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The summer of had drawn to a close, but the heat was only intensifying as secrets, betrayals, revolution, and forbidden love blazed throughout Simla at the end of Indian Summers, Season 1. Find out where we left off with Aafrin and Alice, Ralph and Cynthia, and the rest Simla's residents as we get ready to pick up the action in the summer of , when the British government returns to the hills—and the drama—in Season 2.

Henry Lloyd-Hughes

Ralph Whelan: Ralph's ever-loyal servant Bhupinder murdered Jaya to keep Ralph's youthful love affair with her (and their lovechild, Adam) secret. But…
Secret: Aafrin, consoling the suicidal Bhupinder, learned that he was Jaya's murderer.
Shocker: Aafrin tried to get Ralph to commute the innocent Ramu Sood's sentence, but Ralph plumb went ahead and executed the man anyway!

Julie Walters

Cynthia Coffin: Forced to integrate her club (or actually, to just accept one token member), the bitter Cynthia Coffin has lost not just her grip on the Empire, but her grip on Ralph…
Secret: She revealed to Ralph that she'd kept the longsuffering Jaya's pregnancy secret from Ralph and engineered Jaya's disappearance from his life, essentially dooming her.
Shocker: Ralph forgave Cynthia.

Nikesh Patel

Aafrin Dalal: Ralph's hanging of the innocent Ramu Sood for a murder committed by his own servant, basically on his own behalf, was the absolutely last straw for Aafrin, who has had a change of heart toward the Raj…
Secret: The sinister Sergeant Singh was blackmailing Aafrin over the incriminating forged document Aafrin stole and hid, forcing Aafrin to do the work of the independence movement. Now that Ralph has shown his true character, Aafrin tells Singh he's all in.
Shocker: Aafrin found a letter incriminating Ralph, but didn't turn it over to Singh. He's a double? triple? rogue? agent!

Jemima West

Alice Whelan: Alice arrived in Simla as a "widow," but she was really on the run from her awful husband. Ralph knows the truth but wants only to protect his sister; Cynthia knows the truth, but she knows pretty much everything anyway; Sarah knows the truth and, like a Downton Abbey Season 1 Edith, blackmails the object of her jealousy. And Aafrin…
Secret: Simla's most popular Romeo and Juliet have progressed from yearning glances and stolen kisses to a full-on, flower petal strewn love tryst.
Shocker: Cynthia doesn't know!

Sarah Raworth: Sarah knows that her missionary husband, Dougie, and the mission orphanage's beautiful teacher Leena, are in love. Feeling rejected by society and her husband, Sarah puts Dougie on a short leash and appeals to his sense of morality and duty.
Secret: Sarah's blackmail of Alice works, as Ralph keeps his sister safe from exposure by securing a place for Sarah and Dougie's son, Matthew, at a posh boarding school back in England. Sarah's desire to return home is fulfilled as she goes with him.
Shocker: She allows Dougie to stay behind.

Other characters to watch:

Aysha Kala

Sooni Dalal: Political activism, ambition, and filial duty defined Sooni's conflicted character in Season 1 as she clashed with her (seemingly) British-loving brother, Aafrin; dabbled with revolution and jail; and realized that she needed to pursue her dream of becoming a lawyer. She still believes in an independent India, but complying with her fragile, beloved father, Darius, plus a tentative alliance with Aafrin and a growing friendship with Ian, have mellowed the former firebrand.

Alexander Cobb

Ian McLeod: A genuine friendship with the doomed Ramu Sood transformed Ian McLeod from a drunken, debauched youth to champion of Sood's innocence (and persona-non-gratis at the Simla Club) and man of the people. While his efforts to prove Sood's innocence were for naught, and the innocent man was hanged to cover up Ralph's secrets, Ian became a crusader for Sood's memory, even stealing (what he mistakenly believed to be) Sood's ashes, and leading a mob in an impromptu procession and protest against the authorities.

Will the truth about Ramu Sood's innocence ever be proven? Will Alice and Aafrin go public? Whose side is Aafrin really on? And will Ralph become Viceroy? Find out when Indian Summers premieres, Sunday, September 11 at 10pm ET on MASTERPIECE on PBS!


