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Nightmare on Elm Street Costumes

Would you like to grant the deepest wishes of someone close to you? That's always a nice thing to consider, but you should probably check to see what kinds of dreams they are having before you dive into making them real. Some folks have some pretty dramatic dreams that you might want to know more about first!

Take Wes Craven, for example. He had some pretty crazy dreams that he brought to life for people in 1984 with the beginning of the Nightmare on Elm Street series. The idea for Freddy started out with a pretty sad tale but has gone to inspire the mystery and terror of what lays hidden in the most frightening of our dreams. 

It's time to bring Freddy Krueger out of the dreamscape and into your party with our collection of Nightmare on Elm Street costumes. 

Now, you might be asking if we have costumes for Nancy Thompson. Maybe for the flirtatious kids that made up so many of Freddy's victims. How about the townsfolk that caused Freddy's mysterious malformation. You can certainly look at our 80s and 50s costumes to put those characters together... but the horror dreamscape is all about the master of nightmares, himself, Freddy Kreuger. 

There are four major factors that bring your Freddy to life. 

First, you have to look at his sense of style. The Dream Master dresses in a striped sweater. Red and green are usually associated with rather jolly holidays, but that's why Freddy's sweater is just a bit darker. It's seen some rough days, folks! You'll have a few different styles of Freddy Kreuger sweaters available for both men and women! 

Next is that terrifying metallic claw. Hard to convey a sense of fear if you don't have an iconic weapon that'll do the job for you. Now, you won't be making loud electric explosions as you draw the claws along pipes with our Freddy Krueger gloves. Of course, you can bring about the ear-rending devastation of Freddy Krueger claws against the chalkboard! 

You don't want to face the flames the same way that the Springwood Killer did. That's why we have Freddy Krueger masks that will help you transform in a snap. Half and full masks give you the desiccated and monstrous look that Robert Englund sported in his iconic role. Toss in some extra wax or false teeth to really make the folks worry if they've slipped off into nightmare-land!

The final part of any great Freddy Krueger costume is the hat. The wide brim and dark color of the hat manage to sell any look, even though the terrifying murderer is even spookier without it. Maybe that's why it is so critical to start off the night wearing one.

Whether you're a grown guy, a chipper kiddo, a murderous miss, or even a dreaming doggo, we have Freddy Krueger costumes that will bring your Nightmare on Elm Street fun into the waking world. Just make sure that you have that song memorized... because, one, two, Freddy's coming for you! 

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For anyone looking for a last minute halloween costume for women, a sexy Freddy Krueger costume is both simple and awesome. It will specifically appeal to women who are firstly wanting a sexy costume and, secondly, wanting to create a female version of a male character.

Sexy Freddy Krueger Costume

Making your own sexy Freddy Krueger costume for women is as simple as it gets. The basis of the costume is very similar to the original A Nightmare on Elm Street character. You will only need a handful of clothing and, of course, the glove that Freddy Krueger wears. Here is a complete list of everything you will need to make your own sexy Freddy Krueger costume.

Sexy Freddy Krueger Jumper Dress

Sexy Freddy Krueger Costume for Women - Sexy Freddy Krueger Jumper DressRather than wear a greed and red sweater combined with pants you will need a dress.

To give your sexy Freddy Krueger costume for women a truly feminim look you will wear either a long green and red sweater or an actual red and green dress sweater.

This will replicate the look of the iconic jumper worn by the legendary character.

Sexy Freddy Krueger Glove

Sexy Freddy Krueger Costume for Women - Sexy Freddy Krueger GlovePossibly the most important part of your sexy Freddy Krueger fancy dress for women is the iconic glove.

While you could in theory make your own glove it is much easier to buy and wear one of the many replica Freddy Krueger gloves that are available.

Sexy Freddy Krueger Hat

Sexy Freddy Krueger Costume for Women - Sexy Freddy Krueger HatJust like the movie character, you will need a hat for your sexy Freddy Krueger fancy dress for women.

The style hat that you will need should have a reasonably large rim. It should also be a dark brown in color. If you really want it to look movie authentic you should dirty the hat up a little.

Sexy Freddy Krueger Boots

Sexy Freddy Krueger Costume for Women - Sexy Freddy Krueger BootsWhile Freddy Krueger wears boots in the movie, you will wear something similar for your sexy Freddy Krueger fancy dress.

To add sex appeal to this female version of the costume you have the choice of wearing high heel ankle boots or you can wear high heel knee high boots. It is down to personal choice as to which you think look best.

See more movie costumes here.

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Miss Krueger Costume

Choosing a costume is all about options, but everybody wants to make it sound so one-sided all the time. Is this a trick or a treat? Are you supposed to be funny or spooky? Well, we can't think of any good reason that you should have to choose one or the other. So we try to shake things up a little with outfits like this Miss Krueger Costume, which is proof that horror characters are at their most terrific when they show off the surprising contradictions hidden within each of us.

Like, we see the appeal of wearing a form-fitting acrylic dress with daring frayed edges and provocative slashes across the torso. But we would find it a lot more fun if we also got to wear Freddy's iconic brown fedora, or a single glove with 7-inch blades strapped to every finger. It just strikes us as way cooler and more interesting. Plus, if we were looking for a way into the dreams of somebody who doesn't have a lot of nightmares, the mix-and-match approach would seem like the way to go.

The rest of the year, we tend to keep things light and simple. But for a topsy-turvy holiday like Halloween, we think it's fine to wear a costume that asks people to step outside their normal comfort zones. And if you really want everybody to squirm, consider adding a gruesome cosmetics kit or a grotesque Freddy Krueger mask to complete the twisted look.


X-SmallChest30" - 34"76cm - 86cm
X-SmallWaist28" - 30"71cm - 76cm
X-SmallDress Length29"74cm
SmallChest32" - 36"81cm - 91cm
SmallWaist29" - 31"74cm - 79cm
SmallDress Length32"81cm
MediumChest34" - 38"86cm - 97cm
MediumWaist30" - 32"76cm - 81cm
MediumDress Length32"81cm
LargeChest36" - 40"91cm - 102cm
LargeWaist32" - 34"81cm - 86cm
LargeDress Length32"81cm

Costume Sizing Tips

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The Evolution of Freddy Krueger (Animated)

A Nightmare On Elm Street Sexy Ms. Freddy Krueger Costume

Product Description

Now wear this Nightmare on Elm Street Sexy Ms Freddy Krueger Costume and emulate the greatest villains ever to have lived. This Ms Kreuger Costume includes a mini dress that is knitted, has long sleeves, gloves with extensions and a hat. Ms Freddy Krueger will look doubly sexy in this costume. For the ideal evil effect to this costume you could order a dark orange and brown knitted mini dress again with long sleeves with a long slit running through the stomach. We also have accessories which are sold separately which include A nightmare on elm street metal gloves, Freddy Krueger wigs, lace up boots opaque nylon stockings and so many more accessories. This Halloween costume is sure to cause ruffles at the party. The costumes and accessories available on our site enable you to order the costume and accessories that you find suitable at one go! The costumes come in sizes from x-small to medium.

Additional Information

Product Number:R888636
Care Instructions:Hand Wash
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Glam Freddy Krueger Makeup Tutorial - Halloween 2018

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