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The man beams at you with a nod, and holds his hand out to you again, this time for a handshake. “I’m Deku!”

You’re already shaking his hand before your jaw drops open as his words process through your brain. “Deku? As in, Pro Hero Deku? As in, the Symbol of Peace and All Might’s successor, Deku?!”

Deku’s warm hand squeezes yours gently before he lets go, and he laughs, rubbing the back of his neck at your sudden, starstruck reaction. “Um, yep, guilty as charged!”

When you'd arranged to help chaperone a trip to the museum, you hadn't planned on a terrifying villain turning up unannounced, nor had you expected your instincts to catapult you into facing them down with just your words and anger as your weapons. Luckily, there's one thing you and the villain hadn't been expecting - the appearance of Pro Hero Deku.

Story is written, updating weekly!

Sours: https://archiveofourown.org/tags/Midoriya%20Izuku*s*Reader/works

Sky Writes — 🥦Midoriya Masterlist🥦

🥦Midoriya Masterlist🥦

A/N: All writings for Midoriya! (Seriously, if I leave something out tell me)


Random Scenarios:

  • Pregnant? (the bois reacting to you telling them that you’re pregnant)
  • Confession  (how the bois confess to you)
  • Road Trip  (road trips with the bois)
  • Arguing  (how do you argue with the bois when you’re dating?)
  • Abused  (how the bois help you when they find out you have abusive parents. TRIGGER WARNING.)
  • Love Yourself (the bois reacting to learning you’re insecure about yourself. TRIGGER WARNING)
  • Kisses  (how the bois kiss)
  • Sleeping Together (sleeping with the bois, cuddling not anything frisky)
  • Niagara Falls Of Blood  (the bois comforting you while you’re on your period)
  • “You’re Not A Villain”  (the bois dealing with an s/o who has a potentially villainous quirk)
  • Sparring With You  (the bois spar with you and accidentally hurting you)
  • Back Off, Mineta! (bois defend you from trashy grape boy)
  • Music (you jamming out to music with the bois; what you listen to and when)
  • Daddy? (how are the bois when they’re dads?)
  • Disney Movie Night (The bois watch Disney with you!)
  • Terrified (The bois comforting you when you’re scared)
  • Clumsy (The bois dealing with a clumsy s/o)


Random Funnies: 

Full BNHA Masterlist

Midoriya Masterlist 2

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Food For You

A/N: Thought this would be a cute idea! And i wanted to put something else out that was truly original, i wasn’t feeling up to some of my requests. Ideas just aren’t flowing as well as they used to. Kinda sucks. Hope you enjoyed this! C: 

Warnings: Cursing, Bakugo being Bakugo, fluff, Todoroki Being Smooth, Blushy Midoriya

Pairing(s): Bakugo x (fem)Reader, Midoriya x (fem)Reader, Todoroki x (fem)Reader

Tags(ask to be added!):@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]​ @justasimpleweebgirl

Bakugo1  2  3 | Midoriya 1  2 | Todoroki 1  2 | BNHA Masterlist

SummaryThe boys dealing with an s/o who asks for some of their food, or is obviously hungry and isn’t eating! 

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maycat-19-142 asked:

Ok is this how you do this mha/bnha

Character 144'cm [4.8] has glass wings can manipulate memories and she can make you fall for her zombie pink hair and green eyes she work study edgyshot.

…no the idea was I write and create a quirk for you? Were you wanting me to make a fic or something out of that maybe?

(Btw that’s a really cool quirk I like the concept of glass wings, very pretty)

Anonymous asked:

My bnha character has black eyes, blue when he start using his quirk and half white and half black hairs. His height is 175cm, weight 62kg. His personality is calm. I want a quirk that increases physical abilities like deku but also he can Handel long and mid range attacks very well .

A/N: So like, I haven’t done anything like this in forever. Seriously. My Create a Quirk thing was like over a year ago and it’s been so long since i’ve done it, that when i saw this i was like, I have to. I wasn’t sure if that’s what you wanted (for some reason my brain cells are not in communication today, #nobones lmao), but this is what you got!

Create a Quirk


Quirk Type: Emitter(Transformation??? Works as both???)

Appearance Add On’s: As you listed: Black eyes that change into blue when the quirk is in use, and half-white half-black hair.

Abilities: Your quirk allows you to send different amounts of water to different parts of your body, to make them larger. I.e.: You could make your leg muscles bigger to jump higher, or your arm larger to punch something and destroy it. You can also send the water shooting out of your palms or the soles of your feet, but you have to wait a little bit before it will work. (The water has to gather).

Advantages: You can propel yourself up just about as high as you could manage, if you shoot the water out that way (though it’ll take practice to master, and time to “charge”), and your reaction time to activate the quirk otherwise is usually always pretty fast. (This would make it possible to dodge any close, long, or mid range attack.) Because your body is strong enough to handle your own quirk, (which it has to be so you don’t explode), you also have the increased strength enough to handle enemies or anything that is thrown at you.

Disadvantages: If you use it too often, you can suffer from dehydration, and pass out very easily. Sometimes swelling doesn’t go down automatically if over used, and you have to do the whole “proper elevation” thing until it will. Hot days are not fun or easy for you to handle, so it’s best to try and stay as cool as possible. Like it or not, external air temperature can also effect the water itself, and can get too hot depending. Might be harder to control the output for propelling yourself anywhere, so you’ll have to train to learn to control it better.

Other Things: People like your eyes because of how they change colors, and you’ll often get complimented.

Anonymous asked:

Hi im looking for the masterlist and im on mobile so you masterlist ia not linked so can you please link it?

Hey! My master list is linked I checked it, so I’m not sure why it isn’t working. Sorry about that! Here you go.

taybird asked:

Can I be added to the everything tag list? Pls and thank you 😊!

I’ve got you on there now!

hdjd I’m new to this whole thing so I’m so sorry if this is not where I’m supposed to submit a request 💀 I looked it up on google but my dumbass still doesn’t understand… anywayssss I was hoping if you could do a thing with Todoroki x a self harm f!reader? Idk I’ve been feelin down and wanted to see if this was possible aHa so yea :) it’s totally ok if you don’t do it tho just sayin 🌚

HI! So to the person who wrote this and submitted it a while ago^ and to others who did at one point or wanted to i don’t write for Self Harm? I don’t find myself very comfortable with doing that and personally just can’t really get into writing that kind of thing! Sorry! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

i agree lets spread this to everyone else too


Anonymous asked:

This says to ask you anything, so I'll ask you how your day was. And have an internet cookie, darling. 🍪

thanks for the cookie

This has been in my box for a while so maybe i shouldn’t eat the cookie lmao

Also idk what day you sent this on so like today my day has been uneventful but anyway

citrus-weeb asked:

Hey! I don't know if you remember me but I'm the one that asked for your writing advice a while back and I finally got an account! I'm hoping I get to use your advice and make you proud! I love you and your works so much, they've lifted me up in the worst times and I can't even begin to tell you how grateful I am to you. ily! ❤❤❤❤

Hey! Glad to hear it!

