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So me and my friend are thinking of starting playing BDO but we are not really in the whole PVP thing, and we both heard the game does have big focus on PVP so, can we still have fun with PVE, and chill out with the game quests and grinding and etc? Thanks.

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Explaining PvP in Black Desert

Combat system in all MMO games consists of 2 general parts: Player versus Environment (PvE) and Player versus Player (PvP) fights. PvP in Black Desert is based on the war between core territories. If you want to find out more you can read lore section of the website.

Each player can take part in PvP fights after 40th level without any restrictions, but if you want to start earlier you can do it. There is a special quest which will allow your character to fight against other players from 35th level. It’s you to decide if you want to wait or not.

After you complete the quest or reach 40th level you will see special button on your screen. This button can activate PvP mode. All you need to attack other player is to toggle it.


Black Desert Online is a game with open world PvP and you can attack other players almost everywhere except large cities and villages.

If you want to fight you need to activate PvP mode. While you have this mode activated you are free to attack any other player if this player is allowed to participate in PvP (40th/35th level). You can even attack players who have turned off their PvP button. But you will be receiving karma points if you kill such players. You can also be attacked any time by other player.

If your PvP mode is on, attacker will not get any penalties. By activating this mode you tell other players that you are ready to fight. This system is pretty similar to PvP system of many other MMO games.

You can’t attack players with level lower than 35/ Low level players are protected from being attacked by the game.

PvP in Black Desert Online


If someone attacks and kills you while your PvP mode is switched off he will receive special karma points for this. A player gets karma points for each PK. If your karma is high you will be attacked by guards and other players even in peaceful areas where normal PvP is not allowed. As you see it’s rather difficult to be Player Killer.

There is only one way to decrease the amount of karma points – you need to kill monsters.

Life of a criminal with very high karma is much more difficult than the life of a normal player.

  • If your karma is high you will lose 5% of experience every time you die, instead of 2%. But there is good news: if the amount of experience at the current level is equal to nil the level will not be decreased. So you lose only experience you get at the current level.
  • As you know Black Desert is a game with full loot, meaning you can pick up items of you dead enemies. The other disadvantage of high karma is that the more it grows the higher the chance of losing items is. The chance increases according the growth of your karma points and can reach %. The worst possible situation is: every time you die, you lose 5 items simultaneously and any player can take this loot after 1 minute.
  • But you can drop not only items from your inventory. There may be situations when you lose special stones which improve gear. These stones can’t be picked up.

Guild Wars

When you play Black Desert you will enter a guild sooner or later. Guild will help you to advance faster and will open new opportunities for having fun. If your level is higher than 40 you can create your own guild. Up to 80 members can be in one guild.

Any guild can start war against other guilds any time. One guild can be in war with up to 3 other guilds at the same time.

Rules of guild war differ from rules of PvP fight. The core difference is that when you attack and kill player of the enemy guild you don’t receive any karma. This rule also works when you participate in sieges.


As you know it’s possible to send caravans in other cities on order to make money. It’s a part of in game economy. But it’s also possible to rob caravans of other players! Caravan owners will sometimes protect their property and that’s where a lot of PvP fight will take place.


Right now there are no battlegrounds in the game. And to be honest we don’t think that developers will add something like this. If you want to fight against other players you can do it almost everywhere.


There are sieges in Black Desert where one guild protects their castle while the other one tries to take it. A lot of players can participate in a siege at the same time. Sieges are the best place for group PvP fights where tactics matters a lot.

Sieges are not just crowd vs crowd fights. If your group is coordinated you can protect castle from large number of enemies. There are also different types of siege equipment available. Siege machines can be used by both sides.

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Black Desert Online: The Best PvP Classes, Ranked

Black Desert Onlinehas a reputation in the MMORPG community as an unforgiving and hardcore game. Sometimes it even supports player griefing behavior but also penalizes it accordingly. That is to be expected in a sandbox game where you can take on anyone who annoys you. In such matters, having the best viable 1v1 character for PvP can make a huge difference.

