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25+ Best Free Paint Tool SAI Brushes &#; Textures

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The massive audience behind Paint Tool SAI has fostered a loving community of artists.

Many of these artists create their own custom brushes and brush textures. Some even release their creations online for free.

Anyone new to SAI can learn a lot just by playing with these brushes. You may not create a masterpiece on your first attempt, but you can at least familiarize yourself with the process.

More experienced artists will also enjoy these brushes and find a ton of variety to nail down some very distinct textures. Have a look and see what you think!

Default SAI Textures

Brush Textures pack

Get These Brushes

Let’s kick things off with this massive list of Paint Tool SAI textures.

The brush tool in SAI works a little differently than Photoshop or Krita. It uses textures to design brushes along with other settings that you can customize on the fly.

This means a lot of artists will take screenshots of their brush settings and release them online, but they won’t always release a full brush file. This is because the brushes often rely on textures to create the end result.

Some of the newer versions of SAI do not come with all the same textures. Naturally this is pretty frustrating.

But if you grab a copy of this texture pack you’ll have all the assets you need to work with the brush tool on your own.

You could even mess around with some settings to create your own custom brushes from scratch. How cool!


40 Brush Settings

Sai brush settings pack

Get These Brushes

So I just mentioned how SAI often uses custom settings for brushes. This is even clearer with this amazing pack of 40 free brush settings.

The creator DocWendigo released a pack of textures alongside these brushes and you can download all of them right from the DeviantArt page.

All the textures are hosted on but they’re still free to download. And on the main brush settings DA page you’ll find a step-by-step tutorial on how to install these textures/brush settings into your software.

Please note: this is a bit confusing to learn but you’ll get the hang of it with time.

Parts of the process involve copying code and editing files directly like Brushtex.conf. It sounds scarier than it is.

Realistically this is just how SAI works so it’s part of the deal when painting in this software.


Blotmap Set VIII

Blotmap pack viii

Get These Brushes

Here’s a very nice blotter-style brush set designed by DA user K-OG.

This is totally free to download and use with any version of SAI. It’s got a brilliant setup and this breaks into three different categories: dark, walt, and grainy.

You can use this pack for almost any purpose and it should blend in nicely with all digital painting work.

I can’t say that inexperienced users will find this very comfortable. It does take a bit of effort to nail down the brushing process, not to mention handling settings like opacity.

But SAI is a favorite among anime and manga artists for good reason. These brushes are just one example.


Easy Paint Tool Sai Brushes

Easy PTS brushes pack

Get These Brushes

Note: I found a few different brush packs with the same name so if you Google search “easy paint tool sai brushes” you might find more to work with.

But this page seems like the easiest brush pack to start with. It has a visual tutorial along with direct download links on the page.

I’ve never personally used the Weasyl site before but it does seem legit. And it hosts plenty of free downloadable assets like these brushes.

Only trouble is the search feature doesn’t work too well. It’s hard to find brushes or textures on this site unless you do some advanced searches in Google.

I’d definitely recommend grabbing this pack though and keeping it handy.

The tutorial makes this an easy setup for absolute beginners too.


Brush Supplement #2

Brush supplement pack

Get These Brushes

So many artists hit a wall with free brushes. They eventually learn how to create their own, but not all are created equal.

I will say that this free supplementary brush pack is one of the best out there. DeviantArt user DarlingMionette offers over 15 custom brushes with a wide range of styles:

  • Airbrush
  • Rough crayon
  • Marker
  • Chalky
  • Copics
  • Watercolor
  • Etc, etc&#;

You can download the entire set for free off the DeviantArt page. The full set measures about 6MB in size so it’s pretty big.

But this is also one of the absolute best brush packs you’ll ever find for SAI. Really, this has it all.

If you’re still learning how to create your own brushes this would be an excellent place to start. Really easy brush set to break into and it works for all skill levels.


Fur Brush

Fur texture for paint tool sai

Get These Brushes

To get into something a little more specific have a look at this fur brush created by rainbowsprinkles

At first glance this may not look like much. But you can do a lot with brush settings to get this fur brush to look how you want.

