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Wolves are probably one of the most common animal design choices for tattoos, so much so that wolf tattoos have become mainstream. Wolf tattoos are versatile and can have numerous different designs.

Each tattoo can be done uniquely with unusual detailing and color scheme. This makes them suitable for those who are more artistic and want their tattoos to be little paintings and masterpieces rather than plain outlines.

Wolf tattoos, like any other animal tattoo, often carry the meaning and the attributes of a wolf. However, the details you decide to add to the tattoo can complement the wolf symbolism, or add more to it.

So, if you were thinking about getting a wold tattoo, you’re in the right place. In the following paragraphs, we’ll take a look at the meaning and symbolism of wolf tattoos, as well as the tattoo designs and best placement ideas. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Wolf Tattoos – Symbolism and Meaning Explained

Wolf Symbolism

Before we start with the explanation of wolf tattoo meaning, let’s cover the meaning of wolf symbolism first. For thousands of years, the wolf has been one of the most respected wild animals and a center point of numerous stories, books, tales, etc. Its symbolism, however, varies from one culture to the other.

For example, in North America, the wolf is seen as one of the most intelligent animals and symbolizes the spirit, divinity, life, death, and rebirth. All of this symbolism usually stems from the tribal interpretation of the native Americans.

But, in Europe for example, wolves aren’t seen as friendly and as divine; they are generally considered dangerous and often symbolize destruction and death.

But, we must emphasize that wolves are generally respected almost everywhere, apart from Europe, where these animals simply carry a different historical symbol.

Even so, the wolf has played some major roles in European cultural history; in the story of Romulus and Remus, for example, the two twins were raised by a wolf and even suckled by her.

In the Nordic culture, however, wolves were both feared, but respected for their bravery, protection, loyalty, and wisdom.

Werewolf Symbolism

Since ancient times, werewolves have been the subject of human fear and lore. Werewolves have been considered evil for thousands of years, as the traditional legends and myths have featured werewolves and human-devouring monsters.

However, the recent cultural interpretations and adaptations have shown werewolves in a different light, as creatures who are misunderstood rather than evil. Therefore, werewolves have been a tattoo choice for a lot of fantasy enthusiasts or horror stories fans.

Meaning Of Wolf Tattoos For Men And Women

When it comes to wolf tattoos, they can have a different meaning for men and women. Here are the meaning and symbolism of wolf tattoos for men and women;

Wolf Tattoos For Men

  • Power
  • Leadership
  • Protection
  • Fatherhood
  • Rebellion
  • Determination
  • Loyalty
  • Brotherhood

Wolf Tattoos For Women

Wolf Tattoos – Best Designs And Body Placement

Warewolf Tattoos

Warewolf Tattoos 4
Warewolf Tattoos 3
Warewolf Tattoos 2
Warewolf Tattoos 1
  • Tattoo highlights – these tattoos are often large and require detailing, shading, and sometimes even coloring to emphasize the nature and symbolism of a werewolf. Because of how time- and labor-consuming such tattoos can be, you can expect to pay between $1000 to $2500, depending on the size of the tattoo as well as the tattoo artist and their expertise levels. However, you can try and go for a smaller tattoo, like a werewolf outline to save some cash, but in that case, the tattoo artist might only do the head of the werewolf rather than the whole body, to avoid extra detailing and shading.
  • Best body placement – forearm, bicep area, upper or full back, calf, hand, rib or side of the abdomen area, etc.

If you want to get a badass tattoo, then you should go for a werewolf. These tattoos look exceptional, whether they’re done in a traditional or a more graphic, minimalistic style.

The tattoos often vary in design, depending on the individual taste, but the majority of them tend to express the raw, rebellious nature of a werewolf we all fear and are curious about at the same time.

Depending on the size of the tattoo, as well as the detailing and coloring, you can expect it to be done in one or two sessions, depending on the artist and your pain tolerance.

If you decide to get a tattoo in the forearm area, the rib or side of the abdomen and upper back, you can expect medium to high pain levels due to the nerve endings and thin skin in these areas.

Howling Woolf Tattoo

Howling Woolf Tattoo 1
Howling Woolf Tattoo 2
Howling Woolf Tattoo 3
Howling Woolf Tattoo 4
Howling Woolf Tattoo 5
Howling Woolf Tattoo 6
  • Tattoo highlights – the howling wolf tattoos are probably the best one in terms of looking great at any size or design idea. The howling wolf tattoos can be large and detailed, or small, outlined and with little or no detail. This makes them suitable for those who want to save some cash, or go crazy and get a badass howling wolf tattoo over their whole back. Either way, the price of the tattoo will depend on the size, color, and details, as well as the artist expertise and body placement.
  • Best body placement – forearm, bicep, shoulder area, hand, calf, upper thigh, etc.

