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Here Are The Top 40 Country Songs For September

There’s a bit of a shake-up for the Top 40 Country Songs for September Two of the top 15 songs last month completely dropped out of the top 40 this month while there are also a few songs that climbed their way up just like Lainey Wilson’s “Things A Man Oughta Know” and Luke Bryan’s “Waves,” which both broke into the top five.

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But country’s favorite tune, Walker Hayes’ “Fancy Like,” remains unshaken at the top of the list. The song, which quickly became a viral TikTok dance challenge, has been enjoying the number one position on the charts for 7 weeks now, and it seems like it has no intention of giving up its spot just yet.

Rallying behind it is another strong contender, Luke Combs’ “Forever After All.” The song has been a record-breaking hit that continues to seal its spot on the top five for months since its release. 

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And of course, the rest of the list is still dominated by the country’s favorite artists, just like Luke Bryan, Thomas Rhett, Chris Stapleton, and Kenny Chesney. So, if you want to know if your favorite country tune made it to the list, then just keep on scrolling!

1. “Fancy Like” by Walker Hayes

&#;Fancy Like&#; really struck a chord with its audience not only because of its catchy tune but also because of its simple and sweet lyrics inspired by everyday things in life. With over million views on its TikTok dance challenge, this feel-good song, coupled with some fancy footwork, continues to top the list. 

2. “Forever After All” by Luke Combs

If there’s something Luke Combs does best, that would be writing a good old-fashioned love song just like “Forever After All.” The song, which was released back in as the final track on the deluxe edition of his second studio album, is as romantic as it can be. And we all know we want love just like that, so it’s not surprising that it’s still high on the charts.

3. “Waves” by Luke Bryan

While “Waves” may be considered a cheesy summer track about kids falling in love by the beach, it definitely indulges a feeling of youthfulness that pulls us back in time. It reminds us how it feels to fall in love with every inch of our being, and sometimes, it’s not that bad to lose ourselves like that. 

4. “Things A Man Oughta Know” by Lainey Wilson

One of the standout songs from her album Sayin’ What I’m Thinkin’, “Things A Man Oughta Know,” spoke about who the singer was really at her core. It’s a song that dug deep into her childhood and the lesson instilled in her by her parents &#; knowing what to look for in herself and other people. So, guys and girls, listen up!

5. “Chasing After You” by Ryan Hurd with Maren Morris

First collaboration on this month’s list, Maren Morris joined her husband singer-songwriter, Ryan Hurd, in this fiery duet. Unlike other couple songs that delve either into happiness or pain, “Chasing After You” took on the more unfamiliar road of uncertainty and yearning. And it’s perfectly delivered. 

6. “Glad You Exist” by Dan + Shay

The chart-topping duo celebrates their eighth leader on Billboard’s Country Airplay chart and the first since “10, Hours.” The song, which was born out of the pandemic, is more than just a song for them. It’s a message of gratitude to everyone in their lives &#; fans, family, friends &#; and a reminder of how grateful they are to live with them at the same time. 

7. “We Didn’t Have Much” by Justin Moore

If “Fancy Like” is the catchy tune celebrating the simple things in life, “We Didn’t Have Much” leans more on the nostalgic country style. And with the pandemic unexpectedly hitting our lives to a slow stop, the message of the song touches a bit deeper and reminds us to take care of the things that truly matter. 

8. “Country Again” by Thomas Rhett

In this song, Thomas Rhett talks about his journey back home to his roots &#; slowing down and taking his time to understand deeply what is important in his life. And there’s nothing more powerful than a song that relates and connects to people, especially during these uncertain times. 

9. “Famous Friends” by Chris Young and Kane Brown

This anthemic collaboration between Chris Young and Kane Brown honors not only their roots but also the long-standing friendships they had built through the years. Because “Famous Friends” is not actually a list of A-list celebrities but rather a list of hometown friends whom people have probably never heard of. After all, what keeps you grounded is your roots so always make sure you remind yourself of that. 