Indian Summers on PBS: What American Audiences Should Know

Some of the cast of Masterpiece: Indian Summers, Season 2.

Some of the cast of Masterpiece: Indian Summers, Season 2. The season has 10 episodes on Sundays on PBS, September 11 to November

We know all about our own colonial history under the British Crown, but few of us have done a cross study of other British colonies, such as the one in India, where the PBS Masterpiece series Indian Summers takes place. Politics drives the period drama as much as romance and personal clashes. Here are a few hard facts that will add to the viewing pleasure of those familiar with Indian Summers while bringing newcomers up to speed in time for the second season.

What Era is It? The Late Afternoon of the Empire

This new season of Indian Summers unfolds in (the first took place in ). The sun is setting on the British Empire in India, where it first gained its foothold in and has since been referred to as the British Raj. While the British Crown in London worries about Adolph Hitler in Germany, the British Raj &#; 3, nautical miles away in its seat in New Delhi &#; contends with Indian nationalists and Indian princes eager to fully rule. Leaders Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru and Mohammed Ali Jinnah have been pressing for independence for decades, which they will have by , but at the violent price of India&#;s partition. Learn more about the inspiration for the series from writer/producer Paul Rutman (Indian Summers and crime drama Vera).

Who are the Characters in Indian Summers?

MASTERPIECE Indian Summers, Season 2 on PBS. Patrick Malahide (l) as Lord Willingdon, the Viceroy in British India. Henry Lloyd-Hughes (center in cream tuxedo jacket) plays Ralph Whelan, secretary to the Viceroy.

MASTERPIECE Indian Summers, Season 2 on PBS. Patrick Malahide (l) as Lord Willingdon, the Viceroy in British India. Henry Lloyd-Hughes (center in cream tuxedo jacket) plays Ralph Whelan, secretary to the Viceroy.

Lord Willingdon (Patrick Malahide): The oppressive lord is the Viceroy in India between , and he survives an assassination attempt. The Viceroy is the British Crown&#;s appointed leader in India and Lord Willingdon is the only historic character in Indian Summers.

Ralph Whelan (Henry Lloyd-Hughes): Ralph is British, but was born and raised in India. He&#;s the Viceroy&#;s ambitious, but conflicted secretary who has the support of the best connected person in town &#; Cynthia Coffin (Julie Waters), the owner of the Royal Simla Club who likes nothing better than money &#; and control.

Madeleine Mathers (Olivia Grant): A rich American heiress, Madeline hopes to win the heart of bachelor Ralph Whelan.

Maharajah of Amritpur (Art Malik): New to Season Two, the Maharajah represents one of the richest Stately Princes and presents a challenge to the Viceroy&#;s team as they negotiate the Government Act of India. The British Parliament passes the act in , which allows eleven provincial assemblies to control their local affairs for the first time.

Aafrin Dalal (Nikesh Patel): Straddling the worlds of the British administration and nationalists, the civil servant and double agent Dalal is also the handsome love interest of Ralph Whelan&#;s sister, Alice Whelan (Jemima West).

Darius Dalal (Roshan Seth), Roshana Dalal (Lillete Dubey) and Sooni Dalal (Aysha Kala): Aafrin Dalal&#;s parents are Darius, an intellectual who supports loyalty to the British, and Roshana, a pragmatist looking for a good marriage match for her daughters. Sooni, Aafrin&#;s sister, is a nationalist who plans to become a lawyer. The family is Parsi &#; with ancestral roots in Iran &#; and practice the religion Zoroastrianism. When Sooni falls for a Muslim man, it adds to the count of star-crossed (and ethnically-crossed) lovers in this series.

Jemima West (l) as Alice Whelan and Nikesh Patel as Aafrin Dalal

Indian Summers, Season 2 on PBS. In EPISODE 1, Jemima West (l) as Alice Whelan and Nikesh Patel as Aafrin Dalal (r).

Where is Indian Summers Set &#; and Where is it Filmed?

In red, the British Indian Empire as of

In red, the British Indian Empire as of London is the seat of government if the British Crown, New Dehli is the center of the Colonial Administration, and Simla is the administration&#;s summer retreat, where PBS Masterpiece Indian Summers takes place.

