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Most Samsung Galaxy repairs take about 45 minutes to an hour to complete and come with a lifetime warranty. Samsung Galaxy repairs include Screen Replacement, Battery Replacement, Charge Port Replacement, Button Repair, Camera Replacement, and more. See below for our current Samsung Galaxy Repair Catalog or stop by one of our locations for further details and diagnostic assessments.

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Galaxy Note Series smartphone repairs include Note 2, Note 3, Note 4, Note 5, Note 8, Note 9, Note 10, and Note 10 Plus. Click below to search all Galaxy Note Series Repairs.

Other popular Samsung repairs include Samsung A Series smartphone repairs, Samsung J Series smartphone repairs, and Samsung Tab Tablet repairs.

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Highly Recommend. I stumbled on to this company a couple years back for when I wanted my broken phone fixed. Ever since that experience I have nothing but amazing things to say about this location/company. I have come many times, to look into laptop being fixed, fixing two Samsung broken screens and even to see if I could salvage my old ipod to get fixed. In all those efforts they were professional, told me straight up if it was worth fixing and did their due diligence in fixing it and took their time in doing so. Ive always recommend this location to all my family and friends. Dont waste your time reading the negative reviews of this place. You will always have a pleasant experience there. Cheers to you guys and your team.

Moiz Badar - (See Review On Google Maps)
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  • Thanks for an amazing review! We always strive to deliver a great customer experience, though occasionally we do drop the ball. However, we never compromise on our efforts or integrity, and are super gratified when we receive customer affirmation. Thanks again, for your trust in The TechKnow Space. May your Sony lapotop, the two Samsung Galaxsy S4s and the iPod Touch 4 provide you the many years of happy service. Our best to you and yours, Moiz.

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    Samsung Smartwatch screen replacement

    Samsung Galaxy watch repair

    Looking to get your Galaxy watch screen repair or battery relacement? Cityphones provide professional repair and services. We fix almost all the faults related to the Samsung smartwatches. All our repairs are backed by our standard warranty. You can also get your free no obligation Samsung Galaxy watch repair estimate today. Just by clicking on the Repair quote button on the side. If you are happy with the price, then you can walk-in to the store or book your repair with us by clicking on the Book Repairbutton at the top.

    Samsung smartwatch repair by post

    Moreover, you can also use our mail-in repair service to get the Samsung smartwatch screen repair. We will repair your watch and post it back to you.

    In addition to that, we have pick-up and drop-off service. This service is available in areas around Melbourne CBD. Please contact us to use this service. This service may not be available for all the areas. 

    Samsung smartwatch screen replacement

    Cityphones always use the best quality glass screen replacement parts for your Samsung Galaxy watch. Hence, our technicians are able to provide high-quality repair services. If you need to get your Samsung Galaxy Watch screen repair today, then, our experienced techs can do a free diagnostics test for the repair quote.  The quote consists of the part cost and labour. Finally, you can book the repair.

    Samsung smartwatch battery replacement

    At Cityphones, we are able to perform repairs for almost all the faults with Samsung smartwatch. Whether you are unable to charge your smartwatch or problems with screen. We have qualified technicians to carry Samsung Galaxy watch battery replacement. 

    We are equipped with state-of-the-art-tools. Cityphones strongly believe in customer satisfaction. So, our experienced technicians always aim to provide you high quality repairs. Not to forget the affordable prices. We will also match the repair price. The most common Samsung glaxy watch repair are as below:

    • Samsung Galaxy watch screen repair
    • Galaxy watch screen replacement
    • Samsung smartwatch battery replacement
    • Galaxy watch battery replacement
    • Galaxy watch charging port repair
    • Samsung watch power button repair
    • Samsung smartwatch home button repair
    • Galaxy watch volume button reapir
    • Samsung galaxy watch camera repair
    • Samsung watch microphone repair
    • Ssmsung Galaxy watch loudspeaker repair
    • Rear cover
    • Battery cover
    • Rear glass
    • Fault diagnosis and assessment


    Samsung smartwatch repair near me

    Cityphones offers affordabe and high quality Samsung smartwatch screen repair in Melbourne. we are located in the Meboune CBD and provide mail-in repair service Australia wide. Contact us to get your Galaxy watch repair free repair quote today.