“If I Didn’t Love You” by Jason Aldean and Carrie Underwood

A power country-rock ballad about unresolved feelings and the pain of a breakup, this song is blended with the equally powerful vocals of Jason Aldean and Carrie Underwood. And if you’ve heard it, then you know &#; &#;If I Didn&#;t Love You&#; definitely hits right into the heart with an impact you wouldn’t expect. 

“Cold Beer Calling My Name” by Jameson Rodgers ft. Luke Combs

This lighthearted, fun song about a night filled with fun and cold beer scored Jameson the second top ten of his career. And it’s actually quite fitting that the labelmates found success with an alcohol-related tune because their friendship actually started with a drink or two&#;or actually three. 

“Drinkin’ Beer. Talkin’ God. Amen.” by Chase Rice ft. Florida Georgia Line

This collaboration with Florida Georgia Line brought Chase Rice his second chart-topping single. The song, according to Chase, was a celebration of a year that all of us have been forced to have. It was a year that had been brutal but at the same time a blessing to reconnect deeply with other people. 

“Drunk (And I Don’t Wanna Go Home)” by Elle King and Miranda Lambert

After a cold beer, we go all out drunk with Elle King and Miranda Lambert. &#;Drunk (And I Don&#;t Wanna Go Home)&#; is just a very fun song to play, especially with its glorious, tongue-buzzing chorus sung in harmony by two great female vocalists. Embrace the high and dance it all out. 

“I Was On A Boat That Day” by Old Dominion

If you’re heartbroken, but you wanna forget about it just for a little while and have some fun, then this is your anthem. After all, we all need time to take a pause from the drama and just live life. So go hit that repeat button as much as you need it. 

“Memory” by Kane Brown x blackbear

With everything that has been happening around the world, this song takes you away from the pains that life throws your way and pulls you right into the moment to live in it. 

Here Are Some More Hits To Complete Top 40 Country Songs for September

  1. “One Mississippi” by Kane Brown
  2. “You Should Probably Leave” by Chris Stapleton
  3. “Memory I Don’t Mess With” by Lee Brice
  4. “Cold As you” by Luke Combs
  5. “My Boy” by Elvie Shane
  6. “Buy Dirt” by Jordan Davis ft. Luke Bryan
  7. “You Time” by Scotty McCreery
  8. “Knowing You” by Kenny Chesney
  9. “Thinking ‘Bout You” by Dustin Lynch ft. Lauren Alaina or MacKenzie Porter
  10. “Next Girl” by Carly Pearce
  11. “Like A Lady” by Lady A
  12. “Freedom Was A Highway” by Jimmie Allen and Brad Paisley
  13. “Sand In My Boots” by Morgan Wallen
  14. “Tequila Little Time” by Jon Pardi
  15. “Same Boat” by Zac Brown Band
  16. “Whiskey And Rain” by Michael Ray
  17. “Just About Over You” by Priscilla Block
  18. “To Be Loved By You” Parker McCollum
  19. “Half Of My Hometown” by Kelsea Ballerini ft. Kenny Chesney
  20. “Home Sweet” by Russell Dickerson
  21. “Steal My Love” by Dan + Shay
  22. “That’s What Cowboys Do” by Garth Brooks
  23. “Give Heaven Some Hell” by HARDY
  24. “County Line” by Chase Matthew
  25. “Throw It Back” Breland ft. Keith Urban

So, what do you think of these top 40 country songs for September ? Did your favorites make the list, or did you find a new country favorite?


Top Country Songs Chart

Top Country Songs Chart last updated: October 25, /am/CST

Country music is always overflowing with talent and it’s not surprising to see new artists gracing charts with their new bops. But staying updated with all the new music releases and all your favorite country music artists can be quite the task, so we already took on the challenge for you. 

For all country music fans, here’s our Country Top chart that we regularly update to bring you from the freshest and most popular tunes in the genre down to the classics. Because there’s nothing more refreshing than a country music playlist for everything you need to do.