The series is set in Simla (also spelled Shimla), which rests in the Himalayan foothills and is so far north in India it&#;s nearly as close to Tibet, Pakistan and Nepal as it is to New Delhi, the governmental seat of the British Raj (British administration) since Remarkably, the entire government moved its operations miles to the cooler northern clime just for the summer season. Hardly a boring government retreat, Simla was also the playground of British aristocrats and other British immigrants.

Simla in India

Simla, October Photo: Fernando Stankuns/Flickr

Indian Summers is known for its stunning scenery and sets, but not only is its Royal Shimla Club entirely fictional, the entire series was filmed in Penang, Malaysia, not India. The show producers found Simla had too many modern developments and discovered exactly what they needed on location in Penang Hill, which had also been a British colony. Unfortunately for the actors &#; so frequently dressed in suits and long gowns &#; Penang is very hot and humid and the opposite of a cool summer respite. Learn how the set designers carved out a set in the jungle. As the designers were rebuilding a structure to create the Royal Shimla Club, they discovered abandoned set elements from Indochine ().

PBS Masterpiece: Indian Summers season two airs Sundays at 10pm, September 11 through November Revisit episodes of Indian Summers season one online.

MASTERPIECE Indian Summers, Season 2 on PBS. Julie Walters as Cynthia Coffin

MASTERPIECE Indian Summers, Season 2. Julie Walters as Cynthia Coffin.

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Keep up with all the intrigues, attractions, and uneasy alliances of Indian Summers, Episode 3. Get 10 Episode Essential in one easy recap!

Henry Lloyd-Hughes and Nikesh Patel

1. Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?
Ralph Whelan offers Aafrin an opportunity to join the higher ranks of the Civil Service, "But, I want you to ask yourself a question: 'In a few years time, what do I want to be? Magistrate? District Controller?'" Is the promotion to recognize an unusual talent? To reward Aafrin's bravery? Or to keep him—a witness to the shooting—close?

Jemima West

2. You Just Threatened the Wrong Lady
On the subject of an upcoming inquest into the shooting, Cynthia very deliberately chooses her words and tone when telling Alice she'll be asked to give a witness statement: "And in your position, I wouldn’t remember a thing." Alice, hackles raised, does not respond well to being manipulated or threatened.

Ayesha Dharker

3. Jai Hind! (Long live India!)
Despite Ralph's protest that the arrest of Indian National Congress speaker Nalini Ayer would be "a bit severe," DS Rowntree urges the action because of the INC's alleged attempt to assassinate Ralph. The police descend on the gathering with brutality and violence, dragging Sooni away and throwing her in prison.

Fiona Glascott and Craig Parkinson

4. Cruel Confession
After Dougie and Leena kiss, he returns home to confess to his wife. Sarah breaks down, unable to stop the pain inflicted by Dougie's confession that he'd been "behaving in a manner that …can't be described as Christian." Sarah feigns ignorance, but later, at the tea, she unleashes all her hurt and humiliation on Leena. 

Nikesh Patel

5. "________ Rakshas!"
Ralph discusses the upcoming inquest with Aafrin, his guest, saying, "'You British devil.' That’s what I remember him shouting as he came towards me." Aafrin remembers the shooter shouting Ralph's name, but he acquiesces to Ralph, whose help he'd just requested for his imprisoned sister. Alice looks on in disbelief and disgust at Aafrin being manipulated just as Cynthia tried to manipulate her. Minutes later, she tells her brother, "In response to your need to have me perjure myself in concert with Mr. Dalal, the answer is no, Ralph. Unequivocally no."

Aysha Kala

6. Prison & Propaganda
Aafrin visits Sooni at the prison to assure her that he's working on her release, but when he characterizes the INC as violent, she lashes out at his complicity in their oppression: "Listen to me. This is British propaganda. You are British propaganda. The gunman is being used to smear Congress. And you You are being used too.

mysterious bracelet

7. Adam's Adornment
Ralph is shocked to see a certain bracelet on Adam's arm. With effortful nonchalance, he asks Alice, "Who is that boy?" What is the significance of the bracelet?

