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Big-Rig Speed Sensor Location - Connector Identification

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We support the following speed sensor connectors:

1. Weather-Pack connectors - Included with installation kit

Weather-Pack Connectors are used on most older, pre 2001, class 8 trucks, including kw, freightliner, volvo, international, peterbilt, etc.

Weather-Pack "in-line" connectors are commonly found on older (pre-2001) trucks, including Peterbilt, Kenworth, Freightliner, Volvo and others.

The Main Cable, Item# XM7MC is used for simple plug-in connections to Speed Sensor Connectors or to one of the Adapter Cables. The Main Cable is also used to interface with your device or testing equipment. Can be installed Temporarily or Permanently. (Included with installation kit).


2. Metri-Pack connectors - Included with installation kit

Metri-Pack Connectors fit most newer class 8 trucks 2002-2011 kw, freightliner, volvo, international, peterbilt and others.

Metri-Pack connectors are found mostly on 2001 and newer trucks including Peterbilt, Kenworth, Freightliner, Volvo, International, Peterbilt and others.

These Connectors plug directly in to the top of molded speed sensors. To hook up to the speed sensor connectors use the 12" Metri-Pack adapter (included with the installation kit).


3. Metri-Pack 280 connectors - Sold Separately

Metri-pack 280 connectors for Newer Mack Trucks after 2001. These connectors have also been found on some 2007 KW trucks. This is the alternate connector of choice for Kenworth truck manufacturers. Used approx. 1% of the time.

These connectors simply plug into the Speed Sensor Leads, at the rear of the transmission, similar to Weather-Pack connectors and in the same location. Sold Separately - see catalog


4. Deutsch connectors - Sold Separately

Deutsch Connectors - Older Pre 2001 International Trucks

Deutsch Connectors for older, pre 2001, International class 8 Trucks International (Navistar) Trucks.

These connectors simply plug in to the Speed Sensor Leads, similar to Weather-Pack connectors and in the same location. Use the Deutsch adapter to hook up to these connectors. Sold Separately - see catalog


5. Mini-Deutsch Connectors - Sold Separately

Deutsche DTM Adapter Kit XM7DTM

  • XM6DTM - Deutsch DTM Connectors
  • Accepts size 20 (7.5 amp) pins and sockets
  • For use with Main Cable (XM7MC).
  • 2014 and newer Freightliner, Detroit Engine, Automatic Transmission use this connector. Possibly other models.
  • Plugs into vehicle speed sensor leads.
  • Rectangular, plastic housing

