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Secrets of Wall-Mounting Book Shelves

gmarcelo/stock.xchngAnyone who's helped a friend move has most likely learned a few things. The first is that they may not volunteer again soon, and the other is that books are heavy. By nature, bookcases are built sturdy to handle hundreds of pounds of books. Most bookcases rest peacefully on the floor so the load is fully supported. But there are few styles of bookcases that never see the sturdiness of a floor. These wall mounted versions have special requirements.

Not All Bookcases Can Be Wall-Mounted

This may not be obvious to people who don't build custom furniture and cabinetry as part of their livelihood. The vast majority of commercially available bookcases are designed for floor use. The primary difference lies in the construction of the back panel and how it is configured with the bookcase’s sides. Wall-mounted cabinets (and some bookcases fall into this category) have backs with mounting strip “panels” or full thickness back panels.

In most floor-resting bookcases, the back panel is a thin 1/8” to 3/16” thick decorative panel that is merely tacked on with some very small wire brads or small nails. The mechanical bond between this cosmetic panel and the rest of the case is designed to carry only the weight of the back panel itself.  For a bookcase to be wall mounted, a minimum 3” to 4“ wide strip of material needs to be fully integrated with the case’s side panels, where the loads can be accommodated. 

As an experienced professional carpenter, when I build wall cabinets, I like to use full-sized back panels that have multiple mechanical fasteners to the cabinet’s side panels. This distributes the load over a wide area, and therefore limits the loading on any individual fastener. Most commercial wall cabinets will have a pair of strip panels to take these loads rather than full-sized back panels.

The Right Screws and Bolts

In the case of most wall cabinets, heavy-duty screws or bolts are used. One common size for mounting kitchen cabinets is a #10 by 3” screw.  These are driven through the cabinet’s mounting panels and into the walls framing. A basic kitchen cabinet may use 4 of these screws to keep the dishes from crashing onto the floor. A screw like this set only in drywall is a recipe for disaster. If studs or framing are not found or available, butterfly toggles can be used. This type of anchor spreads the load over a much wider area of the drywall than the simple threads of a screw.  Mounting cabinets or bookcases in concrete or on wood paneled walls may require more “specialty” types of anchors. 

The Simplicity of the French Cleat

Another common mounting method for large heavy objects like cabinets and bookcases is the “French Cleat.” Here, a matched pair of beveled boards is used. One is firmly mounted to the wall, and the other is firmly mounted to the cabinet. The beauty of this mounting method is that no tools are needed once the cleats are installed. The cabinet can be removed by simply lifting it off of the wall cleat. Very large cabinets may use pairs or sets of these cleats for mounting.

Another advantage of this system is that you do not need to support the cabinet during the mounting process as with standard screw or toggle installations. The cleat is firmly mounted to the wall, via screws, toggles, bolts, etc. and then the cabinet is lifted and “hung” on the cleat. Since I do a lot of these installs solo, this is a very handy method of installation. For a French Cleat to be concealed, a bookcase or cabinet will need a recessed back panel. This allows the side panels of the cabinet to contact the wall when installed. This not only looks best but provides for more lateral stability.

Kevin Stevens writes for networx.com.

Updated April 15, 2018.

Sours: https://www.networx.com/article/secrets-of-wall-mounting-book-shelves

Square Wire Wall Mounted Book Rack

As low as£44.38£36.98


Square wall mounted bookrack with wall fixings included and 10 rows takes up to 50 books face on.  

  • Plastic coated for easy cleaning.
  • Dimensions - H86 xW86 x D7 cm

More Information

Samples AvailableNo
BrandAlphabet Education
SupplierAlphabet Education
Product TypeBook Case
Search by ColourWhite
Guarantee1 Year
Pack Size1
Lead Time2-4 Weeks
Type Of ProductBook Case
Built In DrawsNo


Sours: https://www.costcuttersuk.com/square-wire-wall-mounted-book-rack.html
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The perpetual dilemma consuming every book lover’s mind: where in the heck do we put all these books?! Obviously, bookshelves are the primary solution, but sometimes another large piece of furniture is just not the right fit for certain spaces. I, for one, definitely don’t have the space for another bookshelf, which just means my existing ones are all but bursting at the seams even after the relocation of various extra stacks to wholly unrelated spots on top of random side tables and stools. If this sounds familiar, wall book racks could be the answer! All you need is a bit of spare wall space to mount it on — no bulky furniture required!

Not only do wall book racks serve a practical purpose, but they can also be a lovely piece of decor to brighten up your living space. The ones I’ve found and highlighted here come in a wide variety of styles, so hopefully you can find the perfect fit to match whatever aesthetic you’re going for. If you don’t have a ton of free wall space, no worries there either, as there are plenty of options below that are fairly compact. And finally, most of these can frankly be used to display and store all kinds of items besides just books, so you’re sure to find good use for them no matter what!