Richard McCabe and Alyy Khan

8. Eviction Notice
Unable to reach his evasive debtor Armitage in person, Ramu Sood is forced to personally deliver an official eviction notice from the tea plantation. But the racist and entitled Armitage won't deign to recognize it. What's more, in a fit of rage, he attacks Sood. But when he suffers a heart attack while choking Sood, Cynthia determines that Sood will pay.

Nikesh Patel and Jemima West

9. Dual Perjury
At the shooting inquest, both Alice and Aafrin hesitate, unsure whether or not to lie for Ralph. And yet, both give the desired answer: "You British Devil."

Nikesh Patel

Secrets and More Secrets
When the coroner temporarily leaves the inquest, Aafrin, left alone, notices an evidence file marked "Chandru Mohan." There he finds an envelope containing Mohan’s identity card and his (forged) Congress membership certificate. Sooni’s words ring out in his head: "This is British propaganda. You are British propaganda." He quickly pockets the paper as the clerk returns, then races home to hide it under the bed in a tin containing his father's war medal. Does he regret his perjury and complicity?

Indian Summers s02e02 hdtv

canceled + renewed TV shows - TV Series Finale

Indian Summer TV show on Channel 4 and PBS: canceled, no season 3

(L-R) Jemima West as Alice Whelan and Henry Lloyd-Hughes as Ralph Whelan. (C) New Pictures and Channel 4 for MASTERPIECE in association with All3Media International.

UK Channel 4 has cancelled the Indian Summers TV show after two seasons. A British drama set in Simla (Shimla) in northern India, the first season of Indian Summers aired on PBS in the US, from September to November PBS has not yet announced the premiere date for the second and final season of Indian Summers. It is expected to air stateside in , though. Masterpiece PBS co-produces the series, and PBS released a season two preview, back in December.

Indian Summers stars Julie Walters, Henry Lloyd-Hughes, Jemima West, Nikesh Patel, Roshan Seth, and Lillete Dubey. The cast also includes Alexander Cobb, Craig Parkinson, Fiona Glascott, Amber Rose Revah, Aysha Kala, Olivia Grant, and Edward Hogg.

Radio Times confirmed the Indian Summers cancellation with Channel 4. Here is more:

Much like the British Empire itself, Indian Summers has retreated into history. Channel 4 has confirmed that the period drama, set during the British Raj, will not be returning for a third series.

&#;We&#;re incredibly proud of Indian Summers and have loved having it in the schedule, the channel said in a statement. &#;But with a number of new drama launches already confirmed for , we have decided not to commission a third series.&#;


Here is more on the Indian Summers TV series, from a PBS press release announcing the series.


Set against the sweeping grandeur of the Himalayas and tea plantations of Northern India, the drama tells the rich and explosive story of the decline of the British Empire and the birth of modern India, from both sides of the experience. But at the heart of the story lie the implications and rami cations of the tangled web of passions, rivalries and clashes that de ne the lives of those brought together in this summer which will change everything.

It’s the summer of India dreams of Independence, but the British are clinging to power. In the foothills of the Himalayas stands Simla, a little England where every summer the British power-brokers of this nation are posted to govern during the summer months.

Ralph Whelan (Lloyd-Hughes), coolly ambitious, a coming man and tipped for promotion, is Private Secretary to the Viceroy of India. His sister, Alice (West), returns to Simla alone with her child and nds herself drawn to Aafrin (Patel), a Junior Clerk in the Viceroy’s of ce and son to Roshana (Dubey) and Darius (Seth), a gentle man and veteran of The Great War. Aafrin is brother to Sooni (Kala), severe and beautiful, and his spoilt younger sister Shamshad.

At the heart of Simla’s society is Cynthia (Walters), widowed doyenne of the Royal Club who is as at home in the tack room as she is the ballroom. A force to be reckoned with, her in uence spreads throughout the community.

The cast of characters also includes Douglas (Parkinson), who runs a missionary school, his wife Sarah (Glascott) who yearns for the comforts of home, Ian McLeod (Cobb), the young and naïve Scottish tea plantation heir, and the mysterious Anglo-Indian woman Leena (Revah).

