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forladyrhea asked:

If it’s ok with you can you please write a continuation for that prompt 7 Kazan ask? I assume the reader was taken by entity as well? How would the Oni react when he sees his darling in a trial? 😳👀👀👀👀👀

Hello dear, and hello guys. How are you? Soooo, I’m sorry if this took THIS long, but I really had a lot of things to do, especially with school. This is a really busy period that I don’t know when it’ll end, so unfortunately I’ll have to slow down a bit more with updates. Having said that, yes, you are correct, in the previous work the Entity took Y/N and Kazan both 😜, now here’s the continuation you asked for, enjoy:

Link to part one:

•Yandere Kazan Yamaoka X Male Reader•

•(Headcanons / Part 2)•

Plot: Kazan and The Reader meet again in The Entity’s Realm

• It was impossible. It was simply impossible for Y/N’s soul to be sent to hell. That was what the population of his village really believed. The black smoke that wrapped Y/N’s coffin wasn’t promising, but if there was something that no one could deny then it was that Y/N deserved nothing but a decent afterlife. Little did those people know that justice didn’t exist in that corrupted world.

• As soon as Y/N died, the Entity captured him and sent him in a place that made hell look like a joke. A Realm of immense pain and sorrow with no apparent way out.

• Y/N got welcomed very warmly by the other survivors, and they even taught him how things worked in that land of despair. He appreciated their kindness a lot, even if he found all of them a little bit strange. At times, they used words that were completely new to Y/N, like ‘Electric flashlight’, and even their clothing was unusual.

• Y/N’s differences didn’t go unnoticed to the other survivors as well. It was after he narrated his past that everyone theorized that the Entity took people indistinctly from different historical eras.

• Even if Y/N built a strong friendship with everyone given his gentle personality, he couldn’t help but feel a special bond with Claudette. Maybe it was because both had a big heart and loved to help the others, but Y/N felt really good when she was around him, even if it was just to talk about meaningless things.

• Y/N’s very first trial was against a killer that the other survivors called 'The Trapper’. Since he was still new to that sick world, his three teammates didn’t leave him alone for a second. Meg taught him how to repair generators and how to use pallets correctly, Laurie showed him what an electric flashlight was and how to use it, and Claudette explained him the 'game’ dynamics. Y/N didn’t really need someone to tell him how to heal the others since in his previous life he was a doctor.

• The outcome of Y/N’s first trial ever was positive. After having fought the unbearable pain of a hook piercing his shoulder twice, he escaped without anyone being sacrificed.

• Y/N learned many things when he partecipated to his next two trials. He experienced the thrill of dying on the hook, and he studied how the different killers acted hoping to find some of their weaknesses, even if he was still a newbie. By then, he had gone against The Trapper, The Hag and The Legion.

• The Trial against The Hag was a nightmare to the young male. Once Y/N saw what her traps did, he couldn’t help but to feel an enormous amount of anxiety. He was even scared to walk because he was afraid to trigger a trap and consequently have another heart attack.

• If Y/N thought that The Hag was the worst, then he didn’t know what was waiting for him on his fourth trial. The young doctor could have never imagined to meet someone he knew, someone he knew very well.

• The trial started normally with Y/N realizing almost immediately that he was against the new killer that the other survivors had talked with him about. His name was still unknown, and so were his powers. He was still a big question mark.

• On the other side, Kazan remembered Y/N as soon as he saw him. The one who helped him and his father was back. Oh, how grateful he was to the Entity. Kazan couldn’t stop thanking it after it had listened to his prayers and had decided to bring his beloved angel to him. An evil spark lit in him, one that had been put to sleep a lot of time before, and the same that brought his twisted love back to life.

• Kazan played stealthily. He hid himself from Y/N while he tortured his teammates, which were Claudette, David and Kate. The center of his attention was Claudette, though. He saw from the shadows how she talked and laughed with his angel. He hated it, and he hated more the times when she touched him. How did she dare? How did she dare to touch what wasn’t hers?

• After having slaughtered everyone, Kazan left the young male with three generators to repair. Not having any other choice, Y/N thought of trying to look for the hatch, but he didn’t even have the time to take a step before he found himself pinned against a wall. The impact disoriented the poor little doctor, and it took him a while to comprehend that he was being held still by the killer.

• The tall and bulky man breathed heavily, it looked like he had ran a marathon. A mask hid his face, but it wasn’t a normal mask, and Y/N, given his origins, knew that perfectly.

• The couple of red glowing eyes that were staring at him intently were terribly familiar to the young male. Initially, Y/N didn’t know why he felt that way, but then he figured out when the big and scary man that didn’t allow him to move showed him a necklace.

• As the angel analyzed the object, he understood why he felt like he knew the person in front of him. He remembered that golden jewel, he had seen it being worn proudly by Kazan back when he was still alive.

“Kazan?” Y/N almost whispered.

And Kazan nodded after some seconds of realization to answer.

• Oh, to say that Kazan was excited would have been an understatement. His little angel hadn’t forgotten about him, he had kept his memories safe. Kazan couldn’t resist to his primordial insincts. He wanted to claim his sweet and pure Y/N, he wanted to make him his, he wanted to do everything he hadn’t got the possibility to do to him when they were still alive. Dark ideas filled Kazan’s mind as a malicious smirk appeared under his mask. Y/N, still not able to move, could only stare back at him and hope to receive some of God’s mercy.

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Hello guys! How are you? I hope you’re all doing ok. It’s currently 5 A.M, but I’m making this update to tell you that I’ve finally finished writing one of the many asks I have in my inbox. I’ll publish it in the afternoon, I just need some time to correct it and add some more small details. I’m sorry if I took all this time to post, it’s been like two months, but I’ll explain the reasons of why later, when I’ll publish my finished work. As always, I thank you all for your patience. Love you all, see you soon and take care ❤❤.


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Little update!

Hello guys, how are you? I’m making this post to apologize if I haven’t yet published anything. I have to say that currently I’ve been through a writer’s block, and I wasn’t able to find the right words to write like I wanted to. Having said that, my next ask is almost ready, and I wanted to thank you all for waiting for me this long. I really appreciate your patience and consideration. Love you all. Se you soon.

•Request list updated•

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I finished my exams!

Good morning, people. How are you feeling? I hope as great as me.

As you can read from the title I finally finished my exams, and they went incredibly well. I’m so happy! From now on, even if I’ll have to study for medicine I’ll have more time to write, and I’ll start again from today. Thank you guys for waiting for me this long, I really appreciate your patience and comprehension. Love you all.

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Hello guys, how are you all doing? I’m making this post just to tell you that until the 16th of June I won’t be able to write, and this because I have to prepare for my exams. I’m sorry, but I really have to take this short break to study. The good thing, though, is that I’ll have more time to write after that day (Since this is also my last year of high school).

Having said that, I want to annouce that my next work will be a Kazan Yamaoka fan-fic (Also NSFW) requested by @pleeyeah (@plummm00). I’m sorry if I’m taking this much time, I hope it won’t be a bother to wait a bit.

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(Please do not take this as if I am rushing you I just want to know if your ok and to take your time! 😁

Hellooo dear 🥰! I’m doing fine, thanks for asking, I really appreciate your concern ❤, you are all so awesome and caring 🥺.