Deutsch Adapter Cable XM7DTM




6. Circular 4-Pin Connectors - Require Splicing


peterbilt 379 speed sensor location Switch and lamp locations as well as ATC switch configuration will vary depending on  Turbocharger Speed Sensor. com Mon-Fri 8am/5pm CST Sat 8am/3pm CST by appointment only My Speedometer And Brake Lights Quit Working In My 92 Peterbilt 379. Check out free battery charging and engine diagnostic  Looking for replacement Transmission Speed Sensors for your Peterbilt 379? Then shop at 1A Auto for a high quality Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) or Turbine  Products 1 - 30 of 31 Get great deals on Peterbilt 379 transmission solenoids, sensors, switches & control Dorman HD Solutions® - Vehicle Speed Sensor. Although the OEM harness is shown, this will be discon- nected when the engine is out of chassis. We have hundreds of brand new and used trucks available for purchase. Now very important, if the truck starts, make sure you quickly turn it off, as with the FCA unplugged, there is no metering of the CP3, which means it will run at Truck Sales, Leasing, & Rental: Allstate Peterbilt Group is a factory-authorized dealership for new Peterbilt, Hino, and Kalmar Ottawa truck brands. Repair or replace as needed . ) All components installed on the transmission Glider Assembly and Interface Parts Kits: 1. My husband is having trouble with his International Transtar - Answered by a verified Technician. 00 / Piece 1 Piece (Min. 352-789-6701 Store Location 3030 W speed limiter/ engine warning options 239 232 280 sensor tach sensor 226 23 a298 circuit breaker 243 42 acc 226 model 379 family wiring, sk25762 author: cad I have 1997 Pete 379 with a Detroit that the speedo isn't working. Changed the speed sensor and still get nothing. This PDF information has a friendly and easy-to-use interface that supports English. All pages are printable. Speedometer is not working. Spec Kustom Truck throttle pedals and throttle position sensors to insure the efficiency of the build and quality of the end product May 14, 2018 · The average lifespan of a throttle position sensor is just over 80,000 miles, though some will last for the lifetime of the car. 3: 2: 5: 3: SAR Sensor signal valid – noisy: Dynamic Wheel Speed Sensor Fault. it appears to be be ok and i tried with screw driver to see if i could move gear. -3406E/C-15/C-16 - Determines fuel rate by injector “on AutoZone offers Free In-store Pick Up and auto parts for your Vehicle model. The system works with standard air brake systems. Applications: Cummins ISX 11. You can also choose from 1971-2015 peterbilt parts, as well as from alternator assembly peterbilt parts, and whether peterbilt parts is freightliner, peterbilt, or universal. A vehicle with a single rear axle requires four wheel speed sensors. The sensor  ring pass the wheel speed sensor, generating an AC signal. Cruise Cutout Switch on Peterbilt 379. Engine Sensor Tool_Cool_ Diesel_Guy 3 years ago 8 minutes, 38 seconds 46,830 views Sensor, location and identification on A Perterbilt 379, International TranStar, And a Military Freightliner M916A3. OE# K3454 | Free  Either behind the key panel or the gauge panel on the left side dash it's usually hidden by the loom so poke around and it will be there they always seem to fall  The turn signal flasher relay switch, on a Peterbilt 379, is located under the dashboard. A Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) senses the speed of the vehicle. Hope this helps you out. 5070 Wheel Speed Sensors 4. Right front steering axle. :sprayw there is a link in the handy links sticky, supermiller, has schematics for petes. Get great deals on eBay! Mar 12, 2021 · Shop used Peterbilt Fuse Boxes & Panels For Sale near you on MyLittleSalesman. Each part ought to be set and connected with other parts in particular manner. Rockwell WABCO ABS D Version is an electronic system that monitors and controls wheel speed during braking. today i took out the new speed sensor to view the gear that is on the yooke, i believe called ring gear. CN29850. 1995-06 Peterbilt 379 Eaton Transmission with Internal Tone Ring Tail Shaft Mounted Screw In Speed & Tachometer Magnetic Sensor 2007-10 Peterbilt 384 Eaton Transmission with Internal Tone Ring Tail Shaft Mounted Screw In Speed & Tachometer Magnetic Sensor 2005 Peterbilt 379 Wiring Diagram– wiring diagram is a simplified suitable pictorial representation of an electrical circuit. Higginbotham …schematic peterbilt 337 tcm location 2013 peterbuilt 337 tcm location wire schematic for a peterbuilt 320 2013 peterbilt 386 wiring diagrams peterbilt 330 radio fuse location tcm location peterbilt electrical… peterbilt andulo de. P0017 = Crankshaft sensor F552 - Signal not synchronized. ) Engine to cab plug and play interface harness for ADEM2000 Caterpillar 2. 8/x2 WL ABS: wheel disabled ASR, RSC, RSA: disabled Temporarily loss of wheel speed signal. 379 Trucks - Conventional Tractor, T/A Conventional Day Cab, 1998 Peterbilt 379 T/A Conventional Day Cab, Detroit Series 60 12. Kenworth Speed- Tach Sensor on 2040-parts. Generally, a vehicle speed sensor should last well over 100,000 miles, and the average replacement frequency is closer to 150,000 miles, with exceptions. GENERAL INFORMATION 1. - Often times, a re-worked Mar 03, 2021 · 2006 Peterbilt 379, Odo Shows 527,237 Miles, CAT C-15 ACERT Engine, Engine Brake, Eaton Fuller 18-Speed Transmission, Air Ride Suspension, 60” Unibilt Ultracab Sleeper, 4. The relay simply plugs in. Save Share. peterbilt 379 family hvac wiring diagrams with without pcc for free 379 peterbilt wiring diagram, image source: www. Sensor signal erratic Mar 06, 2019 · Find your cecu location w900 here for cecu location w900 and you can print out. 12 Jan 2016 The speedometer sensor is located in the transmission of your vehicle and is designed to register the driveshaft's rotational speed. 26 Aug 2020 The following will confirm speed sensor wiring is damaged. The sensor cable connector will have two or three female plugs labeled “A” thru “C”. - Engine speed sensor p arameter not enabled. [ad_2] A truck that new most likely has the tach driven from the data link rather than being hard wired to a speed sensor. 97 peterbilt 379 wiring diagram detroit series 60 ecm with 1999 to, image source: codecookbook. 3. The Karman sensor generates a variable frequency Optimally controls the air current in the combustion chamber by closing one of the independent intake ports in accordance with the coolant temperature. If the engine runs properly and the primary engine speed/timing sensor is disconnected, the Peterbilt 379 air brake sound. 11 Ratio, 82K GVW, 44K RA Jun 21, 2010 · determine a desired engine speed. 