Whether you’re drawing a horse’s mane or a big grizzly bear, this brush should work wonders. It’s also pretty small only weighing 50KB in size.

The download link can be found on the main DA page along with comments and further setup instructions.

Keep in mind you can search DA for brushes and for groups related to Paint Tool SAI. These are both good methods for finding similar brushes meant for a very specific purpose.


Artist Textures

Artistic textures painttoolsai

Get These Brushes

Moving into some textures we have this fun pack by user aheria.

These textures are plentiful and really easy to adjust as needed. Some will prove more useful than others but overall it’s a great pack to have.

There’s a lot here from basic markings to more detailed textures like paper and cardboard. You can work these into any brush style you want to create a variety of effects.

All these textures were created from open source Creative Commons photos, or from public domain photos, so everything is free to distribute and edit for yourself.

For an amazing texture pack with some vivacity definitely check out aheria’s collection.


Colorful Texture Pack

SAI colorful textures

Get These Brushes

For some color and pizzazz in your painting work check out these colorful textures released by AF-studios.

Inside the pack you’ll find 5 huge JPEG files measuring &#; pixels. That’s pretty darn big! And they all work up to DPI which is perfect for print resolution.

These textures weigh about 38MB which definitely isn’t small. But these are textures you can use across so many brushes, or even alter them in photoshop to create new textures.

So much potential here in this pack of 5 basic textures. All you need to do is take the first step and download it.


SAI Textures

Collection of sai textures

Get These Brushes

Super basic yet incredibly useful describes this texture pack.

It comes as a freebie from user Piromanova and the pack includes 17 unique textures tailor-made for brushes. You can alter the shape, spacing, and even change how they work based on opacity.

A lot of options to work with here.

Inside the .zip file you’ll find a set of instructions on how to install these textures too.

SAI can be really confusing if you’ve never used it before so basic instructions are pretty commonplace with texture packs.

I do recommend checking this out and testing these textures just to see what you think. They don’t follow traditional brush norms but they are really well-designed. And they can fit into a bunch of project types from custom comics to anime fan art.


Custom SAI Brushes

Custom SAI brushes pack

Get These Brushes

If you’re looking more for shapes and unique brush styles then DigiKat04 has a pack for you.

Take a look at these custom SAI brushes and see what you think. I’d argue this pack is one of the better options if you’re doing a lot of custom effects or graphic design work mixed with illustrations.

But many of these brushes also work very nicely with digital painting. The Scale, Flat, Lace, and Flake brushes all look really nice together. I’m also a fan of the Dragonfly brush style.

Inside this pack you’ll find 12 unique brushes with a wide range of styles to work with.

Overall definitely recommend grabbing this set whether you’re a newbie or experienced artist.


Grass Brush

Grass brushes

Get These Brushes

You may look at this grass brush design and get the idea it’s a pattern brush.

However most SAI brushes are not stamp/pattern brushes.

This grass brush is actually a style of brushes designed around individual strokes that you can use to draw grass, bushes, hedges, and so on.

This means you really need to have your fundamentals down and feel comfortable with digital painting before you can turn this into grass.

That said, this brush can be used for so much more than just grass. It’s got a very smooth feeling with easy curves and the end result depends a lot on your pen pressure.

An excellent resource that I highly recommend toying with if you have the time.


Leaf &#; Bark Brushes

Leaf and Bark Brushes

Get These Brushes

Nature brushes are always nice to have. Aside from the grass brush mentioned above there’s also this free pack of leaf and bark brushes.

The textures really do feel quite natural and they’ll blend into any piece of artwork.

But I do think this pack will be tough for newbies just learning Paint Tool SAI from scratch. If you’ve never done any digital drawing in here before then spend some time with the default brushes first.

Try to use this pack more as an addition once you’re comfortable with digital painting. It feels great under your stylus but will take some adjusting.


Electroslime SAI Brushes

SAI brushes gumroad pack freebie

Get These Brushes

Gumroad is one of the best websites to find digital art brushes. Problem is they’re spaced out across tons of profiles and there’s no easy way to search for everything.

