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The 7 Best Unlocked Flip Phones

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This wiki has been updated 18 times since it was first published in March of Whether you're looking for an inexpensive phone to take overseas, you feel the need to detox from all the distractions on your smartphone, or you have an elderly loved one in your life who could benefit from something simple, the unlocked flip phones on our list are sure to provide you with the connectivity you need. We've ranked them here by their ease of use, call quality, and durability. When users buy our independently chosen editorial selections, we may earn commissions to help fund the Wiki.

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This wiki has been updated 18 times since it was first published in March of Whether you're looking for an inexpensive phone to take overseas, you feel the need to detox from all the distractions on your smartphone, or you have an elderly loved one in your life who could benefit from something simple, the unlocked flip phones on our list are sure to provide you with the connectivity you need. We've ranked them here by their ease of use, call quality, and durability. When users buy our independently chosen editorial selections, we may earn commissions to help fund the Wiki.

Editor's Notes

September 15,

We did away with a few models that were pretty long in the tooth, and added a very exciting offering in the Samsung Galaxy Z. Realistically, most people turning to this category are looking for something relatively inexpensive and simple, so this new model from Samsung might not fit that mold. It's better categorized as the next evolution of the smartphone, rather than a throwback. Still, it is undeniably among the best flip phones you're going to find on the market, as the new Moto Razr is still awaiting release at the time of this writing.

Alcatel upgraded their previously included model to the Alcatel Smartflip R, the battery life of which is outstanding. Its Bluetooth connectivity also allows you to connect a headset to it for hands-free driving or for long conversations where holding the phone to your ear would become tiresome. And for people looking to a flip to avoid the financial pitfalls presented by the expense and fragility of modern smartphones, there's the Kyocera DuraXE. It's one of the older models we kept in the ranking, mainly due to its excessive ruggedness, making it an ideal choice for people in professions like construction, logging, or anything else that could pose a significant hazard to your electronics.

June 17,

If you're searching for a flip phone you're probably aware that they just don't offer the same functionality as modern smartphones; in fact, that may be why you're in the market for one. It's still worth mentioning that while many of the old-school clamshells available today work alright for making calls and sending text messages, a lot of them don't even support 4G networks, so depending on where you are and what you're doing with it, that's something to take into consideration. If you'll be using it a lot and need good audio quality, the Samsungs, Kyocera, Alcatel, and ZTE do allow for 4G LTE. Also, for what it's worth, the Samsung Galaxy Folder 2 is actually a capable smartphone, but if you're used to the newest flagship models, you might get frustrated with its relatively slow user interface. Plus, since it operates on the Android OS version , it may not be compatible with all modern apps. Nonetheless, if you want a flip phone that works as a daily driver, it is a great choice.

Another worthwhile note is that the Samsung Rugby and the Kyocera are both highly ruggedized, and as such, are great for job sites where you need to stay connected but aren't able to protect a fragile smartphone. Because they're feature phones, they can also be useful in applications where your mobile device needs to locked down for security purposes. Finally, if you're selecting a handset for a friend, family, or loved one who is hard of hearing or in some other way technologically uninclined, the Easyfone Prime A1 is probably the way to go. It was designed for elderly users who aren't keen on fancy technology, and for keeping in touch with Grandma, it does just fine.

Longing For The Days Of The Flip Phone

And if anyone really gets under your skin, you can call them up on your shiny new flip phone, get them talking, and then dramatically hang up on them.

Chances are, if you’re of a certain age then you probably remember what it was like to use a flip phone. At its height of popularity, before the advent of the iPhone and similar smartphones, certain flip phone models were among the most sought after cell phones on the market. They were compact, functional, and comfortable to talk on thanks to the obtuse angle to which they opened.

Flip phones also provided users with a certain tactile experience that modern smartphones can never hope to recreate. With a flip phone, you could physically hang up on someone. This may seem like a small gesture, but we’ve been hanging up on each other in fits of rage and other emotions since the telephone was invented. No matter how hard you tap your touch screen in the vicinity of its end call button, you’ll never experience the satisfaction of slapping closed a flip phone at the end of an unpleasant conversation.

Even Hollywood is aware of this difference. That’s why, whenever possible, characters on film and television shows will utilize flip phones. Breaking Bad is a great example of this, and it provides a master class on dramatic flip phone closes.