The howling wolf tattoo design is often versatile and can feature the imagery of a forest, a cliff where the wolf is standing, or a full moon.

Depending on your choice of the featured imagery, the tattoo can have the wolf in the center of the design, or as a part of a bigger image.

This can play an important role in the size of the tattoo, where the tattoos with a wolf as a center point are larger and often more detailed. These tattoos tend to cost a lot more than the smaller ones, but both tend to look awesome and rather badass either way.

Tribal Wolf Tattoo

Tribal Wolf Tattoo 1
Tribal Wolf Tattoo 4
Tribal Wolf Tattoo 3
Tribal Wolf Tattoo 2
  • Tattoo highlights – these tattoos are excellent for those who want badass ink without spending the last penny on a tattoo. These tattoos often feature outlining and few detailing which lowers the end price significantly. However, the price can still go up depending on the size of the tattoo, so bear that in mind. Because the tattoos are often simplistic, they can be done in one session, which is great for those with low pain tolerance.
  • Best body placement – shoulder area, forearm, bicep area, calf, upper back, chest area, etc.

Tribal wolf tattoos are probably some of the most meaningful ones. They represent the spiritual protection, strength, loyalty, and the true nature of a wolf. They can also symbolize family, devotion, love, and luck.

All of this symbolism fits into a simplistic, yet intricate and effective tribal wolf tattoo. The design of the tattoo often features an outline of a wolf and can have little or no detailing.

Some people choose to add some color as well, but that is not a common practice with the tribal wolf design. Because of the simplicity of the tattoo, you can expect to pay less than what you would pay for the aforementioned designs.

Japanese Wolf Tattoo

Japanese Wolf Tattoo 1
Japanese Wolf Tattoo 5
Japanese Wolf Tattoo 4
Japanese Wolf Tattoo 3
Japanese Wolf Tattoo 2
  • Tattoo highlights – these tattoos are excellent for those who want a wolf tattoo with an oriental design. The Japanese wolf tattoos are often intricate and require a lot of detailing and a complex color scheme. Getting this type of wolf tattoo might cost you the most, so bear that in mind. The tattoo is also often large and occupies almost full-body areas, like the full-back, sleeve, chest, or thigh area. Moreover, this tattoo needs to be done by an expert tattoo artist, which might increase the final tattoo cost even more.
  • Best body placement – chest, upper thigh, calf, sleeve, shoulder area, upper back, rib or side of the abdomen, etc.

The wolf holds a very special place in Japanese culture and tradition. Wolves in Japanese culture represent Shinto gods known as Ookami. If you’ve ever watched anime, for example, you probably witnessed some wolf characters representing gods (like the wolf in Studio Ghibli’s Princess Mononoke).

When it comes to the tattoo design itself, it is also very traditional and in line with the style of Japanese tattoos. The wolf is often depicted very dramatically, with striking facial expressions as well as the color scheme.

The design of the tattoo is often intricate and may require more than one session to complete, especially if the tattoo is big.

Read More: Japanese Tattoos: History, Meanings, Symbolism, And Designs

Angry Wolf Tattoo

Angry Wolf Tattoo 2
Angry Wolf Tattoo 1
Angry Wolf Tattoo 3
  • Tattoo highlights – these tattoos, because they depict a detailed facial expression, require a highly experienced tattoo artist. The tattoos are often very detailed, big, and require a suitable color scheme. Because they’re so time- and labor-consuming, bear in mind that such a tattoo might cost you more than an average wolf ink.
  • Best body placement – forearm, chest, bicep, upper back, upper thigh, etc.

Angry wolf tattoos aren’t very common since they do depict wolves as angry and ferocious. Such tattoos often indicate one has a bad temper, is fiery and passionate as a person, etc.

Therefore, the design of the tattoo is often large, face-focused, and highly detailed. These tattoos can be intricate and may require one long session, or several shorter sessions to complete.

Because of how time- and labor-intensive these tattoos can be, you may need to dig deeper into your pocket and be ready to pay up to $3000 for a detailed, colored tattoo.

Wolf Headdress Tattoo

Wolf Headdress Tattoo 2
Wolf Headdress Tattoo 5
Wolf Headdress Tattoo 4
Wolf Headdress Tattoo 3
Wolf Headdress Tattoo 2
Wolf Headdress Tattoo 1
  • Tattoo highlights – these tattoos as well as very complex and feature intricate designs. They are often large and feature several different images. They require a lot of detailing, and the majority are also colored, requiring 2 or more colors. Because of the complexity of the design, you may want to look for an experienced tattoo artist who will do a good job. Also, bear in mind that the size, color, and complexity of the design increase the final tattoo cost significantly.
  • Best body placement – forearm, bicep, shoulder area, chest, upper thigh, calf, etc.

