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Best GTA 5 zombie mods

Zombies are a great addition to any game. It’s no wonder that there have been more zombie mods made for GTA 5 than we can count.

If you’re a zombie apocalypse nut like the rest of us and have always wondered what a post-apocalyptic Los Santos would look like, then these mods are for you.

Best zombie mods for GTA 5

#1 Grand Theft Zombies

Grand Theft Zombies (Image credits:

No longer will stealing vehicles or planning heists be your priority as the survival against hordes of zombies will now take that spot.

The Grand Theft Zombies mod adds a crowd of the undead to the streets of Los Santos, turning GTA 5 into a survival horror game. The gameplay will now revolve around hiding from zombies that want to eat you and killing them so you can survive.

#2 The Dead Among Us Project

The Dead Among Us Mod (Image credits: GameSkinny)

Another mod designed to turn Los Santos into a post-apocalyptic nightmare, The Dead Among Us Project does more than just add zombies to the gameplay. It reworks the environment of the game completely and adds new locations that reflect the zombie theme of the game. With great textures and scenes, GTA 5 can really look like a zombie ravaged land.

#3 Zombie Apocalypse Military Base

Military Base Mod (Image credits: StevetheGamer55, Youtube)

What’s a zombie apocalypse without a quintessential military base? A version of it exists in every zombie-related fiction and is the model of a strong base until of course, a dictatorial leader brings it all down.

This mod adds a similar military base to GTA 5, one which can be explored by your main character. There are locations such as commonplaces, guard towers and markets for you to get the full feel of a zombie apocalypse.

#4 The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Mod (Image credits: Typical Gamer, Youtube)

This Walking Dead-inspired GTA 5 zombie mod turns Los Santos into a post-apocalyptic world. With locations and designs similar to the hit graphic novel and TV series, The Walking Dead mod can be the ultimate fantasy for a fan of both the show and GTA 5. The mod also adds all your favourite Walking Dead characters to fight ‘them walkers’.

#5 Zombie Vehicles 

Zombie Apocalypse Vehicles (Image credits: Typical Gamer, Youtube)

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Zombie Vehicles are a couple of mods that add a few zombie apocalypse-inspired vehicles to GTA 5. Have you always wanted a jeep that had spikes on the front to impale zombies with? Or do you fancy a motorcycle like the one Daryl Dixon rides in the Walking Dead? Either way, these mods will add choices of vehicles for you to complete your zombie apocalypse experience in GTA 5.

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The 5 best zombie mods for GTA 5

GTA 5's modding community has done it again, this time with some spectacular zombie mods. Fans don't have to wait around for the new Call Of Duty to experience zombies, when they can simply slay them in Los Santos instead. Brave the zombie apocalypse and come out on top with this curated mod list for the ultimate undead experience.

5 best GTA 5 zombie mods

1. Simple Zombies [.NET]

Image Credits | sollaholla,

One of the most extensive zombie mods for GTA 5, Simple Zombies is a total conversion mod that overhauls the entire GTA experience. Complete with resources, a limited inventory, thirst and hunger stats, and even a crafting system, this mod is incredibly comprehensive. You can try out the mod for yourself by following this link.

2. The Dead Among Us Project

Image Credits: denedwin,

The Dead Among Us Project is a map conversion mod that "zombifies" the world of Los Santos. A host of atmospheric effects like abandoned cars, rusted textures, and overgrown vegetation helps add much-needed depth to the world which makes the entire experience that much more authentic. Take the mod for a spin over at this link.

3. Zombie Car Pack

While roaming around in the zombie apocalypse one can't simply step out in a regular vehicle. Check out these tricked out, armored vehicles complete with mounted guns and missiles. This is perhaps the ultimate insurance policy for you to survive the zombie invasion of San Andreas. Check the mod out for yourself from this link.

4. Military Base [Zombie Base]

Another map conversion mod, the modded military base is designed to be your center of operations during the zombie apocalypse. Players can hunker down in towers or behind the reinforced walls of this encampment. There is also an RM Bombushka airplane at the players' disposal. The car workshop inside keeps things moving and the helipad can be used for a quick getaway if things get dicey. Find the link for the mod here.

5. Mad Max Vehicles

Image Credits: R3D,

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Flames, big cars, and big superchargers, the Mad Max Vehicles mod is the last piece of the puzzle you need to style through hordes of zombies. Crush waves of mindless zombies under the tires of your fire-spitting monster trucks in this badass, over-the-top mod. Ride to Valhalla with this Mad Max mod by following the link here.

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GTA 5 Zombie Mod Download

What is GTA 5 Zombie Mod?

Have you ever longed to play a zombie game in the Grand Theft Auto new version? You are not to think further as the GTA 5 zombie mod is here. While it is true that Zombies were created for the earlier version of the GTA game, most people do not know they have also been provided for this GTA 5 version.

If you are one of those that do not know about this zombie game mod, you are not to worry as GTA Cache is the right place to confirm anything you need to know about this game mod. Go on and take advantage of it without wasting another minute.


Perfect for Zombie & Survival Lovers

If you have watched zombie movies, or have played the old version of GTA with zombie mod, you already know what to expect in the gta 5 zombies mod. The difference in this game mod from what you used to know in the earlier version is that the game mod comes with simplified features. More so, it is created with enhanced technology to captivate players at any given time.

Zombies at often attracted to noise, and if you want to avoid them, you must keep quiet and stop talking. If you are not careful enough, you may end up attracting a horde of zombies, which can be difficult to manage.

Your survivors are depending on you to take actions such as shooting. But, if you do not manage them well, they may start shooting when you do not want them to shoot. That is why you should manage them effectively by assigning a task to each of them.

GTA 5 Zombies mod

To become victorious in the game, you must build cam and recruit as many new survivors as possible. When you get to a zombie apocalypse, you should be smart as it does not encourage anything civil. Craft walls to barricade your territory, and prevent the zombies from gaining access to your secure zone.

Zombie Mod Features

Check through GTA Cache to learn more about this zombie game mod and understand how to benefit from it. The gta 5 zombies mod is one of the survival Grand Theft Auto mods available. So, you must be ready to manage your sleep properly. Also, you must be ready to hunt for food as well as loot the resources of your victims regularly. These are what you need to stay alive as you continue to enjoy fun playing this GTA 5 with a zombie game mod.

The easier way to enjoy zombie mods

The zombie world is a cold world where everyone is working hard to survive. So, be careful about how you make moves and go about your gaming. There are friendly zombie groups you need to void when you play in the GTA 5 zombies mod. If you make a mistake and shoot at the friendly group, you may not survive your enemies. The friendly groups are needed to fight against your enemies. You can tell them to stay at your back, and keep calm waiting for your enemy to surface.

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