Hope you have fun while writing and get the hang of it! ❤❤❤❤

Sours: https://justanotherpersonwhohateslife.tumblr.com/post/190008849720/midoriya-masterlist
  1. Mr aizawa sleeping bag
  2. Yamaha silent guitar nylon
  3. Biblical names for boys


Once Upon a Time (Midoriya Izuku x Reader)

~A series of fairy tales comedically ruined by the BNHA boys~Inspired by the story of Rapunzel~♡~•~✿~•~♡~Once upon a time…The forest was quiet but for the sound of soft footsteps against the grass.Moving stealthily to avoid detection, Prince Midoriya Izuku followed the familiar path to a hidden trail, brushing aside a wall of vines until he reached a clearing, empty but for a tall, doorless tower.Locked in a tower for all her life, the fair golden-haired Rapunzel eagerly awaited the visits of her prince, who had found her tower despite the efforts of her stepmother to keep her hidden from the world.“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!” Midoriya cried out, looking around to make sure no one else had heard.Hearing the familiar voice, you made your way to the windowsill, a bright smile on your face.“My prince, you’ve come to see me!”Everyday, when her stepmother was away, the prince would visit Rapunzel, entering the tower by climbing the maiden’s long golden hair.You gathered your long hair into your arms to let down to him before pausing for a moment.“(Name), what’s wrong?” Midoriya asked.“It’s just so sad…” you admitted, “to always be trapped in this tower. If only there were doors, I would go down to you and run into your arms.”His green eyes widening in shock, Midoriya held out his hand. “Wait, wait!”You watched in confusion as Midoriya lowered his head, mumbling incoherently to himself and casting occasional glances at the tower.Then, Midoriya called up to you, “hold onto something, (Name)!”“What?”Before you could ask any further, Midoriya ran towards the base of the tower, raising his fist.“Detroit SMASH!” Midoriya exclaimed as he buried his fist into the dark gray stones.Instantaneously, the entire tower exploded into rubble and you yelled out in surprise as you fell through the air, landing safely in Midoriya’s arms.You looked at Midoriya in shock, then at the debris of the tower around you.“That’s not how the story goes” you frowned as he placed you on the ground.“Ah!” Midoriya looked frantically around at the damage, “I-I’m so sorry! Um...should I put it back?!”“Yeah...that’s not how it works” you said, resisting the urge to slap the idiocy of the question out of him. Then, after a moment’s consideration, you held out a hand to him. “Well, the damage is done. Let’s make a run for it before stepmother Aizawa kicks your *ss.”“Wait...Aizawa-sensei?” Midoriya asked in confusion.“Don’t question it” you said, “let’s go.”Together, Rapunzel and her prince escaped the tower, leaving behind the prison in prospects of a life of freedom in the prince’s castle.And (Name) and her prince lived happily ever after.

Sours: https://www.deviantart.com/bnha-x-reader/gallery/62670614/midoriya-izuku
Deku x Y/N - Boyfriend Alphabet - Gacha Club - BNHA

Originally posted by derikisu

WARNINGS: none, just fluff!


SUMMARY: You read and write fanfiction about your favorite hero and longtime crush, Izuku Midoriya. But what happens when he finds out about your secret?

LINKS: ao3 | masterlist | ask box

TAGLIST: at the end of the post, message me to be added/removed!

AUTHOR’S NOTE: this was originally a fluff friday request, but i loved the idea too much and wrote a full fic about it. huge thanks to @sunflower-kami-boi​​ for requesting this and for helping me figure out the story! 

Izuku kisses your lips sweetly. If you really are dreaming, then you pray to every god in existence that you’ll never awaken. 

Your heart soars as you read the last sentence. You throw your head back onto your pillow and sigh, closing your eyes and fiddling with your phone in your hands. It’s then that you start to feel the familiar feeling of guilt washing over you. You know what you’re doing is wrong. And yet, you can’t resist it. It’s a siren’s call, always pulling you back in. You’ve tried numerous times to turn away, but the need always hunts you down and comes back for more. 

Fanfiction. Something that’s been part of your life since the moment when you got into heroes as a little kid. You loved reading the newspapers and magazines that reported on the heroes, but it was never enough. You wanted, no, needed more. And fanfiction was there to give you just that.

It wasn’t just any fanfiction that you used to quench this undeniable thirst inside you. It was “x reader” fic. These were your kryptonite, haunting you till it was 3 AM and your phone light stung your eyes. You were sentenced to eternally scroll, forever clicking “next chapter.”

And if it couldn’t get any worse, you found yourself thinking up new scenarios of your own. Fearful that you were getting demanding with all the requests you were submitting to your favorite authors, you turn to the next worst thing to reading fanfiction: writing fanfiction.

Of course, this habit of yours wouldn’t be so bad if you didn’t happen to personally know the very heroes you were reading and writing fanfiction about. As a pro-hero at a professional agency, you worked with many of the very heroes you were reading fictionalized tails about. Sure, it made for some awkward moments when you accidentally mixed up reality and fiction, but it was worth it. The thrill you’d get when you’re 3k words deep in a fic, or the rush of writing a drabble of a scenario that’s been running through your head… It was addicting. And you couldn’t lie to yourself, this secret double life of yours was somewhat exciting. The fact that none of your friends knew that you indulged in fanfiction about them made you feel guilty, yet strangely exhilarated. Especially when you were around the hero who you read/wrote the most fanfiction about: Deku.

You’ve had a crush on Izuku Midoriya for longer than you can remember. It seemed that the first time you laid eyes on those freckles and green eyes, you were doomed to forever have fluttering butterflies in your stomach when he was around. His inherit heroic nature, humble personality, and adorable muttering habit drove you crazy for him… and made for some excellent fanfiction. Deku is close to becoming the number one hero, and the hero fandom community has taken notice. Fan art, fanfiction, you name it, it’s been done about Midoriya. You definitely felt a special privilege of being able to call yourself his friend.

At the agency you both work at, the two of you bonded by gushing over various heroes, discussing different quirks and how they work. You often wondered if Izuku himself has read hero fanfiction, considering what a fanboy he could be when it came to these things. But you never had the courage to ask him about it. What if he found out you read and wrote fic specifically about being in a relationship with him? Would he never talk to you again, too weirded-out by the situation? Or would he understand, be flattered that you spend your free time writing about him blushing as he asks you out on a picnic date?

Either way, you weren’t willing to take that risk. 

The ding of our phone snaps you out of your daydream. You get excited, thinking that it’s alerting you that someone has left an encouraging comment on one of your stories. However, when you pull out your phone to look and see, you’re met with something even better: a text from Izuku Midoriya asking to hang out.


“So, anyway, I feel like with this villain’s quirk, our best shot is to do a surprise attack,” Izuku comments, his voice straining ever so slightly every time he rises from a sit-up. 

As you have come to expect, Midoriya asking to hang out usually equates to training for some upcoming mission. You didn’t mind this, of course. You could always use the extra training, and any time you spent next to Izuku is time well-spent in your book. Plus, you always looked forward to this part of the work-outs. You never thought you’d like sit-ups as much as you do, but holding Midoriya’s feet down as he did sit-ups was always the highlight of your week. You’d watch him sweat as he worked to strengthen his already toned body, trying not to drool at the sight. The determined look on his face alone gave you enough material to write about in your fanfiction (and you did). And you couldn’t help but notice that when he rose from a sit up, his face would be just inches from yours for a split second, almost as if he was begging to be kissed. And oh, how you longed to close the distance and finally feel his lips on yours. You often dreamed of how electric it would feel, as if his quirk itself would zap you into a state of pure ecstasy. 

“Y/N?” Midoriya asks, propping himself up on his elbows. “You okay? You seem a bit out of it.”

“I’m fine!” you say, almost too eagerly. “Let’s take a water break. I’ll go get the bottles if you can grab my phone from my bag? I’m expecting a call later.”
“Deal,” he says, standing up and then lending you a hand to help you up. The feeling of his calloused, scarred hand in yours gives you goosebumps. 

As you walk over to get the water bottles, you question yourself, asking if you’ll ever break and tell Izuku how you really feel. It’s been long enough, and these feelings feel as if they’re coming to a boiling point. Maybe it’s time. Maybe it’s time for you to take a page from the fanfiction you read and come clean. 

You grab the water bottles and turn around, taking a deep breath and readying yourself to finally bare your soul to the man you’ve been pining after for what feels like forever. But when you enter the room, you’re met with a troubling sight: Midoriya staring at your phone, frozen and eyes wide.


