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It looks like we might finally be starting to see a ray of light at the end of a very trying year. Fashion trends tend to become fanciful and frothy and generally more princess-y after a time of mourning and hardship (remember Dior’s New Look?) and this year’s #princesscore trend are certainly in response to the sad stained sweatpants and deep grief we have all been dealing with over the last year and some. What is “princesscore”? It’s basically a look that harkens back to the Disney princess look but mixed with the soft lighting and vibey feel of a 1960’s French film.

These small brands (all women-owned) will help you live out the #princesscore aesthetic of your dreams. You’ll find size-inclusive styles here as well as sustainable and ethical practices, because a true princess would make sure her dress was made for her curves without hurting the earth or its people.

**This blog contains affiliate links. I make a small commission off of these links, and thank you so much for your support.

Ivy City Co.

Ivy City Co is owned by three women (Tash, Whitney and Madeline) and their clothing comes in up to 3X in their women’s line, and also comes in mini and baby sizes for the kiddos in your life. Buy the Antoinette dress (left). Buy the Odette dress (right).

Alpine Butterfly

Alpine Butterfly is an all-girl powered company catering to female empowerment and body positivity. Alpine is made for women by women. This luxury swimwear is truly different from everything you’ve ever seen before. Buy the Celeste chiffon set (left), $150 . Buy the Talulah skirt and Maya top (right).


Selkie is a fanciful, fun, pastel dream of a company created by former Wildfox Co-Founder, Kimberley Gordon. Selkie offers a range of stand out party dresses, and after party sweatsuits in sizes XXS-5X. Selkie is a low waste company, producing small inventories to test the success of items, then using pre-sale to predict how much to buy on popular styles for future rounds. This ensures no dangerous dumping or contribution to landfill. Buy The Lickedy Split Shabby Chic Dress (left). Buy the Morning Glory Peignoir (right).

Jefferson Lane

Jefferson Lane (founded and run by Julie Hunt) is a specialty online boutique that creates handcrafted bows, apparel, and unique accessories with an element of personalization and craftsmanship. Buy the Lady Eloise cashmere sweater (left). Buy the blue toile/blue gingham mask (right).

Fairy Tong London

Fairy Tong was founded by Yingtong Chung in London in 2020. The multi-cultural background of our designers enables the collection to be versatile, unique and unforgettable. The brand is based in London, but they do ship to the United States and internationally! Buy the Aurora Butterfly dress (left). Buy the Tiana dress (right)

Dynasty George

Dynasty Casanova, the woman behind Dynasty George, is a Brooklyn, NY native, Christian and Fashion a sustainably sourced and ethically made women’s wear brand. Dynasty George aims to create a sisterhood of creative, driven, and socially conscious women with the best apparel they need to feel both beautiful and confident! Pre-order Dynasty George on Kickstarter (projected delivery in April).

Have you tried out any #cores (like #princesscore or #cottagecore) on social media? Which has been your favorite? Tell me in the comments below!

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8 Online Shops You Should Be Buying From

Online shopping has obviously made its way in, and it is here to stay. With limitless perks such as no lines to wait in, delivery to your door, more merchandise options than a physical store and being able to shop in your pajamas without judgement, it's no wonder why it's so popular. Although all of these things are glorious, knowing where to shop online for high-quality, affordable clothes can be a little tricky. That's why I've compiled this list of some of my favorite online shops that are sure to keep you coming back for more.

1. Wildfires And Co.

This shop is precious from its origins to its clothes, I am obsessed, and you should be too. It was started by Paige and Jeremy Christiansen to "help cover the costs of life" as they both go through nursing (Paige) and engineering (Jeremy) school. Plus, it's incredibly affordable. So, not only are you buying great quality clothes, but you're also helping these two lovebirds do the things they love doing. This shop is a solid A+ all around.

2. Thistle and Finn

This shop is great for a few reasons. First of all, they offer free shipping on every order, always. Second, it's stylish. From bohemian looks to modern looks, they have it all. Third, they are affordable. I emphasize affordability so much because, let's be honest, not all of us have the wallet of a Kardashian. Fourth and finally, they carry a bunch of other cute knicknacks such as clocks, vases, frames and much more. Free shipping and knicknacks, what's not to love?