Anyways, what about you? How are you doing? I hope everything’s good.

I have to study a lot in this period since I have to pass my high school exams in June, then I’ll finally be over 😍. I already began to write my next ask though, and *spoiler spoiler* it’s a Ghostface NSFW ask 😌. I hope I’ll be able to publish it soon. See you asap guys!


I just wanted to remember that you all can write to me for anything, even if it’s just to chat about random stuff. If anything goes on in your mind and you want ro share it there’s no need to be shy 😜. Don’t hesitate!

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🍬Welcome to my candy store!🍬 — Good looking guys are the worst. [Yandere bullies...


I came back from the deepest pit of Hell, and came with some gay shit-

I hope you enjoy 🐑🍫♥️👀😋


•The incarnation of Be gay, do crimes.

•That’s it.

•And also sketch at the end.


Running after school ended up becoming routine at this point.

You can’t help but feel exhausted every time you do.

You run for your dear life every time you know they’re coming with their friends to beat the shit out off you.

Bastards can’t even do their dirty job themselves, they need to call their besties to do it for them. Well, sucks to be them, you aren’t giving up own coming back home without a scratch.

Your mom can’t know this type of stuff is happening to you at school. Your parents payed for you to enter in that damn school, and you are not going to make their hard work be for nothing.

“- Come back here, [Y/N]!!” Alexandra yells at the top of her lungs. For a pretty daddy’s little girl, she makes you feel way more scared than her brother. And her brother, Adrien, is bad enough as he is.

You can’t tell if Adrien hates you or if he is obsessed over you, he likes to beat you up but at the same time he can’t leave you alone. But hey, who cares? You’re fucked either way.

They’re getting too close to you. You thought that running towards the more dark areas of town would save your ass, but since it has been a week that they haven’t used you as their stress toy, they’re pretty pissed.

Actually, you’re stuck in a paradox right now.

If they catch you, you’re dead.

If they don’t catch you today, they’re going to make sure to be more violent whenever they can catch you, and then you’re dead.

Like a snowball effect. Of death.

Oh, you probably shouldn’t be thinking about the “what if’s” of if they catch you, you should be thinking about running!

“- Aaaahhhh- fuck!” After entering alley after alley, you meet your worst nightmare, a dead end.

You can hear them coming near, you decide to hide, maybe your zigzagging made them lose you.

You hide behind some garbage. You feel at home.

Your heart beats are on your ears now. You can only hear your hitched breathing and uncontrollable heart beats. You try to calm yourself down.

“- Goddammit.”

“- Where is he?”

You can hear them.

You can hear them looking around the dead end, and them walking away.

And then, you can’t hear them anymore.

‘Am I safe?’

You decide to come out of your hiding spot after some minutes.

Terrible idea, honestly. You should had left them go completely away.

You get out of the dead end, when-

“- Hey, you!”

A raspy male voice yells. You aren’t familiar with this voice. You can’t be sure if it’s talking with you. You just froze in fear that it could be one of the Coldwell twin’s friends.

“- Look at me when I’m talking to you, idiot.”

Damn, rude. You turn around and see a couple of boys wearing a school uniform. Is different than yours.

“- The fuck you doing around here?” You look at each of the boys, each one is buff and seems ready to break you. But the one who is talking with you, is honestly not that intimidating.

He is handsome. But, he doesn’t strike you as a delinquent. He has reddish brown hair and brown eyes.

“- Answer me, rich boy. What are you doing here? We thought we told you fucks to stop showing your faces around here.” Oh, okay, this situation is starting to become worst and worst every second.

Firstly, they have baseball bats and crowbars and pipes as weapons. The twins would only beat you until you were unconscious.

This guys will either kill you or break your bones.

Secondly, he is yelling at you. At any minute now, the twins and their friends will come back to see what’s happening.

“- Look, this has to be a misunderstanding- I-I’m not here to fight!” You’re here to get the fuck out!

“- Awn, did you get lost?”

“- Must be pretty bad not having mommy and daddy to pick you up.”

“- Will they miss their spoiled little brat?”

Some of the boys taunt you. Laughing in the process.

They keep mentioning something about you being a rich kid. Maybe is because of your uniform?

Most kids that go to Amaryllis Academy come from rich families. And although your parents paid for your education at the academy, you’re nowhere near as wealthy as the other students. Pretty much the contrary.

“- I’m, I’m not-” You try to come up with something. Something to explain why you’re here, and why they shouldn’t break you down.

Nothing comes up.

“- What’s your name?” Says the brown haired boy. Ignoring his friends comments about you.

“- [Y/N].” You say timidly as the boy starts to walk towards you. You give one step back and he comes faster, making you too scared of running away.

He is in front of you. Staring at your eyes.

“- So, what are you-” He was about to ask something, when someone comes in screaming your name.

“- [Y/N]!!! There you-” Adrien was caught off when he saw the boy and the other guys surrounding you. Alexandra face screams surprise and disgust.

“- …”

Both parties look at each other. Silent treats are being made just with stares. You’re so glad you don’t know what the fuck is going on.

The tension in the alley grows immensely. Everyone is silent for a solid minute before the boy on your side says something.

“- Would you look at that, our pretty boy brought to us some friends.” He says while he wrap his arm around your shoulder. You can tell he is trying to piss the twins and is working.

“- Evening, Jack. Didn’t notice we were in the sewers until I saw you rats.” Both twins cross their arms. Honestly, if you could move, you would use their little conversation as a distraction and go home.

“- Yeah, if you don’t like it here, why am I’m seeing your ugly faces?” Says the boy on your shoulder, apparently named Jack. You start to feel a little embarrassed about his arm around you. You aren’t in the discussion, yet you’re in-between them.

“- Because you have eyes.”

“- And clearly you lack them, since you’re in our territory, schmuck.”

They keep going on, and honestly you don’t care about any past relationships your bullies have with this guy, you just, really want to go home and take a bath. You honestly stopped paying attention at a certain point. You can only hear yelling and stuff.

You zoomed out for a bit, until you feel something harshly press itself own your face.

Oh, the whole alley went silent. Everyone looks shocked, well, except for Jack who is grinning at the twins, and one of his friends who has the biggest smile you can think of.

And then you noticed what actually happened, Jack had successfully kissed your cheek. You aren’t exactly happy with that, but hey, the twins look pissed.

That’s a win!

“- How about this?” Jack says smugly towards them.

They’re furious, you don’t know what just happened, but they ended giving up on beating you up.

And by that, they decided they wanted to beat the shit out off Jack.

Their friends are holding them so they can’t actually do it. Bummer, you wanted to see them fight.

Apparently they can’t start a fight with this guys right here, because that would start an even bigger fight between schools, but you don’t care, this is great!

If you keep Jack by your side, they can’t do anything!!

“- Get out of my face.” Jack says, and the twins go away. They’re going to kill you for not coming with them, but going to do worse with Jack for protecting your ass. It’ll be worth it.

You start to walk towards the direction of your home, and you thank Jack, thinking that nothing bad will happen.

And of course.

Something bad happened.

