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Everything you need to know about EMC storage systems

If you are looking for a data storage system that will satisfy all of your requirements, put EMC storage systems at the top of your list. Since 2016, EMC storage systems have been produced by Dell EMC, which has the largest market share, even beating data storage giants like NetApp and Hitachi storage system.

Let’s take a look at the various components of an EMC storage system:

This is the EMC storage array, containing the actual EMC disk drives that are needed to store the data. Their shapes and size vary, allowing for customization. There are also expansions available for your EMC storage arrays, which you can use to expand your disk space when your free space runs out. In the official EMC store, you can request a price quote of any expansion that is suited for your product.

This part is the actual working part of your EMC storage system and contains the EMC shelves. The number of drives that is supported in each depends on the version of your EMC storage system, for example, the EMC VNX5100 can support a maximum of 75 drives. In case of large EMC storage systems, the Storage Processor Enclosures perform the task of the Disk Processor Enclosure. It is best to leave any maintenance for these to professionals, as they can easily be damaged.

These provide the management function to a component known as Data Movers or Blades.  These Blades have the ability to give access to hosts and access data from the backend. Each storage array contains blades and are scalable according to needs. The Data Movers are housed in the Data Mover Enclosure.

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Reasons you should consider buying EMC storage systems

You can use these storage systems for storing block data, file data, or both together, depending upon the configuration. The EMC storage systems such as the VNX series are designed to provide efficient performance while consuming less power and leaving a smaller footprint. Their construction also prevents the systems from overheating by using the process of adaptive cooling. They even have a dual-power supply for backup in case of single power supply failure.

It also has a very easy-to-manage interface, so a thorough knowledge of storage management is not necessary to handle these systems.

Cost of EMC storage systems

The cost of these storage systems depends on your configuration needs, the type of data you store, and the space you need to store all your data. You can also choose to add flash storage options in your EMC storage system as well as Storage Area Network (SAN) type storage or Network Attached Storage (NAS). These storage systems will give you a lot of processing power, along with highly enhanced connectivity and capability.

Thus, if you know what you desire, you can head off to the EMC store  and request a customized price quote depending on the kind of storage system you will need.

Used EMC storage options

If you are apprehensive due to the price of EMC storage systems, you should consider refurbished storage systems. Refurbished systems are used EMC arrays that have been given a second life cycle after they have been thoroughly tested and are passed to be “as good as new”.  You will definitely get a discount pricing on these refurbished EMC storage systems, thus helping you get the same standard of performance at a lower and more affordable price. For example, you can buy them through Greentec Systems, where all our refurbished equipment goes through rigorous testing.

Before buying used storage systems, make sure that they are certified and sold by a reputed company so that you get something that is truly standard and satisfying.  Contact us here at Greentec Systems for a price quote today!


Dell EMC Storage Management, Reporting, and Monitoring Tool Get a detailed view of your Dell EMC storage and more control of your environment

  • How does Dell EMC storage performance monitoring work?

    Dell EMC storage performance monitoring relies on integrating monitoring tools with a range of Dell EMC storage products to display and alert on key metrics like hardware health and performance status. Connecting a monitoring software with an Dell EMC storage array requires a communication method integrated with the functionality and sensors on the array and able to translate data into usable information for admins. Depending on the specific Dell EMC product, this communication connection can be established using one or more of the following protocols:

    • Storage Management Initiative Specification (SMI-S)
    • Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
    • The XtremIO Management Server (XMS)
    • The software's application program interface (API)

    Through these connections, Dell EMC performance monitoring tools allow visibility into hardware health and key performance metrics like throughput, latency, IOPS, pool/RAID, LUN/volume level, and more. Dell EMC monitoring tools can also help determine current “hotspots” and anticipate capacity issues. If established threshold conditions are met, these tools will automatically send alerts to the appropriate admins, facilitating faster troubleshooting.

  • Why is Dell EMC storage performance monitoring important?