A lot of people today still choose to turn to flip phones for their increased security. When we open the door to apps like Facebook and all the other things that make our lives online so very convenient, we also put ourselves at risk to have our identities stolen, our conversations monitored, and our locations determined instantly. With a flip phone, especially one that doesn’t have any kind of GPS or mapping system built into it (or at least has one that can be disabled), a significant majority of those risks become limited.

Additional benefits of using a flip phone include a reduced incidence of butt dialing, a significantly longer battery life, and a re-engagement with the world around you, as you won’t be pulled to check your phone every few minutes for emails, social media updates, or the latest news.

This kind of disengagement from the constant glow of a smartphone screen can have a profound effect on your physical and mental state. Many studies have pointed out that our exposure to the specific wavelengths of light put out by our devices can disrupt our sleep, negatively affect our mood, and even reduce our ability to feel empathy.

There may be some small stigma to carrying around a flip phone in this day and age, but the benefits far outweigh the judging stairs and silly comments you’re liable to receive from friends and strangers alike. And if anyone really gets under your skin, you can call them up on your shiny new flip phone, get them talking, and then dramatically hang up on them.

What An Unlocked Phone Can Do For You

Now that we’ve made the case for adding a flip phone to your experience, even if it doesn’t completely supplant the smart phone on which you so often rely, the question arises whether you should get a flip phone that’s unlocked or not. It’s important then that we understand what exactly an unlocked phone is and why you might want one.

Essentially, an unlocked phone is a phone that can accept virtually any Sim card from any carrier around the world.

Essentially, an unlocked phone is a phone that can accept virtually any Sim card from any carrier around the world. That means you can activate it on any network around the globe where you can purchase a Sim card.

This is particularly useful for travelers who want to avoid unbelievably expensive roaming charges and who don’t want to go through the hassle of investing in an additional plan to travel with their current smartphone. An unlocked phone will also prevent you from having to rely on a combination of a smart phone, a free communication app, and a free Wi-Fi signal to make any kind of calls back home. You’ll be able to call anyone from anywhere so long as you have enough minutes to spare, and most plans around the world make it very easy to top up your minutes right there in the phone’s menu.

If, upon arriving back home, you decide that you’ve fallen in love with your flip phone, an unlocked version can often utilize any of your Sim cards stateside. That way, you can make your unlocked flip phone your primary phone both at home and abroad, and maybe just use your smartphone for navigation, FaceTimeing, and the occasional bout of gaming.

Other Essential Travel Tech

While an unlocked flip phone can make for an incredible traveling partner, it isn’t the only thing you should invest in before heading on a journey. The following is a selection of additional technologies designed to make your traveling experience much more enjoyable and much less stressful.

The following is a selection of additional technologies designed to make your traveling experience much more enjoyable and much less stressful.

For starters, it would be wise to invest in some kind of RFID blocking wallet, or some kind of cash carrier that can keep your money and passport safe from the prying fingers of pickpockets. If you can find a unit that boasts features, hiding your materials somewhere safe on your body while also preventing high-tech thieves from grabbing your credit card information, then all the better.

Just because a good flip phone has a nice long battery life, that doesn’t mean you should take it for granted. Any smart traveler in the 21st-century will keep an external powerpack handy. These simple devices can hold a charge and transfer it via USB, Lightning port, and many other contacts to provide you with some juice when you either can’t access an outlet or don’t have the proper travel adapter.

It’s also important to remember that not every moment of a journey is going to be blissful. Plane rides and some other forms of transportation can be long, dreadful experiences, especially if you don’t have a way to escape from that headspace. For that reason traveling with a high-quality pair of noise canceling headphones is non-negotiable.

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The 7 Best Flip Phones for Ending Distractions

Whether you're trying to simplify, saving money, or refusing to buy a phone with features you don't need, there are plenty of reasons to stick with a flip phone. Maybe you just have a contract with a carrier and want to hold onto it.

Whatever your reason, you've already made up your mind: you're not getting a smartphone. So let's go to the next question. What's the best flip phone you can get in the US right now?

Answering this question has everything to do with what carrier you use for service. Let's first break this down by carrier, then take a look at unlocked phones.

