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The Saturday Interview

In 2017, Louis Tomlinson was at the centre of a brawl at LAX airport in Los Angeles involving a photographer and a small crowd of fans. At the time, he said he was protecting his partner, Eleanor Calder, from a paparazzo who, in turn, claimed Tomlinson had grabbed him and dragged him to the floor. The singer was arrested but wasn’t charged.

“I probably shouldn’t be talking about this but f*** it,” he tells me now. “My point is, I clearly wasn’t in the best frame of mind, you know? And the situation definitely got out of hand and people were goading me. It wasn’t my finest hour but it was a difficult time. I was already on edge and, in that headspace, it got the better of me.”

By “that headspace”, Tomlinson means that he was grieving. The airport incident took place a few months after his mother Johannah’s death from leukaemia at 43. (In March last year, his 18-year-old sister, Félicité, died from an accidental overdose. Quite reasonably, I’ve been asked not to bring this up.) Tomlinson, who is now 28, says his experiences of grief in the public eye have been “really tough. There have been mixed emotions. I’ve hated the fact that everyone’s talking about it, but that’s the way it is. I didn’t like the idea of people feeling sorry for me. But I’ve also felt the support from fans and people reaching out on social media or whatever… and I do feel I’ve got this ability to see the glass as half full. Because what else am I going to f***ing do?”

I meet Tomlinson in an upstairs room of a pub in a residential corner of London’s Notting Hill. He is dressed in jeans, a red tracksuit top and trainers. The only visible evidence of his previous life in One Direction, the biggest boyband in pop history, is his hair, which is artfully swept sideways as if he’s standing in a wind tunnel. An old hand at winning over interviewers, he greets me with a hug before sitting down, leaning back and putting his feet up.

Tomlinson is on the promotional trail for his debut album, Walls, which has been four years on the making. It includes “Two of Us”, a ballad which lays bare Tomlinson’s loss (“You’ll never know how much I miss you/ The day that they took you, I wish it was me instead”). In a change of mood, it also contains the Britpop-flavoured “Kill My Mind”, a throwback to his mid-teens and the indie night he’d go to with his friends in his native Doncaster.

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Tomlinson grew up listening to Oasis and Arctic Monkeys, though right now he can’t get enough of Catfish and the Bottlemen: “I like anything with big guitars and a big chorus.” He reckons “Kill My Mind” will struggle to get on the radio but he doesn’t care since, musically, “I’ve often been swimming against the tide.”

He puts the album’s long gestation down to creative insecurity. “A good two years [was spent] treading water and trying to work out exactly what my sound was, and what I was capable of.” Clearly, One Direction, who sold 50 million albums, are a tough act to follow, though Tomlinson has also had to contend with his former colleagues putting out solo work before him (Harry Styles is already on his second LP, while Zayn Malik, Niall Horan and Liam Payne have all released debuts). But he rejects the suggestion that they are all in competition, remarking, “I don’t like to look at it that way.”

I ask if he and his ex-bandmates have a WhatsApp group. They don’t, he replies, “and we should, but we’ve never got around to it”. But he says they are frequently in touch, which must be something people ask a lot since, entirely unbidden, he gives me a breakdown of their recent activities. Let the record show that he spoke to Liam two days ago; he and Niall exchanged texts a fortnight ago; and Harry sent him a congratulatory message when he released his last single. There is no mention of Zayn.

Tomlinson says the face he presents to the public and journalists these days is fully unfiltered, a change from his One Direction days when he had to be careful not to cause inadvertent upset within the band or with fans. “No one was saying ‘Don’t do that’, but there was the [pressure] of being role models. So it took a second to understand that [as a solo artist] I could get away with completely being myself, even though I can sometimes be a bit of a dickhead.”

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In fact, there are two Tomlinsons that emerge throughout our chat. There’s boyband Louis, full of sweet but bland blather about self-expression, his gratitude to fans, and the luck that he’s enjoyed as an artist. But another version of him frequently comes through who is funny, sweary and thoughtful about his decade in the limelight.

Tomlinson has had four years to digest his time in One Direction which I note, from the outside, looked a bit like being held hostage. But even with the fan fervour, the police escorts and the nonstop media glare, he says he wouldn’t change anything. “We were always in control of our destiny,” he explains. “We rose to fame pretty quick and, because of that, we had some power and some say within the record label and with management.” The sheer pace and drama of their day-to-day existence was, he says, “like a drug. It’s that feeling of heightened emotion and every day being manically busy, and the hysteria. Although you might complain about it, none of us said, ‘No we don’t wanna do that.’ We were just in it. We were f***ing loving it.”

Still, he says, the initial 18 months were hard as he struggled to see his value within the band. “I would wonder, ‘What difference would it make if I was there or if I wasn’t?’ Under the spotlight that was difficult, but that’s what gave me the fire in the belly to get right into it.” It was through songwriting that he found his place and his confidence – he has writing credits on 37 One Direction songs, more than anyone else in the band. “That’s something I’m really f***ing proud of,” he says. “Now I can say I made a difference.”

From left to right: Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan (Getty)

The end of One Direction was a shock to Tomlinson, even though he knew it was coming. “We’d done such a lot of work in a short space of time so a break was inevitable. But I don’t think I was necessarily ready for how long. We had a band meeting and everyone just said, ‘Maybe we’ll put it on the back burner for a bit,’ and I felt a bit petulant about that at the time. It actually hit me like a ton of bricks.” Now the band are officially on hiatus – “even though that’s a stupid f***ing word”, he says. “Truthfully, none of us truly know [if we’ll reform]. I just know what my gut says and my gut says we will get back together at some point. I think it was too magical for all of us to never do it again.”