3. Lluvio Boutique

I've always loved shopping at stores that give back to their communities in some way. Lluvio does just that in a way that is admirable and beautiful. A portion of the proceeds from your purchases of their cute, reasonably priced clothes goes back into the San Francisco community to help homeless families and families at risk for becoming homeless. So, are you looking for T-shirts? They've got them. Looking for a date night dress? They have plenty. Whatever your fashion needs are, I guarantee that they will not disappoint.

4. Clad And Cloth

This shop is unique. Instead of emphasizing the fashion that the media may tell you that you need, they supply women with beautiful, handpicked items that inspire confidence. Instead of giving you pages of endless options with very few likable items, they provide a small range of options with tons of must-have items. You will save time, you will save money and you will love this shop.

5. Shop Stevie

Shop Stevie is a shop I stumbled upon on Instagram. I noticed a few of my favorite bloggers were wearing their clothes, so I had to check it out. Thank goodness I did, because I cannot get enough. From flirty dresses to simple tops, I could not quit adding items to my cart. Granted, I had to take a breath and take most of it out, but still — I'm hooked. This shop is on the higher-priced end for what I normally spend when I'm online shopping, but for the quality of the clothes, it is totally worth it.

6. Soel Boutique

The thing that caught my eye about Soel was the option for "online exclusives." I absolutely love exclusive deals no matter where I'm shopping from. This boutique also carries home items, baby items and all the fashionable clothes you could ever need. Options and deals are Soel's highlights that keep me coming back for more.

7. The Stockplace

Founded by two fashionista friends, The Stockplace is stocking some of the most trendy and surprisingly inexpensive clothes found online. One thing that really caught my attention about this site was that the models modeling the clothes that I was looking to buy were all average sized, real people! I cannot even begin to express how helpful this was when it came to deciding on what to actually buy. If you're looking for above average clothing with below average prices, look no further.

8. Ivy City Co.

Ivy City is full of variety. Whether your style is compiled of more edgy, sleek looks, or simple, comfy looks, these guys have got it all. I don't think I've ever come across a product on this site that I didn't instantly love. You'll have to do some picking and choosing because, let's be honest, we can't buy it all, but in the end you will end up adding a dose of richness to your wardrobe you didn't have before. Plus, they sell active wear! Who doesn't love cute active wear? Ivy City is a shop that will not disappoint.

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Top 13 Best Modest Clothing Companies

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links. At no cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. 

Looking for modest clothing websites?

This post has a list of every modest clothing company I could find that exclusively sells modest clothing. This means that they sell clothes that cover your midriff, cover your chest, aren’t sheer, and go past the knee.

For each boutique below you’ll find a summary and answers to the following questions:

  • What’s their shipping policy?
  • How often do they have new arrivals?
  • Do they have gift cards?
  • Do they carry plus sizes?
  • How often do they run sales?
  • Do they have a physical store? 

Modest Clothing Website #1 – JessaKae

Jessa Kae boutique

Shop JessaKae here

JessaKae is based in Utah. They mainly carry modest dresses, but they also have tops and bottoms.

Shipping policy – They offer free shipping on US orders of $100 or more. 

New arrivals – They range from every other week to monthly.

Do they have gift cards? Yes, they range from $10-$500.

Do they carry plus sizes? Yes, JessaKae has lots of items that are available in plus sizes. When you’re on their site, make sure to click the Plus Size filter.

How often do they run sales? They run two big sales every year, one for Black Friday and the other during Spring/Summer. They do run promotions every now and then. Make sure you’re following them on social media to hear about them.

Do they have a physical store? Yes. The address is: 870 N 100 E Suite 104 in Lehi, Utah. They’re open Monday through Friday from 9:30 am – 5:00 pm and closed on holidays.

Shop JessaKae

2. Pink Desert

the pink desert

Shop Pink Desert here

Pink Desert sells modest swimwear, dresses, tops, skirts, shoes, and more. Their style is effortless and unique.

Shipping policy – Orders typically ship in 1-3 business days, but can take longer during big releases. They have free USPS First Class shipping, but you can pay and upgrade to Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express.

New arrivals – Pink Desert has new arrivals every Thursday.

Do they have gift cards? Yes, they have physical gift cards and e-gift cards. They range from $10 to $250.

Do they carry plus sizes? Yes, their sizing goes up to 3XL.

How often do they run sales? They run sales often, but do not have a set schedule for it.

Do they have a physical store? Yes. The address is: 7901 W Tropical Ste. #140, Las Vegas, NV 89149. They are open Monday-Saturday 10am-8pm.