4-4. With 21 locations from the Kansas-Missouri border to the Atlantic Ocean, the parts you need are near the road you're on. fit for Peterbilt 379 2002. Adjust airgap. Notes – This pro ce dure can be used as written for both Eng lish and met ric P0049 = Turbo speed sensor (F683) - the turbo speed is too high P0069 = Inlet air pressure in inlet manifold - Data erratic, intermittent or incorrect at ignition on P006B = Pressure after BPV sensor (F823) - Pressure is out of range at the time of ignition Jan 19, 2016 · The primary reason why this part fails is due to exposure to high heat, as it's typically located on the floorboard next to the firewall of the vehicle, in very close proximity to the engine. Peterbilt Motors Company reserves the right to make Keep the engine running at idle speed unless a display uses a sensor (located at the bottom of the  29 Jun 2018 standard position of the speed sensor is at the transmission tail shaft. The gear ratios are correctly spaced so that the engine will operate in its most efficient RPM range with progressive speed changes. Unfortunately, this part can't be repaired, so when a certified mechanic determines that there is a problem with this device, you'll have to replace the accelerator pedal position sensor. co. Peterbilt 379 Wiring Diagram November 15, 2018 April 12, 2020 · Wiring Diagram by Anna R. I have a 1998 peterbilt 379 with cat motor its showing code 3406E with code 55 Download First Class, the Official Peterbilt Print Magazine. Another speed sensor would be a wheel speed sensor. Plausibility 190 2 PID 190 1225 Engine Speed High 354 4 PID 354 1231 Relative Humidity Circuit Failed Low 354 3 PID 354 1231 Relative Humidity Circuit Failed High 411 4 PID 411 1232 EGR Delta Pressure Sensor Circuit Low 411 3 PID 411 1232 EGR Delta Pressure Sensor Circuit High Gearing also increases or decreases speed. Locations include: 3809 4 th Avenue West Peterbilt 379 2000, Camshaft Position Sensor by Dorman HD Solutions®. 5-1. I need help bad. 00:00. When it comes to your Peterbilt 379, you want parts and products from only trusted brands. Verify 900-2000 ohms resistance. 3406e Engine Speed. Regular price $27. us. I need a Cummins N14 celect plus wiring diagram. If the powertrain control module cannot read the vehicle speed, even though the sensor is working properly, the result will be the same as if the sensor had failed. ap air inc peterbilt 379 heavy truck. Peterbilt 385 Speed Sensor. i was thinking to attach multi meter with a spare connector i have attached Dorman's quality-engineered Vehicle Speed Sensor restores peak transmission function. Pluged Cat ET in and it is not registering the MPH either. 7 Jan 2021 98 Peterbilt 379 Brake Switch Wire will definitely help you in switch, clutch micro-switch and speed sensor a cat 3406e in it located is around  A faulty speed sensor on your Peterbilt or Kenworth Truck can cause transmission trouble, impact speedometer readings and ignition timing. 018Z Rotors on the wheel speed sensor. schematic model family electrical peterbilt wiring diagram truck family fastertruck. While the radiator, cooling fan relay (or fan clutch), and cooling fan keep coolant from getting too hot, the thermostat makes sure the antifreeze doesn't get too cold. Net. Aug 23, 2018 · 2003 Peterbilt 379 Wiring Diagram Gallery. Relay Valve 6. Also improves your speedometer, cruise control, power steering and  Buy Dorman 505-5406CD Vehicle Speed Sensor for Select Kenworth/Peterbilt Trucks: Transmission Speed - Amazon. Easily find what you need from thousands of parts available. Part Make. 14 Nov 2014 I get code 36 (speed sensor fault) . If a TPS is suspect, a professional repair facility will perform electrical testing on the sensor. 2002 387 Peterbilt, C-15 Cat 475HP Eaton Fuller 10 Speed,,, Let,s say according to It is the Speed Sensor, One way to check it for sure if you are in a It's located on the tail of the transmission and gets it's readings fr Weather-Pack "in-line" connectors are commonly found on older (pre-2001) trucks, including Peterbilt, Kenworth, Freightliner, Volvo and others. air brake pressure sensor peterbilt pdfsdocuments2 com. New Bridgestone 28575r24. This direct replacement crankshaft position sensor matches the fit and function of the original equipment sensor for a reliable repair. 352-789-6701 Mar 24, 2019 · Diagnostic ports are generally located below the steering wheel on the left side. 2: 2: 4: 3: SAL Sensor signal valid – noisy: Dynamic Wheel Speed Sensor Fault. 9-pin adapter Late model Kenworth and Peterbilt trucks. 4: 2: 2: 4: SL Sensor shorted or open: Static Wheel Speed Sensor Fault Engine Oil Temperature Sensor, General Temp. There must be a speed sensor (usually a two-wire) connected to the engine computer to get the speed signal. fit for Peterbilt 379 2001. Designed using state-of-the-art technology and with customers in mind. c. 2007 PETERBILT, 379, Heavy Duty Trucks - Conventional Day Cab Trucks, Cummins ISX, Manual, 2007 Peterbilt 379 Tandem Axle Day Cab, FRO-18210C 10-Speed Crook Motor Company Inc - Website Albemarle, NC - 295 mi. Peterbilt 382 Speed Sensor. wiring diagram for headlight of 1990 379 peterbilt incredible, image source: www. Here at Advance Auto Parts, we work with only top reliable Speed Sensor product and part brands so you can shop with complete confidence. New legacy seats , new memory foam mattress, new dryer, n 4 hours ago · Peterbilt 359 low air sensor location Discussion in 'Peterbilt Forum' started by Hogleg, Nov 24, 2016. nitricrush. Peterbilt 384 Speed Sensor. 1: 2: 3: 3: SR Sensor signal valid – noisy: Dynamic Wheel Speed Sensor Fault. 99. To de ter mine the cor rect po si tions and set the cali bra tion switches, per form the steps in Fig ure 1. $0. Note: 1) All dimensions are measured by hand, there may be small deviations. View Latest Issue. My trucks brake lights and speedometer does not work. Peterbilt 387 Speed Sensor. This item ships in 3-5 business days. Flash Code 25 26 28 32 37 42 53 56 58 72 73 74 CID/FMI Code 273-00 273-03 273-04 274-03 274-04 110-03 110-04 91-13 91-08 320-02 320-11 342-02 Peterbilt 379 Parts | 4 State Trucks. Year Make Model Description; 2011-2013: Freightliner: 108SD: Freightliner 108SD Speed Sensor: 2011-2013: Freightliner: 114SD: Freightliner 114SD Speed Sensor: 1998-2015 Peterbilt 379 Speed Sensor. The Bostech Turbo Speed Sensor is manufactured with high-quality materials for accuracy and proper performance. diagramschematics. 12. Truck Engines Car Accessories For Cummins ISX Engine Turbocharger Speed Sensor 4032068 4027517 Abs Sensor Wheel Speed US $20. 4-5. Dorman’s Engine Camshaft Position Sensors includes an O-ring for a complete repair (where applicable). Whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer or trained auto tech, you’ll appreciate the convenience of home or business delivery, or picking up your Speed Sensor product at the nearest Advance Auto Parts location . 4 State Trucks has all the aftermarket semi truck parts and accessories you need to make your Pete 379 stand out to showcase your unique If I were you I would check all the truck scrap yards for another unit. 2 UltraShift DM3 6-Speed Wiring Diagram with Analog Shifter UltraShift DM3 6-Speed Wiring Diagram with Analog Shifter All OEM responsible wiring shown is "typical". There are 6 complaints filed for the 2007 PETERBILT 379. com, mainly located in Asia. Call the following number for the part. Aug 07, 2010 · First Time Posting. com. Remove the vehicle speed sensor from the. 1-855-425-7109. Right rear drive axle. to run. The gear for the transmission speed sensor is connected to the transmission output shaft. wiring diagram 1979 359 peterbilt wiring diagram and fuse box of peterbilt 379 sleeper wiring diagram, image source: anonymer. away May 29, 2020 · Located At : KC Peterbilt Description 1998 Peterbilt 379 3406E [email protected] Engine has 822,000 on an Overhaul, 13 Speed Trans, 270" Wheelbase, 3. ABS typically improves stability and steerability, and also reduces stopping distances on most surfaces. net has used, rebuilt and Nov 15, 2018 · Peterbilt 379 Wiring Diagram – 1998 peterbilt 379 wiring diagram, 1999 peterbilt 379 wiring diagram, 2005 peterbilt 379 wiring diagram, Every electrical structure is made up of various unique pieces. Order Peterbilt 379 Turn Signal Lever online today. Posted on Jan 14, 2009 Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty Images. Sensor location and identification on A Perterbilt 379, International TranStar, And a Military Freightliner M916A3 Metri-Pack connectors are found mostly on 2001 and newer trucks including Peterbilt, Kenworth, Freightliner, Volvo, International, Peterbilt and others. Click part number on the Part List to order online. 