A wolf headdress tattoo is a rather unique and meaningful concept. The design of the tattoo showcases the connection between the Native Americans and the wolf, which is reminiscent of Native American mythology and tradition. The tattoo often depicts a woman wearing a wolf headdress, covered in wonderful colors and a lot of detail.

Because of the tattoo complexity, you can expect it to be done in one long or several short sessions, depending on the tattoo artist or your pain tolerance. Either way, this tattoo will surely make a statement on your body and show your connection to nature, and the spirit of the natives and the wolves.

Wolf Dreamcatcher Tattoo

Wolf Dreamcatcher Tattoo 2
Wolf Dreamcatcher Tattoo 3
Wolf Dreamcatcher Tattoo 4
Wolf Dreamcatcher Tattoo 1
  • Tattoo highlights – these are some of the most unique wolf tattoos. Because the design comprises a wolf and dreamcatcher imagery, the tattoo artists can create magic with these tattoos. They are often intricate and highly detailed, and in some cases colored too. The size of the tattoos can vary, which can increase or decrease the final tattoo cost. We surely recommend you go for a medium or large-sized tattoo, mostly because the wolf will stand out more compared to the smaller tattoos.
  • Best body placement – forearm, shoulder area, bicep, chest, upper or central back, upper thigh, calf, etc.

If you want your wolf tattoo to truly and directly symbolize protection, then the wolf dreamcatcher tattoo design is for you. This design is heavily influenced by the tradition of the Native Americans since they used the dreamcatchers for protection against nightmares and negative energy.

Wolves also symbolize protection and spiritual guardians. When it comes to the design, however, you can expect the tattoo to be large and have a lot of detail. Of course, you can go for a simple outline, but that won’t translate the true nature and symbolism of the tattoo.

The wolf dreamcatcher tattoos feature beautiful color schemes and unique combinations of the wolf and the dreamcatcher. Because of the size, detailing and color, these tattoos can have a pricepoint, which is something to bear in mind.

Final Thoughts

If you want to get a tattoo that will be a true statement on your body, then a wolf tattoo might be one of the best choices. These tattoos carry such wonderful meanings, and can represent your love for the wilderness, or how strong and free-spirited you are.

They can also show your loyalty to your family, friends, and loved ones, as well as how passionate and wise you are. Regardless of the design you choose, always make sure to add to it something unique to you and your personality.

We hope that our design recommendations were helpful in your decision making, and we hope whatever you choose will turn out great!

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200+ Wolf Tattoo Ideas With Meanings and History

Every Tattoo Has A Story – Wolf Tattoo Meaning

Hostility towards wolves began when the man started keeping livestock. As predators, they were natural enemies of the early herdsmen.

Though wolves almost never attack humans, they prey on livestock, especially sheep. A wolf is not a brave hunter and attacks only the young and the sick in a herd.

Because of this, every effort was made to keep wolves away from the villages and urban areas.

The Wolf Nature: An Odd Creature

Still, wolves haunted the ancient imagination.

According to this article, throughout the Mediterranean and the Near East, they were regarded as the most bestial of creatures; the antithesis of the civilized and good.

As such, they were also seen as a metaphor for all that was least human in man, a mirror-image of humanity’s better nature. An obvious example of this is in the Princes Mononoke anime series, where her pet is a wolf.

It is then no surprise that anybody who was deemed unfit or has threatened to in any way ruin the ordered society and its accepted norms came to be portrayed as ‘wolf-like’: wolf-man, lone wolf, wolf-woman, she-wolf.

The traits associated with wolves usually are:

  •  intelligence
  • voracious appetite,
  • cunning,
  • deceit and a lack of moral restraint.

The Wolf Pack: Survive mode

Wolves are known to depend on each other to survive, to place the interests of the wolf pack and their family before their own.

That is why they can be ferocious if a loved one is in harm’s way.

These animals are also known to pass on knowledge from one generation to the next and are said to have sacred territories.

The Wolf As A Spirit Animal

In the spirit animal kingdom, the wolf symbolizes:

  • Sharp intelligence, deep connection with instincts
  • Appetite for freedom
  • Expression of strong instincts
  • Feeling threatened, lack of trust in someone or in yourself

Positive meanings emphasize a deep connection with your intuition and instincts. On the negative side, the wolf could represent a perceived threat or a lack of trust in someone or your own feelings or actions.

Wolf Native American Symbolism: The “Wolf People”

Native American Indians perhaps had the greatest symbolism for wolves.

They modeled themselves after the wolf in hunting methods, cooperation and efficiency, valuing them as proud hunters, loyal friends and intelligent teachers.