The number one song on our chart is Fancy Like by Walker Hayes.

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Check out our Top Most Popular Country Songs Chart now and find your next favorite song!

1. Walker Hayes &#; Fancy Like

2. Walker Hayes &#; U Gurl

3. Jordan Davis &#; Buy Dirt

4. Jason Aldean &#; If I Didn&#;t Love You

5. Cody Johnson &#; &#;Til You Can&#;t

6. Ryan Hurd &#; Chasing After You

7. Chris Stapleton &#; You Should Probably Leave

8. Walker Hayes &#; Fancy Like (feat. Kesha)

9. Jenny Tolman &#; Lonely In The Lone Star

Spencer Crandall &#; Made

More Songs To Complete Our Top Country Songs Chart

  1. Morgan Wallen &#; Sand In My Boots
  2. Aaron Lewis &#; Am I The Only One
  3. Chris Stapleton &#; Tennessee Whiskey
  4. Brooks & Dunn &#; Neon Moon
  5. Luke Combs &#; Cold As You
  6. Kane Brown &#; One Mississippi
  7. Lee Brice &#; Memory I Don&#;t Mess With
  8. Warren Zeiders &#; Never Look Back
  9. Dustin Lynch &#; Thinking &#;Bout You (feat. MacKenzie Porter)
  10. Zac Brown Band &#; Same Boat
  11. Luke Combs &#; Forever After All
  12. Kenny Chesney &#; Knowing You
  13. Chris Stapleton &#; Joy Of My Life
  14. Morgan Wallen &#; Wasted On You
  15. Sam Hunt &#; 23
  16. Warren Zeiders &#; Ride The Lightning
  17. Miranda Lambert &#; If I Was A Cowboy
  18. Elvie Shane &#; My Boy
  19. Carly Pearce &#; Never Wanted To Be That Girl
  20. Parker McCollum &#; To Be Loved By You
  21. Morgan Wallen &#; Whiskey Glasses
  22. HARDY &#; Give Heaven Some Hell
  23. Gabby Barrett &#; The Good Ones
  24. Old Dominion &#; I Was On A Boat That Day
  25. Jon Pardi &#; Tequila Little Time
  26. Michael Ray &#; Whiskey And Rain
  27. Jameson Rodgers &#; Cold Beer Calling My Name
  28. Chris Stapleton &#; Starting Over
  29. Scotty McCreery &#; Damn Strait
  30. Nelly &#; Lil Bit
  31. Eric Church &#; Heart On Fire
  32. Blake Shelton &#; Come Back As A Country Boy
  33. Morgan Wallen &#; Cover Me Up
  34. Lady Antebellum &#; Friends Don&#;t Let Friends
  35. Spencer Crandall &#; My Person (Wedding Version)
  36. Jimmie Allen &#; Freedom Was A Highway
  37. Coffey Anderson &#; Mr Red White And Blue
  38. Aaron Lewis &#; Goodbye Town
  39. Morgan Wallen &#; More Than My Hometown
  40. Spencer Crandall &#; My Person
  41. Parmalee &#; Take My Name
  42. Jessie James Decker &#; Tell You Enough
  43. Kacey Musgraves &#; Justified
  44. Morgan Wallen &#; Chasin&#; You
  45. Lady Antebellum &#; Like A Lady
  46. Luke Combs &#; Better Together
  47. Luke Combs &#; South On Ya
  48. Lainey Wilson &#; Things A Man Oughta Know
  49. Carly Pearce &#; What He Didn&#;t Do
  50. Lil Nas X &#; Old Town Road
  51. Dierks Bentley &#; Beers On Me
  52. Luke Combs &#; Beautiful Crazy
  53. Old Dominion &#; One Man Band
  54. Dan + Shay &#; Steal My Love
  55. Chris Young &#; Famous Friends
  56. Luke Bryan &#; Waves
  57. Chris Stapleton &#; Nothing Else Matters
  58. Keith Urban &#; Wild Hearts
  59. Darius Rucker &#; Wagon Wheel
  60. Callista Clark &#; It&#;s &#;Cause I Am
  61. Lady Antebellum &#; What A Song Can Do
  62. Jessie James Decker &#; The Woman I&#;ve Become
  63. Zac Brown Band &#; Chicken Fried
  64. Niko Moon &#; Good Time
  65. BRELAND &#; Throw It Back
  66. Luke Combs &#; Blue Collar Boys
  67. Larry Fleet &#; Where I Find God
  68. Chris Stapleton &#; Broken Halos
  69. Morgan Wallen &#; Livin&#; The Dream
  70. Charlie Daniels &#; The Devil Went Down To Georgia
  71. Morgan Wallen &#; Heartless (Wallen Album Mix)
  72. Conner Smith &#; I Hate Alabama
  73. Little Big Town &#; Wine, Beer, Whiskey
  74. Sheb Wooley &#; Purple People Eater
  75. Kelsea Ballerini &#; Half Of My Hometown
  76. Ingrid Andress &#; Wishful Drinking
  77. Blake Shelton &#; God&#;s Country
  78. Morgan Wallen &#; Up Down
  79. Pecos & the Rooftops &#; This Damn Song
  80. Jessie James Decker &#; The Woman I&#;ve Become
  81. Blanco Brown &#; The Git Up
  82. Jana Kramer &#; Voices
  83. The Charlie Daniels Band &#; The Devil Went Down to Georgia
  84. Cody Johnson &#; By Your Grace
  85. Old Dominion &#; I Was On a Boat That Day (Radio Edit)
  86. Johnny Cash &#; Hurt
  87. Larry Fleet &#; Where I Find God
  88. Morgan Wallen &#; Somebody’s Problem
  89. Scotty McCreery &#; You Time
  90. Luke Combs &#; Blue Collar Boys
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These are the songs of summer