    Smartwatch repair near me

    Samsung Galaxy Watch repair is conducted by the professional techs. Therefore, the repairs carried at Cityphones results in customer satisfaction. Our expert techs set the standard resulting in the  #1 choice for replacing cracked screens. we can also fix the problem of dead battery. Got a fault? We can fix it!


    Galaxy watch repair

    Samsung galaxy watch repair cost

    Samsung galaxy watch repair

    How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Watch Bezel Ring

    Samsung Smartwatch Repair

    Samsung Smartwatches are a series of wearable devices created by Samsung Electronics. Samsung’s line of smartwatches is the Samsung Gear series, which was rebranded in as part of the Samsung Galaxy series. This product line consists of various iterations of the product.

    Samsung launched their first smartwatch, the Samsung Galaxy Gear, on September 25, as a counterpart to Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets. At launch, the smartwatch ran the Android operating system but switched to Tizen in

    The Samsung Galaxy Watch was released in and was succeeded by the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active, followed by the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, all of which run on the Tizen operating system.

    Other devices in the Samsung Gear product line include:

    • Samsung Gear 2
    • Samsung Gear 2 Neo
    • Samsung Gear Live
    • Samsung Gear S
    • Samsung Gear S2
    • Samsung Gear S2 Classic
    • Samsung Gear S3
    • Samsung Gear S3 Classic
    • Samsung Gear S3 Frontier
    • Samsung Gear Sport

    Samsung began releasing fitness trackers in These devices include:

    • Samsung Gear Fit
    • Samsung Gear Fit 2
    • Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro
    • Samsung Galaxy Fit
    • Samsung Galaxy Fit e

    Users can find the specific model of their Samsung smartwatch here.

    Official Site: Samsung

    Amazon: Samsung Smartwatches

    Wikipedia: List of Samsung Smartwatches


    Galaxy repair samsung watch

    The most common Samsung Galaxy Watch problems and how to fix them

    Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority

    Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

    Table of contents

    Samsung is probably best known for its smartphones, but it also produces some of the best smartwatches you can buy. The company recently branched into new territory with the Galaxy Watch 4 series. However, plenty of people still use Samsung’s solid legacy smartwatches. The Galaxy Watch 3 and Galaxy Watch Active 2 come to mind, while cheaper alternatives for those on a budget are also on offer. Despite their popularity and proven quality, Samsung’s smartwatches suffer from problems and issues like other wearables. But, if you’re stumped by a problem you can’t seem to solve, we’re here to bring some relief. Below, we look at the more common Samsung Galaxy Watch problems and offer a list of possible solutions for each.

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    Problem #1: Pairing issues

    You may be facing issues during the pairing process. Or, even after you’ve paired both devices, Bluetooth connectivity might randomly drop between your smartphone and smartwatch.

    Potential solutions:

    • First, Samsung suggests switching Bluetooth on and off on your smartwatch.
      • To do this, press the Power/Home key on your watch while on the home screen, then tap Settings. Head to Connections > Bluetooth, and toggle Bluetooth off and on.
      • For redundancy, we recommend you switch Bluetooth off and on on your smartphone, too.
    • If the two devices struggle to establish a connection, ensure that your smartphone and watch are within Bluetooth connectivity range. Also, ensure that the path between them is relatively unobstructed.
    • Still facing issues? Try restarting your watch. You can find details of how to do this on your respective device at the foot of this article. Restart your smartphone, too.
    • If all else fails, unpair your smartwatch from your phone.
      • To do this, head to your phone’s Bluetooth menu and manually unpair the wearable. Once complete, pair the device once more.

    Problem #2: Syncing issues

    Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority

    Health data garnered by your Samsung Galaxy Watch just isn’t syncing with the Samsung Health app. What can you do?

    Potential solutions:

    • For starters, check if you can initiate manual sync between your watch and smartphone.
      • Open the Samsung Health app on your device, tap Menu > Settings > Sync with Samsung account > tap the switch icon. Finally, tap Sync.
    • Restart Bluetooth on your smartphone and smartwatch. Double-check that your phone and watch are connected.
    • Restart your phone and smartwatch. After this step, retry manually syncing once more.
    • Still nothing? You may need to uninstall the Samsung Health app on your phone. Once complete, reinstall it.
    • You may need to unpair your smartwatch with your smartphone. To do this, head to your smartphone’s Bluetooth menu and hit unpair.
    • As a last resort, back up your Samsung Galaxy Watch and perform a factory reset.
      • To back up your Samsung Galaxy Watch, open the Galaxy Wearable app on your phone. Tap Account and backup > Back up and restore > Back up data. Select which settings and apps you want to save. Finally, press Backup. Once complete, tap Done.
      • To factory reset your watch, we recommend using the Galaxy Wearable app once more. These steps should be similar across all Samsung wearables. Open the app on your smartphone, tap the Home tab > General > Reset > Reset.
      • You’ll have to set up your wearable once more, but this step should rule out any software-related issues.
    • If this doesn’t solve it, we recommend taking your device to Samsung for a closer look. There may be an underlying problem you can’t troubleshoot or remedy yourself.

