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I suppose it’s a funny saying, but it’s one I use a lot when teaching. My students know that whatever they say about someone, rightly or wrongly, I will always think worse of the person calling names than the person who’s having names called (even if they are a smelly poopoohead!!)
My ex boyfriends little sister has taken to slating me over twitter and instagram (I know! How nice of her!!!).
Long story short of me and my ex were best mates before we got together, we got together and it just didn’t work, so after he’d been in America for five weeks of the two month relationship I ended it. I won’t bore you as to why, maybe another time!
She was jealous of us while we were together, but turned nasty when we split posting nasty things about me on twitter.


I’m quite confident in myself, or that’s the aura I give (again, probably for another post, but in a past relationship I was abused) so I have this false confidence in myself, I post quotes and pictures of myself being fabulous, because that’s how I’ve regained my confidence!

So this one, I posted a flippant quote on Instagram about ex’s..it wasn’t about her brother, wasn’t particularly about any of my ex’s, it was just funny. She then posted the above. Like I’ve said before ‘What Susie says about Sally says more about Susie than it does about Sally!’

This one hurt the most, her brother bought me nothing, I paid for everything! He didn’t even offer halves. I’m not one who expects the man to pay all the time, but on a first date, when he’s asked me out, yeah it’d be nice if it wasn’t left to me to pay! I’m not one for fancy restaurants either, I’d rather go to the pub fora few, or for a picnic, the simple things are so much more important to me! So that one hurt more than anything. It basically goes against two things I truly believe in.

So remember, what Susie says about Sally, says more about Susie than it does about Sally!
Be nice!
E x

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“What Susie says of Sally says more of Susie than of Sally.” We’ve all heard it, but has it really hit home?

Sitting inside classroom listening to a distinguished professor lecture you on the history of Buddhist traditions initially may sound like the very last thing you’d want to be doing on a sunny North Carolina summer day. However, since day one, my professor has been provoking each of our minds in a way that gets us thinking about not only our own perspectives but about those of other people.

Quite simply, he told us, “Knowledge is power, and power is knowledge. Knowledge is therefore your ability to define the quality of a relationship with another person. Power is what you do with it.”

He then followed up with the assertion that we are nothing more than what we think other people think we should be. With this in mind, knowledge and power then assimilate into play. This is because everything around us is socially constructed by our cultures, as well as for other cultures around the world.

For example, as a twenty-year-old female college student that attends a prestigious university also renowned for having a very fashionable, put-together, model-like student body, I know I would feel a little out of place if I showed up to class in gym clothes, sans makeup, with unkempt hair. That is, in an essence, me taking into account what I believe people think I should be doing– how they’re going to define the quality of any relationship with me based on whether or not I look approachable or like a reclusive hobo– and putting it into practice.

Is that my fault? Is that their fault? No, and no. It is because that is, in fact, what our society in post-modern America perceives as a socially-acceptable beauty regiment for college girls who want to be accepted without reservations.

So where do Susie and Sally come into play? Language.

Language is another social construct. We constantly reify and police ourselves and each other on what is or isn’t acceptable for us to say. We physically police the words that are on the threshold of slipping off of our tongues as well as mentally, whenever we judge others.

Thus, anything I say about someone else speaks volumes about the type of person I am as well as how I measure relationships, rather than revealing any element of truth about that ambiguous someone.

If Sally always runs to Susie with the latest news, and Susie tells you, “Oh, don’t trust Sally, she’s a compulsive gossiper,” that tells you that Susie values honesty to a point where she feels the need to tell you to watch what you say around Sally, rather than whether or not Sally is either an extroverted, in-the-know kind of gal or a drama queen.

Any judgment that pops into our minds is another vital participant. We say to ourselves, “Oh, look at that guy, vigorously scribbling away notes like an idiot even after Professor Jones said not to take notes during the lecture,” or “What is that god-awful smell coming from her lunch box…wait…is that even a girl?” These thoughts say nothing about the “other” we’ve created, but rather about ourselves and what we place value upon.

We as humans have the innate tendency to immediately generate an us-versus-them kind of mindset, in which you’re either in or you’re out.

My professor told us that in order for us to truly understand we must make the foreign familiar, as well as the familiar foreign. That is, put ourselves in another person’s shoes. To one person, their intentions could be purely honorable, but another person is very likely to see that differently. Instead of being so quick to judge, however, what we need to do is listen.

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‘What Susie says about Sally, says a lot more about Susie than it says about Sally.’

I came across this and thought it would be a sin not to post this. I know I have written about this before but I thought I should say something about it again.

How quick are we to judge others? It really takes nothing nowadays for someone to say something bad about someone else. It has become almost second nature to open our mouths and to spread a story about someone else. In most cases, it does not even concern us at all. We spend way too much time concerned with the lives of others when we should be focused on making our own lives better.

And it is true, what you say about someone else really does say more about you than it does about them. If you make it a habit of spreading stories, lies, rumours, whatever it may be, soon, you will have a reputation. And no one will believe you when you bad mouth others, because they already know that you have a reputation of doing so.

The bottom line is this: If something does not concern you, then stay out of it.

If something does not benefit you in any way, then do not let it affect you.

If the lives of others and their misery brings you joy, then you need to re-evaluate your own life and get your priorities in order.

Because, what you say about others is really only a reflection of who you are.

And what you lack is evident when you try to push them down.

If the only way you shine is by stealing someone else’s light, then you really are not shining in your own light at all.

If you only rise by making others feel small, then you really are not growing at all.

So remember Susie, what you say about Sally says a lot more about you at the end of the day.

Because what you say about others, reflects who you are. Reflections of you.

Be careful.

Take Care

Miss Stone

Sours: http://beinspiredbymissstone.blogspot.com/2013/05/what-susie-says-about-sally.html
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