00 - $59. it should be a two or three wire sensor mounted somewhere around the block at the same level as where the crankshaft is to be able to read Rpm. Not sure why, but oh well. 800. hello the truck has a mack transmission. They are both bracketed together in the back of the front cover. 1999 379 EXHD PETERBILT Over 39k invested in the last 12 months with recipes. If you have a service manual and a lot of nerve you may just get two seperate gauges to work,I would advise against it. 70 Sale. If the ABS system is damaged, the problem is usually found in the wiring. ring pass the wheel speed sensor, generating an AC signal. 70 Rear Ratio 250" Wheelbase Air Slide 5th Wheel 4 Bag Air Ride Dual Stacks (2) 100 Gallon Fuel Tanks 22. An engine of that year will have the RPM controlled by the ECM of the engine manufacturer. The speed of the teeth will determine TLG Peterbilt knows the importance of uptime, all the time. Trans" option Peterbilt All-Makes Terminal-M Spade 14-16Ga Pac ID: CN29850. Close Update location. At TLG Peterbilt, we offer an expansive inventory of new and used premium Peterbilt truck parts and aftermarket OEM parts. Used for automatic transmission shift points and other electronics. Location: North Collins, New York, US. Peterbilt 379 Air Suspension Switch Guard, Stainless Steel $16. $1. 70 Sale price $27. Peterbilt material comes in PDF format with several important and helpful for proper use files. It controls the truck's instrument cluster, including gas gauge, warning lights and the air pressure sensors. Add to Cart. $88. Repair CAM - Speed Sensor CAT 3406E 5EK : Adventures in Trucking Series Repair CAM - Speed Sensor CAT 3406E 5EK : Adventures in Trucking Series by PETERBILT 377 For Sale in Henderson, Colorado on NextTruckOnline. Peterbilt 379 releasing air brakes sound Intellipark Takes the Sting Out of Parking Brake Valves As much as I enjoy driving tractor-trailers, one thing that has irked me for many years is the parking brake valves on the dashboard Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube Per Geographical Location Search Within Miles 2001 PETERBILT 379 WRECKER TOW TRUCK For Sale in Durango, CO 81301 2- VARIABLE RELUCTANCE SPEED SENSOR HONEYWELL 800 541 5905 Call Toll Free! Mon-Fri 8am/5pm CST Repair CAM - Speed Sensor CAT 3406E 5EK : Adventures in Speed sensor number 2 is located behind the air compressor and is bolted into the back of the front cover of the engine. Item Location. Whatever your Fuller transmission needs, we can help. The EC-60 ™ controller receives the AC signal, which varies in voltage and frequency as the wheel speed Check the ABS sensors at the wheels. Advance Truck Parts 505-5406 Kenworth Peterbilt Speed Sensor. 4-6. The CTS activates engine protection if coolant temperature exceeds the specified limits. ) Output yoke and nut 5. Peterbilt 379 Throttle Position Sensor Parts | TPI. These Connectors plug directly in to the top of molded speed sensors. Includes:Pulse generatorCruise control lever and signal generator Peterbilt will notify owners, and dealers will reprogram the engine's vehicle speed parameters to limit the maximum vehicle speed to the tire speed rating, free of charge. . Its only held in by 3 clips so pulling on the case a few times will get it loose. This one Please, take the time to read all pages with information about trucks Peterbilt 379 model to avoid any breakdowns and injuries. . Speed Sensor (Fit: Kenworth T660 T170 T270 T370 Peterbilt 385 377 320 330 379) is available for purchase in increments of 1 Email to a Friend Ship to: Canada, United States Oct 10, 2018 · Peterbilt 379 Wiring Diagram November 15, 2018 April 12, 2020 · Wiring Diagram by Anna R. Higginbotham …schematic 2013 peterbuilt 337 tcm location wire schematic for a peterbuilt 320 peterbilt 367 wiring diagram peterbilt 330 radio fuse location 2013 peterbilt 386 wiring diagrams peterbilt 337 tcm location… Advance Truck Parts 505-5406 Kenworth Peterbilt Speed Sensor. reading air brake diagrams wabtec technical information. The electrical panel on Peterbilt trucks is located in the front cab of the truck on the passenger or driver's side, depending on the truck model. To meet the vehicle’s requirements, the transmission must have ratios low enough to start the vehicle moving, to maintain movement up-grades, and to keep the engine Engine RPM Sensor Failure When the SCT system detects that the engine is not running, even though it is, SCT will trigger an E-Stop warning, shutting the machine down until the e-stop is cleared. 505-5406. From glider kits to heavy-duty truck parts and class 8 truck parts, we’re confident we've got the right parts for your Peterbilt truck. Get Yours Today! We have the best products at the right price. 5-2012 Dodge 4500/5500 6. 1A Auto has a large selection of aftermarket Input Shaft and Output Speed Sensors for your Peterbilt and ground shipping is always free! Equip cars, trucks & SUVs with 2007 Peterbilt 379 Vehicle/Transmission Speed Sensor from AutoZone. wheel and a speed sensor installed with its end against the tooth wheel. ) ECM communication set up 4. No photo. 1-855-779-5783. Make: Peterbilt. Behind the wheels, on the brake rotor assembly, there will be two wires running to the back of the brake rotor. Thread Rating: 38 Vote(s) - 2. We carry a full range of suspensions parts for Peterbilt front and rear suspensions. weird speedometer on 379 Peterbilt. Disconnect the wiring harness and remove the VSSB. It shows the components of the circuit as simplified shapes, and the aptitude and signal links in the midst of the devices. map sensor cummins isx 904 7142 big A wide variety of peterbilt parts options are available to you, such as t660, w900. Kenworth, Peterbilt, International Prostar, Freightliner Cascadia Throttle pedals, throttle position sensors and other glider kit assembly parts are now available from Kustom Parts. Drag me to your location. . A. Wait 1min and drive again. info Wire IG or IGM of another sensor is detected. Please use our contact form or give us a call for any part not listed or if you have any questions. Location of ABS Components. 3, Rear End Ratio 3. 5" pump, Rear spray, Flotation tires, Off road use only, EXCELLENT CONDITION $59,500 18 speed Eaton Fuller transmissions in every model with automatic and manual models available. Plus a cheaper way to buy replacement parts! Don’t be scammed by stealerships!! Nov 06, 2013 · Have an 05 Peterbilt with a speedometer problem. ) Chassis power distribution harness kit 3. The electrical panel on Peterbilt trucks is located in the front cab of the truck Any suggestions? The mechanic mentioned to check the speed sensor on the trans. Pete truck models are a brand of choice for experienced truckers who need dependable semi trucks. Left rear/additional axle. Speed Sensor. 97 Average Oh that thing is a bit$$ to get at its located on the brake valve under the truck Large Selection of Peterbilt Sensors switches with same day shipping for 379 389 579 models. Find peterbilt 379 parts from a vast selection of Parts & Accessories. All new wheel seals,breaks,inner and outer bearings, bushings. Do you know where this junction box is ? Does the heater an A/C work ? If so the fuse isn't the problem . Left rear drive axle. Reply Change the speed. 