They also thought of the Wolf as a spiritual pathfinder, which symbolized intelligence and leadership.

While every Native American tribe has their own unique customs and beliefs, one theme that is common to virtually all of them is the belief in the wolf as an extremely powerful being.

Native Americans view the wolf as a creator, a guide, and a brother or sister.

Some tribes believe that wolves howl at the moon because they are having a spiritual experience and are singing to the gods.

The “Wolf People”

According the organization Wolf Song Alaska, the Pawnee Indians have such a powerful kinship with wolves that their hand sign for “wolf” is the same as it is for “Pawnee.” Indeed, other local tribes called the Pawnee the “Wolf People.”

Both the Pawnee and the Blackfoot tribes viewed the appearance and disappearance of the (Wolf) star Sirius as a sign that wolves were traveling to and from the spirit world.

The Milky Way itself was the path they took, which the tribes referred to as the “Wolf Road.”

The Pawnee believe the wolf was the first creature to experience death.

Celtic Wolf: A Symbol of Freedom, Helper, Guide

In medieval Celtic mythology (and tattoos, too!) wolves play a number of important role, this time in a positive light – many roles being the helping ones, or even people shapeshifting in wolves and back to humans.

Similar to the Roman story of Romulus and Remus, a future king was once again reared by a she-wolf: Cormac mac Airt grew up to become an important High King of Ireland.

In many Irish/Welsh myths, the wolf is usually a helper and a guide.

We also find myths of deities in wolf form, like the goddess Morrigana appearing in wolf form, but was defeated by the hero Cú Chulainn – the ‘Hound of Cuainn’.

There is also the old Gaelic/Irish month faoilleach, which comes from faol or faol-chù, “wolf”, i.e. the “Month of the Wolf” – February, a period in which wolves may be more present.

Wolf Christianity Symbol: How is Wolf Seen In The Bible?

The Bible contains 13 references to wolves, usually as metaphors for greed and destructiveness.

“Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.”
– Saint Matthew, 7: 15

The wolf is repeatedly mentioned in the scriptures as an enemy of flocks.

A metaphor for evil men with a lust for power and dishonest gain, as well as a metaphor for Satan preying on innocent God-fearing Christians, contrasted with the shepherd Jesus who keeps his flock safe.

“For I know this, that after my departure, savage wolves will come in among you, not sparing the flock.”
– Acts, 20: 29

A more positive Christian view of the wolf appears in the story of St. Francis of Assisi.

The so called wolf-lore remembers Francis as known for defending a lone wolf against the people of Gubbio in Italy.

Based on the tale, the hungry wolf had attacked and eaten some of the livestock of the people of the village. Even though this would usually trigger a widespread hunt and counter attack on the wolf, Francis asks the people to go against that instinct.

Francis encouraged the people to show mercy and charity, and they followed his lead in feeding the wolf, so that all might live more harmoniously.

Wolves In Tales and Literature

Today we still associate wolves with negative qualities, among them the darkness of the mythical Werewolves (the story of Lycaon the King and Zeus).

How our ancestors perceived wolves has then translated into many works of folklore, legends, but also stories written by authors like Aesop and the Brothers  Grimm.

Following that portrayal, Aesop’s fables show wolves as being evil and dangerous, such as in the story of “The boy who cried Wolf” and “The Wolf in sheep clothing“.

The Brothers Grimm story of “Little Red Riding Hood” also portrays the Wolf as ferocious and intimidating.

Rome has one of the best known Wolf-founding legends.  As the legend goes, Romulus and Remus the two founding brothers of Rome, were raised and suckled by a she-wolf.

Best Wolf Tattoo Placements

When it comes to wolf tattoos, there are many ways to go about it – from a small wolf hand tattoo to big wolf sleeve tattoo scenes.

A medium tattoo option would definitely be a wolf forearm tattoo, which gives enough room for a story telling tattoo with a lot of meaning, but also can be covered easily. Many choose to get a geometric wolf tattoo then there.

There are also many people, especially men, sporting on themselves a wolf hand tattoo. This is a bold option for everybody who wants to openly and freely tell who they are to the world.

With a thigh piece or a wolf chest tattoo you can go in between a huge and small scene, sometimes in watercolor, giving you enough canvas to include many other elements beside your wolf to tell a bigger story.

To help you with your research for your next tattoo design, we went on a hunt through Instagram to find the best wolf tattoo ideas.