Best T-Mobile Flip Phone: Alcatel GO FLIP

Unfortunately, the Alcatel GO FLIP doesn't have particularly positive customer reviews. But at the moment, this is the only flip phone available on T-Mobile's site. This makes it the de facto best. You also get 4G LTE and 4GB of internal storage,which is a lot for this kind of device. The inch screen is also on the larger side.

Why Go With T-Mobile?

T-Mobile gives you the most options. Because it's a GSM network, you can use the same SIM card with different phones without needing to visit a carrier store.

GSM carriers make it easier to pick up a phone online with a fair amount of confidence that it will work. Unlike AT&T, T-Mobile also still supports 2G devices. That matters when you start to consider unlocked phones.

Best AT&T Flip Phone: Cingular Flip 2

The Cingular Flip 2 comes with 4G LTE and Wi-Fi, making it the go-to option if you want an AT&T flip phone with maximum connectivity. You get a large inch screen, 4GB of storage, big buttons, and plenty of battery life. Does this sound familiar? That's because the Cingular Flip 2 is a rebranded version of the Alcatel GO FLIP.

Why Go With AT&T?

AT&T is the second largest cellular network in the US, but it's the largest one to use GSM. That means if you want the ability to pop your SIM card from one phone into another, AT&T's network is the most expansive option in the US.

Best Verizon Flip Phone: LG Exalt LTE

The LG Exalt LTE is a sleek Verizon flip phone that hearkens back to the form factor's heyday. The 3-inch screen is large enough for the caller ID and texts, while the 5MP camera is pretty high for a flip phone. This device is thin like a smartphone, but without taking up so much pocket space.

Why Go With Verizon?

Verizon offers the largest cellular network in the US. It's also the most expensive. But as the carrier with the best reception in rural areas, it offers a relatively large selection of flip phones. If you want one that you can take across the country, off the interstate, and outside of cities without having to worry about coverage, you're going to want Verizon.

Other Verizon Options:

Since Verizon isn't a GSM carrier, the unlocked devices listed below won't work with it. But you're not without choices. If you need a more sturdy device, consider the Kyocera DuraXV, which comes in camera-equipped and camera-less options. Alternatively, you can snag the Sonim XP5 if the Kyocera DuraXV still doesn't seem quite sturdy enough.

Unlocked Phones

You may stick with flip phones out of habit or because you have an existing contract. But if you want to save money, switching to an unlocked device really is the way to go. This gives you the freedom to take your phone from one carrier to another, as long as it has the required frequency bands. You often can get a prepaid plan that costs less money over time, since the cost of your device isn't baked in.

Punkt MP01

Technically not a flip phone or particularly cheap, the Punkt Phone represents perhaps the most top-of-the-line basic phone available today. The Switzerland-based company has provided users with a way to make calls and send texts without compromising on style.

The interface is also simpler than any other phone on this list. It uses a 2G network, which is still widely used around the world, but limits the phone to T-Mobile in the US.

Samsung Galaxy Folder 2

If you don't have anything against smartphones but happen to prefer the clamshell form factor, you're not out of luck. The Samsung Folder 2 is a flip phone that happens to run Android. You get a x display on a inch screen. The phone comes with with Android

See our Galaxy Z Flip foldable phone facts for the best information on Samsung's latest.

Easyfone Prime A1

Just want a good old-fashioned flip phone for a family member? The Easyfone Prime A1 comes with large buttons and big print, both on and off screen. That said, you may be surprised to hear this phone has both a music player and a built-in FM radio. There's also a dedicated SOS button in case of emergencies.

By the way, if you can't find a flip phone that fits your needs, don't necessarily rule out smartphones. There are ways to keep a smartphone simple.

Kyocera DuraXE

This is an AT&T branded flip phone, so it's guaranteed to work with that carrier. That said, you can also buy it unlocked and pop in a SIM card from T-Mobile or another GSM carrier. The phone has IP68 certification and meets military standard G. Fun fact: it runs Android, but you can barely tell.

Why Do You Want to Use a Flip Phone?

Flip phones aren't what they used to be. Companies pour fewer resources into designing these devices and the software that runs on them. Many people have come to view them only as good burner phones. But that doesn't mean these devices are going away. Some of us are increasingly seeing them as a way to end the onslaught of distractions from our smartphones.

