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  • 1

    Act 3 details how Kenshin lived with Tomoe and married her as a cover until his side replenished its forces to continue the rebellion.

  • 2
  • 3

    The war against the Tokugawa Shogunate ended years ago. But there are some who are not happy with the outcome. Shigure Takimi watched his friends and family get slashed down in the name of freedom

  • 4

    Act 4 is about the betrayal against Kenshin, how he lived for the next few years as a manslayer, and the origin of his cross-shaped scar.

  • 5

    This is the story of how Kenshin came under the wing of Soujiro Hiko the 13th, and how Kenshin became a manslayer.  more

  • 6

    Act two details Kenshin's role in the revolution, how he met Tomo, and how the rebellion was almost quelled.

  • 7

    The first of 2 OAVs. A remake of the Kyoto story arc from the original manga and the previous anime adaptation.

  • 8

    Sano finds Kenshin and nurses him back to health just enough for him to get back home into Karou's arms. Meanwhile Yahiko teaches, Kenji, Kenshin's son, the value of being the son of a legendary

  • 9

    Kaoru goes to the harbor every day to see if Kenshin has returned. After a while, she starts looking back at her life with Kenshin and all the things that have happened.

  • 10

    Kaoru makes Kenshin stay in the separate room because he saw her naked when she was taking a bath. He was trying to ask if she was OK but thought she was quiet because she was trying to kill

  • 11

    After nearly being pick-pocketed by the young street urchin Myojin Yahiko, Kenshin takes sympathy on the boy who declares himself to be from a samurai family. After his mother's death, Yahiko has

  • 12

    Yahiko is discontent with the teachings of Kamiya-Kasshin-ryū, wanting to defeat his enemies over protecting the innocent. An old acquaintance of Kenshin invites him to join the military.

  • 13

    Hiruma Gohei, a man who Kenshin had previously defeated in episode 1 hires Sanosuke Sagara (aka Zanza after his signature weapon, a zanbato) to take Kenshin down. He accepts, but not for the money.

  • 14

    Zanza returns to fight Kenshin, and reveals his reason for fighting and his past with the Sekihoutai, where his captain and teammates were used as scapegoats by the government. Kenshin defeats him

  • 15

    Government officials are being murdered. Jinei, a former hitokiri known for his ruthless attitude, is doing it and the government asks Kenshin for help. When Jinei sees Kenshin, he realizes he has a

  • 16

    Jinei has kidnapped Kaoru in order to force Kenshin back into his murderous ways. Kenshin almost kills Jinei, but Kaoru calls out, and he spares him. Jinei then takes his own life.

  • 17

    One of Sano's friends has died from opium when a mysterious woman (Takani Megumi) shows up and needs his and Kenshin's help. She is being pursued by the Oniwabanshuu onmitsu, an elite group of ninja

  • 18

    Takeda Kanryū forces Megumi to return by threatening the people at the dojo. Sano convinces her to return, but Megumi is captured by one of Kanryū's underlings.

  • 19

    The group goes to retrieve Megumi, but the Oniwaban group stands in their way. Kenshin narrowly defeats Hannya and then he and Sano confront commander Shinomori Aoshi. Aoshi takes out Sano with one

  • 20

    Kenshin narrowly defeats Aoshi. Aoshi asks Kenshin to finish him off, and when Kenshin refuses, Aoshi vows revenge. Kanryū shows up with a gatling gun and kills the four members of the Oniwaban

  • 21

    Yahiko meets a cute girl named Tsubame, who works at the Akabeko. She's being forced into making a copy of the key to the Akabeko by a group of thugs, and Yahiko decides to help her by himself. He

  • 22

    Kaoru takes in Toramaru, a sumo wrestler who has been kicked out of his sumo stable. The leading wrestler fears being overtaken, and uses his status to keep Toramaru down. Kaoru teaches Toramaru to

  • 23

    Megumi treats a girl with a life threatening heart condition, but a faith healer enters town and begins to seeminly perform miracles to cure the sick at exhorbitant sums, while spreading rumors that

  • 24

    The Jinpuu squad is performing vigilante assassinations. They try and force Sasaki, a local schoolteacher, to pick up his sword again, but Sano and Kenshin fight them off. Toma, the Jinpuu leader,

  • 25

    Toma was a former student under Sasaki. Ultimately, the Jinpuu squad is taken down and Toma repents to his former master.

  • 26

    The group goes to the circus and Yahiko takes a liking to the "Human Cannonball" girl Marimo. A circus boss tries to sabotage the show and make Marimo work for him, but the Kenshin-gumi entertain the

  • 27

    Hiruma Gohei returns and hires the Onizaki brothers to kill Kenshin. Gohei tricks Yahiko into bringing him the reverse blade sword, and then he ties Yahiko up. Kenshin is outmatched by the Onizaki

  • 28

    The Kenshin-gumi go on vacation in Izu. There, a wealthy boy Yutaro falls under the influence of Raijuta, who intends to create a kingdom with his warriors. Kenshin battles Raijuta's men for the sake

  • 29

    Kenshin leaves Raijuta's warriors to save Yutaro from drowning. Kaoru teaches Yutaro the Kamiya Kasshin style of swordsmanship, although he doesn't understand its moral aspects. The military attacks

  • 30

    Kenshin stops the battle by challenging Raijuta to a one on one battle. He figures out the trick to Raijuta's vacuum cut, and defeats him. Yutaro is injured in the battle, and decides to move to

  • 31

    The Kenshin-gumi take a train trip to Yokohama for fun. A train robbery ensues, and they defeat the robbers. All the while, Sanosuke complains technology is the work of the devil.

  • 32

    Sanosuke goes to a picture shop to buy a picture for Miss Tae at the Akabeko. While at the picture shop, he stumbles across a portrait of Captain Sagara, drawn by Tsunan Tsukioka, another surviving

  • 33

    Sanosuke throws a party at the Kamiya Dojo for everyone. Little does everyone except Kenshin know, Sanosuke is really planning to leave the Kenshin group for good to revive the long lost Sekihoutai

  • 34

    The Crimson Pirate: Kenshin and Kaoru, Seperated! In this episode, Kaoru finally gets fed up with Kenshin, Yahiko, and Sanosuke hanging around the Kamiya Dojo, without working or paying any money to

  • 35

    Shura and the Kairyu land at Kairyu Island with Kenshin. Shura doesn't have the heart to kill Kenshin, and so Ginjo, one of the Kairyu who wants to be the new leader instead of Shura, makes up a plan

  • 36

    Kenshin helps to nurse Shura back to health, then Shura finds out that Ginjo gave Old Iwa opium. Shura goes off to fight and defeat Ginjo. She is defeated by him, since he played a dirty trick on

  • 37

    The Kenshin-gumi's brief period of peace is interrupted by the presence of former Shinsengumi captain Saito Hajime - now using the name of Fujita Goro and working for the Tokyo police - stirs up some

  • 38

    Sanosuke is beginning to recover from the wounds inflicted by Saito, but Kenshin's mind is greatly disturbed. Akamatsu, another assassin hired by the same man who is paying Saito fights Kenshin by

  • 39

    The battle between Kenshin and Saito continues after Kenshin is stabbed by Saito's Gatotsu Sanshiki. Kaoru is frightened to see Kenshin's Battousai persona begin to emerge and begins to lose hope

  • 40

    As the deadline for Kenshin's decision on whether to go to Kyoto nears Kaoru becomes anxious at the possibility of his leaving. After Okubo's assassination by Seta Sojiro, Kenshin decides to go to

  • 41

    Kaoru is deeply depressed and distressed since Kenshin left Tokyo. With the help of Tae, Yahiko, Tsubame, and especially Megumi, Kaoru regains her courage and decides to leave Tokyo to go to Kyoto

  • 42

    Aoshi Shinomori has now chosen the path of chaos. He will do anything to defeat Kenshin, as he feels it will prove to the world that the Oniwaban Group were the strongest fighters of the Revolution.

  • 43

    Makimachi Misao, the girl bandit, whom Kenshin meets in the forest, is a member of the Oniwaban Group. She wants very badly to see Aoshi and the other four Oniwaban Group members, though she is

  • 44

    Along the way to Kyoto, Kenshin and Misao come across a nearly dead man with his little brother in his arms, Eiji Mishima. The man dies, and Eiji wants to avenge his brother's death by killing

  • 45

    Kenshin and Senkaku fight, and Kenshin wins with ease. Misao and Eiji make their way up to the same mansion in an attempt to defeat Senkaku for themselves.

  • 46

    Shishio is then challenged by Kenshin, but Shishio refuses to accept, saying that Kenshin is weak as a wanderer, and that even if there were of him, Kenshin could not defeat Shishio as Kenshin is

  • 47

    Sanosuke gets lost in a forest. He finds a monk there that goes by the name of Anji. Anji gives Sanosuke some food. Sanosuke ends up convincing Anji to teach him how to use the Futae no Kiwami, a

  • 48

    Kenshin and Misao make it to Kyoto. There, they meet Okina and four other members of the Oniwaban Group. Okina knows Kenshin is the legendary Battousai the Manslayer the moment he lays eyes on him.

  • 49

    Kenshin finds Sawagejo Cho has kidnapped the child of Shakku's son in order to obtain Shakku's final work for himself. Kenshin is forced to choose between keeping his vow not to kill and saving the

  • 50

    Kenshin finds his master Hiko Seijuro living as a potter near Kyoto, but Hiko is initially unwilling to take Kenshin back due to his walking out to join the Revolution. Yahiko and Kaoru meet Misao in

  • 51

    Misao is in denial after hearing of the deaths of Aoshi's men, and feels despair as she recalls her country-wide search for Aoshi, which ended without success. Meanwhile, Aoshi sends a letter to

  • 52

    The episode starts off with Seijuro Hiko remembering the past about when he first met Kenshin and while they were continuing the training Kenshin finally proves himself worthy of learning the final

  • 53

    The Juppongottana have gathered in the temple of Shishio in Kyoto, and are ready to commence the Kyoto Grand Fire and be on their path to victory.

  • 54

    Sanosuke, Saito, and Kenshin go to Osaka to find Shishio and his men onboard a ship. They find Shishio, and Shishio launches the Purgatory, a steel-plated battleship he paid a fortune to get. Shishio

  • 55

    Sanosuke uses the Futae no Kiwami Anji taught him to stop Gatling gun bullets from hitting him. He then throws the bombs Katsu gave him before he left Tokyo right onto the Purgatory, damaging the

  • 56

    Sanosuke, Saito, and Kenshin journey to Mount Hiei at the Shrine of the Six Arches to settle the score with Shishio. The first challenger of the Juppongottana in the shrine is Anji the Destroyer, the

  • 57

    Anji and Sanosuke continue their duel, and Anji is reborn to salvation after talking about his past and being convinced by Sanosuke and the memories from the people of his past that he was doing the

  • 58

    Uonuma Usui confronts Saito while the others continue on through Shishio's mansion. Usui's claim to "True Vision" is put to the test by Saito, who sees it for what it really is - simply super

  • 59

    Kenshin senses something coming from Houji's room, and then senses that it is Aoshi Shinomori. He enters the room, and is determined to keep his promise to Aoshi Shinomori, and to Misao Makimachi by

  • 60

    As the duel between Aoshi and Kenshin continues, Kenshin is being attacked by Aoshi while he tries to say words to Aoshi to try and wake him up; to make him become the man he used to be. Kenshin is

  • 61

    The battle at the Aoiya continues, as Iwanbo, Henya, and Kamatari fight against the Oniwaban Group and Yahiko and Kaoru. Yahiko manages to defeat Henya, after being almost killed by his Hikku Happa

  • 62

    Just when all hope seems lost, Seijuro Hiko shows up and fights Fuji. He talks to Fuji and makes he realize that he was being used and ask for a fair fight. He defeats Fuji with the Kuzu Ryu Sen. The

  • 63

    Sojiro and Kenshin have their second duel, since the one in Shingetsu Village was never finished. Sojiro shows Kenshin the Shukuchi attack, an attack that brings him to his opponent in an instant,

  • 64

    While Sojiro is occupied by constantly re-tieing his shoe, he thinks of the moments of his past, and all of the bad stuff that happened in it. Sojiro's past is shown throughout the entire episode.