“- Hey, where the hell are you going?”

“- Uhn, home?” You answer a little confused, after all, they didn’t want you to be there in the first place.

“- What, just like that? I think you don’t know how things work around here.”

He stand his hand towards you. Oh, money? Is that what he wants for helping you out?

You pick whatever you got on your pocket, 3 bucks, and put in his hand.

“- Sigh..” He sighs, and then grabs your wrist and pulls you closer, making you stare at his eyes.

“- ….” He is thinking about his next words. And you’re thinking about how much better would it be if you just when home earlier!

“- I’ll see you tomorrow.” He whispers in your ear so that his friends don’t hear (bitch, they already know-). He is not asking, he is commending you to come back here.

Well, at least he didn’t take the money. You managed to come home safe and sound.

“- And that’s gentlemen, why the cute ones are the worst.” Jack says, lighting a cigarette with his buddies against the wall. Annoyed at the thoughts of seeing you again. Thoughts that can’t go away.




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icy X readers — Dbd Yandere David king with male reader

Warnings?: cursing and themes of slight co-dependency

Requested?: yup

Spell checked?: no

A/n: this is also kinda just general head canons-


•They all have a soft spot for you!

•But they all found out at different times that they have a soft spot for you

• and have different things that make them melt, or they will let you get away with because they have a soft spot

•the first to realise he has a soft spot for you is none other then America’s ass, Steve!

•it’s during a team meeting with a bunch of shield higher ups who are also really good at sticking their noses up

•wile you are trying to explain something they keep interrupting you and putting your ideas and reasons down

•Steve is getting pretty pissed about it, he already knows he likes you, and is unhappy with that disrespect you are getting!

•but just as he is going to step in, he sees you switch from looking shy and a bit nervous to looking… like… Steve himself in a meeting!

•he realised you were mimicking him, taking on his posture, to the point it looked a bit like you were holding a non-existent shield, you were talking in a calm but powerful tone like he normally dose

•when He realised this… his heart melted like chocolate in a volcano

•he found you being tough so cute!!!

•but he also liked that you learned from him, that’s what really makes him realise ‘shit… I’m weak for him’

•once he realises just how he feels, he will start cuddling you more, he finds it cute and comforting

•and he enjoys drawing you and then giving you the drawings to see your reaction… it melts him all over again!!

•despite his softness for you, he still tries to hold you to the same rules he holds everyone else to!

•but he may be a bit softer on punishment for breaking rules to you

•a down side to Steve being super soft and loving with you is missions!

•he realises he can’t bear to see you get hurt it worse die… so he almost takes you off missions!

•he would have if fury didn’t stop him

•in the end he’s forced to just cut down the amount of missions you go on, to your annoyance!

He shows his fondness if you through classical romantic things: flowers, chocolate and love letters, and maybe a dance or two

•the next to find out they have a soft spot for you is Bruce

•he is in his lab getting stressed over a really important project he’s working on

•then you walk in and see he’s stressed

•instead of walking out or informing the team he could hulk… you take a seat next to him and start being silly and chatting to him

•he quickly starts laughing as you try to spell words with the periodic table and keep messing up, he finds it cute

•after that… you Just chat… from 2pm all the way to 3am, then you fall asleep in his lab

•you fall down to his lap and he sees your peaceful sleeping face

•carefully caressing it with his hand and he realised just how soft he is for you

•and he likes the feeling of care and softness he gets when with you

•but because of this he struggles to say no to you because he’s so soft with you!

•please don’t take Advantage if this-

•because unlike Steve who tho he has a soft spot for you can stand up to you when he deems it needed, Bruce can’t stand up to you!

•on a happier note

•you can use the fact he struggles to say no to you to get him to sleep!

•you can sweeten the deal by offering to sleep with him-

•he loves when you help around the lab

•and would happily teach you some fun chemistry and biology facts if you asked, anything from funny history of chemical names to the oldest animal known to man!

•he finds your the only one who can make him feel normal again, like the hulk isn’t there

•on note of the hulk…

•he finds it hard to go hulk around you because of his soft spot…

• that being said… seeing you hurt makes him hulk out in record time!

•Expect him to do little gestures to show his fondness of you: giving you coffee, spending time with you and compliments!

•he would try to ask you out but get to nervous and back out-

•next up in the team to realize is the one and only nat!

•she realizes during a hand to hand training session, she knows you struggle with it so she wanted to help you improve!

•after hours of going at it and her winning you start to improve

•you learn hey fighting style quickly, if you had the weapons you would have won on round two

•but with just your fists and skills it took around 7 rounds till you can’t close

•and then on the 8th you finally turned the tables on her!

• you faked a kick to her ribs causing her to protect there, before dropping down to your knees and punching up to get jaw! Sending her out of the arena

•and she wanted to be mad about your underhanded tactic but she couldn’t be-

•she was to impressed and awed by you!

•that exact moment she realized she had a soft spout it you is when she saw you do a little victory dance

•other then maybe a bit more contact like hugging, not much will change once she realised

•she knows it’s best to treat you more or less the same

•she was already doing what she would do

•she shows her softness for you through small things: walks, simple coffee dates and so on

•Next up to be hit by the soft spot is Clint!

•he had been aware of his feelings for you for a wile, his crush I mean, he knew he wanted to possibly pursue a relationship or closer friendship

•he discovered just how much of a soft spot he had for you wile you were visiting his kids with him

•he had left you all in the garden to make dinner

•and when he came back you were covered i flowers his kids had gotten wile chatting to them

•he could feel his heart go nuts and he could feel his cheeks go red, he couldn’t help it! He couldn’t help the smile that spread on his lips! You were so cute…

•that is the exact moment he realizes how much of a soft spot he has for you-

•he enjoys seeing you happy, that’s what makes him go ‘aw’ the most

•so if you invite him to go do something, as long as you like it he will be happy to come!

•he also tends to sneak you little gifts, he’s good at placing them in your room without you knowing

•he gets very protective of you, not letting you be hurt even a little bit!

•he’s the type of person who can’t stand the idea if the people he cares for and loves being hurt

•one of the reasons he keeps him family so well hidden

•he will make sure to keep a eye on you in mission, swiftly shooting anyone who tries to get you!

•he dose this despite the fact he knows you can handle yourself!

•and he will tried to take a bullet for you if he thinks he needs to-

•he will sacrifice himself for you, but only if he’s 100% sure it’s the only way to save you

•he has made it so if anything happens to him you become his kids legal guardian-

•on a less depressing note…

• his teasing also doubled as it’s his way to show his affection!

•expect harmless pranks and cute little jokes

•and expect to spend a lot of time with his kids, you and nat are the only two he 1000% trusts with the location of his home and kids

•all the kids love you and think your a good ‘second dad’ or as the youngest called you ‘the fun dad’…

…that day Clint’s ego took a beating

•he shows a his affection with sweet things and jokes: pranks, gifts and little actions such as making you dinner

•and the next two discovered their soft spot for you at the same time! A shock to nobody, it was the twins-

•the three of you were hanging out in Wanda’s room in the tower

•you had been having fun!