But Gumroad user electroslime has a really nice brush pack that I highly recommend downloading.

This is totally free so it’s a valuable asset for beginners and experts alike. Not to mention the brush pack itself is full of so many nifty designs.

You’ll find cloud-style brushes along with pencil and pen styles to match any piece of artwork. There’s a good mix of examples in the image above with semi-blended and blended work all from these same brushes.

What I like most about this pack is the consistency. It can be used for almost any project so this is a brush set you’ll use many times over.


Nintendo ARMS Brush Pack

Nintendo ARMS brushes for SAI

Get These Brushes

Nintendo ARMS is a lesser-known game with a dedicated following. The art style is superb and this brush kit is aimed at mimicking the style.

Digital artist BlackHeartedInk created this brush pack and released it for free on Gumroad. The default price is $0 so just hit download and this pack is yours.

The styles are a clear copy of the ARMS artwork so you can paint your own similar characters with a similar style.

Or design your own brushes with a similar format, or even paint some custom artwork. Whatever you want!

Interestingly enough this artist created an ARM brush pack with some updated settings to better match the style.

I like the original pack myself but you can grab both for free and try them out.


Super Smash Bros. ULTIMATE

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Brush Pack for SAI

Get These Brushes

This is an excellent all-purpose brush that you can use to create amazing works of art without ever having to switch tools.

This has a sketchy dry brush texture that you can use to create light, wispy shapes or layer for more depth and opacity. This can give your cartooning and concept art a bit more “life” in the final design.

Play with the settings to try creating different effects and line qualities too. This might become your new favorite brush!

And make sure to view the linked demo video to see this bad boy in action.


Doxy&#;s Brush Dump

Doxy brush dump for SAI

Get These Brushes

Now this pack is the result of an artist’s past decade of experience and the brushes they use the most!

This is a good toolbox of brushes that includes all kinds of textures, line qualities, and screen tones so that you can render just about anything you can think of in any medium.

If you’re new to Paint Tool SAI and just want a basic pack of brushes to get you started, this is a fantastic place to start.


Doodlemancy&#;s SAI Brushes

Doodlemancy SAI brush pack

Get These Brushes

This set of 3 brushes even gives each one a name: “pencil,” “softy”, and “bloopy”.

If those aren’t descriptive, I don’t know what is!

The pencil brush is what it sounds like: a brush that perfectly captures the texture and quality of a soft pencil (think 6B), which is great for sketching and line drawing.

The softy brush is a round, fuzzy, pastel-like brush that’s great for shading. But also handy for soft highlights and texturing. It’s like applying little puff balls to the page.

The bloopy brush is a small brush that’s great for drawing soft lines, which is a strong fit if you’re going for a serene look.

Overall this threesome is a lot of fun to play with, and no that’s not dirty.


SAI Brushpack(9 Custom Styles)

SAI pack of 9 brushes

Get These Brushes

Nine awesome texture brushes make up this pack that mimics the quality of wet and dry pastels.

Some brushes in here have a scratchy texture while others are much softer and almost look like paint.

You can also layer colors beautifully with these brushes and texture just about anything you can think of from hair, skin, and eyes to cloth, grass, clouds, foliage, and stone.

Each brush has a distinctly different mood, too. So you’ll probably have a lot of fun incorporating these into your regular brush rotation.


2srooky Sai Brush Pack

2srooky SAI brushpack

Get These Brushes

I think the best brush packs are the ones that artists use themselves and have fine-tuned over time to match their drawing needs.

Well that’s exactly what you’ll find here, a collection of 2srooky’s favorites.

Each one in this set is designed to provide everything you need to create complete drawings and digital art with minimal adjustments and brush changes. Over weeks and months of painting this adds up to a lot of time saved.


Nintendo ARMS Brush

Nintendo ARMs Brushpack

Get These Brushes

This is the second iteration of this artist’s original ARMS brush, designed to do everything the original could do… but better!

Everything here was made to replicate the look and feel of the Nintendo ARMS game, so if you love that game and would like to incorporate that into your style, well look no further.