  • 65

    Continuing from the last episode, Sojiro thinks about his past a little bit more, and thinks of Shishio's "survival of the fittest", and Kenshin's way of not killing people. Sojiro gets very

  • 66

    As Kenshin, Sanosuke, and Yumi make their way to the top of the Inferno Arena, Kenshin thinks about his past, and what awaits him next, the entire way up to where Shishio himself is waiting. However,

  • 67

    The fight between Kenshin and Shishio continues. Kenshin and Shishio then start talking about Shishio's greatest shura that he trained himself, Sojiro. Shishio doesn't believe that Kenshin

  • 68

    After a short conversation between Aoshi and Shishio, they both engage in combat with each other. However, even with Aoshi's Kaiten Kenbu Rokuren, he cannot defeat Shishio. Suddenly, after buying

  • 69

    Getting back on his feet after the Ku Zu Ryu Sen, Shishio gets ready to use the final and ultimate Secret Sword attack, the Kaguzuchi. Kenshin also prepares to use his ultimate move, the Amakakeru

  • 70

    Sano and Aoshi drag an unconscious Kenshin as they run from the burning Building. They eventually escape, but Saito was left behind because his legs were too injured to jump the bridge/walkway that

  • 71

    Yahiko visits Mount Hiei, and Sanosuke shows him where that battle with Shishio took place. Meanwhile, Kenshin visits an unknown woman's grave, and places flowers by it. Also at this time, Megumi

  • 72

    Kenshin goes off fishing to bring some food on the table. At the river he meets an old man who tells him the legend of the fireflies. At the end it is revealed the old man was telling Kenshin the

  • 73

    A foreign prince is attacked by bandits. As Kenshin and Kaoru are returning from a play, they see this and Kenshin intervenes. During the attack the prince was injured, so Kenshin and Kaoru take them

  • 74

    When he finds himself under attack by the Kenwadan, a gang of masked men, a politician, Mr Takamori, throws the key to his safe into an alleyway. Unexpectedly, the key is promptly picked up by a dog,

  • 75

    It is Tanabata, July 7th. Tsubame-chan, Kaoru, and Tae-san are window shopping. Tae tells Kaoru what an engagement ring symbolizes. Kaoru starts daydreaming about Kenshin asking her to marry him, the

  • 76

    The Kenshin-gumi receives a letter from Misao. She reports on a murder mystery in Kyoto and a dead body with strange carvings on the flesh. Aoshi is approached by a man seeking protection from a

  • 77

    Amakusa Shougo appears at the place Cho is protecting. He defeats Cho and then kills the man he came to kill. Cho tells Kenshin that Amakusa is better than Kenshin. Okina finds out that the three men

  • 78

    In Shimabara, Yahiko almost gets run down by a carriage carrying the Ambassador of Holland, Elsten-dono. Kenshin and Elsten recognize each other, since Kenshin saved Elsten's life 10 years ago at the

  • 79

    The round man has Kenshin down and surrounded by the dogs, but then he loses the whistle with which he controls them. Kenshin ends up saving himself and the round man from the dogs. The round man is

  • 80

    Sano is unconscious and lying on the floor of a cave. When he wakes up, he finds himself looking into the face of Magdaria. She notices he is hurt and takes him back to her home in the hill. While

  • 81

    Misao tells Kenshin what she knows, Shougo and Magdaria(Sayo) are hiding a secret, in the past Shougo was able to help cure people's illness because he had study under the field of medicine, but he

  • 82

    Kenshin is caught by someone and he takes him out quickily. Meanwhile the rocks had fallen and Shouzo was trapped, Sanosuke and Magdaria managed to get out fine. Sanosuke and Magdaria worked together

  • 83

    The army started to prepare themselves to fight Shougo and kill everyone else. Sanosuke continued to try and bring Magdaria to Elsten. After achieving many obstacles Sanosuke finds some luck and sees

  • 84

    Misao was caught by two men and was brought to the leader of the army, she kept on telling them that Kenshin is negotiating with Shougo. Finally Elsten arrived and tried to stop the attack, he was

  • 85

    The war was over and Shougo surrendered. Kenshin visited Elsten to find out what will happen to the believers and so on. Elsten is waiting for the government's decision and it should arrive shortly.

  • 86

    Kenshin and the rest are in the restaurant eating, suddenly a group called Tengu creates a disturbance, Yahiko and Misao take them outside and fight them. Then a man claiming to be the legendary

  • 87

    Kenshin and the rest are walking through the forest, they end up going to a restaurant to eat, and when the time came to pay for it, Kenshin had lost Kaoru's money. Kenshin and the rest offered to

  • 88

    A man is talking about people being able to go to the moon, but the others laugh at him, he left with his teacher and forgot his books. Yahiko went to return the books but the man (Daigoro) and his

  • 89

    A bunch of men are ready to attack Kenshin but Kenshin has no idea who these people are, they tell Kenshin that they are the Beni Aoi, Kenshin still doesn't know who they are, the leader figures out

  • 90

    Itsuko was kidnapped and Katsu had received a letter about it, Kenshin paid a visit to him and found out that Katsu was hiding someone's money and the Beni Aoi wanted it. Katsu was suppose to arrive

  • 91

    Daigoro was just stabbed and Kenshin stepped forward to fight the leader while the others took care of the rest. The leader was defeated and shortly the police arrived and arrested the Beni Aoi. Back

  • 92

    Yutaro returns back to the dojo with Professor Hans. Yahiko sees Yutaro and they have a friendly fight. Meanwhile the Black Knights are after professor Hans and want something from him. Since Yutaro

  • 93

    The Sanada Ninjas have joined the Black Knights in the search for the Divine Medicine but the Sanada Ninjas will take over Japan. Meanwhile Yutaro has Professor Hans note book and reads it, he soon

  • 94

    Kenshin and the rest continue to use their hints and search for the divine medicine, suddenly Yahiko is unable to walk anymore, he had a fever. A hunter appeared and brought Yahiko in and treated

  • 95

    Kenshin and the rest fell underground and had no idea of what to do. Meanwhile Misanagi and the Black Knights enter the path way and begin to move toward the divine medicine. Later on, gas was

  • 96

    Kenshin and Sanosuke continue to fight Zan and Ren while Baku is unnoticed. Sanosuke is having a bit of trouble but with the help of Kaoru, Sanosuke is able to defeat Zan. Kenshin's senses are being

  • 97

    Lieutenant Melder charges forward and attacks Kenshin, it would seem that Kenshin has a disadvantage and was injured badly, Melder continues to attack but creates a spark and ignites a flame with the

  • 98

    A day in the dojo where Yahiko is training, Yahiko is training with Misao and she's deciding it's about time she leaves. Omasu, Ochika and Aoshi arrive and are ready to take Misao back to Kyoto.

  • 99

    Two competing clans of Feng Shui users create a powerful magic around the land that Tokyo sits in circa After years, this magic begins to reactivate and cause disasters in Tokyo. After each

  • The Fusui Master Jinpu had just saved Kenshin, they return back to the dojo and he explains everything. He shows Kenshin the map and tells him that his clan had an Eigou formation that would protect

  • Kaoru was injured and the only way to cure her is to go into the mountains and find the dragon fountain and get the water only then she will be cured. Jinpu creates a plan, he and Kenshin will go and

  • Kaoru was given the water and she started to recover, Kenshin and Jinpu left to Nikko to beat the Ryu Myaku before it was too late. Sanosuke and his friend went looking around for clues, finally they

  • Kenshin, Sanosuke and Jinpu went to Senjo Gahara and found the water clan, Jinpu went and attacked Reisui, and Reisui used his formation and proved to be more powerful than Jinpu. Meanwhile the

  • It's peaceful times and everyone is carrying about their life, Kaoru and Kenshin leave to visit a graveyard, Yahiko is helping at the Akabeko and Sanosuke is helping Megumi so she can make something

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    Rurouni Kenshin Filler Guide

    Table of Contents

    What is Rurouni Kenshin?

    Rurouni Kenshin is a manga written and illustrated by Nobuhiro Watsuki. The series was serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump from to , and in Shueisha’s Jump Comics Deluxe from to It depicts the adventures of a fictionalized version of the historical figure Kenshin Himura, a former assassin during the Bakumatsu period who becomes a wandering samurai in Meiji era Japan who protects the people from evil with a vow never to kill again.

    The manga was adapted into an anime series by Studio Gallop, which aired on Fuji Television from to and has been licensed for release in North America by Media Blasters. The anime has been followed by three original video animations produced as prequels to the anime series. There have also been two anime films produced with another planned for release in early Several video games have been released, including two on Sony’s PlayStation consoles, and over a dozen different kinds of Rurouni Kenshin merchandise have been released including more than 40 CD soundtracks, action figures, model kits, trading cards and video games. Save 15% OFF our Underwear collection

    Rurouni Kenshin Plot

    The story begins in the 11th year of the Meiji period in Japan, in which the samurai of the fallen shogunate have been replaced by “rōnin” (masterless samurai), and are roaming the country as bandits. Kenshin Himura, once a feared killer by the name of Battōsai, is now a peaceful wanderer who has renounced his sword after his wife was murdered and he became a pacifist. While returning from an errand, Kenshin meets a young woman named Kamiya Kaoru, who is in search of her father’s murderer.

    After Kenshin rescues Kaoru from an attack by an assassin named Yukishiro Enishi, Kaoru invites Kenshin to stay at her dojo for safety. Although reluctant to reveal his true identity at first for fear that he will be forced to kill again, he accepts when he learns that Kaoru has unknowingly taken shelter in the home of her father’s killer. After learning about Kaoru’s quest to avenge her father’s death at Enishi’s hands, Kenshin agrees to help her on condition that she never fight Enishi alone. Over time, Kenshin discovers that Kaoru has become a strong and independent young woman, and has also fallen in love with him.

    How Much Filler is in Rurouni Kenshin?

    The Rurouni series has a remarkably high filler episode rate. There are a total of episodes in the series, and there are a total of 40 episodes which are filler episodes, which gives it a score of 40% filler episodes.

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    Quick Filler & Canon Lists

