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3. Powerline PCCO90x Cable Crossover

The PCCO90 is a great cable crossover machine that offers a variety of workouts which can cater to many different uses. It is plated loaded and can take both standard and Olympic size plates.

On each side of the machine, you'll find that you can attach the cable handles to the lower pulley or the high pulley, however, these pulley positions are not height adjustable like most of the options on this list. The machine has a very wide frame which can be great to make training feel more like at a commercial gym or when multiple people are working out on it at the same time.

The machine comes with two lbs weight stacks with a resistance ratio of This machine does come with a year warranty and 1 year for parts.


  • 2 Cable Handles
  • 1 Ankle Strap

We think the most appealing aspect of the PCCO90x is the unique look amongst home cable machines. It’s design is very similar to the spacious cable crossover machine’s you’ll find in most commercial gyms- and with similar functionality. The high and low pulleys are adequate to fuel at home cable exercises.

The manufacturer lists the machine to be weighted for up to lbs. of resistance on each pulley system with a ratio. This effectively means that at the maximum suggested weight capacity of lbs., the weight should feel like lbs. For certain exercises like if you were to do seated rows on a single pulley, this simply isn’t enough. 

Several users have stated that they have used this machine beyond the suggested weight capacity however so please be aware of this constraint when shopping.

One other thing we thought was a limiting factor for the PCCO90x was the fact that the pulleys were not height adjustable which would deny lifters the ability to modify an exercise movement to their preference. Not to mention some exercises just work better if you could move the pulley to the center of the vertical beams.


  • Does not come with pull up bar
  • Pulley Position is not vertically adjustable

Check Price


9 Best Cable Machine & Pulley Machine Reviews

There are two ways to work out the muscles in your upper body with this design. By sitting in the set and using the lat pulldown bar, you will engage muscles in your traps, biceps, shoulders, and upper back. We love that it also has a low row machine that requires the users to sit on the ground and use the base cable to engage back and core muscles.

The frame is made from gauge steel which will not bend or wobble when engaging in lifts. Unlike similar lat pulldown designs out there on the market, this design is plate loaded instead of using a central weight stack. This allows users to utilize their own supply of plates and makes smaller adjustments as needed.

This option from XMark is made from strong materials and boasts a design to hit a wide variety of muscle groups. Keep in mind, however, that it doesn’t include the weights in the final price tag, making this design rather expensive. If you have the weights at home and want something that is built to take over the years, this option is worth every penny.

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12 Best Cable Machines for a Home Gym

The busy schedule of many people prompts them to find ways to work out in their own gym at home, in their free time and comfortable space. This necessity of home gyms led to the introduction of many cable machines on the market, that are easy-to-use at home.

They are so versatile that you won’t get bored trying different and various forms of training exercises. However, the only issue is that there are a lot of machines to choose from, and each comes with their own sets of pros and cons.

So, how do you know which is the best cable crossover for your home gym?

If you have already purchased one of these machines for your home gym, learn how to set it up and utilize your space and maximize your gains properly right here.

Best Cable Machines for Home Gyms

Powerline PCCO90X

Body-Solid Pro Club Line SDCG2

Valor Fitness CB

XMark Functional Trainer


Cable Crossover Machine

Valor Fitness BD


Body-Solid BFFT10R

Titan Fitness

Body-Solid DELUXE

BodyCraft HFT

Last updated on October 20, pm

1. Powerline PCCO90X


  • QUALITY: Adjustable machine features sturdy construction with an extra wide and tall mainframe. Enjoy an endless and unlimited selection of high and low pulley exercises
  • VERSATILITY: This equipment offers a wide variety of balance improving, coordination enhancing workouts for your home gym. Improve resistance and target your abs, biceps, triceps, and pectorals with this versatile machine
  • SMOOTH: Includes patented nylon bushing technology and 8 sealed ball bearings for smooth movement to glide through your fitness routine
  • BUILD MUSCLE: Workout in your home gym, and store against a wall until ready to use. Includes 2 cable handles and 1 ankle strap
  • DIMENSIONS: Measures x 39 x 82 inches (L x W x H) and weighs pounds

PowerLine is an extremely versatile fitness gym machine that can fit perfectly in every room.

Key Features

  • Sturdy frame
  • Sized to fit indoors
  • 8 resin pulleys
  • degree movement
  • Chrome cable handles

The assembled dimensions of the PowerLine are L x 39W x 82H inches and should accommodate in a room with a ceiling of seven feet.

The frame is made from sturdy steel tubing with bases that come with rubber stabilizers.

The PowerLine comes equipped with a set of eight resin pulleys with large diameters, which have built-in ball bearings for maximum durability. It is designed to move degrees, in order to make it easy for the users to perform high and low pulley exercises.

This one offers the users two chrome cable handles, but without weights. The users have the freedom to choose weights according to their needs.

The PowerLine allows users to perform as many exercises as they want because of the comfort and variation it offers.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Can use both Standard and Olympic weight plates
  • Can perform more than 50 exercises
  • Quiet operation


  • Exercise manual not included
  • The top and bottom pulleys are fixed

PowerLine helps you to achieve your goals of becoming a total performer with its remarkable features. It uses standard weight plates and can use Olympic weight plates; thus leaving a lot of room for weight adjustments and increments.

2. Body-Solid SDCG2

Body-Solid Pro Club Line SDCG2

Body-Solid Pro Club Line SDCG2


4 new from $4,

as of October 20, pm


  • 2" x 4" steel mainframe with extra tough, tear resistant durafirm
  • Dual weight stacks
  • In only a 3 ft x 4 ft area, you can perform an unlimited amount of exercises

If you have limited open space in your house, those bulkier machines simply won’t do. The Body Solid SDCG2 is a compact yet powerful tool that easily fits in a 3ft x 4ft area.

Key Features

  • pound weight-stacks
  • Strong, durable frame
  • Adjustable
  • Smooth

The mainframe is strong and made from 2 × 4-inch heavy gauge steel.

Fully adjustable vertical pulleys that can be moved up and down easily with help from a pop-pin arrangement.

The pulleys and cable are of premium quality, ensuring that you have a smooth and exciting workout experience.


  • Compact, uses less space
  • Uses aircraft quality cables and pulleys
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • Fewer prospects for exercises that can only be done on wider machines
  • Expensive

The greatest thing about the Body Solid SDCG2 is that you can carry out more than diverse kinds of exercises.

3. Valor Fitness CB


  • HEAVY DUTY- Constructed from 2” x 2” gauge Steel for strength and stability. Seat Pad using High density dual-layered padding to withstand intense stress over time. 60” long cable pulley holds up to lb.
  • VERSATILE- Includes Lat Bar and an adjustable Lower Utility T-Bar that offers a range of Lat, Shoulder, and Arm exercises. Includes double stitched harness strap with soft handles to perform seated ab crunches.
  • ADJUSTABLE SEAT PAD- Seat adjusts up or down in 4 positions for a 5” range of motion with locking pull pins. Textured, diamond plated foot plates for the user to stand on for extra stability while performing curls and upright rows.
  • CONTINUOUS PEGS- Weight storage pegs constructed with continuous Steel rod ensures strength. Holds standard 1” size plates but can also accommodate 2” Olympic size plates with the EX Olympic Adapter Sleeve (sold separately).
  • ADDITIONAL- Accommodates 1” and 2” plates (plates sold separately). Includes 2 spring clips (25mm) to keep weights in place. Max weight load of lb. Arrives in 2 separate boxes.

Valor Fitness CB is a complete home gym in a compact design. Thanks to cable locations of high and low cable pulleys, you can perform ample exercises. It also includes a latch pulldown bar, rows, and leg extension.

Key Features:

  • Strong, steel tubing frame
  • High tension pulleys
  • Adjustable seat pads
  • Compact

Valor CB has a strong steel tubing frame with high tension pulleys that allow you to use it securely and smoothly.

The adjustable seat pads and four base caps ensure to keep you comfortable and keep your machine stable when you workout.

Despite being compact, the CB lets you perform numerous exercises like upright rows, tricep pulldowns, ab crunches, standing leg extension and seated row.

This is the best cable machine for a personal gym since it is compact, sturdy built, and comfortable.


  • Solid steel frame
  • Highly durable tension pulleys that ensure safety and smooth performance
  • The plate loaded carriage system can hold up to pounds of resistance.


  • Weight stack not provided
  • Not suitable for very tall and heavy people

Valor Fitness CB is budget-friendly yet effective, as compared to others. It is light, so it is easy to move around.

4. XMark Functional Trainer

XMark Functional Trainer

XMark Functional Trainer


as of October 20, pm


  • UPGRADED ACCESSORY PACKAGE: In addition to the standard accessories already included with the XM, we've added our XMark triple chrome plated chinning triangle, single grip handles, triceps rope, revolving curl bar, and triceps press down bar.
  • Hands down the XM is the most versatile piece of equipment for your family's home gym. Easily adjusts for anyone in your household, whether young or old, short or tall. With a standard stack to resistance ratio, the XMark functional trainer provides true isolateral-based movements, allowing users a variety of options for muscle targeting and isolation. Also perform pull-ups and chin-ups on the split grip pull-up bar.
  • Your training possibilities are unlimited with the dual lb. weight stacks, quick adjust pulleys with 19 settings spaced at " each and easily interchangeable accessories. The gauge 2" x 3" steel mainframe construction ensures our XMark Cable Machine is solidly built while the commercial grade pull up rig and pulley system are extremely smooth.
  • With a standard stack to resistance ratio, the XMark functional trainer provides true isolateral-based movements, allowing users a variety of options for muscle targeting and isolation. Also perform pull-ups and chin-ups on the split grip pull-up bar.
  • Products, as this, weighing over lbs. ship with a freight carrier. We offer curbside delivery only and a signature is required. An agent with the freight carrier will contact you to schedule a delivery appointment, thus a valid phone number is required. If the freight carrier is unable to contact you at the phone number provided and a freight shipment is returned, you will be responsible for freight charges both ways, in addition to a 15% restocking fee.

If you are looking for a more versatile, slim and decent system, then the XMark Functional Trainer is definitely a piece of home gym equipment to add to your list.

Key Features

  • Durable build
  • Scratch-resistant
  • pound weight-stacks
  • Adjustable

The mainframe of the XMark Functional Trainer is built from durable steel, with a corrosion and scratch resistance grey coat finish.

It comes with lbs; thus making it quite stable and robust, weighing over lbs when fully assembled.

This XMark offers you dual weight-stacks that are attached to cable pulleys, and allow you to work each limb separately.

There are 19 exclusive column adjustments that come with several accessories.

The XMark Functional Trainer requires little maintenance and operates quietly. It comes with a complete set of add-ons that makes it more versatile and functional.


  • Offers true isolateral movements
  • Easy-to-use pulleys that offer quick adjustments
  • Exceptionally durable metallic cables with PVC covers for smooth operation


  • Weight-stacks are not upgradable
  • Expensive
  • Tricky to assemble

The XMark Functional Trainer is excellent for all users as it offers you the possibility to do more than 35 gym-quality exercises. Although it is expensive, it definitely offers great value for the price.

5. Body-Solid




2 new from $2,

as of October 20, pm


  • DESIGN: High-density foam rubber handgrips and handles provide stability and comfort during your workout
  • FEATURES: Fiberglass reinforced nylon pulleys and locking universal attachment connections
  • ADJUSTABLE: 20 independent height adjustments and º cable positioning
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Precision-fitted frame components constructed from commercial grade gauge, 2 in x 4 in oval tubing with an electrostatically applied powder coat finish
  • DIMENSIONS: 43 in x 73 in x 84 in (L x H x H)

Body Solid Functional Trainer isn’t really the most affordable, but it’s worth the price, given the fact it offers endless exercising possibilities.

Key Features

  • High quality
  • pound weight-stacks
  • degree pulley system
  • Comfortable to use

It is a high-quality and durable gym machine that comes with two lbs weight-stacks. The frame of the body is constructed from gauge 2-inch by 4-inch oval tubing.

Each stack arm is upgradable and you can add up to 5 more plates on each stack. The stack arm features a vertical carriage system, made of fiberglass.

The pulley system moves degrees and allows the user to exercise smoothly through multiple planes of motion.

This unit has a dual-position chin-up bar.

The Body-Solid Functional Trainer is equipped with handles, that feature nylon strips making grip comfortable yet strong.


  • Exceptional build quality with brilliant powder coat finish
  • 4-way adjustable hand straps
  • Suitable for people of all builds and heights
  • Wide yet compact enough to fit into a small space


  • Pulldown bar not included
  • The bottom of the weight stack guide rails don’t have rubber stoppers

The Body Solid Functional Trainer offers the possibility to perform more than 25 gym-exercises. This machine is surely a great investment for moderate users, who don’t have time to join a gym.