Summer has officially arrived and we have the perfect list of country songs to pair with it. 

With the temperatures rising and summer vacations in full swing, people far and wide are on the hunt for new music to pair with summertime fun. If you&#;re one of them, look no further! 

We&#;ve compiled a list of 13 feel-good tracks that are ready for you to add to your summer playlist. From the breezy vibes of Ryan Griffin&#;s &#;Salt, Lime & Tequila,&#; to Jon Pardi&#;s laidback &#;Tequila Little Time,&#; to the rambunctious &#;Drunk (And I Don&#;t Wanna Go Home)&#; by Elle King and Miranda Lambert, here are the 13 best country songs of summer (in no particular order). 

Ryan Griffin: &#;Salt, Lime & Tequila&#; 

Ryan Griffin&#;s &#;Salt, Lime & Tequila&#; took TikTok by storm upon its release and it&#;s obvious why fans are loving it. This breezy, feel-good track urges fans to take the stressors of everyday life with &#;a grain of Salt, lime and tequila.&#; We have it admit, it&#;s pretty good advice. 

Stream &#;Salt, Lime & Tequila&#; HERE. 

Walker Hayes: &#;Fancy Like&#; 

&#;Fancy Like&#; by Walker Hayes should come with a warning label because once you listen, it will be stuck in your head for days (yes, it&#;s that addictive!). The song (and dance), which is going viral on social media platforms, finds Hayes praising the simple things in life &#;Applebee&#;s on a date night&#; and &#;Natty in the styrofoam.&#; It&#;s a total earworm and will undoubtedly become one of this summer&#;s biggest songs. 

Stream &#;Fancy Like&#; HERE. 

Elle King feat. Miranda Lambert: &#;Drunk (And I Don&#;t Wanna Go Home)&#; 

Elle King and Miranda Lambert serve up endless fun in their new collab, &#;Drunk (And I Don&#;t Wanna Go Home).&#; Officially at country radio now, the high octane duet begs for airplay and has become an instant fan-favorite. 