This brush has all the same texturing and precision as the game art style which is really cool. And it can add a lot of movement and energy to any digital drawing.


Big Brushes Pack

Procreate and SAI and PS brushes pack

Get These Brushes

Don’t you love it when artists put together the actual stuff they use?

That’s always what I’m looking for and it&#;s why I love this set.

Inside you’ll find a great variety of textures, shapes, brush tips, and more, all in this one pack.

I have to say this is the perfect all-purpose pack that makes for a fantastic kickoff point if you aren’t sure where to start with Paint Tool SAI brushes. Try it out and see what you think!


AcetalDigital&#;s Sai Brushes

AcetalDigital Paint Tool SAI pack

Get These Brushes

There’s nothing better than a good brush you can use for everything, right?

Well this one like the hammer in your toolkit.

You can use this one brush to complete an entire work of art, from the initial sketching to coloring, texturing, highlighting, and shading.

It’s an incredible resource for digital artists. I feel like it can do just about anything and it’s an awesome addition to your brush collection for SAI powerusers.


Luvbites: Artist Starter Pack

Luvbites artist starter pack SAI

Get These Brushes

This set of tools is great for the Paint Tool SAI beginner who wants a comprehensive set to begin with, along with templates and instructions for getting the most out of them.

Inside you’ll find over 40 custom brushes (for versions 1 and 2), a template for soft shading, and a template for cell shading.

No matter what your style is like or what you want to draw, this brush set is indispensable. At least check it out and give it a quick test run.


Sketchers Brush Pack

Sketchers brush pack for SAI

Get These Brushes

Inside this collection you’ll find 10 sketching brushes that are perfect for base sketches, detailing, doodling, highlighting, or even texturing.

Most of these brushes are textured and lend a fun scratchy-ness to your sketches that you’re bound to love.

They mimic a variety of mediums like pens and pencils, chalk, watercolor, and acrylic paint.

Keep in mind, these are only for Paint Tool SAI 2 so it’s unclear if they can run in older versions(you can try, but not officially supported).

If you do a lot of digital doodling in Paint Tool SAI then this pack is a must-have.


qvoro&#;s brushes

qvoro brushes for SAI

Get These Brushes

Funny enough, this is actually a set originally made Clip Studio Paint that includes settings for two of the brushes in Paint Tool SAI (Color and Line).

I’ll admit, these are pretty basic and you’ll probably find yourself using them for quick drawings or possibly even more detailed artworks. But not a whole lot else.

Use the sketch brush for your base sketch, and maybe as you move onto fine details and textures too.

Then use the color brush for your coloring, shading, and highlighting. It’s amazing what you can do with just two well-designed brushes, once you learn how to use ‘em that is.


Sai Artistic Textures Vol1

SAI Art Textures pack

Get These Brushes

Don’t let the volume 1 in the title fool you here. This set is perfect just the way it is, no volume 2 needed.

Here you’ll pick up some fantastic brushes for quickly rendering all kinds of textures, from animal skin to worn concrete, corrugated metal to a sci-fi “coding” texture.

You’ll have a lot of fun playing with these brushes and finding creative ways to work them into your digital paintings.

One other cool feature: these brushes are all seamless so they’re great for filling in large areas quickly. This pack can also help you save a ton of time while adding a whole new dimension of texturing to your SAI workflow.


LoZ Breath of The Wild Brush Pack

LoZ wild brush pack

Get These Brushes

Every Legend of Zelda game has some of the best graphics and character designs hands-down.

These designs come from amazing video game artists who produce some incredible concept art for the series.

The same artist mentioned above created this Legend of Zelda brush pack designed exclusively for SAI users. These brushes are meant to mimic the artistic style from Breath Of The Wild.

And let me say this brush pack does a fantastic job.

While this is hosted on Gumroad, you’ll notice it has a price tag of $0. That means you can download the entire pack for free at no cost, or choose to give a tip. Either way these brushes are available for everyone.

Gumroad is one of the best sites for artists to share tutorials, brushes, textures, everything. It’s the single largest digital download marketplace so it’s a trusted resource.

