What happened to kestrel bikes

What happened to kestrel bikes DEFAULT

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Kestrel Talon. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

15 reasons to buy

  • The Talon’s climbing abilities were regularly given high praise.
  • Buyers expressed satisfaction with the price of the Talon, especially as a full-carbon bike and with Shimano kit.
  • It’s a fairly light steed. Depending on build, a Talon comes in at anywhere from 16 to 21 pounds.
  • Some owners saw the construction of the carbon frame as being of high quality.
  • At least one owner was delighted to receive tools and an owner manual with their Kestrel.
  • Handling was apparently responsive and stable. This bike cornered well and showed precision on descents.
  • The ride quality of the Talon was deemed to be smooth and steady.
  • Componentry was lauded on Shimano groupsets, Ultegra kit and SRAM setups.
  • No doubt that many owners loved the ‘tremendous sex appeal’ of the Talon, with it’s aero tubing, internal cabling and ‘sleek, clean’ lines.
  • The carbon frame exhibited shock-absorbence, lateral stiffness and minimal flex. It was described as being tight but forgiving.
  • Through efficient energy-transfer of pedal-power, acceleration was impressive.
  • A widely adjustable and reversible seatpost, allows the Talon to be set up as a standard road bike – or as an aggressive triathlon beast.
  • It was common to hear from owners who coveted having a distinctive and less common bike.
  • Larger riders (up to lbs), regarded the Talon as very sturdy, even bombproof.
  • After long-term comparison with other bikes, one expert felt that the Talon was superior in its handling of descents.

8 reasons not to buy

  • While cables are routed internally, there are no guides for them. This made rerouting difficult.
  • Stability was affected when the bike was set up in the steep triathlon position.
  • Some riders felt that the Talon was not suited to frequent endurance rides.
  • After miles, some microcracks appeared in framework. There are a few reports of frame failure.
  • A few owners called the Talon ‘flashy’ and ‘ugly’, with accusations that it exuded a ‘cheap feel’.
  • Seatpost-slip was a frequent complaint, with one mechanic saying this was due to microcracks in the carbon frame. The aero design was difficult to mount in the clamp of a standard repair stand.
  • Occasionally the Talon was criticized as being too stiff, with a hard and unforgiving rear-end.
  • One buyer was dismayed at a limited choice of colors.

Bottom line

With its highly adjustable saddle position and seatpost, Kestrel intends riders to be able to move from an aggressive Triathlon position to a more relaxed road racing stance. Due to this, the Talon has been accused of attempting to be ‘all things to all people’. In truth, owners report racing this bike in amateur road, triathlon and time-trial races, with success. While it may not be thoroughbred enough for pros and purists, the Talon has received a great deal of praise, even after long-term use. As it’s sold direct, the modest price suggests this may be a good first carbon bike for those without bottomless pockets.

Sours: https://www.bikeride.com/kestrel-talon/

Kestrel is an American bicycle brand which specializes in high-end bikes for triathlons and road racing. Kestrel has been owned by Advanced Sports International since

Is Kestrel a good brand?

Yes, Kestrel bikes are good and reliable. They make a small selection of bikes but these are well built.

Is Kestrel bikes still in business?

Kestrel is a dead bird. The facility may/may not stay in existence under the Fuji brand, but the Kestrel company is done.

What happened Performance bike?

After a bumpy bankruptcy process, the parent company of Chapel Hill-based Performance Bicycle found a buyer. But the new owner will close all of the stores, resulting in close to 2, layoffs across the country.

How do I use a Kestrel server?

To start the application from Kestrel webserver click project name menu item in run dropdown like below. ASPNETCoreVSDemo is my project name. This will start the app directly form Kestrel webserver. This will start the app with Kestrel webserver and server will start listening to port by default.

Where can I buy a Kestrel bike?

FIND A RETAILER Playtri Kansas City. NW SKYVIEW AVE., KANSAS CITY, MO , USA. Consumer Direct. , , , US. Playtri Racing. COLLIN MCKINNEY PKWY, SUITE , MCKINNEY, TX , US. Rockwall Cycling &#; Playtri. EAST I, ROCKWALL, TX , US. Playtri Colleyville. Playtri Ft Worth. Playtri Dallas. Sprint Cycle.

Is performance bike still in business?

Some Performance Bike stores are currently open for business under the prior owners but will close in March of The Performance Bike & Bike Nashbar websites are currently open for business under new owners as of February 19, (see below).

Is performance bike and bike Nashbar the same company?