We hope you like the items we recommend and discuss! MUO has affiliate and sponsored partnerships, so we receive a share of the revenue from some of your purchases. This won’t affect the price you pay and helps us offer the best product recommendations.


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The update brings the end to a huge array of nasty exploits, including a few particularly nefarious examples.

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5 Best Flip Phone In

5 Best Flip Phone In

TECHNOLOGY - The Droid Guy

Not everyone is a fan of what smartphones have done to our world, and therefore aren’t planning on joining the smartphone trend anytime soon. They prefer that simple lifestyle of only having calling and texting at their fingertips, and we don’t blame them. Being “connected” all the time can be draining, and it can mean less time for friends and family if it gets bad enough. Other times, you can’t beat how inexpensive flip phones are — you can get your flip phone for just a couple of bucks (and it’ll last for years), and then you’ll be spending very little for talk time and text messages. You can say goodbye to those expensive data plans!

Best Flip Phone

So if you want to see what the flip phone is all about, follow along below. We’ve got a list of the best ones currently on the market. Here are our top picks.

Jitterbug Flip Cell Phone

Folks will really love what the Jitterbug Flip Cell Phone has to offer. It’s designed for seniors, so it has a large screen to make things easier to see. The same goes for the buttons — they’re enlarged so that they’re easier to press and see. There’s some exclusive health and safety features in this phone as well, making easy to call for help if something were to happen. And, operating on the GreatCall wireless network, consumers will only have to shell out $15 a month for minutes and messages — far better than the $80 or so per month you’d be looking at with a data plan and smartphone.

Buy it now:Amazon

Kyocera DuraXV

Kyocoera makes some excellent, rugged smartphones, and the same goes for the Kyocera DuraXV, a rugged flip phone. You can take this flip phone with you anywhere — even in rough terrain — without worrying about breaking it from an accidental drop. It’s got a inch display, and it actually has an impressive camera for a flip phone. There’s a 5-megapixel camera sensor so that you can take some detailed photos. It can even record video. The flip phone is waterproof as well, so you don’t have to worry about accidental spills ruining it like you would have to with a smartphone.

Buy it now:Amazon


Next, we have the B by LG. If you haven’t heard of LG before, you’ve probably been living under a rock. They make some great telecommunication technologies, and the B is one of those. It has two displays — a inch on the inside, and a inch external display for a quick glance at need to know information. Call quality is loud and clear as well. There’s a megapixel camera sensor for taking photos and video, too. This one will set you back around $40, and it is designed for AT&T’s network, but should work on any GSM network.

Buy it now:Amazon

Plum Flipper

The Plum Flipper might be strangely named, but it works phenomenally well. You get a large inch display with large easy to read numbers. This phone supports FM radio, MP3 songs, and there’s even an SD card slot. The Plum Flipper supports GSM networks, so you shouldn’t have a problem using this one on AT&T or T-Mobile. Verizon and Sprint shouldn’t be a problem either if you can obtain a SIM card. The Plum Flipper has a powerful speaker, so you’ll be able to hear folks on the other end loud and clear. They should be able to hear you just fine as well, as the microphone is pretty good, too. At just $33, this one is a hard one to pass up.

Buy it now:Amazon

TracFone ZTE Z

First up, we have the TracFone ZTE Z This one will set you back just $ It features a a small inch screen and supports LTE technology. There’s 4GB of storage packed in this bad boy, leaving you plenty of space for photos and videos. You can expand it with a microSD card up to GB. With LTE technology, the TracFone ZTE Z will let you access things like GPS with rather speedy response times. Now, it’s worth noting that the call quality isn’t that great on the ZTE Z, primarily because this is a cheap budget phone intended for folks who cannot afford smartphones — it is a TracFone, so if you can get approved, you can get free minutes and messages, too.

Buy it now:Amazon


As you can see, there are a lot of excellent flip phones on the market. If you’re not ready to join the smartphone trend yet, any of these will keep you connected to friends and family by call and text.

Comparing Flip phones -- The Newest stuff

The best flip phones you&#;ll want to check out right now

It used to be that, in the time of smartphones, flip phones were exclusively limited to feature phones. Feature phones &#; non-smartphones to us civilians &#; focus on the basics: Call quality, text capabilities, and battery life, wrapped in an easy-to-use, reasonably priced, pocketable package. They were excellent as budget devices, but there are now new flip phones on the block &#; flip smartphones that live on the cutting edge of technology, like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 and the Z Fold 3.