Considering you can get these brushes totally free I’d absolutely recommend grabbing them.

Especially if you’re big into game art or if you’d ever want to paint your own concept art from scratch.



Here are the supposedly default SAI textures for you to download. I say &#;supposedly&#; because I bought SAI from Systemax itself and some were missing but everyone else seem to have them included.

Please don&#;t hotlink to these files, link to this page instead. Thank you.


Download all blotmap in a zip file. Unzip them inside your blotmap folder.

Carpet bmp
Carpet bmp
Cloud bmp
Cloud bmp
Dirt bmp
Dirt bmp
Dirt bmp
Dirt bmp
Dirt bmp
Dirt bmp
Dirt bmp
Dirt bmp
Dirt bmp
Dirt bmp
Dirt bmp
Dirt bmp
Fabric bmp
Fabric bmp
Fabric bmp
Fabric bmp
Fabric bmp
Fabric bmp
Glass bmp
Glass bmp
Glass bmp
Large Grain.bmp
Leather bmp
Leaves bmp
Leaves bmp
Leaves bmp
Leaves bmp
Leaves bmp
Metal bmp
Noise bmp
Noise bmp
Paper bmp
Paper bmp
Paper bmp
Rock bmp
Rock bmp
Rock bmp
Rock bmp
Rock bmp
Rock bmp
Rock bmp
Rock bmp
Rock bmp
Rock bmp
Sand Paper.bmp
Spot bmp
Spot bmp
Water bmp
Water bmp
Wave bmp
Wave bmp
Wave bmp
Wave bmp
Wave bmp
Wave bmp
Wave bmp
Wave bmp
Wave bmp
Wave bmp
Wave bmp
Wave bmp
Wave bmp
Wave bmp
Wave bmp
Wood bmp
Wood bmp
Wood bmp
Wood bmp

Download all brushtex in a zip file. Unzip them inside your brushtex folder.

Flat Bristle.bmp

Download all elemap in a zip file. Unzip them inside your elemap folder.

Watercolor A.bmp
Watercolor B.bmp

Download all papertex in a zip file. Unzip them inside your papertex folder.

PaintTool SAI conf files

Download all conf files in a zip. These are the default conf files, don&#;t overwrite yours!

If you need help to install and configure these resources, follow my guide.

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Disclaimer | This article may contain affiliate links, this means that at no cost to you, we may receive a small commission for qualifying purchases.

SAI has created and curates a community of inspired artists.

These artists not only create beautiful pieces of work using SAI but also create many brushes and texture templates to help other artists.

If you are an avid SAI user or even a budding one, you might be on the lookout for such assets to breathe new life into your work.

But as with any other open community, you might have realized that finding the right thing is an incredibly time-consuming thing. And finding good quality free assets is even more tedious.

So, to help you and many other artists like you, we have traveled throughout the internet to find the best paint tool SAI brushes and textures.

Don’t keep yourself waiting and give it a read!

Best Paint Tool SAI Brushes and Textures


1. Blotmap Set VIII

If you are looking for brushes to give a new flavor to your artwork, this is a really good place to start.

Best Paint Tool SAI Brushes and Textures

Blotmap Set VIII is a set of unique blot-style brushes that are designed by DA user K-OG.

The brush set is primarily categorized into three types, namely, Dark, Walt, and Grainy.

These brushes provide an incredibly unique look to any kind of artwork you might be doing. And even newcomers to this platform have raved high praises about this brush set.

So, in case, if you haven’t already tried it and are looking for an interesting change of looks, then you must test it out.

2. Brush Supplement #2

If you are new to trying out custom brush sets in SAI, then this is one of the biggest and the most comprehensive free brush set that you can try.

custom brush supplement 2 by darlingmionette d2xdzxq pre

DeviantArt user DarlingMionette has created one of the most complete brush set that we have ever witnessed with about 15 different kinds of strokes, namely, Rough crayon, Marker, Chalky, Airbrush, Watercolor, etc.

Being about 6 megabytes in size for the entire set, it is one of the largest sets we have ever seen.

But we also absolutely love it and recommend it to any SAI artist because of the sheer variety.