Take a look below to check them out all:

Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing Tattoo

Sours: https://tattoostylist.com/wolf-tattoo-ideas/
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  5. Pure comfort lincoln, ne

The 70 Tattoo Cover Up Ideas for Men

The official legal age for getting a tattoo is eighteen years old. If you have ever brought up the idea of getting a tattoo to your parents, you were probably met with something along the lines of, “You’re going to regret that tattoo when you’re older.” But the thing is… At the time, you probably disagreed, and that’s what led you to commit to the tattoo in the first place. See, we do not always make the most thought-out decisions or well-informed choices when we are in our teens or our twenties.

Everything in our brain comes together in our mid- to late-twenties, but up until then, we might act on ideas that aren’t the best ones long-term. One of the most commonly mistaken actions that we take as younger adults, yet regret as we get older, would be tattoos. Maybe you had a boyfriend you thought you would spend forever with, so you tattooed his name on your left wrist. Or maybe you started dating a girl that you wanted to spend the rest of your life with, and now that anniversary date is inked into your bicep but you’re no longer together.

These things happen because younger relationships are more prone to ending in breakups than marriages. You live and you learn, but it doesn’t mean you have to keep a tattoo you regret visible on your body for life. That’s where tattoo cover-ups come into the picture. If you have ink on your skin that you wish you never had done, don’t worry. Instead, take a look through these 70 tattoo cover-up ideas for men.

Sours: https://improb.com/tattoo-cover-up-ideas-for-men/
So You Want a Coverup Tattoo? - Tattoo Styles

Top 115 Best Wolf Tattoo Ideas for Men – [2021 Inspiration Guide]

The wolf is an immensely popular, enduring theme of strength, power and grace. The supple flow of movement under fur, its beauty, loyalty, and fiercely protective mentality are elements of the wolf that give it almost universal respect. It is why wolves feature in our list of the 50+ best tattoo ideas.

A wolf tattoo is a great way to display strength, familial loyalty and devotion, while for others, a wolf tattoo can be part of dreams, aspirations, or associated with the moon. A howling wolf tattoo represents strength, free spiritedness. Whatever symbolism your wolf depicts, there is a range of awesome technical options and tattoo style that can bring it to life.

To help you uncover wolf tattoo ideas and inspiration, check out the following gallery of the top 115 wolf tattoo designs for men. From geometric tattoo ideas that seem bizarre, to classic realistic tattoos of the lone wolf howling at the moon, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

1. Upper Arm Wolf Tattoos

Bicep Mens Sick Wolf Tattoo Design Inspiration

Inner Arm Bicep Realistic Sick Wolf Tattoo Design On Man

Mens Cool Sick Wolf Tattoo Ideas On Inner Arm Bicep

Hlaf Sleeve Sketched Guys Tattoos With Sick Wolf Design

Half Sleeve Male Sick Howling Wolf In Nature Tattoo Design Inspiration

3d Geometric Half Sleeve Sick Wolf Tattoos Men

Sick Wolf 3d Quarter Sleeve Tattoo Designs For Guys

Geometric 3d Dotwork Mens Sick Wolf Tattoo Ideas On Arm

Mens Sick Forearm Wolf Howling At The Moon Sleeve Tattoo

Ornate Arm Male Tattoo With Sick Wolf Design

Shaded Guys Sick Wolf Tattoo On Outer Arm

2. Wolf Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Full Arm Sleeve Male Sick Wolf Tattoo

Amazing 3d Mens Sleeve Agressive Sick Wolf Tattoo Designs

Half Sleeve Hyper Realistic 3d Male Sick Wolf Tattoo Designs With Roman Numeral Clock And Skull

Half Sleeve Sick Wolf With Walking Bear Mens Tattoo Designs

Male Cool Sick Wolf Walking In Forest With Portrait Morph Tattoo Ideas Half Sleeve

Sleeve Black And Grey Ink Sick Wolf Tattoo On Men

Unique Mens Sick Wolf Tattoos Full Leg Sleeve

White Ink Over Black Ink Quarter Sleeve Sick Wolf Tattoos Guys

Creative Men's Ghost Wolf Tattoo

Wolf Tattoos Designs Men

This wolf tattoo slaps! It’s an awesome combination piece mixing portraiture, animal realism, and elements of abstract to frame a work of mastery. Both the woman’s image and wolf are depicted with flawless technique, and the piece’s shading is pinpoint.

Where the half sleeve stands out most though, is in the delivery of white ink highlights to the outer rose petals, dream catcher headdress, and eyes of the woman. These technically oriented flourishes maximize the tattoo’s eye catching effects and transform a great piece into one of the very best.

Male Wolf Pack Tattoo

Men's White Wolf Tattoo

Men's Wolf Paw Tattoo

When choosing a wolf tattoo sleeve, focus on your central theme, keep it simple, then slowly piece the body art together in its entirety. Whether you want a cohesive collection of tattoos or one organic piece ensure that it’s ink work which you and your tattoo artist can be proud of. The examples above show that you can portray a realistic wolf in your sleeve design, but there needs to be more to it when incorporating the length of arm or leg.