As Indian Summers begins, the stories of promises, secrets, politics, power, sex and love play out as the British Raj begins to falter and a nation opens its eyes to the possibilities of freedom.


What do you think? Are you a fan of the Indian Summers TV show on Channel 4 and PBS? Do you think Indian Summers was cancelled at the right time, or should it have been renewed for a third season?

More about: Channel 4 TV shows: canceled or renewed?, Indian Summers, Indian Summers: canceled or renewed?, PBS TV shows: canceled or renewed?

Canceled and renewed TV show

3 season summer indian pbs


It’s been three years since we last left Alice, Aafrin, Ralph, Cynthia, and the other social shakers of Simla. At the opening of Season 2, the community's future is more uncertain than ever—long-buried secrets are coming to light, civic unrest is boiling over, and those vying for power have raised the stakes. A day of reckoning is coming, but who will emerge unscathed?

Before Season 2 airs on Sundays, Sept. 11 - Nov. 20 at 10/9c, get a sneak peek at the action ahead. The old players are back for a new game, and it’s going to be more intense, compelling, and yes—shocking—than ever.

1. Meet Mrs. Havistock 

The mysterious Alice Whelan first arrived in Simla with baby Percy in tow, but sans husband. Although she introduced herself as a widow, we soon learned the truth—She abandoned her husband in London, and he sent spies to Simla to look for her. In Season 2, she’s introduced not as Alice Whelan, but as Mrs. Havistock. Is this husband a new acquaintance, or the man she jilted for the hills of India? And in either case, will he learn of her romance with Aafrin, or is their dalliance doomed to the past?

Insider Secret: Prepare to meet a cruel, demented man who is quick to punish Alice for perceived wrongs, who holds the key to keeping her by his side, and who will break whatever—or whomever—stands in his way.   

2. (Double) Double Agent 

At the end of Season 1, fed up with the system he had been playing into for so long, Aafrin turned his back on the Raj and went rogue. Now, he’s deeply invested in the independence movement, along with his current girlfriend Kaira. But what started as peaceful protests and pamphlets is slowing brewing into something more sinister; some separatists, including Aafrin’s colleague Naresh, are ready for blood. The ambitious Aafrin has always been torn between two worlds—the colonists on the hill and his Parsi roots—and we’re sure to see more inner conflict in Season 2. Has the Hamlet of Simla found his true purpose? Or will the strings connecting him to the colonists prove too strong to sever? Until he discovers his truth, no one is safe from double-crossing.

Insider Secret: Expect a violent tragedy that kills a key player and rocks Simla to its core, as independence movement tensions reach an all-time high.

3. Winner Take Office 

Ralph Whelan has always known his destiny: to be Viceroy of India. He sacrificed everything for it, even abandoning his native love Jaya, and letting the innocent Ramu Sood hang to avoid his own name being tarnished. In Season 2, Viceroy Willingdon is ready to step down, a year earlier than anticipated. But there are plenty of politicians vying for his seat, and in this game one only gets ahead through connections, breeding, and just how far he’s willing to go. Is this Ralph’s big chance, or his worst nightmare?

Insider Secret: Secrets (that even we don’t know) from Ralph’s past are about to come to light, and they may very well affect his chances in this race to rule. 

4. Make Way for the Maharajah 

One of Season 2’s most compelling characters is the Maharajah of Patiala, played by MASTERPIECE alum Art Malik (Jewel in the Crown). Though the Maharajah comes from a long line of Indian princes, the winds of change are threatening to take his lavish lifestyle, and whatever power the British Raj has left him. Now he's on the attack, and he'll use any weapon necessary to protect his birthright—whether that be his charm, his influence, or his penchant for manipulation.    

Insider Secret: The Maharajah’s mistress, Australian expat Sirene (played by Rachel Griffiths), is equally enchanting.  

5. The End of an Era?

The Season 1 finale saw Cynthia losing her grip on her beloved Simla Club, as she was forced to admit its first non-white member. As the Raj is slowly pushed out of power, it's hard to imagine Cynthia sticking around. It's no secret that times are changing, but in this brave new India, is there a place for old-world institutions like the Club?     