    Canon Episodes

    , , , , ,

    Filler Episodes

    , 22, , , ,

    Complete Filler List

    #Episode TitleTypeAired
    1The Handsome Swordsman of Legend: A Man who Fights for LoveMostly Canon01/10/
    2Kid Samurai: A Big Ordeal and a New StudentCanon01/17/
    3Swordsman of Sorrow: The Man Who Slays His PastCanon01/24/
    4Bad! Introducing Sanosuke, Fighter-for-hireCanon01/31/
    5The Reverse-blade Sword vs. the Zanbatou: Beyond the BattleCanon02/07/
    6The Appearance of Kurogasa: Visitor from the ShadowsCanon02/14/
    7Deathmatch under the Moon! Protect the One You LoveCanon02/21/
    8A New Battle! The Mysterious Beauty From NowhereCanon02/28/
    9The Strongest Group of Ninjas: The Horrible Oniwaban GroupCanon03/06/
    10Aoshi: Someone so Beautiful it's FrighteningCanon03/13/
    11Farewell, the Strongest Men: The Clash of Light and ShadowCanon04/24/
    12Birth of a Boy Swordsman: The Battle of First Apprentice YahikoCanon05/07/
    13Strive for the Grand Championship: Toramaru's Sumo Battle Log!Filler05/08/
    14To Save a Small Life Lady Doctor Megumi to the RescueFiller05/15/
    15Two Legendary Manslayers Two Legendary SlashersFiller05/22/
    16A Promise From the Heart The Secret Sword Technique of ShidenFiller06/05/
    17Fly to Your Dreams Marimo, The Human CannonFiller06/12/
    18Run, Yahiko! Run Yahiko! Get the Reverse-Edged Sword BackFiller06/19/
    19Raijuta's Ambition The Fantasy of the Forbidden KingdomCanon06/26/
    20Revival of the Shinko Style Revival of the Killer Sword – Shinko StyleCanon07/10/
    21Dissolution of a Nightmare Destruction of a NightmareCanon07/17/
    22Danger on a Runaway Locomotive Surprise Incident on a Runaway LocomotiveFiller07/31/
    23Sanosuke's Betrayal The Fateful ReunionCanon08/14/
    24Midnight Battle: Kenshin versus Sanosuke RevisitedCanon08/25/
    25The Crimson Pirate The Red Pirate – Kenshin and Kaoru SeparatedFiller08/28/
    26Lightning Incarnate Shura, The Mysterious Female PirateFiller09/04/
    27Burn, Island of Terror! The Red Pirate - ConclusionFiller10/16/
    28Prelude to the Impending Fight: The Shadow of the Wolf Draws NearCanon10/30/
    29Strongest Opponent From the Past: Merciless Fangs Strike!Canon11/06/
    30A Devil of Vengeance: Makoto Shishio's PlotCanon11/13/
    31A Wish Unrequited: Kenshin DepartsCanon11/27/
    32Change Tears to Courage: Kaoru Kamiya's ChoiceCanon12/04/
    33For the Title of Strongest: Aoshi's New ConflictCanon12/11/
    34The Girl Bandit: Misao Makimachi's Hidden SideCanon01/08/
    35Conquered Village: The Grasp of Shishio's HandsCanon01/15/
    36Across the Boundary Between Edo and Meiji: Kenshin and Shishio Face to Face!Canon01/22/
    37Shock! The Reverse-Blade is Broken: Sojiro's Tenken verses KenshinCanon01/29/
    38Sanosuke's Secret Training: The Challenge of Anji the DestroyerCanon02/05/
    39The Creator of the Reverse-Blade Sword: Shakku Arai's Final SwingCanon02/12/
    40A Killer Without Mercy: Fight to the Death Against the Cho of the JuppongatanaCanon02/19/
    41 The Ultimate Technique of the Hiten-Mitsurugi Style: Reunion with a Mentor, Seijuro HikoCanon02/26/
    42The Formation of an Alliance: The Day When Aoshi Joins with ShishioCanon03/05/
    43Between Life and Death: Master the Ultimate Technique, Amakakeru Ryu no Hikameki!Canon03/12/
    44A Decisive Battle Like Violent Waters: The Strongest Troop JuppongatanaCanon03/19/
    45As if to Fly: Stop the Launch of the Battleship Purgatory!Canon04/16/
    46Purgatory Bursts into Flames: The Destiny of Makoto ShishioCanon04/23/
    47Crash! The Lethal Punch, Futae no Kiwami: The Fist of Sonosuke Screams!Canon04/30/
    48Reborn to Salvation: The Beginning of Anji’s New LifeCanon05/14/
    49The Wolf Destroys the Eye of the Heart: The Fierce Attack of the Zero Stance GatotsuCanon05/28/
    50The Promised Time Has Come: Aoshi and Kenshin Fight AgainCanon06/04/
    51Wake Up Now! Ignore Your Wounds and Fight to the FinishCanon06/11/
    52To Make a Miracle: The Battle at the AoiyaCanon06/18/
    53The Giant Versus Superman: Like an Arrow Shot at a Time of DespairCanon06/25/
    54Hiten versus ShukuchiCanon07/02/
    55The Tragedy of a Stormy NightCanon07/09/
    56A Duel With an Extreme MomentCanon07/16/
    57Two Men at the End of an EraCanon08/06/
    58The Age Chooses Shishio?Canon08/13/
    59Not Out of Luck!Canon08/20/
    60The Man Who is Chosen for VictoryCanon09/03/
    61The Juppongatana Who Remain (aka The Choice for Life)Canon09/10/
    62Kyoto, the Engraved MemoryCanon09/17/
    63The Legend of the FirefliesFiller10/14/
    64The Birth of Prince YahikoFiller10/28/
    65Find the Lost Treasure!Filler11/04/
    66Kaoru, EcstaticFiller11/11/
    67The Gleaming Blade of LegendsFiller11/18/
    68The Medallion of DestinyFiller11/25/
    69To the Battlefield of ShimabaraFiller12/02/
    70Shock of the Rai Ryu SenFiller12/09/
    71Kaiou's ConspiracyFiller12/16/
    72The Days of RemorseFiller01/06/
    73The Sneering DemonFiller01/13/
    74Sanosuke's TearsFiller01/20/
    75The Last CrusadeFiller01/27/
    76Bon VoyageFiller02/03/
    77Himura Dojo in Shimonoseki?Filler02/10/
    79Kaishu-Katsu and KenshinMostly Canon02/24/
    80The Unending RevolutionMostly Canon03/03/
    81Conspiracy of the BeniaoiMostly Canon03/10/
    82Kaishu-Katsu's DeterminationMostly Canon04/14/
    83Yutaro ReturnsFiller04/21/
    84The Sanada Ninja SquadFiller05/05/
    85A Straying JourneyFiller05/19/
    86A Heatwave from Beneath the EarthFiller05/26/
    87Schneider's BetFiller06/02/
    88The Two GuidesFiller06/09/
    89To My Angel MisaoFiller06/16/
    90Feng Shui Surprise Attack!Filler06/23/
    91The Magic of Feng ShuiFiller07/21/
    92Tokyo Under Martial LawFiller08/04/
    93The Enemy Awaits in SenjogaharaFiller08/18/
    94The Elegy of Wind and WaterFiller09/09/
    95The Man of the Slashing SwordCanon01/20/
    96The Lost CatCanon04/21/
    97The Previous Night at the Mountain HomeCanon06/19/
    98The Cross-Shaped WoundCanon11/22/
    99After So Many Years Have Lapsed, Part 1Filler12/03/
    After So Many Years Have Lapsed, Part 2Filler12/03/

    List of filler episodes for Rurouni Kenshinin chronological order – Learn if it is worth watching

    Episode 13 Strive for the grand championship! Toramaru’s sumo battle log

    Episode 13 is in actual fact a filler episode. It was not originally meant to be part of the series, but was later added due to public demand. Due to it being a filler episode, it does not contribute to the overall plot of the story and is never mentioned again after its first viewing in the series.

    There are many reasons why this episode is considered a filler episode by fans and critics alike. The main reason for this is that it does not contribute to the overall story or development of characters in any way. There is no new information revealed in this episode that was not already known beforehand, with exception of, possibly, Senryoyama’s ability at sumo wrestling from his childhood days.

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    What could be argued as being development for characters is left ambiguous and up to interpretation by viewers, as nothing happens between Senryoyama and Toramaru after this confrontation. Some may argue that Senryoyama realizes his mistake and henceforth makes amends with Toramaru by paying off his bill at Tae’s restaurant from earlier on in the episode; however, there is no concrete evidence for this argument being made. This could just as well have just been a one-off event that will never be mentioned again in any future episodes.

    Other minor things that could be considered as character development in this episode are Yahiko’s and Kaoru’s willingness to stand up for someone in need, with Yahiko standing up to Senryoyama’s thugs to protect the dignity of Toramaru and Kaoru taking a stand against Senryoyama himself. However, this again could have just been one-time events and was never mentioned again after this episode. They both act differently in later episodes, making it hard to believe that they have grown based on this one event.

    It is also debatable whether or not Senryoyama has in fact changed his ways for good after the events of the episode. It can be argued that he paid off Toramaru’s bill as an apology for his previous actions towards him; however, it can also be argued that he paid up only because he was afraid of what would happen if word got out that he refused to pay up. There is no concrete evidence for either of these arguments being true and so the viewer must decide for themselves what they believe on their own accord.

    The anime filler episodes themselves were also an issue amongst fans, as they would often leave characters out of the story or add new ones without explanation or reasoning. This was one of the main reasons why the anime series was taken off-air. Due to this, it is possible that fans of the series may have been confused as to why a certain character has suddenly appeared in an episode or when a new character has been introduced without explanation. This may have been one of the main reasons for Episode 13 being considered a filler episode, as it adds another new character, Senryoyama and also leaves out his rival, Toramaru from the story. Toramaru’s absence is not explained at any time during this episode and it is only later on that he makes a brief appearance in Episode 14 when he stands up to Senryoyama for beating him up at Tae’s restaurant.

    Episode 14 To save a small life doctor lady Megumi to the rescue

    Episode 14 was a filler episode that aired between episodes 5 and 6. The series had to be halted for a week at the time, due to the death of Emperor Meiji. The episode was never intended to air as part of the series and is technically an anime original. The episode was written by Watsuki Nobuhiro himself, and was designed to flesh out the character of Megumi.

    The episode is told entirely from the perspective of Sanosuke, who had been on the receiving end of Megumi’s medical care in the first episode. The episode also introduces Kaoru, Yahiko and Myōjin Yahiko to the viewers. In this episode, Sanosuke’s problem is that he cannot pay for his treatment at the Akabeko clinic because his wallet is stolen. He does not want to reveal that he does not have enough money for treatment (which would cause him to be called a cheapskate) and hence asks his friend Tomo to pay for him instead. However, when Tomo tries to pay Megumi with a counterfeit ryō note, Sanosuke knocks him out (to protect his pride).

    Megumi treats Sano’s wounds without being paid and treats Tomo on credit because his friend insists on paying her later. This forces Megumi into financial problems, which she covers up by borrowing money from her father, while pretending she has a thriving business at the Akabeko. She then takes an advance payment from a new patient but when he is unable to pay her back, she visits his family and tells them that he will pay her later, causing them to give her a china set as a form of gratitude.

    Megumi, being a woman in a man’s world, is shown to be very sensitive about people judging her on the basis of her gender. She feels bad about being so helpless because she knows that Sanosuke does not think of her as an equal. In addition, she is also shown to be shy about revealing that she has feelings for Sanosuke. This becomes clear after Kaoru and Yahiko tease Megumi by saying how pretty Sano looks when he sleeps (because he is shirtless). In response, Megumi stutters while trying to explain that they are “cousins” and not “lovers”. The two youngsters then tease Megumi even more by saying that they knew all along that Megumi had feelings for Sano. They then go on to say how it is “obvious” from the way she treats Sano (tending his wounds and dressing him) but point out that there is nothing wrong with it because any woman would want to get married to someone like Sanosuke.

    Episode 15 Two legendary manslayers two legendary slashers

    Episode 15 is a filler episode, as it has no real bearing on the main plot of Rurouni Kenshin. Although it does show that Kenshin and Heihachiro are in good terms (this is important later in the series), and it also shows that Heihachiro was once an enemy of Kenshin, there’s nothing really substantial in this episode.

    Kenshin and Heihachiro’s relationship is explored in Episode What are the themes presented in this episode?

    Episode 15 shows that Kenshin and Heihachiro have a friendly relationship, as they were able to joke around with each other. However, there was also an underlying theme of the cost of peace. The radicals wanted to use Heihachiro to assassinate political leaders using his reputation as a teacher for children, but Heihachiro refused because he doesn’t want innocent people to die. It’s through this episode that we realize that Kenshin values peace and the well-being of innocents more than anything else.

    As mentioned previously, one major theme in Rurouni Kenshin is peace. The radicals wanted to use Heihachiro (who was once an enemy of Kenshin) in order to assassinate political leaders, but Heihachiro refused because he didn’t want innocent people to die. Kenshin and the others didn’t want to kill the radicals (as they were former friends) but they were forced to take them out when they threatened the children.

    We learn that peace is more important than anything else, as Kenshin saved Heihachiro and the children from being killed by the radicals. We also learn that former enemies can become friends, as even though Heihachiro was an opponent of Kenshin in the past, they have since made amends.

    Episode 16 A promise from the heart the secret sword technique of shiden

    Episode 16 of the Rurouni Kenshin anime series is a filler. The previous episode was the origin story of Himura Kenshin, his travels with Sagara Sanosuke and his meeting with Tomoe. This episode is a flashback showcasing the last time Himura Kenshin met Tomoe before he left to Tokyo. It also highlights Himura’s character development from a cold-blooded killer to a man who uses his sword to protect others.

    Soujiro Seta, Himura’s student in Kyoto, has been killing innocent people. Heihachiro Okina, the man who taught Soujiro, is now facing criticism for not stopping him from becoming a killer and is also trying to find out if Soujiro is still alive. Okina asks Sanosuke and Kenshin for help to find Soujiro before he kills again. They get into a fight with Soujiro at night at Kyoto’s Shinkabukiza Theater during an opera performance when Soujiro almost killed Kaoru. After injuring Soujiro and helping Kaoru escape, Okina tells Kenshin that he wants to kill Soujiro himself because that will be the only way he can clear his name for not stopping him from becoming a killer. Kenshin, Sanosuke and Okina spot Soujiro at the Kyoto Imperial Palace. While Kenshin is fighting Soujiro, Okina approaches Soujiro and stabs him with a sword in the back. Soujiro walks away while remarking that Okina taught him well.

    Kenshin and Sanosuke discover that Soujiro was actually brainwashed by a group of people who plotted to assassinate the emperor. After beating this group of people up, Kenshin finds out that another student of Okina’s named Tomoe has been held captive by them all this time. Kenshin frees Tomoe from captivity, then takes her on a date while Sanosuke watches them from afar.

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    Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan

    Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan

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    Alternative Titles

    English: Rurouni Kenshin

    Synonyms: Samurai X

    Japanese: るろうに剣心 -明治剣客浪漫譚-



    Episodes: 94

    Status: Finished Airing

    Aired: Jan 10, to Sep 8,


    Broadcast: Wednesdays at (JST)

    Producers:Aniplex, SME Visual Works, Fuji TV

    Licensors:Media Blasters, Aniplex of America

    Studios:Gallop, Studio Deen

    Source: Manga

    Genres:ActionAction, AdventureAdventure, ComedyComedy, RomanceRomance

    Themes:HistoricalHistorical, SamuraiSamurai


    Duration: 25 min. per ep.

    Rating: PG - Teens 13 or older


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    In the final years of the Bakumatsu era lived a legendary assassin known as Hitokiri Battousai. Feared as a merciless killer, he was unmatched throughout the country, but mysteriously disappeared at the peak of the Japanese Revolution. It has been ten peaceful years since then, but the very mention of Battousai still strikes terror into the hearts of war veterans.

    Unbeknownst to them, Battousai has abandoned his bloodstained lifestyle in an effort to repent for his sins, now living as Kenshin Himura, a wandering swordsman with a cheerful attitude and a strong will. Vowing never to kill again, Kenshin dedicates himself to protecting the weak. One day, he stumbles across Kaoru Kamiya at her kendo dojo, which is being threatened by an impostor claiming to be Battousai. After receiving help from Kenshin, Kaoru allows him to stay at the dojo, and so the former assassin temporarily ceases his travels.

    Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan tells the story of Kenshin as he strives to save those in need of saving. However, as enemies from both past and present begin to emerge, will the reformed killer be able to uphold his new ideals?

    [Written by MAL Rewrite]

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    Characters & Voice Actors


    Rurouni Kenshin - an amazing anime taking place during the Japan Revolution - is an amazing story first written by Nobuhiro Watsuki in and first aired as an anime in If you&#;re one of the older anime fans, chances are that you probably have seen this anime already and give it the respect that it deserves. If you are one of the younger anime fans out there and haven&#;t heard too much about Rurouni Kenshin (also known as Samurai X in other countries outside of the United States), I urge to immediately to get your hands on a copy of the anime somehow and start watching it, you won&#;t be disappointed if you are into samurai.

    The story is deep, intricate, emotional, and touching. Everything from romance, action, suspense, and even some thriller in included in Rurouni Kenshin. There are a total of 95 episodes to Rurouni Kenshin, however, only the first 62 (the first two seasons) are only worth watching because the third season is all fillers. The first two seaons depict the story of Himura Kenshin, also known as Hitokiri Battousai, and his motley bunch of friends in Sagara Sonouske, Myojin Yahiko, and Kamiya Kaoru. Without giving too much away, the first season is based on his stay with Kaoru Kamiya and how he keeps his vow of not to kill. The second season is where the plot develops and we are introduced to a little bit of Kenshin&#;s past.

    To some of the younger fans out there, the animation may seem a bit older and not as new as some of our recent anime like Death Note and Full Metal Alchemist, it still is drawn with very exceptional quality and after the first few episodes, you find that the style perfectly suits the time frame in which the story takes place.

    Taku Iwasaki has done a beautiful job with the soundtrack to Rurouni Kenshin as during each and every part, there is the perfect song that fits the scene. This is especially the case during the second season as Iwasaki unveils a multitude of amazing pieces of music that you will undoubtedly look to download.

    You will either hate the characters or love them. The character development during the anime is portrayed very well. An example of this is the development of Yahiko from an innocent child to an exceptional swordsman throughout the show. The only qualm people may have is the lack of romance between Kenshin and Kaoru. Though its hinted at very slightly during the first two seasons, there is not much between them. All of Kenshin&#;s rivals also have unique personalities and Nobuhiro Watsuki has done an excellent job with them.

    The only reason I advise you to avoid the episodes is that they are pointless fillers. By the time the second arc had ended, the Kyoto arc, the anime had caught up to the manga. So as with all animes, they stopped animating the manga and aired fillers so the manga could develop. However, by the time the manga finished, the fillers were so terribly bad that Rurouni Kenshin had to be cancelled.

    That is why after episode 62, I urge you to find the manga and start reading it from Volume 18 to enjoy the amazing story of Enishi and the Revenge Arc. It is there where the true story of Kenshin is continued and completed, and not with the later episodes.

    I rate episodes a 10/10 because they follow the manga very well..
    I rate episodes a 6/10 because even though they are pointless, some of the fillers do have good back stories and battle scenes..

    A final overall rating of a 9/10 is due to the anime, Rurouni Kenshin (the manga I would give a 10 ^_^). There is no doubt in my mind that if you are looking for an anime with a little bit of everything and looking for an anime that involves mystic sword styles, amazing battles and an "oro-ing red-headed samurai," look no further.


    read more
    March That was when the Rurouni Kenshin anime first premiered on Cartoon Network’s Toonami block. I looked up the original year expecting to feel old, but somehow doesn’t seem that long ago. It’s actually almost exactly 13 years. I grew up on this show, and one way or another I’m willing to bet the same could be said of most people still visiting this MAL page. Rurouni Kenshin gave me the hope that I too could be a samurai in a modern world unsuited for one. That hasn’t worked out very well for me.

    Rurouni Kenshin stars its titular protagonist, Kenshin Himura, a former assassin who became legendary for his skill and body count during the Bakumatsu wars of Japan. Years later, Kenshin becomes a rurouni (an unemployed samurai) and wanders the country now seeking to atone for the lives he’s taken by helping others, and vows to never kill again. He soon meets up with Kaoru Kamiya, the manager of her own dojo. After Kenshin saves Kaoru’s life he’s given a place to settle down in and protect. The two are later joined by the young child of a family of samurai, Yahiko Myojin, and a roughish street fighter named Sanosuke Sagara who mainly battles with his fists. This main four accompany Kenshin as he fights other lost souls from the Bakumatsu who often seek to challenge the new Meiji government who threaten their archaic sword-wielding way of life.

    With the manga beginning in , Rurouni Kenshin became a flagship title of the “battle shonen” subgenre that was now truly beginning to acquire momentum, and the franchise is now considered a staple classic of the entire genre. Getting into Rurouni Kenshin now is rather interesting, as it holds this historical evolution inside of its own story. Rurouni Kenshin begins as not fully a battle shonen, being more like that earlier hybrid of action-adventure where fights were frequent but typically short, simple, and bookended by longer exposition or downtime. As the series progresses it changes and benefits from becoming increasingly about the fight themselves as special fighting abilities become more common, villains stick around longer and violent conflicts are hyped, and the pacing changes to nearly non-stop action as entire episodes become centered around the battle ahead.

    One way of looking at this progress is that it means Rurouni Kenshin “starts slow” and doesn’t reach part of its full potential in the early stories. This would be true for the manga or anime, but it’s the anime that really suffers from this crawl. Given that the manga was still in development when the anime began, the producers started preparing filler material early on. Shorter stories and plot details from the manga were stretched out to get more of an episode out of them, and many original episodic stories were also introduced between following the manga’s events. Not only this, but parts of those original manga stories were arbitrarily changed, such as Kenshin’s fight with Sanosuke, and nearly always worse off for those changes. The anime also tries to appeal to a younger audience by censoring much of the violence and darker imagery depicted in the manga, an example here being Hannya’s back story.

    Despite many of these frustrating concessions, the original storylines of the manga are present enough to still make the anime’s beginning engaging as long as you’re out of the stretches of original filler. The soft-spoken, peaceful Kenshin Himura is a very unique protagonist for shonen anime. The typical shonen protagonist is a young boy, or at the very least someone who begins weak but has a lot of potential to become more powerful or grow as a person. Kenshin is nearly the opposite of this, being a fully developed adult whose philosophies on life are already finalized by his vow to never kill again, and he’s instantly implied to be the best swordfighter in Japan and routinely demonstrates that fight after fight. Kenshin feels almost invincible at points and lives up to his legacy, but how does the action maintain dramatic tension if the match-up results always seem so obvious? The answer is by giving Kenshin two serious handicaps. One is that Kenshin fights using a blade where the sharp edge is on the opposite side so as not to easily kill his opponents and betray his vow, and the second is that vow itself. Kenshin is forced to hold himself back from full strength to prevent killing anyone, which levels the playing field somewhat between his opponents. As Kenshin is forced to face stronger enemies he’s routinely challenged to revert to his merciless killing ways to stand a chance. Because Kenshin does not change much as a person throughout the series, the progression of watching him is centered on revealing more of who he actually is. That is, his personality as a cold assassin. Kenshin also doesn’t spend the series learning new attacks but instead slowly reveals ones he already knows. Kenshin’s fights stay interesting as he’s forced to find openings to incapacitate his opponents instead of killing them, which would actually be far easier.

    Kenshin’s love interest is very obviously and immediately Kaoru Kamiya. The original title of the manga was “Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Swordsman Romantic Story”, but anyone who recommends this series as a romance would have to be out of their mind. If anything, Kenshin and Kaoru’s relationship is the poorest major part of the storyline. Kaoru’s romantic interest in Kenshin begins almost right after they meet, and from then it doesn’t really evolve beyond this unrequited gushing of Kaoru over Kenshin and falls into a generic anime stasis. Kaoru struggles maintaining agency in the story because nearly all of her thought processes involve Kenshin in some way, and she is almost never, ever seen contributing to major fights. This only gets worse in the anime due to its countless light and comedic filler episodes revolving around Kaoru’s feelings towards Kenshin and his “hilarious” misunderstanding of them. She becomes almost annoying in the anime because of these additional jokes making her character even shallower, and her breakdowns over Kenshin possibly becoming the killer he used to be can cross over into trite melodrama. Given that Kaoru is trained in the art of the sword to the point of teaching it, it would’ve been nice to see a character who’s around at nearly all times actually contributing to the fighting around her. Instead she’s seen as too weak and is never really given opportunities to prove herself in the first place. This also would’ve given her more personal stake in what’s going on rather than nearly all of her actions being centered around Kenshin. It’s disappointing that one of our main characters is one of the show’s few females who can fight and she does nothing with it, instead usually being relegated to cheerleader status and an irritating ditz.

    The first 27 episodes of the anime are a mixture of filler episodes and mild to moderately altered adaptations of the manga’s arcs. The best of these arcs is the one that stays truest to the manga, which is the Oniwaban/Megumi arc. This is where the show’s transition to battle shonen begins, with a variety of opponents who use weapons other than swords and specific techniques rather than raw strength and agility. With the exception of the arc’s final fight against Aoshi and the subsequent climax these battles are fairly short and not that interesting, but they are fun to watch now that our opponents are intriguing and have surprising fighting styles to show off. Despite this satisfying arc, the rest of the first season ranges from average to downright boring. Its canonical manga stories are mainly short introductions to characters and the Meiji era setting and culture the series is set in, and we’re prevented from getting to the really good stuff by a bevy of terrible filler that threatens to destroy the quality of the series as a whole.

    Rurouni Kenshin isn’t just full of filler, it’s full of some of the worst filler I’ve ever seen. Filler that’s so bad and mishandles the base material so much that it insults the characters and cheapens the surrounding canonical storylines. I’ve already brought up how the lighter tone of the anime and the filler’s focus on comedy relies on Kaoru’s shallower traits and develops her as a worse character than she actually is, but the same goes for everyone else as well. Yahiko is turned into a whiny spoiled brat because there’s more to work with there when it comes to comedy than a stubborn inspiring samurai, and Sanosuke may not be very bright but he’s turned from a badass into a doofus as he’s constantly insulted by Kaoru and Yahiko. The attempts at comedy are the most painfully generic and lazy jokes you’ll come across, as literally the same gags are spread out in filler across this 94 episode series. Kaoru is a bad cook! Yahiko is always complaining and calling Kaoru ugly! Sanosuke is a freeloader! All of this hundreds of times as you’re also forced to put up with extremely dull original storylines that can revolve around main characters being frustratingly stupid (Yahiko stealing Kenshin’s sword), or they revolve around simplistic, awful original characters that only show up once. The typical filler plot is some random helpless idiot needs to be encouraged by Kenshin’s group to not give up at doing whatever, and these episodes can involve the group trying to help a circus girl blast off out of a cannon or Kaoru pinching a sumo wrestler on the ass. And the filler villains are usually the most cartoonish, relentlessly evil brigands that would make a real serial killer look like a more reasonable guy.

    The filler in Rurouni Kenshin fails to retain anything that made the original story captivating. For starters, the action (or any excitement at all) practically doesn’t exist in the filler. The series’ excellent ability to capture the grace of the time period its set in by its semi-realistic tone that contextualizes the super-powered characters into something believable is upended by the anime’s constant appeals to children with no regards to quality as it’s doing so. Rurouni Kenshin’s filler is almost always excruciatingly boring, and I’m almost stunned that the anime’s writers could even bear to write around 50 episodes of such trite stories for a living and would never be encouraged to try harder for the sake of their own entertainment. Even something like Dragon Ball Z’s filler sometimes tried to do the base material justice by making its own supervillains and staying close to what the main stories were about. If you’re wondering why I have this series as a 6, then it’s because the anime’s filler is actually what makes up a majority of it and it’s worth a 3 if not even less. But enough about numbers, because it’s time for the part anyone who’s seen the series before was waiting for me to get to.

    After about 10 enjoyable episodes of manga adaptations and about 17 mind-numbing episodes about Kaoru being ugly and a bad cook, it’s almost (not) worth it to fully experience the revitalizing whiplash of the series instantly taking the kid gloves off. A mysterious man named Saitou Hajime shows up at the Kamiya Dojo searching for Kenshin. It turns out Saitou is a former member of the Shinsengumi and an old rival of Kenshin’s from the Bakumatsu. Saitou challenges Kenshin to see if his abilities have weakened since he’s settled into a more peaceful life. The anime’s production and sense of direction finally comes alive in this scene, as Kenshin’s warm crimson visage is dominated by the icy navy blues of Saitou that exude from his cold personality and cover the entire screen for the duration of the fight. Yahiko appropriately seems to mimic the perspective of the young audience during this fight as he shouts “I knew it! Kenshin can never lose! Kenshin is invincible!” right before his hero is cut down by Saitou with the same ease Kenshin has been defeating his previous opponents. Kenshin is barely spared, and Saitou insults him afterwards by saying Kenshin Himura as "the wandering samurai" will be of no use to him and the police in the upcoming battle for the nation of Japan. Another man said to be the closest to Kenshin in skill, or possibly better, during the Bakumatsu is raising an army to overthrow the Meiji government. The psychotic Makoto Shishio and his gang of underlings are threatening the country from within the city of Kyoto, and Kenshin leaves for Kyoto as his friends chase after him to make sure the Kenshin they know isn’t lost in the fierce battle ahead.

