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Do you know about Black Dog Syndrome?

It’s when black dogs are passed over for adoption, in favor of lighter ones. Black dogs are said to be put down more often in the South, a combination of superstition and residual racism.

I’d never heard of it. Nor had Amy Scarella. But after the 1994 Staples graduate began an animal rescue effort a few years ago, she did.

“Pretty twisted,” she calls it. So she made black dogs her “pet” project.

Little Black Dog Rescue is an outgrowth of her “Bark Camp” doggie play group, which morphed into a dog-walking business, which became a full-time gig.

Amy Scarella, and one of her black dogs.

Amy Scarella, and one of her black dogs.

Working with Westport Animal Shelter Advocates and the Animal Center in Newtown, Amy learned about unwanted dogs brought north for adoption. Then she saw other dogs on Facebook. One — with 150 flea bites — had been abandoned.

She arranged to transport it here. It would cost $600 to fix its leg, so she started her own rescue organization.

Soon, she was working with 1 or 2 black dogs at a time. One had a litter of 9 puppies, which she placed in Westport, Fairfield and Norwalk homes.

Little Black Dog Rescue was privately funded. Recently, it received 501(c)(3) status. Now Amy can apply for grants, and donors earn tax deductions.

She’s also planning her 1st real fundraiser. It’s at the Black Duck next Thursday (February 5, 6-8 pm). There’s an open bar, appetizers, silent auction, live music, and a slide show of doggy success stories.

Two days later (Saturday, February 7), 8 dogs will be featured at the Natural Pet Outlet in Black Rock. They’re available for pre-approval.

Storm is ready for adoption. He was left in an apartment in Bridgeport to fend for himself this winter.. He may be a mastiff/bully breed mix and is gentle and quiet. He is great with other dogs and knows basic commands.

Storm is ready for adoption. He may be a mastiff/bully breed mix. He is gentle, quiet, great with other dogs, and knows basic commands.

“I don’t do same-day adoptions,” Amy says. “I pride myself on matching dogs and families very well.”

She is passionate about her work. “All of these are ‘last-chance’ dogs,” she says. “If you can take a dog just for a day, you’ll see how great they are. They’re not wild; they’re sweet. And every black dog we save opens up space for another one.”

She has many helpers. Earth Animal supplies food. Greenfield Grooming cuts all the dogs, gratis. Pete Aitkin at the Duck has been “very generous.”

Amy also lauds her youth volunteers. Some are as young as 8 years.

Over the past 18 months, Amy has placed more than 70 dogs. One went to a family with 3 autistic sons. The animal was very energetic, but had not played well with other dogs.

It turned out to be a perfect fit. The 11-year-old son wrote Amy, thanking her for saving the dog and bringing him “my best friend.”

Kids love Amy's dogs.

Kids love Amy’s dogs.

Another dog — in a shelter for 6 months — was adopted by a Weston priest at St. Francis of Assisi. (“He’s the patron saint of animals,” Amy notes with wonder.) That dog is beloved by all the pre-school children there.

Rescuing animals is not all that Amy does. She still has her dog walking business (for all colors), and she works for a clothing line.

But Little Black Dog Rescue is her labor of love. Next Thursday, we all can share her love for dogs.

At the Duck.

(Tickets for the fundraiser are $30 in advance, $35 at the door. Order by PayPal, using this email address: [email protected])




Amy Scarella, the founder of LBD Rescue, has a passion for helping dogs who are thrown away. Amy has been rescuing animals with various local groups in Connecticut as well as Georgia, North Carolina, and Puerto Rico. As a former school teacher and now self-employed, Amy relies on the generosity of animal-lovers to make rescuing, rehabilitating, and placing each deserving soul in the best home imaginable.

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LBD Rescue focuses on the rescue, care, and placement of black dogs who are in danger of euthanasia, as well as other dogs who are in immediate need. The rescues that LBD Rescue targets are black dogs, who suffer from what has been coined, "Black Dog Syndrome," often making them the last to be adopted and first to be euthanized.

Amy Scarella, the founder of LBD Rescue, has a passion for helping dogs who are thrown away. Amy has been rescuing animals with various local groups in Connecticut as well as Georgia, North Carolina, and Puerto Rico. As a former school teacher and now self-employed, Amy relies on the generosity of animal-lovers to make rescuing, rehabilitating, and placing each deserving soul in the best home imaginable.

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Little Black Dog Rescue

Adoption Policy

Little Black Dog Rescue – Adoption Application Process
-Please note: Little Black Dog Rescue is based in Fairfield County, Connecticut

-The adoption process with LBDR begins with the completion of the online application. No inquiries regarding any specific dog will be answered until the application is submitted.

Application Fee and Application Form:

A $20.00 non refundable application fee is required to be considered. Please pay with Paypal using this link: After the transaction is complete, the "Return to Merchant" button goes directly to the Application. The link to pay the application fee is also available within the Application Form.
Please paste or type your Paypal receipt/ transaction ID in the first entry field of the Application when prompted.

-Renters please note- LBDR will require a letter from your landlord or a copy of your lease showing permission to have a dog before your application will be considered further.

-Available dogs are listed on the website and

-The application is reviewed by LBDR as soon as possible after submission. Please keep in mind the rescue is run and assisted by volunteers so time-frames can vary.

-If you are applying for a specific dog, someone will get back to you within the week IF YOU ARE THE BEST MATCH FOR THIS DOG.

-Reference checks will be conducted using the information provided on your application. If you are a current or previous dog owner your vet will be contacted, as well as personal references.

-A home visit will be conductedby the director of LBDR or a volunteer to review your home and outside property.