The eldest of seven siblings, as a child Tomlinson says he was “well-mannered but a bit of a show-off. I was a lot cockier than I am now. Being in One Direction made me realise I’m not always the coolest kid in the room”.

He wasn’t good academically at school but enjoyed performing and, for a while, toyed with being an actor. Before auditioning on The X Factor, he did a string of jobs at weekends and in school holidays for some extra cash. One summer was spent as a waiter at his beloved football club, Doncaster Rovers. Another yielded a stint at a well-known cinema chain dispensing popcorn. There, he tells me unexpectedly, he was earning “an extra wage”. An extra wage? “As in taking a few quid from the till,” he says with a grin. “It all started because there was a McDonald’s over the road and I wanted money for my lunch.” His trick was to hand customers two boxes of popcorn but only put one through the system and put the money for the second in his pocket. “I didn’t want to short-change the customer,” he explains. “I’d take from the company. I’m a man of the people.”

‘I think One Direction was too magical for all of us to never do it again’

It was his mum’s idea for him to try out for The X Factor,though it took three attempts to get through to the televised auditions. He says the experience of going on stage in front of the live audience, under the glare of the lights and with four famous judges looking back at him, remains the most terrifying of his life.

We talk for a bit about Tomlinson’s return to The X Factor in 2018 as a judge alongside Simon Cowell plus Robbie Williams and his wife Ayda Field. He asks what I made of the show so I decide to be honest and tell him that I thought the whole thing looked tired and Cowell appeared bored out of his mind. “Well I couldn’t possibly comment on [Cowell],” says Tomlinson, good-naturedly, “though I actually loved it. But yeah, I feel that, as a show, it needs a rest. There’s a place for a show like it and I’ve got my career to thank for it, but we’ve had a lot of it, so let’s just let it rest and make people want it again.”

These days Tomlinson divides his time between London, where he lives with Calder, and Los Angeles where his four-year-old son, Freddie, lives with his mother, the stylist Briana Jungwirth. Life has slowed down since the madness of One Direction but he still can’t find the time to read a book or watch a box set. Where, in his pre-fame days, he struggled to hold down a job, now he’s happiest when he’s busy. Should the singing career stall, he would like to run his own management company. Five years ago, he launched a record label, an imprint on Cowell’s Syco label, but life got in the way and his plans to create a girl band fell at the first hurdle. Originally he had gathered a list of 20 acts that he was keen to sign, and points out that “like, four or five of them are signed [elsewhere] now… I think I have an instinct for these things”.

I ask, rather unfairly, if the solo career of a former boyband member is ultimately a doomed endeavour – for every Robbie Williams, there’s a Howard, Jason and Mark whose careers sink without trace. For a moment Tomlinson looks stumped but then he prevaricates like a pro. “Of course, there are days where I might have unreal expectations and when I have to tell myself to stay grounded,” he says. “But I had a breakthrough moment last year about what success really means and I think I can look at it for what it is now. I have to look at how happy I am and remember that I’m lucky to be doing what I’m doing.”

Walls is released on 31 January on Syco Music


What does this mean?

When you're new to the fandom, you may not understand everything that's being said. I'll explain just about every inside joke in the 1D fandom!

Vas Happenin'?

This is one of the most famous directioner things out there! "Vas Happenin'?!" is kind of like Zayn's trademark. He says it in various Video Diaries.

Carrots & Lamborghinis & Rolex Watches?!

This one is kind of getting old, but is vital to know - carrots. Back when the boys made X-Factor Video Diaries, (Search them up on YouTube!) Louis said the following: "I like girls who... eat carrots." Those were probably his 6 most regretted words. Fans dress up as carrots, draw carrots for him, and make carrot jokes all the time. What about the Lamborghinis? In a following video diary, Lou talked about how he'd expressed his love for girls who had a taste in carrots. He then said: "I also have a taste in girls who like lamborghinis." The other boys chimed in suggesting Rolex Watches as well.


LH2BH, what a directioner lives by. What does it mean? Live Hardcore to be Hardcore. Liam said this at a signing.

Pat the Dog Screw the Lightbulb

Yet again, Lou started this one! It is a dance move he's seen doing in various videos. It is done by patting the air like a dog, and then pretending to screw a lightbulb.

Stop the Traffic Let the People Through

Another Louis dance move! This one's done by putting your hand out as if telling somebody to stop. Then outstretch your other arm to the opposite side, and move your hand like you are letting traffic through.

The Inbetweeners Dance

INBETWEENERS DANCE GO! When you hear that, hold your hands together as if you are praying (fingers between other fingers), with your elbows aligned to where they appear to make an upside-down V. Then slightly move one elbow at a time in a direction twice, the other in the other direction twice. (Sorry I'm terrible at explaining! Watch the One Thing music video or google it, I'm sure you can find it and learn it.)

Yeah Buddie!

Niall loves to say this. He tweets it, too. It just means yes.

What's the craic?

(Pronounced like crack). This basically means "what's up?" or "what's going on?"

How Many R's are there?

This is usually a question that lots of directioners test other directioner's knowledge with. It started in Harry and Louis's twitcam they did a long time ago. They prank called a man, and Lou said his name was Terrrrrrance. There are 6 R's! This is why you sometimes see One Direction spelt with 6 r's.