In , Performance bought Nashbar, which Arnie Nashbar founded in New Middletown, Ohio, in Nashbar and Performance are continuing as distinct online retail brands, ASE&#;s CEO, Pat Cunnane, told BRAIN. &#;They are separate brands just like Fuji and SE are separate brands,&#; he said.

Are Walmart bikes good?

The best thing about a walmart bike is the warantee. Yes, they are indeed that bad. They are very poorly manufactured, and often poorly assembled. Unlike other varieties of low-end stuff one might find at a place like Wal-Mart, the problem with crappy bikes is that they have the potential to really be dangerous.

Are Fuji bikes still being made?

Fuji bicycles are now built in Taichung, Taiwan; Dong Guan, Guangdong Province, China; and in Kutno, Poland by Ideal Bike Corporation. In the United States, the Fuji brand is owned and distributed by Advanced Sports International (ASI), a privately held corporation located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

What is a Kestrel bike?

Kestrel is an American bicycle brand which specializes in high-end bikes for triathlons and road racing. Kestrel set new standards again in , with the launch of the first carbon fork and the debut of the KM40 Airfoil, the first true aero triathlon frame.

What does Kestrel mean?

: any of various small chiefly Old World falcons (genus Falco) that usually hover in the air while searching for prey: such as. a : a common Eurasian falcon (F. tinnunculus) b : an American falcon (F.

Who bought out performance bike?

Over the years Performance Bicycle grew into a large internet retailer and opened over brick and mortar bicycle shops throughout the USA. It was eventually sold to private equity investors in , but alas, ran into hard times and in was sold to Advanced Sports Enterprises.

Which is better Giant or Trek?

Giant vs Trek mountain bikes which is better? In general, if you look at Giant and Trek MTB&#;s in the same price range, Giant is better. Giant has slightly better components than Trek because they are the largest manufacturer and can buy components cheaper.

How much does a Kestrel bike cost?

$ Riders that want a fast, agile aero bike with modern features. Those seeking to race triathlon, but train primarily on the road.

Why are bikes so expensive?

One of the biggest factors in the cost of bicycles is materials. Carbon fiber comes in various forms and grades. The higher the quality of carbon, the greater the cost of sourcing from manufacturers. If a bike manufacturer is also fabricating its own carbon, this cost must be recouped in the sale price of a bike.

Are performance brand bikes good?

Performance Bicycles are made with quality and have been in business for 30 years. This is a great bike for beginning mountain biking as it has good treads on the wheels and a durable frame with front suspension.

When was carbon fiber first used in bikes?

First used in aircraft dating back to the s, carbon fiber made its way to bike parts in the s, as manufacturers discovered its vast potential for cutting weight. French bike builder Look produced a carbon-fiber frame in , and it gained widespread attention when Greg LeMond won the Tour de France with it.

Did Nashbar buy performance bike?

In Advanced Sports International (ASI) purchased Performance, along with all its brands including the Scattante bike brand and Nashbar. purchased the Performance and Nashbar trademarks and web domains, as well as trademarks for Performance house brands, for $ million.

Is Nashbar a good bike brand?

Nashbar did a great job choosing reliable parts and keeping the overall price down. It&#;s a bike that&#;s capable of a lot. In places where Nashbar favored durability or low cost, you gain some weight. But things like wheels and tires (and handlebar and seatpost) are easy to swap if you want your bike to shed weight.

Are Trek bikes made by Giant?

Giant is the world&#;s largest bike manufacturer by revenue. The company sells bikes under its own name and makes them for major brands like Trek, Scott and Colnago.

Who started Kestrel bikes?

Re: History of Kestrel carbon fiber bikes Prior to working on the startup of kestrel, Brent Trimble was a local amature road racer in Anchorage, AK. In the first half of the 80&#;s decade (prior to Kestrel) he designed and built several monocoque carbon bikes and outfitted a few local racers (team aero).

Who is one of the inventors of the modern mountain bike?

Joe Breeze is normally credited with introducing the first purpose-built mountain bike in Tom Ritchey then went on to make frames for a company called MountainBikes, a partnership between Gary Fisher, Charlie Kelly, John Frey (Marin County mountain biking innovator) and Tom Ritchey.


Sours: https://bikehike.org/who-makes-kestrel-bikes/
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    Default History of Kestrel carbon fiber bikes

    I seem to remember some questions about the construction of carbon fiber bikes and ran across this utube video on the history of Kestrel carbon fiber bikes. I don't know anything about Kestrel except I see them on Bikes Direct, but no doubt, some here will be familiar with their history.

