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Montgomery County Board of Commissioners authorizes the Mapping & Data Services Division to provide free and open geospatial data to government agencies and entities, members of the public and commercial businesses.  Montgomery County has furnished an Open Data Portal to view and download authoritative GIS data.  The Open Data Portal also provides numerous interactive mapping applications that focus on a wide variety of Montgomery County initiatives and services.

The Map Viewers and Applications, developed using the ESRI ArcGIS technology, allow users to display, find, and identify map features within the county. More applications and data will be published when made available. Contact the Data & Mapping Services division with any questions or issues.

The geographic data layers and applications produced by the Government of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, and any associated maps and applications, are provided as a public resource. While every reasonable effort is made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the data, Montgomery County makes no representations about the suitability of this data for any purpose. All data is provided "as is" without warranties of any kind, either express or implied, and it should not be construed or used as a legal description.


Applications and Map Viewers

The Map Viewers, developed using the ESRI ArcGIS for Server technology, allow users to display, find, identify, and print map features located in Montgomery County, Maryland. The Montgomery County Government believes that the data presented in these Map Services are accurate. However, the Montgomery County Government and its data suppliers do not guarantee and make no warranties for the accuracy of the data presented in these map viewers.  Please read the Internet Map Server Disclaimercarefully prior to selecting an Internet Map Service, or a map viewer.

A Map Image for Montgomery County Map Viewer

Montgomery County Map Viewer (Accessible Map)  
Many map layers (including aerial images and contours) are featured for query attributes, zoom in/out, compose and print maps.  You can also save a spreadsheet of selected (street address) items (for input to a mailing list program, etc.)  [This app is based on the new ESRI ArcGIS for Server technology.  Additional functionalities will be added in phases.]

A Map Image for MyMontgomery Map Viewer

MyMontgomery Map Viewer
Use this Map Viewer to locate various County Servcie Locations.  It is a general purpose map viewer for checking out many public facilities within the Montgomery County. Developed by TEBS-ADT.

A Map Image for Properties in Montgomery County

Properties in Montgomery County
This useful map application allows users to zoom in to a property and a popup window will display information about the property.

About My Address
A useful text-based application that prompts users to enter an address then it will provide all the useful infomration such as: Regional Service Centers, Municipalities, Communities, Subdivisions, Police Geography, Fire Geography, Council Distirct, State Legislature, Congressional District, Solid Waste, Planning Areas, Water Sheds, and Census Block Group Data.

A Map Image for Places of Interest Map Viewer

Places of Interest Map Viewer
Search and display one or more of the 24 categories of Places of Interest (PLOI) within a specified radius from the input address.

A Map Image for Demographic Data Viewer

Demographic Data Viewer (Accessible Map)
View race data in pie chart and age data in bar graph, for Census Tracts and Block Groups.  Data source: 2012 American Community Survey, US Census Bureau.

A Map Image for My Polling Place Is Application

My Polling Place Is...
A fast and useful application for Montgomery County voters to check out their polling places.  It also provides a routing function for driving or taking a bus from the voter's address to the assigned polling place.

A Map Image for Digital Aerial Photo Archive Image Server

Historical Image Map Viewer
Digital aerial photos and orthophotos taken in various years are currently served using Lizardtech's MrSID Image Server technology. The photos are indexed by the WSSC map tile.





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Geographic Information Systems

A good mapping system is the foundation for the Assessor's property location, inventory, and identification functions. Assessment maps (also called cadastral maps) show the boundaries of land parcels and display the size and location of each parcel relative to adjacent properties, roads, bodies of water, and other major physical or cultural features. Along with the boundaries for each property, the maps display the dimensions or areas of each parcel, street and road right-of-ways, subdivision data (if applicable), and a unique parcel identifier for each property. The Assessor's office currently maintains an inventory of approximately 680 property maps. These maps are divided into two different scales: 1" = 400' for rural or larger tracts or 1" = 100' for more urbanized or smaller tracts. The Assessor of Property also has a set of aerial photographs of Montgomery County in those same scales. Both property maps and accompanying aerial photography are available through our online map viewer Stratum.

Click thumbnails below to view larger image:

Geographic Information Systems

Until 1998, the maps created and maintained by the Assessor's office were hand-drafted on paper and plastic film. Whenever a change was made to the physical characteristics of a property, such as subdividing, combining or splitting of parcels, the maps were updated by re-inking the master maps. In 1998, the Assessor's office began conversion to a Geographic Information System or GIS. The GIS stores maps as computer databases. Different attributes are stored in separate layers in the system. One layer might store parcel boundaries and characteristics, another roads and streets, another zoning, and so on. Various types of analysis can be performed or visually depicted by overlaying or merging the different layers.

Layer Representation
Example of GIS layers

Additionally, the Montgomery County Assessor of Property's computer-assisted appraisal system (CAAS) database, which contains all of the detailed property information about each parcel (ownership, sales history, improvements, etc.) is linked to the parcel layer of GIS. This provides a very powerful tool for accurately mapping all real properties in the jurisdiction and conducting a wide range of assessment analysis.

As part of a tri-party partnership between Montgomery County, the City of Clarksville, and Austin Peay State University, the local GIS system currently allows approximately 30 county and city departments to collect and share up-to-date geographic and statistical data to better provide essential services on a daily basis, and to plan more efficiently for the future. For additional information about the Clarksville / Montgomery County Geographic Information System Project and Center visit the APSU GIS Center.

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