But just because the price range has increased, that doesn&#;t mean you can&#;t score a great deal on a flip phone or flip feature phone. Flip phones are intuitive and simple, but offer plenty of variety. Your phone rings, you flip up to answer. You want to send a text, you flip up and start typing. Most flip phones are designed to be used with one hand, though some also have a hands-free mode. Some flip phones feature a small touchscreen, while others have internal memory, support data plans, or sport a full QWERTY keyboard. The latest generation of flip phones lets you check notifications, the weather, and more, all without opening your phone.

Have we convinced you? Then let&#;s take a look at a few of the best flip phones you can buy today.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

Galaxy Z Flip 3&#;s camera app.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 is the latest in the line of folding smartphones from Samsung, releasing alongside the Galaxy Z Fold 3. It&#;s quite the beauty, and available in seven colors.

The successor to the original Galaxy Z Flip, this compact phone is constructed from the latest, toughest Armor Aluminum, with Corning Gorilla Glass Victus, and an IPX8 rating to add even more durability. Flip open that smooth, almost silent hinge and you&#;ll reveal a inch Dynamic AMOLED display with a Hz refresh rate that feels buttery smooth. The inch Super AMOLED panel on the front works great for checking notifications, the weather, and it means you don&#;t need to be constantly flipping your phone open and closed.

Flex Mode lets you unfold the device at a degree angle (or any angle you choose) to take hands-free selfies or video calls, and with some apps &#; like Netflix &#; you can watch the video on the top half of the screen while adjusting viewing controls on the bottom half. The Z Flip 3 boasts the same dual camera set up as the Z Flip 5G, with a 12MP main sensor and a 12MP ultrawide lens, plus a 10MP selfie camera.

It&#;s a gorgeous phone, but it will set you back $1, and the battery life isn&#;t the greatest &#; that compact form houses a 3,mAh cell that won&#;t last much longer than a single day, especially if you&#;re gaming on that beautiful screen.

You could also pick up the Galaxy Z Flip 5G, which has a Snapdragon Plus processor, and the same folding mechanism and cameras, but a smaller inch Cover Screen display, no Hz refresh rate, and no water resistance.

Motorola Razr

The Motorola Razr

Throwback favorites like the Alcatel Go Flip have been upstaged by the overhauled Motorola Razr, which is in a class by itself. This updated model is Motorola’s successor to the Razr This new model addresses many of the complaints about the older phone, including a lack of splash resistance. The Razr , available unlocked, heavily resembles the look of the older model, with the same size, clamshell design, and dimensions, as well as the internal inch foldable display and external inch Quick View display. It also has connectivity.

It also runs the same software &#; though the Quick View display can now run any app, accomplish quick tasks, and reply to messages. The new device sports 3D curved glass on both sides with an aluminum frame in three new colors: Black, gold, and gray. The chin at the bottom is smoother and smaller, and the fingerprint sensor is now on the back of the phone. The price is the major bugbear &#; it&#;ll cost you over $1, to try out this vision of the future.

Alcatel Go Flip 3

The Alcatel Go Flip 3 phone in hand.

As one of the most popular flip-phone models, the Alcatel Go Flip 3 offers an easy-to-use interface and intuitive keypad design for dialing and navigation. Powered by KaiOS, and sporting a 4G LTE connection, you can use this phone for email, calendar, web surfing, and, of course, calling and texting. It has a quad-core processor, built-in GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 4GB of storage, and SD support up to 32GB. There&#;s a inch display, as well as an external display that lets you preview incoming calls, notifications, and messages. The battery provides about 17 days of standby time, with eight hours of talk time. It&#;s got a 2-megapixel camera you can use to capture still images and p HD video. All of this comes encased in a neat clamshell body. It&#;s available for Boost Mobile, T-Mobile, and AT&T.

LG B Flip Phone

The LG B 3G Flip Phone showing the phone both open and closed.

If you&#;re looking for a flip phone with a few appealing extras, there&#;s the LG B prepaid basic flip phone, offering a MP camera with zoom and customizable effects, and built-in Bluetooth. It can even download and play multimedia files like video and music. The outer inch display is monochrome, which helps extend its weeklong battery life and lets you instantly read texts without having to actually flip the lid. A colorful inch main display is accompanied by an enhanced audio mode that augments high frequencies. A text-to-speech feature reads texts aloud, a benefit for folks with vision issues. It works on AT&T.