    It's a pretty slow slog, and fairly geeky, especially toward the end, but some may be interested in the accuracy, or lack of, discussed here. It includes design concepts, equipment

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    Woodstock Valley, CT
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    Default Re: History of Kestrel carbon fiber bikes

    My father-in-law's old Kestrel hangs on a hook in the attic of my barn. I can't recall the exact year he bought it, but it was late 80's timeframe. I recall he had the original fork replaced on a recall, but that frame is alive and well today after surviving 2+ decades and at least K miles. He just upgraded last year to a new bike, moved to AZ and added his Kestrel to my barn clutter.

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    Default Re: History of Kestrel carbon fiber bikes

    I have a "Made in Japan" SCi; there was a period when they moved production from California to Japan, then they moved it back to California. The frameset, from the 90s, has been indestructible.

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    Default Re: History of Kestrel carbon fiber bikes

    i still have my black kestrel "made in california" cs-x ems.. off-road'r..
    only plastic that will stay with me..
    still a hell of a rider..


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    Default Re: History of Kestrel carbon fiber bikes

    Purchased my first carbon bike about 4 years ago, a Kestral Evoke. The novelty wore off after a few rides. Soon realized that bike had a dead feel and rode like crap. Sold the bike and went back to my trusty steel ride. I am not against carbon. Have one now that enjoy very much. But too me, the Kestrel was just junk. Current Kestrals are just a former shadow of the original company.

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    Default Re: History of Kestrel carbon fiber bikes

    Prior to working on the startup of kestrel, Brent Trimble was a local amature road racer in Anchorage, AK. In the first half of the 80's decade (prior to Kestrel) he designed and built several monocoque carbon bikes and outfitted a few local racers (team aero). THese were somewhat similar to the later Trimble branded triathelete frames, enclosed frame triangle with a little access door so you could carry spare tubular tires or bannanas inside the frame. I think part of these early designs had carbon fibre laminated over balsa wood. A local bike shop here in Anchorage (Speedway cycles) has one of the early 80's trimble built bikes on static display.

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    Default Re: History of Kestrel carbon fiber bikes

    There was a review of a (I think) red SCi in Bicycling right as I started to get in to this. It had white Benotto tape and a white Flite.
    Seeing that bike was a watershed moment for me.
    It pains me to see what ABG has done with it.

    Wish they'd get the band back together.

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    Default Re: History of Kestrel carbon fiber bikes

    did anybody at Ketrel get rich? what happened to the company to turn it into an also ran?

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    Default Re: History of Kestrel carbon fiber bikes

    In the early to mid 90's, I was riding a Litespeed with a Kestrel fork. IIRC, the choices were Profile, Look, Time, and alloy SR. We were stoked about a fork weighing than g and Kestrel's were the most sought after. The tri guys were riding Kestrel frame/forks but they weren't doing much in the way of road bikes at the time. They were cutting edge but they seemed to fade just in time for carbon bikes to really take off. It's all about timing.

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    Default Re: History of Kestrel carbon fiber bikes

    For me the was the sexiest bike alive at the time; loved the ride (even with the aluminum fork -- the carbon came in later iterations). I remember drooling over the Bicycle Guide article when the bike was first introduced, and after wearing the ink off the pages with the amazing studio photos it did not disappoint when my frame arrived. I regret having sold that frame -- tracked down the guy to whom I sold it a couple of years ago, but he too had sold it and we lost the trail. A little heavy compared to today's carbon wonders, but great road feel and particularly solid on the descents.

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Kestrel Road Bike Restoration

Kestrel USA

Kestrel is an Americanbicyclebrand which specializes in high-end bikes for triathlons and road racing. Kestrel has been owned by Advanced Sports International since [1]

Aegis pioneered carbon fiber frame design with the world's first all-carbon bicycle frame in ,[2] based again on the first-ever Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of bicycle frame structure conducted in [citation needed] With strongly opposed manufacturing philosophies, AEGIS parted ways with members intent on producing frames utilizing the monocoque/one piece construction technique. While the “other half” went West to establish Cycle Composites d/b/a Kestrel. Kestrel set new standards again in , with the launch of the first carbon fork and the debut of the KM40 Airfoil, the first true aero triathlon frame. Carbon framesets by better-known, mainstream manufacturers such as Giant and, most notably, Trek (with its OCLV frames), have been directly influenced by Kestrel design principles.

Kestrel builds monocoque frames rather than more traditional tube and lug designs. This has always meant that Kestrels have tended to have a very fluid, curved appearance. However, more recent designs from the company have been more angular due to an increased desire to minimise wind resistance.