No! Jimmy Protested

Also starting in the X-Factor Diaries, Louis was silently reading a book by Elton John, and suddenly screamed what he read, "NO, JIMMY PROTESTED!"

What's with all the pussy talk?

Ah, Harry - the ladie's man. In an interview with Alan Carr, he told the story that changed Directioners forever. It went something like this: Harry and his friend were thinking about what to get his friend's mom for her birthday. She loved cats. So they had the idea to get her lots of cats or cat things. Harry said, "Think how much pussy you're gonna get." He told about how he was grounded for a week.


If I missed any important ones, or get anything wrong, please let me know! Thanks for reading. x

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One Direction's Zayn: I Love Drawing Cartoons

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Zayn Malik has revealed that he loves drawing cartoons and using his hobby to get revenge on his bandmates.

The 'What Makes You Beautiful' star, who has been drawing since he was a child, said he likes to make Liam, Niall, Harry and Louis look "really ugly" if they annoy him.

"The other day I didn't draw Louis' hair the way I usually do it and he really moaned so I know exactly what annoys them," he said.

"I can make them look really ugly — big cauliflower ears on Niall and a banana on Harry's head."

Zayn also revealed that the other members of the band try to draw but are not up to his standard.

Some of the singer's drawings are set to be included in the album sleeve to the band's debut album 'Up All Night', according to The Sun.

The record is due to be released on 21st November and will be preceded by the band's second single, 'Got To Be You', on 13th November.

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Zayn from One Direction shows you how to improve your drawing skills

List of awards and nominations received by One Direction

Wikipedia list article

One Direction was an English-Irish boy band consisting of members Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. In addition, Zayn Malik was a member until his departure from the band, announced on 25 March 2015. One Direction have released five hit albums, Up All Night (2011), Take Me Home (2012), Midnight Memories (2013), Four (2014), and Made in the A.M. (2015). The band has won numerous awards, among them six Billboard Music Awards, seven Brit Awards, seven American Music Awards and 28 Teen Choice Awards.

4Music Video Honours[edit]

The Music Video Honours is an Annual music awards show by 4Music, a music and entertainment channel in the United Kingdom and available on some digital television providers in the Republic of Ireland. One Direction have received eight awards out of eight nominations.[1]

American Music Awards[edit]

The American Music Awards, (AMA) is an annual American music awards show, created by Dick Clark in 1973 for ABC when the network's contract to present the Grammy Awards expired. Unlike the Grammys, which are awarded on the basis of votes by members of the Recording Academy, the AMAs are determined by a poll of the public and music buyers. One Direction have won seven out of ten awards.

Year Nominated Award Result
2012[6]Up All NightFavorite Pop/Rock Album Nominated
One Direction Favorite Pop/Rock Band/Duo/Group
New Artist of the Year
2013[7]Take Me HomeFavorite Pop/Rock Album Won
One Direction Favorite Pop/Rock Band/Duo/Group
2014[8]Artist of the Year
Favorite Pop/Rock Band/Duo/Group
Midnight MemoriesFavorite Pop/Rock Album
2015 One Direction Artist of the Year
Favorite Pop/Rock Band/Duo/Group

ARIA Music Awards[edit]

The Australian Recording Industry Association Music Awards (commonly known as ARIA Music Awards or ARIA Awards) is an annual series of awards nights celebrating the Australian music industry, put on by the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA). One Direction have received five awards of the nominations.

Year Nominated Award Result Lost to
2012[9]Up All NightBest International Artist Won N/A
2013[10]Take Me Home
2014 Midnight Memories
2015 Four
2016 Made In The A.M. & Four

Bambi Awards[edit]

The Bambi, often simply called Bambi Awards and stylised as BAMBI, are presented annually by Hubert Burda Media to recognize excellence in international media and television "with vision and creativity who affected and inspired the German public that year," both domestic and foreign. One Direction have won one award.

Year Nominated Award Result
2012[11]One Direction Pop International Won

BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards[edit]

The BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards is an award show by the British radio station BBC Radio 1 to honor the top artists in music and acting of the year. One Direction have won seven awards out of nine nominations.

Billboard Music Awards[edit]

The Billboard Music Awards is an honor given by Billboard, the preeminent publication covering the music business. The Billboard Music Awards show had been held annually in December until it went dormant in 2007, but it returned in May 2011. One Direction have won six awards out of seventeen nominations.

Billboard Touring Awards[edit]

Billboard honours the industry's top artists, venues and professionals of the year at the annual Billboard Touring Awards reception. These awards are based primarily on the Billboard Boxscore chart, recognizing true box office success and industry achievement. One Direction won five awards out of six nominations.[19]

Year Nominated Award Result
2013[20]One Direction Concert Marketing & Promotion Award Nominated
Breakthrough Won
2014 One Direction Top Draw
Top Tour
2015 One Direction Top Draw
Top Tour

Bravo Otto[edit]

The Bravo Otto is an award show by the German teen magazine Bravo to honor the top artists in music, acting and sports of the year. The award is presented in gold, silver and bronze and, since 1996, an honorary platinum statuette presented for lifetime achievement. One Direction have received five awards out of five nominations.

Year Nominated Award Result
2012[21]One Direction Super Pop Band - (gold otto) Won
Internet Star - (bronze otto)
2013[22]Az év legjobb külföldi együttese (The year's best foreign band)
"Live While We're Young" Az év legjobb külföldi dala (Best International Song of the Year)
2014[23]One Direction Az év együttese (The band of the year)

Brit Awards[edit]

The Brit Awards are the British Phonographic Industry's annual pop music awards. One Direction have received seven awards out of twelve nominations.