    This is the beginning of the Kyoto arc, and this arc is the sole reason why the Rurouni Kenshin anime has obtained classic status, and it’s a perfect beginning to boot. The creators address the audience and tell them things are going to be different. There’s going to be more violence and blood, and even major characters could die against a villain that’s said to be too much for even the man who just beat Kenshin to handle. The stakes and threat level are higher than ever before, and the new sub-villains are set up early on to give as much anticipation of their battles as Shishio’s himself. Aiding that anticipation is everyone in this arc having unique fighting styles which reach their full potential through more dynamic action sequences than seen before.

    Kenshin’s journey across Kyoto introduces several new characters. The aforementioned Saito is a fantastic addition to the series and probably my favorite character period. Saito’s eclipsive moral compass makes him a great character to demonstrate the ethical borderlines of maintaining a samurai code of justice in a more rigid judicial government. He’s a true anti-hero in a series that had previously been defined by righteous do-gooders, and his complete misanthropic disdain for everyone else around him makes his personality starkly stand out and he has both some of the funniest and most dramatic lines in the series. His begrudging companionship with rival Kenshin and the less-skilled Sanosuke makes for a highly entertaining dynamic. The female ninja Misao also contains much of the series’ best attempts at humor, and her relationship with the Oniwaban group is an excuse to bring former opponent Aoshi into the Kyoto arc and make it even bigger. Misao is also never shown being as helpless as Kaoru, and even Kaoru and Yahiko get literally their one important fight of the entire series in the Kyoto arc. Kenshin’s former master Seijuuro Hiko is brought in to establish more of Kenshin’s past as well as some actual growth, and Seijuuro’s every action becomes significant as he’s a monolithic type who’s implied to be the strongest fighter in the series but prefers to stay out of the action as much as possible.

    The Kyoto arc just does everything right and is exactly what Rurouni Kenshin had the potential to be. The pacing is brisk and the story filled with large obstacles the heroes must overcome at a moment’s notice, such as Shisho’s army advancing on the city of Kyoto or his heavily armored battleship threatening Japan from the seas. The growing cast is full of universally good additions, and they are divided evenly across this big adventure and are all given at least one special moment to shine. Later shonen works could take lessons from how to effectively manage a big cast of characters as well as Rurouni Kenshin does during the Kyoto arc.

    The production team stops cutting corners here and adapts the manga more faithfully, and the increased amount of effort is palpable in the greater quality not just in the writing but in the animation as well. Fights are extremely dynamic with more constant camera movement that darts around the frame, and the characters themselves move very quickly and fluidly with no noticeable framerate skipping. The main reason the Kyoto arc is such a joy to watch is because everything’s always moving. There’s a kinetic soul to this entire production that the rest of the series completely lacks that makes this story, its characters, and its action breathe and come to life. When the studio plays with color like in the aforementioned Saitou fight, all of the story’s events feel more dramatic. The speed and intensity of matches is emphasized wonderfully, and Rurouni Kenshin’s Kyoto arc is the golden standard of 90s shonen anime productions and it even transcends the basic story it adapts from the manga. This all peaks exactly where it should in the final fight against Shishio which is a serious contender for the best match ever in a battle shonen anime. In addition to the scenes often rippling from the humidity caused by the torrents of flame surrounding the arena, the studio also plays with aspect ratio at parts to give a broad widescreen perspective that recalls Rurouni Kenshin’s original influences from samurai films and makes the scenes as intense as those classic film moments.

    The Kyoto arc is full of the heart the rest of the series doesn’t have and then some. It has the courage to go beyond the original manga story’s quality and understands the story and its implications well enough to be able to successfully accentuate them into something more powerful but nonetheless faithful. The characters reach the peak of their established personalities and every single one of them grows in some way from the challenges they face. The action is enthralling and absorbing. Everything comes together in this big arc and none of it flounders to deliver a perfectly satisfying experience that deserves to stand the rest of time as a blueprint for a fully-realized battle shonen arc.

    Things were looking good for the Rurouni Kenshin anime now that the team was taking it more seriously, but the anime had now gotten too close to the manga to have anything new to adapt. You know what this means: more filler. But after a few episodes of the same terrible junk from the first season, something promising is done as the team decides to write more serious original storyline arcs. They clearly learned something from covering the Kyoto arc and putting so much more effort into it, and I was open for the possibility that the team could finally write filler that did the base story justice even if it didn’t reach the same heights. There’s very little information on Rurouni Kenshin’s post-Kyoto arcs so I had to find out for myself if they were any good. As it is now, most people haven’t even seen anything past the Kyoto arc and still shower the series with perfect scores (this ought to be a federal offense). The anime also makes a strange decision to change the animation and art a bit after the Kyoto arc, but it’s so minor and subtle that its “uncanny valleyness” just makes it even more off-putting whenever the changes stand out. Regardless of how minor the style change is, it’s lower quality than before and these final filler episodes are full of a lot of very still frames with little movement.

    Rurouni Kenshin’s first filler arc is… actually tolerable. The storyline come up with here is about the religious persecution and exile of Christians from Japan and their return to take revenge on the country. It’s actually an extremely clever way to stick to Rurouni Kenshin’s historical setting but not settle on the same stories of swordsmen alienated by the new government. It’s another story of disenfranchisement caused by old grudges but with different motivations and different types of characters. The main new character is Shogo Amakusa, a sort of prophet to the Christian movement who claims to have sword skills blessed by God. He fights using the same style Kenshin was taught which makes him an acceptably threatening follow-up to Shishio, and there is ethical conflict regarding their religious motivations as Shogo and his group are willingly taking advantage of their followers’ beliefs for the sake of revenge, even though it may be justifiable for their religious freedom.

    Shogo is accompanied by his own gang of villains similar to Shishio, and they also each have distinct character designs and powers. Where this arc particularly falters though is the action goes back to being very simple and dull. The choreography is basic again, the animation goes back to being cheap, there’s no tricks with color or perspective to give the fights that same energy, and the fights don’t build up suspense as they’re all settled in 3 to 5 minutes. It’s a massive disappointment that shows the team hasn’t abandoned their laziness, even if the basic promise of these qualities is more than they’ve done previously. The actual plot is somewhat interesting as Kenshin is given a very serious handicap I won’t spoil, and most of the villains this time around are victims who need to obtain religious freedom but don’t want more violence. Sanosuke is actually the best part of this Christian arc, as he becomes an actual deuteragonist and a major player to the plot with his (actually somewhat touching) relationship with Shogo’s sister, Magdalia. He’s actually focused on in a bigger ratio here than he was in the Kyoto arc. While this arc is ultimately rushed (for literally no reason since they just make more filler after) and doesn’t execute well the same things it copies from the Kyoto arc, some parts of it actually work to a degree and there’s a basic foundation for a good story set up which is more than I can say for the rest of the filler. It’s by -far- the best filler story in Rurouni Kenshin, but that’s less of a testament to how good it is and more of an example of just how little the rest of the series tries. I got a baseline enjoyment out of this arc but as a stand-alone story it’s not good enough to the point where I would recommend anyone watch it.

    At this point I was relieved to see any improvement in the filler quality and thought the team might continuously evolve in future filler arcs, but instead the exact opposite happened. Subsequent arcs got increasingly shorter and the characters even worse. After several stupid comedic episodic filler like brought up earlier the team decides to make one of their terrible two filler ideas into a mini-arc. This time it’s the one where Kenshin and co. encourage some pathetic sap to achieve his goals, so you get several episodes of a wimpy nerd crying about swinging a wooden sword being too hard. There’s no threatening villain in this part or anything, just a total bore and flavorless story.

    The next arc begins immediately as a group from Europe called the Black Knights have come to Japan seeking an ancient treasure called the Divine Elixir which is said to be able to cure any illness. Ignoring the fact that putting a magical MacGuffin in a historical setting at this point is stupid, the Black Knights are basically the illuminati with a medieval fetish who secretly plan to control the world from the shadows with the money they get from the elixir. The Black Knights we see are a main trio that wield a lance, an axe, and rapier each. This is actually a very solid idea that the original manga itself could’ve used, as the characters being western is a perfect excuse to bring new weapons and fighting styles into the series. Don’t get your hopes up to see any of those fights brought to their potential though, as like in the Christian arc every fight in the Black Knight arc is short and unexciting to watch (though the final is borderline okay). The Black Knight arc isn’t a total pain, but it’s quite worse than the Christian arc because the plot has no momentum whatsoever. Many of the episodes focus on adventure and exploration over any action, and there’s a lot of the characters just wandering around and trying to figure out clues to the elixir. And as we expect, the filler writers are not good at creating entertaining dialogue to carry these slow moments.

    After one brief filler episode that’s actually okay just because it dares to develop a certain main character without the manga’s guidance, another mini-arc begins that’s the finale of the series. And what a finale it is, because this is the worst one yet and the most egregious core concept. The Feng Shui arc revolves around magic. Literally magical spells that control dragons made of water and sudden blasts of wind. What an insult that so close to the end of this series they throw in magic that betrays the historical setting like never before. Rurouni Kenshin has always crossed the border of reality into fiction, but it made an attempt to disguise it with its serious tone and convincing explanations for its ridiculous powers. There’s a guy who breathes fire, but oh he does it by carrying oil in his stomach and using flint on his teeth as a spark. It may be total bull, but the idea of it is constructed out of the materials of the setting so that it doesn’t seem too out of place despite being a fantasy. There is no justification for magic because its very definition means it’s conjured from a place outside of reality, and it’s so fitting that the final idea to come out of the filler would remind of us of how poorly the series was understood. It’s not worth covering this arc more other than to mention there are no real fights and the final confrontation is two guys trying to overcome each other’s spiritual force or something like Dragon Ball Z. The anime series ended up being so mishandled that they didn’t even get a proper final episode done in time and the story abruptly ends after this boring arc. They could’ve cut these five episodes and come up with a better ending. They could’ve cut this entire “third season” and the series would’ve ended better. What’s even the point of doing filler if you’re not biding time to adapt the rest of the manga?

    The series’ music is pretty solid all around. It’s often anachronistic with its frequent use of electric guitar, but it doesn’t sound out of place because the modern instrumentation doesn’t draw attention to itself. Guitar chords are slow and smooth, almost sounding like a flute and very organic. I think I still would’ve preferred to see a more classical score with more folk instrumentation that matches the setting, but they didn’t screw the pooch from the choice they made and the compositions can be quite nice. The opening and ending themes are good all around too, but only having three openings across 94 episodes is kind of tiring. I do like how they changed the second opening’s animation to include new characters, and the opening during the Kyoto and Christian arcs is especially cool because of the “flickering flame” effect over the arc’s antagonists. I grew to like it even more than the first opening, “Freckles”. Siam Shade’s "1/3 Pure Heart Emotion" is fucking awesome too, especially with its accompanying graffiti art animation.

    For those not already familiar with it, the English dub is well done. The casting is what mostly stands out, particularly because I feel the same way about Mayo Suzukaze as Kenshin as many people do about Masako Nozawa as Goku. I realize Kenshin is meant to be effeminate and has a relatively small constitution, but he&#;s definitely not an 8 year-old boy. I find it impossible to take Kenshin&#;s original voice seriously, especially during his violent "battousai" phase, and it&#;s enough that I&#;d take any dub over the original. Sorry folks. Richard Cansino carries a similar light, gentle tone with him that&#;s more suitable for Kenshin&#;s age. Not to mention his starker, sterner tone when Kenshin&#;s personality switches stands out far more and further emphasizes the difference between each of his two halves while also being more threatening due to his more mature tone. The line delivery isn&#;t always perfect depending on the assigned actor, however. Dorothy Elias-Fahn as Kaoru can be irritatingly shrill, and Lex Lang can be somewhat monotone as Sanosuke despite being a perfect voice. But Philece Sampler is hilarious fun as Misao.

    When everything&#;s said and done, Rurouni Kenshin deserves better than what this series gave us. Outside of the Kyoto arc, even the material it adapts from the manga is weakened. The filler is an insult to the canonical storylines and setting as well as being downright painful to sit through. If you want a number, I’d gladly slap an 8 on the Kyoto arc alone, but I’m not rating the Kyoto arc. I’m rating all 94 episodes. Even the score I’ve given it is generously curved in the Kyoto arc’s favor because of how the amount of terrible filler dwarfs the length of the Kyoto arc. With this recent trend of manga re-adaptations giving worthy revivals to old manga that was mishandled, I hope to the bottom of my heart Rurouni Kenshin will get the treatment it truly deserves. Funny enough, the outlier in how incredibly well the anime adapted the Kyoto arc here and made it better than it was before with remarkable animation, dynamic perspective, and color theming, makes me think a newer anime would be unlikely to match this series’ adaptation in quality. It’d be worth doing the manga in its entirety again however to improve the pre-Kyoto stories and finally take on what’s after them. Will it happen? Who knows, but I’m waiting patiently.