Stream &#;Drunk (And I Don&#;t Wanna Go Home)&#; HERE. 

Old Dominion: &#;I Was On A Boat That Day&#; 

Old Dominion brings all the summertime vibes with their newest single, &#;I Was On A Boat That Day.&#; The group brushes off a breakup throughout the sing-along tune, which serves as the lead single from their forthcoming album. 

Stream &#;I Was On A Boat That Day&#; HERE. 

Noah Schnacky feat. Jimmie Allen: &#;Don&#;t You Wanna Know&#;  

Noah Schnacky recruited ACM New Male Artist of the Year Jimmie Allen to join him on his latest single, &#;Don&#;t You Wanna Know.&#; The infectious track is one fans will want to crank up with the windows rolled down. 

Stream &#;Don&#;t You Wanna Know&#; HERE. 

Dustin Lynch feat. Chris Lane: &#;Tequila On A Boat&#; 

The title says it all: &#;Drunk On A Boat.&#; If this Dustin Lynch and Chris Lane collaboration isn&#;t the quintessential summertime song, we aren&#;t sure what is. 

Stream &#;Tequila On A Boat&#; HERE. 

Little Big Town: &#;Wine, Beer, Whiskey&#; 

No summer party is complete with out Little Big Town&#;s boozy anthem, &#;Wine, Beer, Whiskey.&#; Turn it up loud and party with Jack, Jose and Gin! 

Stream &#;Wine, Beer, Whiskey&#; HERE. 

Chris Young feat. Kane Brown: &#;Famous Friends&#;

Celebrate your &#;Famous Friends&#; this summer with Chris Young and Kane Brown&#;s hit duet. This track is nearing the top of the charts at country radio but we&#;re not ready to remove it from rotation just yet! 

Stream &#;Famous Friends&#; HERE. 

Brian Kelley: &#;Party On The Beach&#;

The self-proclaimed &#;Beach Cowboy&#; Brian Kelley delivered an entire EP full of summer anthems, but this one seems to stick out among the bunch. &#;Party On The Beach&#; is just that &#; a total party. You&#;ll want to add this to your summer playlist ASAP. 

Stream &#;Party On The Beach&#; HERE. 

Walker County: &#;Bits & Pieces&#; 

Walker County attempts to put together the &#;Bits & Pieces&#; of a wild night in their new radio single. The sister duo is poised to have a breakout hit with this one. 

Stream &#;Bits & Pieces&#; HERE. 

Jimmie Allen feat. Brad Paisley: &#;Freedom Was A Highway&#;

Jimmie Allen joins forces with Brad Paisley on “Freedom Was A Highway,” a breezy anthem that transports listeners back to the carefree days of summer when they had no worries or responsibilities. Don&#;t skip it! 

Stream &#;Freedom Was A Highway&#; HERE. 

Jon Pardi: &#;Tequila Little Time&#; 

Jon Pardi shines throughout the laid back &#;Tequila Little Time.&#; This track features clever wordplay and hints of a mariachi band, making for the perfect summer jam. 

Stream &#;Tequila Little Time&#; HERE. 

Lathan Warlick feat. Tyler Hubbard: &#;My Way&#;

&#;My Way&#; by Lathan Warlick and Tyler Hubbard is % fun. We dare you to try to listen to this one without hitting the repeat button. 

Stream &#;My Way&#; HERE. 

New Country Music 2021 ♪♪ Blake Shelton, Chris Stapleton, Kane Brown, Luke Combs, Thomas Rhett ♪♪

There's a new No. 1 song on the monthly Taste of Country list of country music's Top 40 songs. In fact, this is the first time this artist has ever topped the chart.

Walker Hayes and "Fancy Like" are everywhere, making it difficult to argue its place on top. The No. 1 Hot Country Songs song is soon going to be an airplay chart-topper as well. Plus, the ToC staff sort of loves it, so that's good enough.