Canadian Radio Music Awards[edit]

The Canadian Radio Music Awards are an annual series of awards presented by the Canadian Association of Broadcasters that are part of Canadian Music Week.

Do Something Awards[edit]

The Do Something Awards culminated in 1996 to recognize young people under the age of 25 who have done outstanding work in their communities and the world. The awards include both young people involved in activism and individuals from the entertainment industry who have dedicated their time to activism and charity. One Direction have received one nomination.

Year Nominated Award Result
2012[31]One Direction Music Artist Nominated

FiFi Awards[edit]

The FiFi Awards are an annual event sponsored by The Fragrance Foundation which honor the fragrance industry's creative achievements and is the most prominent and prestigious celebratory event of the fragrance industry. One Direction have received two nominations.

Year Nominated Award Result
2014[32]Our MomentFragrance of The Year: Women's Popular Nominated
Fragrance of The Year: Consumer's Choice- Celebrity Won

Golden Trailer Awards[edit]

The Golden Trailer Awards is an annual awards show that honors achievements in motion picture marketing, including film trailers, posters and television advertisements. One Direction have received one nomination.

International Dance Music Awards[edit]

The International Dance Music Awards are held annually as part of the Winter Music Conference. One Direction has received a nomination.

IFPI Global Recording Artist Award[edit]

IFPI published its first Global Recording Artist of the Year on 30 January 2014 to accurately capture the popularity of artists across streaming channels, alongside digital and physical album and singles sales the previous year. The independently verified chart included sales of albums - across digital, CD and vinyl formats; singles, both downloaded and physical; on-demand streams and music videos. The chart included all the music of each artist featured, not just one track or album. It used track and album equivalents to combine measurements of downloads, physical sales and streams. One Direction have collected their award after being named the IFPI Global Recording Artist of 2013. The award, which honours the most popular act globally across downloading, streaming and physical format sales, was presented by IFPI's chief executive Frances Moore.

iHeartRadio Music Awards[edit]

The iHeartRadio Music Awards held their first ever ceremony on 1 May 2014. It is fan-voted.

Year Nominated Award Result
2015[36]Directioners Best Fan Army Nominated
2016 One Direction Best Duo/Group of the Year
Directioners Best Fan Army

Japan Gold Disc Awards[edit]

The Japan Gold Disc Awards (日本ゴールドディスク大賞) for Music sales in the Recording Industry Association of Japan, is major music awards held annually in Japan also released as a CD. One Direction have received eight awards out of eight nominations.

Year Won Award Result
2013[37]One Direction New Artist of the Year (Western) Won
One of the Best 3 New Artists (Western)
2014 Artist of the Year
Take Me HomeAlbum of the Year
One of the Best 3 Albums in Western Music
2015[38]One DirectionArtist of the Year (Western)
FourBest 3 Albums (Western)
"Where We Are" Live from San Siro Stadium (Western) Best Music Video

JIM Awards[edit]

The JIM Awards (also "Jimmies") are an annual awards show presented by the Flemish TV channel JIM. One Direction have received five awards out of seven nominations.

Juno Awards[edit]

The Juno Awards are presented annually to Canadianmusicalartists and bands to acknowledge their artistic and technical achievements in all aspects of music. New members of the Canadian Music Hall of Fame are also inducted as part of the awards ceremonies. One Direction have received three nominations.

Kerrang! Awards[edit]

The Kerrang! Awards is an annual music awards show in the United Kingdom, founded by the music magazine, Kerrang!. One Direction have received a nomination.

Los Premios 40 Principales[edit]

Los Premios 40 Principales, is an award show by the Spanish musical radio station Los 40 Principales. Created in 2006 to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the founding of the worldwide station. From 2012 the American national categories were declared extinct and Los Premios 40 Principales America were created in their place as a separate show from the one in Spain.

Los Premios 40 Principales España[edit]

For the Spanish version, One Direction have received four awards out of seven nominations.

Los Premios 40 Principales América[edit]

For the American version, One Direction have received two awards out of three nominations.[48]

Year Nominated Award Result
2012 One Direction Best International Pop Act Won
Best International New Act
2014[49]Best English Language Act Nominated

MTV Awards[edit]

MTV Europe Music Awards[edit]

The MTV Europe Music Awards (EMA) were established in 1994 by MTV Networks Europe to celebrate the most popular music videos in Europe. One Direction received twelve awards out of their sixteen nominations; three out of four in 2012,[50] four out of six in 2013,[51] and five out of six in 2014.

Year Nominated Award Result
2012 One Direction Best European Act Nominated
Best New Artist Won
Best UK & Ireland Act
Directioners Biggest Fans
2013 One Direction Best Northern European Act
Best Pop Artist
Best UK & Ireland Act
Best Worldwide Act Nominated
Directioners Biggest Fans
2014[52]One Direction Best UK & Ireland Act Won
Best North Europe Act
Best Pop Artist
Best Live
Best Worldwide Act Nominated
Directioners Biggest Fans Won
2015[53]One Direction Best Pop
Best UK/Ireland Act Nominated
Directioners Biggest Fans

MTV Video Music Awards[edit]

The American MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) is an award show by the cable network MTV to honor the top music videos of the year. It was first held at the end of the summer of 1984, and originally as an alternative to the Grammy Award in the video category. One Direction have won four awards out of four nominations.