The sound of your voice startles him, causing him to yelp and throw your phone in the air. Luckily, his quick reflexes catch the device, but you notice his hands shaking.

“Is everything okay?” you ask, tentatively walking towards him. 

“Okay? W-why wouldn’t everything be okay? Is everything okay? I-I feel like everything is okay.” 

You can barely understand the words coming out of his mouth due to the sputtering of nervous “um’s” and “uh’s” in between every sentence. Something is definitely wrong. He wouldn’t be looking as red as a tomato if everything were fine. But the minute you start to step closer, he takes one step back, continuing to mutter about everything being okay.

“Midoriya, what-” you begin to question.

“A-Anyways, I really should be going. Thanks for the training. H-Here’s your phone,” he says, tossing it to you as if it burned him. 

“Wait!” you call out, but it’s too late. He’s gone.

You’re left clueless, wondering what the hell possessed him to act like that. Well, you’re left clueless until you look down at your phone in your hands and see the most recent notification lighting up the screen:

sunflower-kami-boi left a comment on your fanfic Kissing Freckles: “this is AMAZING. you write Deku so well. it’s like you’re someone that knows him irl!” 


It’s been one week since Izuku discovered that you write fanfiction about him. He’s clearly been avoiding you at the agency office, and the dull ache in your chest just doesn’t seem to go away. You knew that reading and writing fic about him was bad, a dangerous double life to lead. And yet you did it anyway. Missing your training partner, you’re really starting to regret that decision. 

But when you get to your desk at the agency office after your morning patrol, you find a note that gives you a glimmer of hope. It simply reads:

Meet me at the park at 3. -Midoriya

What could he want to talk about? Is he planning on making fun of you to your face? That seems so unlike the Izuku that you’ve come to know and love. But what’s the alternative? That he’s okay with the fact that you read and write fictionalized accounts of kissing him for the Internet to read? Your brain rejects both of those possibilities, leaving you absolutely clueless as you arrive at the park that afternoon.

And when you see him, your jaw drops. 

On a grassy green hill, Izuku Midoriya sits on a blanket with a picnic basket next to him. He nervously fiddles his thumbs, and you can see from here that he’s muttering to himself. When he looks up and sees you in the distance, he tentatively waves you over.

You start walking over to him, questioning everything in your mind. Are you dreaming? Had the embarrassment from last week’s incident killed you and sent you to heaven? Or are you truly going crazy, imagining a reality where Deku cares enough about you that he’d put together a whole picnic for the two of you to share? It’s amazing. It’s wonderful. It’s just like-

“Just like the fic you wrote,” Midoriya says shyly, gesturing slightly to the picnic set-up. 

He takes your stunned silence as a request for an explanation. “I-I mean, I hope that’s not weird or anything. Of course, it was kinda weird for me to read fanfiction about myself, but honestly it was really well written and I kinda enjoyed it. Does that make me weird? I feel like it makes me weird. B-but, anyway, it took me a while to figure out what I was going to do after reading it because I kinda like you too. Well, I mean, I figured you liked me, but I guess I don’t really know that for sure and I just assumed it. Which was really bad of me to do. I’m so sorry. If you want I can go-”

“I do like you,” you interrupt, finally finding your voice. “So much.” 

Izuku smiles softly and holds out his shaking hand to you, inviting you to sit down with him. 

He blushes when you continue to hold his hand even after sitting, content to just feel his skin against yours. Questioning whether or not you’re dreaming, you think back to the words written in a fic you read recently: 

If you really are dreaming, then you pray to every god in existence that you’ll never awaken. 

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25 September 2020

Sours: https://freckledoriya.tumblr.com/post/630286445446365184/x-reader-izuku-midoriya-x-reader-fic

Midoriya x reader izuku

Kat Is A Nerd — Misunderstanding (Izuku Midoriya x Reader)

Misunderstanding (Izuku Midoriya x Reader)


Request: Maybe an imagine where the reader is falling for Izuku but she thinks he doesn’t like her and he likes Uraraka so she gives up but Izuku actually likes her. The reader gets closer to Bakugou and Izuku gets all sad and jealous. He thinks that she likes Bakugou and now he starts to compete with him even more. Some time later they get in a fight with the league of villains and Izuku gets hurt and the reader runs up to him scared and admits that she likes him. I hope it’s not too much to ask for^^


She had first noticed Midoriya during their entrance exam. She had been raked with nerves the entire time. As an aspiring hero, she was scouting out any potential competition she was going to have to deal with. 

There was an explosive guy who hadn’t stop screaming “die” since he arrived, an uptight guy who engines on his legs meaning he belonged to the Ingenium family, and many more with quirks that made her feel a bit insecure about her own. There wasn’t anything about Midoriya that made him stand out compared to the rest, she had noticed his green hair and his freckles but she dismissed him rather quickly to focus on passing the test.

However, it became harder to ignore him when she watched him fly up into the air and one-shot a gigantic robot while everyone else ran in fear. (Y/N) (L/N) found herself paralyzed as she watched this kid who everyone, including her, had overlooked took down an entire threat by himself, breaking both his legs and an arm. She thought he was insane, and yet somehow he became the most memorable thing on the day she was applying for her dream school.

On their first day, she had been surprised that they would end up in seats besides one another. She couldn’t help but lean over with a friendly grin.

“Hi, I’m (Y/N) (L/N),” she whispered.

He seemed shocked she was talking to him, he stared at her too long like his brain was unresponsive before he started stuttering, “uh, I-I’m Izuku Midoriya.”

“You broke your bones during the exam, are you okay?” she asked.

His eyes widened in fear, “um, uh, yeah, I’m okay.”

“Good, because I’m really excited to be classmates with you,” she grinned, as she watched him return it with his own shy smile.

Midoriya was an easy person to like. 

Despite his shyness and low self-esteem that riddled him in those early days at UA, he was still a very likable person. His smile was contagious and he was such a kind presence to have around. 

Being friends with him, Ururaka, and Iida early on was easy because they were all so pleasant to be around. Ururaka was bubbly and energetic, and while Iida could be uptight, he was always looking after them all. 

But it was Midoriya she found herself being closest to. 

The two would often time find themselves helping each other during class when one of them was stuck on a question, or talking between classes. Their conversations would usually surround heroes, as it was the common interest between the two as aspiring heroes, but mainly because (Y/N) enjoyed the gleam in his green eyes and an ecstatic grin spread across his face as he started passionately talking about some analysis he had made. 

 Lunch time would be the four of them seated at a table together, this time was spent to talk about school and their training. They even found themselves walking home together after school sometimes to continue conversations about heroes, but eventually the conversations mode to more private matters. Their families. Hobbies. Fears. Childhood. Middle school. 

This was when he told her about his relationship with Bakugo wasn’t the innocent childhood best friend relationship the rest of the class had interpreted from Midoriya’s childish nickname for him. That and Bakugo’s aggressive and rude behavior had caused (Y/N) to have a great amount of distain for the explosive boy, often getting into fights with him, standing up for Midoriya when he chooses to let something slide. He was actually grateful for her defense.

It had been during the sport’s festival that she realized that her feelings towards Midoriya were not simply friendly. 

When she watched him fighting Todoroki in the most intense battle of the tournament so far, despite how unwavering Midoriya seemed in his ability to contend with Todoroki, his determination shining through the fact that he was breaking his finger to even land an attack, something so she greatly admired him but she still found her heart pounding in her ears. 

She did her best to cheer for him despite everyone’s belief he was going to lose, but worry spread through her hoping it would be over soon. When Midoriya was knocked out, and unconscious, the whole stadium was celebrating Todoroki’s victory, she found herself moving thoughtlessly to find Midoriya and see if he was okay.

