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Portable DVD players can be your savior when you’re about to embark on a long road trip or cross country flight with kids. But portable DVD players aren’t just for keeping your kids entertained, they can also be super useful around the home for those times when a classic movie isn’t available on Netflix or Amazon Prime, but patiently waiting in your DVD collection.

Plus, if you grew up in the 90s or 2000s, chances are you have a solid size DVD collection in your home. Well, winter is coming, and there’s no better time to break those old movies that you can’t find on streaming services, especially when someone in your household has never seen classics like Heat.

If you’re in the market for a portable DVD player, here are some things you should consider:

  • Attached screen
  • Screen Size
  • Battery Life

Most portable DVD players have an attached screen, so the unit serves as an all-in-one entertainment device. But an option like the Ceihoit mini DVD player doesn’t include a portable screen. So if you’re looking for a DVD player that you or your kid can take anywhere, make sure it has an attached screen.

Speaking of screens, portable DVD players come with a variety of different screen sizes. They usually range from 10 to 17 inches. If you’re looking for maximum portability, go with a smaller screen, but 17-inch options like the Boifun DVD player still maintains excellent battery life even though the screen is larger. This can ultimately come down to personal preference.

Finally, a good portable DVD player should have at least five hours of battery life. That is enough for a cross-country flight or a 300-mile car ride. If you can find a portable DVD player with longer battery life, even better.

Time to hunker down and binge-watch some classics. Here are our recommendations for the best portable DVD players.


1. HD Juntunkor


The 10.1-inch screen strikes the right balance between display size and portability to keep your attention hooked. You can mount this portable DVD player to the back of a car seat, or take it anywhere else thanks to a 270-degree rotating screen that can flip 180 degrees to get the best viewing angle possible. And it’s good for road trips or cross-country flights with five hours of battery life. No wonder almost 3,000 people on Amazon gave it a 4.5-star rating.

HD Juntunkor portable dvd playerCourtesy of Amazon


2. Ceihoit Mini DVD Player


This portable mini DVD player doesn’t have a screen on it, but it is small, quiet, lightweight, and affordable. Oh, and it’s great for connecting to additional TVs or projectors. Sure, you probably can’t take it in a car, but when you want a DVD player for home use, especially one you can easily take from room to room and connect to any flat screen TV in the house, this is one of the more affordable ways to go.

Ceihoit Mini DVD PlayerCourtesy of Amazon


3. WONNIE Portable DVD/CD Player


A 15.4-inch HD screen makes this one of the greatest viewing options when it comes to portable DVD players. It offers 270-degree rotation and a 180-degree flip feature that provides a clear wide-open view. And if you forget your car charger, no worries. With an impressive six hours of battery life, you can enjoy Titantic twice in a row, or The Irishman almost once (we know that movie isn’t six hours, but it sure feels like it). You aren’t confined to the 15.4-inch screen either. You can use the three-in-one cable to connect the portable DVD player to another TV or even a projector. With an equally high rating on Amazon as the HD Juntunkor DVD player, you’re getting a pretty well-vetted option.

WONNIE Portable DVD/CD PlayerCourtesy of Amazon


4. DBPOWER 12-inch Portable DVD Player


With over 7,300 reviews on Amazon and an overall 4.4-star rating, this 12-inch portable DVD player has satisfied a lot of on-the-go movie watchers. It’s great for the car with an AC adapter but can also last on car trips for up to five hours running on battery. And if the 12-inch screen isn’t enough, you can easily connect it to a TV and take your DVDs to the big screen. It’s a convenient and reliable choice for your DVD playback needs.

dbpower 12 inch portable dvd playerCourtesy of Amazon


5. NAVISKAUTO Portable Blu Ray DVD Player


Looking to put both your Blu-ray and DVDs to use? This is the best portable option for you. It’s compatible with both Blu-ray and DVD and has HDMI output to send 1080P video to TVs and other devices. There’s a 12-inch screen and five-hour DVD or three-hour Blu-ray disc use. This set comes with the player, remote control, AV cable, HDMI cable, AUX Cable, wall Charger, and cigarette charger.