6. Yukon Fitness


  • Weight are not included
  • Extra wide for the best range of motion.
  • degrees of movement provide endless choices of Hi and Low Pulley exercises.
  • Sold with 2 chrome cable handles.
  • Dimensions: 88" H x " W x 39" L.

Yukon Fitness is a perfect addition to your personal gym as it offers a wide variety of body toning exercises such as incline flies, one-arm rows, and leg kickbacks.

Key Features

  • Adjustable to 14 heights
  • Solid construction
  • Smooth feel
  • Chrome cable handles

Yukon Fitness is an extra-wide machine for a wide range of motions. It is about 7 feet tall and 12 feet in width.

It has 14 adjustable heights for the pulleys and weight pegs that can hold up to pounds per side.

All pulleys are made of fiberglass with sealed ball bearings that offer a smooth feel.

It comes with a silver finish, 2 chrome cable handles, and a built-in chin-up bar.

Yukon Fitness is a perfect choice for users who need an all-around functional home gym and have plenty of space to house it.


  • Extra width that allows a big range of motions
  • The biggest home gym cable system


  • Needs plenty of room to accommodate it
  • Users might need add-ons as it comes with only two chrome handles.

Yukon Fitness has a large footprint compared to other home gym equipment, thus allowing the user to perform various types of exercises.

7. Valor Fitness BD


  • SPACE SAVER- Versatile, space saver provides the opportunity to incorporate strength training with the use of a cable system in your home or light-commercial gym. Perfect workout gift to give for a new home gym.
  • DUAL PULLEY SYSTEMS- With 16 adjustment positions to allow the user to perform a wide range of bilateral and unilateral exercises. DOUBLE BAR TRACK- Provides stability and allows the plate loaded carriage system to glide smoothly along the tracks, supplying the perfect amount of resistance.
  • WALL MOUNT- The BD attaches to the wall at the top and bottom for added support and stability and to ensure the unit stays in place while in use. If you would prefer to not attach a machine, the Valor Fitness BD Cable Station would be a better fit.
  • INCLUDES STRAP HANDLES- Two, single strap handles are included in the purchase and can be adjusted to 5 positions. HOLDS STANDARD OR OLYMPIC PLATES- The BD holds Standard Plates but is commonly used with Olympic Plates as shown in photos. Can be used in combination with our EX Olympic Adapter Sleeve (sold separately) to better secure Olympic Plates.
  • ADDITIONAL- Includes a bracket to create a single anchor point for attachments. The BD measures 80” tall and must be mounted to the wall. The ratio is approximately 1 to 1. Max weight load of lb. Warranty 3-year frame, 1-year cable.

With its compact, space-saving design, the Valor Fitness BD is ideal for home use. However, despite its small stature, it still allows you to perform a wide range of functional-exercises. 

Key Features

  • Dual pulley system with 16 height adjustments 
  • Plate loaded using regular or Olympic weight plates 
  • Unilateral and bilateral action 
  • Wall-mounted for increased stability  

Cable machines, especially those that feature twin weight-stacks, take up a lot of space. In contrast, the Valor Fitness BD is narrow enough to fit into even the smallest workout space. With no fixed weight stack, you can use as many (or as few) weight plates as you like, which means it is suitable for all exercises, from beginners to advanced. 


  • Ideal for household use  
  • Allows for a wide range of exercise 
  • Compact, space-saving design 
  • Supplied with all necessary handles and attachments 
  • Suitable for upper body and lower body training 


  • Narrow design
  • Weights not provided and need to be purchased separately 

If you are short on space but still want a functional, useful, home-gym, the Valor Fitness BD is an excellent choice. Possibly not as versatile as a full-sized crossover machine, that’s a small price to pay for something so compact. 



  • x 4 Linear Ball Bearings Per Plate Carriage: Engineering that reduces friction on solid steel rods.
  • Degree swivel pulleys. Multiple Vertical positions providing bilateral and unilateral training.
  • Home gym set includes 2 commercial handles. Weight plate rack holds 1" and 2" Olympic Plates
  • Vertical upper and lower wall mount: Ability to mount to one stud. (Wood and Concrete Mounting Hardware Included)
  • Fitness Equipment for Home Gym: Connect your favorite cable machine attachments or purchase ARCHON Accessory Kits.

Where most have built-in weight stacks, the ARCHON uses 1” and 2” weight plates. This makes it easier to install and ideal for home use. 

Key Features

  • Two separate pulley machines  
  • 19 height adjustments 
  • Two wall mounts per station 
  • degree swivels
  • Suitable for unilateral and bilateral upper and lower body exercises   

The ARCHON is a commercial-style machine designed for home use. With two separate pulley machines, you can position each one according to the amount of space you have available. Plate loaded instead of supplied with weight-stacks, it is versatile and suitable for beginner and advanced exercisers. 


  • Customizable width ideal for home use  
  • Offers a wide range of exercise 
  • Secure and stable in use 
  • Smooth and quiet in use 


  • No center beam means no pull-up/chin-up option  
  • Must be wall-mounted and cannot be fixed to the floor 
  • Attachments and weights not supplied and must be purchased separately 

Because you can choose how far apart you place the pulleys, this crossover machine is suitable for smaller training spaces. However, the lack of a central beam means you cannot do pull-ups and chin-ups which, for some users, maybe a drawback.  

9. Body-Solid BFFT10R

Body-Solid BFFT10R

Body-Solid BFFT10R


10 new from $

as of October 20, pm


  • FUNCTIONAL TRAINING: Utilize this Body-Solid Best Fitness Functional Training machine to improve performance in sports and everyday life
  • ADJUSTABLE: Features adjustable pulleys which swivel degrees for a wide variety of workout starting positions
  • WEIGHT STACK: Includes a single lb weight stack, with a no cable design. Two adjustable nylon cable handles included
  • DIMENSIONS: This equipment measures 55 by 61 by 84 ( L x W x H), and weighs lbs
  • WARRANTY: Body-Solid offers a 3-Year Warranty on Frame and 1-Year on all parts

Body-Solid has an excellent reputation for making quality fitness equipment. The Body-Solid BFFT10R is compact and versatile, making it ideal for home or garage use. 

Key Features

  • Small footprint 
  • Two pulleys for unilateral and bilateral exercises 
  • Supplied with lbs. weight stack 
  • Built-in chin-up/pull-up bar 
  • 19 vertical adjustments  

The Body-Solid BFFT10R functional training machine allows you to do a wide range of upper body and lower body exercises in a relatively small space. The single selectorized weight stack means that changing exercises is a quick, simple process. Combined with an adjustable bench (not included) this is a great do-it-all option for home exercisers. 


  • Very compact and versatile  
  • Suitable for upper body and lower body exercises 
  • Independent pulleys for functional training 
  • Pull-up bar


  • Single lbs. weight stack may be too light for some users  
  • Only supplied with one pair of nylon handles – extra accessories must be purchased separately  

The Body-Solid BFFT10R is a compact, affordable and is ideal for exercisers with limited space. However, despite its price and size, it performs every bit as well as bigger, more expensive units. However, where many that have two lbs. weight-stacks, this one only has one lbs. stack which may mean it’s not heavy enough for some users. 

Titan Fitness


  • HIGH-QUALITY PULLEYS & CABLES: At Titan, we don’t mess around when it comes to building our fitness equipment. We’ve designed these high-quality pulleys and cables using expert craftsmanship and superior materials. They’re so strong, you won’t have to worry about the cables snapping or breaking as you use them. You’ll also get 2 premium cable handles with your purchase, giving you a better grip.
  • CONVENIENT PLATE HOLDERS: This cable crossover machine can accommodate several different weight plates because it has 4 bumper holders. The plate holders measure ” each. It’s time to stack on the weights and get to work with this cable crossover machine by Titan. Add it to your fitness equipment today!
  • BUILD YOUR MUSCLE: If you’re hoping for effective muscle growth, then our cable crossover machine is for you. This machine can help you target a wide variety of muscles, including your pectorals, abs, deltoids, biceps, triceps, and obliques. In no time, you’ll notice more developed muscles as you consistently use this exercise machine.
  • GREAT FOR HOME GYMS: Stop wasting your time and gas going to the gym. Instead, you can work out in the comfort of your own home when you invest in this cable crossover machine. This unit is made to fit rooms with an 8-foot ceiling. It’s perfect to put in your home, personal gym, or garage. Just store it against the wall and slide it out when you’re ready to use it.
  • DIMENSIONS: This cable crossover machine has a footprint of ” W x 36” D. It has an overall height of ” with a clearance height of ”, accommodating people of all shapes and sizes. The weight holders measure ” in length. This machine weighs approximately lbs., making it a lightweight piece of equipment.

The Titan Fitness is a no-frills cable machine designed for home use. With no built-in weight-stacks, you can add as little or as much weight as you like, making it ideal for beginner and advanced users. 

Key Features

  • Freestanding 
  • 8’ height so suitable for most rooms and garages 
  • Two independent weight towers 
  • Four fixed pulleys  
  • High-quality pulleys and cables  

This lightweight functional training machine is designed specifically for home use. The manufacturers suggest that you can slide it out of the way when not in use. With its four pulleys (two high, two low) it allows for a reasonable range of exercises to be performed. It’s supplied with two nylon handles. 


  • Budget-friendly 
  • Light and easy to install and move 
  • Ideal for home or garage use 


  • Not fixed to the wall or floor and could be unstable  
  • Center beam not suitable/strong enough to pull-ups or chin-ups 
  • Weight plates and accessories must be purchased separately 
  • Pulley height is not adjustable

The Titan Fitness is very budget-friendly, but that means it lacks many of the bells and whistles to be found on more expensive machines. It’s lightweight, mobile design may mean that it’s unstable and that could be a drawback for advanced exercisers who want to lift heavy weight. 

Body-Solid DELUXE


  • Includes Two Black lb. Weight Stacks
  • 20 independent height adjustments and º cable positioning. High-density foam rubber handgrips and handles
  • Precision-Fitted Frame Components Constructed from Commercial Grade Gauge, 2" x 4" Oval Tubing With An Electrostatically Applied Powder Coat Finish
  • Vertical carriage system features fiberglass reinforced nylon pulleys and locking, universal attachment connections. mm diameter spun steel aircraft cables rated to over 2, lbs
  • Body-Solid's Exclusive Lifetime, In-Home Warranty Provides % Coverage for Every Part, Including Normal Wear Items

Made with serious home exercisers in mind, the Body-Solid DELUXE with Black Stacks would not look out of place in a commercial gym. Big and sturdy, if you’ve got the space, this machine will deliver great workouts for years to come. 

Key Features

  • Commercial-grade gauge tubing with powder-coated finish 
  • Two lbs. weight-stacks 
  • 20 independent height adjustments 
  • Built-in pull-up/chin-up bar 
  • Lifetime, in-home warranty

Sturdy and stable, the Body-Solid DELUXE is built to last. The large weight stacks mean that it’s suitable not just for beginner and intermediates, but strong advanced exercisers too. With the built-in pull-up bars, this machine allows you to work virtually every muscle in your body. 


  • Enough weight for even the strongest user 
  • Freestanding 
  • Very stable and sturdy
  • Use for unilateral or bilateral upper body and lower body exercises 
  • Handles supplied 


  • Expensive 
  • Large footprint 
  • Hard to assemble, especially alone 
  • Accessories must be purchased separately 

If you’ve got the space and don’t mind the price tag, the Body-Solid DELUXE would make a great addition to most home gyms. It’s as good as the machines you’ll find in the best commercial fitness centers, but you won’t have to wait in line to use it!

BodyCraft HFT


  • Assembled Dimensions: 56 W x 40" D x 82" H. Pulleys: " diameter, fiberglass impregnated nylon pulleys with sealed ball bearings."
  • Independent, Adjustable Cable Columns: 31 height positions and rotate degrees allowing you to train from every angle and any height
  • Cable: The most flexible nylon coated, 7 x 19 strand aircraft cable rated at over lbs. tensile strength. Cable Travel: inches.
  • Dual lbs. Weight Stacks in 10 lb plate increments, with option to add 50 lbs. to each stack. Weight stack to user weight ratio is Each lb weight stack provides up to a total of 75 lbs. resistance in 5 lb. increments. This ration allows for extremely smooth action, lower increment weight increases, and greater range of motion.
  • Weight Stack Enclosures: Protective steel rear stack covers for safety. Guide Rods: Chrome plated 1" diameter tubular steel. Storage Hooks: Neatly organize and display included accessories for easy access and quick accessibility.

Bodycraft HFT is one of the most flexible, functional, and space-saving options on the market today.