In the end he needed surgery before she was allowed to see him. While recovering from the minor surgery, Recovery Girl had allowed her to visit finally.

His green eyes widened with relief, looking at her sheepishly standing at the door, her face hidden as she was looking down at the ground, but even so he was glad to see. He felt his face warm up, “(L/N), what are you doing here?”

“I-” she began before she cut herself off. 

Why was she here? She was worried about her friend, she wanted to tell herself. But she knew she wasn’t this worried about Ururaka after her brutal fight with Bakugo. She wasn’t even this scared during the USJ Attack. But the thought that something bad could happen to Midoriya as a result of his fight filled her with so much dread she almost broken into tears. Even now, seeing him with his dopey grin, it felt as if a weight was lifted off her chest.

She was fooling herself to believe that she was just a worried friend, but she didn’t know exactly what she was then. So she forced a smile on her face and looked up at him, “I just wanted to make sure you were okay.”

He nodded, “thank you, (L/N).”

Midoriya’s eyes softened a bit, even though his hands still had residual pains.

“I have to wait here for a few more minutes before I can head back out there,” he started, looking over at her, a blush beginning to spread across his cheeks and he tried to sit up more, “uh, maybe, you…”

“Can I stay with you?” she asked, hoping that was the conclusion that Midoriya was attempting to reach. “To be honest, I think the festival might have just reached it’s peak with you and Todoroki anyways.”

He gave a weak smile, “y-yeah, please.”

She closed the door behind her and sat on a chair besides the bed that Midoriya was resting in. She felt awkward in a way she never had felt awkward around Midoriya who had always been a calming presence. (Y/N) wondered if her changed feelings had caused this affect on her. Was she always going to feel kind of awkward around Midoriya? How were they going to be friends?

Even so, (Y/N) didn’t want to be anywhere else than where she was sitting right now with exactly who was in front of her, asking about her. She couldn’t believe he wanted to hear about her underwhelming time at the sports festival when he had much more interesting experiences having won the first round without his quirk, being hunted down during the calvary battle, and his matches in the third. 

Before she had even realized it, they were talking in the same manner they had since they entered UA. There was still some awkward part of her that made her chest hurt a bit and her cheeks flush a bit, but when it came to talking everything felt natural. Maybe this new feeling wasn’t completely unbearable, maybe she even liked it.

It took her a bit too long to realize she had a crush.

(Y/N) played with the idea of telling Midoriya about her crush, having moved away from a fear of jeopardizing their friendship, and hoped that he felt the same way she did. However, a fear of rejection had kept her from confessing while she tried to work up some courage to take that leap.

That’s when she noticed small things about Midoriya and Ururaka.

When he was picking his hero name, she noticed he had been influenced by Ururaka and her words, just as he had been at the beginning of the semester when he repeated her words when he fought against Bakugo. 

Then she found herself looking at every interaction between the two, her eyes following the way they looked at one another, the way they would speak to one another. How flustered Midoriya would get around Ururaka sometimes. He never acted that way around her or any of the other girls in their glass despite his shyness. (Y/N) supposed she never really noticed before, but now it was all she could see when she saw them together.

Midoriya liked Ururaka, not her.

And that stung, even though it was some unspoken idea, as she continued to try and appear as though she was okay on the outside. But her unrequited crush made it difficult to constantly hang out with Midoriya and Ururaka, and so she found herself making excuses to avoid eating lunch or walking home. She thought maybe distance would help make it a little less painful.

Distancing from not only her crush but the greatest friend she had made since coming to UA was difficult, it wasn’t until they were preparing for the training camp that she had changed her feelings. Oddly enough, they were her feelings towards Katsuki Bakugo, who she had strongly disliked since the first day.

They ended up on the bus together, and somehow they managed to start a conversation. She learnt that Bakugo actually enjoyed the outdoors, particularly he liked mountain climbing. She wouldn’t have said they had became friends in one bus ride, but she definitely found some sort of camaraderie with him.


Midoriya had noticed how close (Y/N) and Bakugo were growing during the training camp. They were always talking during their free time, and they were together when preparing meals, taking away. At first he was shocked, remembering how (Y/N) used to snap at Bakugo and thought lowly of him when the year had begun, so he was confused why she was laughing around him now. Midoriya could understand why though.

Bakugo had spent most of their childhood making sure that Midoriya knew he was inferior to him. Because he was quirkless, because Bakugo was good at everything and got everything he wanted. That’s why he felt a pang of jealousy run through him when he saw her talking to Bakugo while avoiding him.

He didn’t like being jealous of Bakugo, he couldn’t blame her if she wanted to be with Bakugo instead of someone like him. 

He felt foolish for even thinking that for a moment someone who was as strong, smart, and beautiful as (Y/N) would ever be interested in him. Whatever chance he had, which he doubted he ever did, he had missed after months of being too scared to confess his feelings and insecure about her potential reaction. 

He would be remiss if he didn’t have some subconscious anger towards Bakugo for the whole ordeal, some amount of jealousy towards him that he had another thing to prove every other time they competed with each other. 

Sometimes he just wished (Y/N) would talk to him again.

Midoriya spent a long time trying to figure out if he had done something that made her angry or upset with him. She would avoid hanging out with him and talking with him in class the way they used to. He would have done whatever he could have to make (Y/N) forgive him for whatever he done to her. 

One day after speaking with All Might quickly after class, he noticed (Y/N) had still not head back to the dorms, she always hanged back for a bit longer.

“(Y/N),” he spoke, causing her to notice the green-haired male.

Her face turned into a small frown, “hi, Midoriya.”

“What are you still doing here?” he asked, his own smile turning into a frown after seeing how her mood soured so quickly after seeing him.

“I-” she began before cutting herself off, “I was just cleaning up my desk.”

“Oh,” he muttered, “I was just talking to All Might about… stuff. W-wanna, uh, walk back to the dorms t-together?” he asked, breaking into a sweat.

She nodded lowly, “sure.”

The two walked in relative silence out of the building, neither saying a single word to the other. Midoriya never thought there had been animosity between them, where he felt awkward and nervous around some of the other students at UA, he had oddly become quickly comfortable with (Y/N), being able to relax around her and have a simple conversation.

That’s why he liked her so much, she made him feel calm and could always make him smile no matter what. Now he didn’t know what to say anymore. It was like some barrier was put up between the two of them, a cavern of distance between them. He looked over at her, he wanted so much to just listen to her talk about something she liked with a passion he admired from her. But he didn’t even know what to say to her anymore, it all felt uncomfortable.

That’s when she looked over at him and noticed how he was staring, which caused his entire face to turn bright red and he turned to face away from her. A small smile grazed her face as she laughed lightly at his expression of utter terror when she had caught him staring like some sort of creep.

Maybe it had been the rush of blood from his brain going to his cheeks, but he suddenly found the boldness to speak again. “(Y/N), how come we never hang out anymore? D-did I do something wrong?” he asked, turning at her, cheeks still pink and rosy from embarrassment, “I’m sorry.”

Her eyes widened, “no, Midoriya, you didn’t do anything. You’re an amazing friend. It’s just… me. It was a misunderstanding, I never meant to make you think I didn’t want to be friends. I just needed space to figure out somethings about myself, but I miss hanging out with you.”

“I hope you’re okay,” he responded, looking at her with worry. “Because I miss hanging out with you too.” He hesitantly reached out, using all his courage while his faced continued to turn and abashed red, placing his hand down on her shoulder. “And if you ever go through anything, you can talk to me.”

She grinned wider than she had in months, relaxing into his touch, a small blush spread across her cheeks. “I know,” she sighed, “thank you.”