• messing around on some games you had gotten to work on her tv, eating a bunch of snacks and so on

•you had been going at it all night and it was getting late

•sooner or later you fell asleep and the twins took this time to look at you… that’s when they realized they had a soft spot

•you looked so innocent and peaceful, Pietro couldn’t help but laugh

• “isn’t he adorable sister?”

• she chuckled “yes, I world agree”

•Wanda tried to keep treating you the same but finds it really! Really! Hard to do so!

•she finds herself clinging to you a bit and ‘aw’ing at almost everything you do

•she tends to send you little mental messages of positively through out the day

•and whenever she senses your having a bad day she will get sad herself-

•you being upset makes her upset

•so she will try to cheer both of you up!

•she will show up to you with sitcom dvds, snacks and a blanket… it doesn’t matter we’re you are

•she can sometimes mother you by accident but that’s just her way of shoring affection

•she shows fondness through romantic things: dinners, roses, cute dates and small dances to old fashioned music!

•Pietro unlike his sister can’t bring himself to not treat you differently

•though he doesn’t like it pietro wears his heart on his sleeve and that doesn’t change when it comes to his soft spot for you!

•he loves to watch you get flustered when he gives you gifts he had gotten from across the world

•your reaction gives him butterflies

•though Clint I’d willing to sacrifice himself for you on the battlefield, pietro is even more so

•he’s already lost a lot, he can’t stand that idea of loosing you or Wanda

•much like Clint he tends to pull pranks, though his are a bit more extreme

•expect him to show his feelings with: teasing, jokes, flirting and a lot of small genuine words

•Bucky finds out his soft spot for you during a mission

•well correction he knew he had a soft spot for you since he met you, he figured out just how much of a soft spot he had for you during a mission

•you were both stealthing around

•unlike you he wasn’t the best at stealth

•so at one point wile you were near a army of enemy soldiers, he almost lost his balance and alerted them all to you being there

•thinking quickly you pulled him too you and kept him still, whispering to him “hey… it’s okay… just try not to do it again” he could tell you learned that from Steve

•but there was softness to your words that Steve lacked even speaking, a softness that kinda told Bucky just how soft he is for you

•but… due to him discovering just how much he cares for you, he begins to avoid you for a bit

•he’s worried that one day the winter solider will come back and he will hurt you, he wouldn’t be able to forgive himself if he hurt you-

•after some convincing he will stop avoiding you but still be very careful around you

•he prefers not to talk and more so just be around you, you tend to have wordless conversations

•you can both understand the other more or less completely without words, this is deadly when your on the battlefield together

•he loves to hug you but only dose it with his human arm, he doesn’t trust his metal one around you

•you calm him and worry him at the same time

• being around you makes him feel more at peace, but he’s also worried we could bring harm to you

•another one on the ‘would sacrifice himself for you’ scale

•he’s not a likely to do it without reason as Pietro, but still more likely then Clint

•he views you as more important then himself

• he shows care through wordless things: gifts, trusting you more so than others and small touches

•thor discovers his soft spot wile you two are just hanging out in your room

•you were helping him with a few earth things he didn’t quite understand just yet

•and at some point you ended up falling asleep wile leaning on the god of thunder

•Thor found it adorable, you were so small compared to him, you looked so harmless and sweet

•he’s the kind to be very romantic when he has a soft spot

•tending to take you out for little walks in parks and so on

•he also really likes receiving praise!

•but even more so he loves… and I mean loves to give praise to you!

•constant compliments-

•he shows his soft spot with: gifts, dates and a lot of praise!!!

•Now the last avenger to realize their soft spot is non-other then the one and only Tony stark!!

• why is he so late to realize? Well it’s simple to be honest!

•he has always struggled with knowing how he feels, you are no different when it comes to that

•at first he believes the attraction to you is purely sexual, like all of his hook ups before

•and as such he treats you very flirty, saying a lot of rude jokes when ever you two are alone together

•but it didn’t feel right to him half the time… he soon realized he didn’t just view you as a possible sexual partner

•but he didn’t know what he viewed you as

•until one day your helping him in his lab and you end up doing a very simple thing… but the joy on your face and the fact your clearly proud of yourself make his heart skip a beat

•that’s when he realised what his feelings for you were… softness… care

•at first he struggled with this… he had never felt like this before

•but he makes a effort to show his softness to you through gifts at first, he isn’t very confidant he can provide anything else for you

•he dose want to share moments with you, and he dose this by inviting you to his private homes and so on just to chill •s

•soon he becomes more confidant in himself when it comes to you, he had always struggled with relationships

• but the fact you slow down to his learning pace helps him a lot and makes him feel even softer and weaker too you!!

•he shows affection with: gifts, small words and endless worship to a point-

Yandere Bakugou x Male Y/N part 1 / bl / bnha / READ DESK

Welcome to Yandereland — thor x male reader, where thor gets angry at...

Anonymous asked:

thor x male reader, where thor gets angry at reader for trying to break up with him?


[Okay so here is my first Male reader, and I hope it is what you were looking for! I had a lot of fun writing it, because it was a new perspective and who doesn’t love angry obsessive Thor? Please let me know if you liked it! Thank you so much for the request, I am extremely grateful! <3 <3 <3]

  • At first he didn’t really understand what you were saying to him.
  • How in the world could you want to leave THE God of Thunder?
  • While you explained your reasoning you could see him growing more and more angry with each second that passed.
  • Normally Thor was like a puppy dog in a human like form, but the look on his face now was more than enough to intimidate you.
  • When you recoil in fear you expect him to apologize but he doesn’t.
  • Silently he paces back and forth in front of you, like he was trying to come up with a plan or figuring out what he wanted to say next.
  • Time was what he needed, he needed to be able to show you that it was a mistake to want to leave him, that he was the only one who was going to love you forever.
  • You left him no other choice, he didn’t want it to ever come to this but you forced his hand in the matter.
  • Pretends to relax and seemingly accept the fact that you are planning on breaking up with him.
  • Asks for one last goodbye hug.
  • As you feel him wrap his arms around you he whispers an apology then calls for Heimdall to take you both across the Bifrost.
  • Even if you are pretty strong there is no getting out of the grasp of a genuine God.
  • Upon arriving you start yelling and screaming at him until he covers your mouth with his gigantic hand to effectively silence you.
  • Decides to immediately take you to his room in the kingdom so that he could get you to calm down at the very least.
  • Ties you to the bed with ropes that were normally used for other nefarious acts that he partook in before he met you.
  • Fighting against the restraints you knew there was no way out of this, even if you did manage to get free there was no way to get back to Midgard.
  • Lays down with you and cuddles into you, kissing your neck softly.
  • “My love you cannot leave my side, I need you far too much to let that happen.”
  • Explains how all his life he wanted to find someone who loved him and understood him, and he knew in his heart that was you.
  • Telling you how he could make your dreams come true if you just give in and say you will willingly stay with him.
  • Stays near you at all times, using the exposure to wear down your walls letting you give into his demands.
  • After you promise not to leave him again, guess who’s back? Puppy Thor!
  • Kissing you all over your face, neck, chest, not even untying you yet.
  • Although it definitely seemed like he was doing that on purpose as he lowered himself down.
  • What better way to make it up to you, than to give you godlike pleasure?
  • Starts off slow just getting you used to the idea, but when you gave off a moan as he nipped down your stomach to the top of your pants he knew he had the go ahead.
  • Pulling them down he looks up at you smirking, placing his mouth around you.
  • Every one of your nerves stands on end almost like you had been struck by lightning but instead of pain, pleasure coursed through each inch of your body.
  • Keeps going until you can’t take it anymore, swallowing everything you give him.
  • Places your boxers back on to make you more comfortable he moves back up untying you.
  • Reaching over he grabbed you placing you on top of him holding you to his chest, making it so you were able to feel the rapid beating of his heart.
  • “I will always love you with every breath that I take, together we will see the end of the worlds.”
  • Nothing can take you from Thor.
  • That was something he was going to make damn sure of.
  • You are his…No matter what happens.
  • There is no escape.