3. 40 Brush Settings

DeviantArt user DocWedigo created this superb set of brushes and textures that is an absolute treat for each and every SAI user.

Best Paint Tool SAI Brushes and Textures

The 40 free brush settings are absolutely amazing and open up a lot of new avenues for a budding SAI artist.

And the accompanied texture pack is nothing but an absolute delight for any artist, whether it be a new SAI user or a veteran.

So, don’t keep yourself waiting, test it out and make it a part of your workflow right away.

4. Easy Paint Tool Sai Brushes

If you are absolutely new this platform, then you might be looking for something easier to comprehend and make you more familiar with SAI.


There are several easy starter brush kits that you can try out but this particular one we found out is one of the easiest, safest and complete brush sets out there.

The site even has a tutorial that explains you every nook and cranny of the tool to the minutest detail.

So, if you are a little intimated by this vast community of artists and the accompanying plethora of tools, this will be an easy start for you.

5. Grass Brush

The name might trick you into thinking that is a brush stamp that has looks like grass leaves, but that is indeed not the case.

Best Paint Tool SAI Brushes and Textures

On this platform, you’ll rarely find stamp or pattern brushes, and this isn’t one either. So, you might need to get more familiar with drawing digitally before you plan on to use this brush set without getting frustrated.

The strokes are very smooth and form curves without any hassle. For that reason, the brush set is also incredibly useful for drawing objects other than grasses, bushes, and leaves.

There is a huge number of possibilities with this brush set, that’s why, if you are an intermediate or experienced SAI artist, you must try it out!

6. SAI Textures

This simple and straightforward SAI texture pack from DeviantArt user Piromanova is extremely helpful.

d37npnb ca8 b 9dff f4cd6

The free texture pack contains 17 unique and interesting textures that are all meant to be used for brushes.

Each individual is also highly flexible and modular in terms of opacity, shape, etc. So, you can kill a lot of time just playing around with these textures.

The set is definitely worthy of high praise and if you are looking for something interesting for your next project, giving this a try is a really good idea.

7. Colorful Texture Pack

If you have scrounged through the conventional assets and find yourself bored, then you might want to take a look at this.

Colorful Texture Pack

This pack brings some free colorful and delightful textures that are of satisfying quality. Each texture is &#; pixels large and it works perfectly at DPI, which is excellent for print.

There are only 5 textures in the set but you can use photoshop to alter them and give yourself a variety of options to choose from, and you can even increase your options by using them with various brush options.

It’s a rather large package, sizing at about 38 megabytes but is totally worth the efforts.

8. Artist Textures

If you are looking for something easy yet interesting, then this Artist Texture Pack is bound to satisfy your needs.

d2vdagv b17dfabb b26e 4dd3 94b3 da5bb

The free unique looking textures are really easy to play around with and can serve to be extremely helpful, maybe, some more than the others.

But since there’s quite a variety of textures, you’ll find at least something that you’d love about this set. From basic patterns to paper and cardboard textures, you’ve got it all.

If you are an experienced user, there’s good news for you. The textures used in this set are completely open sourced and are from Creative Commons photos or public domain photos. This means that you can freely alter and redistribute these assets without any backlash or legal consequences.

So, don’t wait anymore! Go ahead and play with it!

9. Electroslime SAI Brushes

Electroslime, a Gumroad user, has created this splendid pack of brushes for artists that can be used for a huge variety of projects.

The pack has cloud-style brushes that are suitable with both pens and brushes, and the best part is that you’ll always find some use of it no matter what your project is about.

Best Paint Tool SAI Brushes and Textures

For the same reason, it’s an excellent option for beginners and new artists as well, and veterans of the platform might already have it in their arsenal.

In the end, you can download this brush pack for yourself no matter your expertise because of its handiness.

Nintendo ARMS Brush Pack

Based on the art style and graphic design of the game Nintendo ARMS, creator PhantomZ2 has blessed us with this interesting brush pack.

Nintendo ARMS Brush Pack 

The style of the brush pack is a clear mimic of the designs used in the game but the look is so unique and stylish that you can surely make it a part of your own work without a hitch.