Repairing their friendship had been easy. Soon she was sitting across from him at lunch with Todoroki, Iida, Ururaka, and Asui. She seemed to be enjoying herself whenever she was sitting down to eat with them, but she would still go and eat with Bakugo and Kirishima from time to time. But he enjoyed the times he could see (Y/N) laughing with them and having the same old conversations.

He was glad to have the chance to speak with her in classes about his new techniques with his quirk and how he no longer needed to constantly break bones to attack and the new applications he was theorizing. He would listen to her talking about her quirk and newest support items she had added. 

Being close to her again only further reminded him why he liked her in the way he did, but he couldn’t find it within himself to confess to her, they had just become close friends again, he didn’t need to jeopardize it again.


When (Y/N) had heard about the fight between a group of heroes and the Shie Hassaikai, that had ended with several heroes and their interns in the hospital. She had recognized Midoriya as one of the interns who had been taken to the hospital alongside the Big Three, Kirishima, Ururaka, Asui, and Aizawa-sensei. She hadn’t even been thinking when she rushed out of the dorms with the sound of Iida screaming at her to come back, a single thought was on Midoriya.

All she could think about was Midoriya and how he was. She thought about the entrance exams when she first saw him, watching him fall from the sky with his broken arm and legs. At the sport’s festival when he broke all the bones in his hand before needing surgery. Then she thought of how she saw him after the attack at the training camps against the league of villains, with two broken arms and a broken leg. Horrible images raced through her mind at the thought of something bad having possibly happened this time.

In a moment of pure instinct, she didn’t care about whether he liked Ururaka or not, she didn’t care about if he would reject her or not, all she knew was she needed to see him and tell him how she felt before she would lose the opportunity. 

It was the only thought in her mind as she ran into the hospital.

“I’m looking for an Izuku Midoriya,” she breathlessly said to the nurse at the front desk with urgency, “he’s here from a villain attack, he’s an intern at the Nighteye Agency, I’m a classmate of his and I need to see him.”

The nurse had barley managed to say what floor and room he was in before (Y/N) went sprinting down the hospital hallway, apologizing in her wake, but refusing to slow down until she reached the door that the nurse had instructed her to follow. Once in front of the door, she stopped for a minute and took several deep breaths to calm down her beating heart and the pains in her feet. She kept her hand glued to the door and opened it after a minute.

“Huh?” was all she heard, opening the door wide to find him sitting in the bed dressed in blue hospital sweats, his curly green hair sticking out, with bandages on him. His expression changed into one of shock when he saw her standing at the door red-faced and a bit sweaty. “(Y/N)?!” he screamed.

Without a word, she ran over to him and wrapped her arms around him into a tight embrace since the first time they became friends almost a year ago. She rested her chin on her shoulder and held him close while tears started to form in the corner of her eyes. She was so grateful that he was well and safe. 

“I was worried about you,” she whispered.

He slowly placed his hands on her back, blushing from the neck up and his hands were trembling at the feeling of her against him. “Is that why you took a train and ran eight city blocks? Because you were worried?”

She pulled away a bit, blush across her nose and cheeks, but she was looking him straight in the eyes. “And because I like you a lot, and I don’t just mean as a friend. I really like you, Midoriya, and I had to tell you immediately.”

The words had gone through his ears to his brain to be analyzed before he felt as if he was having complete brain malfunctioning. Midoriya just couldn’t process the idea that (Y/N) had just confessed to him. He was just some dorky guy she hung out with, he wasn’t a genius like Bakugo. But her eyes were filled with so much sincerity, she had to have been telling the truth, no matter how implausible it may have seemed. 

“I like you too,” he muttered.

He returned her embrace and pulled her back in for a hug. He was glad his injuries had been minimal from the way she was grasping onto him. But he rested his head on hers. He listened to her calm her breathing, pulling her a bit to rest on the bed beside him, as she moved her head from his shoulder to under his chin and on his chest as they lied together.

He had been trembling and blushing profusely. He had never held a girl in any intimate way. He had never been confessed to by a girl. He had never even had a girl interested in him before. He had no idea what he was doing. All he knew was that (Y/N) was calming down and she seemed content, and he wanted to keep her that way. It was also relaxing after everything he had been through.

That’s when he heard (Y/N) giggling into his chest which tickled him a bit, he looked down at her in curiosity before she looked up to meet his gaze.

“What’s so funny?” he asked, praying she didn’t reveal all of this was a prank and that Kacchan would jump out at some point to laugh at him.

“Just thinking about how much easier this all would have been if I had just told you I liked you during the sports festival,” she explained, “but I thought that you had a crush on Ururaka, so I thought my feelings would be unrequited.”

“What?!” he exclaimed, “I thought you liked Kacchan!”

“Bakugo?! He’s just a friend,” she retorted.

“I saw you with him all the time and you were smiling around him, and he’s a really hard guy to get along with, so I assumed that you might have liked him, so I didn’t want to say anything either,” he explained.

She bursted into laughter, and then dropped her head to his chest, “we’re such idiots. We liked each other this whole time, talk about wasted time.” He started to laugh alongside her, wrapping his arms around her to feel her move up and down with residual giggling fits. She took the opportunity with how distracted he was to place a gentle kiss on the collection of freckles on his left cheek.

No more wasting time.

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Anonymous asked:

Hey! How are you doing? Good i hope! Anyway, could i request Bakugou, Uraraka and Todoroki being protective over their s/o during the I-Island attack? (Two Heroes!)

A/N: I loved this movie but I haven’t seen it in months so I’m gonna try to be a bit vague based on what I remembered. But I love that you included Uraraka! Also made it a fem!reader because happy pride everybody🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈



+ When he gets told he gets in invite anyone he wants to come with him, you and Kiri beg him with puppy eyes. He was already gonna pick you two, but he likes the groveling and bribing.

+ Bakugo would never admit it, but he’s glad that you’re coming with him. He would end up missing you the entire time if you weren’t there.

+ Thinks it’s a little less stupid when he sees you all dressed up. He’s starstruck for a minute.

+ Doesn’t mean he’s not still sulking the entire time you, him, and Kiri are heading to the expo. Because he really doesn’t want to go.

+ Bakugo is always a bit overprotective, but when he sees those villains attacking the expo, he’s ready to throw down the moment he sees them attack Kirishima.

+ But like, you’re his angel.

+ Even if you can protect yourself, the idea of you getting hurt fills him with an unfathomable rage. If these villains even look at you, then he attacks with a relentless barrage of explosions.

+ He’s not even thinking anymore. It’s one hundred percent instinct.

+ Afterwards he’s a bit uncharacteristically clingy in public. He wraps his arm around you and rests his head on yours.



+ Momo invited you and Uraraka to come with her to the expo because she wouldn’t dare separate you two. You’re attached at the hip.

+ Cue you two picking out each other’s outfits from Momo’s huge closet and doing each other’s makeup. You two adorable.

+ But when you finally get the the party, there’s a goddamn hostage situation in place.

+ Uraraka is having none of it. Girl came out to have a good time with her girlfriend, no terrorists are going to ruin it on Uravity’s watch.

+ Protectively grabs your hand so you don’t get lost or separated as you maneuver your way through the building.

+ If one of the henchmen tries to touch you, she can and will use Gunhead martial arts to fuck them up before their grubby hands touch you.

+ Once everything settled, you notice that Uraraka isn’t exactly her usual bubbly self. In fact she seems a little down.

+ “I was looking forward to finally taking you on a fancy date for once,” she whimpers.

+ “I don’t care about the expo,” you explain, cupping her round pink cheeks, “I got to see my girlfriend kick ass, so it was a pretty cool night.”



+ Refused to go to the expo unless his father allowed you to go with him.