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Hey there!

I know some of you are probably wondering where I have been lately, and I wish the answer was something more positive than it actually is. Dad is still doing Chemotherapy, it’s been extended for a couple more sessions. 

Then about a month ago my mom passed out at work, hitting her head on the concrete floor. (She works in an auto plant) and got a severe concussion. So I’ve been taking her to doctors appointments since she still can’t drive. They are trying to figure out why she passed out, and it looks like she is going to have to have surgery for something unrelated found during testing. 

While I am worried for them, I am glad that I have the time and the ability to take care of them like they have been taking care of me for the last almost 30 years. Unfortunately this means I haven’t had a lot of time or energy to write lately. But I really want to get back to it, at least every once in a while. 

2020 is hell, and I’m sorry I haven’t been here recently to help you all through it too! Thank you for being patient with me, and I hope to produce some new content for you soon! 

Anonymous asked:

Trying to get things to show up in the tags is a crapshoot. I don't even worry about it anymore since it's so random.

It’s just annoying because I feel like it’s not reaching the people that it used to before, and they may not know that I have been posting… I wish that it worked the way it is supposed to. More and more this site has decided that fanfiction isn’t important when honestly it’s the only thing keeping this dumpster fire active at all in my opinion… 

Anonymous asked:

Side rant thing, can I just say how sweet you are? I've been on blogs where if different ppl send in the same request, the mods just get pissy and start calling them clowns or something and openly embarrassing the anon, but you're just so wonderful and humble about it? Even though it got sent in a lot of times, your still patient and understanding about it? Thank you??? ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Bless

Honestly, I don’t have a problem with people sending in the same request besides the fact that I feel bad that they don’t get something unique for them! I truly appreciate your kindness, you are so sweet!!! I just want everyone to have a good experience here! 

I never expected when I started posting my writing online that I would have the amount of interest that I do. I never want to take that for granted, and it makes me sad that other writers have reacted that way. No one should be made to feel bad for wanting a certain kind of prompt done for them. 

Thank you so much for this, because it truly reminds me why I keep writing <3


I don’t think my stuff is appearing in the tags that I tag it with… has anyone else had this problem? Does anyone know what I can do to fix it? 

frenchgirlinlondon asked:

Hi,I am glad to here you are alright (hopefully you are holding on)I can’t begin to think about what you are going through!All my love,luck,support and respect to you,your father and your family !!❤️❤️❤️

Thank you so much darling! This means so much to me you don’t even know! I appreciate that you took the time to give me your support sweetheart! Much love and happiness to you as well! Stay safe! <3 <3

Hey Guys! Update!

I know I disappeared for close to two weeks and I am sure you are all wondering what the hell is going on! Well about two weeks ago we were informed that my Dad needed to do another round of Chemo treatments. Where previously we thought that one would be enough after the surgery. 

The way it works around here is there are a number of tests and procedures you have to get done the week before you start treatments. Also there is an added level of testing needed to be done with the Pandemic. [I too had to be tested so I could attend his sessions with him. Thankfully we are both negative.] 

So basically everyday I had to take him somewhere to prepare for this, including minor surgery to get a port put in. 

However, right now he is checked into the hospital for observation since it’s really taking it out of him. Likely he will be there until his next treatment in a couple of weeks. What really sucks is I can only visit him two times a week to limit not only his exposure but mine. 

That means I have basically have some free time to do some writing! It will be a great distraction for me, and you get plenty of me! 

I hope you are all staying safe, healthy, and happy! 

Anonymous asked:

You are a fantastic person

Oh gosh thank you so much! But truly you are fantastic! I wouldn’t be able to do what I love without you!!! All the love to you darling!!

Anonymous asked:

Would bits of WS' Alphabet be different if it was for after Bucky escaped Hydra and just had a relapse? If he remembered his handlers are gone and it's safe-ish to stay (or would he be stuck in 'mission on temporary hold' mode)? Thank you, appreciate your writing!

I feel like things would be a bit different mostly because he wouldn’t have orders anymore. It would be more like the Soldier gone rogue in a way. Still having the assassin like manner about him, while also being in control of himself on some level.

So I do think that he would stay but he would also be aware of the danger than presents you as people will be looking for him. Plus he would likely become a little less stable for a while as he regains his memories.

Anonymous asked:

I want to read about Bucky, who wants to break up with her but won't allow it.

I’m so sorry but could you clarify? I’m not exactly sure what you are asking for? Maybe a word is missing? Yandere’s don’t want to break up they want to keep their darling at all costs. So are you asking for headcanons for Bucky with a darling that wants to break up and he won’t allow it?

Please let me know!

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Male male reader x yandere

𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘴 𝘪𝘴 𝘯𝘰𝘵 𝘭𝘰𝘷𝘦. 💌 — Yandere Shinobu x Male Reader?


With your gaze cascaded downwards the grass the tension continued to build up inside of you as you felt your heartbeat skyrocket beyond belief. You tried to hard to suppress a whimper but you couldn’t stop shaking from the raw terror which had consumed you in its entirety. Standing in front of you with your back turned was Shinobu, your guardian, your lover.

The thick silence felt dreadful around you as you could just bearly make out the soft song of the wind and your own heart pumping in your chest. You didn’t know what felt worse, this ever growing tension or the fact that Shinobu had been utterly silent for what felt like an eternity. A hint of boldness appeared in your gut, challenging you to look up. Once you did you immediately regreted your actions. With her head just bearly turned to the side, Shinobu had been staring intensely at you, ready to strike at any moment. Despite her seemingly kind smile you knew better. She was pissed, completely so.

All because you had the nerve to try to escape.

Sweet butterfly, don’t you know just how many dangers lurk around in the world, especially at night time? No, of course you don’t. Shinobu had taken good care of you and she was planning to keep it that way. No demon was getting their greedy hands on you, well not unless they wanted their arms chopped off that is. She feared for only one thing and that was your safety. If you kept on being so persistent in your suicide mission, Shinobu would much rather finish you off herself.

At least she would give you a far more merciful death then any other demon ever would.

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“I’m no one important… just a fan of yours.”