    See also: How to factory reset your Samsung smartwatch

    Problem #3: Charging issues

    Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority

    Your Samsung Galaxy Watch refuses to charge on its provided charging cradle or dock. This could be the start of a more significant issue or might be something you can remedy within a few minutes.

    Potential solutions:

    • It would be best if you ticked off a few practical troubleshooting boxes first.
      • For starters, double-check if your wireless charger is connected to the wall and the plug is switched on.
      • Check if there’s any damage to the charger or the charging cable. If so, use a different charger or cable if available.
      • Suspect the wall plug might be the issue? Check if another appliance works in that specific plug.
      • Ensure that the charging points on the Samsung Galaxy Watch and charging dock/cradle are clean and free of debris.
    • If your device still holds some charge, try rebooting your smartwatch before attempting to charge it again.
    • Suspect the dock is the issue? Try using another Qi wireless charger if you own a Galaxy Watch 3, Watch Active 2, original Galaxy Watch, or Galaxy Watch Active.
      • If you own a smartphone that also supports wireless power share, you can use this as an alternative charging method, too.
    • You may need to replace your Samsung Galaxy Watch charger altogether. You can find replacement options at the link below.

    Samsung Galaxy Watch chargers on Amazon

    Problem #4: Screen issues

    If your Samsung Galaxy Watch is charging and holds power, but the display isn’t switching on, it could be a significant issue. Before taking your device to Samsung for a closer look, try these possible fixes.

    Potential solutions:

    • If your watch’s display has streaks, appears to be pixelated, or flickers, Samsung recommends a simple restart as an initial measure.
      • At this point, pay close attention to your watch’s display during this process. If the issues persist during the reboot screen, you may need to contact Samsung. It could be the beginning of a more pressing issue. This will also rule out any apps or watch faces as the culprit.
      • However, you might need to change the watch face if you don’t notice anything during the restart process but do after the watch reboot. To do this, touch and hold the watch face on the watch’s home screen > tap Remove > tap the checkmark to uninstall the face.

    Other issues:

    • If your smartwatch’s screen doesn’t respond to gestures, double-check if raise-to-wake is switched on.
      • To do this on your phone, open the Galaxy Wearable app on your device, tap Advanced, tap the toggle next to Wake-up gesture to enable raise-to-wake.
      • You can also enable this on your watch. Open the Settings app > Advanced > Wake-up gesture > toggle on Wake-up gesture.

    Problem #5: Notification issues

    Smartwatches aren’t smartwatches without notifications support. Sometimes, your phone won’t send messages and alerts through to your wrist. Here are a few possible remedies.

    Potential solutions:

    • First, it’s always a good idea to restart both your smartphone and smartwatch. This might remedy the issue without much fuss.
    • Check if notifications are enabled in the Galaxy Wearable app. To do this, tap on Notifications on the app’s home screen, and ensure the master toggle is switched on.
      • If certain apps aren’t sending through notifications, you can toggle on notification support for individual apps on this page, too.
    • Still no notifications? Check if any power saving or alert restriction modes are activated on your Samsung Galaxy Watch. Open the Settings app on your watch and head to Advanced. Ensure that Goodnight mode, Theatre mode, and Do not disturb are all switched off.
      • You can also toggle these in the Advanced tab on the Galaxy Wearable app on your smartphone.

    Problem #6: Update issues

    Suzana Dalul / Android Authority

    Software updates are important to keep your smartwatch running smoothly. They include the latest security patches, bug fixes, and new features. However, these updates sometimes refuse to download, introduce new issues, or won’t install at all. There could be several reasons for these issues, but there are a few things you can try.