-Once you are approved, and if there is a dog looking for adoption you are interested in, a "meet and greet" will be arranged. This is typically a short meeting to see how the dog interacts with you and your family and very importantly, with any of your other pets.

- If LBDR is happy with the results of the meet and greetand the applicant is also interested in proceeding, a longer visit where the dog stays at your home for an overnight can be arranged. The dog will come with a crate, collar with ID tag, leash and food. Hosting a dog for an overnight means that you are serious about adopting that dog. It is NOT a chance to "try out" multiple dogs. If the overnight is successful and the family is committed, then the adoption will proceed and the dog will stay. If there are questions or concerns, LBDR will work with you over a two day period (no visit will exceed 3 nights) to address and offer guidance on the issues.

-Adoption finalization requires the completion of additional paperwork and payment of the adoption fee.
The adoption fee is $525 for puppies under 5 months and $500 for other dogs.
LBDR is a registered 501c3 and adoption fees go toward running the rescue, vetting the dogs and providing one-on-one matching services. The adoption fee is tax-deductible. ALL VETTING IS INCLUDED in the adoption fee: Spay/Neuter, vaccinations, health certificates, exam upon arrival to CT, de-worming and Heart Worm test. The only vaccinations NOT included are Lyme and Influenza which is up to each adopter. Some dogs are micro-chipped due to shelter regulations, however, those who are not can receive a chip on arrival. This is an invasive procedure and I let adopters choose what is right for their dog.

Additional Points:
-LBDR is always in the process of rescuing and vetting dogs. If there are not currently any dogs that you are interested in you can still apply and go through the approval process.

-LBDR works to place each dog in a situation and environment that is determined to be best for that dog. While you may feel an affinity for a specific dog- he or she may not be the best fit for your lifestyle.

- If issues were to arise after the adoption is completed, LBDR will work with you to provide suggestions and resources to ease the transition of your new pet into your home.

-As part of the adoption finalization contract, you agree to return the dog to LBDR if for any reason you cannot fulfill the commitment which you have agreed to. As stated in the adoption contract,
TRAINING IS NOT AN OPTION, BUT MANDATORY. LBDR requires you to meet with a trainer at your cost, should you have cause to return a dog.

The foster/potential adopter understands that though the animal is in their care on a temporary or open-ended time frame, that the animal will not be considered as property of any persons within the foster residence, or any other third party. The animal is the sole property of LBDR Rescue. No medication or medical procedures shall take place without the approval of LBDR and items purchased for the dog will not be reimbursed unless discussed prior to purchase.

Adoption Application (2017)


Best Animal Rescue! Little black dog found crawling under cars fights for his life !

The Little Black Dog Rescue Group

About This Cause

The Little Black Dog is a small, foster-based dog rescue finding homes for TX dogs in the DC area while increasing the accessibility of dog rescue work in our community. Here are the top 4 things you should know about TLBD:

1. TLBD was started by two people (Sarah and Sally) who LOVED rescue work but didn't like how it was being done in the DC area. We respond to every email, application, phone call and request to make sure each person we interact with feels heard, valued, and welcomed regardless of identity or demographic.

2. We have an outstanding team solely dedicated to branding and marketing that has helped us create a unique, and authentic voice in this space. As you can tell from our top-notch website and social profiles, this is something that allows us to not only stand out from the multitude of DC rescues but also attract a different demographic from the average rescue group.

3. Our adoptions team isn't looking for the traditional stay-at-home family with a fenced-in backyard - we're looking for adopters who will go above and beyond for their dog. Again, this is allowing us to expand the reach of responsible dog rescue and diversify our supporter base.

4. We're a dog rescue, running on business principles. The non-profit world is tough. We know that to create a sustainable organization, we need to move beyond the traditional rescue group model of relying on adoption fees and donations. We're dedicated to expanding our programming and trying new and innovative practices like educational fundraising programs for students, sponsored transports, and pushing our partnerships beyond the traditional boring transactional stuff.

TLBD is open to working with any individual, organization, business, or company to build out effective, engaging, and exciting volunteer programing!


Rescue dog little black

The Little Black Dog Rescue Group

Adoption Policy

Our adoption process is structured to provide timely responses to potential adopters. Our current practice is to respond to all applicants within 10 business days whether TLBD will move forward with your application.
Application requirements:
o Main applicant must be 18 years or age or older
o Desired date of adoption must be within 2 weeks of submitting. If not, TLBD will hold off on review and notices until it reaches 2 week mark.

If approved, your application will be valid for 1 year after submitting.

• Interview should be to relay our mission, review any necessary clarifications from the application and their interest in adopting a rescue, and a few situational questions. There should be a STANDARD to what kinds of answers are better than others
• If approved, applicant will be passed off to Placement Coordinator (PC) to schedule a Meet & Greet (M&G) between the foster dog and applicant

• PC to facilitate M&Gs. PC will be second eyes on applications.
• Fosters will be trained and given a checklist to act as the in-person interviewer.
• If applicants cannot attend a M&G within 4 days of the interview, TLBD reserves the right to host another M&G in between.
• We will host meet & greets one-by-one. Meaning an applicant must be rejected first (or them reject the dog) for the dog to be set up with another applicant, OR applicant is also looking at other dogs in our rescue.

Approvals Board
• Applicant has 24 hours to decide if they want to move forward.
• Decisions from TLBD will be made within 48 hours of the M&G.
• Checklist/ranking form for Approvals team to follow
• Approvals team consists of: Adoptions Director, PC, and foster.

Adoption Approval/Agreement
• Once the adoption agreement is signed the adopted dog must be picked up within 48 hours of signing the adoption agreement.

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