    Maybe we who haven’t gone back and finished this anime until now have prevented a new one from happening. It seems like many people are perfectly satisfied with their memories of this show that’s actually extremely troubled, and it frequently ranks on “best of all time” lists. Ultimately though, this anime as a whole is not a classic, and I recommend no one watch it in its entirety. If you want my advice, then read the manga up to the Kyoto arc, watch the Kyoto arc, and then finish the manga. You could watch the pre-Kyoto stuff too because it’s not -that- much worse, but I don’t think it’s worth it. Let’s let it be known that Rurouni Kenshin needs to come back and become the anime series we wanted it to be.


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    Based on the actual Meiji Period of Japan, Rouruni Kenshin is a Shounen, Action, Adventure about a wandering samurai, "Kenshin". Even though he is a kind and friendly person, he carries a bloody past he wishes not to return to. This shounen anime starts of like any other as we are introduced to the characters the story revolves around (Kenshin) and we learn quite a bit about them. Also like the typical shounen anime, once all the main characters are together to form some kind of fighting team, it starts of with couple short random adventures. There&#;s plenty of action and comedy here but it lacks substance and it is not until later on in the Kyoto Arc. That is when the story becomes truly interesting, with even more intense battles, drama and a decent array of characters to back it up.

    The characters are great and well developed, which is the sort of thing you&#;ll expect from a shounen action series, of this calibre. But the character that truly stands out is "Kenshin", with his 3 contrasting personalities; dopy Kenshin, noble protector Kenshin and manslayer Kenshin and it is interesting how all of this is crammed into a single character. However there are a few brat-like characters that can get quite annoying at times but it doesn&#;t take much away from the show.

    There were two things I had to consider when looking into the quality of the animation; the time it was made and how well it depicted scenes. The animation quality of RK is exactly what you&#;d expect from something made in the 90s however when it comes down to it, it is really good especially during the action sequences. It is able to show the true intensity of the intense fights however those kinds of fights happen to rarely in RK.

    The music on the other hand isn&#;t all that special and there are only a few noticeable good tunes that go well, with the situations. The OP and ED themes are a range of catchy and annoying tunes however you&#;ll definitely find some of them really enjoyable and hard to get out of your head. Another thing I just have to mention is that RK is one of those few anime that even a Sub anime fan like myself, actually prefered viewing the Eng. Dub version (uncut).

    Overall RK is definitely one of the classic Shounen anime series that every shounen anime fan must watch. There a great deal of action, comedy and drama; with a superb story to back it up. The characters are also well developed and bring forth some really emotional moments but some are just plain annoying. Also little things like stupidly thought-up enemies and the huge number of cheesy moments reduce the overall quality of this fine anime. Another thing that badly affected the series was that it ended with a bunch of fillers but if you don&#;t get bothered by all this, then you&#;ll definitely enjoy RK.



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    Your deeds of the past is something you won&#;t be able to evade, neither ignore in any way: it will always come back gnawing at you. This is the tale of Himura Kenshin, who once was a ruthless assassin in the past, in his quest of finding redemption from his previous actions. Rorouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan is a magnificent, well crafted samurai based anime with fantastic characterization and story, which is so rare to find these days. However, it is profoundly clear that the anime falls apart in the last third of its duration, due to fillers.


    The story of Rorouni Kenshin takes place in Tokyo, former Edo, in the 11th year of the Meiji era 10 years after the Meiji restoration. Himura Kenshin, now a vagabond, turned his back on the revolution that took place in Kyoto in its turning point, his travels leading him to Tokyo. There he encounters a kendo master, former thief, brawler and doctor, where he is able to find solace, but not without facing the enemies that constantly surge from his past.

    The narration of the story is well executed. The first third of the anime is dedicated to the introduction of all the characters, while at the same time developing them, in addition to providing corresponding background stories. This part is mainly of episodic nature, yet some small arcs are present as well which gives good insight of the desolation of the samurai in the Meiji era due to the prohibition of using swords, as they find themselves out-of-place and struggle to survive. This was particularly well done in conveying these to the viewers, as you could really feel and understand the atmosphere and harships the people were going through.

    However, where the anime truly shines is in the second part, the Kyoto arc. This is where the anime as a whole makes huge improvements which is easily the main reason why it is so highly praised. It is filled with plot twists, intricate and well executed narration, as well as providing well fleshed out villains with coherent motives and dark pasts. All the different characters and events come together as a joint to later conclude with fantastic ending. The pacing was well done too, neither too long nor too quick.

    There fights are fantastic, but there are naturally flaws in it as well. Sudden power ups happen quite often as well, which is a little disappointing considering the high level of story telling; dialogues can be at times lackluster in the standalone episodes. But this is nothing compared with the last third of the anime, which is mainly composed of fillers. Fillers aren&#;t bad on its own, yet they were very poorly written. This comes as no surprise, as the anime caught up with the manga. This doesn&#;t excuse this however: it is plagued with bad narrative and story, in addition to having terrible characterization. It also floats away from focusing on feudal Japan, and starts introducing a lot of mythical non-sense, as well as a sudden unnecessary influx of foreigners that have no purpose other than to stretch out the story, in addition to boring fighting scenes. This mainly concerns episodes , and I would recommend anyone to avoid those. There some amusing moments, yet it isn&#;t worth sitting through the remainder of the story.


    The cast of characters in Rorouni Kenshin is large, yet appropriate for the setting. Audiences are introduced to vagabond samurai&#;s, high-ranking governments officials, revolutionaries in hiding, you name it. As mentioned earlier, character development and fleshing out of those is one of the redeeming qualities of the anime.

    Himura Kenshin clearly undergoes the biggest character development, and fleshing out: he evolves from a cold and ruthless assassin to a man who vowed to never kill again. Nevertheless he struggles to maintain his composition, as being pushed to the limit by his foes he tries to avoid reverting to his older self. There is little background story provided for Kenshin, yet little bits of his past are shown, which nevertheless keeps the reader intrigued and the want for more. His past is more extensively explored in "Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan - Tsuiokuhen", which should be your next watch.

    Kenshin is not the only one that undergoes development; his near friends such Sagara, who evolves from being a simple thug to a more brightful person, or the evolution Yahiko in his sword skills. These are not that impressive in comparison, yet good to see. There is however the main female lead, Kaoru, and this character undergoes little to none character development which is very disappointing. She is your typical forceful and easily angered tsundere girl who serves no purpose in the story other than providing some comedic relief, and generating tension from some of the fights.

    Villains are no exception either: these are in fact were very well crafted, each with their own motives, while at the same time providing a background story to enhance the credibility of the characters. This is naturally only for the first 62 episodes of the anime, as the last third the villains characters worsen as story progresses. Some of the fights can be a bit silly, in the respect that inexperienced people can win from top-notch warriors, yet this was a small drawback.

    ~Animation and sound~

    The animation quality of Rorouni Kenshin is certainly very well executed, especially considering it was done in the late 90&#;s. The battle choreography was well done, fluid and detailed, yet it must be said that some fights can be rather uninteresting because of the usage of the same techniques. Backgrounds are well drawn and detailed, easily conveying the atmosphere of the 19th century Japan. Character design are easily distinguishable from each other, yet the female cast shared similarities with each other.

    The soundtrack used was one of the best, if not the best, I have listened to so far. These are well used in each different scene, especially when it begins with the more serious parts of the story. The viewer truly feels the atmosphere and tension in the air the story takes place in. I must mention that in the standalone episodes some of the OST&#;s were overused. The voice actors performed their roles well, with characteristic dialogues and usage of words of the era, which at times could get a little bit annoying, as for example the case of Kenshin with his constant "gozaru".


    Rorouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan was overall a fantastic experience, with a fantastic story and narrative full of plot twists, in addition to having very good character development and fleshing out of these. The soundtrack used was great and very important to convey the overall atmosphere of the anime. This anime would have easily been a great show, was it not for the fact that the last third thwarted the anime too much. I personally would recommend anyone potentially watching this anime to avoid episodes , and proceed with Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan - Tsuiokuhen for the background story of Himura Kenshin. I highly recommend this anime to anyone with a slight interest in history of Japan or samurais in general.

    Thank you for reading.


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    Rurouni Kenshin Serisi İzleme Sırası

    Rurouni Kenshin (season 1)

    No. Title Original airdate American airdate 01"The Handsome Swordsman of Legend: A Man who Fights for Love"
    Transcription: "Densetsu no BikenshiAi Yue ni Tatakau Otoko" (Japanese: 伝説の美剣士愛ゆえに闘う男)January&#;10,&#;&#;()March 17,

    After rumors of a man calling himself Hitokiri Battousai terrorizing the citizens of Tokyo begin, Kaoru Kamiya, the owner of a small dojo, takes it upon herself to catch him. After confronting a swordsman with a cross-shaped scar but dismissing him as a simple wanderer, she takes him into her family's dojo. After a confrontation, the wanderer defeats the man posing as Battousai and after some prompting reveals his real name to be Kenshin Himura, as well as his identity as the true Battousai, once a well-known and well-feared hitokiri during the Bakumatsu. Kaoru urges him to stay and declares that it is the wanderer she invites to stay at her place, not the assassin.