13 Wall Book Racks for Any Home

Simple wooden book rack with single front rod

This simple wooden rack is perfect for displaying favorite books in a kid’s room. There are a bunch of colors, as well as two different sizes, to choose from. The 45cm is priced at $25, and the 54.5cm at $27.

Distressed wooden book rack with three front slats

If you’re into more of a rustic style, this distressed wooden rack is for you! $28

Wooden book rack with rattan front panel

This versatile rattan rack would add a nice touch to any room. $57

Black minimalist style wooden book rack

For those of you looking for a more minimalist style, this magazine rack fits the bill. Take a look at the store’s magazine rack section for a few more color options. $99

Wooden book rack with cloud-shaped front panel

This adorable cloud-shaped book rack would be a fantastic addition to a nursery. $27. In fact, browse the whole shop for even more fun kids’ room decor.

Set of three hexagonal wooden shelves

For $51, you get a set of three of these hexagonal shelves in various sizes.

Wooden floating shelf with

Use this cute little floating shelf to highlight your current read. Pricing starts at $27, depending on your choice of color.

Triangle-shaped wire racks

You can arrange a few of these triangular metal racks for a unique wall display. They come in three colors (black, white, and gold) and are $18 apiece.

Vertical wire rack with four storage bins

This wire storage rack has four layered bins great for displaying books — or whatever else! $56

Horizontal wire rack with three compartments and four hooks along bottom

At $65, this industrial style wire rack is a tad more of an investment, but it also includes coat hooks for extra functionality! Check out the entire shop for a variety of racks and shelves in a similar style.

Two-layered book rack made of industrial pipes

This unique rack is made with vintage industrial pipes. The pricing starts at $29, depending on your choice of pipe size and number of levels.

Hanging book rack with books hanging from string attached to pins on wooden ledge

Though on the pricier side, this custom book rack creates a really inventive hanging book display. Pricing begins at $160 for a rack with six pins, and goes up with each additional pin.

Bridge-shaped metal rack

This gorgeous wire bridge shelf would make a wonderful piece of wall art all on its own, but no doubt it would make a wonderful home to some books as well. $120. The shop actually has another one of these in a different bridge style so you can choose the one you like best!

For even more wall-mounted book storage solutions, check out these other posts featuring hanging shelves and floating shelves. If, instead, you actually are in the market for some proper bookshelves, we’ve got some suggestions for cheap bookshelves that are actually nice. And finally, if you’re ready to level up your shelf game even more, here are some posts about how to decorate a bookshelf and bookshelf decor ideas for 2021.

Sours: https://bookriot.com/wall-book-racks/
70 Bookshelf Bookcase Ideas

Shelving units, bookcases & storage options

Organize your space with shelving units for every room

Whatever your storage needs, there’s a KALLAX shelving unit to help you stay organized and keep the little ones safe too (it’s child approved). Use it freestanding, wall-mounted or as a room divider. Try combining with drawers, shelves, doors or boxes for simple storage that adapts to your every wish.

See the KALLAX series
A living room with a room-dividing, white KALLAX shelving unit and a white HEMNES day-bed beside it.
A white shelving unit with doors, potted plants, white storage boxes with lids, white magazine files, children’s books.

Browse coordinated storage furniture


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Sours: https://www.ikea.com/us/en/cat/bookcases-shelving-units-st002/

Book rack mounted wire wall

12 Narrow Bookcases That Will Give Life to Your Most Awkward Nooks

Truth: It can be challenging to tackle storage in a tiny space. No matter how much you try to declutter or re-organize, it can feel like every cupboard and closet is bursting at the seams, until we learned a super practical piece of advice from a professional organizer: Utilize your vertical space.

Have you opted for furniture that, while beautiful and stylish, failed on the storage front? Are you guilty of choosing low-slung pieces with skinny legs and few drawers (if any at all)? If this sounds like you, opting for décor that organizes your space from the ground up will change your entire storage strategy.

There is probably a ton of unused space in your home. Look up to find it.

Take the narrow bookcase, for example. The perfect narrow bookcase can fit in the last remaining nook in your apartment that isn't already inhabited by a piece of furniture. The result? Books will no longer be haphazardly piled up on every surface, you'll have space for various decorative items and plants, and you can even use a few baskets to hide miscellaneous items that previously didn't have a proper home. Think you too could benefit from an additional bookcase in your small space? Here are the best narrow bookcases to purchase for a stylish storage solution. 

01of 12

Sleek and Versatile

Zane Narrow Bookshelf by West Elm

West ElmZane Narrow Bookshelf$299


This sleek tower bookcase from West Elm proves that the best things come in small packages. Six shelves offer versatile surface area to hold and display everything from books to your latest plant baby to baskets and barware.