Shop Pink Desert

3. Love Olive Co

Love Olive Co

Shop Love Olive Co

Love Olive Co was started close to 10 years ago by Stephanie. She has a passion for clothing and helping people. Her shop used to be named Olive Ave after her daughter. This is one of my favorite modest clothing websites. They have so many cute dresses and lounge sets.

What’s their shipping policy? They offer free shipping on orders over $50.

How often do they have new arrivals? They have new arrivals every Tuesday at 7 pm Mountain Standard Time.

Do they have gift cards? Yes, they start at $10 and go up to $250.

Do they carry plus sizes? Yes, a fair amount!

How often do they run sales? They typically do smaller sales 1-2 times a month and then have a large tent sale about every 6 months.

Do they have a physical store? Yes, they have two Idaho locations. They’re in Rexburg and Idaho Falls.

Shop Love Olive Co

4. My Sister’s Closet Boutique

my sister's closet boutique is one of the modest clothing websites listed in this post.

Shop My Sister’s Closet Boutique

Shipping Policy – Orders over $50 get free shipping. Orders under $50 pay $2.99 for shipping. All orders ship in 1-2 business days, but might take a little longer during a big sale. They also ship to Canada for $39.95.

New Arrivals – They have new arrivals every Friday at 9 am MST.

Do they offer gift cards? Yes, you can purchase a gift card for $10, $25, $50, and $100.

Do they carry plus sizes? Yes, tons! You can easily find them in their Curvy category.

Do they have a physical store? Yes, they have two stores. They are in Draper, UT and Spanish Fork, UT.

Shop My Sister’s Closet Boutique

5. Journey Five

Journey Five clothing boutique

Shop Journey Five and use code CLEO10 for 10% off

Journey Five is owned by Allie Deru. She’s a mom who loves to provide clothing that is functional, fashionable, and affordable.

Shipping Policy – Free Shipping in the US

New arrivals – Almost daily

Do they offer gift cards? Yes, gift cards start at $10.

Do they offer plus sizes? No

How often do they run sales? They post 3 sales a day on their Instagram account.

Do they have a physical store? Yes, they have 2 stores. They are in Layton, UT, and Gilbert, AZ.

Shop Journey Five and use coupon code CLEO10 for 10% off your order!

6. Ivy City Co

Ivy City Co is one of the modest clothing websites in this list.

Shop Ivy City Co

Ivy City Co sells dresses that are designed by women. They have them for women, children, and babies. They even have nursing friendly dresses.

This is one of the fancier modest clothing websites. Their dresses are great for family pictures, weddings, church, and more.

Shipping Policy – Standard shipping is $8.35 and Priority shipping is $13.35.

New arrivals& Sales – Make sure you’re on their email list and follow them on Instagram to be notified of new items and sales.

Do they offer gift cards? Yes. They start at $10 and go all the way up to $200.

Do they have a physical store? No. They do have a warehouse in Draper, Utah that is for local pickups and drop offs only. An appointment must be made beforehand.

Shop Ivy City Co

7. Sexy Modest Boutique

5 girls wearing pink dresses from sexy modest boutique

Shop Sexy Modest Boutique

This shop is owned by Brigitte. She designs their clothing which consists of dresses, temple dresses, tops, bottoms, and kids clothing.

Shipping policy – free shipping on orders over $65.

New arrivals – weekly.

Do they offer gift cards? Yes, $15-500

Do they offer plus sizes? No.

How often do they run sales? They don’t usually do sales, but they always have a Black Friday sale.

Do they have a physical store? No.

Shop Sexy Modest Boutique

8. Mikarose

3 girls wearing mikarose clothing

Shop Mikarose

Mikarose is ran by people who know it’s possible to be trendy and modest at the same time. This shop is not just for women who dress modestly though, it’s also for women who want to be elegant.

Shipping policy – free shipping on orders over $100.

Do they offer gift cards? Yes, $25-100

Do they offer plus sizes? Some.

Do they have a physical store? Yes, one location in the University Place Mall.

Shop Mikarose

9. Jen Clothing

2 girls wearing dresses from Jen Clothing. One is pink and the other is a light blue color

Shop Jen Clothing here

This company is owned by Jen who values modesty for religious reasons. They have been in business for over 10 years. They started when she saw a need for more modest fashion.

Shipping policy – They offer free shipping on orders over $50 (within the U.S.) every day & occasionally run specials for free expedited shipping or free shipping at a lower purchase threshold. 