MTV Video Music Awards Brazil[edit]

The MTV Video Music Brazil awards (originally Video Music Awards Brazil), more commonly known as VMB, are MTV Brasil's annual award ceremony, established in 1995. MTV viewers pick the winners for most categories since 2001. One Direction have received one award out of one nomination.[56]

Year Nominated Award Result
2012 One Direction International Artist Won

MTV Video Music Awards Japan[edit]

The MTV Video Music Awards Japan are the Japanese version of the MTV Video Music Awards. One Direction have received five nominations.

MTV Music Awards Italy[edit]

The MTV Music Awards Italy are an annual award ceremony hosted by MTV Italy. The ceremony awards the best video, performers, and artists of the year. One Direction have received five awards out of eight nominations.

MuchMusic Video Awards[edit]

The MuchMusic Video Awards is an annual awards ceremony presented by the Canadian music video channel MuchMusic. One Direction have won one award out of six nominations.

Myx Music Awards[edit]

The Myx Music Awards honor the biggest hitmakers in the Philippines. One Direction have received one award out of four nominations.

Neox Fan Awards[edit]

The Neox Fan Awards were created by Atresmedia for teenage audiences to honor the best of the year in television, music, sports and films. One Direction has been nominated once

Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards[edit]

Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards USA[edit]

Year Nominated Award Result
2013 One Direction Favorite Music Group Won
"What Makes You Beautiful" Favorite Song
2014 "Story of My Life"
One Direction Favorite Music Group
2016 Nominated

Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards Argentina[edit]

For the Kids' Choice Awards Argentina, One Direction have received one award out of two nominations.[72]

Year Nominated Award Result
2012 One Direction Artist or Group International Nominated
"What Makes You Beautiful" Favorite Song Won

Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards Australia[edit]

For the Nickelodeon Australian Kids' Choice Awards, One Direction have received two awards out of three nominations.

Year Nominated Award Result
2013[73]One Direction Aussie's Fave Music Act Won
"One Thing" Aussie's Fave Song
2015[74]Directioners Aussie/Kiwi's Favorite Fan Army Nominated

Meus Prêmios Nick[edit]

For the Meus Prêmios Nick, One Direction have received two awards out of seven nominations.

Year Nominated Award Result
2012[75]One Direction Favorite International Artist Won
2014[77]"Directioners" Fanaticos Favoritos
One Direction Favorite International Artist
2015 One Direction Favorite International Artist Won
2016[78]One Direction Favorite International Artist Nominated
2018 Directioners Fandom of the Year Nominated [79]

Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards Colombia[edit]

The Kids' Choice Awards Colombia is the Colombian edition of Nickelodeon's Kids Choice Awards, held in Bogota.[80]

Year Nominated Award Result
2014 One Direction Favorite International Artist Won
2015[81]Artista O Grupo Internacional Favorito

Nickelodeon Mexico Kids' Choice Awards[edit]

For the Nickelodeon Mexico Kids' Choice Awards, One Direction have won five awards out of seven nominations.

Nickelodeon UK Kids' Choice Awards[edit]

For the Nickelodeon UK Kids' Choice Awards, One Direction have won four awards out of four nominations.

NewNowNext Awards[edit]

The NewNowNext Awards is an American annual entertainment awards show, presented by the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender-themed channel Logo. One Direction has won an award.

NME Awards[edit]

The NME Awards is an annual music awards show in the United Kingdom, founded by the music magazine NME (New Musical Express). One Direction have received two awards out of five nominations.

NRJ Music Awards[edit]

The NRJ Music Awards, created in 2000 by the radio station NRJ in partnership with the television network TF1, takes place every year in mid-January at Cannes (PACA, France) as the opening of MIDEM (Marché international de l'édition musicale). They give out awards to popular musicians by different categories. One Direction have received four awards out of four nominations.

O Music Awards[edit]

The O Music Awards (commonly abbreviated as OMAs) is an awards show presented by Viacom to honor music, technology and the intersection between the two. One Direction have received a nomination.

Year Nominated Award Result
2012[95]The Directioners Fan Army FTW Nominated

People's Choice Awards[edit]

The People's Choice Awards is an American awards show recognizing the people and the work of popular culture. The show has been held annually since 1975 and is voted on by the general public. One Direction have received three awards out of eight nominations.

Pollstar Awards[edit]

The Pollstar Awards is an annual award ceremony to honor artists and professionals in the concert industry held by "Pollstar".

Year Nominated Award Result
2013[98]One Direction Best New Touring Artist Nominated
2015[99]Major Tour Of The Year

Popjustice's Twenty Quid Music Prize[edit]

The Popjustice £20 Music Prize, also known as the Popjustice Twenty Quid Prize, is an annual prize awarded by music website Popjustice to recognise the best British pop single of the previous year. The prize was conceived by Popjustice founder Peter Robinson in 2003 as a reaction to what he perceived as the pompous and elitist nature of the existing Mercury Prize, which recognises the best album of the previous year, and in particular its exclusion of pop music acts in favour of those from more esoteric genres. The shortlist for the Popjustice prize is announced in September of each year and the winner named the following month, to coincide with the presentation of the Mercury Prize. Popjustice gives a token prize of £20 to the winner of its award, in contrast to the £20,000 given to the winner of the Mercury Prize.