3 times 4 a old old cummins, you do (used 2 do it) if ECM was disconnected, battery replaced or new sensor installed but it cant trigger loss of TPS or symptoms, but even if you install new sensor, ECM and so on calibrating was never a 1999 Peterbilt 379 ISX 565 Eaton 18 Speed Tires – Toyo M506Z Off Road, Size – 11R24. If you have established that you DO NOT have 12 volts coming out of the panel, you’ll need to find out why. To check the work that has been performed, start the engine and disconnect the primary engine speed/timing sensor. 73 Click on a location for more information. Search our large inventory of New-Rebuilt-Used Peterbilt 379 Speedometer Instrument Clusters for sale online. Used 379 Throttle Pedal Make: Peterbilt Model: 379 Call the following number for the part. : Up for bid is a new speed-tach sensor p/n q21-6005 with jumper wire p/n p92-1571-0600. Peterbilt - WesternStar - International - Freightliner - Volvo - Mack Peterbilt Miscellaneous Heavy Truck Parts For Sale Refine your search results We have found an astounding amount of parts for you, please try refining your search to isolate what you're looking for. B 0 S pd and . ABS Wheel Speed Sensor, Steer Axle (R) 1: Date valid, but low = 1: MID 136 SID 3: ABS Wheel Speed Sensor, Drive Front (L) 2: Data erratic = 2: MID 136 SID 4: ABS Wheel Speed Sensor, Drive Front (R) 2: Voltage shorted high = 3: MID 136 SID 5: ABS Wheel Speed Sensor, Drive Rear (L) 3: Voltage shorted low = 4: MID 136 SID 6: ABS Wheel Speed Sensor 2006 Peterbilt 379 15539 Litre T/A Water Truck Caterpillar C15, 475 hp, Engine brake, Eaton Fuller 18 speed transmission, Double diff lock, Air Trac air ride suspension, 12000 lb front axle, 44000 lb rear axles, 218" wheel base, PTO, Jasper tank, Heater Bowie 3. Speedometer The speedometer is a road indicator. There are 144 suppliers who sells peterbilt parts on Alibaba. 9 362, 365, 367, 375, 377, 379, 384, 385, 386, 387, 388, 389,. This Is Aftermarket Replacement Item But Not Genuine. I have a 2003 ch613 w/ a 355/380 hp engine that I haul logs with, 4 months ago while hauling a load of logs I lost power in upper gears. The vehicle speed sensor (VSS) is a permanent magnet generator which is located on the transaxle. sensor gra3391-0 optional optional charge and start optional jump start terminal locations: under hood - located at the starter battery box - located at the battery t4 t7 t2 t3 t1 t5 elec engine firewall cb2 orn3111-2 orn3111-1 ecm switched power cb2 ign batt feed see engine sections or w/ sleeper 100 amps + 70 amps w/o sleeper starter relay Peterbilt 379 Speed Sensors. This product is made of high-quality materials to serve you for years to come. Posted on October 19, 2011 February 1, 2014 by sam. 5 ON ALLOY WHEELS , PRODUCT PUMP INCLUDED , EXTENDED WARRANTIES AVAILABLE 2015 Peterbilt 389 - On Highway Peterbilt’s on-highway product line embodies ideals of innovation, styling and value, each in a versatile configuration that Sep 28, 2011 · The Coolant Temperature Sensor (CTS) is mounted on the right rear corner of the cylinder head, behind the turbocharger. dose good thru lower gears but hit 8th and it just stops pulling and i have to go back to 7th. Fuel Timing Pressure Sensor Circuit - shorted Xlow 2 118 (Yellow) P135 3 135 3 Fuel Pump Delivery Pressure Sensor Circuit - shorted high X 3 119 (Yellow) P135 4 135 4 Fuel Pump Delivery Pressure Sensor Circuit - shorted low X 3 121 (Yellow) P190 10 190 10 Engine Speed/Position Sensor Circuit - lost one of two signals from the magnetic pickup sensor The 10 DIP switches on the back of AMETEK’s 900 Se ries speed om e ters must be set to the cor rect po si tions for the speed o meter to func tion prop erly. Dorman Products - 904-7020 : Engine Crankshaft Position Sensor. Oct 29, 2009 · Paccar incorporated (paccar) is recalling certain model year 2006-2016 peterbilt 587, 579, 567, 389, 388, 387, 385, 382, 379, 378, 367, 365 and 357 trucks manufactured july 25, 2005, to february 26, 2016. 00 Kenworth & Peterbilt Tachometer & Speed Sensor Q21-6005. Correct harness. The sensor is typically a set of one or more magnets mounted on the output shaft, or a toothed metal disk positioned between a magnet and a magnetic field sensor. It will be located near the PCM, right underneath it(results may vary) The PCM is located behind the glovebox as show in the pictures below. 5 steers last week. Have a question? Send us a Text Message at 1. The gear for the transmission speed sensor has 120 teeth. ) PETERBILT SUSPENSION PARTS. Net. DORMAN 505-5408 Push In 4 Pin Speed Sensor for Peterbilt Kenworth Eaton Transmission Motor Mount For PETERBILT 379 W/ Cat Engine Cb2203-72 , Mr1001 $ 33. The Peterbilt 379 is a model line of Class 8 trucks that was produced by the Peterbilt division of PACCAR from 1987 to 2007. 1141 W Vermont Calumet Park, IL 60827 708 371 3800 Toll-Free: 800 541 5905 Fax: 708 385 6979 [email protected] In addition to the ABS features above, some advance d 379 PETE'S Inc PETE SAYS " OUCH !! " 2015 PETERBILT 389 6X4 SLEEPER TRACTOR , 12 & SUPER 40'S , EATON AUTO SHIFT , PACCAR 510 HP , LOCKERS , 44" FLAT TOP , 11R24. 8 Mar 2018 Another lovely day at the office. With the industry’s largest distribution network, FleetPride is here to support you and your business to ensure that you are Ready for the Road Ahead. * High Quality Speed Sensor * Aluminum Housing Material * Terminal Type: Pin * Wiring Harness Not Included * Sold Individually * Warranty On Speed Sensor Sensor Against Defects In Workmanship and Material From Date Of Purchase ** Replaces OE Number 3528003C1 ** This Product Can Have An Extended Lead Time That Could Be Up To 2 Weeks. 7L Engine, Engine Brake, Eaton Fuller 10 Speed Manual Transmission, 50,000 lb GVWR, Air Ride Cab, Air Ride Suspension, Wet Kit, Sliding 5th Wheel, Headache Rack, Sun Visor, Chrome Bumper, Air Conditioning, Heated Mirrors, Dual High Back Seats, Tilt and Telescopic Steering Wheel, Auction OPENS AT 11500. Search Results for Peterbilt 379 Instrument Cluster on HeavyTruckParts. For Peterbilt 362 Kenworth ATX Dorman Products 505-5406 Speed Sensor Heavy Duty (Fits: Peterbilt 379) 4. The ECM will no longer report codes for turbo actuator, or for turbo speed sensor. 58, 469 Revs per mile. com, including Peterbilt Fuse Box models 386, 579, 379, 384, 387, and more. Posted: (1 months ago) Check out 6 Peterbilt 379 Throttle Position Sensor Parts for sale. These are the ABS sensor wires. 786. speed sensor a/c press switch (o. . First off is testing the 2 wire speed sensor. I bought a new 2006 Pete last year in March and I have been having a problem with this engine since I hit about 95,000 miles (2 months ago) This truck has been to 3 different shops, and all three shops know that the truck is missing but can't seem to find the problem. Looking for replacement Transmission Speed Sensors for your Peterbilt ? Then shop at 1A Auto for a high quality Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) or Turbine Speed Sensor (TSS) replacement for your Peterbilt at a great price. To continue pumping: 1. We sell Eaton Fuller 18 speed heavy-duty transmissions in new and rebuilt options as well as genuine Eaton Fuller transmission parts ranging from rebuild kits, gears, bearing kits, synchronizers Do Not replace the engine speed/timing sensors. When a FIGURE 2-3: Aerodynamic Mirror OAT Sensor Location. The best part is, our Peterbilt 379 Speed Sensor products start from as little as $34. Posted: (1 days ago) The Peterbilt 379 is one of the most popular American owner-operator truck models of all time. Vehicles have an exciter ring (or “tone ring”) as part of the wheel assembly, and as the wheel turns, the teeth of the exciter ring pass the wheel speed sensor, generating an AC signal. If it is in fact data link driven,  Online Library 3406e Engine. speedometer and tach work fine. sensor some have 2 plugs one for the speedo. 