  • Kestrel is formed from a group of Aegis employees together with aerospace materials experts
  • Kestrel's first bicycle, the Kestrel road bike, is released, featuring all-carbon, fully aerodynamic frame design
  • Kestrel is the first in the industry to introduce bladder-molded monocoque carbon structures.
  • The company unveils the "Nitro" full-suspension mountain bike after collaboration with Keith Bontrager
  • World's first carbon fork, the EMS
  • Kestrel is the first company to use higher stiffness, "intermediate modulus" carbon fiber in the EMS.
  • World's first all-carbon triathlon bike, the KM40
  • First "modern" seat-tube-less design, the SCi, demonstrating the structural flexibility offered by composite construction
  • The KM40 Airfoil becomes the first molded, composite frame designed completely with 3-D solid modeling techniques.
  • Kestrel introduces its EMS Pro Series, a molded carbon road handlebar.
  • Chris McCormack wins his first Ironman aboard a Kestrel and kicks off a superb partnership.
  • The RT is recognized by Outside Magazine with "Bike of the Year" honors.
  • Kestrel is purchased by Advanced Sports International and joins Fuji & SE under the ASI family.
  • Kestrel re-introduces the triathlon/time trial model.
  • Kestrel signs Ironman Champion Andy Potts and up-and-comer Cameron Dye. Members of the GEOX-TMC professional cycling team, including Giro d'Italia Champion Denis Menchov and Tour de France Winner Carlos Sastre, use Kestrel as their time trial bike in major international ProTour events - including the Vuelta a Espana, where they helped teammate Juan Jose Cobo win his first grand tour. With five wins aboard his Kestrel , Andy Potts is crowned Race to the Toyota Cup Series Champion.
  • The new Kestrel RT - a bike designed for the endurance rider - hits the market, and the Kestrel becomes the official TT bike of Champion System, the first ever professional continental cycling team based out of Asia. Cameron Dye is named Non-Olympic/ITU Athlete of the Year by USA Triathlon, after his career-best, six-win season aboard his - which also earned him the Race to the Toyota Cup series title.
  • Kestrel launches its brand-new Legend: the lightest frame Kestrel has ever produced.
  • Kestrel launch the new improved Talon Road/Triathlon Bike for the racing season


External links[edit]

Sours: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kestrel_USA

Bikes kestrel happened what to

Kestrel Bikes USA: History of the Company and Kestrel Bikes Review

Home|It's interesting|Kestrel Bikes USA: History of the Company and Kestrel Bikes Review

Kestrel is a truly American bicycle company. It makes some of the best bicycles available on the market in the United States. The main specialization of this brand is high-end bicycles at a high price.

Kestrel Bikes: Who Are They?

The Kestrel road bikes, made by Kestrel, are designed for road racing and triathlons. Kestrel was originally created by experts dealing with aerospace materials.

Trek employees helped them create this masterpiece. Advanced Sports International bought the company in and has owned and controlled it ever since. That was a brief outlook, but now let&#;s delve into the development of the company and the history of kestrel bikes in a little more detail.

What Happened to Kestrel Bikes: History

Kestrel&#;s origins date back to when a group of Trek enthusiasts teamed up with aerospace materials experts to create the ultimate Kestrel Tri bike. That year they built the first bike, the Kestrel The difference was that it was built with a fully aerodynamic frame made out of carbon. This is where the history of Kestrel bikes only begins.

Kestrel was the first to invent carbon monocoque construction technology, cast in the shape of a bubble. In collaboration with Keith Bontrager, the company shows the world its new Kestrel mountain bike in , namely the “Nitro” bicycle. The catch was that it had full suspension.

The company did not stop there, and in surprised the world again with the EMS carbon fork. Kestrel is the only company to use carbon fiber for the “intermediate module” in the fork. Realizing the advantages of lightness and aerodynamics of their Kestrel bikes for sale, the company already in produced the world&#;s first all-carbon bike. This Kestrel carbon bike was timed to coincide with a triathlon in the U.S. called the KM

Three years later, the company launched its first bike without a seat tube. This modern bike was given the number SCi. At the time, it demonstrated the flexibility of design and the quickness of the ride provided by the composite material. Then the company started using 3D solid modeling techniques. The first bike with this manufacturing technology was the KM40 Airfoil, released in  

The s began well for the company, too. As early as , Kestrel launched the EMS Pro Series cast carbon handlebar.  It was a landmark handlebar for road bikes Kestrel in those years and won the hearts of many cyclists. Two years later, renowned cyclist, Chris McCormack becomes an Ironman winner on a Kestrel talon bike and begins his partnership with the company.