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Because as it stands, Black Desert Online's characters each have their own place in the different game modes namely PvE, Node War, and PvP. Certain characters excel in PvP just as some do in other modes. Having one of these top PvP characters is almost a must especially if you don't have a guild to protect you.

Updated June 7, by Sid Natividad:As always with ongoing and highly popular MMORPGs, balance is a fleeting concept, especially when players flock to the META. This situation is compounded even more with the addition of periodic new characters which only shake up the META even more. Black Desert Online is naturally no exception, and the MMORPG's META has changed in various ways since this piece was originally published in February , and this should continue to happen in the future. Here's where those new characters and additional ones stand in terms of PVP, providing a clear ranking of where the game currently finds itself in this area.

15 Valkyrie

  • Slow but has good healing

Often considered as a slow character due to her lack of more advanced mobility skills, the Valkyrie can be a tough character to pilot. Moreover, her weapon attacks can be clunky, especially when awakened as she gets the lance.

Therefore, some players who want Valkyrie for PvP end up going the succession route as she can be more flexible and mobile using her old weapons. Still, in the right hands, Valkyrie can be a formidable 1v1 PvP character due to her hefty healing skills.

14 Musa

The Musa is a joy to play when it comes to farming tons of mobs in PvE due to his plethora of movement skills. He's also useful during Node Wars and sieges. In 1v1 scenarios, however, the Musa can fall off.

While his skills do large AoE damage and can often reach a fleeing enemy, they don't deal high numbers compared to classes with more dedicated single-target skills. They can, however, do some tactical retreats and heal up before going back for a scrap in a duel.

13 Mystic

  • Good combos and large AoE

The Mystic is the female version of the Striker but she has her own distinct style that sets her apart. For one, most Mystic players will have to rely on her intricate but fluid combos in order to get an edge in duels.

The Mystic doesn't hit as hard as the striker and her movement abilities also pale in comparison to the most mobile classes, however, once players get her combos going, it can be tough for an enemy to escape. It's a matter of getting the jump on them, meaning one has to be fast and reactive with the Mystic.

12 Nova

  • Good blocking and reactive playstyle

The Nova is one of the latest additions in Black Desert Online and also one of the more distinct cleric-style classes in the game. Players would do well not to underestimate her as she can be tanky despite the defensive disposition.

That's because the Nova relies a lot on her blocks in order to lay waste to any enemy foolish enough to unload all their skills while she is blocking. After that, it's a matter of pressing the right buttons to end them. Too bad this one-trick-pony method is easy to figure out.

11 Tamer

  • Relies on grabs and stun-locks for easy kills

Two heads are better than one and the Tamer is a class that loves to call upon an ally for its damage. The Tamer has a pet called Heilang that can either distract an enemy or assist in incremental damage. Either way, it puts any 1v1 enemy at a disadvantage, unless you're also fighting another Tamer.

The drawback of having a trusty evil dog ally is that the Tamer sacrifices some of her tankiness. That means players usually have to keep in mind positioning, dodges, and attack rotations to ensure that the Tamer doesn't get a taste of her own medicine.

10 Striker

  • Low effort and easy to play but also low skill-ceiling

The Striker is for players who love relentless and blunt aggression. Each of his attacks has high mobility, making the Striker's moves a 2-for-1 that does damage and closes the gap between him and the target. Among the two Cestus users in the game, the Striker is the easier of the two to commandeer.

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Some even consider the Striker as a class that plays on its own since the rotations are simple enough. What makes the Striker one of the best classes for sustaining a grinding spot is his tankiness compared to other 1v1-viable classes. He can take as much as he dishes out.

9 Wizard

  • High AoE and damage but is a glass cannon

The Wizard is in a good spot right now in the current meta of Black Desert Online and has always been at the top spot in Node Wars. That's because the Wizard's area damage is exceptional and can cover a huge zone, practically carpet-bombing an army of Node War players with reckless abandon.

So how does that translate to his 1v1 abilities? Not bad to be honest. The Wizard's area damage means he doesn't have to aim much or his positioning isn't too important; the target will get hit regardless. Moreover, the range also gives the Wizard a head start, especially against melee-focused PvP classes.