NAVISKAUTO 12 inch Portable Blu Ray DVD Player Courtesy of Amazon


6. OTIC Bluetooth Portable DVD Player


Many of the portable DVD options on this list are small and lightweight, but not many of them actually come with a carrying case. The OTIC 9.0-inch DVD player has a smaller screen and comes with a bag to easily carry it with you wherever you go. Even though it’s small, it still sports an outstanding five hours worth of battery life, and ports for SD cards, and USB media, as well as connections to an external TV.

OTIC Bluetooth Portable DVD PlayerCourtesy of Amazon


7. Insignia Dual Screen Portable DVD Player


Road trips can be brutal with fussy kids in the back seat. With the Insignia Dual Screen Portable DVD player, you can keep the kiddos entertained and keep the “are we there yet?” to a minimum. The 10-inch screens easily fit on each headrest in the car, and your kids can have complete control without unbuckling their seatbelts with the include remote control. They can even plug in a pair of kid’s headphones into the headphone jack, so parents can have a little peace and quiet as well.

insignia dual screen portable dvd playerCourtesy of Best Buy

Insignia Dual Screen Portable DVD Player


Buy Now


8. ieGeek Portable DVD Player


With a rotating screen that can snap back 180 degrees, you can mount this DVD player to the headrest in your car, or enjoy it by connecting it to a larger TV in your home. The 11.5-inch screen also has eye-protective shielding to help reduce eye fatigue when you’re watching for long periods of time. You can enjoy DVDs or media from USB or SD cards. It’s a versatile and small portable DVD player with an equally small price tag.

iegeek portable dvd playerCourtesy of Amazon


9. Jekero Portable DVD Player With Game Controller


Designed with a 17.9-inch screen, this portable DVD player is an awesome option for families. It supports all-region discs and has input/output slots that allow you to enjoy e-books, games, and more via USB and SD card. There’s a remote control for easy programming and access and a gamepad that allows kids to interact with their favorite games.

Jekero 17.9Courtesy of Amazon


10. NAVISKAUTO Dual Car DVD Players


This set of portable DVD players offer 10.9-inch screens and can easily sync 1080P videos and audio from computers, mobile phones, and gaming consoles such as Xbox or Kindle Fire and also features AV input and output functions. Each DVD player in this set comes with a mounting bracket, headphones, and remote control and there’s also a car charger splitter and AV cable so you can connect to your favorite devices.

NAVISKAUTO Dual Car DVD PlayersCourtesy of Amazon


the definitive ranking of the best 65-inch tvs for sale in 2021


10 Best DVD Players

Though streaming video is top dog these days, there’s still something satisfying about watching crisp, clear video through a DVD player or Blu-Ray player. 

It also offers flexibility that you can’t always get with streaming – such as viewing at the cottage, on the road, or just watching movies no longer available on Netflix. 

DVDs and Blu-Ray disks also offer extra content not available on streaming services, like behind-the-scenes documentaries and commentary audio tracks from the filmmakers.  For this reason, DVDs are still a preferred option for film buffs.

Table of Contents

Top DVD Players

Read on for what we feel are the best DVD players right now. 

1. Sony DVPSR210P DVD Player

Sony DVPSR210P DVD Player
Sony DVPSR210P DVD Player
  • Multi-format DVD and CD media playback
  • Connector Type: AV cable required (No HDMI port)

This affordable player can play multi-format DVDs, as well as CDs. It supports fast and slow playback with sound, forward and rewind, instant replay, and disc resume. 

You can also use it to show a picture slideshow (in JPEG) and even add in MP3 background music.

The unit itself is sturdy and ultra-compact. The remote can sync with multiple brands and control TV functions as well.

There are no HDMI ports on the device, so it is not compatible with a Smart TV unless it has Component or RCA connections.

There is no display on the front of the player and minimal buttons on the device. Most functions need to be accessed by the remote. So make sure you never lose it.

Best For: People who want an affordably priced DVD player that works with older TVs.

2. Sony UBP-X700 4K Ultra HD Home Theater Streaming Blu-Ray Player

The Sony UBP-X700 4K Ultra HD has built-in WiFi that allows you to access apps like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon prime, and more. It will play just about any disc you can throw at it, including music in multiple formats, and it sounds fantastic with its Hi-Res audio.

It supports Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision and has 3D Playback.

This player has two HDMI outputs, which allows you to separate your audio and visual for more precise sound.

The one-year warranty gives you peace of mind in case anything goes wrong.

While it does support the major streaming apps, the rest of the apps it offers are relatively limited. 