5 low profile virgin drives yesterday. Already replaced the sensor on the transmission and the speedo head but it still will not work. head & one for the ECM. 93. The mechanic didn’t record the original settings when I brought it in. Alright, now back to the test, if the sensor is unplugged and the truck starts, we can assume the sensor is not functioning properly, which again, is a very commonly failed component. Jan 12, 2016 · The speedometer sensor is located in the transmission of your vehicle and is designed to register the driveshaft’s rotational speed. Keep your car running in all conditions with NAPA Online. That's why we keep you on the road with our expansive OEM and TRP aftermarket parts inventory for your truck. Free Same Day Store Pickup. Passive magnetic speed sensors can provide a signal from the inside of an aircraft engine at temperatures approaching 425° C or from the hub of an automobile wheel at high shock and vibration. 99. Air gap too large, sensor voltage exceeds trigger level at too late. Get great deals on Peterbilt 379 transmission solenoids, sensors, switches & control units at TRUCKiD. (01-18-2020, 02:55 AM) That Guy Wrote: Recalibrate pedal. 55 Ratio, Low Air Suspension, 70" Ultra Sleeper (Dinette) Super clean Pre-ELD Arizona Truck Call used trucks for more details. Your truck’s engine type can also be used to find your diagnostic port. Any input would be great. ) Transmission temp sensor, Vehicle speed sensor, and Reverse Switch 4. equipped with speed sensors) and use ABS modulator valves to adjust or pulse the braking force being applied. Speed Sensor fits Kenworth and Peterbilt (K-3455, A-7046, K-4151, Fulk4151, 85137677, 85101501, 176896, 3093979) 900372 A-7046=A-7518=K-3455 1999 Peterbilt 379 (Stock #548-11458) Engines & Engine Parts / Engine Mounts. US $39. Dynamic Wheel Speed Sensor Fault. As the part turns, the magnets or teeth pass beneath the sensor, each time producing a pulse in the sensor as they affect the strength of the magnetic field it is measuring. Check sensor, sensor cable, and connectors. 75" WHEEL SPEED SENSOR 90 DEGREE Peterbilt 379 Drag Link $116. Choose from a variety of products for electrical, lighting or ignition Systems for your 1997 Peterbilt 379. Here we are. Check for mismatch-fault of another sensor. Aug 23, 2018 · Peterbilt 379 Wiring Diagram Gallery. Right rear/additional axle. 379: 2007 - 2008: Peterbilt: 384: Click the button below to add the Kenworth & Peterbilt Tachometer & Speed Sensor Q21-6005 to your wish list. Why wont the speedometer or the tachometer work on a 379 peterbilt? Asked by Wiki User. Series 60 DDEC II Engine Sensor Harness. Showing 1-12 of 70 Products. The transmission will have the speed sensor located in the back just ahead of the output yoke. Regular We offer a wide variety of semi truck parts and accessories from brand names that earned the respect of professional drivers and mechanics. Breeze through long road trips with this ididit cruise control kit designed for non-computerized engines This Rostra electric servo unit uses solid state electronics for accuracy and reliability. Wheel Speed Sensor Figure 1. com: Air Electrical Systems, , SPEED TACH SENSOR - ALUM HOUSING - 1995-2010 KENWORTH - 1995-2011 PETE located in Henderson, Colorado 557 speed sensor 556 557 clutch switch 531 a543 543 a150 68 clutch pedal normal coolant level schematic - detroit diesel ddecii peterbilt 379 family ckt function Sensor location and identification The transmission speed sensor uses this current and power in order to send a signal to the Power Train ECM. Order) Make sure you check for voltage on BOTH sides of the fuse as they can sometimes blow in the end where it cannot be seen visibly. Vehicle axle configurations determine the number of WS-24™ wheel speed sensors that must be used. If climbing a hill hauling 30 t 1986-1994 Peterbilt 376 Speed Sensor; 1986-2001 Peterbilt 377 Speed Sensor; 1987-2007 Peterbilt 378 Speed Sensor; 1986-2007 Peterbilt 379 Speed Sensor; 2012-2013 Peterbilt 382 Speed Sensor; 2007-2013 Peterbilt 384 Speed Sensor; 1996-2007 Peterbilt 385 Speed Sensor; 2005-2013 Peterbilt 386 Speed Sensor; 1981-1982 1981-82, 2000-11 Peterbilt 387 Sensors for Cat® Equipment including Pressure, Temperature, Fuel Level, Speed, Position, and Oxygen. Sensor Sensor location and identification by Loaded Pull - Peterbilt 379 Cat 3406E. 5 out of 5 stars (7) 7 product ratings - For Peterbilt 362 Kenworth ATX Dorman Products 505-5406 Speed Sensor Heavy Duty Fuse IPC/HVAC BATT 10 amp located in the left IP junction block . This particular pin supplies voltage, on the Pete 387 to the throttle control module, the Coolant Level Sensor AND to the tail-shaft speed sensor. The Main Cable,  If you prefer to shop in person for the right Speed Sensor products for your 379, visit one of our local Advance Auto Parts locations and you'll be back on the road in  Peterbilt 379 Speed Sensors Caterpillar C11 C13 Auto Transmission Speed Sensor 2016616 Kenworth & Peterbilt Tachometer & Speed Sensor K3454. Advance Truck Parts 505-5408 Kenworth Peterbilt Speed speed sensor / interupt / warning lamps 46) smc speedo message center 47) data link 48) cab spare power / system expansion 49) cb radio 50) backlighting +12volts 51) negative switch links 52) splice location - distribution 53) splice location - distribution 54) ash tray 55) fuel hot line 56) cab load center ( clc ), note: no serviceable parts Engine Disassembly (00-01) CELECT™ Sensor Harness - Removal Page 0-27 CELECT™ Sensor Harness - Removal Remove the retaining clamps for the sensor harness from the support bracket and the engine block. Maybe you know someone Replace your failed turbo speed sensor with the Bostech BTS032267 Turbo Speed Sensor for your 2007. These problems includes information received by NHTSA from consumers either directly or as recorded by the Vehicle Safety Hotline. As you may already know, the 3126 has a number 1 and 2 engine speed timing sensor. New paint 1 year old, all new custom interior, new hardwood and marble tile floors. All new Kelly 28575r 24. RESULT 3 The ECM is configured for the "J1939. Whether they’re trucking across town or across the country, BIG Machine Parts is here to support the vital truck drivers and shipping networks that breathe life into the United States every day. HTP. see all. We have pins, U-bolts, shackle kits, shocks, hangers, bolts and bushings. The EC-60™ ABS Indicator Lamp (located on the dash panel) that indicates the status of the  Utility TrailerPeterbiltTruck PartsExtensionsAbsTrucksVolvoDeliveryWire Advance Truck Parts | Sprinter 3500 Speed Sensor-Freightliner Replacement anti-lock Brand Advance Truck Parts P/N K379-12 Type Sender Applications Kenworth . 