That was a big step forward for Kestrel, after which the bikes became even more popular. In , Outside Magazine recognized the Kestrel bike as the best bike of the year.

Next, a large company, Advanced Sports International, took an interest in the company and bought all of its shares.

Under new management, the company re-releases the for triathlon/time-trials in A year later, the company begins a partnership with Ironman champion Andy Potts. Athletes such as Denisa Menchova, Carlos Sastre, Juan Jose Cobo, and others start using the Kestrel bike talon as a time-trial bike in major international competitions.

The new Kestrel bike RT was released in This bike is endurance and rugged.  Kestrel launches the new Legend with an ultra-lightweight frame. From to , the company focused on producing and improving the Talon road/triathlon bike.

What Models of Bicycles Does Kestrel Offer?

The company has different types of bicycles with different specifications in its portfolio. Road bikes, mountain bikes, and triathlon bikes: a variety that is available in different price ranges. Since the company produces professional bicycles for triathlon, the price of such models is more expensive, but on the company&#;s website, you can find a bike for your pocket as well.

Are Kestrel Bikes Good: Buy or Not to Buy?

Kestrel Bikes Review: Reasons to Buy

  1. The kestrel triathlon bikes are regularly praised by experts. 
  2. The company&#;s technology is ahead of its time, as the company was one of the first to use carbon fiber for its frames. This material is more expensive than others but much stronger and better.
  3. Buyers themselves note the price-performance ratio of the bikes, noting that the company equips its bikes with the best Shimano equipment.
  4. The lightest bikes on the road bike market.
  5. The quality of the carbon frame workmanship. Even the used Kestrel road bikes are okay to use in rides. This is thanks to the frames, that show good reinforcement, minimal flex.
  6. Stable and responsive bike handling thanks to their special handlebar.
  7. Buyers note the good design of the bikes and their unique colors.
  8. The aerodynamics are also on a high level, that&#;s why pro athletes use their bikes in races.

Kestrel Bikes Review: Reasons Not to Buy

  1. Sometimes there are micro cracks in the company frames. This has been noticed on bikes with 2, to 3, miles (ca. 4, km).
  2.  The rear of the bikes is pretty stiff, which many cyclists don&#;t like.
  3. Many don&#;t like the flashy colors of the bike and think it is ugly.
  4. ​​Unfortunately, the company does not provide instructions, and it is very difficult to understand the assembly of the bicycles themselves. It is also a safety problem for all its customers. That is, to assemble the bike you have to visit a bike shop.

As you may see, there are more reasons to buy Kestrel bikes, than not to buy.

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It all began with a dream to design the lightest bicycle frame in the world.

Photo of first Kestrel frame to ever be built

Kestrel bicycles is formed

Photo of the world's first all-carbon composite bike frame: the Kestrel

Kestrel introduces the world's first all-carbon composite bike frame: the Kestrel

Photo of the world's first all-carbon composite bike frame: the MX-Z

Kestrel introduces the world's first all-carbon mountain bike: the MX-Z.

Photo The Nitro, the world's first full suspension bike

Kestrel designs the Nitro, the world's first full suspension

Photo of the first carbon road fork, the EMS

Kestrel offers the first carbon road fork, the EMS

Photo of the world's first all carbon triathlon bike, the KM40

Kestrel produces the world's first all carbon triathlon bike, the KM40

Photo of the Kestrel Sci

Kestrel produces the first modern seat tube less frame, the Sci

Photo of the Kestrel Rubican Comp

The Rubicon Comp was released

Photo of the Kestrel Edge frame

The Kestrel Edge offers a full carbon monocoque main frame with an FSR rear suspension system featuring adjustable " travel

Logo of Kestrel Bicycles and Advanced Sports, Inc.

Kestrel is purchased by Advanced Sports International

Photo of the Kestrel g Legend SL, our lightest frame ever

Kestrel releases the g Legend SL, our lightest frame ever.

Photo of the Kestrel Legend LTD

Kestrel produces the lightest production bike in their history, the lb Legend LTD.

Photo of the Kestrel SL

Kestrel launches the SL, the fastest bike we've ever created

Photo of Kestrel Legend SL with g production frame

Kestrel produces their lightest production frame at g in the all new Kestrel Legend SL

Photo of Kestrel Talon X

Kestrel's Talon X lands with an all new aero road platform

Photo of Kestrel RT

The RT is Kestrel's first disc brake equipped endurance road platform

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