Key Features

  • Compact
  • Sturdy construction
  • Adjustable
  • Two pound weight-stacks
  • 31 height positions

The Bodycraft HFT is a real space saver with the dimensions of 56″W x 38″D x 82″H. The HFT is built with a heavy steel plate and a robust 1-gauge steel tube coating.

Even though it is very compact, it manages to hold an independent adjustable cable column system.

It comes with two lbs weight-stacks, located on both sides that can be upgraded to pounds for a more vigorous exercise.

The cables are weighted at lbs and they are coated with flexible plastic and use aircraft cable.

Each pulley in this HFT is fully adjustable and thus allows more than 30 height positions with degree

Bodycraft HFT holds many attractive features such as degree swivel, 31 height position, fiberglass nylon pulleys, and laser-cut weight stacks that help you perform smoothly.


  • Includes several accessories
  • 31 height positions


  • The included lbs weights may not be enough for many individuals

Along with the limitless number of workouts, one can perform effective strength training workouts with the Bodycraft HFT. It lets the user exhibit a great range of motion and mobility.

Finding the Best Cable Machines for Home Gym

When you are searching for the best home gym cable system, here are a few things that you should consider:


Cable machines are a piece of large-sized workout equipment and require some overhead clearance in order to install it. Thus, make sure that you have enough room in your home to assemble and use the equipment.


Always look for a cable machine that is simple to use. You won’t enjoy using your cable machine if you find it is complicated to adjust the weights or pulleys. The home equipment, which is easy to use, will surely make your workouts quicker and more efficient.

Assembly Requirements

You should find out the things that you might need to assemble your unit. If it is easy to set up, you might be able to do it by yourself, but if it’s bulky you will need an extra pair of hands.


Let’s be fair- a cable machine is a big investment, so you will need to keep aside a large sum of money to purchase one of these gym units. However, if you are an ardent fitness enthusiast, investing in a good cable machine will prove to be a great investment in your future.

Before you buy a cable machine for your gym, make sure to check its total stack weight, its size, accessories and finally your budget. Don’t get the cheapest cable machine for your home gym; instead, think of it as a future asset for your gym and your health.

How to Use a Cable Machine

The cable machine works on the same principle as any strength building equipment. It helps to provide resistance for your muscles to work against. In the cable machine, the weights are attached to the cable with the help of pulleys.

You workout by moving the cables, that remain under tension because of the added weights. Your muscle also remains under pressure while you exercise. It is worth noting that there is no ‘resting point’ when you workout with the cable machine.

Usually, every home cable machine consists of two weight-stacks, that are attached with two cables. The space in the middle is used by the trainer to stand and perform workouts. There is a set of outer pulleys that can be adjusted in order to fix the cable attachments at varying heights.

This setup of a cable machine lets the user perform diverse types of exercises. You can stretch the cables in almost any direction and they will still work against the same resistance. You can level up your training sessions by combining different cable accessories.

What Are The Benefits of a Cable Machine?

The flexibility of a cable machine means that it offers a large number of advantages that include:


You can perform a large range of exercises and tone every muscle group with the best cable machine. So, it becomes a great addition to your home gym if you are looking to buy a single price of gym equipment, or your home allows just enough space for one.

Muscle Group Isolation

A cable machine is the perfect equipment to isolate specific muscle groups. You can perform different exercises that specifically help to work your chest, biceps, triceps or any other muscle.

Safe to Use

Once you have mastered the use of a cable machine, you can safely use it to perform exercises as compared to the use of other weight-lifting equipment that includes uncertainty. Also, the use of a cable machine reduces the need for a spotter.


When you are using a single piece of gym equipment to work all your muscles, there is no need to switch machines and spend a long time loading and unloading weights.

Keeps You Interested

If you are bored with doing traditional exercises, a cable machine will ensure to revamp your old exercises.

Possible Cable Machine Exercises That Build Muscles

The cable machine can be used for working out your shoulders, chest, and triceps. You can use it to exercise your lower back and lower body, like legs, abdominals, knees and other body parts. Here is a list of the best exercises that you can do with a cable machine:

  • Standing Cable Chest Press
  • Standing Cable Row
  • Cable Machine Squat
  • Cable Forward Lunge
  • Core Exercises
  • Side Plank Cable Row
  • Anti-Rotation Press
  • Pall of Press
  • Single-Arm Chest Fly
  • Face Pull
  • Shoulder Rotation

Note: Cable machines usually have a weight limit and they are good for isolating smaller muscles; thus it is recommended that you use less weight and higher repetitions. Be focused and work patiently on the muscles you want to work, and you won’t face any issues using these exercises to level up your training program.

Bottom Line

A cable machine makes an amazing addition to your home gym. They provide you with a comfortable, safe and secure zone to perform a plethora of exercises with variations, that are needed to build your muscles. It will help to target your major muscle groups without the need for other gym equipment except perhaps a solid pair of workout gloves.

The best cable machine for a home gym is the PowerLine, which offers you solid pulleys with various types of settings. In addition, XMark is also popular among fitness enthusiasts. It provides you with two lbs weight-stacks with adjustable pulleys and an extremely robust frame.

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Total Score

Cable machines are a must have piece of equipment for your home gym! Read through our detailed product reviews before making your purchase.

Body-Solid Pro Club Line SDCG2

XMark Functional Trainer

Cable Crossover Machine



Jason was a former bodybuilder who dedicated a significant part of his life to the sport. Although now retired from the competitive bodybuilding World, he still coaches a select few clients and is a full-time health advocate to the readers here at Fitness Equipment Reviews!

Ancore Trainer Review: The Smallest Home Gym Cable Pulley System w/ Adjustable Resistance!

Many people’s busy schedules make them find ways to work out at the home gym in their free time. This demand for home gyms has led to the advent of a variety of cable machines in the market that are easy to use at home. The only problem is that there are so many models to choose from, and each has its own pros and cons. So how to find out which is the best home cable machine for you?

The cable machines are very useful endurance workout devices to add to any home gym. Their sheer versatility allows you to power a complete workout, and you can use it in your gym at home. Either way, the cable machine adds a lot of value.

They can be an expensive thing, but these machines are mostly made for long-term use. This is why Agernrestaurant has created this comprehensive guide with our top 15 best home cable machine for your taste. Here we go!

Best Home Cable Machine Comparison

** Below, you will find our detailed reviews of the best home cable machine, but you can also click these following links to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Top 15 Best Home Cable Machine Reviews

Bowflex Blaze

This best home cable machine uses Bowflex’s excellent resistance-bar system to give you over 60 exercises to move all of your muscles. You will get a lot of resistance from this machine. The sliding rails allow you to do all sorts of different activities.

This machine also comes with a useful panel, three handgrips, and ankle cuffs. You also get a tower, squatting bar, and a horizontal bench press. It has a resistance of lbs, can be upgraded to or lbs. It also offers seven free exercise modes included with the machine.

Things We Liked:

  • Variety of exercises
  • lbs of resistance
  • Multi cable and pulley positions

Things we didn’t like:


This machine from HulkFit is a great choice if you need something with commercial gym functionality but at an affordable price. It features a sturdy frame that can handle a wide variety of exercises. Users also like this design to be compatible with other HulkFit machines for a complex home gym experience.

The great part about this product is the nylon-coated and aircraft-quality cables, so you can rest assured they won’t break under pressure! This design also has a sturdy frame that can comfortably hold up to pounds. Like most HulkFit products, this steel frame is painted with gold electrostatic and black accents.

What impressed us about this machine is that it uses the plates instead of the weight stacks. That helps you to make smaller adjustments as you see fit and makes this machine a bit more affordable than other options that include weight stacks upon purchase.

  • Easy to adjust
  • pounds capacity storage
  • Cables are made of aircraft quality
  • Things we didn’t like:
  • Wobbles

Valor Fitness BD62 Mount Station

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money and at the same time don’t feel troublesome when drilling a few holes in the wall, then the Valor Fitness BD62 is what you are looking for. The beauty of this model is that it is one of the cheapest options on the market when it comes to cable machines.

The biggest difference between the Valor Fitness BD62 compared to other similar cable-operated machines is that it is a wall-mounted station, which means you have to attach it to the wall with four long bolts. Of course, if you are willing to sacrifice portability, you will get incredible stability.

Plus, this particular model is made very light and compact. So if you are the type of person who is exhausted from finding a small but really efficient cable machine, you will love it! The entire setup is just inches wide, extremely small given the fact that lots of exercise and benefits it will bring to your workouts. This factor also makes it perfect for a home gym.

Another great thing we’d like to mention is that the full assembly is easy to do, and the Valor Fitness BD62 comes with really good instructions – you can do it by yourself in just about half an hour.

Its dual attachment system allows you to use two separate handles at the same time. That gives you more control when doing exercises using both hands at the same time.

  • Very affordable
  • Compact and space saver
  • Very lightweight
  • Can hold up to lb
  • Has rubber feet to protect your floor
  • Easy and fast assembly
  • Things we didn’t like:
  • Must be mounted to a wall
  • Only two handles are included
  • Not portable

Marcy Smith Cage

The Marcy Smith Cage is the best home cable machine for you, which features a smith machine, free weights, bearings, and a cable pulley system. It consists of arms with a double actuation press allowing you to perform a variety of exercises.

This Marcy Smith built this training system out of heavy-duty steel with a powder coating finish. The cable is rugged aircraft and is designed to withstand intense use. You also have six built-in weight pegs right in the frame that allow you to keep your weights organized.

This machine includes a dual-function leg developer with lots of padding. It helps you use good body shape during workouts and allows you to target muscles. This design will give you a complete workout at your own home gym.

  • All-steel construction
  • Has two colors
  • Has weight pegs
  • Things we didn’t like:
  • Pulleys could be improved

XMark Functional Trainer Cable Machine

The XMark Functional Trainer Cable Machine is very friendly, easy to install and use in the garage, or any comfortable room in the house. You will receive a substantial range of exercise options to create a great daily workout schedule.

The mainframe of this machine is made of heavy steel and is powder-coated. It comes with sturdy pull-up bars and a convenient storage area. It also gives you dual weight stacks, each attached to a cable pulley. You can operate the arms and legs separately.

  • 19 pulley settings
  • lbs each weight stack
  • inch heavy gauge steel framing
  • Things we didn’t like:
  • Large footprint

Powerline PCCO90X

This Powerline PCCO90X is the best home cable machine that you should consider if you have enough space but don’t want to spend a lot of money on a cable machine.

The factor that makes the Powerline PCCO90X unique obviously is its size – very large and long. It also costs only a short amount of the price of high-end cable machines while still offering the exact features.

Despite its large size, this machine is still not too heavy and very easy to assemble. It only takes people to set up the whole machine in just about an hour with the help of instructions.

Sadly, the pulley height is fixed, and you cannot move or adjust their position. The whole setup has only three attachments – 1 ankle strap with two handles, which are enough for beginners but not enough if you’re quite advanced. You’ll eventually have to buy the rest of them, which are luckily not too expensive.

  • Very affordable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Include four pulleys that can rotate degrees
  • Things we didn’t like:
  • Not many attachments
  • Take up much space

Valor Fitness CB

If you’re looking for another low-cost cable machine for your home gym that works incredibly well, you’ll love the Valor Fitness CB This cable machine is for people who have all kinds of weights and want something compact and portable.

The biggest difference between this product and all similar machines is that it has three separate pulleys instead of two, which gives you a lot of different exercises you can do. The added weight and high-quality materials will ensure everything slides smoothly and without any annoying or swaying noises. With these two main features, you will have no trouble dragging large volumes while having to move all of the furniture on your side.

One of the best things we really like about this model is the fact that it can hold more than lbs of the plates (works with both Olympic and regular discs). But the machine is quite light, not bulky – you can easily move it to clean under the machine.

Another unique feature of the Valor Fitness CB is the seat with knee support and optional seat rows. But perhaps the best part of this model is the two extra plates storage pins you can find underneath the moving part. They are a great way to keep the machine’s plates very close together and greatly increase overall stability.

The cable machine would be nothing without accessories, and that is where Valor Fitness CB beat the competition. With this powerful machine, you also get a wide range of useful accessories such as a short utility bar, extension bar, and double stitch straps with soft handles for full-body workouts. That’s not to mention that you also have an extra back pad to aid in your workout.

  • Affordable
  • Three pulleys in total
  • Useful accessories included
  • Adjustable seat
  • Extra back pad for support
  • Things we didn’t like:
  • Not easy to assemble
  • Pulleys are not rotatable

XMark Heavy Duty LAT Pulldown

The XMark deserves to be the best home cable machine on our list with this efficient and powerful LAT pulldown design. It is made of sturdy materials and boasts a design to hit multiple muscle groups without taking up a lot of floor space.