Insider Secret: Cynthia could be forced to choose between keeping the Club and helping a fellow Brit—but does she love any one mortal that much?

Indian Summers S02 E05

Indian Summers

British drama television series

For other uses, see Indian Summer (disambiguation).

Indian Summers is a British drama television series that began airing on Channel 4 on 15 February [1][2]The show details the events of summers spent at Simla, in the foothills of the Himalayas, by a group of the British governing and trading community at the time of the British Raj. The first series is set in It was broadcast in several countries subsequently.

The show was renewed for a second and final series on 1 March [3] The second and final series is set in and began airing on 13 March Although initially planned by producers for five series, on 25 April it was announced that the show would not be renewed for a third series due to poor ratings and strong competition in its timeslot.[4][5]


Series 1[edit]

  • Ellora Torchia as Sita
  • Edward Hogg as Eugene Mathers
  • Alyy Khan as Ramu Sood
  • Daniel Skitch as Shopkeeper
  • Anthony Theil as The Coroner

Series 2[edit]


The series was filmed in Penang, Malaysia, as a stand-in for Simla.[6] Simla was not chosen due to the large number of modern buildings and a monsoon season that would have interfered with filming.[6] Shooting locations included Penang Hill and historic buildings in and around George Town, which share a similar British colonial architectural lineage.


Series 1 ()[edit]

Series 2 ()[edit]

On 1 March , Channel 4 confirmed that Indian Summers would return for a second and final series in , starring new cast members including Art Malik and Academy Award nominated Rachel Griffiths.[7] The first episode aired on Sunday 13 March The part series returns to Simla in the summer of , three years after the events of the first series. Paul Rutman, creator and writer of the series, said: "Our story moves forward three years, to a Viceroy’s last summer, a political gamble to stifle Independence and a great reckoning for Ralph, Alice and Aafrin."[8]


The first series of Indian Summers received largely positive reviews, gaining a score of 88% on Rotten Tomatoes.[9] At the time, the first episode was Channel 4's highest rating original UK drama in over 20 years.[10] After the first episode aired, The Times described the series as "A work of subtlety, intelligence and some beauty."[11][12]The Independent wrote "Indian Summers is a fully immersive experience that plunges its audience headlong into s Simla in British-ruled India."[13]The Daily Express said "The opening did not disappoint."[14] In the United States, the San Francisco Chronicle called the series "exemplary" and stated that Rutman had an "exquisite sense of character".[15]

International broadcast[edit]

Indian Summers premiered in the United States on PBS on 27 September [16] It premiered in Australia on BBC First on 16 May [17] while in New Zealand, it premiered on TVNZ TV One on 7 June [18] In Estonia, the show premiered on Kanal 2 on 12 July and on SVT1 in Sweden on 20 June On 31 May it premiered on NRK1 in Norway.[19] In Finland, the show premiered on Yle TV1 on 22 November


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Is there going to be a season 3 of Indian summers?

Much like the British Empire itself, Indian Summers has retreated into history. Channel 4 has confirmed that the period drama, set during the British Raj, will not be returning for a third series. “We're incredibly proud of Indian Summers and have loved having it in the schedule, the channel said in a statement.

Click to see full answer.

Keeping this in view, how many seasons of Indian summers are there?

UK Channel 4 has cancelled the Indian Summers TV show after two seasons. A British drama set in Simla (Shimla) in northern India, the first season of Indian Summers aired on PBS in the US, from September to November PBS has not yet announced the premiere date for the second and final season of Indian Summers.

Subsequently, question is, where is Indian summers filmed? Indian Summers is set in Simla, a provincial capital in northern India at the foot of the Himalayas, but the production team chose the Malaysian island of Penang as their filming location for the six-month shoot.

Besides, how many episodes of Indian summers are there?


Is Indian Summers based on a true story?

The real story of Indian Summers begins not in 's India and the Himalayan foothills of Simla, but a few decades later, in a cupboard in a Darjeeling hotel. It was there that series creator Paul Rutman was shown a hoard of photos dating back to the Raj.


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