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Looking to save some time next time you wash your car? We may have a new idea for you. Mr. Clean, the bald guy you've known for years, is now in the car washing business and has a new product he claims will make it easier than ever to wash your car. He's even taken a whole step out of the process. But, "Does It Work?"

Never dry your car again. Mr. Clean Auto Dry Car Wash promises a spot-free clean and shine, with no need to hand dry. They even offer a "spot-free guarantee."

The Mr. Clean Starter Kit comes with what they call a dry rinse polymer soap, which aids in drying. More on that in a moment. You also get a special water filter made by Pur. The filter's really the biggest thing that's supposed to set this product apart from other car washing systems. And you get the special spray gun. The water filter goes in a special compartment at the back of the gun. And there's a place for the special polymer soap. The starter kit gives you just enough to fill it one time... enough for about 3 car washes.

We connect the hose to the gun and we're almost set. There's a switch on the gun to turn the water flow on and off. And there are three settings on the mode selection dial... "soap", "rinse" and "auto-dry rinse". The last mode forces the water through the special filter we installed.

We got started washing the car by turning the mode selection dial to the regular rinse mode. Once the car was wet, we turned the selection dial to "soap". So far, not much different than any other car wash... but it was very nice having the soap in the gun. However, the sponge and elbow grease is, unfortunately, still a requirement. Next, we turn the dial back to "rinse" and the soap comes off... but only part of the soap. Mr. Clean wants you to know he's leaving behind a thin sheet of polymer. It is the first step to creating a spot-free shine.

Finally, the dial goes to the "auto-dry rinse" setting. When the water's turned on, it's now going through that fancy water filter. Here's what's supposed to be happening. Minerals and impurities that cause water to gather together in beads, are being removed. Water that's not beading or grouping together, evaporates spot-free. And because the water is also being de-ionized, it just slides off that polymer coating we applied with the special soap. What is left behind is supposed to evaporate quickly, leaving spot-free results.

Minutes later... less than the time it would take to towel dry, it's time for inspection. And we are impressed. No noticeable spots, except on the side view mirrors where we did not apply the "auto-dry" filtered water.

"Does It Work?" We give the Mr. Clean Auto Dry Car Wash... a "yes".

The refills for the car wash kit are reasonably priced. 5 dollars for the soap. 5 dollars for the filter. These two combined are good for about 10 car washes. So, you're looking at one dollar per wash.

The starter kit itself is just under 20 dollars.

Joe Terrell, reporting. [email protected]


-- Mr. Clean Car Wash in Leesburg makes its debut on December 3rd with grand opening giveaways --

LEESBURG, Fla., Dec. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Mr. Clean Car Wash, a gold standard in car care and services and a licensed brand from Procter & Gamble, announced today it will be debuting in Florida with its newest car wash in Leesburg on December 3. Located at 1396 West North Blvd., Mr. Clean Car Wash Leesburg marks the brand's first location in Florida, highlighting the brand's widespread expansion plans across the state with many new locations in the pipeline.

To celebrate its grand opening, the Mr. Clean Car Wash Leesburg will be offering Unlimited package specials (wash all month for one price), for the first month* of $5 at the Bronze Level, $7.50 at the Silver Level, $10 at the Gold level, and $12.50 at the Platinum level. The new location will also be hosting a Facebook contest, where guests can follow and post for a chance to win free car washes for a year starting November 20th.

"Mr. Clean Car Wash is determined to deliver an exceptional experience for its guests and prides itself for being a trusted brand across the country," said Phillip O'Reilly, CEO of Mr. Clean Car Wash. "Leesburg is a warm and vibrant community that resonates with the Mr. Clean Car Wash brand values, and we can't wait to open our doors to this new market."

Mr. Clean, America's favorite household cleaning brand, has grown its legendary brand to car care – Mr. Clean Car Wash. The brand opened multiple car wash locations in Georgia and has now grown its expansion to Florida with a multi-unit development agreement across the state. Focused on providing the highest quality and convenience for its guests, Mr. Clean Car Wash offers a variety of services to help guests' vehicles stay in top shape.