The 11 gauge steel frame designs are loaded in plates instead of using a central stack of weight as similar lat pulldown designs are currently on the market. Therefore, it will not bend or wobble when lifted. This allows you to use their own plates supplies and make smaller adjustments if needed.

There are two ways to train your upper body muscles with this design. With a low row machine, it requires you to sit on the ground and use a base cable to focus on the back and core muscles. By using the lat pulldown bar while sitting in the set, you’ll be training the muscles in the biceps, traps, shoulders, and upper back.

This XMark option features a simple design, is easy to install, and is also super easy to adjust. However, please note that it doesn’t include weight in the final price tag, making this design quite expensive.

  • Reputation brand
  • High-quality frame
  • Low row cable
  • Things we didn’t like:
  • Difficult to assemble
  • Not include weights

Valor Fitness BD

If you want a home cable machine like the previous models but don’t have space, then the Valor Fitness BD61 might be what you’re looking for. They provide surprisingly effective overall stability and shock resistance.

This special Valor Fitness BD61 cable machine is extremely affordable and is the perfect choice for anyone who is just starting out and doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on a machine. From the photo above, you can see the machine uses a triangle with a low center of gravity, which makes it extremely stable compared to most other cable machines you can find online.

With this powerful machine, you will have a few pre-drilled holes in the base, so you have the option of catching the entire structure to the ground for added strength and safety. Please also note that all equipment for that job is already included in the package. Similar to the previous two models, this machine is also plate-loaded, meaning it is perfect for those who already own the weight or want to buy some in the near future.

It can help you to target your entire body with the help of two fully rotating pulley braces, which you can adjust to 17 different height positions. Another very nice feature that makes it unique is the curved pull-up bar that is built-in. You can perform a variety of exercises, saving money, space, and time with the help of this bar.

It’s also nice for us to mention that the maximum weight you can put on this cable machine is around lb, which is more than on similar machines. But the best thing is that you can still put this machine in the room without worrying about scratching your expensive wooden floor as the base uses four layers of rubber.

  • Easy to install
  • Very affordable
  • Good instructions
  • Things we didn’t like:
  • Take up much space

Fitness Reality X-Class

If you’re shopping on a budget, you’ll want to check out this design from Fitness Reality. What we like best about this design is that it is super affordable, given the quality of the materials used. Plus, it’s much smaller in size than similar designs, which makes it worth a try.

The machine has a floor row cable that allows you to join the seated rows. This is great for your upper back as well as core stability. To use it, simply sit in a cushioned chair and grab the pulldown bar to maneuver your upper back and shoulders. By changing your grip on the bar, you can change the muscle groups that work to always challenge your body in new ways.

What makes us love about this design is that it boasts a very small footprint. It’s important to note that this machine doesn’t have a stand-alone base; it has to be attached to an existing electrical rack or some sort of sturdy base. It boasts dual postings containing Olympic size panels not included with purchase.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Small footprint
  • Affordable
  • Things we didn’t like:
  • Limited weight capacity
  • Not freestanding

Body Solid GDCC

The Body Solid GDCC isn’t really the most affordable, but it’s worth being the best home cable machine for you as it offers endless workout possibilities. This is a high quality and durable exercise machine that comes with two lbs weight stacks. The body frame is constructed from gauge oval tubes.

The stack arm has a vertical transport system made of fiberglass. Each stack arm is upgradeable, and you can add up to 5 more plates per stack. The degree movement pulley system allows you to move smoothly across a wide range of motion planes.

  • Suitable for people of all heights
  • Highly build quality
  • Compact
  • Things we didn’t like:
  • Not include pulldown bar
  • The bottom of the weight stack guide has no rubber stopper

Inspire Fitness FTX

This Inspire Fitness FTX is a fully equipped, complete cable machine with both mechanical pulleys connected by a functional pull-up bar. It provides the perfect workout freedom for your entire body, as there are 30 swing positions available in any direction.

The Inspire Fitness FTX machine includes a twin weight stack, each weighing lbs. The frame is made of high strength steel and matte black powder coating.

The accessories included are triceps, dip belts, a curl bar, and a pair of luxurious D-handles. A bench and belly workout bar is also an option at an extra cost.

The Inspire Fitness FTC is under a lifetime limited residential warranty for the frame and all parts by the manufacturer. It is also included with all assembly tools, so you don’t need to use your own.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Well-balanced, smooth cables
  • Don’t take much space
  • Things we didn’t like:
  • Not enough weight stack capacity

Bodycraft HFT Functional Trainer

The last model on our top 15 list comes from a famous company called Bodycraft. This machine is a perfect choice for those on a large budget. This is really similar to the machines you can find at a local professional gym because of its premium construction and materials.

One of the things we like about this cable machine is that it comes with lots of accessories, a pull bar, and a practical stand to help you keep your belongings. Accessories you get with this machine are a long and short bar, strap for pull-up or push-up, ankle strap, rope, two handles, and an exercise book that you can check in at a glance.

It also provides you with two different pulleys that come with a separate weight of lbs each. That’s a lot, so you won’t have any problems even when you do back or leg exercises. The two pulleys are also degrees rotatable and have a variety of height adjustment options to choose from.

The small downside to this machine is that the entire package you receive is heavy and can be difficult to pick up or resend. In addition, due to the complex design, it will be difficult to fully assemble it and will certainly need more than one person to do it. It’s also larger than most cable machines you can find, so you need to have plenty of space if you care about it.

  • Gym quality
  • A very large set of accessories
  • Extremely stable and sturdy
  • Every detail is well made and precise
  • Attachable exercise book
  • Things we didn’t like:
  • Quite expensive
  • Difficult to assembly
  • Slow delivery and returns

Body Solid Dual SDCG2

The Body Solid Dual is extremely durable and tear-resistant. It can fit in a very small area and comes with dual tacks. It is a combination of design and engineering and can be set up to perform more than exercises.

The Body Solid gives you two pound weight stacks that attach to cables. The pulleys are adjustable and are of aircraft-quality, which gives you a smooth and quiet workout.

  • pound dual weight stacks
  • Adjustable pulleys
  • Aircraft quality cables
  • Things we didn’t like:
  • Expensive

FreeMotion Dual Cable Cross Gyms

This option from FreeMotion seems like it came straight from a local gym for pro players! This impressive machine features a design with arms and a focusing stack that can move freely to find the perfect spot for the biggest burn.

We love the design that has two rotating arms that move over the swivel joint. Just place your arms where you want to exercise, then lock them in place. The ability to move the cable wherever you want really helps to attract new muscle groups, so you never get tired with your workouts.

The best part about this machine is that it has a dual weight stack. That allows you to train with a friend or use it by yourself and adjust your own weight. By using dual stacks, you will know the exact weight of each arm, unlike designs that use a single stack or set of plates.

This option from FreeMotion is truly a great option if you’re looking for something that will actually take your home gym to the next level. While it does cost quite a bit, we feel that it’s worth every penny given the added weight and the versatility of its innovative design.

  • Include dual stacks
  • Easy to adjust
  • pound weight capacity per cable
  • Things we didn’t like:
  • Quite expensive
  • Large footprint

Things You Should Know To Choose The Best Home Cable Machine

best home cable machine

When it comes to cable machines, it’s a bit difficult to find the best one for your individual needs as most of them are quite similar. The good news is that you can test and compare a few things to find out the winner. Luckily for you, over time, the traditional cable machine’s design and functionality have gradually improved, and today’s models offer a lot of other options.

Let’s take a look at the most important things you want to look for when you want to buy the best cable machine for a home gym.


best home cable machine

Cable workouts are great because you can use them for intense workouts or as a machine to use on off days to add flexibility. Due to its flexible design, you need the best home cable machine that will be able to hold up for everyday use. Steel frames are the hardest material on the market.

You definitely want to own something really made of high-quality steel, which is a solid construction that will stay sturdy no matter what weight you are using for your workout. The powder-coated finish not only gives the frame a sleek and shiny look but also helps it resist rust and can be cleaned when needed. A good way to test its durability is to see how the whole design is made and how different parts are held together.


best home cable machine

When it comes to the price of the cable machine, you really want to consider this purchase in a long time. If you choose to spend more money, you will make the right decision as to the best cable machine for a home gym that will last forever with no minor repairs or no repairs needed.

So our tip here is not to go cheap or try to save as much money as possible because in time this decision can be more expensive than you think.

Functions And Usability

If you’re just doing bench presses and doing nothing else, your muscles will adapt to the same movement. By choosing the best cable machine for home gym for you with advanced features, you can work on new and unique motions to keep your muscles working over the years.

best home cable machine

Since you’ll most likely be using a cable machine to do a variety of exercises during your workout, you want something that gives you a lot of options and functions to choose from. Every cable machine out there offers different options, angles, weight limits, and attachments that you can add to your home gym. Our suggestion here is to choose the one that gives you the biggest amount of choices for your specific exercises.

The weight stack is another great feature that is worth a try. While they can cost more, they are well-deserved for those who love their drop set. These stacks provide a pull pin that allows the user to drop or increase the weight in seconds. The adjustable seat is another great feature making sure your range of motion matches your height to really engage your muscles and reduce the risk of injury.

By placing your hands at different angles, far away or close to each other, you can activate different muscle groups. You can also change your exercises often by adjusting them or adding new ones. With a very handy device, you’ll be able to take this step with ease, delivering better results for your fitness and wellness journey.If you’re just doing bench presses and doing nothing else, your muscles will adapt to the same movement. By choosing the best cable machine for a home gym for you with advanced features, you can work on new and unique motions to keep your muscles working over the years.

Since you’ll most likely be using a cable machine to do a variety of exercises during your workout, you want something that gives you a lot of options and functions to choose from. Every cable machine out there offers different options, angles, weight limits, and attachments that you can add to your home gym. Our suggestion here is to choose the one that gives you the biggest amount of choices for your specific exercises.

best home cable machine

The weight stack is another great feature that is worth a try. While they can cost more, they are well-deserved for those who love their drop set. A pull pin is provided with these stacks that allow the user to drop or increase the weight in seconds. The adjustable seat is another great feature making sure your range of motion matches your height to really reduce the risk of injury and engage your muscles.

By placing your hands at different angles, far away or close to each other, you can activate different muscle groups. You can also change your exercises often by adjusting them or adding new ones. With a very handy device, you’ll be able to take this step with ease, delivering better results for your fitness and wellness journey.

Ease To Use

Our reason for pushing the machines to the end of the list is that they are too complex to use for an effective workout. When the music is vibrant, and the energy is high, the last thing you want to do is tinker with the fine-tuning.

best home cable machine

Weight stacks are one of the more common features of the best home cable machine. While they cost a lot more and limit the ability to adjust weight down to a gain of pounds, they are perfect for drop sets. To change the weight of the stacks, all the user needs to do is pull out a pin and then place it on the desired weight.

Seat adjustment is another important feature to keep in mind. We made sure we chose a design that not only allows the user to adjust the height of the chair but also makes it extremely easy. When exercising with your partner, adjusting a difficult seat can become extremely time-consuming each time it is your turn to complete your exercise.


While there isn’t any kind of barometer that measures how fast a machine can build muscle, there are a few things you need to notice. We want to dive into all of the features that make your best home cable machine work properly.

best home cable machine

One of the essential features is the ability to make adjustments as needed. Features like seat adjustments or cable adjustments let you personalize your workout. If you cannot make the machine bend to your own size, you run the risk of injuring yourself by performing an unnatural motion to your body.

Another factor you need to consider is weight capacity. If you want to really boost your strength, choose designs that can accommodate at least pounds maximum. Although it may not seem like much, please keep in mind that these weights are hung with cables and not steel bars.

Number Of Additional Features

best home cable machine

Almost every cable machine out there is somehow unique, and it can give you some additional features. Such great extras can be very helpful for your workout as they give you the extra boost or give you a lot better than you could do.

Some of those extra features include a built-in pull-up bar, a large number of handles that you can use, plenty of space for your workouts, extra weight plate racks, and more. You have many options to pick out for you the best home cable machine, choose what is important to you, and you will be ready.

Are you still confused about choosing the best cable machine for your home gym and not so sure what kinds of exercise you can do on this machine? Let’s spend some minutes check out some full-body workout with the home cable machine in this video:

Conclusion: My Top Pick For Best Home Cable Machine

A cable machine makes an amazing addition to your home gym. They provide you with a safe, comfortable, and sturdy zone to perform a variety of exercises with the necessary variations to build your muscles. It will help you target your major muscle groups without the need for other exercise equipment except for a pair of sturdy workout gloves.