You’ll find it even more useful if you happen to work on Manga and cell-shaded artworks, but no matter what your preferences are, we are sure that you can find some use of it.

So, if you love the design principles that are used in the art style of Nintendo ARMS, then this brush pack will surely steal your heart.

Custom SAI Brushes

If you are a graphic designer who frequently works with illustrations and custom effects, then this brush set will surely pique your interest.

DeviantArt user DigiKat04 has created this wonderful brush set with unique patterns for the pleasure of the entire community.

Custom SAI Brushes

In the pack, you get about 12 free brushes that have a huge variety including styles like Flat, Lace, Scale and Flake brushes.

The best part is that even digital painters can spice up their creations by using these varied brushes together in unique combinations.

All and all, this interesting brush pack is great for any SAI user according to use and if you don’t like it, after all, you still have nothing to lose. It’s free!

PaintTool SAI Brushes and Textures

If you ask us, this brush and texture set is a heaven-sent for the beginners on the platform.

This huge pack contains all the necessary assets to start off a newcomer and give him/her a taste of the modular nature of the platform.

But even veterans of the platform can get some good use out of it because of how modular and varied the entire set is.

Especially, if you are comfortable with messing around with textures on your own, you can create some of the most unique combinations to suit your specific needs.

So, don’t keep yourself waiting and make it a part of your arsenal if you haven’t already.

LoZ Breath of The Wild Brush Pack

We don’t think that Nintendo’s blockbuster title Legend of Zelda needs any introduction. And if you are in love with the art style and design choices, you’d be delighted to know about this splendid pack from Gumroad user PhantomZ2.


For obvious reason, if you create art for video games, you’ll find this pack to be extra lovely. And considering that such an unique and recognizable art style is available to free, you have no reason to skip on this one.

So, if you are planning to do your own concept art from scratch or happen to work as a graphic designer for a gaming company, then be sure to try it out because it’s good and it’s absolutely free.

SAI Brushes by Isihock

To be honest with you, there’s not a lot of “specialty” with this brush pack, and with that, you might even be wondering why are we even discussing about it then?

sai brushes by isihock d74gpx5 fullview

The reason is that these brushes are perfectly balanced. DeviantArt user Isihock has created a collection of 7 brushes that are born from the very precise needs of an experienced artist.

And it can be used by other SAI artists to ease up their work as well. The pack includes a Painting Brush, 2 Marker tools that are completely different, Pencil tool, Acrylic tool, Fur tool, and Water tool.

All of these brushes fulfill extremely specific use cases that are very frankly discussed by the artist on the page. But there’s a strong possibility that you can use them in your own unique way.

All and all, the pack is extremely compact and incredibly useful. So, don’t forget to try these out!

Paint Tool SAI Brushes

These fancy and incredibly interesting brushes by DeviantArt user Ayazuea are extremely useful for a digital painter.

paint tool sai brushes by ayazuea dadcmwm pre

If you are into creating concept arts that are more on the realistic side, you’ll love the feel of these brushes and the way they flow on the screen.

One of the nicest brushes that we used from this set are the ones that are meant for smudging. It creates an extremely realistic blend of colors and shades that are pleasing to look at.

For some reason, it’s unlike any other brush we have used before that is meant for a similar purpose.

You might even fall in love with the brushes that are designed for creating shadows because you might have experienced how difficult it is to create thin and real-looking shadows.

Overall, it’s a compact brush set of only 6 brushes but all of them are so highly specific and useful that there’s no way to not love these.

SAI Brushes 2

DeviantArt user ToadsDontExist has created this updated and extended brush pack after the success of his first brush pack SAI Brushes.

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There is no one way to describe all of the brushes but if you are a avid user of the platform, you can’t live without these brushes.

All of these brushes are unique and extremely useful. If you have these brushes, you’d never have to halt while working just because you don’t have the right brush for the job.

So, no matter what kind of expertise you have with the platform, if you download these, you’ll often find yourself using brushes from this specific brush pack.

