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LOVECOM Fluorescent SEA Solid Color Transparent Phone Case for IPhone 11 Pro Max XR X XS Max 7 8 Plus Neon Case Soft IMD Back Cover

Brand Name:LOVECOM Type:Fitted Case Features:Fluorescent Candy Solid Color Transparent Phone Case Compatible Brand:Apple iPhones Compatible iPhone Model:iPhone 7 Compatible iPhone Model:iPhone 7 Plus Compatible iPhone Model:IPHONE 8 PLUS Compatible iPhone Model:IPHONE 8 Compatible iPhone Model:IPHONE X Compatible iPhone Model:IPHONE XS MAX Compatible iPhone Model:IPHONE XR Compatible iPhone Model:iphone XS Compatible iPhone Model:iPhone11 Compatible iPhone Model:iPhone 11 Pro MAX Compatible iPhone Model:iphone 11 pro Size:5.8 Size:6.5 Size:5.5 Size:6.1 Design:Plain Design:Transparent Function:Waterproof Function:Anti-knock Function:Dirt-resistant Function:Kickstand Function:With Finger Ring Function:Heavy Duty Protection Material:Made of High Quality Soft IMD Quality:Top Level Suitable Crowd:Women Color:Orange Feature 1:Easy To install or Remove Feature 2:Full Body Coverage Phone Back Cover Protector Feature 3:Soft Touch Feature 4:Fluorescent Solid Color Plain Clear Phone Cover Feature 5:Solid Color Feature 6:Neon Feature 7:Shockproof Style:Cute Simple Design:Fluorescent Color

Product type: Other Phone Cases

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The best Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra cases

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is a monstrous beast of a phone with a massive display and plenty of power under its hood. But you need to protect that humongous $1,400 hunk of aluminum and glass. Nothing says, “I love my smartphone” more than a case that shields it from accidental damage. Some of the biggest case makers in the business have already rustled up a batch of new offerings. Here are the best Galaxy S20 Ultra cases now available from companies with a good track record of protecting smartphones from harm and looking gorgeous while doing it.

Pelican Protector Series Case

Pelican Protector Series Case for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Pelican may not be the most well-known name when it comes to cases, but the company has a history providing “mission-critical equipment protection” that stretches back to 1976. Accordingly, its case for the Galaxy S20 Ultra has a dual-layer design that has satisfied the MIL-STD-810G drop test standard, indicating that it can withstand more than its fair share of punishment. It also includes raised lips and edges, guarding the phone’s screen against falls and stray impacts. As a bonus, the case’s design is also pretty minimal and sleek, its stylishness belying the fact that you could take pretty much anywhere.

Ghostek Nautical Waterproof Case

Ghostek Nautical Waterproof Case for Galaxy S20 Ultra

This Ghostek case offers excellent protection for your Galaxy S20 Ultra. Aside from being thin and lightweight, it offers strong protection against impacts and also happens to be waterproof, so long as you don’t go any deeper than six feet. The case has been tested to military-grade and can withstand drops from 12 feet, with its heavy-duty shell capable of absorbing pretty hefty shocks without damaging the phone. On top of this, it’s worth pointing out that it covers the entire S20 Ultra, protecting the screen and camera lenses. It also looks very sharp, with the transparent back complemented by a black frame and the Ghostek logo.

Tech21 Evo Check Case

Photo shows the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra in a clear Evo Check case from Tech21

A case that makes scratches a thing of the past while simultaneously fighting microbes? It sounds too good to be true — but the Evo Check case ticks all these boxes and more. You get antimicrobial protection, a scratch-resistant finish, and drop protection of up to 8 feet all packaged in a super-slim case that’s easy to slip in your pocket. Sounds good to us. It comes in black, blue, or a vibrant purple.

Olixar Soft Silicone Wallet Case

Photo shows the front and rear view of a navy blue Olixar soft silicone wallet case for the Samsung S20 Ultra

If you want the convenience of a wallet case without paying a premium for leather, this soft silicone wallet case from Olixar is a solid choice. Its durable, soft-touch silicone finish has a non-slip coating for extra grip, and the case flips open, providing all-round protection for your phone, with a magnetic closure to keep it protected in your bag or pocket. With a handy interior slot for credit cards, cash, or tickets, this case folds back on itself to transform into a kickstand for hands-free Netflix sessions or video calls. It’s available in blue, black, gray, or pink.