+ So needless to say, your boyfriend and you rode a private jet to I-Island, and he got you your own suite at the hotel. Doesn’t even realize he’s spoiling you, be just want you there.

+ Doesn’t really care about going to the party until he sees how excited you are.

+ The two of you are already a power couple, but now you’re style icons too? Like unfair.

+ “You said we’re together this summer, than I’m staying with you,” you stubbornly argue.

+ Todoroki doesn’t not trust his classmates to protect you, but you’re too precious to him to take that risk so he agrees but you have to stay beside or behind him.

+ God forbid one of those goons tries to target you specifically. Or worse, they hurt you.

+ Todoroki doesn’t fight with much restraint as it is, but if someone hurt you– the light of his life, then he becomes significantly more ruthless in his attacks.

+ When the attack is over, he’s very affectionate, his arms wrapped around you. He’s just so glad that you’re okay.

Separation (Tomura Shigaraki x Reader)


Request: How about some Shigaraki angst? Like getting into a really bad fight with his s/o about something and she leaves and disappears for like a week. Then he sees her face on tv that she’s been captured by heroes

Shigaraki hated fighting with (Y/N). 

He hated it when she would get angry at him over something he considered to be insignificant. That made him angrier than anything they were fighting over.

He hated the way she was looking at him.

He hated it even more when she refused to look at him.

He hated how she wouldn’t let him touch her when they were fighting, the distance she would force between the two that made him frustrated.

He hated how he would always take things too far.

He hated the cruel words you would scream at one another in the heat of the moment, words he didn’t mean, words escalated in anger. 

He hated when he said something he couldn’t take back. 

“If you hate it here so much than you should leave,” he had screamed at her. Shigaraki had always allowed the member of the league the autonomy to come and go as they pleased, but he never wanted (Y/N) to leave his side unless she absolutely needed to. “Leave! Get the fuck out of here!” he didn’t mean a word he said, he was too proud and too angry to go back on his words.

He shouldn’t have been surprised by the look of disbelief and hurt that spread across (Y/N)’s face, tears rolling down her face as he screamed at her to leave. He didn’t expect her to leave, though. Without a second word, she quietly but quickly left his room and before he knew it she left their hideout.

Shigaraki’s anger endured for a few hours, he had already long forgotten about whatever they had been fighting about and instead he raged about her leaving him. He blamed her for the fight, for allowing some disagreement to escalate. But eventually his anger subsided when he realized she hadn’t come back in eight hours.  

He had been waiting around for her to come back. At first when he was still frustrated at her, he had expected her to back seeking forgiveness. But the more time that passed, he didn’t care if she wanted to apologize or not, or if she was still mad about him for some reason, he still wanted her to come back. When she didn’t after twelve hours, he started to get temperamental. 

He refuses to leave his room or talk with anyone. Then he stopped paying attention to sleeping or eating. The more time that passed the more he started scratching his neck raw.

His patience became even more nonexistent, taking any opportunity to snap at a member of the league over the smallest of things, even though he didn’t mean it. And they knew it, they all noticed how he missed her.

When she was missing for more than a day, he knew something was wrong.

Since (Y/N) became his, they had never been separated for more than a few hours for the purposes of missions and only that, besides that he would keep her at his side. He enjoyed having her clung to him, he hadn’t realized how natural the entire thing had become to him, how uncomfortable he would become when she was gone.

According to Spinner, she had ran out without a word and she hadn’t contact the league in the thirty-six hours she had been gone. 

Soon his anger returned. He never thought their fight was enough to end their relationship over, he thought he had made it clear before that he didn’t have intentions to ever end their relationship unless she betrayed him. But he never imagined she would have interrupt her words as a break up. How dare she think she could run away and end their relationship without giving him a say.

Shigaraki hated thinking he was wrong, he had admitted he was wrong even if he was so clearly wrong and she was so clearly right. But even when they did fight, he would always be able to find her somewhere in the hideout or she would come to him, and they would always move past it. He would always be able to kiss and touch her until she had forgiven and forgotten whatever she was mad about. The thought that he wasn’t going to get that chance now was unbearable.

His mind replayed the last time he saw her, how heartbroken she looked thinking that he wanted her to leave, that she thought he didn’t care. That he hated her when she was the one thing he didn’t hate the most. He hated himself for allowing her to leave, for saying those cruel words, for losing the only good thing in his life.

Now he was in another bad mood, he wasn’t interested or even paying attention to anything the others were saying. Compress was probably talking about something he wanted, Toga was probably babbling on about blood and the things she thought were cute, Spinner was probably talking about Stain, but it was when the infamously stoic Dabi spoke up he paid any attention.

Dabi had noticed Shigaraki’s behavior shift into more of a bratty child after (Y/N) abrupt departure, but he always lacked enough care or interest in the subject to discuss it the way Compress or Magne did. But that had changed with new information.

“You know, (L/N) got picked up by some heroes a day ago,” Dabi said.

Shigaraki’s crimson eye widened behind Father, he turned to face Dabi in disbelief. There was no way you could have been taken away by those heroes as they had already done with All For One and recently with Kurorgiri. A feeling of relief spread throughout him alongside the overwhelming rage and dread, (Y/N) hadn’t left him. But he felt the overwhelming urge to decay anything within grasping distance as soon as Dabi finished his sentence.

“How?” was all he could manage to ask.

Dabi shrugged his shoulders, “saw it on the news on one of those tvs in the store windows, recognized her (h/c) hair, and it said she was outnumbered and apprehended two days ago. So probably a few hours after she left. Probably being held for questioning before they send her to Tartarus.”

Waves of guilt spread throughout him, if he hadn’t yelled at her to leave then maybe she would still be here now. If she ended up in Tartarus there was not a high chance he would ever see her again, he didn’t have time to be guilty, if she was still in minimum security for questioning in some city, there was still a chance to break her out. 

And he would make every last one of those heroes who had separated the two of them die painful deaths.

Lost In Translation (Tamaki Amajiki x Reader)


Request: hi love! is it okay if a request a tamaki x fem!reader? where reader is an exchange student who just barely speaks japanese like pony. And she gets a big crush on tamaki and works up the courage to compliment him and encourage him. but sow thing was off with translation and it came out something provocative but she has a pure and warm smile. mirio and nejire who know she is an exchange student is there watching the whole thing unravel. (sorry if this is too much!) @airgoddess

A/N: Hi! Glad to be writing for out favorite elf boy. I really like this idea, and don’t worry, the more details the more I can make sure you get what you want from the imagine. Hope you enjoy~

Tamaki never considered himself desirable. Like he would never be someone’s first choice. Someone who people would go out of their way for.

So when Nejire told him that there was someone who really needed to speak with him privately in their classroom after the lesson was over, he was surprised and that quickly turned to crippling anxiety like it always did. Mirio was excited as always, getting a big grin on his face and making jokes at his expense about what could be awaiting him. Tamaki almost didn’t want to go but he thought it would worse to leave someone waiting on him.

The idea of being alone with someone, whose identity Nejire kept a secret no matter how much he begged her, scared him. He was bad at communication as it was, but having other people around to facilitate a conversation helped. That’s why he had Mirio, to be the conversation starter and to stop him from hiding in the corner. But Nejire again insisted he had to handle this on his own.

She had naturally failed to mention that she and Mirio would be watching from outside for their own entertainment.

“She’s been practicing for weeks now,” Nejire whispered, “I just hope he’s able to find the courage to accept if she takes the lead.”

“Don’t worry, Tamaki is really into her,” Mirio responded, hiding behind the corner above her, wishing he could just phase through the ground to watch instead to get more audio and visuals then what he was going to get with her.

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Anonymous asked:

Todoroki and Bakugou seeing their s/o win a fight against someone at the sports festival, but then they pass out because of their injuries? Overall fluff at the end! 💗💓💞💘



+ You were worried about you matchup during the sport’s festival and you didn’t think your powerful boyfriend would understand why.