    Dell EMC storage performance monitoring is important for any business using Dell EMC storage arrays. Owned by EMC Corporation until 2016, these tools are now part of Dell. Dell EMC products can be used for a number of functions, including data storage, virtualization, cloud computing, and more. These products are designed to help organizations store, manage, protect, and use their data. Several Dell EMC technologies are useful for admins looking to set up or manage storage across a network. For instance, Dell EMC XtremIO allows for de-duplication of redundant data, data compression, and thin provisioning through virtualization.

    No matter the size of the organization, it’s important for admins to have insight into the performance of their Dell EMC arrays. Storage is a critical function for business IT, as storage arrays often hold valuable and sensitive data. If a catastrophe occurs, businesses need access to reliable, recent backups to ensure they can return to full function as quickly as possible. Of course, many users also rely on stored data to support their daily activities. When storage arrays are non-functional or over capacity, it puts business functions at serious risk. Dell EMC performance monitoring can help admins stay proactive in watching product performance, managing any issues, and planning for future storage needs.

  • What do Dell EMC storage management tools do?

    Dell EMC storage management tools integrate with a variety of storage arrays offered by Dell EMC and support efforts to control and provision these devices. By using management tools, admins can gain the features they need to monitor hardware status, track performance metrics, and act as needed. These tools are built to provide a complete view of a storage environment, including both current and historical data on storage consumption. Admins who gain an understanding of past trends can better manage current depletion status and plan for storage capacity allocation. Are your Dell EMC arrays over-subscribed? Are devices overheating? With the right Dell EMC storage management tools, admins get instant insights into potential problems.

    Dell EMC storage management software also offers smart alerting capabilities, so no potential issues go overlooked. An IT team can configure alerts to be sent to specific admins based on predefined or custom conditions, including preliminary information to help admins get started with troubleshooting as quickly as possible. Admins also need tools offering Dell EMC storage monitoring and reporting features and running reports on Dell EMC storage arrays provides visibility into use and capacity. This can help support admins’ efforts to prove compliance with a range of regulations.

  • How do the Dell EMC storage management tools work in SRM?

    The Dell EMC storage management tools within Storage Resource Monitor are built to give admins a range of features and metrics for understanding hardware health and storage performance. SRM Dell EMC storage monitoring tools are designed to integrate with a range of Dell EMC storage products, including:

    • Dell EMC Compellent arrays
    • Dell EMC EqualLogic PS series arrays
    • Dell EMC PowerVault MD3xxx arrays
    • Dell EMC Isilon arrays
    • Dell EMC Symmetrix VMAX/VMAXe/DMX-4 arrays
    • Dell EMC Unity arrays
    • Dell EMC Symmetrix VMAX/VMAXe/DMX-4 arrays
    • Dell EMC VNX/CLARiiON arrays
    • Dell EMC VNX NAS Gateway/Celerra arrays
    • Dell EMC XtremIO arrays

    Once an Dell EMC storage array is added, it’s simple to use the centralized dashboard to manage, monitor, and report on Dell EMC arrays and arrays from other vendors. Use the dashboard to look at storage objects grouped by vendor or drill down on a vendor for details. Easily view storage objects based on performance risk or capacity risk and use the charts and graphs to better understand how metrics change over time. SRM uses onboard sensors within Dell EMC arrays to display hardware health, and you can use the AppStack feature within SRM to get a contextualized view of virtual and physical storage layers. SRM also offers streamlined alerting and reporting to give you better visibility across your full storage environment.

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    Modern Infrastructure for the data era - Dell EMC Storage and HCI Portfolio Overview

    Dell EMC

    For the locomotive manufacturer formerly known as EMC, see Electro-Motive Diesel.

    American multinational corporation

    Dell EMC (until 2016, EMC Corporation) is an American multinational corporation headquartered in Hopkinton, Massachusetts and Round Rock, Texas, United States.[2] Dell EMC sells data storage, information security, virtualization, analytics, cloud computing and other products and services that enable organizations to store, manage, protect, and analyze data. Dell EMC's target markets include large companies and small- and medium-sized businesses across various vertical markets.[3][4] The company's stock (as EMC Corporation) was added to the New York Stock Exchange on April 6, 1986,[5] and was also listed on the S&P 500 index.