    Script: Shimada Michiru Storyboard / Director: Furuhashi Kazuhiro

    Animation Supervisor: Kobayashi Kazuyuki02"Kid Samurai: A Big Ordeal and a New Student"
    Transcription: "Gakizamurai Sutta! Monda! de Monkasei" (Japanese: ガキ侍 スッた!モンだ!で門下生)January&#;17,&#;&#;()March 18, After nearly being victimized in pickpocketing by a young street urchinYahiko Myojin, Kenshin takes sympathy on the boy who declares himself to be from a samurai family. After his mother's death, Yahiko has been forced into working for the yakuza to pay off his deceased mother's debt. Kaoru goes to rescue the boy but finds herself in a perilous situation until Kenshin appears and defeats the yakuza single-handedly. Kaoru then takes Yahiko as her student at Kenshin's prompting despite the reluctance of both of them.03"Swordsman of Sorrow: The Man Who Slays His Past"
    Transcription: "Kanashimi no Kenshi - Kako o Kiru Otoko" (Japanese: 哀しみの剣士· 過去を斬る男)January&#;24,&#;&#;()March 19, Yahiko is discontent with the teachings of Kamiya Kasshin-ryu. Meanwhile, Kenshin is wanted by government forces who arrive in town. Corrupt police threaten to begin executing the townsfolk. Kenshin defeats the aggressors and is greeted by an old acquaintance from the military. Yamagata invites him to re-join the military and become a high-ranking officer. Kenshin declines the offer, vowing to use his sword to bring justice peacefully without force.04"Bad! Introducing Sanosuke, Fighter-for-hire"
    Transcription: "Aku no Ichimonji - Kenkaya Sanosuke Tōjō!" (Japanese: 悪の一文字· ケンカ屋左之助登場!)January&#;31,&#;&#;()March 20, Gohei Hiruma, the man who Kenshin had previously defeated in the first episode, hires Sanosuke Sagara, known as Zanza after his signature zanbato, to take Kenshin down. He accepts, but not for the money. Instead, he plans to acquaint himself with his new opponent.05"The Reverse-blade Sword vs. the Zanbatou: Beyond the Battle"
    Transcription: "Sakabatō Tai Zanbatō - Tatakai no Hate ni!" (Japanese: 逆刃刀対斬馬刀· 闘いの果てに!)February&#;7,&#;&#;()March 21, Zanza returns to fight Kenshin, and reveals his reason for fighting and his past with the Sekihoutai, where his captain and teammates were used as scapegoats by the government. Kenshin defeats him and breaks the zanbato, and they become allies.06"The Appearance of Kurogasa: Visitor from the Shadows"
    Transcription: "Yami kara no Hōmonsha - Kurogasa Arawaru!" (Japanese: 闇からの訪問者· 黒笠現る!)February&#;14,&#;&#;()March 24, Government officials are being murdered. Jinei Udoh, a former hitokiri known for his ruthless attitude, is doing it and the government asks Kenshin for help. When Jinei sees Kenshin, he realizes he has a worthy opponent and kidnaps Kaoru, telling Kenshin to meet him later.07"Deathmatch under the Moon! Protect the One You Love"
    Transcription: "Gekka no Shitō - Aisuru Hito o Mamore!" (Japanese: 月下の死闘· 愛する人を守れ!)February&#;21,&#;&#;()March 25, Jinei has kidnapped Kaoru in order to force Kenshin back into his murderous ways. Kenshin almost kills Jinei, but Kaoru calls out, and he spares him. Jinei then takes his own life.08"A New Battle! The Mysterious Beauty From Nowhere"
    Transcription: "Arata naru Tatakai! Tobikonde kita Nazo no Bijo" (Japanese: 新たなる戦い! 飛び込んできた謎の美女)February&#;28,&#;&#;()March 26, One of Sanosuke's friends has died from opium when a mysterious woman named Megumi Takani shows up and needs his help, in which Kenshin tags along. She is being pursued by the Oniwabanshū, an elite group of ninja that used to protect the Edo castle. They protect her, but Yahiko is poisoned.09"The Strongest Group of Ninjas: The Horrible Oniwaban Group"
    Transcription: "Saikyō no Shinobi Gundan - Kyōfu no Oniwabanshū!" (Japanese: 最強の忍び軍団· 恐怖の御庭番衆!)March&#;6,&#;&#;()March 27, Kanryū Takeda forces Megumi to return by threatening the people at the dojo. Sanosuke convinces her to return, but Megumi is captured by one of Kanryū's underlings.10"Aoshi: Someone so Beautiful it's Frightening"
    Transcription: "Aoshi - Utsukushisugiru hodo Kowai Yatsu" (Japanese: 蒼紫· 美しすぎるほど怖い奴)March&#;13,&#;&#;()March 28, The group goes to retrieve Megumi, but the Oniwabanshū stands in their way. Kenshin narrowly defeats Han'nya, and then he, along with Sanosuke, confronts commander Aoshi Shinomori. Aoshi takes out Sanosuke with one blow, urging Kenshin to begin to battle.11"Farewell, the Strongest Men: The Clash of Light and Shadow"
    Transcription: "Saraba Saikyō no Otokotachi! Hikari to Yami no Gekitotsu" (Japanese: さらば最強の男たち! 光と闇の激突)April&#;24,&#;&#;()March 31, Kenshin narrowly defeats Aoshi as well. Aoshi asks Kenshin to finish him off, and when Kenshin refuses, Aoshi vows revenge. Kanryū shows up with a Gatling gun and kills the four members of the Oniwabanshū, who die defending Aoshi. Megumi tries to kill herself for her past misdeeds, but they save her just in time. Aoshi buries his comrades and swears that he will defeat Kenshin for their sake.12"Birth of a Boy Swordsman: The Battle of First Apprentice Yahiko"
    Transcription: "Shōnen Kenshi Tanjō! Ichiban Deshi Yahiko no Tatakai" (Japanese: 少年剣士誕生! 一番弟子 弥彦の戦い)May&#;1,&#;&#;()April 2, Yahiko meets a cute girl named Tsubame Sanjō, who works at the Akabeko restaurant under Tae Sekihara. She is being forced into making a copy of the key to the Akabeko restaurant by a group of thugs, and Yahiko decides to help her by himself. He defeats the thugs, although with a little help from the group.13"Strive for the Grand Championship: Toramaru's Sumo Battle Log!"
    Transcription: "Mezase Yokozuna Toramaru no Dosukoi Funsenki" (Japanese: めざせ横綱 虎丸のどすこい奮戦記)May&#;8,&#;&#;()April 3, Kaoru takes in Toramaru, a sumo wrestler who has been kicked out of his sumo stable. The leading wrestler fears being overtaken, and uses his status to keep Toramaru down. Kaoru teaches Toramaru to be self confident, and he rejoins the sumo stable.14"To Save a Small Life
    Lady Doctor Megumi to the Rescue"
    Transcription: "Chiisana Inochi o Sukue! Bijin Joi - Megumi no Chōsen" (Japanese: 小さな命を救え! 美人女医·恵の挑戦)May&#;15,&#;&#;()January 24, Megumi treats a girl with a life threatening heart condition, but a faith healer enters town and begins to seemingly perform miracles to cure the sick at exorbitant sums, while spreading rumors that Megumi is a quack. When the young girl is put in a life threatening situation because of her parents' desperation, Kenshin and Sanosuke rush to save her before it is too late.15"Assassination Group of Fire
    Jinpuu Squad on the Run"
    Transcription: "Honō no Ansatsu Shūdan, Jinpūtai Hashiru!" (Japanese: 炎の暗殺集団, 神風隊走る!)May&#;22,&#;&#;()April 4, The Jinpuu squad is performing vigilante assassinations. They try and force Sasaki, a local schoolteacher, to pick up his sword again, but Sano and Kenshin fight them off. Toma, the Jinpuu leader, vows to kill Kenshin.16"A Promise From the Heart
    The Secret Sword Technique of Shiden"
    Transcription: "Yūki Aru Chikai! Moeyo Hiken - Shiden no Tachi" (Japanese: 勇気ある誓い! 燃えよ秘剣·紫電の太刀)June&#;5,&#;&#;()April 7, Toma was a former student under Sasaki. Ultimately, the Jinpuu squad is taken down and Toma repents to his former master.17"Fly to Your Dreams
    The Adventures of Marimo, the Human Bullet"
    Transcription: "Yume ni Mukatte Tobe! Hōdan Musume Marimo no Bōken" (Japanese: 夢に向かって飛べ! 砲弾娘マリモの冒険)June&#;12,&#;&#;()April 8, The group goes to the circus and Yahiko takes a liking to the "Human Cannonball" girl Marimo. A circus boss tries to sabotage the show and make Marimo work for him, but Kenshin, Kaoru, and Sanosuke entertain the crowd until Marimo can find the right mix of gunpowder and fly from the cannon.18"Run, Yahiko!
    Run Yahiko! Get the Reverse-Edged Sword Back"
    Transcription: "Hashire! Yahiko - Sakabatō o Torikaese!" (Japanese: 走れ!弥彦· 逆刃刀を取り返せ!)June&#;19,&#;&#;()April 9, Gohei Hiruma returns and hires the Onizaki brothers to kill Kenshin. Gohei tricks Yahiko into bringing him the reverse blade sword, and then he ties Yahiko up. Kenshin is outmatched by the Onizaki brothers, but Yahiko escapes and brings the sword, allowing Kenshin to win.19"Raijuta's Ambition
    The Fantasy of the Forbidden Kingdom"
    Transcription: "Raijūta no Yabō - Kinjirareta Ōkoku no Gensō" (Japanese: 雷十太の野望· 禁じられた王国の幻想)June&#;26,&#;&#;()April 10, The group goes on vacation in Izu. There, a wealthy boy Yutaro Tsukayama falls under the influence of Raijuta, who intends to create a kingdom with his warriors. Kenshin battles Raijuta's men for the sake of Yutaro, but they gain the upper hand.20"Revival of the Shinko Style
    The Technique Which Heralds a Storm"
    Transcription: "Shinkoryū no Fukkatsu! Arashi o Yobu Kyūkyoku no Satsujinken" (Japanese: 真古流の復活! 嵐を呼ぶ究極の殺人剣)July&#;10,&#;&#;()April 11, Kenshin leaves Raijuta's warriors to save Yutaro from drowning. Kaoru teaches Yutaro the swordsmanship of the Kamiya Kasshin-ryū, although he doesn't understand its moral aspects. The military attacks Raijuto and his gang.21"Dissolution of a Nightmare
    Destruction of a Nightmare"
    Transcription: "Akumu no Hōkai! Raijūta no Yabō - Kanketsuhen" (Japanese: 悪夢の崩壊! 雷十太の野望·完結編)July&#;17,&#;&#;()April 14, Kenshin stops the battle by challenging Raijuta to a one on one battle. He figures out the trick to Raijuta's vacuum cut, and defeats him. Yutaro is injured in the battle, and decides to move to Germany for better medical care.22"Danger on a Runaway Locomotive
    Surprise Incident on a Runaway Locomotive"
    Transcription: "Hatsunori! Bōsō Okajōki Bikkuri Daijiken" (Japanese: 初乗り! 暴走陸蒸気びっくり大事件)July&#;31,&#;&#;()April 15, The group takes a train trip to Yokohama for fun. A train robbery ensues in efforts of stealing gold coins from a nobleman. The group eventually defeat the robbers. All the while, Sanosuke complains that photography is the work of the devil.23"Sanosuke's Betrayal
    The Fateful Reunion"
    Transcription: "Sanosuke no Uragiri!? Unmei no Saikai" (Japanese: 左之助の裏切り!? 運命の再会)August&#;14,&#;&#;()April 16, Sanosuke goes to a picture shop to buy a picture for Tae at the Akabeko restaurant. While at the picture shop, he stumbles across a portrait of Captain Sagara, drawn by Tsunan Tsukioka, another surviving member of the Sekihoutai. Sanosuke joins with Tsunan and defeats Tashiwachi Shindo, the man who framed Captain Sagara ten years earlier.24"Midnight Battle:
    Kenshin versus Sanosuke Revisited"
    Transcription: "Mayonaka no Tatakai! Sanosuke Tai Kenshin Futatabi" (Japanese: 真夜中の戦い! 左之助対剣心ふたたび)August&#;21,&#;&#;()April 17, Sanosuke throws a party at the dojo for everyone. Little does everyone except Kenshin know, Sanosuke is really planning to leave the group for good to revive the long lost Sekihoutai with his friend Tsunan. Kenshin goes to stop Sanosuke and Tsunan from destroying the Internal Affairs Department with bombs. Sanosuke rejoins the group and Tsunan stops making bombs.25"The Crimson Pirate
    The Red Pirate – Kenshin and Kaoru Separated"
    Transcription: "Shinku no Kaizoku - Hikisakareta Kenshin to Kaoru" (Japanese: 真紅の海賊· 引き裂かれた剣心と薫!)August&#;28,&#;&#;()April 18, Kaoru goes on a boat cruise to get some money. Miraculously, Kenshin, Yahiko, and Sanosuke find the same boat cruise and get on it, not knowing that Kaoru is on the same ship as they are. Kenshin eventually finds out, and then the Kairyu, fearsome pirates who fight like demons, attack the boat. Kenshin, poisoned, defeats Shura, the leader of the Kairyu. As the pirates retreat, they capture Kaoru. Kenshin exchanges himself for Kaoru and is taken by the Kairyu, leaving Kaoru, Yahiko, and Sanosuke behind.26"Lightning Incarnate
    Shura, The Mysterious Female Pirate"
    Transcription: "Inazuma no Keshin! Hokoritakaki Nazo no Onna Kaizoku Shura" (Japanese: 稲妻の化身! 誇り高き謎の女海賊, 朱羅)September&#;4,&#;&#;()April 21, Shura and the Kairyu land at Kairyu Island with Kenshin. Shura does not have the heart to kill Kenshin, and so Ginjo, a greedy member of the Kairyu, makes up a plan to kill Shura and become leader in her place. Shura gets shot in the leg by Geki, another one of her followers who has now sided with Ginjo.27"Burn, Island of Terror!
    The Red Pirate - Conclusion"
    Transcription: "Moeagaru Senritsu no Shima! Shinku no Kaizoku - Kanketsuhen" (Japanese: 燃え上がる戦慄の島! 真紅の海賊·完結編)October&#;16,&#;&#;()April 22, Kenshin and Sarujiro helps to nurse Shura back to health, then Shura finds out that Ginjo gave Iwazo some opium. Shura goes off to fight and defeat Ginjo. She is defeated by him, since he played a dirty trick on her. Kenshin then comes in and ends the fight. Geki then throws a bomb, destroying Kairyu Island and all its inhabitants, except for Kenshin and Shura.