+ He doesn’t, not because he’s so arrogant he can’t understand others feelings (I mean he struggles with it but he’s not a robot) but because you’re so amazing to him he can’t understand why you’d underestimate yourself the way you do.

+ When watching you fight, he’s eyes are focused on you.

+ That’s when you take a major blow, the whole stadium is shocked, and he can’t sit straight in his seat, “don’t give up, (Y/N)! I know you can win!”

+ Having seen your usually stoic boyfriend cheering for you with a rare passion, you find yourself reinvigorated with the that plus ultra mentality, you manage to get up and finish off your opponent despite your injuries.

+ Then you pass out.

+ He’s running out of his seat in the stands and running to Recovery Girl’s office. Todoroki’s not even thinking anymore, he just needs to see you.

+ When he gets there you’ve already been healed, but she asks you to rest on the bed in the nurse’s office for a while to keep the still healing wounds settle. You’re surprised to see him run in, catching his breath with wide eyes.

+ “Are you okay?” He frantically asks, walking over to lean besides you.

+ Feeling a blush rise to your face as Todoroki is standing besides you with an expression you’d never seen from him before. Looking down at your face, embarrassed. “I’m sorry if I worried you.”

+ “I’m just glad you’re okay,” he sighed, sitting down on the edge of the bed, quietly scanning over your body, the bandages and the new little scars. He knew going down the hero path would be like this, but it didn’t make it any easier to see you like this. He just wants you to be okay.

+ (Y/N) scratches the back of her head with an innocent grin. “It was great to have you cheering for me though. I hope I didn’t disappoint.”

+ “I’m always impressed with you,” he softly smiles.

+ He kind of awkwardly tries to carefully lower himself to hug you, making you laugh as you pull him into a proper hug. The tight squeeze he gives you once resting his face in your hair, you know how concerned he was. 

+ Todoroki decides to stay with you the rest of the time you’re in the nurse’s office, worried anxiously about trying to make sure you’re okay and don’t agitate your injuries. Luckily he’ll let you use his right hand as a cold compress.

+ Cuddling on the nurse’s bed together for the next hour.



+ He doesn’t understand how someone like you could be getting so intimidated by having to fight some extra. So he’s not going to seem the most concerned.

+ That doesn’t mean he isn’t actively watching you try and give it your all during the fight, he knows how capable you are despite how much everyone else is underestimating you because of the injuries you sustain in the beginning of the match.

+ That’s when he breaks his silence and grabs onto the railing of the stand, leaning over with a determined and agitated expression.


+ Hearing support from your boyfriend was a new occurrence, your heart actually skips a beat, now you’re ready to fight God in a Denny’s parking lot.

+ Quickly turning the tide, despite the injuries holding you back and feeling a heavy weight on you but Bakugo’s words continue to ring in your ear as you managed to take down your opponent. Causing the entire stadium to cheer.

+ When you faint, it’s like the whole world had stopped.

+ Now he’s running out of the stands, aggressively shoving anyone who gets in his way and growling at anyone who even suggest he slow down. How can he after he watched your body fall so lifelessly. 

+ Slamming open the office door, you’re startled and shocked to see Bakugo standing there with a worried expression you had never seen before.

+ “K-Katsuki, what are you doing here?” you nervously ask.

+ “Why the hell wouldn’t I be here?!” he yelled, ignoring that he was in a nurse’s office. He’s expression was a mixture of concern and anger, but it was unclear who it was targeted towards. “You fucking fainted (Y/N)!”

+ “I’m sorry,” you bow your head.

+ His anger dissipates only into plain distress as he looks over you, it seemed like you didn’t have any major injuries. He was grateful and found his heartbeat relaxing and his brow unfurled. “Don’t be sorry,” he sighed. 

+ “Would you maybe, um, stay with me for a bit?” you hopefully asked, smiling a bit when you noticed how worried he had become over you.

+ “Tch,” he clicks his tongue, annoyed. “Where the hell else would I go.”

+ He sat in a chair with you for the next hour while you recovered from your injuries, not like he cared about watching the other extras fight while you were in the infirmary. You’re talking all about the fight and what you want to do to improve your quirk and training, and all he can think about is watching you fall.

+ When you get dismissed to go watch with the rest of your class, Bakugo is really worried about the injury to your leg. You insist you can walk, but your limping and walking slowly, so he just kinda forces you to let him give you a piggyback ride. You laugh as he grumpily carries you around.

Anonymous asked:

Could you write a scenario where the reader comes back to the LOV base severely injured?


A/N: Yeah! I love getting to write for the league! I included Kurogiri and Magne in this one because I love them. These are platonic but it was great to get to write a scenario. If you want this prompt but romantic then I can do those to. But I love writing the league as a family because they are you can fight me.

+ You were ambushed by a hero that recognized you as a villain.

+ You were able to defend yourself but there was critical damage to one of your lungs and mid section.

+ But you dragged yourself back to the base because you knew they were waiting for you.

+ And you needed to see them.

+ Spinner opened the door for you when you barely managed to knock on the door. He was annoyed that you had forgotten your keys again.

+ “You know, (Y/N), if you lost your keys again you’re putting us all in— OH GOD!”

+ “Sorry, I’m late, guys,” you waved.

+ All the eyes in the bar are immediately drawn to you. You’re hunched over and holding a wound that’s bleeding over.

+ You collapsed into his arms and Spinner cannot process what is happening.

+ His mind is racing.

+ You’re bleeding out on him, you’re breathing is uneven, and you’re color is awful.

+ “Bring them in you idiot!” Shigaraki scolded, decaying his scotch glass.

+ Spinner puts you down on the surface they clear for you, and then cowers away.

+ He feels really helpless right now. He wants to be able to do more for you but he doesn’t know what to do.

+ Shigaraki went immediately to anger. He knows a goddamn hero did this to you.

+ It’s as if he needed more reasons to despise them all.

+ He actually didn’t hate you, and now you might die. This wasn’t fair. None of this was fair.

+ Cannot process how much he realizes he cares about you, so instead he does what he does best and plot vengeance.

+ Toga usually loves seeing people suffering and covered in wounds, but you’re not not blinking properly and she’s scared.

+ There’s something wrong with you and she doesn’t want to watch you die. You’re her best friend.

+ Crawls over to hold onto you and tries to keep you awake.

+ “(Y/N)-chan, this isn’t fun, please don’t die,” she begs while squeezing your hand.

+ Twice is the most emotional member of the league. It is known.

+ So it’s no surprise he’s having a mental breakdown in the corner, crying behind his mask.

+ “She’s going to be okay now,” he tries to reassure himself. “She’s going to die.”

+ You‘re always so kind to him, you’re a member of his found family. He doesn’t want to lose you like he lost his parents. He doesn’t want to be alone.

+ Mr Compress is almost out of character with how discomposed he is.

+ He’s just snapping out questions at you.

+ Who did this? Was it a hero? What agency? Where did it happen? What was their quirk? Why were you alone?

+ Compress doesn’t mean to overwhelm you with questions but he’s just trying to make sense of his own mind.

+ Magne calmly walks over to you and placed her hands on your shoulders.

+ “(Y/N), sweetie, I’m gonna need some names and addresses.”

+ She isn’t called Big Sis for no reason. She is your protective big sister and no one is allowed to mess with you and live.

+ “That wouldn’t be the wisest decision given that the hero who did this may still be looking for them,” Kurogiri chides.

+ The unofficial mom friend of the league.

+ Kurogiri is treating your wounds while everyone else is losing their shit. Because he owns the one collective braincell of the league.

+ Is actually the one calming you down and trying to make the current situation better.