GreatCall Jitterbug

The Jitterbug Flip phone in the hand of a lady with grey hair, taking a photo of her art.

Heavily advertised and promoted as the preferred phone for seniors, the Jitterbug has numerous features that appeal to all cellphone newcomers and people who prefer a simpler, more limited device. The Jitterbug Flip sports a large keypad for ease of dialing, while menus sport bright, easy-to-read text with Yes and No menu buttons. A large earpiece keeps conversations loud, but the phone also works with hearing aids, and even has a special button to summon emergency aid with 5Star and other services, if needed. Other features include a camera, flashlight, bright inch screen, and enough memory to store more than 1, contacts. The Link app connects users with their families, allowing them to stay updated on the health and safety of older relatives. It works on the GreatCall network for the U.S. only.

Kyocera DuraXE Epic

The Kyocera DuraXE Epic phone partially folded shut.

A rugged flip phone that can survive some tough environments, Kyocera&#;s DuraXE Epic for AT&T promises to keep your connection live and easy to hear. This hardy specimen is military-grade waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, and drop-proof up to 5 feet onto concrete. Its chamfered corners and reinforced hinge provide the ultimate protection and durability. It has 16GB internal storage with a MicroSD card slot for up to GB of storage. Recessed sides and textured panels provide a secure grip. Loud +dB front-facing speakers deliver clear sound while dual-mic noise cancellation lets you hear in noisy surroundings. You get over nine hours of talk and 16 and 18 days of standby time, as well as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

ZTE Cymbal Z Flip Phone

The ZTE Cymbal Z flip phone open and closed.

A moderately-priced, compact flipper, the ZTE Cymbal Z, unlocked and LTE enabled, has some cool features. Start with a inch main display and 1-inch external OLED display and pile on a modest 2MP camera and camcorder for the pocketable basics, accompanied by Bluetooth and FM radio. It’s easy to use &#; the phone&#;s large buttons facilitate swift, accurate texting. When it comes to yakking, you get up to hours of talk time and hours of standby time.


Why buy a flip phone?

With traditional flip phones, long battery life is one of the major advantages. The battery can last for a week or sometimes longer without a charge. If you’re a member of the truly old school that believes phones should strictly be for making calls, then a feature flip phone is for you. You’ll be able to focus on your call instead of spending your attention (and battery life) on social media apps. When you’re not on a call, your flip phone will stay mainly offline and hidden from location services, beacons, and spyware. Plus, most flip phones don’t store or send personal data, so most hackers won’t bother with them compared to the wealth of data found in smartphones.

If you’re concerned with phone call quality, don’t worry &#; a good flip phone will give you a perfectly clear call experience. Some include Bluetooth capabilities so that you can use wireless earbuds and headsets along with them. More traditional flip phones are especially loved by older generations, as older customers don’t have to learn how to navigate through all of the different features, options, and pesky touch and swipe screen protocol and can use a flip phone with buttons to make calls or write messages like they’re used to. But the latest flip phones appeal to a whole new generation of users with their novel folding form factor, dual screens, and quirky design.

The latest flip phones are basically a smartphone in a more compact package, making them ideal for the smallest pant or shirt pocket. Battery life may be a bit shorter than what you&#;re used to in modern flagships, particularly with phones like the Z Flip 3, where the battery powers two screens, with a Hz refresh rate. The foldable design is still novel and something that&#;s appealing to a younger generation who weren&#;t around the first time flip phones like the Motorola Razr hit the market. Modern flip phones like the Z Flip 3 also come in a rainbow array of colors to attract younger buyers. Ultimately, the novelty of the folding form factor is as good a reason as any to choose a flip phone, but by buying one of the latest releases you&#;re also getting excellent specs too &#; and Samsung is clearly leading the folding revolution.

Which flip phones are best for older customers?

If you&#;re an older customer looking for an easy-to-use phone &#; or you&#;re buying a flip phone for a parent or older relative &#; we&#;d recommend the Lively Flip, although any of the flip feature phones on our list should be relatively easy to set up and use. The Lively Flip has a large, bright screen, a generous keypad, and an earpiece that works with hearing aids, as well as a dedicated button to summon emergency help, a flashlight, and a camera.