Some of you may prefer the full-fledged all-in-one cable machine, while others will appreciate the two individual shoulder arms attached to the wall. As trying to return a pound machine will be a difficult process, don’t forget to check the assembled dimensions carefully to make sure your winning machine will fit into your home gym.

At this point, you should know all the details before buying the best cable machine to put in your home gym. Still don’t know which one is the most suitable for you? We highly recommend our top 5 picks of the best home cable machine below:

With all of the above information, we really hope that you’re ready to choose your winner. We believe our guide has been somewhat helpful for you, and we wish you luck on the practice at your home gym. We really want to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

  • Don’t forget to share your thoughts about best home cable machine at the comment box below!

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Gym machine home compact cable

Top 5 Best Cable Machines for Home Gym You Can Afford

I was amazed.

I didn’t expect it to be that good.

Sure my own cable machine wasn’t bad at all but my friend’s one was way better in any possible way and didn’t take so much space as mine did…

Noo, I’ve should have asked him for little more info before I bought mine.

Well, at least I could train again at his huge home gym and still use it the next time.

But what makes this cable machine so unique?

Let’s find out…

Hi there, my name is Bozhidar and I’m the dude who bought the second-best cable machine for a home gym because I didn’t ask.

Luckily for you, you don’t have to!

If you stick till the end of this blog post you will learn what is the best cable machine for your home gymI’ve ever tried and find out exactly what makes it such.

In addition to that I’m going to show you a very close model to my own cable machine I use almost daily and give you 3 more excellent models you can check.

So without any further ado, get comfortable on your seat, buckle your seat belt, and prepare yourself for a bumpy ride…

Are you in a hurry?

If you don’t have the time to read the whole article I highly recommend you check my favorite cable machine for a home gym – the Valor Fitness BD61. (click here to check it out)

This is the machine I used when I train with my friends and it’s amazing…

It’s super stable (attached to the wall), has all the important attachments you need, is completely adjustable (we have trained every single muscle group on it) and the cable and weights move smoothly up and down without any noise or unnecessary friction.

And the best part is the price.

I was shocked when I learned how little it was priced for!

If I already didn’t have one I would % buy this one.

Click Here to check Valor Fitness BD61’s latest price on Amazon

With that being said let’s see a quick preview of what are the top 5 best cable machines for home gym and why I like them so much:

Here we have it.

The world’s best cable machines for your home gym that you can afford. (Don’t worry they are not overpriced!)

If you are serious about working out in your home gym I highly recommend you to pick one of these 5 options.

Below you will find 5 unique and different models which differentiate one another in a lot of things. That way you will see everything and pick the one that fits your personal criteria the best. 

Let’s get started…

In order to help you make the right decision, I’m going to review and compare each one of the 5 cable machines below into 10 unique and important categories:

  • Price and overall value
  • Number and variety of exercises
  • Stability and safety
  • Type of weights
  • Adjustability and extra features
  • What makes it unique and better than the rest?
  • Who is this cable machine best for?
  • Are there any good alternatives
  • What I like
  • What I don’t like

That way you would know which one is the right one for you depending on the results they get. Use all that data to compare them and pick a winner.

Ready to begin?

Here we go!

Let’s get started…

1. Valor Fitness BD62 Mount Station – Best Wall Mounted Cable Machine for Home Gym

Click Here to check Valor Fitness BD62’s latest price on Amazon <

Price and overall value: Because of the low price for a cable machine you get a ton of value in return. I really like this cable machine because it’s priced only of a small fraction compared to the majority of the heavy and bulky cable machines but still gives you a huge variety of different exercises. That’s why I would give it a 9 out of 10 when it comes to value per money.

Number and variety of exercises: Because of the dual pulley set instead of one and the extra-long handles that come with the machine you can do plenty of different exercises mainly focusing on the upper body. Sadly you don’t get an ankle strap so it would be very difficult to attach the handles on your lower body and target the legs. Of course, you can buy some for a couple of bucks but they don’t come included. But besides this, you will have no problem isolating both arms at the same time which saves you time. So because of the adjustability options and the 2 pulleys, I would give it an out of 10 in this category.

Stability and safety: Because this model is mounted to the wall you won’t have any problems with stability and safety. You can place as much weight as you can and pull it at any angle as you wish and this thing won’t go anywhere. I’ve trained many times using serious amounts of weights from very strange angles and nothing happened. That’s not the case if we compare it to a lighter cable machine. So because of the way it’s attached I would rate it a 10 out of 10. It can not get safer than that.

Type of weights: The BD Cable Station works with both Olympic and smaller diameter hole weights so if you already own a bunch of those you won’t have any problems with this cable machine. But in case you don’t have any and you don’t want to buy some I don’t believe this machine is the right one for you. And because you can use your own weights I would give it an 8 out of 10.

Adjustability and extra features: Sadly when it comes to portability this cable machine is stuck in one place. Once you attach it to the wall it’s game over. So think really well if you are looking for a long-term piece of equipment that will stay at the same place for years. If the answer is yes, then you are on the right track. But let’s not forget that with this cable station you get different positions from the top to the button so you can easily move it around which is a big plus. That way you won’t have any problem with targeting different parts of your body. So a rating of out of 10 would be realistic in this category.

What makes it unique and better than the rest?: The difference betweenValor Fitness BD62 and the other similar cable machines is that this is a wall-mounted station which means that you must attach it to a wall using 4 long bolts. And if you are willing to sacrifice the portability you will get amazing stability and safety. 

My friend and I have used a lot of plates to test it out and pulled the cable from many different angles and heights and no matter what we tried this machine didn’t move an inch. Sadly I can’t say the same thing to all the models which are not attached to the wall or the floor. Especially the lighter ones. It’s simple physics.

Another unique feature this model has that none of the similar home gym cable machines comes with is the dual-attachment system. This great feature gives you the opportunity to use 2 separate handles at the same time. And why is that better? Because it gives you extra control when you are doing exercises that use both hands at the same time.

For example, you can focus on each bicep individually when you are doing bicep curls and easily be able to get better isolation, stronger muscle contraction, and more intensive mind-muscle connection. That on its own will help you get better results and bring up and target underdeveloped muscles.

Another thing I want to mention that makes this product better and unique is that the whole assembly process is very easy and fast to do andValor Fitness BD62 comes with good instructions. My friend managed to build it from scratch all alone t in around half to one hour. Sadly that’s not the case with the bigger more complicated models.

Who is this cable machine best for?: If you don’t want to spend a ton of money and don’t have any problems with drilling a couple of holes in your wall then theValor Fitness BD62 is going to be exactly what you are looking for. It’s also a great choice for people who don’t have a ton of space for a home gym or simply don’t want to own big and bulky equipment. So if you are looking for stability, safety, and own some good plates, then this cable machine is the right one for you.

Are there any good alternatives: In case the BD is out of stock or you want to check some other alternatives I would recommend you take a quick look at the Vanswe wall-mounted stationfrom hereor the Merax cable station from here. Even if both machines have a very similar design, they are a little more expensive and don’t have as many positive reviews as the Valor Fitness cable machine.

What I like:

  • Very affordable 
  • It is very compact and saves a lot of space
  • You can buy 2 of these and make a complete cable machine
  • Very lightweight (only 62 pounds)
  • Can hold up to lb
  • You get a dual-attachment system for better control
  • Have the ability to adjust the height from top to bottom
  • Uses plates you already own as weights
  • Attaches to your wall using long bolts
  • Easy and fast assembly

What I don’t like:

  • Must be secured to a wall in order to be used safely
  • Only 2 handle attachments are included. You need to buy the other accessories separately.
  • Not portable once attached.

Quick Summary: 

The beauty of this model (and why it’s the winner) is because it’s one of the cheapest options in the whole market when it comes to cable machines.

In addition to that this specific model is made to be very lightweight and compact so you are short on space and are looking for something small but really effective, you are going to love it!

Actually, this is the most space-saving model I have ever seen!

Yes, I’m deadly serious!

This feature also makes it ideal for a home gym because the whole setup takes only inches in width and about the same in length which is extremely small and at the same time providing you with a huge variety of exercises.

Some of the exercises you can do are all sorts of presses, pull-downs, rows, curls, extensions, front raises, and much more.

Finally, I want to let you know that the whole machine comes with a 3-year warranty but you will not need it. My friend is using it 5 times per week for about 2 years and everything is working properly.

In my opinion,Valor Fitness BD62 is literally the best wall-mounted cable machine you can get and you should definitely buy it if you like it.

It’s a great addition to any home gym.

Bonus tip: If you think about it you can always buy 2 of these bad boys, attach them on opposite walls and make yourself a complete and working cable crossover machine for only a fraction of what you are going to pay if you decide to buy a professional one like the ones you can find in your local gym.

Click here to check Valor Fitness BD62’s Price on Amazon

2. Valor Fitness CB – Best Plate Loaded Lat Pulldown Cable Machine

Click Here to check Valor Fitness CB’s latest price on Amazon

Price and overall value: Because of the 3 different pulleys and the adjustable seat the Valor Fitness CB cable machine contains 3 different machines at once. The upper one replicates the lat pull-down machine while the lower pulley replaces the seated row equipment. The middle one can be a perfect addition to many exercises which can be done by that angle. (chest flys, bicep curls, tricep extension, different exercises, etc.).

The seated rowing machine, seated lat pulldown machine, and the traditional cable machine. Because of that I’m really happy with the price and believe you get very good value for the money. And that’s only a small fraction when we compare it to X more expensive machines that don’t offer that. Because of that, I would give it an /10.

Number and variety of exercises: Because of the 3 pulleys and the 2 handles that you get you can do a huge number of exercises. If you decide to buy an additional ankle attachment (like this) and a one-hand handle (like this one) you will be able to isolate each muscle of your upper and lower body perfectly and get a solid leg workout as well. I use my cable machine for whole-body workouts and it works perfectly. Because you need to buy those 2 accessories separately I’m going to give it a 7 out of 10 in this category.

Stability and safety: Because of the 2 weight plate holders you can really make this machine really stable and safe when you use the middle pulley. But in order to do that, you need to stack at least 90 lbs (40 kg) of plates equally. The more you can place, the more stable you are going to make it. And let’s not forget the extra weight you will be using during the exercises. That works the same. So when it comes to stability and safety I would rate this machine an 8 out of

Type of weights: This plate-loaded cable machine works with normal Olympic size plates or smaller diameter cheaper plates making it a great choice if you already have a bunch of those. You can safely stack plenty of weights on each side so you won’t have any problems when you want to do more demanding exercises. And the additional plate storage pins make that process very quick and fast. And because of that, I would rate it a 9 out of 10 when it comes to weights.

Adjustability and extra features: Because this machine doesn’t come with any built-in weights it’s quite lightweight so you won’t have any problems moving it around from time to time. I really like to move mine when I want to clean below it and once I remove all the plates it’s not difficult at all. The only problem I face is when I want to move it throughout the door because I don’t have a very tall door and it’s a little difficult but if you keep it in your garage or have bigger and wider doors you won’t have any problems with that. And when it comes to extra features I really like the middle pulley, the additional foot placement plate, and the 2 plate storage pins. Not all machines have those and they are important. That’s why I’m going to give it an out of

What makes it unique and better than the rest?: As I said earlier there are 3 main things that separate the CB weight-plated machine from the rest. First is the middle pulley – not all machines have one, next is the additional foot plate you can move when you do seated rows. I really like this little feature because it makes it very easy and comfortable when you stack a lot of weight and need a solid place to place your feet. Finally, the fact that the lower pulley is directly connected and you don’t have to attach a different cable when you need to use it that blocks you from using the seat. Check this product to see exactly what I’m talking about. So if I have the option to buy this model again over some of the others I would still go with this one. 

Who is this cable machine best for?: After using this machine for a while I can say that it’s perfect for people who don’t want to spend a ton of money, drill their floors or walls and still want to be able to do a lot of exercises while having the portability and the compact design. I believe this cable machine is great for people who really want to focus on their upper side of the body while still having the option to isolate the lower body parts if you buy the additional ankle straps I mentioned above. So in my opinion the CB plate-loaded cable machine is perfect for any home gym

Are there any good alternatives: If by any chance this cable machine is not available or you want to check some solid alternatives that offer somewhat the same features I would recommend you to take a look atthe Vanslwe cable machine (click here to check it out) or the Buyhive lat pulldown cable machine (you can check if from here). But beware that none of them has the middle pulley or the 2 plate holders which are not crucial but important.