It is not explained clearly, but when you initially set up the DVD player, you will need to turn on Dolby Vision in the menu. It will stay on after the initial setup but does not automatically come with it enabled.

It has a lag when trying to get a movie started; it takes quite a bit of time when comparing it to streaming devices. There are some issues with freezing, especially with 4K; the only solution is unplugging it and plugging it back in.

Best For: Someone who wants a good playback quality and understands it won’t set up as quickly as streaming.

3. Panasonic Dolby Sound 1080p USB DVD Player

This player will upgrade your DVD video into full HD with 1080p, which makes it a great option for those who are using it specifically for DVD playback. 

Combined with Dolby Digital sound, it has high-quality picture and sound. It is also compatible with USB memory devices (though only for audio and JPEG – no video is supported).

Very fragile, the Panasonic DVD player is not very sturdy and feels cheaply made. 

You should handle it with care when opening and closing the disc drive and when removing the DVD from the tray. This is not a good option for kids.

The remote is small, the buttons are close together, and sometimes you need to hit the button multiple times before it works.

Best For: People who want an affordable DVD player with high-quality picture and sound. 

4. Panasonic 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player

The Panasonic 4K Ultra supports 4K/HDR, HDR10+, HDR10, and hybrid log-gamma. You can even get 4K streaming for VOD apps like Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime Video. 

It has a powerful Panasonic HCX Processor, which gives you sharp detail and beautiful color. They couple this display with Hi-Res studio Master sound from DSD, providing a theater-like experience.

It is Alexa and Google Assistant-enabled, however, you must already have an Amazon Echo or Google Home device for it to work through, it does not house an Alexa or Google speaker.

The device has a digital display and a USB input, making it competitive with others in the same price range.

The initial setup of the DVD player is not intuitive for the user, and the Alexa and Google Assistant is tricky to set up. 

The interface for streaming is sluggish, with limited apps to choose from. A note of caution to parents: disable the after-hours content. If you don’t go in to specifically disable it, it will explain how to turn it on when selected.

Best For: People who want an upgraded viewing and sound experience, and anyone who wants integration into their Smart Home devices.

5. LG BP175 Blu-Ray DVD Player

LG packs a lot into this affordable DVD player, including DVD upscaling to 1080p via HDMI and full HD 1080p for Blu-Ray. If you want high-definition surround sound, LG includes DTS, DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, and Dolby TrueHD.

It also includes streaming apps like CinemaNow, Netflix, Pandora, Spotify, and YouTube.

It is a wired device, not wireless, and comes with an Ethernet port to connect to. This can help increase streaming speeds, but it’s a bit of an inconvenience that it’s not a choice.

There are only six apps available, so if you’re looking to add more than the basics listed above, this isn’t the machine for you.

Best For: People with an HDTV, who are looking for the best simple and basic DVD/Blu-Ray Player.

6. LG Blu Ray Player

The next level up for LG includes 4K Ultra HD UBD, full HD 1080p, and 4K upscaling using the HDMI input. 

These features work with both 4K and non-4K TVs. It’s HDR10 and 3D compatible, with Dolby Atmos and DTS HD-Master. All that to say it has amazing picture and sound quality.

The LG is one of the only DVD players you can play back all of your USB content on. It supports USB and External HDD playback in 1080p or 4K upscaling.

It’s easy to switch between zones, with a great interface and responsive remote; something not every device on this list can say.

It has no WiFi and is a wired device. Skip it if you’re just buying it for the “all regions” aspect, because it’s very difficult to get it to play.

Best For: People who want high-quality picture and sound, and USB or external hard drive playback.

7. Jinhoo HD 1080p Upscaling HDMI & USB DVD Player

Jinhoo is well-respected within the DVD community, but not a well-known brand name. However, this DVD player is really easy to use and easy to install. 

Its compact design using high-quality materials makes it nice and durable, and its anti-shock technology keeps your DVDs from skipping.

This machine reads discs faster than the previous ones on this list and supports CD, DVD, and recordable DVDs. While it does have a USB input, it does not support most things you’d stream from a USB stick.

As noted above, it has a limited USB function. It will not support USB 3.0 and MP4 file playback via USB, only USB 2.0 Flash Drive up to 16GB.

