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Pearl & Opal Rings

AC Silver offers a wide range of antique and vintage pearl and opal rings including impressive pearl and diamond cocktail rings.

The collection includes stunning vintage pearl wedding and engagement rings, all of which are accompanied with a gemstone grading report card or certificate.

Rings in this collection are from various eras; including fine Victorian and Edwardian pearl rings.

Our extensive collection of opal and pearl rings are crafted in platinum, yellow gold, white gold or rose gold.

The Meaning of Pearls and Opals

Pearls are traditionally linked to wisdom and purity, most likely due to their colouring and subtle glow.

Pearls are a soft stone, easily affected by chemicals and scratching. These characteristics strengthen the connection between pearls, purity, and innocence.

In Ancient Rome, only the ruling class were permitted to wear pearls, which certainly aided in creating a link between pearls and royalty.

Opals are often referred to as 'the eye stone’. Their brilliance and colour or 'fire' varies with each opal, making them a somewhat visually appealing gemstone.

Opals contain a multitude of colours, some only visible from certain angles, creating something akin to an optical illusion when viewed in motion. For these reasons, opals have been linked with the sense of sight.

Wearing opals has been believed to improve eyesight, heal disease, and bring good fortune. The unique patterns found in opals have long connected them to mystery, some have viewed them with superstition, believing them to have magical properties.

When to Buy Pearls and Opals

Traditionally, pearls were the milestone gift for those celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary. More recently however pearls have been so coveted they are purchased to celebrate a 12 year milestone. Similarly, pearls are popular wedding jewellery. Their soft glow and colouring makes them very suitable for white weddings.

Pearls are also the birthstone of June. There are many options, such as antique pearl rings, pearl necklaces, pearl brooches, pearl earrings and pearl bracelets, a large variety to complete a very special June birthday gift.

October's birthstone is opal. Opals are very individual, and have many categories, the main being, white, black, fire, boulder and crystal. Opalescence is a highly valued and sought after characteristic. AC Silver will always endeavour to have a fine and comprehensive stock of opal jewellery, assisting with a special gift not just in October but at anytime of the year.

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Vintage Black Opal Ring With Diamond Halo

Vintage Black Opal Ring With Diamond Halo - SideVintage Black Opal Ring With Diamond Halo - Back


This stunning ring has a AAA quality Australian black opal at the center, which flashes vibrant green and blue, with hints of purple. The mesmerizing center stone is surrounded by a halo of old cut diamonds. Sure to make a statement, this &#;s vintage ring is just the thing to wear for a night out.

Additional information

* All weights and measurements are approximations. If you're curious, you can read more about precision in jewelry measurements.

† Expected shipping dates are estimated, and unforseen complications may arise. We will contact you as soon as possible if we believe we will be unable to meet the expected date.

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Rare and unique vintage opal rings for sale, each one-of-a-kind. Enter a world unlike any other browsing our estate, vintage and antique opal rings. If you are seeking black opals, fire opals, jelly or the favored white opal, each represented is hand-picked for authenticity and aesthetics. Halo rings and clusters with diamonds equate to extra shimmer and dazzle. Opals from Australia rank as some of the finest in the world. Can’t fine exactly what you are seeking? Contact us. With access to some of the finest gemstone dealers in the world, you will be amazed at the opals and gemstones The Three Graces can uncover. Sourcing specific sizes and qualities of gemstones and opals can then be paired with a custom made bespoke ring just for you. Want certified opals? Just ask as many are GIA, AGS or other world renowned gemstone laboratory certified. Assured of value, let our customer service guide you ever step of the way. Shop in style and complete confidence with our guarantee. Free shipping. Amazing client service.

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Black Opal Engagement Rings

Black Opal Engagement Rings

Stunning black opal engagement rings that combine natural beauty with high-end craftsmanship.   Black opals feature some of the most dazzling, naturally occurring color play in the gemstone world. 


Our range of black opal engagement rings feature classic, iconic designs in sterling silver, pink gold and white gold.  With oval, circular and niche cuts and settings, these rings pair perfectly with bands and our range of carat sizes also makes them versatile.


We know the rings you choose for your engagement and wedding represent more than a piece of jewelry – they represent the commitment you make to one another.  At Anderson Beattie, we honor a commitment to quality.  That’s why all of our black opal engagement rings come with our lifetime guarantee.  We’re committed to your love story.


These remarkable engagement rings will instantly become the focal piece of your love story and set the scene for a dazzling wedding.  Choose one of our beautiful black opal engagement rings and begin your wedding story with flair.


Black opals, diamonds and Paraiba tourmalines from David Morris

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