    EMC was acquired by Dell in 2016; at that time, Forbes noted EMC's "focus on developing and selling data storage and data management hardware and software and convincing its customers to buy its products independent of their other IT buying decisions" based on "best-of-breed."[6] It was later renamed to Dell EMC. Dell uses the EMC name with some of its products.[7]

    Prior to its acquisition by Dell, EMC had, in 2008, acquired Iomega;[8] Dell EMC formed a partnership with Lenovo in 2013, as LenovoEMC, that superseded and rebranded Iomega.[9]


    Richard Egan, co-founder of EMC Corporation

    EMC, founded in 1979 by Richard Egan and Roger Marino (the E and M of EMC),[10] introduced its first 64-kilobyte (65,536 bytes) memory boards for the Prime Computer in 1981.[11][12] EMC continued to develop memory boards for other computer types. In the mid-1980s, the company expanded beyond memory to other computer data storage types and networked storage platforms. EMC began shipping its flagship product, the Symmetrix, in 1990.[citation needed]

    While some of EMC's growth is credited to acquisitions of smaller companies,[13] Symmetrix was the main factor in EMC's rapid growth during the 1990s, from a firm valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars to a multi-billion dollar company.[14]

    In 2009 EMC signed a two-year deal to be the principal shirt sponsor for English Rugby Union club London Wasps [1] in a deal worth £1 Million. This was later extended until the end of the 2013 season.[citation needed]

    Michael Ruettgers joined EMC in 1988 and served as CEO from 1992 until January 2001.[15] Under Ruettgers' leadership, EMC revenues grew from $120 million to nearly $9 billion 10 years later, and the company shifted its focus from memory boards to storage systems.[16] Ruettgers was named one of BusinessWeek's "World's Top 25 Executives"; one of the "Best Chief Executive Officers in America" by Worth magazine; and one of Network World's "25 Most Powerful People in Networking".[16]

    Acquisition by Dell[edit]

    EMC Corporation logo prior to merger

    On October 12, 2015, Dell Inc. announced its intent to acquire EMC in a cash-and-stock deal valued at $67 billion, which has been considered the largest-ever acquisition in the technology sector. This would combine Dell's enterprise server, personal computer, and mobile businesses with EMC's enterprise storage business in a significant Vertical merger of IT giants. Dell would pay $24.05 per share of EMC, and $9.05 per share of tracking stock in VMware.[17][18][19]

    On September 7, 2016, Dell Inc. completed the merger with EMC Corp., which involved the issuance of $45.9 billion in debt and $4.4 billion common stock.[20][21] At the time, some analysts claimed that Dell's acquisition of the former Iomega could harm the LenovoEMC partnership.[22]

    Products and services[edit]

    In addition to those of the majority-owned Pivotal company, Dell EMC sells products and services, including products from other Dell Technologies companies, designed to allow IT departments to move to a cloud computing model and to analyze big data. LenovoEMC, formerly Iomega, sells storage products.[9]

    Product categoryProducts/Services
    Information StoragePowerMax, VMAX Family, VNX/VNXe Family, Isilon, Atmos, XtremIO, ScaleIO, Unity/Unity XT Family, PowerStore, ECS
    Archiving, Backup, and RecoveryAvamar, DataDomain, NetWorker, RecoverPoint, Centera, SourceOne
    Storage and Content ManagementService Assurance Suite, Appsync, PowerPath, ViPR SRM, ViPR Controller
    VirtualizationVMware, VPLEX
    ServicesConsulting, Customer support, Education Services, Managed Services, Technology Services and Solutions
    Security/ComplianceRSA Security, Dell SecureWorks
    Cloud computing/Converged InfrastructureVxBlock, VxRack, VxRail, VSPEX, Virtustream
    Data ComputingGreenplum, Pivotal

    Major acquisitions[edit]

    The following table includes the listing and timeline of EMC Corporation's major acquisitions of other companies since 1996.