+ Dabi is standing in the corner the way he always does.

+ “Hey Compress, shut the hell up,” he snaps eventually, although his tone comes off as monotone as usual.

+ Everyone assumes that means he doesn’t care, but on the inside he wants revenge just as much as anyone else but that isn’t going to help you now.

+ Dabi doesn’t want you to die thinking he was just some asshole who didn’t care about you. He didn’t want that to be your dying thought of him.

+ He was going to burn whatever hero did this to you and was making his eyes itch from where his tear ducks burnt years ago.

+ The league is a goddamn family and they have got your back.

Anonymous asked:

Hey! Sorry if i request a second time, idk if the first time i did made it or tumblr ate it. So could i request Todo, Baku, and Mido, missing their s/o when they go to their internship? (Todo is pretty touch-starved so i can imagine he's all mopey until his s/o gets back) Love you very much! Please take care of yourself!



+ Is lowkey scared that you’re going to forget about him or find someone else during your internship.

+ Or that you’re going to get hurt. He’s a worrier like his mama. And thinking of you so far away without him being able to help you gives him a panic attack.

+ You promise him that you’re not going to forget about him or so something reckless like he’s probably going to end up doing.

+ Sends you like seventeen messages every minute once you’re apart, and just waits for you to respond.

+ Gran Torino has to confiscate his phone during training because of how often he’s texting you. While your office thinks you have an obsessive stalker spamming your phone.

+ Just wants to talk about you to everyone.

+ Can’t won’t stop talking about you.

+ Even after fighting the Hero Killer in Hosu and being in the freaking hospital, he’s more worried about your paper cut and gets you a plushie and card to make you feel better.

+ Very obvious that he missed you, because he says it even though he’s blushing a lot.

+ Wants to know everything about your significantly less eventful internship like it’s the most interesting subject on earth. Really just likes to hear your voice.

+ If you have a new power move or learnt something new about your quirk, he want to know so he can put into the textbook he has just for you.

+ When you both leave for your work studies it’s more or less the same pattern of him texting you endlessly and won’t shut up about you.

+ Everyone at Nighteyes agency now knows more about you than half your class due to Midoriya’s endless ramblings.

+ Misses cuddling with you especially after having to let go of Eri the first time they met before the raid.

+ Once again he’s in the hospital after an intense fight but he’s still somehow more worried or interested in whatever you’ve been doing during your internship.

+ Basically his love language is worrying.

+ So reassure him that you’re okay and it’s a weight off his shoulders and he just wants to catch up with you to make up for all the time you’ve had apart.



+ Tough guy acts like it’s no big deal to be apart for a week during your internships.

+ Thinks you’re being over dramatic if you talk about how much you’re going to miss him for a week.

+ But the entire time he’s patrolling with Best Jeanist, all he can think about is what you’re doing, who you’re with, where you are, how you’re doing, and when he can finally see you again.

+ Despite how he acts on the outside, Bakugo spends his entire internship getting groomed and missing you.

+ Waits around for you to call, and if you don’t he literally blows up his own room.

+ When he finally sees you again, it’s like a weight has been lifted off his chest. Now his mind is consumed with the little details he never noticed before as he’s studying you like he hasn’t see you in years.

+ Will still try to see like a tough guy who didn’t miss you. But you can tell he did with how much clingier he is now compared to a week ago.

+ He’ll have his arm around your waist for a few days and insists you study with him for the exams.

+ A tsundere who will refuse to admit he missed you. But don’t you dare not hold his hand while he’s teaching you science. He just likes the warmth.

+ During your work studies it’s a whole different situation. He’s alittle more emotionally mature. And unlike last time, he doesn’t have his own internship to keep him preoccupied.

+ This time when you leave it’s more obvious that he’s going to miss you, he tells you to call him and to stay out of trouble really condescendingly. But he does give you a tight and long hug before you go.

+ No one talk to him for a week because he’s on serious edge and will explode at any minute.

+ You are like 85% of his impulse control.

+ He gets really self loathing about how he failed the exam even more so than before because if something bad happens to you there is literally nothing he could have done to protect you.

+ What kind of a hero would he be if can’t protect the person who matters to him?

+ Starts to miss all the little things you would do that he used to think were annoying. Whether it was playing with his hair or generally teasing him.

+ As time passes he moves from being unpredictably angry to stoically mopey for the next few days.

+ When you finally come back you get another long and desperately tight hug from your boyfriend. He’s not always the best at showing how much you matter to him but then moments like this where you know.



+ When you leave for your internship, he doesn’t know how to say goodbye because he doesn’t want you to leave, so he comes off as indifferent.

+ On th inside he’s not ready to spend a week without his s/o. Who else is he supposed to rant about his dad to or cuddle with him afterwards?

+ He was touch starved for ten years before you, now he’s an addict and he’s not ready to go cold turkey.

+ Tries not to text you or call you too much because he doesn’t want to come off as clingy (advice given to him by Natsuo, but Shoto is clingy).

+ During his internship with Endeavor, all his sidekicks tease Shoto about missing his s/o.

+ After the internships are over, he seems as if he isn’t too affected by seeing you again at school, but once you’re alone he’s attached to you. He just wants to listen to you talk while he hold you.

+ When you start your work studies after getting your license, he gets really mopey.

+ You’re gone again on an even more dangerous internship while he’s sitting back at the dorms waiting around for you to come back.

+ No one really notices how upset he is because he’s always stoic but on the inside he’s miserable.

+ Cannot concentrate to save his life.

+ People will have full on conversations with him where he isn’t hearing a thing because all he can think about is where you are and what you’re doing.

+ Waiting around for hours for you to text him or call him after you finish your day of work.

+ He just lies awake at night thinking about how he literally cannot function without you anymore.

+ He’s just too accustomed to the comfort and care that you provide him with. Even a week is too long to be separated from you. He might just have to marry you or he’ll actually die.

+ Practically begs you to come intern with him during the winter break during a cuddle session.

Opposites (Katsuki Bakugo x Reader)


Request: Hi! I saw your asks were open. Could I request a fic where Bakugo has a counterpart in UA who has a quirk that opposes his? Maybe something with water? And at first they compete on everything but then they start to respect one another and it grows into something more maybe? If thats too long I totally understand :) - @babyredriot

I’m so happy to get to write for my explosive boy. Happy that this is going to be posted on Bakugo’s birthday (April 20th). Reminder that REQUESTS ARE OPEN for My Hero Academia and all it’s characters.

Katsuki Bakugo was the bane of her existence.

(Y/N) (L/N) was about to become a first year at the illustrious hero school, UA High School. She had come from a small middle school that was nothing to be proud of with the hopes of being a hero someday. (Y/N) did exceptionally well during the entrance exam and won herself a spot in Class 1A.

The joy of her dreams coming true had her basically floating into her classroom, bouncing with each step. Then it all came suddenly crashing down- or more accurately you came crashing into someone.

“Watch where you’re walking, you damn extra!” the voice barked.

Rubbing her head, she looked forward and saw a scowling boy, with ash-blonde hair and red eyes. He would have been cute, if he wasn’t such a jerk.

“Hey, I’m not an extra, you jerk!” she retorted, “it was an accident anyways!”

“Just stay out of my way, extra,” he scoffed, getting up and walking away. She huffed, clenching her fists. Stupid, jerk. I hope I never see him again.

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Sours: https://katimagines.tumblr.com/post/618361764268097536/misunderstanding-izuku-midoriya-x-reader
Experience - Izuku Midoriya x Listener - Written by Geeky Reader!

It was at this moment that I felt the most vulgar and uninhibited. Increasing the pace, I tried to deeply swallow the huge cock. He put his hands on the shock of my red hair, he himself set my speed.

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