Time and budget are also important factors to consider. How much time are you willing to give for this endeavor? And how much money are you willing to spend to bring your wolf dream tattoo to life?

3. Watercolor Wolf Tattoo Ideas

Manly Bad Wolf Tattoo For Men

Wolfs Tattoo For Men

A 50/50 wolf mixing realism with watercolor to make an arresting feature tattoo. Juxtaposing each eye to the opposite technique is a smart which makes the wolf’s visage a focal point. The vivid blue of the water color is the more interesting half despite the entire blueprint being the same. It ‘fits’ the image more so than the black and grey half next to it.

Wolf Shoulder Tattoo On Man

This a beautifully delivered water color wolf with a funky screen print sensibility. It’s made more effective by using the central features – eyes, muzzle, and whiskers – to center the image in classic black line before working around it in vivid color. ‘Running’ paint at various points is another technical feature the artist has deployed with success.

Wolf Chest Tattoo For Men

This inky wolf is a delightful tattoo. The piercing tawny eyes give the whole piece an element of quality. The use of a water color feel in black ink is a smart use of technique, aided by the artist’s decision to have the central, heavier work move away from the beast’s face in odd directions before trailing downward. The addition of just a smidgen of yellow ink at the side of the image is also a deft touch to alleviate a little of the blackness and support the wolf’s eyes.

Howling Wolf Tattoo For Men

A watercolor wolf tattoo is a bright, vivid marking made up of numerous subtle color gradients and techniques that create a more gradual color fade-out. The wolf is an outstanding motif for use in watercolor tattoo designs, because the style of watercolor tattoos is more delicate and fluid than “traditional” tattoos and works well with symbolic meaning attached to wolves, such as the moon, dreams, and visions.

For a watercolor wolf tattoo of this kind it’s best to check out your potential artist’s prior watercolor pieces to ensure you’re comfortable before proceeding with a booking and deposit. You can check their gallery of work online, via social media, or through an in-studio visit to see a folder of their best ink.

4. Innovative Wolf Tattoos

Alpha Wolf Tattoo For Men

The are some brilliant aspects to this black wolf tattoo. The shape of this half sleeve creates an excellent border for the image, and mixing the black of the canine itself with negative space of the trees and smaller figure is also a deft touch. However, not giving the wolf a visible mouth or jaw leaves this tattoo looking a little strange – it creates some color and shaping issues under the nose that would be taken away by the addition of a slight snarl or even a lolling tongue.

Wolf Tattoo Ideas For Men

Wow, what an epic tattoo. The woman’s face here is photographically flawless. The inky lines run down her face in beautifully etched black line. The wolf is a snarling menace of abstract black line ferocity and intricate dotwork – the purposeful use of line ‘errors’ make the beast much sharper and more effective. But it’s the mottled mix of snakeskin color and shading back towards human that sets the piece apart, yet brings it together as well. The total image is highest quality art on skin.

Men's Old School Wolf Tattoo

Wolf Hand Tattoo For Men

Not sure what’s going on here, to be honest. There’s definitely a black wolf etched in with cool technique to delineate the beast’s fur, but it doesn’t have a mouth. And there are four arms, with no bodies, limbs, or anything else. It’s a cool abstract image, yet incredibly weird at the same time.

Men's Wolf Sleeve Tattoo

Men's Wolf Eyes Tattoo

Any tattoo artist worth their salt brings their A game to creating a wolf tattoo. The beast has so much scope for innovation and expression. Even if the wearer has a tightly defined idea for their wolf tattoo, the range of opportunities to play with technical aspects and composition is lots of fun.

Japanese culture, new wave, or abstract 3D, color or black and gray, fur and fang, darkness and light, dreamscape or nightmare, a wolf tattoo design can head in any direction, incorporating any mix of application choice into a beautiful wolf tattoo design. These examples show off flowing dreamcatcher tattoo elements, Native American culture, and spirit animal depictions of dreams, or the juxtaposition of angry wolf with calm human in a range of arresting ways.

5. American Traditional and Neo Traditional Wolf Tattoo

Wolf Pack Tattoos For Men

Tribal Woof Tattoos Men

Native American Wolf Tattoo On Male

Japanese Wolf Tattoo Mens

Wolf Arm Tattoo For Men

Men's Wolf Outline Tattoo

Men's Wolf Creek Tattoos

Wolf concepts of loyalty, courage and strength are important topics in American traditional wolf tattoo, thanks to the style’s heavy association with symbolic meaning and frequent references to the military which the tradition was built on.