    YearStorageStorage & management softwareContent managementVirtualizationServicesSecurity/complianceCloud computingData computing
    1996–2000Data General,[23] CrosStor[24]Softworks,[25] Avalon[26]
    2001–2005FilePool,[27] Allocity[28]Luminate,[29] Prisa Networks,[30]Legato Networker,[31]Dantz/Retrospect,[32] Smarts Astrum[33][34]Documentum,[35] Ask Once,[36] Acartus,[37]Captiva Software[38]VMware[39] Rainfinity,[40]Acxiom[41]Internosis[42]
    2006–2010Avamar,[43]Iomega,[44]Data Domain,[45]Isilon Systems[46] Bus-Tech,[47] Indigo Stone[48]Kashya,[49]nLayers,[50] Voyence,[51]Infra Corporation,[52] WysDM,[53] Configuresoft,[54] Fastscale[55]Pro Activity,[56] X-Hive,[57] Dokumentum, Document Sciences,[58] Kazeon[59]Akimbi,[60] YottaYottaInterlink,[61] Geniant,[62] Business Edge,[63] Conchango[64]RSA Security,[65] Authentica,[66] Network Intelligence,[67] Valyd,[68] Verid,[69] Tablus,[70] Archer Technologies[71]Mozy,[72] Pi,[73] Source Labs[74]Greenplum[75]
    2011–presentXtremIO,[76] Likewise[77] ScaleIO[78]Watch4Net,[79] iWave,[80]TwinStrata[81]Syncplicity[82](spun off in 2015)[83]Syncplicity[82](spun off in 2015),[83] Trinity Technologies[84]AsankyaNetwitness,[86] Silicium Security,[87] Silver Tail Systems[88]AveksaVirtustream[89]ZettaPoint,[90]Pivotal Labs,[91] MoreVRP[92]

    Big data projects[edit]

    In 2012, EMC sponsored The Human Face of Big Data,[93] a globally crowdsourced media project focusing on the ability to collect, analyze, triangulate and visualize vast amounts of data in real-time. The Human Face of Big Data, produced by Rick Smolan and Jennifer Erwitt, includes "a number of fascinating stories ... [that] represent some of the most innovative applications of data that are shaping our future".[94]


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      • Historical business data for EMC Corporation:
      • SEC filings

    Storage products list dell emc

    Dell storage monitoring

    Fault prevention with intuitive reporting

    Resolving an issue after it happens is okay, but being proactive and eliminating the root cause of a fault is always better. OpManager tracks all the parameters of Dell and Dell-EMC-based devices and stores the data categorically (based on the monitor) as storage reports for future analysis.

    Dell Storage Management Software - ManageEngine OpManager

    Interpreting these reports elevates the IT admin's understanding of the performance of Dell storage devices, helping them take the best course of action.

    To get deeper insights on device-specific performance, admins can use the advanced reporting feature. This feature helps carve out user-defined data only for selected devices and monitors.

    Note: OpManager's extensive support for all Dell and Dell EMC storage device models along with its powerful integration features eliminates the need for users to invest in other additional plug-ins or tools for storage and network monitoring.

    Get a list of all storage devices supported by OpManager, or request support for adding a new device model.

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    Dell EMC Storage Portfolio

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    Cloud Mobility is a feature that supports the transport, storage, and access of volume snapshot copies between compatible on-premise Dell EMC storage devices and public cloud object stores. This AWS Application allows for access to the volume snapshot copies originating from Cloud Mobility enabled Dell EMC storage platforms. This allows Storage Administrators to decrypt/browse and present as a volume, any snapshots copies that your compatible Dell EMC Storage platforms have uploaded to cloud object stores.


    • Instantly present via iSCSI selected volume snapshot copies stored on a supported object store.
    • Connect and read from your EC2 instances a block snapshot copy residing on object storage, like it was a real volume
    • Enable your Storage Administrator to recover snapshot volumes to Block Storage (e.g. EBS) for purposes of testing, reporting, analytics etc. without the need to retrieve it over the network to the datacenter

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