What&#;s the best flip smartphone?

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 has revolutionized the flip smartphone market and is an excellent choice if you want the latest, greatest flip phone. The Galaxy Z Flip 3 comes in seven colors, has an eye-catching design, and boasts a inch Hz Dynamic AMOLED screen as well as a inch Super AMOLED Cover Screen for checking notifications, plus an IPX 8 rating for water resistance to boost durability.

Editors&#; Recommendations


Unlocked flip phones 2018 best

The best flip phones in

 You might assume the best flip phones are all old, relics of the pre-smartphone age before we had apps and giant touchscreens, but you’d be wrong. Flip phones are still hugely popular devices that lots of companies still make.

Whether you’re looking for a great flip phone for seniors, or need a spare mobile for your digital detox to get away from apps and social media, the clamshell-form flip phone could be a great choice as it combines usability with chic simplicity. You can even buy 4G devices now too, with cameras and modern apps.

No, these aren’t going to be the best smartphones on the market, and you’re not going to be able to record high-quality movies or play top-end games on them. They’re simple functional devices for calling and texting, though some also have games, WhatsApp and Facebook on them.

We’re also not talking about fold phones here either - they’re expensive top-end smartphones that literally fold open and close like a book, with screens that flex. Some do look like flip phones, but they cost ten times the price and have loads of extra features too.

If you’re a fan of the flip phones of old, you’ll see lots of familiar names on this list, with loads of big companies still making clamshell devices for the many buyers who still want them. We’ve ranked the best flip phones you can buy right now, whatever your purpose.

The best flip phones in

Nokia Flip

The best flip phone for minimalists looking to declutter


Release date: September

Camera: 2MP

Operating system: KaiOS

Screen size: inches

Connectivity: 4G

Reasons to buy

+Clean, uncluttered design+4G LTE support

Reasons to avoid

-Low-resolution camera-Limited choice of apps

Whether you're looking for a secondary phone or a full-time handset, the Nokia Flip could be just what you need. Its sleek, minimalist design is faithful to Nokia's classic flip designs and is far lighter and smaller than more feature-filled folding phones like those from Samsung and Razor. 

The Nokia Flip uses Nokia's own KaiOS operating system rather than Android, which greatly limits your choice of apps, but that's not a bad thing if you're looking for a minimalist flip phone that'll help you avoid distractions when you're working (or trying to get away from work).

Better yet, the Nokia Flip has 4G LTE support, which means you won't have to deal with slow data speeds when streaming media. The Nokia Flip gives you the best of both worlds: a sleek retro design with modern hardware where it counts.

Alcatel GO FLIP V

The best flip phone for accessibility


Release date: July

Camera: 2MP

Operating system: Alcatel OS

Screen size: inches

Connectivity: 4G

Reasons to buy

+Lots of accessibility features+Works as a hotspot

Reasons to avoid

-Disappointing camera-US only

The Alcatel GO FLIP V is a Verizon-exclusive flip phone that was released in This minimalist feature phone has an emphasis on accessibility, which makes it a good choice for senior citizens or anyone who is hearing/visually impaired. It has a large, tactile keypad plus Real-Time-Text (RTT) support so the phone can transmit messages as you write them.

In addition to a inch internal screen, the Alcatel GO FLIP V also features a full-color inch external display so you can screen calls and messages without having to flip the phone open. And while this may be a rather simple flip phone, the Alcatel GO FLIP V is powered by Verizon's 4G LTE network and supports voice-over Wi-Fi. It can even serve as a hotspot for up to 10 devices, which could come in handy if you ever have to work in a location with limited internet.

The Alcatel GO FLIP V is not available in the UK or Europe, but the Artfone C10 Flip Phone is quite similar and even includes a charging cradle.

NUU Mobile F4L LTE

A 4G flip phone with Android


Release date: October

Camera: 2MP front / rear

Operating system: Android Oreo (Go Edition)

Screen size: inches

Connectivity: 4G

Reasons to buy

+Dual cameras+4G LTE support

Reasons to avoid

-Not available in the UK-Sound quality is iffy

The NUU Mobile F4L LTE flip phone runs on Android - albeit, a stripped-down version of Oreo called Android Go Edition. Still, it enables the 4FL to run apps such as Facebook Lite and WhatsApp.