Official Samsung LED View Cover

Photo shows the front and back view of a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra in an official Samsung LED View cover

Who else knows the Galaxy S20 Ultra’s needs better than Samsung itself? The LED View case is a classic entry in Samsung’s protective options, and it offers complete protection from all angles, with the addition of a useful LED display on the front of the case. This unique LED display can show the time and notifications, reducing the need to open your case. There’s a single card slot on the inside cover, though it’s disappointing it doesn’t fold into a kickstand like other wallet cases — and that’s especially galling when you take the high price into account. Still, this is a unique case, and Samsung’s high-quality finish really shines through.

UAG Plasma Case

Photo shows the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra in a Plasma case from Urban Armor Gear

UAG’s cases may not be the fashionable or stylish options, but they’re certainly among the most protective. The Plasma case is the middle child of UAG’s range, but it’s no less a desirable option for protecting your phone. It uses a hard outer shell with a shock-absorbent inner core to offer protection against drops, scratches, and other damage, without adding additional weight to your smartphone. It’s tested to military drop-test standards, has reinforced corners and a raised lip around the display, and has tactile button covers. It comes in two transparent color variants, and, by UAG’s standards, it’s not too expensive at all.

Case-mate Twinkle Case

Case-Mate Twinkle Case for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

The Galaxy S20 Ultra is a stylish phone, but you can always add a little more dazzle, and Case-mate’s Twinkle is the perfect case to add glittery chic. The stunning backside of the case uses reflective rose gold glitter foil, which doesn’t inhibit wireless charging, despite the reflective styling. It’s not just pretty though; it has some serious protection to back up the good looks. The sides are flexible, offering extra grip, while the case itself has been tested against drops up to 10 feet. The back of the case uses anti-scratch technology so you can rest assured your view won’t be blocked by damage. There’s a lot going on here, and it helps to justify the high asking price.

Stilgut Ultraslim Leather Case

Photo shows the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra in a slim leather case from Stilgut

While the folio wallet case design is more common, we still have a soft spot for the leather wallets that flip open downward, and Stilgut makes some of the best around. Stilgut’s Ultraslim leather case is made from a shock-resistant hard shell and covered with a soft and luxurious premium leather. As the name suggests, it’s a slim case, so you can still slip your phone into pockets and bags easily, and the leather doesn’t interfere with wireless charging. It’s held closed with a magnetic fastening and has a microfiber lining and padded cover to help keep your shiny Galaxy S20 Ultra protected while inside your case. An excellent and quietly stylish case.

LifeProof Next Rugged Case

Photo shows the Next rugged case from Lifeproof for the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

If you’re a person with extreme hobbies, you’ll want some extreme protection to keep your phone safe on your adventures. LifeProof’s cases are just that — life-proof. The Next case is drop-proof, dirt-proof, and snow-proof, offering a huge amount of protection to keep your phone protected, no matter what you’re up to. It’s drop-tested up to 6.6 feet, so it should be able to withstand most usual drops, and it comes with port plugs to prevent the ingress of dust or grit into those vulnerable areas. It’s certainly on the more expensive side of this list, but if you want serious protection for a serious phone, then look no further.

Otterbox Otter + Pop Symmetry Series Case

Photo shows the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra in a mint green case from Otterbox

With its polycarbonate and synthetic unibody rubber structure, the Otterbox does what it’s best known for — protecting your smartphone from drops, impact, and scratches via a raised, beveled edge that shields the touchscreen and allows for wireless charging. But this case offers a fun twist — just close flat and press down to change PopTops and change your phone’s look instantly. The cases help you text one-handed, watch videos, or shoot photos and also integrate the PopSockets PopGrip with a slim style that slides easily into your pocket. It works with PopSockets PopTops, PopSockets Car Vent Mount, and PopSockets Multi-Surface Mount. It comes in black, mint, and mauve.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case

Photo shows the front and back view of a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra in a clear Ultra Hybrid case from Spigen

The Spigen supplies absolute phone security with hybrid TPU and PC technology that weighs only 1.2 ounces. The case also offers a stylish appearance, including a see-through casing. It uses elevated bezels to block the screen and camera from touching rough surfaces and special raised buttons that are simple to handle, plus spacious cutouts that provide easy access to your phone. You can charge your phone wirelessly without taking it out of the case, and you can get it in clear or matte black.

Ringke Fusion X Case

Photo shows the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra in a black Ringke Fusion case

You won’t lose your new Galaxy S20 Ultra’s gorgeous looks with the Ringke Fusion X because the case has a basic, clear PC backing. The case is strong yet flexible and renders military-grade fall protection. You’d have a difficult time obtaining more reliable protection for the Galaxy S20’s delicate glass back. The TPU shield delivers efficient support, and the case has a pair of openings or strap attachments that allow you to carry your phone on your body without inserting it into an awkwardly placed pocket. Strapping the phone to your body is also perfect for capturing snapshots and videos on a nature hike or for any circumstance where you need easy access to your camera or map. The Ringke is compatible with most screen protectors, such as tempered glass and PET film, and cooperates with wireless charging and Powershare. You can get it in black, camo black, or space blue colors.