//wheeze.. me making fan art for @cinnamonest again.. modern Albedo and the idol darling was also very good okay 😔

When yandere!Genshin characters find out about your world



Diluc -

There's not a drop of mercy from this man, if he wants something, he will get something. He wants you, and no matter what, he will find a way to get to you, and cherish you immensely, you are his light in his dark heart, his only one that made him stronger, made him realize how much you cared for him. (When you rambled on and was crying over a genshin fanfic on Kaeya and Diluc's backstory, which I did)

Kaeya -

His ice cold fingers glace over his sword, maybe if he stabbed your screen he will get to you, no wait, what in the world is he thinking, he needs to control himself, his maddening thought will only lead to you, whatever it, whatever scenario, he will always be thinking, no matter what, he will find you.

Childe -

This man? He's already found a way in to wour world, unlike kaeya's softness in his heart (If you squint hard enough) this man is just cold, a true yandere indeed, he will shoot the screen of your pc to get out and he did.

You were finally done with your midnight shower, coming out to your room, only a towel on, and he looked at you, and you also looked at him. The hearts in his eyes seem to brighten as he ran over to you, it was loving, but with a hidden malice.

"I found you, ojou-chan."


Sorry if this was short! I'm in the middle of class :'D

genshin week day 5: favorite harbinger


darkest traits. 🚬

What are the most toxic and unhealthy behaviours of the yandere! Port Mafia?

part 1!


Mori Ougai:controlling, possessive, gaslighting, manipulative.

A master manipulator by nature, Mori’s darling is often left in the dark about most things as he babies them, buying them all the cutest clothing and accessories. He’s the boss, let him do the heavy lifting! All you need to do is sit still and look all dainty and pretty in his lap.

As a man of a more sophisticated age (in his own words of course), he has a way of tricking you into believing things that make no sense, things that force you think - did you really see what you saw? Did you really see that person get kidnapped, or even killed? Or, was your tired mind playing tricks on you, forcing you to stay awake for another sleepless night? Poor little thing, Ougai is right there by your side to kiss your troubles away, as long as you remain sweet and docile. There are times when he does like your spunk though, he likes to play with fire.

He does not like getting burned by the said fire however.

Don’t get too cute and comfortable with him. Know your place, keep your head down, but remember to throw a bone to your master every now and then.

You’d be surprised to see just how generous he can be to the one he is closest to.


Nakahara Chuuya: agreesive, touchy, obsessive, possessive, paranoid

Out of everyone in the mafia, Chuuya is one of the least bad ones if you can believe that. He would be a relatively normal lover up until a certain trigger is pushed, and that push is probably Dazai. He’s paranoid that his old partner is out to get his darling, that he’ll find them and steal them away, and these thoughts make Chuuya’s blood boil in anger. He’s well aware that Dazai is a maniac, a sick bastard that does the things he does as a sick joke. He needs to protect you, can’t you understand that? Can’t you see that everything he does, he does it for you? His blood, his sweat, his tears, all of his hard work will be dedicated to you and you alone, so please beloved, don’t do this to him. Don’t make him mad, don’t do the unthinkable.

Do not run away from him.

God knows how angry he’ll be if you ever try to do that.

He’s also someone that likes to hold you close at any time of day, he has no shame and neither should you. Someone might think that with his high rank that he’d be more discreet with his affections but he can be quite the cocky showoff. He wants the world to know that he is yours and that you are his. He’ll love you forever and ever, you were his the moment he laid his eyes on you.

There is no escaping him.


Akutagawa Ryuunosuke:physical aggression, easily angered, untrusting

One of the worst yanderes to have, Akutagawa knows no boundaries when it comes to the matters of the heart. When he sees his darling, he is overcome with this disgusting feeling that makes him want to tear into something, to make that thing bleed and weep.

He really feels like killing someone.

And yet, whenever his cold, thin fingers are tightly squeezing your delicate throat, sucking the very life out of you, he always stops at the very last second.

Eyes bulging, your cheeks are stained with tears and snot, your face is dark blue and you can’t stop coughing. And there he stands, right above you, his cold, dark eyes staring down, a mix of emotions swirling in those demonic eyes of his. Anger, pain, suffering, confusion, fear, disgust, all of that and so many other things that baffle you.

The strangest thing he does by far is when he wipes your tears away.

In his mind he hopes to be delicate but his touch is far too rough for you to get the message. He can’t tell whether or not he wants to tear you into tiny pieces and send your soul to Hell, or, if he wants to keep you close, hold you tight and keep you safe.


Ozaki Kouyou:Strict, possessive, comanding

This refined lady likes to keep thinks in order, her love life is no different. She expects her darling to always behave, to always follow the rules she sets up for them, to wear the pretty clothing she gets them, and to be her little doll, to bend to her every single whim.

Despite the smile that adorns her face, there is a hidden darkness in her eyes. She does indeed love it when she catches others staring at her and her beloved, as they all ought to. These silly feelings are trivial to a lady such as herself but jealousy can creep up on anyone, and they won’t see it coming. It would be unwise to mess with this, to put it lightly. Don’t test her patience and for heaven’s sake, don’t force her to prove her love and devotion to you.

It’s not a pretty sight to see.




PAIRING : xiao x fem!reader

BLOG TYPE :oneshot

PROMPT : why would all your friends start hating you right before your birthday?


WARNINGS : yandere themes,manipulation

A/N : accidentally died 😔


Keep reading


A/N: I received this request like,,, ages ago 💔 I was writing a dancing scene with Diluc after doing the Ayaka story quest (the cutscene of her dancing was simply breathtaking ✨) and decided to merge it together with this idea. Sorry for the wait anon, and I hope you enjoy it!

Eyes On You.

Yandere! Diluc X F. Reader


Art by: p3454n7 on Instagram

Word count: ~2.6k


If Diluc had to choose an exact day for when he realized his love for you had boiled over, had reached the point of no return–it would be that warm summer moonlit night, when you danced to your heart’s content in the lonely courtyard of his manor, an elegant paper fan waving in the air as you hummed a hypnotising tune to accompany your performance–a performance meant for no one’s eyes.

Yet Diluc had kept watching… for he was entranced. His fiery red eyes couldn’t help but remain stuck–to the movement of your hands and feet, and your fluttering dress and swishing hair, as you moved with the elegance of a swan in flight.

He had been so engrossed, in fact, that he nearly missed the look of surprise on your face when you discovered his presence.

Diluc remembered his cheeks heating up at having been caught–although he did his best to maintain the same stoic look on his face–and cleared his throat in order to mutter out a half-hearted apology, when you sent a beguiling smile his way–one that he was sure had stopped his heart beating for one searing hot moment–before averting your eyes almost shyly as you continued to dance.

He remembered how hard his heart had thumped at the sight–pounded against his ribs–as a funny feeling arose within him, something maidens in love would have referred to as having butterflies in one’s stomach.

He remembered standing enraptured as he watched you twirl your fan, a shade of lapis lazuli, with white cranes painted in flight–a second later a stream of pure water swirled around you, taking the form of silk ribbons, twisting and intertwining as they floated and danced midair, refracting the moonlight and illuminating the courtyard with a shimmery silvery glow. It lit up your face further, as you gracefully swung yourself around in rhythm to the tune, looking much like an otherworldly being–beings he’d have only encountered in story books as a child.