This Android flip phone also has rear and front-facing cameras, 4GB of onboard storage, and a microSD card slot that supports up to 64GB. The build of this phone is guaranteed for over , flips thanks to a reinforced flip mechanism - which is good news if you're prone to opening and closing your phone often. 

Just released in late , the NUU Mobile F4L LTE is a step beyond a standard feature phone but not quite as feature-rich as a smartphone. It'll suit well as either a backup for a much more expensive phone or as a regular day-to-day mobile. However, if you're in the UK, this particular NUU model is sadly not available to purchase.

Cat S22

A hardy flip phone that can take a beating


Release date: September

Camera: 5MP

Operating system: Android 11 (Go Edition)

Screen size: inches

Connectivity: 4G

Reasons to buy

+Protective build+Android operating system

Reasons to avoid

-Exclusive to T-Mobile in the US-Not exactly stylish

Cat's mobiles are what are known as 'rugged phones' - that means they're designed to take a beating, whether you're going on long treks into nature, or are working in an environment like a build site where your mobile get get bumped.

The S22 is the company's newest flip phone and it comes with IP68 protection against dust and water, a protective build so it won't get damaged, and even a customizable side button for easily accessing certain functions. The phone also runs Android 11 - well, its Go Edition, which is a stripped-back version of the modern software.

This flip phone is exclusive to T-Mobile in the US, so your buying options are pretty limited, and it's also not as chic as some of the other clamshell mobiles on this list. But what it lacks in style, it makes up for in stopping power.

TTfone Lunar

Another solid flip phone with accessible features


Release date:

Camera: MP

Operating system: Symbian

Screen size: inches

Connectivity: 2G

Reasons to buy

+Large keypad+Charging dock 

Reasons to avoid

-Exclusive to the UK-Only 2G

The TTfone Lunar flip phone is made for senior citizens and anyone else who needs a mobile with accessible features. This model includes a large keypad, colour display with large fonts, and a dedicated emergency button that can be programmed with any phone number.

Another convenient feature of the TTfone Lunar is the included charging dock. With an outer display and a built-in FM radio, this enables users to turn the Lunar into a desktop alarm clock. 

The TTfone Lunar is a UK-exclusive flip phone; it's comparable to the Jitterbug Flip in the US. It may not be the most feature-forward flip phone, but the TTfone Lunar is a fine choice for elderly family members who just need something accessible, reliable, and affordable.


A flip phone designed for seniors


Release date: December

Camera: 3MP

Operating system: Custom Doro OS

Screen size: inches

Connectivity: 4G

Reasons to buy

+Includes Facebook and WhatsApp+Has an 'assistance' alarm button

Reasons to avoid

-A little expensive-Only one color

Doro mobiles are designed for seniors, with features that make them useful for people who don't need or want a smartphone.

The Doro comes with a big, high-contrast screen that's easy to see, an 'assistance' button that automatically sends location data to trusted contacts so they can come and provide help, and it can be controlled and set up remotely by another phone, so no matter how technophobic the user is, they can have an easy time getting it set up.

You might not want to consider this for someone who isn't a senior, as it's a little on the pricey side (likely due to those extra features).

Nokia 4G

The best flip phone that's not quite a flip phone


Release date: August

Camera: 2MP

Operating system: Smart Feature OS

Screen size: inches

Connectivity: 4G

Reasons to buy

+Excellent battery life+Affordable price

Reasons to avoid

-Curve is somewhat awkward-US users are locked to AT&T

Technically, the Nokia 4G is not a flip phone. However, it does have an intriguing aesthetic with a sliding keypad cover, curved design, and a bright yellow paint job. It does, indeed, look like a bananaphone - but it's much more than that.

The Nokia 4G is a refresh of the original Nokia that was first released in For the 21st century, this iteration of the classic mobile phone boasts 4G connectivity, a modest 2-megapixel rear camera with a single flash, and access to apps you'd commonly find in modern smartphones like WhatsApp and Facebook.

One quality the Nokia 4G shares with its predecessor is excellent battery life. A single charge will provide enough juice for up to 25 days of standby. That feature, along with its overall affordable price, makes the Nokia 4G a great phone to have for emergencies.

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