What I like:

  • Budget-friendly
  • Combines 2 machines in one
  • Can hold up to lbs
  • It has 3 pulleys in total – high, mid, and low
  • Comes with good basic accessories
  • Has 2 additional plate storage pegs
  • Adjustable seat
  • Extra storage hooks for the bar
  • Additional foot placement for seated pulls (little machines have this)

What I don’t like:

  • Pulleys are not rotatable
  • Assembly is not that easy
  • You can’t adjust the height of the pulleys

Quick Summary:

With it’s good price, 3 pulleys, adjustable seat, additional feet plate and compact and stable design this cable machine is another great option for any home gym.

I believe that it’s a great choice for anybody who wants to train their whole bodyat their home and don’t want to spend a fortune to do it. So if you already have all the plates and are looking for something portable the Valor Fitness CB might be exactly what you need.

Click here to check Valor Fitness CB’s Price on Amazon

3. XMark Functional Trainer Cable Machine – Most Versatile Commercial Cable Machine for Home Gym

Click here to check the latest price on Amazon

Price and overall value: Even if the price of the Xmark Functional Trainer cable machine is really high compared to all the other cable machines you can buy it’s worth the money. To  begin with, it comes with a built-in quickly changeable weight plate system that takes less than a second to change the weight you use. 

It also has a built-in pull-up bar, 2 fully rotatable pulleys that have marked holes for quick adjustments, and nice handle storage in the middle. And all of that is made with commercial type materials and quality. So if you can afford it, and you have the available space this beast is worth every penny. And because of all those things, I’m going to rate it an 8 out of 10 when it comes to this comparison category.

Number and variety of exercises: I really like this functional trainer because it comes with all the extra attachments so you don’t have to buy anything else. And because of that, you will be able to isolate and target all the muscle groups from your body including the lower portion. The additional pull-up bar saves you even more money because you won’t have to buy and install a separate one. 

The only thing I would want this cable machine to have was some sort of dip station or handles you can easily add or remove so you would be able to do dips. But even without dip bars, you get 2 cable pulleys at a good distance to do cable crossover and a bunch of other exercises you can only do in the gym. 

So because of all those features, I’m going to rate it 9 out of 10 when it comes to the number of exercises. If they had some form of dip bars I would give them a 10/10 instead.

Stability and safety: Even if this cable machine is not bolted to any walls or floor I would still rate it a 10 out of 10 when it comes to stability and safety because this thing is huge and really heavy. It also uses a very wide base so it won’t move at all no matter how much weight you decide to pick. The only drawback is that it will be a nightmare if you had to move it around for some reason.

Type of weights: For this amount of money you get a full set of built-in plates that come with the functional trainer. The amount of weight you get per pulley is enough so you won’t have any problems even if you are very strong. To be honest this is a plus because it saves you time. You don’t have to constantly add or remove different plates around. Instead, you only have to move the pin which takes less than a second. Abe because of that I would not mind rating it a 10 out of 10 in the weights department. From my experience, I can say that built-in weights are always better than regular ones you have to move around.

Adjustability and extra features: When it comes to machine movements you don’t have any. Once you’ve built it it’s game over. But if we talk about pulley adjustability you won’t have any problems because they move smoothly and easily up and down. With the XMark cable machine, you even get numbered holes so it’s a lot easier and faster to place both pulleys at the same height. When it comes to extra features you get a fully functional padded pull-up bar, a complete set of different attachments, and a special place to hold them, enough space to place an adjustable bench inside, and a ton of weight you can move in seconds. What else do you really need? So that’s why a rating of 9 out of 10 is the perfect one for this category.

What makes it unique and better than the rest?: In my opinion, the XM functional trainer cable machineis better and different from the majority of other cable machines because it comes with pre-built weight plates. So instead of wasting time moving plates around you can focus on the training itself. Additionally, you don’t have to buy anything else because all the different body attachments and handles come inside the package. And the overall quality is really good so after using it a couple of times I have to say that there isn’t any difference between it and the cable machines you can find in your local gym. Finally, let’s not forget the huge amount of positive reviews you can find online. Click here to see for yourself. 

Who is this cable machine best for?: This functional trainer/cable crossover machine is great for people who have a lot of space and are not afraid to pay a lot of money. But in this case, paying a premium price will really give you a premium quality. If you are looking for a commercial gym quality cable machine you can use in your home gym that has built-in plates, a padded pull-up bar, and an attachment station then this is the machine you would want to check. 

Are there any good alternatives?: If for some reason you are not happy with this cable machine then a good alternative you can check is the Bodycraft HTF (click here to check it out). It has quite the same overall design with few differences like the pull-up bar form and the number of lbs per pulley. If you want a cheaper alternative you can also take a look at Body-Solid Powerline PFT (check it here). Even if the overall quality is lower than the XMark XM you still get a pretty decent setup. But if I had the money I would definitely go for the XMark instead of these 2 but take a look at them if you want.

What I like:

  • Made with premium commercial gym quality materials
  • Comes with a very large set of accessories
  • Extra rack for the accessories 
  • Built-in padded curved pull-up bar
  • Included 2 separate built-in lbs weight stacks
  • Extremely stable, sturdy, and safe
  • Will last for a very long time
  • Every detail is precise and well made
  • Smooth movements and fast weight transitions

What I don’t like:

  • Quite expensive compared to the other cable machines
  • Difficult to assembly because of its weight (may need 2 people)
  • Slow delivery and difficult returns
  • No dip station or attachment
  • Once built really hard to move around

Click here to check the latest price on Amazon

4. Valor Fitness BD-7 Power Rack with Cable Machine – Best Plate Loaded Cable Crossover Machine for Home Gym

Click Here to check Valor Fitness BD-7’s latest price on Amazon

Price and overall value: If you decide to go for the BD-7 full package from here you are going to get the best value money can buy. For a very good price, you are getting a decently sized power rack that has a pull-up bar, lat pulldown, and seated row cable stations. In addition, you also get 2 fully rotatable cable pulleys so you can have a really stable and wide crossover machine at home. So you get 5 different machines at once. To be honest you won’t find a better deal from that so that’s why I would rate it a 10 out of 10 when it comes to price and value.

Number and variety of exercises: Because of the fact that you get a complete power rack, pull-up bar, and 3 different cable machines you are going to be able to do almost everything you can think of. For example, you can do pull-ups, chin-ups, squats, shoulder presses, deadlifts, shrugs, cable chest crossovers, bicep curls, tricep pull-downs, seated rows, lat pulldowns, and so on and so on. And if you combine it with a good adjustable bench like this one the number of exercises increases even more. So with this power rack/cable crossover station, you would be able to train everything you want in the comfort of your home. That’s exactly why I would give it a 10 out of 10 when it comes to the variety and number of exercises you get.

Stability and safety: Because of the huge base and the fact that you can load plates everywhere for extra stability I would easily rate this cable machine a out of 10 when it comes to stability and safety. I would have given it a 10/10 if it came with the option to bolt it down to the floor but it’s still a very realistic rating.

Type of weights: I really like this setup because you use the exact same plates for all the different cable machines you get. That makes it really easy to use and saves you a little bit of time because you can do multiple exercises one after the other without having to add or remove plates. So if you already own some plates at home you are ready for it. This cable machine setup works with both Olympic or smaller diameter plates as well. So that’s why I will give it an out of 10 when it comes to the type of weight it uses. In my opinion, it would be better if the cable crossover came with built-in plates even if the price would be a lot higher then.

Adjustability and extra features: When it comes to moving it you will have a really hard time once everything is assembled. But if you remove all the plates and take a pair of hands it would be possible to move it around. But if we talk about adjustable pulleys and extra features nothing online can beat the BD-7 Power Rack with Cable Machine setup. As I previously said this whole thing contains almost everything you need to have in a home gym so once you buy it you are almost done. That’s why I would give a out of 10. I’ve decided to remove points because you don’t get some sort of a dip attachment and dips is a really basic and important exercise you need to do.

What makes it unique and better than the rest?: The number of different types of exercise equipment you get at once makes this home gym cable machine really stand out from the rest. I’ve never seen anything like it and if you have enough space I definitely recommend you to buy it. Sadly I don’t have enough space but one of my buddies does and this power rack combined with all those cable machines is really solid. If you combine it with a good Olympic bar and a nice pair of dumbbells you are ready. Literally, that’s everything you need for a solid home gym because you get everything you need with this one.

Who is this cable machine best for?: This home gym cable machine setup is perfect for people who have a lot of space and don’t have a power rack yet. If you already have a power rack you need to find only the cable machine attachments and figure out how to attach them. Here’s a good attachment you can check if you already have a power cage. But in case you don’t and you have the required space then this option is the perfect one for you. 

Are there any good alternatives: The only alternative product I’ve seen so far that is very similar in design is the HulkFit Power cage (click here to check it out). You can buy the same 3 cable attachments but the total cost will be more than buying the BD-7 setup. But if for some reason you don’t need or have space for one or the other cable stations then you should take a look at HulkFit

What I like:

  • Includes 5 different types of home gym equipment
  • Very sturdy, safe, and easy to use
  • Made from good materials that will last a very long time
  • You can do huge number of isolation and compound exercises
  • Strong design that can withstand big amounts of weight
  • Straight and wide pull-up bar
  • Adjustable and rotatable pulleys
  • Option to do cable crossover at home

What I don’t like:

  • It takes a large amount of space
  • Long assembly process 
  • Difficult to move around
  • Some of the accessories are sold separately

Click Here to check Valor Fitness BD-7’s latest price on Amazon

5. Mikolo Ceiling Cable Pulley Machine – Best Ceiling Mounted Lat Pulldown Cable Pulley Machine for Small Home Gym (Budget-Friendly)

Click Here to check Mikolo’s latest price on Amazon

Price and overall value: Compared to all the previous cable machines this ceiling machine pulley costs only a small fraction of the price you are going to pay for a big and professional machine for your home gym. And to be honest for the money you pay I might say that you get plenty of very useful stuff like a good pulley, 2 different length cables, 2 types of handles, and a wide-enough loading pin. So, in my opinion, the things you get are definitely worth the money you pay and that’s why I would rate it a 9 out of 10 in this category. I’ve removed 1 point because I would really love to have a 1-arm handle with this that it’s not included.

Number and variety of exercises: Even with the only 2 included attachments you have the option to do a lot of different exercises targeting your upper body but if you need more than that you will have to buy them separately. I’m talking about the 1-arm handle and the wider pull-up bar. Also, you won’t be able to easily attach the pulley at a lower angle which really limits the angles you can use to target your muscles. That’s why a 6 out of 10 would be a fair rating when it comes to the variety and number of exercises you can do with this type of equipment.

Stability and safety: If your anchoring point is solid this cable machine pulley will go nowhere. The cables are the exact same used in my other home gym cable machines and they can handle a lot of weight. The pulley can withstand a total of lbs of weight which is a great number. So as long as you attach it the right way and don’t place too much weight everything would be fine. When it comes to stability this thing is going nowhere as far as you have attached the pulley to something really solid. That’s why an 8 out of 10 in terms of stability and safety is a great rate.

Type of weights: In order to use this ceiling cable machine you need to have plates. Luckily for you, this machine works with both Olympic and normal plates so you won’t have any problems with stacking them on top. But you need to be careful when you drop them on the ground because there isn’t any cushioning and you could create some damage if you drop them too fast. 

The speed of loading and removing weights it’s not the best because you need to constantly attach and detach the lower carabiner which takes time. So that’s why my overall rating when it comes to weights and the way they are used is a 7 out of 10.

Adjustability and extra features: Since this type of cable machine can only be mounted on the ceiling or something taller it has very limited adjustability when it comes to height. Sure, you can still attach it at chest level and change the angle but not all people will find something sturdy enough to do it. On the other hand, when detached the whole pulley and roper system is very lightweight making it easy to carry and store when not used. 

That’s not physically possible if we compare it with the traditional cable machine. When it comes to extra features the only thing I see here is the number of attachments you get. Even if they are only 2 they give plenty of options where it comes to different exercises and movements. But if you want to get the max out of it you will have to buy more separately. So when I take all of that into consideration a rating of 6 out of 10 is fair when it comes to adjustability and features. 

What makes it unique and better than the rest?: There a couple of things that separate this ceiling-mounted cable machine from the rest but the biggest is the price. It costs only a small fraction of the price of a regular cable machine. The other one is the design and its weight. Instead of weighing big amounts of weight this machine only weighs a couple of lbs so it’s way easier to move around when needed. You can even attach it outside if you find the right anchoring point. And finally, I would say the extra hanging strap. Not all similar brands offer this which is a major problem if are trying to attach to something wider than the carabiner. (click here to check the hanging strap)

Who is this cable machine best for?: If you are very limited on space and money then the Mikolo Ceiling Cable Machine is the right fit for you. This cable machine pulley system is perfect for a tiny home gym because it can be attached to anywhere you like. You can easily add and remove it from a pull-up bar, punching bag attachment or a strong ceiling bolt, or anything sturdy enough to support it. 