1 10 3 + 2 speed drop-out 12;15/18 12;15/18 7. Easily find what you need from 2,312,204 parts available. High quality-engineered Vehicle Speed Sensor that restores peak transmission function. Unplug RPM speed sensor 2. Sep 25, 2010 · (E) Coolant temperature sensor (F) Engine speed/timing sensor (G) Engine speed signal interpreter (H) Boost pressure sensor (1) Signals to unit injectors (2) Fuel position (3) Desired engine speed (rpm) (4) FRC fuel position (5) Rated fuel position (6) Coolant temperature (7) Top center for number one cylinder (8) Engine speed (rpm) 1987 - 2004 Peterbilt 379 All Submodels All Engines Product Details Location : Front, Driver And Passenger Side Series : Stainless Steel Ventvisor Series Type : In-Channel Mount Type Color/Finish : Polished Quantity Sold : Set of 2 Warranty : Lifetime Ventshade limited warranty Prop 65 Warning : Controlling engine and transmission temperatures in your 2007 Peterbilt 379 is a difficult job. The truck was parked for about six weeks and not started. The EC-60™ controller receives the AC signal, which varies in voltage and frequency as the wheel speed changes. com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on  Order Peterbilt 379 Vehicle/Transmission Speed Sensor online today. The sensor delivers this information through the speedometer cable and to the vehicle’s computer, which converts electrical pulses into a numerical speed. Search for cecu location w900 here and subscribe to this site cecu location w900 read more! byjensales inc Download File PDF 3406 Cat Engine Sensor temp sensor located Caterpillar is a United States-based manufacturer of industrial and heavy equipment vehicles, engines and parts vehicle mph speed limit, PTO engine rpm speed Engine Speed/Timing Sensor Circuit - Test Engine 3. the recall began on january 4, 2016. The ratings and reviews for these Peterbilt Speed Sensor aftermarket parts really help you make the right decision. 5 LP Rubber (10) Aluminum Wheels 64" Flat Top Sleeper Miles: 1,353,000-----1973 Kenworth W900A powered by a 400 HP Cummins and a 13 Speed manual transmission. Only 8 left in stock - order soon. 95. Part#. Hopkinsville, Kentucky. A scan tool can also display live data showing how the sensor is performing and sometimes determine if it's faulty. NHD 409-71111. SPEED SENSOR - 95-2011 PETERBILT OR KENWORTH , PACCAR Q21-6005. 11. Put a good fuse in the “gauges” fuse location and continue testing the 12 volt feed circuit. Plus, your speedometer, cruise control, power steering and other systems that rely on the TSS return to maximum performance levels. the WS-24 ™ wheel speed sensor (see Figure 2). 1700 Woodbrook Street Denton, TX 76205 United States (940) 591-4000. It shows the components of the circuit as simplified shapes, and the capability and signal friends with the devices. 8 Pulse Speedometer Calibration Chart (Default Dip Switch Setting) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8----- OPEN -----(Switch 2,6,7,8 OPEN) Truck Parts, New OEM Surplus Peterbilt Truck Parts, To view the latest Big-rig Speed Sensor Location, visit Faster Truck online today to get all the information you need. Differences -3406E/C-15/C-16 - Directly fires each injector. the gear is attached sloid to the yoke , so is definetly turning when the truck is driven. The panel includes a circuit breaker and fuses, and has color-coded wires to make maintenance easier. = fan on) xmsn temp sensor engine fan solenoid (12v = fan off) e1 spare engine circuit coolant temp sensor engine oil temp sensor low coolant sensor e2 spare engine circuit clutch switch alternator excitation t3 see sheet 5 zone f7 see sheet 4, zone k7 to main cab harness see sheet 3 zone c4 see detail "a Speed Sensor for Vehicle Speed. Sep 13, 2016 · The 3 wire speed sensor is externally powered, so you will need a power source of some form. These sensors are self powered, meaning the revolutions inside the case generate the signal needed to create movement in the speedometer. Turn key on and push pedal to the floor 4 times slow and turn key back off. fit for Peterbilt 379 2000. The servo and control unit are small enough to fit under any dash. Page. The area in between is the ideal operation range for your engine. See common locations marked on the graphic. This part has undergone extensive testing to ensure reliable performance. the affected vehicles may be equipped with tire and rim certification labels that list a tire pressure below the actual correct amount. Ships from and sold by Global Parts Inc. -Both engines use an Electronic Governor (software) to select a desired fuel rate based on the difference between actual and desired engine speed (2 sensors on 3406E/C-15, 1 sensor on PEEC). Most orders ship in 3 days or less. Caterpillar Engine, Temperature and Pressure Sensor. Speedometer Parts. 4-2. A slight speed burp may occur when the primary engine speed/timing sensor is disconnected. Thank you. 5, Inflated Dia 44. from the computer. Swapped with a test ecm and still nothing. PETERBILT 200 200-33 210 220 270 320 330 335 HEAVY DUTY SPEED SENSOR 505 For 2002-2007 Peterbilt 379 Speedometer Transmitter Dorman fit for Peterbilt 379 2007 fit for Peterbilt 379 2006 fit for Peterbilt 379 2005 fit for Peterbilt 379 2004 fit for Peterbilt 379 2003. Having trouble finding your part? AI-Tek 70085-8080-003 variable reluctance sensors are essential for control and protection circuits. These valves operate many times per second during an ABS event. Peterbilt 386 Speed Sensor. Free Returns. net. Left front steering axle. com Hi there the speed sensor is located at the fron of the transmission between the two transmission cooler lines. But a quick trouble check is with a multi meter check for power to one of the wires going to the trans sensor, if you have power there , check for power across the plug it won't be 12V more like 3 or 4 if you have that check for resistance across the sensor if none sensor is prolly bad, if you have no Installing a new speed sensor on an 05 KW W900. I measured the air gap between the speed sensor and the exciter wheel and it looks large. paccar's number for this recall is 1115p. Below is a list of complaints & problems filed against the 2007 PETERBILT 379. Notes: 1988 Peterbilt 379 450 HP Cummins NTCC-444 Engine Eaton Fuller 15 Speed 3. 00-$75. owners may contact peterbilt customer service at 1-940-591-4000. Information is also available about Peterbilt rebate programs. Shop by Price. 7L Cummins. At work currently but will look this up for you tonight after work. This is caused by a faulty RPM sensor or loose wire connecting the sensor. We help you find the heavy duty truck parts that you need. Search Results for Peterbilt Temperature Control on HeavyTruckParts. Serving as the successor to the 359, the 379 was a conventional-cab truck configured primarily for highway use, serving as the flagship of the Peterbilt model line. 0 USD, located in GA 30058 USA, Auction Ends on 11/19/2015 Dec 25, 2019 · Freightliner Speedometer Wiring Diagram– wiring diagram is a simplified okay pictorial representation of an electrical circuit. I would like anyone to contact me if you are having any problems with this CAT C15 motor. The speed sensor sends a signal to the speedometer to show the correct speed and it sends a signal to Jul 05, 2010 · Start by locating and removing your VSSB unit. This means that if the wiring to/from or if one of these other sensors was bad then it could effect the supply voltage and throw off the pedal sensor too. To hook up to the speed sensor connectors use the 12" Metri-Pack adapter (included with the installation kit). What else is there that would cause it not to work. RPM vehicle speed, location, st abilit y Sensor short circuit, or open circuit. Find features guides, spec sheets, sales sheets and brochures for every Peterbilt model, as well as materials on the PACCAR engines and transmissions, and Peterbilt’s proprietary technology. The vehicle speed sensor Some cruise controls have a fuse in a second location. The CTS sends an electrical signal to the ECM indicating the engine coolant temperature. where is the brake light switch located on a peterbilt 387. Schematic 4 or 5. SEMI-TRUCK PARTS & ACCESSORIES BY BIG MACHINE PARTS. Peterbilt. 4-3. Make sure that none of the wires is damaged. peterbilt 379 speed sensor location

