on the back of the left arm
Cute sloth on the left arm
Sketchy style upside down sloth tattoo by maikon basei
Black and grey sloth tattoo by isaiah negrete
Adorable sloth tattoo by jacque lópez
Mommy sloth and baby sloth tattoo
Sloth astronaut tattoo by susanne konig

These sloth tattoos are hilariously wonderful

These sloth tattoos are hilariously wonderful

1. &#;Live slow, die whenever&#; is the perfect mantra.

2. Nights so long without pillow? Hard agree.

3. Get this tattoo and someone WOULD squeeze you forever.

4. Always good advice!

5. Aww, this little guy would always be an encouraging reminder!

6. Outta this world? Yep.

7. LOL.

8. Goonies never say die! And so too do sloths, apparently!

9. This should be a law.

Top &#;o the mornin&#; to ya, Sir Sloth!

The good life is the sloth life.

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