02of 12

Floating Sophistication

Story Bookcase by Design Within Reach

Design Within ReachStory Bookcase$295


Who even needs the side walls on a bookcase? This one, designed by Afteroom exclusively for Design Within Reach, turns into a book totem. In Afteroom's signature, less-is-more style, one particularly clever feature of this storage solution is the ability to maneuver the shelves to face forward or to the side. Plus, organizing books and magazines horizontally means more room for you, and a streamlined look for your texts. Its all-metal construction and sturdy base offer strength and stability.

03of 12

Modern Etagere Meets Industrial Vibes

Stella narrow etagere

Crosley FurnitureAimee Narrow Etagere$300


The perforated brass on this Ashley Furniture bookcase gives it a glam yet industrial flair. Its shelves are made of polished stainless steel and finished in subtle yet stylish champagne gold. Choose to space the shelves evenly, or use the kidney-shaped keyholes to customize the bookcase to your needs.

04of 12

Slim and Stylish

Totem Bookcase by Blu Dot in white

Blu DotTotem Bookcase$499


For ultra narrow spaces, this Blu Dot bookcase is a life-saver. Plus, it has style in spades. According to the Blu Dot website, "compared to this slim tower, ordinary bookcases are as dull as the Dewey Decimal System." Use this deceptively spacious bookcase in white or black powder-coated steel to showcase large-format art and photography books.

05of 12

Modern Minimalism

Stairway Wall Mounted bookcase by CB2

CB2Stairway Wall Mounted Bookcase$399


The ultimate vertical bookcase for the minimalist—this one lets your objects shine while virtually blending into the background. These seven shelves top out at 8 feet, and the bookcase is made of engineered wood with high-gloss lacquer, and mounts to the wall.

06of 12

Storage and Style

Suspend II Tall Bar Cabinet by CB2

CB2Suspend II Tall Bar Cabinet$999


Part-bookcase and part-bar, this sleek walnut and marble bookcase will give your space an elegant flair. We love the contrast between the white Carrara-style marble of the open shelf and the abstract chevron pattern throughout the walnut frame. This pretty number was designed by Ceci Thompson exclusively for CB2.

07of 12

Sturdy Yet Elegant

Hitch Bookcase by Blu Dot

Blu DotHitch Bookcase$599


This narrow bookcase from Blu Dot is wall hung and gives your space an elegant minimal look. The Hitch bookcase comes in multiple finish options, including Black, Smoke, and Walnut, and is part of Blu Dot's Hitch shelving system.

08of 12

Playfully Perforated

On the Grid Graphite 4-Cube Bookcase

Crate and BarrelOn the Grid Graphite 4-Cube Bookcase$199


We couldn't think of a more elegant bookcase to add to your apartment than this perforated metal one from Crate and Barrel. The five shelves are spacious enough to display everything from books to picture frames and baskets. A touch of brass on the perforated panels elevates the look.

09of 12

Simple and Spacious

Wire mesh standing shelving rack

West ElmWire Mesh Standing Shelving Rack$200


This West Elm shelving rack is perfect for tight spaces with little to no storage. The six open wire shelves would work well in the bathroom too. Pick up multiples to create an entire shelving system.

10of 12

Tasteful Texture

Balboa Shelf by Serena & Lily

Serena & LilyBalboa Shelf$1698


Give your space a beachy air with this Balboa bookcase from Serena & Lily. Rattan shelves look polished when wrapped in a solid hardwood frame. The finishing touch? Brass end caps on this bookcase's feet.

11of 12

White Hot Tower

Carlson II White Tower by CB2

CB2Carlson II White Tower$229


Tuck this narrow bookcase in a tight corner and solve all your storage woes. The three open and two closed-back cubbies nostalgically remind us of our high school lockers with a modern twist. Style this bookcase with your favorite books in alternating horizontal and vertical positions for visual interest.

12of 12

Industrial Chic

Ladder Bookshelf by West Elm

West ElmLadder Bookshelf$249


Lean this West Elm bookcase against your wall and arrange your favorite books and accessories. It has a bit of a DIY vibe, which lends the bookcase an instantly lived-in feel. Plus, this ladder bookcase is specifically scaled down to fit smaller spaces.

Once you've selected your dream bookcase, the next step is to arrange your books. Here are a few fresh ideas to do just that:

  • Arrange books by color
  • Remove the dust jackets on your hardcovers for a "new" look
  • Arrange some books so the front cover faces forward to mix it up, the way bookstores do it
  • Add a string of lights to illuminate your favorite titles
  • Arrange books alphabetically or by genre

These Living Room Bookshelf Ideas May Inspire You to Grow Your Library

Sours: https://www.mydomaine.com/narrow-bookcases-4767894
70 Bookshelf Bookcase Ideas

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