Neo traditional style builds on these concepts, but opens the genre to more lurid examples within the tattoo art. These example designs show the best of simple old school design right next to the vivid color schemes and out there placements of the newer wolf tattoo meaning.

6. Uniquely Placed Wolf Tattoo Designs

Gentlemens Sick Wolf Tattoo Ideas On Hand

Manly 3d Hand Sick Wolf Tattoo Design Ideas For Men

Wolf Silhouette Tattoo Men

Traditional Wolf Tattoo For Men

Tattoo Wolf For Men

Masculine Celtic Wolf Tattoo For Men On Hands

Side Of Head Black Ink Outline Mens Sick Wolf Tattoo Design Ideas

The tattoo mentality of “not above the collar, or below the cuffs” has been obliterated in recent years, as tattoo expression now reaches every part of skin on the human body. It might not be to everyone’s taste, but that’s too bad.

These finely etched wolf tattoo examples are placed in a variety of positions that were once considered off limits – an old school tattoo shop, aware of how society still treats visible tattoo may still try to stop a subject taking the plunge. What they all share is a commitment to quality tattoo art, whether it’s a Japanese wolf on the hand, or a snarling alpha wolf on the charge.

7. Geometric Wolf Tattoo Art

Sick Wolf Teeth Geometric Leg Calf Tattoos For Gentlemen

Guys Sick Wolf Geometric Bicep Arm Tattoos

Arm Geometric Guys Sick Wolf Tattoo Design Ideas

Snarling Wolf Tattoo For Men

Wolf Head Tattoos For Men

The artist’s command of black line technique is put on full display with this brilliantly etched image. It’s like the wolf’s fur has been pulled up away to show a mash up of angles, circles, lines and arrows where the flesh should be. The effect of highlighting a portion of each large circle with slightly thicker black line is an exceptionally deft piece of artwork.

Small Wolf Tattoo For Men


Men's Wolf Tattoo Sleeve

Men's Wolf Tattoo Meaning

Geometric Best Wolf Tattoos For Men

A geometric wolf tattoo can be depicted in anyone of a hundred ways and done with tremendous skill. The examples above are testament to the use of a brilliant range of broad geometric tattoo designs – fractal triangles, straight lines, face splits and symmetrical break ups, recurring patterns and border shapes – all made to throw off or augment the traditional realistic view of a wolf tattoo.

8. Realistic Wolf Tattoo

3d Half Sleeve Heavily Shaded Sick Wolf Male Tattoos

Male Sick Shaded Black And Grey Ink Wolf Howling At The Moon Half Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Lone Wolf Tattoo For Men

Man With Wolf Howling At The Moon Tattoo

Tribal Wolf Tattoo For Men

Tribal Wolf Tattoo Designs For Gentlemen

Tattoos Wolf Mens
Simple Men's Wolf Tattoo

Howling Male Wolf Back Tattoo

Wolf Tattoos For Men

This is a solid wolf tattoo in the realist style. The artist has shaped a half sleeve around a snarling wolf, with realistic depiction of the fur, muzzle whiskers, and red eye key features. The fill images of moonlight trees are also successful at shaping the piece.

Wolf Tattoo For Men

This piece is effectively two separate wolf tattoos joined together by shared space. The upper wolf is a great realist example, the skin of it’s nose and fur of the head look like you could run your hands over it and come away fluffy. The supporting artwork is a deft piece of gray and black shading that creates a small tattoo of the moving wolf mirrored by ambiguous shadows off the ground.

Indian Wolf Tattoo For Men

Men's Wolf Head Tattoo

Leg Sleeve Sick Wolf Mens Tattoo Ideas

Leg Sleeve Mens Tattoo With Sick Wolf Design

Masculine Sick Howling Wolf Leg Tattoos For Men

Just like with other animals of power, strength, and command – like a bear or lion tattoo – the most popular style of tattoo for the wolf by far is a realistic tattoo design. The wolf’s face offers a great starting point for any kind of realistic tattoo, due to its range of expressions, and the ability to convey a range of meaning into a facial expression.

Whether it’s a black and gray wolf, or full color wolf design, a skilled tattoo artist can bring it to life, and easily imbue the animal tattoo with the required symbolism to get it’s point across clearly.

9. Technical Wolf Tattoo Design

Creative Wolf Tattoo Design For Men

Guy's Wolf Skull Tattoo

Men's Traditional Wolf Tattoos

Men's Small Wolf Tattoos

Tree Branches Leg Sick Wolf Tattoo Design Ideas For Males

Cool Sick Wolf Geometric Thigh Tattoo Design Ideas For Male

Big Bad Wolf Tattoo For Men

Masculine Men's Wolf Tribal Tattoo

Male Wolf Face Tattoo

Angry Wolf Tattoo On Man

Cool Wolf Tattoos For Men

Whatever your wolf tattoo meaning it offers an almost unrivalled opportunity to play with the technical tattooing aspects. A howling wolf, snarling aggressive wolf, or loyal and patient wolf can be depicted with the right deployment of linework for the muzzle, tongue, and wolf’s face.