If Diluc had to choose an exact moment–an exact, precise moment for when he realized he had long fallen for you, headlong into an all consuming inferno of a love, far beyond saving–it would be the few seconds when he alone became the sole recipient of your enigmatic smile and bewitching glance.

That one, single moment when he felt like he was the center of your universe.

Time felt like it had both sped up and slowed down when he was in your presence–which was why he couldn’t really tell for how long you had danced–it was timeless, in his memories, the earth had stood still–only that once you stopped, you turned to face him with a nervous smile, asking:

“So, Master Diluc… how was my dance?”

Keep reading

I’ll be a bit busy these days because I’m traveling rn, so no posts for a while! Sorry everyone!


Horrortober Day 28: Mercy “Mercy, ha! You want mercy?”

Okay first one for today! Still a bit behind but I am working on it! I had something more saucy planned for this prompt and Kaeya, but I thought back to the roots of good ol’ savior complex would do the trick just as much! Not 100% happy with it, but we all have those prompts that just don’t work no matter what you do OTL

Warnings: Yandere, Blood Mention, Death Mention, Setting up his darling, Hinting at non-con interactions, Kidnapping, Gagging/Getting tied up
Characters: Kaeya Alberich x Reader


“Mercy, ha! You want mercy?”

Kaeya’s voice wasn’t the only sound that filled the room. You had your eyes shut tightly, not wanting to witness the murder spree that was happening right before you, blood dripping from your face, but it - thankfully - wasn’t yours. Still, it was impossible to shut out the echoes of screams of pain and torment with your hands still tied behind your back, ankles strapped together, and your mouth gagged with a cloth so you wouldn’t make a sound while your kidnappers waited for the ransom. You didn’t know Kaeya would be the one to come, like a knight in shining armor.

You didn’t know what he was capable of until you witnessed it happen.

The moment his eye fell on you as he approached the treasure hoarder’s camp, a fit of rage overcame him. From one moment to the next, the open and sweet attitude he had shown to your kidnappers was gone. He approached them openly and willing to come to an agreement, but boiling anger overcame him instantly seeing you so miserably. There was no longer room for discussions as he drew his sword, striking down one body after the other as if in a craze. Of course you had been scared, but you thought the knights would send an escort and get you out of this peacefully. You were absolutely sure that your father would send someone with the money, but you didn’t think they’d send your boyfriend. That was a little cruel, wasn’t it?

A week ago, when Kaeya asked you out, you had been over the moon. It wasn’t every day that you received a bouquet of flowers together with the heartfelt question if you’d go steady with such a remarkable knight. Of course, you said yes! You two only just started holding hands, it must have been a great shock to learn you had been kidnapped right when you finally found each other. Still, you were glad it was him. Relieved to know he’d have your back in these situations even if you disagreed with how he handled it. You were constantly flinching as you had to endure the screams and curses, but you tried to imagine the sweeter times you two had instead. That much you owed Kaeya.

But behind all the compliments and sweet nothings, you must have forgotten that he was able to slice an enemy into half if he so wished. Or maybe, you suppressed that knowledge for your own benefit. How in the world were you ever going to look at him again after witnessing this?

Blood pooled around you, soaked your clothes in the deep red color, and the iron smell stung in your nose. You should have been happy, relieved even, that he took care of these awful people, but at the same time, you couldn’t help but think that aside from kidnapping you, they never really hurt you. Even if you deserved justice, did they deserve Kaeya’s wrath? Even after they begged him for mercy?

“Babe?” you heard next to you, and you flinched even though you knew the voice’s owner immediately. Opening your eyes, you were met with your reflection in the soft violet of Kaeya’s. His lips curled into a relieved smile as you made a sigh of relief, the worry and anger carved into his face slowly subsided. However, your worry only began to grow as you noticed the blood dripping from his hair and face, and clothes decorated with the splatters. He looked nothing like the shining knight you always imagined him to be

“I’m here now. That was scary, right? It’s okay, shh.”

While Kaeya set down his sword, you could not help throwing a glance back over his shoulder. The campfire gruesomely exposed what he did to these poor souls that unfortunately decided you were a good target. A cold shudder ran down your spine, and you felt sick to the stomach, even though you knew he only did it to save you. But still, couldn’t there have been another way? A better way to deal with them?

Why couldn’t you stop questioning him?

His arms - the same arms he used to swing his sword with cruelly - wrapped around you carefully, trying not to scare you too much. Before, his touch had never frightened you. But now, you felt uncomfortable laying in his arms as Kaeya lifted you from the damp, dirty ground. Thankful, that’s what you should have been. But all you could feel was weirded out by his touch, the firm grip he had on you, together with the fact he never untied your body or pulled the gag from your mouth. If it was truly over, why the restraints? Did you two have to get away quickly? Was there no time to help you get back to your feet?

“I’m sorry you had to live through this. They were a miserable bunch anyway,” Kaeya sighed, smiling at you pitifully as he abruptly turned around. You weren’t prepared to look away from the horror that was death, witnessing it much more now than back when you looked over his shoulder. There was no time to prepare you for the true horror laying before you, but a glimpse was enough for you to twist your head around and bury it in Kaeya’s jacket, even though you were unable to stop seeing it in your head. The picture kept appearing behind your eyes, making you shiver in Kaeya’s arms.

“You are safe with me, you know? I will always come for you, Darling.”

It was hard to understand his words as you kept hearing the screams of the people that laid below you, but you nodded without realizing it. All you wanted was to get away. Get back to Mondstadt and your family. In your warm, safe bed, cuddled under a blanket. Away from the stench of blood, and the sight of death, even though you already knew it would haunt you in your dreams.

“Let’s go home.”

You two passed the warmth of the campfire that had kept you from freezing the last few days, back into the cold darkness of the night. There were a few questions you wanted to ask him. How he found you, why they sent him, and most importantly: why he killed them all. But at the same time, you felt nothing but relief about knowing you’d be going home. That’s the one thing you could be thankful for, and you nuzzled your face further into his shoulder, hoping the message came across.

Yandere Reads Your Journal (Part 2 - Roleplay / ASMR)

Tick, tock. Tick, tock. The grandfather clock chimes, time is running out, your running out of space to hide. Naive and deprived of the rights of love and affection, you should've been careful, now look at where you stand. No one can see it but yourself.

Know what you wish for before the clock runs out of time. You may have not done petty crimes, but even that won't save your lifeline. The stars covered in rose red over the sideline, why isn't that a beauty? Learn your trust and learn your mistakes because it's already too late to turn back time. AND it's already too late to even try to run..MY DARLING.

"Shhhh~ You're doing great, soon, soon, you'll understand why I'm doing this~"

"That was your own fault, learn that you can't run away now. See this~? Well, I'm going to teach you what it means to be under me~"

I said what I said, you don't have a say in this because you chose that side of the coin. But if this path makes it look what it seems, then make it work with what you have, not everything is what it seems at the first glance of the title. Welcome Readers to Twisted Bonds.


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His King - Yandere!Spain x Male!Reader

Spain by Mikorin-kun
Spain couldn’t help but stare at the man standing near him. He exactly knew who that man was, his previous king, who he loved oh so much. Spain hadn’t expected to meet him again. Especially not here, at a small gathering in France, which the country of love had invited him for. It almost felt like destiny. After so many years, the country of love was where they would reunite. It couldn’t be a coincidence. It was faith, Spain would get his king back. They’d be together again, forever and ever. Until the end of times. Spain didn’t care that his former king was a human, he’d find something to help that.