    Potential solutions:

    • As always, restart your watch and your smartphone.
    • If your Samsung Galaxy Watch isn’t automatically updating, try to initiate a manual update. Open the Galaxy Wearable app on your phone, head to Watch software update, tap on Download and install.
    • Nothing? Try unpairing and pairing your watch to your smartphone. If your phone downloads an update but can’t install it on your watch, there may be a connectivity issue between the devices.
    • If this doesn’t solve the problem, you may have to factory reset your smartwatch. A clean smartwatch might be the ticket to installing new software.
    • If your Samsung Galaxy Watch still refuses to install updates, you might need to take it to Samsung.

    Problem #7: Activity tracking issues

    Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority

    Samsung’s smartwatches don’t pack the most accurate fitness tracking tech, but they’re still adequate to gain a general idea of your overall health. However, sometimes your watch may not record your workouts automatically. Conversely, it may record incorrect info.

    Potential solutions:

    • Is your Samsung Galaxy Watch not automatically tracking your workouts? That’s a simple fix.
      • On your watch, head to Samsung Health > Settings > Workout detection. Ensure this setting is toggled on.
      • You can also check if this feature is enabled on your smartphone. Open Galaxy Wearable on your phone, head to Health settings > Workout detection.
      • Importantly, automatic workout detection will only switch on after 10 minutes, so if your workouts are shorter, this could be the issue.
    • Notably, this feature could also be the root of other issues too. If you find your watch is recording erroneous data or suddenly starts recording a dynamic workout, you may need to switch off automatic workout detection.
    • If you have another issue, first try restarting your smartwatch.
    • Checking if there are any updates will also rule out (or remedy) a software problem. Ironically, software updates can also introduce more issues. If you suspect an update is at fault, you may have to factory reset your smartwatch. Do this only if you’ve exhausted all other options, though.

    Other issues:

    • As for sleep tracking, Samsung Galaxy Watches can either use your heart rate or body movement to record sleep.
      • To use heart rate-based tracking, open the Samsung Health app > Sleep > Settings > toggle on Record REM sleep.
      • If you feel this mode is inaccurate or too sensitive, you can switch it off to use body movement as the primary recording metric.
      • Notably, if you own a Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, it will automatically toggle between the two to best measure your sleep cycle.

    Problem #8: Cellular issues

    Some Samsung Galaxy Watches feature support for LTE. They’re excellent for streaming music while running or placing calls from your watch. But occasionally, the watch might cease to connect. Additionally, you may have trouble setting up the service.

    Potential solutions:

    • First off, ensure your smartwatch is an LTE model.
    • If you’re setting up your Samsung Galaxy Watch, double-check if your smartwatch is compatible with your phone and watch. Presumably, you own an Android device with at least GB of RAM running Android or newer. However, your mobile network might not play nice with your watch.
      • To activate LTE on your watch, ensure your smartwatch is paired with your phone. Head to the Galaxy Wearable app > Mobile networks. The app will scan for LTE networks. Once complete, follow the prompts.
    • However, if connectivity on your watch suddenly ceases, you could try restarting your smartwatch and mobile phone.
    • Are you still experiencing issues? You may need to reset your watch’s network settings.
      • To do this, tap the Power/Home key > Settings > Connections > Mobile networks > Mobile plans. You’ll then need to follow the prompts. Tap Reset once complete.
      • You can also reset your watch’s network settings from your phone’s Galaxy Wearable app too.
      • Once complete, add the details of your mobile plan to your device.

    Problem #9: Samsung Pay issues

    Samsung Pay is a highly convenient way to pay for items without physical cards. The service might face a few hitches now and then, though.

    Potential solutions:

    • Samsung’s official documentation flags the actual Samsung Pay plugin on your phone as the usual suspect. However, we recommend that you try restarting your smartwatch and smartphone before taking any additional steps.
    • If this doesn’t work, you should unpair and pair your smartwatch with your phone.
    • Still nothing? Try uninstalling the Samsung Pay plug-in. Head to the Settings menu on your phone > Apps > Samsung Pay (Watch plug-in) > Uninstall. Tap Ok to confirm.
      • Once complete, reinstall the plugin from the Google Play Store or Samsung Galaxy Store.
    • If this step doesn’t help, try using Samsung Pay on your smartphone. You’ll need to ensure that the app is installed, too.
      • If it works, you can rule out a direct issue with your bank card or the service itself. But if it doesn’t, try removing and adding your bank card to the service.
    • Finally, if all else fails, you may have to reset your smartwatch.