The type of fur is the most fun -there’s unlimited potential for exploring the patina and consistency of gray or white wolf fur, or the outline and make up of wet fur or a body dappled in shadow, while negative space, line thickness, and abstract concepts can also be explored to make a cool wolf tattoo.

10. Wolf Chest and Shoulder Ink

Black Ink Outline Axes With Sick Wolf Skull Male Chest Tattoo Ideas

Upper Chest Sick Wolf Guys Tattoos

Guy With Sick Wolf Moon Upper Chest Tattoo Design

Geometric Pattern Shapes Upper Chest Sick Wolf Tattoo Ideas On Guys

Sick Wolf Geometric Upper Chest Small Tattoo Ideas For Males

Upper Chest Geometric Guys Sick Wolf Tattoo Design Idea Inspiration

Wolf Sleeve Tattoos For Men

What an amazing neo classical tattoo. The piece is so well crafted that looking at each different element sucks you in to pinpoint on that part of the artwork. It’s hard to actually keep your distance from it and take all of this chest tattoo in.

The most mesmerizing part is how the simple, black line that borders each part and either joins or separates it to the next, can be inked in with such vivid style. You could be forgiven for thinking they were bright neon given their ability to stand out. This is so cool!

Wolf Howling Tattoo For Men

Is this the ‘dark’ tattoo version of a turducken? The human skull stretching out from the demonic wolf’s head to bite across the sternum is a nifty image. The piece utilizes balance of light and dark, color and black and gray to provide a nice chest tattoo, although shading under the Koi (right breast) may have benefited from a bright blue or aqua instead of black.

Cool Wolf Tattoos For Guys

Cool Men's Wolf Moon Tattoo

Black Wolf Tattoo For Guys

Wolf Howling At Moon Tattoo For Men

Look, the wolf on the left breast and shoulder needs to see a vet. The slavering mouth and discoloration over its left eye seems like rabies to the untrained eye. The realist wolf on the right seems ok though, if a little concerned about getting closer to its pack mate.

Added to the skull in a headdress below these three images create a nice triangular shape to the chest artwork. The use of different grades of black and gray alternate shading show good command of technique, while the skeleton’s eye sockets are an epic freakshow.

Best Men's Wolf Tribal Tattoos

Lone Wolf Tattoos For Men

As you witness a wolf’s clean, plush and bright coat of fur, the contrast of deep, red blood spewing from the wolf face makes for a powerful symbol of contrast. The wolf can be majestic with a peaceful nature, yet also aggressive and ferocious when determined or provoked. Demonstrating this kind of duality works really well on areas such as the chest or shoulder, as they offer a broad canvas to work on.

11. Wolf Tattoos for the Forearm

Awesome Watercolor Geometric Sick Wolf Inner Forearm Tattoos For Men

Cool Male Sick Wolf Skull Morph Inner Forearm Tattoo Designs

Forearm Sleeve 3d Eye Mens Cool Sick Wolf Tattoo Design Inspiration

Geometric Dotwork Inner Forearm Sick Wolf Tattoos Male

Guys Sick Wolf In Forest Red And Black Ink Tattoo Deisgns On Forearm

Hyper Realistic Forearm Sleeve Sick Wolf Male Tattoo Designs

Inner Forearm Creative Sick Wolf Head With Tribal Woman Tattoos For Men

Male With Cool Sick Agressive Wolf Forearm Sleeve Tattoo Design

Mens Manly Sick Wolf Thunder Bolt Forearm Tattoo Designs

Morph Inner Forearm Sick Wolf Guys Tattoo Ideas

Sick Wolf Head Guys Old School Traditional Forearm Tattoo Designs

Sick Wolf Watercolor Inner Forearm Tattoo Ideas For Gentlemen

12. Wolf Tattoos for the Back

Back Spine Guys Tattoo Ideas Sick Wolf Designs

Remarkable Sick Wolf Howling At The Moon With Forest Of Trees Full Back Tattoos For Males

Gentleman With Sick Wolf Tattoo On Back

Full Back 3d Male Sick Wolf Tattoo Ideas

Mens Tattoo Ideas With Sick Wolf Design On Upper Back

Sours: https://nextluxury.com/mens-style-and-fashion/wolf-tattoo-designs-for-men/

Cover tattoo wolf up

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Cover Wolf - Tattoo Time Lapse

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