How often do they have new arrivals? They have new things arriving throughout the year to keep their inventory fresh. Their largest arrivals are for the Fall & Spring lines, but they also typically purchase more specific types of pieces relevant to the time of year, such as Christmas or Easter dresses, floral for summertime, etc. 

Do they offer gift cards? Yes, $25-200.

Do they offer plus sizes? Yes, but very few.

How often do they run sales? They have about 7 or 8 “bigger” sales throughout the year, usually around a holiday, with Black Friday through Cyber Monday being their biggest sale of the year. They also run specials around Valentine’s Day, Easter, 4th of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day,  and other holidays too.

The best way to take advantage of their discounts is to be subscribed to their email list and to follow them on Facebook and Instagram. Jen sends coupon codes out to those platforms for those specific customers to use.

Do they have a physical store? No.

Shop Jen Clothing

10. Inherit Clothing Company

Inherit Clothing Company is a modest clothing website

Shop Inherit Clothing here

At Inherit Co they believe that modesty is about being true to yourself. They have timeless designs for their tops, dresses, and shoes.

Shipping policy – They offer free shipping on orders over $100. If your order is under $100, you’ll get charged a flat rate of $8. 

New arrivals – How often do they have new arrivals?

Do they offer gift cards? Yes, you can get a gift card for as low as $5 and as high as $500.

Do they offer plus sizes? Yes, see their plus size collection here. 

Do they have a physical store? Yes, in Morris, Minnesota.

11. Piper & Scoot

Piper & Scoot

Shop Piper & Scoot here

This boutique is owned by Kylee who is a mom. She designs their dresses and clothing with pregnancy and motherhood in mind.

Shipping policy – They offer free shipping.

How often do they have new arrivals? They have new arrivals every Tuesday and Friday at 10 am MDT.

Do they offer gift cards? Yes, they start at $25 and go up to $200.

Do they offer plus sizes? Some.

Do they have a physical store? Yes, in Draper, Utah.

12. Sweet Salt Clothing

Sweet Salt Clothing

Shop Sweet Salt Clothing

Sweet Salt Clothing thinks that you should be able to dress modestly without sacrificing being fashionable. They sell tops, bottoms, dresses, and accessories.

Shipping policy – free shipping

Do they offer gift cards? Yes, $10-100

Do they offer plus sizes? Yes. When you’re on their category pages, toggle the size you want. Currently, they have dresses that come in sizes 3XL and 4XL. 

Do they have a physical store? Yes, several. 4 in Utah, 1 in Washington, and 1 in Texas. See all their locations here. 

13. Be Modest Boutique

Be Modest Boutique

Shop Be Modest Boutique

Be Modest Boutique is owned by Diana and Rebecca. They run their company as a non-profit and donate their earnings to churches and communities.

Shipping policy – They ship via USPS and how much you pay depends on the weight of the item and your location. 

New arrivals

Do they offer gift cards? Yes, $10-100.

Do they offer plus sizes? Yes, they’ve got a good selection of plus size dresses and plus size tops.

Do they have a physical store? No

14. Modest Pop

Modest Pop

Shop Modest Pop

Camille started Modest Pop in 2012 when she was frustrated that she didn’t have many clothing items that didn’t have to be layered. They offer a discount for teachers and missionaries of all faiths.

Shipping policy – They offer free shipping on orders above $75 for U.S. orders.

New arrivals – weekly

Do they offer gift cards? Yes, $10-250.

Do they offer plus sizes? Yes, search plus size in the search bar on their site to see the options available.

How often do they run sales? Every week

Do they have a physical store? No.

15. Slaydon & Rose

Slaydon & Rose

Shop Slaydon & Rose

Slaydon and Rose’s founder has a BA in fashion merchandising. She got her love of fashion through her grandmas who made their own fashionable clothing. They sell denim skirts, dresses, tops, outerwear, and more.

Shipping policy Shipping is weight based $6-10, free on orders over $200.

New arrivals – almost weekly

Do they offer gift cards? Yes $10-200.

Do they offer plus sizes? Yes, see what they have here. 

Do they have a physical store? No

Popular modest clothing question

What is considered modest clothing?

What’s considered modest is different to some people and certain religions. The main goal with modest clothing is to not show a lot of skin. Examples of this are to not show shoulders, cleavage, or any leg above the knee.

As I find more modest clothing websites, I’ll add them to this list. Which modest clothing websites have you shopped from?

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