And even if you encounter problems with some of the brushes, don’t worry because the creator has SAI Brushes 3 rolling out soon.

Paint Tool SAI Brushes Credit 01

This brush pack is a collection of unique brush styles that were originally created by different artists. They are collected and repacked by DeviantArt user itachiXOXOkisame.

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But, in any case, the brush collection has some of the most strange, yet extremely useful brushes that we have ever witnessed ourselves.

The brushes are primarily categorized into 6 different groups, square, manga, skin, glitter, zebra and tweed.

The best part is that all of the brushes are completely unique and interesting, so, no matter what your use case is, you are bound to enjoy these brushes.

And some of the brushes are so unique and helpful that we wonder why no one else has designed something similar yet.

So, go ahead and try these out and we are sure that you’ll love them as much as we do, if not more.

Paint Tool SAI Brushes

Creator Matysia from DeviantArt has made these incredibly good brushes for the benefit of all SAI users.

These 12 brushes include styles of a pen, Copic marker, brush, hair, rough brush, cloud, dirt, watercolor, and blur.

paint tool sai brushes by matysia da8mpvt pre

All of these brushes are very well designed and serve their respective purpose in an incredibly neat fashion.

The thing to love about these brushes is how useful they are for a manga or concept artist because of how good they are achieving at their respective effect.

For example, the blur and the watercolor brushes might seem to serve a similar effect but an actual watercolor artist will be able to tell the difference and appreciate the design with a single stroke.

And added to that, you also get rare brush patterns like the dirt brush for absolutely free. So, what’s there not to love about this brush set, right?

SAI Brushes by H4NDS0M3-J4CK

If you are incredibly new on this platform and are inspired by the excellent examples that are set by the rest of the community, these brushes are bound to satisfy your ambitions.

sai brushes by h4nds0m3 j4ck dcws fullview

The primary reason is that the brushes are incredibly smooth and graceful, are closest to the experience that you’ll have on paper or other good quality digital tablets.

For some fortunate reason, shading and lighting with these brushes is an absolute pleasure. And these brushes will help you with a variety of work.

Even if you are a veteran of the platform, you might still want to try these out because you may just find out something you love.

Overall, these brushes are unique, good quality and absolutely free. So, go ahead and make them yours.

SAI Brushes by Mutealice

These amazing brushes from Mutealice offer amazing versatility to the artist who is not just into but into creating full-blown concept art.

sai brushes by mutealice dbml0t8 pre

Out of the 9 brushes, 7 brushes can be used for creating watercolor-like soft blends. Of course, the degree of softness varies depending upon the brushes you choose.

Besides that, the other 2 brushes are a little less wide and can be used for sketching. One of the brushes, out of the remaining 2 brush strokes, has soft and feathered edges which provides a unique experience.

Overall, these brushes are extremely good for concept artists because of the kind of blends it can produce.

#08 Paint Tool Sai Brushes by CatBrushes

CatBrushes’ creation brings you a set of 6 brushes that have a unique profile, to say the least. One of the brushes produce medium thickness strokes with rough edges, and although interesting, there is limited use to it.

08 paint tool sai brushes by catbrushes d9ae6cb pre

2 of the brushes have a dry stroke pattern that looks extremely interesting if you are interested in creating artworks on Sai.

There is one brush for doing soft coloring. It has a texture resembling that of dry chalk and looks extremely pretty.

And the remaining 2 brushes are, technically, for blending. But the blends are extremely unique in our opinion.

One of them resembles the feeling of using watercolor markers with a slanted tip and the other one creates rough blends that look like you have used round tip watercolor pens with diluted ink.

Anyway, the brushes are extremely unique and since we have not witnessed anything quite like it, we, at least, recommend you to give it a try.


So, that’ll be all for this list.

We made sure that all of the sites on this list are legitimate and trusted, and that all of the brush and texture packs are absolutely free at the time of writing.

It might happen that some of these entries on the list are taken down or start charging a royalty for a license, but, in any case, it’ll still serve as an excellent starting point for you.

With that, we hope that you found it useful and we wish you well for your creative endeavors.

Thank you for reading!

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