  • Bronze:1,000 point soft cloth wash, spot free rinse and blow dry.

  • Silver: Under body wash, single shine polish, tire shine, and services from the Bronze package.

  • Gold: Carnauba wax magic waterfall, under body rust inhibitor, triple shine polish, Mr. Clean surface protectant, Mr. Clean wheel guard, and services from the Silver package.

  • Platinum: Cascade of clean foam bath, Triple Ceramic Shield by Mr. C, and Gold package services.

"Mr. Clean is a go-to, reliable resource for consumers who are looking for a trusted cleaning brand, and we're ecstatic to bring the Mr. Clean Car Wash brand to Florida," said Bruce Arnett, Jr. CEO, Carnett's Management Company, the parent company of Mr. Clean Car Wash. "The induction of Mr. Clean Car Wash into this new market truly showcases the brand's rapid expansion, and the Leesburg car wash will lead a string of development into a handful of new market. We're excited to see what the future has in store."

Bruce Arnett Sr., founded Carnett's Car Wash in 1988 with his sons Bruce, Brett and Brandon in Lawrenceville, GA. Since then, they entered into a working relationship with a wholly owned subsidiary of Procter & Gamble to rebrand as Mr. Clean Car Wash in 2008. Four years later, Carnett's Management Company purchased back the operating company and became the Franchisor and also the exclusive licensee of the Mr. Clean Car Wash brand. The Mr. Clean Car Wash proposition is an attractive business model and is set for exponential growth.

Mr. Clean Car Wash Leesburg will be open Monday – Sunday from 8am – 6pm. For more information, visit Follow Mr. Clean Car Wash on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or download the Mr. Clean Car Wash app for the latest news, deals, and trends.

About Mr. Clean Car Wash
What began as America's favorite name in household cleaning has grown into the gold standard in car care. Founded in 2008. Mr. Clean Car Wash is an officially licensed brand from Procter & Gamble who is well known and one of the world's most respected and successful companies for more than 180 years. MCCW gives you the brightest shine and the best experience possible. A premium-quality car wash experience, we guarantee your satisfaction, while our friendly and experienced people do their best to give your car a showroom shine. MCCW is also designed to recycle and filter the water we use to make the most of our natural resources.

*Visit location for details

Certain trademarks used under license from The Procter & Gamble Company or its affiliates.

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Mr. Clean Carwash Employee Reviews

People love getting their car washed

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) - Cumming, GA - May 29, 2013

As a cashier, you were responsible for multiple activities, not just running the register. Complete morning and closing paperwork that deals with balance of the safe and money in the register. Need to maintain balance of the safe and drawer so it always stays at a certain money amount. The job makes you work fast on your feet and quickly understand the customers needs and make sure you meet them. Being able to defuse situations is key. The management was very relaxed and understanding. No problems ever occurred on a major scale with them, as long as there is an open line of communication. The job overall, was perfect for someone who is in school, there is down time and you can do homework and study.


Relaxed atmosphere, lots of down time, deals with different kinds of people


too much down time sometimes

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Mr. Clean Car Wash delivers premium, all-in-one-place car washing and car care services. Services range from full-service interior and exterior car washing, to their express-detailing services, to exterior-only wash, to oil-changes, emissions testing and 30K/60K/90K preventive maintenance services. Every detail of Mr. Clean Car Wash was designed to differentiate itself and delight consumers. The pristine facility boasts a comfortable lounge and patio, complete with coffee bar, flat screen TVs, and other amenities that create an unparalleled consumer experience. Plus, the facility is eco-friendly, with water-recycling technology and zero soap chemicals going to streams.


Net worth required





The capital required to open a unit is $1,000,000. Mr Clean Car Wash expects new franchisees to have a net worth of at least $3,500,000. The minimum you would expect to invest in a Mr Clean Car Wash location is $2,320,500. New franchisees pay Mr Clean Car Wash a franchise fee of $35,000.

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