Spain had helped the man escape the country when the rebellion came looking for him. He wouldn’t let his love be taken away from him, especially not as the rebellion had wanted the king dead. Spain couldn’t let that happen, so he had helped the man escape.

He had missed the man for so many years and now he was there again. A woman at his side and two children begging for his attention. Spain recognised the woman, she had been at the palace before. Some sort of princess from a foreign country. Spain hadn’t care back then, as he had only been focused on his king. Now he didn’t care either. He was the one who had helped the king leave. Even though it broke his heart, he had left him in the good care of France. And now he wanted him back.

‘(M/n)!’ (M/n) turned around in the direction the voice came from. He noticed the cheerful country coming towards him.

‘Spain, I haven’t seen you in a while,’ (M/n) said, a smile growing on his face. He had made many good memories with the country before he had been forced to leave.  ‘How are you doing? How’s your new leader treating you?’

‘It’s not the same without you, (M/n),’ Spain said, a sad expression on his face. ‘He will never be able to replace you. No matter how hard he tries.’

‘I’m sorry to hear that, but you have to give him a chance,’ (M/n) said, looking at the country. Spain frowned, wondering if the man had forgotten. Forgotten what he had promised. If he had moved on. He quickly replaced the frown with a smile, knowing it would worry the man. Thinking about the man worrying over him fuelled his smile. (M/n) cared for him, Spain knew he did.

‘Let’s go for a walk, like we did back then,’ Spain said, taking (M/n) by the arm. (M/n) smiled and let him be taken away.


(M/n) listened to Spain talk about his country. The personification seemed so cheerful to be talking to (M/n) again.

‘It seems that everything is going good without me,’ (M/n) said. He tried to sound cheerful, but he couldn’t help but feel sad.

‘Why so sad?’ Spain questioned. ‘Have you perhaps forgotten?’ (M/n) furrowed his eyebrows. He didn’t know what Spain wanted him to remember.

‘Forgotten what?’ he asked. Spain’s grin widened, which confused (M/n) even more.

‘Remember we made an arrangement when you went away?’ the country asked. (M/n)’s frown deepened as he tried to remember. He finally shook his head. ‘Now you’re making me mad,’ Spain said, the cheerful expression had disappeared off of his face.

‘I’m sorry?’ (M/n) said, though it felt more like a question. Spain smiled as he accepted the other’s apology. He’d accept the apology over and over again for his love. He then rested his arms around (M/n)’s neck, stepping closer to the male. Their noses almost touching.

‘No worries, just remember that despite our estrangement… I’m your man,’ he said. (M/n) shook his head and took Spain’s arm to move them away from his neck.

‘I’m sorry, Spain, but I’m not. Remember, you have a new leader now,’ he said with a smile, though the situation was giving him the creeps.

‘Don’t worry, you’ll be back,’ Spain said, taking a sudden hold of (M/n)’s arm. ‘Soon you’ll see. You’ll remember you belong to me.’ Spain hugged his former king, resting his head on the man’s shoulder. ‘You’ll be back. Time will tell. You’ll remember that I served you well.’ (M/n) pushed the country off of him, feeling even more creeped out now.  He needed to get his former country out of this disillusion.


‘I won’t be back,’ (M/n) countered. ‘My empire has fallen, remember?’ Spain shrugged in response.

‘Oceans rise, empires fall,’ he said, stepping closer to (m/n), who instinctively took a step back. ‘We have seen each other through it all.’ (M/n) shook his head in disbelief.

‘But-‘ before he could even make his point, Spain started talking again.

‘And when push comes to shove,’ the country started. He stepped even closer to (M/n) and whispered his next words in the man’s ear. ‘I will send a fully armed battalion to remind you of my love.’ (M/n)’s expression turned to one of horror as he heard the country’s words. He stepped away from Spain, terrified of the country who was smiling at him cheerfully.

‘…No…’ he whispered and shook his head. (M/n) wasn’t ready to believe this yet. He had been Spain’s king for so long, had this side of Spain always been there? How had he not noticed it before?


‘Let’s dance,’ Spain said. Before (M/n) could object, the country had already taken his arm and pulled him onto the dancefloor. (M/n) knew it would be suspicious if he’d actively try to get away from the country, so he stayed to dance. And somewhere in his mind he still believed that it wasn’t actually real. That Spain was just playing with him. This couldn’t go on for any longer. Maybe he just needed to change the subject. Spain was humming the song they were dancing to.

‘France’s place has been decorated nicely, don’t you think?’ (M/n) questioned. Spain furrowed his eyebrows as he stopped humming.

‘Don’t change the subject,’ he said, before the smile reappeared on his face. He realised that (M/n) didn’t know yet how important he was for Spain. (M/n) didn’t know how much he loved him. Spain would show him. No woman or man could compare to him and (M/n) would know it. ‘You’re my favourite subject. So don’t change it.’ (M/n) felt somewhere in between being flattered and the urge to run away as fast as he could.

‘I suppose,’ (M/n) mumbled.

‘You’re my loyal, royal subject,’ Spain continued as though (M/n) had said anything. The country stepped closer again. ‘We’ll be together… forever… and ever… and ever.’ (M/n) felt a chill going down his spine as he heard the other’s whispers.

‘Why?’ he questioned.

‘Because I want you back,’ Spain said with a smile, as though it should be obvious. ‘And you’ll be back. Everything will be like before. I’ll fight for it if I have to. I’ll fight the fight and win the war.’

‘Again, why?’ (M/n) wondered. He couldn’t help but ask, though he felt like running to France to ask the country to get him out of reach of Spain.

‘For your love,’ Spain said with a loving sigh, he lied his head down on (M/n)’s shoulder again as he hugged the man. (M/n) didn’t hug back. ‘For your praise… You’ll come with me. You’ll stay with me forever. I’ll love you for my dying days.’ (M/n) had enough. He stepped back.

‘No, this isn’t going to happen,’ he said. He tried to walk away, but Spain followed him. They walked into an empty hallway.

‘When you are gone, I’ll go mad,’ Spain said, quickly walking after (M/n).

‘That’s no excuse, this is not going to happen,’ (M/n) said as he kept walking.

‘Don’t throw away the thing we had,’ Spain hugged (M/n)’s back, causing both of them to stop.

‘I have a wife, I have started a family,’ (M/n) said. ‘I have moved on from being your king. So should you. This is not going to happen, so get it out of your head.’

‘But when push.. comes to shove…’ (M/n) froze as he heard Spain’s next words. ‘I will kill your friends and family… to remind you of my love.’ (M/n) jumped away from Spain.

‘Get away from me,’ (M/n) said, his voice full of fear. ‘Don’t ever come near me again.’ Spain looked hurt at the tone, especially when (M/n) turned around and ran away from him. When (M/n) had left the hallway, Spain started quietly humming the song they had been dancing on.

‘Running away won’t help you, my dearest. You’ll be back.’  


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