This unit will not play Blu-Ray, so if you have a mix of Blu-Ray and DVD, this probably isn’t the machine for you.

The unit is loud, if you’re easily distracted while watching movies that’s something to take into consideration.

Best For: People who want a simple DVD player for a non-4K TV. This one does what it says it will, and is a great value for the cost.

8. ELECTCOM Region Free Mini DVD Player

ELECTCOM will play DVDs, CDs, and U disc files in 1080p. It has a USB input, but limits what it will playback from a USB stick. 

It’s a sturdy machine that reads discs quickly. The setup was nice and easy, and it has features like skip, slow motion, and advanced zoom. 

This machine doesn’t play Blu-Ray, so like the Jinhoo, it’s best if you don’t have Blu-Ray discs that you want to watch.

It’s pretty low-quality viewing, but if you’re looking for something to just play your DVDs on a regular TV, and you want an affordable option, this is a great one.

Best For: People who want a cheaper, no-frills DVD player.

9. Impecca DVHP9117 HDMI USB DVD Player

The Impecca will up-convert your DVDs into Full-HD 1080p, upgrading your regular DVD viewing experience. 

With a super easy setup and anti-shock technology, it’s a small player that does what it says it does without any embellishments.

It comes with a USB port that is limited in what it can playback, but available if you want to show pictures on your TV.

As noted above, the USB does not support video but will work for picture slideshows.

It’s pretty flimsy and light, in fact, you will need to hold it down while it opens the disc drive or it will shimmy away from you. 

The remote is tiny, and the buttons are small and all the same shape, making it difficult to differentiate functions, especially if you don’t have perfect vision.

Best For: People who want to spend the least amount possible and are only wanting an occasional-use DVD player.

10. Denon Professional DN-500BD | Blu-ray, DVD and CD Player

This Denon DVD/Blu-Ray player is designed for professional users and is compatible with all mainstream formats. 

Gorgeous picture and sound quality, ideal for your home theater system, corporate A/V, projector screens, and more.

On-Screen Display hiding mode means you’ll keep all the words off the screen for a distraction-free experience.

It’s the most expensive on this list, so not a great option for those who just want anything they can play DVDs on. 

It requires the remote for most functions, so make sure you don’t lose it! Denon also doesn’t have the most helpful customer service.

Best For: Those who don’t want to do trial and error and just skip to the best quality player for their home theater set up.


With so many choices available, you can easily hone in on the one that’s right for you. You can go with all the top-notch tech available for a theater-quality experience. 

Or if your TV isn’t 4K, save yourself some money and buy one that doesn’t have all the fancy upgrades.

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1 offer from $63.99. #42. Jekero 17.9" Portable DVD Player with 15.6" HD Swivel Screen, Personal DVD Player with 5 Hrs Rechargeable Battery, Mobile DVD Player for Kids, Home, Sync to TV, Support USB/SD & Multiple Disc Formats. 4.3 out of 5 stars497. 3 offers from $91.99.

COOAU Portable DVD Player, CD Player, 17.9 Model, High Definition LCD, 15.6 Inch Ultra Large Screen, Double Speaker, 5,000 mAh High Capacity Rechargeable Battery, 5 - 6 Hours Continuous Playback, Highly Durable, 270° Rotation, Front and Rear 180° Flip, CPRM Compatible, Car, Lightweight, Region Free, CPRM/USB/SD Card Compatible, AV Input Output Compatible White

What is the best portable Blu ray DVD player?

List of Top Best Portable Blu Ray DVD Players Review 10. Sylvania Portable Blu-Ray DVD Player 9. Maxmade Portable Blu-ray/DVD Disc Player 8. CUTRIP Portable Blu-Ray DVD Player 7. NAVISKAUTO Full HD Portable Blu-Ray Player 5. Sony Portable Blu-ray Player 4. Azend Group Corp Portable Blu-Ray DISC/DVD Player

What is the best headrest DVD player?

Table of The Best Headrest Dvd Player: 2. Rockville 7-inch Car Headrest DVD Player 3. eRapta 10.1-inch Headrest DVD Player 4. AUTOWINGS Touchscreen Headrest DVD Player 5. OUTAD 10.1-inch Headrest Monitor DVD Player 6. Koramzi Portable 9″ Dual DVD Player 8. AUTOWINGS Touchscreen Headrest DVD Player With Leather Cover

What is a portable DVD player?