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  1. Thanks ahead of time to all that respond.

    2002 387 Peterbilt, C-15 Cat 475HP Eaton Fuller 10 Speed,,,

    Let,s say according to my gps says I am going 65 mph,,,,,Meanwhile the speedometer needle is jumping from 35 to 55 to 25 to 5 to 45 to 0 to 60 to 15 to all over the place and the mileage counter has stopped working....Cruise control will only work/set when idling,,,,, PLEASE what parts need replacing ,,,, A new speedometer,,,from Peterbilt $600.00 was one quote I got ,, Please Help,,,
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  3. It is the Speed Sensor, One way to check it for sure if you are in a Governed truck it will go faster than it has ever before, BE CAREFUL your company may have some S Rule against overspeed... It is simple to reset temporarily The truck needs to be shut off completely wait 5 minutes and turn the ignition on (DO NOT CRANK THE MOTOR) let all the lights go out repeat this step 3 times take a few minutes then crank the truck it should reset the Speed Sensor if it does not you will have to get it in the shop, it should not prevent you from driving it will screw you up if you do not have GPSmap program to show you your actual speed..
    Keep in mind Faulty Equipment is not an excuse for speeding, and even if you fight it in court it goes against your CSA.. Just saying from experience with the same problem the Judge was easy on me but is showed up on my CSA score....
  4. Yep, sounbds like just the speed sensor. It's located on the tail of the transmission and gets it's readings from a magnet in the tip of it. The driveshaft has a small looking "gear" and the magnet picks up the "nubs" on the gear as it passes by. SOmetimes it just needs wiped off as small amounts of metal can get on the end of the sensor and block it for reading, but it will most likely need to be changed.

    Be careful when changing it as well as they are usually made of plastic or pot-metal and will break in the holder when you try to unscrew them. You will see what I'm talking about when you climb up under the truck.
  5. Yep, sounbds like just the speed sensor. It's located on the tail of the transmission and gets it's readings from a magnet in the tip of it. The driveshaft has a small looking "gear" and the magnet picks up the "nubs" on the gear as it passes by. SOmetimes it just needs wiped off as small amounts of metal can get on the end of the sensor and block it for reading, but it will most likely need to be changed.

    Be careful when changing it as well as they are usually made of plastic or pot-metal and will break in the holder when you try to unscrew them. You will see what I'm talking about when you climb up under the truck.
    If the newer ones are like the old ones you can adjust them by unplugging the sensor harness and loosening the jam nut then screw the sensor all the way in then back it back out just the slightest (very little) then tighten the jam nut back down, and plug back up.
  6. The sensor I back it out 1/4 turn. there are two sets of two wires, one will be at about 900 ohms and the other at 1200 Ohms the lower one goes to the ECM the other to the speedometer.
    The sensor could be damaged from the tail-shaft bearing being loose or the 16 tooth gear could be loose from a loose yoke nut. I take the sensor out out and look and clean the sensor, then take a flat screw driver and pry on the gear if it moves, it needs repair.
  7. Hey guys need help with my speed sensor it broke apart when trying to get it out! It is stuck in the housing. I am afraid to drill it because all the material from drilling will go into the transmission. Any advice.
    You need to drop the driveshaft, pull the yoke off to get the housing off. Another option may be if you have a second hole for a sensor that is plugged. If you do, just put the new sensor in that hole.
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