8 Kunoichi

  • Typical glass cannon with respectable AoE

Despite being the female counterpart of the Ninja, which is considered as one of the best in PvP, the Kunoichi isn't as strong. She does have a better range to compensate for the lower damage and can attack in a wider area compared to the Ninja.

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As for her PvP skills, she's at least better than some of the melee-focuses PvP staples. The Kunoichi can swap weapons fast to confuse opponents and her moves are also pretty hard to read. Do be aware that she's also more difficult to master compared to other PvP classes.

7 Warrior

  • Easy and versatile class with decent tankiness and average damage

One of the oldest and pioneer classes in the game, the Warrior has proven himself many times to be an effective all-rounder. He's tanky and can still deal some impressive numbers and quick kills as well as quick heals that will catch most enemies off-guard.

The beauty in the Warrior class is that it's one of the simplest characters to use in the game and can be easily mastered. The Greatsword which is the Warrior's primary weapon when awakened, vastly improves his mobility and area damage.

6 Sage

  • Versatile spellcaster that has tons of defensive abilities

Since the Sage is the newest kid on the block, the general consensus is that it's an overpowered class at the moment. There is some truth in that as the Sage is a capable duelist on top of being a good PvE or Node War character.

This well-rounded spellcaster isn't quite on the same destructive level as the Sorceress but he can still be flexible. One thing that gives the Sage an advantage compared to other spellcaster classes is his varied skillset which includes Invisibility.

5 Ranger

  • A ranged glass cannon with fast attacks that require tons of stamina

Being one of the highest-damage classes with narrow area attacks, the Ranger is a respectable and feared opponent out in the grinding spots. She can easily pepper the enemy with ranged skills before rushing into melee mode with her awakened form and finishing off her softened targets.

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Heck, some players even forego awakening and build the Ranger for pure bow DPS. The downside with her is that she's fiddly to use and takes a while before players make the most of her. She's also a glass cannon and can die easily if cornered.

4 Lahn

  • Solid melee character with a huge AoE and deceptively long grapple

The Lahn is one of the best PvE classes when it comes to grinding tons of mobs and then moving from pack to pack. Her area damage is also exceptional and in the hands of more skilled players, she can easily match the Wizard in clear speed.

When it comes to PvP, Lahn is famous and notorious for her grab attacks that blindside the enemy by letting her close in the distance in the blink of an eye. After that, escaping a Lahn's vast area hitbox is a challenge, making her a menace in 1v1 situations.

3 Hashashin

  • Can deal tons of single-target damage and teleport with complex combos

One of the newest additions in Black Desert Online, the Hashashin is the male equivalent of the Sorceress despite the class's name. In any case, the Hashashin is what it sounds like. It's a more offensive and more controlling version of the Ninja.

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The Hashashin also has a wide range of sweeping attack skills that make him a monster out in the grinding spots. For 1v1 he excels well enough due to the tons of crowd control chains he can unleash at a target.

2 Sorceress

  • Easy, high-damage combos with decent AoE and impressive stun attacks

The Sorceress, like the Warrior, is also one of the oldest classes in the game and has a reputation for being a reliable and safe character, especially once the balance updates start rolling. The Sorceress is also a great offensive all-rounder and she's awesome in all aspects except defense, making her another glass cannon.

In terms of her PvP potential, that's usually up to the player's skill. The Sorceress merely presents players with opportunities to make 1v1 combat easier. The offensive capabilities of this class are top-notch and it's easy to deal damage as well as stun the opponent.

1 Ninja

  • Immensely high single-target damage and invisibility makes him perfect for 1v1

As for the undisputed king of 1v1 combat in Black Desert Online, that would be the Ninja. Since he was introduced to the game, no other class has been a better pick for griefing or defending a grinding spot against lone enemies.

The Ninja has a unique ability in the game that's flexible; he can vanish with a smoke bomb and this can double as a defensive move or a prelude to an attack as the enemy will lose sight of the character. Sadly, the Ninja is often a one-trick pony and often shines only in 1v1 or other forms of small PvP.

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