That’s why this cable machine is best suited for people who are just starting out to work out at home who are not sure if a massive and expensive cable machine is the right fit. Of course, you will have to own a couple of plates in order to use it.

Are there any good alternatives: If for some reason you don’t like the price or what’s included in this set a great alternative you can check is the Sertt Fitness ceiling pulley set (check it from here). It comes with a very similar setup and you also get a nice 1-handle attachment which is not included with the Mikolo set. Of course, there are plenty of similar sets around the web but these are 2 I recommend you to check because of the huge number of positive reviews and great price.

What I like:

  • Really affordable price
  • Very good value for money (comes with many things inside the set)
  • Silent, really portable, and lightweight
  • Easy to use and very stable and safe if attached properly
  • Fully rotatable pulley and wide enough loading pin so you can place many plates
  • Nice quality materials and great reviews
  • Easy and fast assembly compared to traditional cable machines

What I don’t like:

  • Not adjustable and you can only pull from above
  • You need to have a place where you can attach it safely
  • Doesn’t come with a 1-hand handle or wide pull-up bar attachment
  • Difficult to target lower body

Click Here to check Mikolo’s latest price on Amazon

What Makes a Great Cable Crossover Machine? (Top 7 Things You Should Know Before You Buy a Cable Machine)

When it comes to cable machines it’s a little tricky to find the best one for your personal needs because most of them are pretty similar to one another.

The good news is that there are a few things you can check and compare so you can find a winner…

Luckily for you (and me) over time the design and functionality of the traditional cable machine have been slowly improved and today’s models offer a lot more options.

Let’s find out what are the 7 most important things you want to look for when you want to buy the best cable crossover machine (or regular):

Here are the 7 factors in which we will go more in-depth next:

  • Durability and safety
  • Price and value
  • Number of exercises and type of training
  • Ease of use and set up
  • Differences between Plate Loaded or Pre-Built Weight Stacks cable machines
  • Everything you need to know about the pulley system
    • Rotatable vs static pulleys
    • Number of pulley stations
    • How many height positions do the pulleys have
  • Number of unique features
  • and much more.

They all play important roles but at the end of the day, pay bigger attention to only the things you want because we all have very different personal needs and wants.

1. How durable a cable machine should be?

In order to have a very durable, safe, and sturdy cable machine you want to look at the materials and the way the different pieces are connected. Anything made from high-quality steel with thick bolts and a wide base is going to be very durable.

Because this type of exercise equipment isn’t the cheapest you surely want to have a really solid construction that will stay sturdy and in one place no matter what weight or angle you are using to train.

A good way to check a cable machine’s durability without owning is to see how the whole design is made and in what way are the different parts held together.

You can always read a review like the ones above or watch a video showing the machine in action.

What is the first thing you want to get when you are building a house? Yes, it’s the foundation.

When it comes to safety and sturdiness the base and anchoring system (if any) is the most important thing to have in mind.

You want to have something that is wide, non-slip and solid. Look for specific designs that have a very wibe base.

When it comes to anchoring make sure the material is thich, the bolts are long enough and designed specifically for the material you are going to bolt them in. If your cable machine uses a carabiner make sure it’s wide enough and durable so it doesn’t break over time.

If you follow all those rules you won’t have any problem with durability and safety.

2. How much does a cable machine cost and how much should you pay?

The average price of a cable machine can vary a lot because of the many different types but you can buy one from about $50 up to $.

But should you really pay nearly $ for a cable machine or go for one that costs about $?

It depends.

When it comes to the price of your cable machine you really want to look into this investment in the long term.

If you decide to spend more money you will be making a good decision because a really good piece of equipment will last forever with minor to no repairs.

I have a couple of different machines in my room sitting there for a few years now and everything is working properly.

So my tip here is not to be cheap and try to save as much money as you can before you buy a cable machine because in time this decision may be more costly than you might think.

Again you want to get as much value as you can for the money you are paying.

With cable machines the more money you pay, the more features and quality you get. So in other words you get what you paid for.

Let’s check the next important factor…

3. How many exercises can you do with a cable machine? (And what type of training)

Every cable machine provides different options, attachments, weight limits, and angles so the number of exercises varies a lot. But a good cable machine should be able to provide at least 5 to 10 different exercises per muscle group if you have the right attachments.

That’s why my suggestion is to pick the one that gives you the biggest number of specific exercises you want to do.

Because most likely you will be using the cable machine to do a lot of different exercises during the workouts you want to own something that provides you with a lot of options and functions to choose from.

I personally prefer to change my workouts regularly by tweaking the exercises or adding new ones. With a very functional piece of equipment, you will be able to do this step easily which may result in better results for your fitness and health journey.

4. How easy and fast is it to set up the cable machine?

When choosing a long-term cable machine for your home gym it’s really important to pick one that is very easy and fast to set up before your workouts. For example, it would be better to use one that comes with pre-built plates instead of a model that uses regular plates you need to carry, attach and detach.

The same thing applies if you chose to go with the pulley option you need to hang every time you want to use if you don’t mind keeping it in one place.

When you are going to regularly use something, you want that process to be the easiest and fastest possible, right?

That’s why it may be important for you to learn how easy it really is to use a cable machine.

That being said a really good example I can give you is this recent story that happened to me. I was a little curious and was watching a YouTube video of a very expensive fitness home gym machine.

In the video, a person was showing what really it could do. It really stands in my mind how long it took him to transform the whole thing so he can do 2 different exercises. It took him about 1 or 2 minutes to finish this simple process and I was like

“Hell no, if I had to do all those steps just to do a different exercise It will take me 10 extra minutes just for that. In that time I can really finish 4 super sets of exercises.

See where I’m going with this?

You want a machine that is super easy to use and it only takes you a couple of seconds to go change the angle, height or exercise.

Trust me you will not regret this choice. You will see why only after a few short weeks.

This ranges from the “smoothness” of the cable to the grip quality and a dozen other things.

  • For example how many steps are required for you to go from point a to point b?
  • Is it a complicated or a simple machine?
  • Do you need to move heavy plates or only need to change a pin?


Ask yourself these questions and you will easily see which machine is the best one for you and your budget.

5. What type of cable machine do you need? – Plate Loaded or Pre-Built Weight Stacks

Depending on what weights you already own, what is the budget for your home gym equipment, and what you want, there are 2 options to choose from when it comes to cable machines:

  • 1) Machines with included weight stacks
  • 2) Machines in which you use your personal weight plates

Now I will explain more briefly to you what each one of them offers to you so you understand how they work and what would be the best choice for your situation and needs.

Cable Machines with Included Weight Stacks (Pros and Cons)

These are the cable machines you are already familiar with because they are mainly used in commercial gyms.

The first benefit when it comes to weight stacks is that you really save time when you want to lower or increase the weight for a specific exercise because you don’t need to carry or move around heavy plates.

This is also very useful if you are doing a superset and you need a totally different weight for a different muscle groups or exercises.

Another bonus is that you will not need to buy additional weight plates and use them with the machine because they are pre-built with it.

Usually only the more expensive modelsthat cost $$ and above are equipped with weight stacks.

So you will have to pay a lot of money if you want to own a machine like this. Sadly this is something not many people can afford but if you do have the budget this is the best option money can get you.

Another drawback I don’t like is that because of the added stacks, the whole package you will receive will be quite heavy.

It will be multiple times heavier that what a plate-loaded cable machine will weight which will be a hassle on it’s own.

And because of that and the huge design, it will require a lot more strength, time, space, and sweat to assemble them.

In most cases that might require 2 or more people to do and a lot of strength.

But this is only the beggining. Here’s another good question you should ask yourself if you are looking to buy a cable machine that caomes with built-in weight stacks

How many stacks there are and how much weight is each stack?

An important factor of a good weight stack machine is its weight ratio.

By using this term I’m talking about how much weight is each stack, how many stacks are there, and how much additional weight comes with the whole cable machine.

While there isn’t a specific rule to follow I would choose the machine that offers the biggest total weight stacks that have the smallest increments so you can easily do progressive overload training.

You want to have the total amount of weight to be separated on as many stacks as possible. Each additional stack gives you a different resistance you can use so the more the better.

That quickly builds more variety which is pretty important for your results. Some weight stacks have the lightest stacks be separated more frequently than the heavier ones.

That is something you should look for when buying this type of equipment because it really helps you to do light exercises when you target your middle delts or doing tricep kickbacks.

How much total built-in stack weight are you getting?

When we are consistent in our training we gradually become stronger and stronger. You definitely want a cable machine that can provide you with good resistance for many years ahead so you want a model with at least lbs (around 70 kg) per stack.

Please Note: Have in mind that the weight you are lifting on a machine for your home gym does feel totally different when you are lifting the same weight let’s say using a barbell. The same weight on the machine will feel a lot lighter than the one on the barbell. The reason behind this is the pulleys that are being used to lift the weight.

That being said now you understand why you want to have a very big number when it comes to built-in weights.

So if you are an advanced athlete who has a lot of strength or even are someone that wants to progress and make gains make sure to pick something that has a very big amount of added weight.

Does your stack cable machine have 1 or 2 weight stacks? (Is there a difference?)

The more expensive versions out there come with dual-weight stacks. If you have the option to buy a 1 vs a 2 stack machine it is better to go with the 2 weight stack choice. Having an extra weight stack is a great thing to have because the resistance of the weight won’t be split if you are training both your hands or legs at the same time using the different handles.

That way you can have 2 times more amount of available resistance which gives you more room to grow. Another little benefit is that you would be able to train each part differently at the same time.

A cable crossover is a really good exercise you would be able to do if you go for the 2 weight stack option.

Plate Loaded Cable Machine (Pros and Cons)

In case you don’t know a plate-loaded cable machine is a normal functioning gym equipment that uses weight plates you have around as resistance instead of the commercial weight stacks you see inside the gym.

Sadly you will not see these types of cable machines very often sold by the big fitness equipment brands because they won’t make as much money as selling the way more expensive weight stack machines instead.

The good thing about them is that they are quite more affordable than the ones with the included plates.

If you already have a pretty big stack of plates of all sizes laying around in your home gym then the plate-loaded cable machine may be a great option for you.

One thing you have to consider before buying this type of cable machine is the size of the diameter of your plates and the size of the diameter of the machine.

If you don’t already know it you can easily measure it using a simple measuring tape and use Google to check what is that size called.

A few common sizes most plate machines work with are the F, F, F or F (Olympic plates).

The 28, 30, 40 and 50 is the mm diameter of the hole you have in the middle of the plate.

But you want to aim for both your plates and the machine’s weight bars to have the same size.

If the diameter of the plates is too big for the machine the plates might bounce up and down if you are pulling the cable at a too fast pace.

Tip: Some machines come with detachable weight bar tubes that you place on top of your original one which makes it a whole lot thicker allowing you to fit perfectly plates with bigger diameter. See if the model you like has this if you only have Olympic plates.

If you are just starting out and don’t have any additional plates to use it’s always better to know your plans for the future.

If you are going to use a barbell, adjustable plate dumbbells, or other equipment that use plates this type of cable machine may be a good pick for you.

Unfortunately buying additional plates will increase the total cost so have that in mind in case you don’t have any.

Also another con is that it takes a longer time for you to change the weight when you have to when we compare it to the weight stack cable machine.

And you also need to store those plates somewhere as well.

So what is the better cable machine? – The Plate-Loaded one or The Weight Stack?

Both cable machines have their pros and cons. And the answer here really relies on what you currently have, what are your plans for the near future, and what you prefer. Your budget is also a factor when it comes to this comparison so there isn’t a clear winner.

But if space and budget are not a problem I would recommend you to buy a professionalcommercial cable machine with weight stacks because it’s faster and easier to use.

And of course, that doesn’t mean that the plate-loaded is bad.

I own one of those and I’m really happy with the purchase.

6. What is the cable machine’s pulley system and how it works?

Before you buy a cable machine you need to visually see from photos or videos how exactly the pulley system works, how many pulleys there are, and what angles can you use. This is really important because the answers to these questions will determine the number of exercises you would be able to do.

Here are the best 3 questions you should ask yourself for every cable machine that uses pulleys:

  • Should the cable machine’s pulleys be static or rotatable?
  • What is the number of outer pulley stations?
  • How many adjustable height positions do the pulleys have?

Let’s get more in detail about each one of questions and see the right answer…

Should the cable machine’s pulleys be static or rotatable?

It is always a better option to have rotatable pulleys instead of static ones that don’t move because the option to rotate the pulleys between to degrees gives you a better range of motion,a bigger variety of exercises, and more stability.

Sadly many of the cheapest cable machines out there are designed very poorly and use static pulleys instead of rotatable ones.