Year Nominated Award Result
2014 "Story of My Life" Best Track Of The Year Nominated

Premios Oye![edit]

The Premios Oye! (Premio Nacional a la Música Grabada) are presented annually by the Academia Nacional de la Música en México for outstanding achievements in the Mexican record industry.[100]

Year Nominated Award Result
2013 One DirectionÁlbum en Inglés Nominated

Pure Beauty Awards[edit]

The Pure Beauty Awards celebrates the best in beauty – the most efficacious, exciting and innovative products launched over the past 12 months.

Year Nominated Award Result
2013[101]Our MomentBest Female Fragrance Won
2014[102]You and IBest New Female Fragrance Nominated
Best New Design & Packaging Award Won

Radio Disney Music Awards[edit]

The Radio Disney Music Awards is an annual awards show which is operated and governed by Radio Disney, an American radio network. One Direction have won four out of thirteen awards.


Rockbjörnen is a music prize in Sweden, divided into several categories, which is awarded annually by the newspaper Aftonbladet. The prize was first awarded in 1979, and is mostly centered on pop and rock.

Shorty Awards[edit]

The Shorty Awards, also known as the Shorties, are an annual awards event that honors the best short-form content creators on the micro-blogging website Twitter and on other social media sites.

Teen Choice Awards[edit]

The Teen Choice Awards were established in 1999 to honor the year's biggest achievements in music, movies, sports and television, being voted by young people aged between 13 and 19. One Direction have won 28 out of the 31 awards that for which they have been nominated. They currently hold the record for most Teen Choice Awards.

Telehit Awards[edit]

The Telehit Awards are an annual award show. One Direction have won nine awards out of nine nominations.

Year Nominated Award Result
2012[116]One Direction Most Popular Artist in Telehit Won
Best International Pop Group
"What Makes You Beautiful" Song of the Public
2013[117]One Direction Boyband of the Year
"Best Song Ever" Most Popular Video on Telehit
2014 One Direction Boyband of the Year
2015 Most Popular Artist
Boyband of the Year
"Drag Me Down" Most Popular Video on Telehit

UK Music Video Awards[edit]

The UK Music Video Awards is an annual celebration of creativity, technical excellence and innovation in music video and moving image for music. One Direction have one nomination.

United By Pop Awards[edit]

The United By Pop Awards is an annual fan-voted digital event which takes place on

World Music Awards[edit]

The World Music Awards is an international awards show founded in 1989 that annually honors recording artists based on worldwide sales figures provided by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI). One Direction have received four awards out of five nominations.[citation needed]

Year Nominated Award Result
2014 One Direction World's Best Selling Group Won
World's Best Selling British Artist
World's Best Selling Recording Act
World's Best Selling Pop Act
World's Best Live Act Nominated

Young Hollywood Awards[edit]

The Young Hollywood Awards is an annual award event that took place since 1999, honoring promising and up-and-coming stars in Hollywood.

Year Nominated Award Result
2014[120]One Direction Hottest Music Artist Nominated

Youth Rock Awards[edit]

The annual Youth Rock Awards founded by JG Entertainment, that honors artists that are twenty-five years old or under and excel in dance, music or acting. One Direction won one award.[121]

Year Nominated Award Result
2011 One Direction Rockin' Breakout Group of the Year Won

YouTube Music Awards[edit]

The YouTube Music Awards, abbreviated as the YTMA, was the inaugural music award show presented by YouTube.

Year Nominated Award Result
2013[122]"Best Song Ever" Video of the Year Nominated
One Direction Artist of the Year
2015 50 Artists to Watch Won


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Draw to direction one things

101 facts you probably didn't know about Zayn Malik

2010: One Direction were born on The X Factor

One Direction formed on The X Factor in 2010. Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik auditioned as individual contestants and were put together as a group by Simon Cowell and guest judge Nicole Scherzinger.

2010: One Direction finish in third place on The X Factor

Despite racking up an army of fans during their time on the show, One Direction didn't win The X Factor. Instead they finished in third place behind Rebecca Ferguson and winner Matt Cardle.

2011: One Direction release first single 'What Makes You Beautiful'

After landing a record deal following their appearance on The X Factor, One Direction released their first ever single 'What Makes You Beautiful' in September 2011.

The single, which hit the Number 1 spot in the UK charts, served as the lead single from their debut album 'Up All Night'.

2011: One Direction release their debut album 'Up All Night'

The 1D boys recorded their debut album in the UK, America and Sweden, releasing 'Up All Night' in November 2011 in the UK and Ireland.

The album featured lead single 'What Makes You Beautiful', as well as future singles, 'Gotta Be You' and 'One Thing'.

2011: One Direction return to The X Factor

After a successful year in the music industry, One Direction returned to the show that made them famous, to perform their single 'Gotta Be You'.

2011-2012: The Up All Night Tour

Following the success of their debut album, One Direction kicked off their The Up All Night Tour in Decmeber 2011, going on to play 54 dates across the UK, Ireland, Oceania and North America.

The tour was an instant success, with tickets for all dates selling out within a matter of minutes of going on sale. The tour was later turned into a DVD, titled Up All Night: The Live Tour.

2012: One Direction release second album 'Take Me Home'

One Direction didn't wait long before they released their second studio album! Titled 'Take Me Home', the boys dropped the album in November 2012, with it going on to top the charts in 35 countries!

'Take Me Home' featured singles such as 'Live While We're Young', 'Kiss You' and 'Little Things'.

2012: One Direction win their first ever BRIT Award

2012 was a great year for One Direction! The band picked up their first ever BRIT Award in the British Single category, for their debut single 'What Makes You Beautiful'.