Carrie Underwood and Jason Aldean slide down a spot to No. 2 for October's Top 40 Country Songs list. Blake Shelton's new song also debuts high on the list. Did your favorite song make it?

The list of Top 40 country songs of October is compiled from Billboard chart data, streaming data, sales figures, staff opinion and reader feedback.

More Country Top September | August | July | June | May | April | March | February | January | December | November | Top 10 Songs of All of

Top 40 Country Songs for October

Muscadine Bloodline, Dyin&#x; for a Livin&#x;
Hardy, Give Heaven Some Hell
Russell Dickerson, Home Sweet
Morgan Wallen, Sand in My Boots
Chris Janson, Bye Mom
Dierks Bentley, Breland & Hardy, Beers On Me
Parker McCollum, To Be Loved by You
Priscilla Block, Just About Over You
Lady A, Like a Lady &#x; NEW WHAT A SONG CAN DO ALBUM OUT OCT. 22!
Frank Ray, Country&#x;d Look Good On You
Morgan Wade, Wilder Days
Carly Pearce & Ashley McBryde, Never Wanted to Be That Girl
Callista Clark, It&#x;s &#x;Cause I Am
Jake Owen, Best Thing Since Backroads
Kelsea Ballerini and Kenny Chesney, Half of My Hometown
Garth Brooks, That&#x;s What Cowboys Do
Keith Urban, Wild Hearts
Sam Hunt, 23
Jon Pardi, Tequila Little Time
Eric Church, Heart on Fire
Luke Bryan, Waves
Michael Ray, Whiskey and Rain &#x; TIED FOR BIGGEST JUMP, UP 14 SPOTS!
Dustin Lynch Feat. Mackenzie Porter, Thinking &#x;Bout You
Zac Brown Band, Same Boat &#x; NEW THE COMEBACK ALBUM OUT OCT. 15!
Kane Brown, One Mississippi
Elle King & Miranda Lambert, Drunk (And I Don&#x;t Wanna Go Home)
Kenny Chesney, Knowing You
Scotty McCreery, You Time  &#x; TIED FOR BIGGEST JUMP, UP 14 SPOTS!
Chris Stapleton, You Should Probably Leave
Jimmie Allen & Brad Paisley, Freedom Was a Highway
Blake Shelton, Come Back as a Country Boy &#x; HIGHEST DEBUT!
9. Luke Combs, Cold as You
8. Jameson Rodgers (Feat. Luke Combs), Cold Beer Calling My Name
7. Lee Brice, Memory I Don&#x;t Mess With
6. Elvie Shane, My Boy
5. Old Dominion, I Was on a Boat That Day &#x; NEW TIME, TEQUILA, THERAPY ALBUM OUT OCT. 8!
4. Ryan Hurd With Maren Morris, Chasing After You &#x; NEW PELAGO ALBUM OUT OCT. 15!
3. Jordan Davis Feat. Luke Bryan, Buy Dirt
2. Jason Aldean & Carrie Underwood, If I Didn&#x;t Love You &#x; LAST MONTH'S NO. 1 SONG!
1. Walker Hayes, Fancy Like

Top Country Songs of , Ranked

You'll find much more than just the Top 10 Country Songs of on this list.

Our team has sourced fans to create 10 superlatives for this mid-year version of the year-end songs list. Best Country Tearjerker? Best Country Baby-Maker? Best Country Breakup Song of ? Keith Urban, Carly Pearce, Chris Bandi and more help make up this portion of the Top Country Songs list, while hitmakers like Thomas Rhett and Little Big Town lead the 10 best songs portion.

Did your favorite song of make this list? To be considered, the song must have been released in or have actively charted for a portion of the year (see "Wine, Beer, Whiskey"). New artists including Lainey Wilson, Breland and Triston Marez crack the Top Let us know your favorite song of at Twitter or email, at [email protected]


Country 2021 top songs

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New Country Music 2021 ♪♪ Blake Shelton, Chris Stapleton, Kane Brown, Luke Combs, Thomas Rhett ♪♪

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