    Kenshin episodes list rurouni

    Rurouni Kenshin Filler List

    1The Handsome Swordsman of Legend: A Man who Fights for LoveMixed Canon/Filler2Kid Samurai: A Big Ordeal and a New StudentManga Canon3Swordsman of Sorrow: The Man Who Slays His PastManga Canon4Bad! Introducing Sanosuke, Fighter-for-hireManga Canon5The Reverse-blade Sword vs. the Zanbatou: Beyond the BattleManga Canon6The Appearance of Kurogasa: Visitor from the ShadowsManga Canon7Deathmatch under the Moon! Protect the One You LoveManga Canon8A New Battle! The Mysterious Beauty From NowhereManga Canon9The Strongest Group of Ninjas: The Horrible Oniwaban GroupManga Canon10Aoshi: Someone so Beautiful it&#;s FrighteningManga Canon11Farewell, the Strongest Men: The Clash of Light and ShadowManga Canon12Birth of a Boy Swordsman: The Battle of First Apprentice YahikoManga Canon13Strive for the Grand Championship: Toramaru&#;s Sumo Battle Log!Filler14To Save a Small Life Lady Doctor Megumi to the RescueFiller15Two Legendary Manslayers Two Legendary SlashersFiller16A Promise From the Heart The Secret Sword Technique of ShidenFiller17Fly to Your Dreams Marimo, The Human CannonFiller18Run, Yahiko! Run Yahiko! Get the Reverse-Edged Sword BackFiller19Raijuta&#;s Ambition The Fantasy of the Forbidden KingdomManga Canon20Revival of the Shinko Style Revival of the Killer Sword – Shinko StyleManga Canon21Dissolution of a Nightmare Destruction of a NightmareManga Canon22Danger on a Runaway Locomotive Surprise Incident on a Runaway LocomotiveFiller23Sanosuke&#;s Betrayal The Fateful ReunionManga Canon24Midnight Battle: Kenshin versus Sanosuke RevisitedManga Canon25The Crimson Pirate The Red Pirate – Kenshin and Kaoru SeparatedFiller26Lightning Incarnate Shura, The Mysterious Female PirateFiller27Burn, Island of Terror! The Red Pirate - ConclusionFiller28Prelude to the Impending Fight: The Shadow of the Wolf Draws NearManga Canon29Strongest Opponent From the Past: Merciless Fangs Strike!Manga Canon30A Devil of Vengeance: Makoto Shishio&#;s PlotManga Canon31A Wish Unrequited: Kenshin DepartsManga Canon32Change Tears to Courage: Kaoru Kamiya&#;s ChoiceManga Canon33For the Title of Strongest: Aoshi&#;s New ConflictManga Canon34The Girl Bandit: Misao Makimachi&#;s Hidden SideManga Canon35Conquered Village: The Grasp of Shishio&#;s HandsManga Canon36Across the Boundary Between Edo and Meiji: Kenshin and Shishio Face to Face!Manga Canon37Shock! The Reverse-Blade is Broken: Sojiro&#;s Tenken verses KenshinManga Canon38Sanosuke&#;s Secret Training: The Challenge of Anji the DestroyerManga Canon39The Creator of the Reverse-Blade Sword: Shakku Arai&#;s Final SwingManga Canon40A Killer Without Mercy: Fight to the Death Against the Cho of the JuppongatanaManga Canon41The Ultimate Technique of the Hiten-Mitsurugi Style: Reunion with a Mentor, Seijuro HikoManga Canon42The Formation of an Alliance: The Day When Aoshi Joins with ShishioManga Canon43Between Life and Death: Master the Ultimate Technique, Amakakeru Ryu no Hikameki!Manga Canon44A Decisive Battle Like Violent Waters: The Strongest Troop JuppongatanaManga Canon45As if to Fly: Stop the Launch of the Battleship Purgatory!Manga Canon46Purgatory Bursts into Flames: The Destiny of Makoto ShishioManga Canon47Crash! The Lethal Punch, Futae no Kiwami: The Fist of Sonosuke Screams!Manga Canon48Reborn to Salvation: The Beginning of Anji’s New LifeManga Canon49The Wolf Destroys the Eye of the Heart: The Fierce Attack of the Zero Stance GatotsuManga Canon50The Promised Time Has Come: Aoshi and Kenshin Fight AgainManga Canon51Wake Up Now! Ignore Your Wounds and Fight to the FinishManga Canon52To Make a Miracle: The Battle at the AoiyaManga Canon53The Giant Versus Superman: Like an Arrow Shot at a Time of DespairManga Canon54Hiten versus ShukuchiManga Canon55The Tragedy of a Stormy NightManga Canon56A Duel With an Extreme MomentManga Canon57Two Men at the End of an EraManga Canon58The Age Chooses Shishio?Manga Canon59Not Out of Luck!Manga Canon60The Man Who is Chosen for VictoryManga Canon61The Juppongatana Who Remain (aka The Choice for Life)Manga Canon62Kyoto, the Engraved MemoryManga Canon63The Legend of the FirefliesFiller64The Birth of Prince YahikoFiller65Find the Lost Treasure!Filler66Kaoru, EcstaticFiller67The Gleaming Blade of LegendsFiller68The Medallion of DestinyFiller69To the Battlefield of ShimabaraFiller70Shock of the Rai Ryu SenFiller71Kaiou&#;s ConspiracyFiller72The Days of RemorseFiller73The Sneering DemonFiller74Sanosuke&#;s TearsFiller75The Last CrusadeFiller76Bon VoyageFiller77Himura Dojo in Shimonoseki?Filler78Crush!Filler79Kaishu-Katsu and KenshinMixed Canon/Filler80The Unending RevolutionMixed Canon/Filler81Conspiracy of the BeniaoiMixed Canon/Filler82Kaishu-Katsu&#;s DeterminationMixed Canon/Filler83Yutaro ReturnsFiller84The Sanada Ninja SquadFiller85A Straying JourneyFiller86A Heatwave from Beneath the EarthFiller87Schneider&#;s BetFiller88The Two GuidesFiller89To My Angel MisaoFiller90Feng Shui Surprise Attack!Filler91The Magic of Feng ShuiFiller92Tokyo Under Martial LawFiller93The Enemy Awaits in SenjogaharaFiller94The Elegy of Wind and WaterFiller95The Man of the Slashing SwordManga Canon96The Lost CatManga Canon97The Previous Night at the Mountain HomeManga Canon98The Cross-Shaped WoundManga Canon99After So Many Years Have Lapsed, Part 1FillerAfter So Many Years Have Lapsed, Part 2Filler
    Kenshin's Death

    List of Rurouni Kenshin episodes

    No. Title Original airdate 63"The Legend of the Fireflies"
    Transcription: "Negaibotaru no Densetsu, Aru Kenkaku o Machi Tsuzuketa Shōjo" (Japanese: 願い蛍の伝説· ある剣客を待ち続けた少女)October&#;14,&#;&#;()64"The Birth of Prince Yahiko"
    Transcription: "Yahiko Ōji Tanjō? Karei naru Shakōkai Debyū" (Japanese: 弥彦王子誕生? 華麗なる社交界でびゅー)October&#;28,&#;&#;()65"Find the Lost Treasure!"
    Transcription: "Kieta Otakara o Sagase! Meitanteiken Notarō" (Japanese: 消えたお宝を探せ! 名探偵犬·ノ太郎)November&#;4,&#;&#;()66"Kaoru, Ecstatic"
    Transcription: "Kaoru Kangeki Kenshin no Puropōzu!?" (Japanese: 薫 感激 剣心のぷろぽ〜ず!?)November&#;11,&#;&#;()67"The Gleaming Blade of Legends"
    Transcription: "Kirameku Densetsu no Ken! Shinpi no Kenshi Amakusa Shōgo" (Japanese: 煌めく伝説の剣! 神秘の剣士·天草翔伍)November&#;18,&#;&#;()68"The Medallion of Destiny"
    Transcription: "Unmei no Medario, Sanosuke to Sayo no Deai" (Japanese: 運命のメダリオ· 左之助と小夜の出会い)November&#;25,&#;&#;()69"To the Battlefield of Shimabara"
    Transcription: "Taisen no Chi, Shimabara e! Shiyū o Kessuru Toki" (Japanese: 対戦の地, 島原へ! 雌雄を決する時)December&#;2,&#;&#;()70"Shock of the Rai Ryu Sen"
    Transcription: "Rairyūsen no Shōgeki! Yami ni Hōmurareta Kenshin" (Japanese: 雷龍閃の衝撃! 闇に葬られた剣心)December&#;9,&#;&#;()71"Kaiou's Conspiracy"
    Transcription: "Kaiō no Inbō, Wana ni Kakatta Shōgo!" (Japanese: 傀王の陰謀 罠にかかった翔伍!)December&#;16,&#;&#;()72"The Days of Remorse"
    Transcription: "Tsuioku no Hibi, Shōgo to Sayo no Kanashiki Kako" (Japanese: 追憶の日々· 翔伍と小夜の哀しき過去)January&#;6,&#;&#;()73"The Sneering Demon"
    Transcription: "Azawarau Akki! Shōzō, Bakuen ni Chitta Karyū" (Japanese: あざ笑う悪鬼! 庄三, 爆炎に散った火龍)January&#;13,&#;&#;()74"Sanosuke's Tears"
    Transcription: "Sanosuke no Namida, Futari ni Otozureta Towa no Wakare" (Japanese: 左之助の涙 二人に訪れた永遠(とわ)の別離(わかれ))January&#;20,&#;&#;()75"The Last Crusade"
    Transcription: "Saigo no Seisen, Gekitotsu! Futatsu no Amakakeru Ryū no Hirameki" (Japanese: 最後の聖戦 激突!ふたつの天翔龍閃(あまかけるりゅうのひらめき))January&#;27,&#;&#;()76"Bon Voyage"
    Transcription: "Tabidachi no Umi, Kibō wa Kanashimi no Nami o Koete" (Japanese: 旅立ちの海 希望は哀しみの波を越えて)February&#;3,&#;&#;()77"Himura Dojo in Shimonoseki?"
    Transcription: "Shimonoseki ni Himura Dōjō? Mō Hitori no Battōsai Arawaru" (Japanese: 下関に緋村道場? もう一人の抜刀斎現る)February&#;10,&#;&#;()78"Crush!"
    Transcription: "Gagakusei no Omou Hito, Hakone Yu no Machi Koi Sōdō" (Japanese: 画学生の想う女性(ひと)· 箱根湯の街恋騒動!)February&#;17,&#;&#;()79"Kaishu-Katsu and Kenshin"
    Transcription: "Katsu Kaishū to Kenshin, Bakumatsu o Ikita Futari no Shukuen" (Japanese: 勝海舟と剣心· 幕末を生きた二人の宿縁)February&#;24,&#;&#;()80"The Unending Revolution"
    Transcription: "Owaranai Bakumatsu, Kaishū ni Kaserareta Tenmei" (Japanese: 終わらない幕末· 海舟に課せられた天命)March&#;3,&#;&#;()81"Conspiracy of the Beniaoi"
    Transcription: "Beniaoi no Sakubō, Kaishū o Nerau Bakumatsu no Ikiryō!" (Japanese: 紅葵の策謀· 海舟を狙う幕末の生霊!)March&#;10,&#;&#;()82"Kaishu-Katsu's Determination"
    Transcription: "Katsu Kaishū no Ketsui, Jidai o Koeta Shinjitsu" (Japanese: 勝海舟の決意· 時代を超えた真実)April&#;14,&#;&#;()83"Yutaro Returns"
    Transcription: "Yutarō Kikoku, Kage ni Hisomu Kurokishidan no Yabō" (Japanese: 由太郎帰国· 影に潜む黒騎士団の野望)April&#;21,&#;&#;()84"The Sanada Ninja Squad"
    Transcription: "Sanada Ninjagun to Reiyaku, Okashira Misanagi no Nerai" (Japanese: 真田忍者群と霊薬· お頭御沙薙の狙い)May&#;5,&#;&#;()85"A Straying Journey"
    Transcription: "Meisō no Tabi, Shikumareta Omiwatari no Wana!" (Japanese: 迷走の旅· 仕組まれた御神渡りの罠!)May&#;19,&#;&#;()86"A Heatwave from Beneath the Earth"
    Transcription: "Chitei o Mau Akai Kagerō! Sakki! Sanada Sanninshū" (Japanese: 地底を舞う赤い陽炎· 殺鬼!真田三人衆)May&#;26,&#;&#;()87"Schneider's Bet"
    Transcription: "Shunaidā no Kake, Kurokishidan no Hōkai!" (Japanese: シュナイダーの賭け· 黒騎士団の崩壊!)June&#;2,&#;&#;()88"The Two Guides"
    Transcription: "Futatsu no Michishirube, Yahiko to Yutarō Towa no Yakusoku" (Japanese: ふたつの道標(みちしるべ)· 弥彦と由太郎永遠(とわ)の約束)June&#;9,&#;&#;()89"To My Angel Misao"
    Transcription: "Mai Enjeru Misao e Kyōto kara no Mukae" (Japanese: まいえんじぇる操へ 京都からの迎え)June&#;16,&#;&#;()90"Feng Shui Surprise Attack!"
    Transcription: "Fūsui no Kishū! Harimegurasareta Gobōsei no Nazo" (Japanese: 風水の奇襲! 張り巡らされた五茫星の謎)June&#;23,&#;&#;()91"The Magic of Feng Shui"
    Transcription: "Ugomeku Fūsui no Maryoku, Nerawareta Kamiya Dōjō" (Japanese: うごめく風水の魔力· 狙われた神谷道場!)July&#;21,&#;&#;()92"Tokyo Under Martial Law"
    Transcription: "Kaigenrei no Tōkyō-fu! Bakushin Suru Kyōki no Ryūmyaku" (Japanese: 戒厳令の東京府! ばく進する凶器の龍脈)August&#;4,&#;&#;()93"The Enemy Awaits in Senjogahara"
    Transcription: "Teki wa Senjōgahara ni Ari! Hisui no Monshō o Motomete" (Japanese: 敵は戦場ヶ原にあり! 翡翠(ひすい)の紋章を求めて)August&#;18,&#;&#;()94"The Elegy of Wind and Water"
    Transcription: "Kaze to Mizu no Banka, Ima Koko ni Shiryoku Tsukusu!" (Japanese: 風と水の挽歌· 今ここに死力尽くす!)September&#;8,&#;&#;()95"End of Wanderings"
    Transcription: "Rurō no Saihate, Hi to Ruri no Kizuna wa Shiosai no Uchi ni" (Japanese: 流浪の最果て·緋と瑠璃の絆は潮騒の中 (うち) に)December&#;2,&#;&#;() (Home video only)

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