The band beat the likes of Adele, Ed Sheeran, JLS and Olly Murs to pick up the gong, which became the first of seven for the band over the years.

2012: One Direction launch their own dolls

As if dominating the charts wasn't enough, the One Direction boys teamed up with Hasbro in 2012 to launch their very own range of plastic dolls.

2013: The Take Me Home Tour

After the worldwide success of their debut tour, One Direction went on their Take Me Home tour in 2013, playing at sold-out shows in countries like England, China, Australia and America.

2013: One Direction: This Is Us

Whilst touring the world with the Take Me Home tour in 2013, One Direction released a 3D-documentary film about the time on their road, titled One Direction: This Is Us.

The film, which showed clips of the boys on stage and behind the scenes, grossed $68 million worldwide.

2013: One Direction release their third album 'Midnight Memories'

Just weeks after finishing their massive Take Me Home tour, One Direction dropped their third studio album, titled 'Midnight Memories'.

The album flew straight to Number 1 in both the UK and the US, becoing the fastest selling album of 2013, despite being released just a few weeks before 2014.

The record featured the singles, 'Best Song Ever', 'Story of My Life', 'Midnight Memories', and 'You & I'.

2013: One Direction release charity single for Comic Relief

The One Direction boys did their bit for charity in 2013, mashing-up a medley of Blondie's 'One Way or Another' and The Undertones' 'Teenage Kicks'.

The track titled 'One Way Or Another (Teenage Kicks)' was released as the official Red Nose Day single in 2013, with then Prime Minister David Cameron even making a cameo appearance in the music video.

2013: One Direction land in Madame Tussauds

In 2013, One Direction become the first boy band to be created into waxworks for Madame Tussauds London since The Beatles' figures in 1964.

The waxworks were one of the museums most popular installments of the last decade, and we can see why!

2014: The Where We Are Tour

Following on from their mammoth 2013 tour, the 1D boys went back out on the road in 2014, this time with their Where We Are Tour.

Playing at sold-out dates across the world, the tour ran between April and October, with the boys performing at 69 shows in total.

The tour was the band's biggest to date, with over 3,439,560 million fans turning up to see their idols perform.

2014: One Direction release their fourth album

Released in November 2014, One Direction released their final album as a five-piece, titled 'Four'.

The album, which featured hits like 'Steal My Girl' and 'Stockholm Syndrome', debuted at Number 1 in a massive 18 countries!

2015: One Direction kick off their On The Road Again Tour

In February 2015, Harry, Zayn, Liam, Louis and Niall kicked off their fourth tour, titled On The Road Again. The tour, which turned out to be their last as a band, grossed $208 million from 80 shows.

2015: Zayn announces he's leaving

Zayn Malik broke the hearts of many One Direction fans in March 2015, announcing he was leaving the popular group.

One Direction said in a statement at the time, "After five incredible years Zayn Malik has decided to leave On Direction. Niall, Harry, Liam and Louis will continue as a four-piece and look forward to the forthcoming concerts of their world tour and recording their fifth album, due to be released later this year."

2015: One Direction continues as a group of four

Harry, Louis, Niall and Liam continued One Direction as a four-piece, finishing their On The Road Again tour in October 2015.

2015: One Direction release their final album

The One Direction boys dropped their first album as a four-piece in November 2015, titled 'Made In The A.M.'

The album, which turned out to be the band's last, featured singles like 'Drag Me Down', 'Perfect' and 'History', and went on to be the sixth best-selling album of 2015.

2015: One Direction announce their hiatus

Much to the heartbreak of fans across the world, One Direction announced they would be taking an extended hiatus, which would start in 2016.

2015: One Direction return to The X Factor for a final time

After confirming they were set to take a break, Harry, Louis, Liam and Niall performed at The X Factor final in December 2015, leaving fans in tears as they performed 'History'.

Simon Cowell thanked the band for their hard work over the years, expressing his admiration for the group.

2016: One Direction start their hiatus

Following their final televised performance on Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve on 31st December 2015, the One Direction boys went their separate ways, all going on to release solo music.

2016: Louis Tomlinson becomes a dad

In January 2016, Louis announced the birth of his son Freddie Reign Tomlinson with his ex-girlfriend Brianne Jungwirth.

The singer uploaded this cute photo to his Instagram page and wrote on Twitter, 'I'm pleased to say my baby son was born yesterday :) He is healthy and pretty amazing :) I'm very happy!!'. (sic)

'I Don't Wanna Live Forever' with Zayn - 2017

This track was recorded for the soundtrack to 'Fifty Shades Darker', it was the most popular hit from the movie franchise. Gigi Hadid is one of Taylor's close A-List friends, so fans had been waiting for the singer to team up with Gigi's boyfriend Zayn for a while.
Listen to 'I Don't Wanna Live Forever' on YouTube.

2016: Niall Horan releases his debut solo single 'This Town'

Niall delighted One Direction fans in September 2016 when he dropped his debut solo single 'This Town'. The track was the lead single from his debut album 'Flicker' which was released in 2017.

The singer went on to release hits such as 'Slow Hands' and 'Nice To Meet Ya', before dropping his second solo album, titled 'Heartbreak Weather' in March 2020.

2016: Louis Tomlinson teams up with Steve Aoki

Louis teamed up with American DJ Steve Aoki to release his debut solo single 'Just Hold On' in December 2016. Just days after the tragic death of his mum Johannah Deakin, Louis gave an emotional performance of the track on The X Factor.