Caseology Skyfall Flex Case

Photo shows the front and back view of a blue Skyfall case from Caseology on a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra phone

Caseology offers the best in phone protection with their two-ounce, military-grade, double-layered PC shield and elastic TPU case body designed with air space technology that prevents your phone’s corner from being damaged.

A slim, transparent back matches the exact cutouts of ports and buttons. Elevated bezels offer additional security for your camera lens. The case is obtainable in numerous colors, including purple, matte black, ocean blue, and pink sand. The case works well with most screen protectors and wireless chargers.

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The Best Waterproof Phone Cases for Admittedly Accident-prone Travelers

Losing or damaging your phone can be surprisingly devastating. We keep so much of our lives — photos, directions, calendars, and so on — on one device that breaking it can sometimes feel like the end of the world. And doing so while on vacation is a next-level tragedy. Not only can you no longer capture all the fun moments, but depending on your location, you might be left completely disconnected from the world.

So, just like you wouldn’t forget to pack sunscreen to protect your body during your next water adventure or beach getaway, don’t leave without a quality waterproof case for your phone.

Related: The 14 Best Stand-up Paddleboards for Outdoor Adventures

In general, there are two types of waterproof phone cases for you to consider. The first one is, for the most part, a regular case. It snaps onto your phone securely and has been designed to keep away water, and in some cases, dust and dirt, too. Most of those phone cases could be submerged into water (although depth and amount of time tolerated differ by model) and many will allow you to take photos and videos. And while there are definitely a few models that have a bulkier construction, most brands are now designing cases that are just as sleek and light as the one you use every day.

The second type looks, and functions, more like a dry bag and is perfect for water sport enthusiasts. Most of them come in a pretty universal size so you can store almost any device (or other valuables) in them and hang them around your neck. You can also opt for a floatable design, which will come in handy if you accidentally drop your phone in the ocean or the pool.

Below, the best waterproof cases to make sure your phone stays dry and safe while you tweet and Instagram all you want.

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Addit Amazon Phone Case Review for Samsung Galaxy A71 5G, A91, S10 Lite, M80

When your life is busy and fast-paced, you rely on your phone to keep up — but even though you might bring your smartphone everywhere, it's not always up for the adventure, which is why a durable phone case is an essential phone accessory. Without one, your glass screen is at risk of breaking or shattering each time you accidentally drop it. But still, they do more than protect your phone — protective cases can also act as a fashion statement, and some cases double as a wallet to keep your credit cards handy.

To find the best phone cases on the market, the Good Housekeeping Institute's Media and Tech lab tested over 50 different phone cases and had over 100 consumer testers try them out for a few days. From there, we selected the top-rated phone cases (including ones from popular brands like Otterbox and ones with cool features like battery charging), plus a few best-sellers and editor favorites.

When shopping for a new phone case, be sure to keep in mind how often you drop your phone. Some phone cases are super tough with built-in screen protectors, while others are made primarily for a cute Instagram picture. If you have a newer iPhone and prefer wireless charging, then make sure that your case is compatible. (All of the phone cases below are wireless-charging compatible unless otherwise noted.) Some of the phone cases on our list also come with other useful features, including waterproof cases and and dual-layer screen protection.

These are the best phone cases to buy in 2019:

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Best Overall Phone Case

Symmetry Series



The Otterbox Symmetry gives you the same level of protection you’ve come to expect from the Otterbox Defender Series, only this time without the added bulk. The ultra slim yet protective design is perfect for carrying your phone in your pocket. The Symmetry Series also has a wide range of color and style options including the Otter + Pop iPhone case, which comes with a swappable Pop Socket for easy gripping — meaning, there will be a smaller chance of dropping it on your face while in bed.

Available for:  iPhone 7/8, 7/8 Plus, X, XS, XS Max, and XR; Samsung Galaxy S8, S9, S10, S10+, Note 9, and other older models; Pixel 2XL, 3, 3XL, 3a, and 3aXL 


Best Value Phone Case



The Incipio DualPro is the perfect combination: a slim fit and ultra protective. With its super-soft exterior and flexible buttons, it's very comfortable to grip. And with a price justunder $10, you can't go wrong with this simple, sleek, and (most importantly) cheap phone case.