Portable DVD player. A portable DVD player is a mobile, battery powered DVD player in the format of a mobile device. Many recent players play files from USB flash drives and SD cards.

Amazon Best Sellers: Best DVD Players

Electronics Best Sellers Mobiles & Accessories Computer & Accessories TVs Laptops Cameras & Accessories Headphones Speakers Wearable Technology Home Entertainment Systems Best Sellers: The best items in Portable DVD & Blu-ray Players based on Amazon customer purchases

The best DVD players are very affordable options now since the tech is getting on for two decades old. But age isn't all bad, in spite of being overtaken in quality by Blu-ray and digital media. The humble DVD player still breathes life into our DVD collections on TV or PC.

WONNIE 10'' Dual Car DVD Player Portable for Trip Travel Built-in 5 Hours Rechargeable Battery, Last Memory&USB&SD Slot(1 Player and 1 Monitor. 4.5 out of 5 stars832. #28. Sylvania 12-Inch Portable DVD Player with USB and SD Card Reader, Black - SDVD1256. 3.9 out of 5 stars209.

Best Sellers in Portable DVD & Blu-ray Players #1 SUNPIN Portable DVD Player 17.9" with Large HD Swivel Screen, 6 Hours Rechargeable Battery, Anti-Shocking, Resume Play, Support AV in&Out/USB/SD Card, Region-Free, Remote Controller, Black

2 days agoWhile it might not be the slimmest or most portable projector in this guide, this Amazon best-seller gets top marks for its affordable price tag and easy-to-operate design.

Amazon Best Sellers: Best Portable CD Players

Insignia™ - 10" Dual Screen Portable DVD Player - Black. Model: NS-DD10PDVD19. SKU: 6265752. User rating, 4.2 out of 5 stars with 919 reviews. (919) Price Match Guarantee. $179.99.

The player supports multi-format DVD and CD media playback but, again, that's not something that can't be said about most of these players. It is pretty compact, featuring 12.6 inches in width, 10 in length, and precisely 1.26 inches in height, so it won't take away too much of your space.

This version of the Koramzi Portable DVD Player’s is a 10” wide screen with crystal clear resolution and a 180 degree swivel screen. This portable DVD is equipped with 2 stereo speakers for your satisfaction. It is light and portable so that you may watch your favorite movies at any place for your viewing pleasure. Fea

This portable CD player gives the best sound quality. You can perfectly listen to all range of audiobooks. Its dimensions are as follows like its height is 5.5″H and its width is 5.5″. This portable CD player can be turned on upon using 2 AA batteries but these batteries will not be the part of this package.

Buy MP3 & MP4 Players Online at Amazon India. Entertain yourself anytime, anywhere with our MP3 and MP4 players. Amazon India offers you a diverse range of portable media players from well-known brands. From Apple iPod to Sony Walkman, Philips GoGear to Vizio MP3 player, you can buy any of these portable media players online.

Amazon Best Sellers: Best External Blu-ray Drives

Shopping online for any portable media player will be quick and easy as you can filter various portable media player options based on their price range, brand and seller. We feature all the most popular models of portable media players in India. Check out our great deals and special offers to get the best price across all online shopping sites.

Emob 3D Digital Smart Mobile Phone with Touch Screen Feature, Amazing Sound and Light Toy for Best Gift for Kids (Assorted Color & Variation ) by EMOB. 832. ₹304.00. ₹304. . 00. ₹390.00. ₹390.00 Fulfilled FREE Delivery on orders over ₹499.00 .

ThinkPad UltraSlim USB DVD Burner -- is a small form factor external portable DVD and CD recordable drive that can be attached to Notebooks with USB2.0 port or USB3.0 port. With 9.5mm UltraSlim engine, 20% slimmer than previous DVD Burner, with premium outlook, ThinkPad UltraSlim USB DVD Burner brings you the best user experience.

Discover the best Portable Cassette Players & Recorders in Best Sellers. Find the top 100 most popular items in Amazon Electronics Best Sellers.

The best portable dvd player for toddler (number 1 on our list for 22 August 2021) are 100 Singalong Songs For Kids by Provident Music Group. Average calculated Customer Satisfaction and Product Selling Score for this product is 9.50, which is near to the very maximum of 10 points.