The singer went on to release hits like 'Miss You', 'Back To You' and 'We Made It', before dropping his debut solo album 'Walls' in January 2020.

2017: One Direction win their seventh BRIT Award

Despite being on a hiatus, Liam and Louis attended the 2017 BRIT Awards to collect the band's seventh BRIT Award! The band picked up an award in the Best Video category for their single 'History'.

2017: Liam Payne becomes a dad

In March 2017, after one of the most secretive pregnancies ever, Liam announced he'd become a dad after his then girlfriend Cheryl Cole had given birth to a baby boy called Bear Grey Payne.

The couple sadly split in 2018, but both Liam and Cheryl continue to co-parent Bear.

2017: Harry Styles releases debut solo music

After much anticipation, in April 2017 Harry released his debut solo single 'Sign Of The Times', showing a complete different sound to One Direction.

The singer went on to release his self-titled debut album in the same year, before dropping his second album 'Fine Line' in 2019.

In May 2020, Harry excited fans by releasing the amazing music video for his latest single 'Watermelon Sugar'.

2017: Liam Payne kicks off his solo career

Following on from his 1D band mates, Liam dropped his debut solo single 'Strip That Down' in 2017, before going on to release hits like 'Get Low', 'For You' and 'Bedroom Floor'.

Despite making fans wait, Liam went on to drop his debut solo album 'LP1' in December 2019, before teaming up with Alesso for the single 'Midnight' in 2020.

2017: Harry Styles made his acting debut

After releasing his debut solo music, Harry also landed a role in Christopher Nolan's box office movie Dunkirk!

Harry played the role of a young solider called Alex, as hundreds of thousands of soldiers tried to evacuate from Dunkirk beach during the early stages of World War II.

2020: Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid announce they are having a baby

After years of dating on and off, in 2020 American model Gigi Hadid announced she was expecting her first child with former 1D singer Zayn Malik!

2020: One Direction reunion rumours

After years of working on their solo careers, rumours of a One Direction reunion really started to become more frequent in 2020, as the boys celebrate their 10th year anniversary.

Despite a number of the lads teasing the possibility of a 1D reunion, up until now, nothing has been confirmed.







One Direction drawing each other! ☆★

One Direction, 5 Seconds of Summer get them screaming at Ford Field

Boy band fever swept Detroit’s football stadium Saturday night, as One Direction dropped in for the first of two shows at Ford Field.

The English-Irish quintet has crooned and charmed its way to the front of the teen-pop pack, and 45,000 fans in Detroit came eager to validate that status, armed with their heart-dotted homemade posters and vocal cords ready for a workout.

Photo gallery: One Direction’s Where We Are Tour | Mobile users tap here

It was a 105-minute set heavily weighted with the album “Midnight Memories,” the latest of the group’s three million-plus sellers, and the title track provided the opening as the group headed down a staircase to roam the sprawling stage. While floppy-haired Harry Styles seemed to draw the biggest roars, band mates Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson certainly weren’t short of cheering sections.

If the classic boy-band cycle proceeds the way it has for decades, we may well be witnessing the peak of One Direction’s success. But what a peak it is. This weekend’s Detroit stand is that rarest of rarities: a two-night stadium blockbuster, a feat achieved here in recent years only by hometown heroes Eminem and Kid Rock.

It all took place on a massive, tiered stage, backed by full-length video screens and spots for the group’s four-piece band to pilot the music. A runway led to a B stage at midfield, where One Direction frequently convened and was ultimately lofted atop an LED-coated riser.

While the scope of Saturday’s spectacle was a huge leap from One Direction’s headlining debut here two summers ago — around the corner at the Fox — the spirit was intact. Girls shrieked. They shook. They grabbed friends’ arms and trembled in excitement, simmering down only to capture key moments on their smartphones.

Onstage, the group kept a cheeky, easygoing vibe — clowning around, nudging one another and gifting front-row fans with grins. (One early mishap saw Tomlinson mouthing an apology to Payne after nailing his face with a Frisbee intended to soar into the crowd.)

The rapport came off natural and real, and it’s easy to see why the 1D community has taken on a kind of extended-family feel, an Internet-driven movement complete with its own memes and lingo.

Still, the cavernous setting didn’t always lend itself to intimacy, and only when the group assembled at central points did any sense of connection gel. Between the crowd screams and iffy stadium acoustics, softer numbers like “Through the Dark” were often washed out, though ballads like “Little Things” and “Moments” brought the visual treat of thousands of twinkling cell phone lights.

More effective was the group’s bouncier material, with soaring choruses ringing out on songs like “Live While We’re Young,” “C’Mon, C’Mon,” “Alive” and “Diana.”

Australian opener 5 Seconds of Summer — quickly racing its own way up the boy-band ladder — played the likeable bad boys to One Direction’s more polished personalities. AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell” preceded a performance that had bassist Callum Hood in a carefully ripped Kurt Cobain shirt, Michael Clifford pulling his best Billie Joe Armstrong faces, and a Sin City-esque backdrop behind them.

The band’s brisk set was more musically capable of cutting through Ford Field’s limitations, the crisp harmonies and power-pop changes of “Heartbreak Girl” and “She Looks So Perfect” made for the big setting. The four-piece also dropped in a Detroit twofer with covers of the Romantics’ “What I Like About You” and Eminem’s “Lose Yourself.”

All will get reprised tonight at Ford Field.

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