    Problem # Band issues

    Samsung’s smartwatches come with several band options. The Galaxy Watch Active 2, for instance, arrives with silicone straps. The Galaxy Watch 3, meanwhile, can be had in leather. Both materials can suffer wear and tear.

    However, if your watch band does fail due to a factory defect, you can check if it falls within Samsung’s warranty period. In the US, Samsung’s wearables are covered by a one-year warranty.

    If you’re looking to replace your Samsung Galaxy Watch strap with something a little different, shop the available bands for your respective model and size below:

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    Problem # Performance issues

    Older smartwatches generally suffer from performance issues later in life. This can manifest as lag, random app hangs, or battery drain. You can alleviate these issues to some extent.

    Potential solutions:

    • Again, before you take any drastic steps, try restarting your smartwatch if you haven’t done so in a while.
    • If this doesn’t solve your issues, you might need to uninstall any apps you aren’t using.
      • It’s easier to do this from your phone. Open the Galaxy Wearable app, head to Apps > Manage apps. Uninstall whatever you don’t need or use regularly. This should free up storage space, reduce background RAM usage, and improve battery life.
    • The watch face you’re using might be the culprit, too. Try changing it to a default face.
      • To do this, touch and hold the watch face and swipe across the screen to select another face.
      • You can also uninstall any faces you no longer use. To do this, open your watch’s Settings > Display > Watch faces. You can swipe between the watch faces. Tap the Delete button to delete the visible face.
      • Try using a stock watch face.
    • Check for software updates. If there’s a fundamental software issue with your device, an update will likely fix it. This is especially true if you haven’t updated your device for some time.
      • Of course, a new update could also be the culprit. In this case, you may have to reset your smartwatch.
    • If all else fails, you might need to take your smartwatch to Samsung for a closer look.

    How to restart your Samsung Galaxy device

    You can restart Samsung’s smartwatches directly from their displays, but if they’re not responding or if you need to initiate a hard restart, here’s how you can do it using their buttons or your smartphone.

    • Samsung Galaxy Watch 4/Classic: Press and hold both buttons on the watch until the screen switches off. The watch will then reboot.
    • Samsung Galaxy Watch 3: Press and hold both buttons on the watch for at least eight seconds or until the watch reboots.
    • Samsung Galaxy Watch: Press and hold the Home key until a rebooting prompt is displayed. The watch should soon restart soon afterward.
    • Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2: Press and hold both buttons on the watch until the device reboots.
    • Samsung Galaxy Watch Active: Press and hold both buttons on the watch until the device reboots.
    • Samsung Galaxy Fit 2: You can restart the Galaxy Fit 2 in two ways. On your phone, launch the Galaxy Wearable app. Tap Home > About band > Restart band. On the band itself, swipe down on the home screen, swipe right three times, and then tap on the icon with three dots. Tap the top icon that appears.

    What Samsung Galaxy Watch problems have you encountered? Be sure to let us know in the comments below. We’ll do our best to help.

    How ToSamsung, Samsung Galaxy Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch Active, Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, Wearables

    Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 SM-R820 ⌚ Teardown Take apart Tutorial

    Samsung Galaxy Watch Repair

    Release date: August

    Model: SM-RF


    • 46 mm version:
      • 46 × 49 × 13 mm (~ × 2 ×  in)
    • 42 mm version:
      • × ×  mm (~ × ×  in)


    • 46 mm version:
      • 63 g ( oz) without strap
    • 42 mm cversion:
      • 49 g ( oz) without strap

    Display :

    • 46 mm version:
      • in (33 mm) circular Super AMOLED
      • × pixel resolution (~ ppi)
    • 42 mm version:
      • in ( mm) circular Super AMOLED
      • × pixel resolution (~ ppi)
    • Gorilla® Glass DX+

    Operating System:

    • Tizen Based Wearable OS


    • Exynos Dual core GHz


    • LTE version:
      • GB RAM + 4GB Internal Memory
    • Bluetooth version:
      • MB RAM + 4GB Internal Memory


    • 46 mm version:
    • 42 mm version:

    WPC based wireless charging


    • Accelerometer
    • Gyro
    • Barometer
    • HRM
    • Ambient Light

    mm headphone jack: no

    Wireless Connectivity:

    • b/g/n Wi-Fi
    • Bluetooth®
    • NFC
    • 3G, LTE (for LTE version)


    5 ATM + IP68


    • Android:
      • Android or higher & RAM GB above
    • iPhone:
      • iPhone 5 and above, iOS or above

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