Best Sellers in Portable DVD & Blu-ray Players

Description. Entertain the kids on long drives with this 13.3-inch Sylvania swivel DVD player. This DVD player is capable of playing CDs, DVDs and MP3 discs, giving you an array of different options to choosefrom. Use the car charger to keep this Sylvania swivel DVD player powered up and ready to go.

The audio that your DVD player provides is important to your DVD-watching experience, as well as your music choices — because most DVD players will play CDs. For many, a strategic configuration of speakers is the best choice for optimizing the audio in the room.

You can listen to music on your phone of course, but if you want optimum sound quality, only a dedicated player will do. Best portable music players 2019: from budget to hi-res music : Read moreI own an LG V30 smartphone. It cost me €150 new, open box. It has a quad DAC and can drive my 300ohm HD580s.

1080p upscaling. Super affordable. Dolby Digital output. JPEG slideshows with MP3 audio. Against. Slow to start. The Sony DVP-SR510H DVD player is an affordable way to get your DVDs and CDs spinning with a simple to user interface in an attractive sleek unit. As such this made it onto our best DVD players list.

STRIFF Adjustable Laptop Stand Patented Riser Ventilated Portable Foldable Compatible with MacBook Notebook Tablet Tray Desk Table Book with Free Phone Stand(Black) 4.3 out of 5 stars 5,760 ₹549.00

Best DVD players 2021

Master Mount Locking Cantilever Mount, Large. $84.99 $94.99. Save $10.00 ( 11% Off ) Add to Cart. Rvision 32" DLED HD TV. $299.99 $399.99. Save $100.00 ( 25% Off ) Add to Cart. Master Mounts Tilting or Flat TV Wall Mount.

Product Title Magnavox ZV450MW8 DVD Recorder and VCR w/Digital Tuner Replacement Remote, Manual, A/V.(Refurbished) Average Rating: ( 0.0 ) out of 5 stars Current Price $499.50 $ 499 . 50

Amazon's Best Selling Jigsaw Puzzles to Take Your Mind off Everything Else. Shop. By Jill Layton. You Can Order Last-Minute Flowers on Amazon. Shop. By Jill Layton. Amazon Best Sellers: Audible Books. Shop. By Jill Layton. Valentine's Day Tech Gifts to Make Pandemic Life a Little More Bearable. Shop.

MP3 Player, Portable 64GB SD Card Support MP3 Player with HiFi Lossless Sound, 16G MP3 Music Player with FM Radio 1.8'' Screen, 3.5mm Earphone Including (Micro SD Card not Including) Average Rating: ( 2.1) out of 5 stars. 23. ratings, based on 23 reviews. Current Price $25.48.

Best-Selling on Amazon: GooDee HD Movie Projector. High-end projectors often cost thousands of dollars, but the GooDee HD Movie Projector is a quality budget option that offers up to 1080p resolution and a max screen size of 230 inches. GooDee claims it’s 80 percent brighter than other projectors, making it ideal for environments with ambient light.

Portable DVD Players: Car DVD Players

Product Title. Sony PS3 Blu-ray DVD Disc Player With Full HD 1080p Upconversion & Built-in Wi-Fi , Plays Blu-ray Discs, DVDs & CDs, Plus CubeCable 6Ft High Speed HDMI Cable (Discontinued) Average Rating: ( 5.0) out of 5 stars. 4. ratings, based on 4 reviews.

For listening on the go, look for portable disc players. Combining Different Music Media. Many players are compatible with CDs and with other music formats. There are connections for digital players such as iPods, and support for MP3, WMA, and other music files. Some even offer writing capabilities so you can make your own music mixes.

Best single-DIN stereos. The larger-sized stereos might be all the rage, but single-DIN 2"-tall radios are still a solid choice. They can do nearly everything a larger radio can do, they're often a less expensive option, and they fit in vehicles where the large ones can't. The models below are some of our best sellers.

Best seller in Mini PCs MANYCAST® 4K Mini PC Box, Android 10, 4GB Ram 32 GB ROM, H616 Quad Core Processor, H.265 Decoding,Support 2.4G/5.0G Dual WiFi(Model:V88) 3.4 out of 5 stars 9

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5 Best DVD Players Reviews of 2021

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Unboxing the DBPower Portable DVD Player from Amazon (Used for Foreign Disc video)

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