Available for: iPhone 7/8, 7/8 Plus, X, Xs, Xs Max, Xr, and other older models; Galaxy S8, S9, S10, S10+, Note 9, and other older models; Pixel 2XL, 3, 3XL, 3a, and 3aXL


Best Phone Case With Card Slots

Presidio Wallet



The Speck Presidio wallet is a hardback minimalist wallet designed to store up to three credit cards, though we found you can get away with storing four cards and some cash. While it won’t hold all of the contents of your wallet, this protective case lets you keep the necessities handy. It's durable and also holds its shape once cards are removed — which is easy to do, thanks to the cut-out. Just note that this phone case is not compatible for wireless charging. 

Available for: iPhone 6/6s/7/8, 6/6s/7/8 Plus, X, Xs, Xs Max, and Xr; Galaxy S8, and S8+


Best Clear Phone Case

Piccadilly Clear Case


The Piccadilly from Gear 4 is a simple, no-frills phone case. With a slim fit design and clear back, this case will do a great job of showing off your device. It's flexible and light, but still offers drop protection thanks to a raised edge and side grips.

Available for: iPhone 6/6s/7/8, 6/6s/7/8 Plus, X, Xs, Xs Max, and Xr; Galaxy S10, S10+, and S10e


Best Wireless Charging Phone Case

Juice Pack


This surprisingly thin phone case comes with a built-in backup battery with over 30 hours of battery life. The Mophie Juice Pack Access case wirelessly charges your device leaving the lightning port open for wired headphones. There is also an on/off button so you can charge your device as needed.

Available for: iPhone 7/8, 7/8 Plus, X/Xs, Xs Max, and XR; Galaxy S8/+, S9/+, S10/+/e, Note 8, and Note 9


Best Patterned Phone Case With Wallet

Wallet Slayer Vol. 2


Unlike the Speck Presidio, the Silk Wallet Slayer Vol. 2 is a flexible softback wallet case. It's designed to hold three cards, but you might be able to squeeze in a fourth depending on the thickness. But if you only want to carry a single card, don't worry: There's a protective lip to prevent it from falling out. The textured sides make it easy to grip, but it's also a protective case, so it will survive any drop test you throw at it. Just note that it's not compatible with wireless charging.

Available for: iPhone 5/5s/SE, 6/6s/7/8, X/Xs, Xs Max, and Xr; Galaxy S8, S8+, S9, and S9+


Best Wallet Phone Case

Rugged Tri-Folio


With the vertical card pockets in the Nomad tri-folio wallet case, you never have to worry about losing or spilling your credit cards. The wallet also has three panels, meaning more room for cards and cash compared to other folio style cases on the market. The brand also uses 100% vegan leather that will develop a patina over time.

Available for: iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, and Xr


Best Leather Phone Case

Leather Case



This Apple leather case is sleek, slim, and soft, so it's comfortable in your hand without being slippery. It has European leather backing and the interior is microfiber-lined, so your phone is protected from any unwanted scratches. Apple also makes a leather Folio option for card-and-cash carrying ease. The magnetic cover also means your phone will go to sleep automatically when closed.

Available for: iPhone 7/8, 7/8 Plus, X, Xs, Xs Max, and Xr


Best Phone Case for Car Mounting




This might look like your average phone case, but when you purchase it with the  SnapTo, this Moshi case can be mounted on most flat surfaces. There’s also a car mount available to attach it to the dashboard, all using magnetic technology. This cell phone case is lightweight and easy to hold, but still offers protection to your phone.

Available for: iPhone 7/8, 7/8 Plus, X, Xs, Xs Max, and Xr


Best Waterproof Phone Case

FRĒ Series Waterproof Case



If you're worried about dropping your phone in the pool, this FRĒ by Lifeproof case is what you need. It protects your phone from water, snow, dirt, and even the floor in case you drop it. In our lab tests, we found it can be completely submerged under about6.5 feet of water continuously for an hour without a problem. In fact, you can still use your fingerprint sensor to unlock your phone underwater. It's super easy to put on and use, so you can quickly swap it for your regular case if you're heading to the beach or pool! Just note that it's not compatible with wireless charging. 

Available for: 
iPhone 5/5s/SE, 6/6s/7/8, 7/8 Plus, X/Xs, Xs Max, and Xr; Galaxy S6, S7, S8, S8+, S9, S9+, S10, and S10+; Google Pixel 2


Best 3D Phone Case

Double Rainbow Silicone Case


The Ban.do Double Rainbow Silicone case is fun and bold — the perfect phone case for anyone who's a kid at heart. While it doesn't offer much protection for your phone's screen, the extra bulk makes it easy to hold and the bright color makes it easy to find, even in the messiest rooms. Plus, the silicone material is easy to clean in case of a spill. Just note that it's not compatible with wireless charging.

Available for: iPhone 7/8 and 7/8 Plus

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