In many cases, the outside machine pulleys you use in order to choose the angle for your pull are not rotatable at all.

You are stuck using the machine only directly in front of it.

This is a mistake I made when I bought my first cable machine and that is one of the things I really don’t like about it.

It doesn’t allow you flexibility and freedom of movement.

Also, it puts a lot of extra stress on your wrists which in time may result in injury or other problems.

But you shouldn’t need to worry about that specific problem because most models now have degree rotatable pulleys.

But always make sure they really are before you order your cable machine.

What is the number of outer pulley stations?

By pulley stations, I mean the number of places where you can place different kinds of attachments in the outer part of the machine.

When it comes to cable machines there are models that have one, two, or even four pulley stations. It is recommended not to buy a piece of equipment which does have only one stationor you can use only one station at a time because that way you are limiting yourself in the number of exercises you can do at the same time.

If you are a beginner and you won’t have a problem with training one side at a time then, I guess it’s okay.

Example: When you are doing cable crossover you will have to train one pec at a time instead of the whole chest at once.

Then you might want to go for the machine with 2 pulleys.

The best version is the one with the 4 pulley stations but it will be the most expensive one.

Also, it will take a lot of space if you are looking for something like the traditional cable crossover machine you can find in your local gym.

The good news is that there are machines using a 4 pulley system that are specifically designed for the space of a home gym.

They are made compact and can provide you with the ability to train two parts at the same time. A good example I like is this machine over here.

Last but not least, these are also a good choice for 2 people who want to train at the same time.

How many adjustable height positions do the pulleys have?

When it comes to adjustability you want equipment that can provide you with a big number of height positions you can use for your pulleys. Anything with about 17 to 19 different height positions is going to be enough so you can do as many exercises as possible.

Sadly now all cable machines have adjustable pulleys so if you have the space and budget I would recommend you to go with one that offers this feature.

Something else you can consider is the total height of the machine and what is the maximum height of the last hole you can use.

You can also check at what height is the lowest adjustment hole.

Other things to consider are:

  • The length between those 2 holes
  • How close each hole is to the next from
  • How many holes are there in total

All those things can give you an average idea of the freedom of movement and total angles a machine can provide you with.

Your goal here is to have the biggest total freedom and variety you can.

7. What number of unique features does the cable machine have?

Almost every single cable machine out there is somehow unique and it can provide you with some extra unique features. Some of those extra features can be a built-in pull-up bar, a big amount of handles you can use, very wide space for your workouts, additional weight plate holders, additional attachments, and much more.

Having great extra features can be very useful for your workouts because they give you an additional boost or give you a better variety of things you can do.

And that will result if faster and better results.

As you saw from the product reviews above you have a lot of options to choose from.

So when it comes to extra features pick the ones that are important for you and you will be ready for some serious progress.

8 Good Reasons Why Your Home Gym Needs a Cable Machine

At this moment you might be guessing why are cable machines good for you? Do you really need to invest in one? Would it be worth it? and many more questions.

Let’s dive deeper and check out some great reasons why you really should add one for your home gym.

1. Using a cable machine helps you get constant time under tension

The constant time under tension you get from using cables helps you better stress the muscles you are training and breaking more muscle fibers. That, on the other hand, helps you build more muscle mass and also increases the strength of your body.

It’s also a lot easier to get longer time under tension from using cables than the regular free weights. Those reasons above are why cables might get you better results than free weights.

2. With cable machines you get a better pump and range of motion motion (Which means faster results)

One good thing to notice is that you really don’t care about gravity when you use cables. Your muscles work continuously throughout the whole way of motion from point A to point B resulting in better pumps and contractions. That will lead you to gain more weight and develop a better mind-muscle connection.

3. It is easier to focus on the negative part of the reps when you use cables

Because the weight you are using to train is attached to pulleys you can really focus on the “feeling” of the muscles. It is very difficult not to do an exercise properly when using cables (you can only do this if you really don’t have a clue how to do it or just use too much weight) so that helps you focus on the contraction.

Because of all those things you can really attach your mind on the negative part of the rep (eccentric) and make it slow and controlled.

The negative part of a rep is the main factor when it comes to breaking down fibers and building muscle. (study)

4. You can train your whole body using a cable machine

If you have an adjustable cable machine there isn’t part of your body you couldn’t target and train. That way you can save a lot of money or different equipment specifically designed to train only one muscle and target your whole body at ease.

And the best part is that there are very affordable models like the Valor Fitness BD62 Mount Station which is my favorite.

Finally, of course, I recommend you not to use only cables when you are training because free weights do have their own perks.

You should aim to combine both of them to get the max for your body.

5. Cable machines are best for isolating lacking or smaller muscles

There isn’t anything worse than one arm being a lot bigger than the other or having an underdeveloped body part. Using cables can help you easily isolate and concentrate on a single muscle because you don’t have momentum and don’t rely entirely on gravity on the whole range of motion.

It’s also harder for you to start using other muscles to help when they are not needed (cheating).

Of course you can do the same thing with free weights but cables make it 10 times easierand more effective.

Example: You can easily isolate specific often-neglected targeted muscles such as real shoulders, the middle part of the traps, inner and upper chest, obliques, etc with the help of the 1-arm handle attachment.

6. With a cable machine you can use a great number of different attachments (for better results)

In order for your cable machine to really work you need to use some sort of attachment. The good news is that you have many options when it comes to attachments. Different attachments allow you to target specific muscle groups using different angles in different ways which gives you better variety if we compare it to dumbbells or a barbell.

Usually, the basic ones like 1-hand handle grip or the straight bar attachment come with the machine.

You can also buy them separately if needed.

But beware that with each additional attachment you own, you have a bigger variety of exercise to choose from.

There are even YouTube videos that show you how you can make one yourself in case you don’t want to spend any money. Here’s an example:

Isn’t that cool?

With a nice variety of different attachemnts you can stress your muscles fibers differently and get better results.

7. Owning a cable machine saves you both space and time

When building your own gym, your space is somehow limited. This is why you should choose the best and most versatile cable machine for your home gym so you can really get the max out of every inch you have available. You can achieve that easily by choosing equipment that allows you to do multiple different exercises and allow you to train the whole body that comes with a big variety of great features.

A good quality cable machine might be a perfect choice that can do that easily.

It also saves you time because you don’t need to go to the gym or adjust benches, barbell weights or dumbbells.

If you select a model that comes with built-in weights you will be able to change everything in literally seconds.

8. Cables help you build strength for pull-ups

Cables are a great way to build the needed strength if you aren’t capable of doing pull-ups just yet. A perfect exercise you can do to achieve that is the lat pull-down which can be done only with the help of a cable machine.

Even if you have the strength to do a couple let’s not forget the other parts of your back.

An often underdeveloped part of your back is your middle traps which you can also isolate it easily with face pulls that require a cable.

Tip: You can add something soft beneath your knees if you are doing lat pull-downs and you have a hard floor.

Of course, you can use resistance bands for both those exercises as well but because of the attachment and costant resistance cables are more effective and comfortable to use.

The Verdict – Should You Buy A Cable Machine? (Pros And Cons)

Before I give you my final opinion about if buying a cable machine is a good idea let’s start with some the good stuff I like about cable machines.

The Good Stuff (Pros)

  • You can build up your strength
  • Great for you no matter what your fitness level is
  • Isolate and work on one muscle
  • Diversify your workouts (works great with a combination of free weights)
  • Build up your strength
  • Less stress on your joints
  • Constant resistance
  • Safer to use than free weights

Some of the bad stuff.

The Bad Stuff

Some of the most popular but true cons are:

  • Doesn’t train your stabilization and balance muscles
  • Doesn’t build much strength as free weights
  • Not a very good option if you have very limited space
  • Some models can be very expensive

Both those can be easily fixed if you use a combination of cable and free weights for your workouts.

Another thing I regularly hear is this:

High-end cable machines can be really expensive

Yes, there are very expensive cable machines out there but again there are very affordable models too.

If you think about it it’s the same exact thing with the car industry. There are cheaper versions that can do an excellent job. A great example of a cheap yet effective cable machine is this one here.


At this point, you should already know all the ins and outs before you buy the best cable machine for your home gym.

If you still don’t know which one is the best for you I highly recommend picking something that fits your individual needs.

My personal favorite out of these 5 models is the the Valor Fitness BD61. (click here to check it out)

In my opinion, it’s the best cable machine for home gym because of a few things.

Firstly it’s very affordable compared to similar products with prices 4 times bigger. For the money, you pay you are getting excellent quality with many great features and extras.

My personal favorite feature is the dual pulley rotatable system I can use to get better mind-muscle connection and growth.

Additionally you can attach 2 of those on separate walls and create a solid cable crossover.

It’s stable, safe and uses plates I already own.

I personally don’t think you can find a better cable machine with so many extras for that price.

If you want to check it out and see more details please click here to see the latest price on Amazon.

Thank you so much for reading my article. I really hope you enjoy it and learned something useful from it.

If you like it, please share it with your friends and don’t forget to leave me a comment below.

Before you go take a look at those great articles about more home gym equipment you may like:

See ya next time.



Freemotion Dual Cable Cross Review: The Best Functional Trainer Ever Made That's No Longer...

Cable pulley machines are an awesome addition to a home gym that makes you feel like your home gym is a complete. But they can be pretty big. So which ones are the best for a small home gym? Here is the top three.

The best compact pulley towers are;

  • Titan Pulley tower V3
  • Vanswe Wall mount pulley tower
  • Valor Fitness BD

These are all very compact, wall mounted pulley towers where the height of the pulley is adjustable.

Let’s see why these are the best option and what you can do with these machines.

Want to build the best and most compact home gym possible? A home gym that provides all the exercise options you need to build a great, healthy body? Check out my eBook. It shows you exactly how you can do this.  Click here to get a free preview.


Top 3 compact pulley towers

In a small home gym every square inch of floorspace counts. It’s easy to get a big cable crossover machine and while those are awesome, they are hard to fit in a small gym. These are the three best pulley machines for  a small home gym.

1.     Titan Pulley tower V3

The best pulley tower for a home gym is the Titan Pulley tower V3. While it’s not the absolute smallest option, it is the best. That’s because these have a significantly higher load limit than the other two options.

This tower is compatible with the T-3, X-2 and X-3 series of Titan power racks. These are very popular racks for a home gym so that’s a big plus for this machine. This means you can attach it to your power rack and not to the wall. This gives some extra flexibility where you put it.

The quality is great and it will last for a long time. All the hardware like pulleys and cables are also of high quality and can handle workouts for a long time.

It’s also the cheapest option out of this list which is always a good thing.


  • Footprint: in x in.
  • Overall Height: in.
  • Overall Depth: in.
  • Weight Capacity: lb.
  • Product Weight: 75 lb.
  • Compatibility: T-3, X-2, X-3, and TITAN Series Power Racks.
  • Two single hand straps included with your tower; you can start your new pulley routine immediately!
  • 18 Different adjustable positions open a variety of exercises to suit any size athlete.
  • One-year warranty on the product comes free with every purchase

There are two pulleys at the same height. That means you can choose to use one arm/leg or two arms at the same time. Both pulleys move the same weight.

2.     Vanswe Wall mount pulley tower

If you don’t need such a high load limit, the Vanswe can also be a great option. It’s the smallest available option and still has almost all of the features of the Titan. The only downside of this machine is the load limit. It’s lbs. lower than the Titan one which puts it at lbs. While that is still quite a bit, there might be a good few people that will run into the load limit. If that’s enough really depends on your size and strength goals.


  • Footprint: 25″ x 24″
  • Overall Height: ″
  • Weight Capacity: LBS
  • Height adjustable in 18 steps
  • Upper and lower brace for wall mount
  • Dual pulleys

Check out the current price on Amazon

3.     Valor Fitness BD

Finally we have the Valor BD It’s a good machine but just a little behind the first two. One of the reasons for that is that the load limit is quite low at lbs. The pulleys are also only adjustable in 16 steps instead of 18 so there is a little less flexibility.

Otherwise this machine is very similar to the other two. The fit and finish is a bit better than the Titan but it’s quite a bit more expensive as well.


  • Total height: 80”
  • Footprint: 25” x ”
  • Load Capacity: lbs.
  • Height adjustable in 16 steps
  • Dual pulleys
  • Product weight: 62 lbs.

If the load limit doesn’t bother you and you want something that looks a bit nicer than the Titan, this is the one for you. Click here to find the current price on Amazon.

Pulley towers for low ceilings

A small footprint doesn’t necessarily mean it will fit under your ceiling. And there are many home gyms that have low ceilings. That’s because they are located in a basement for example. So let’s take an extra look at the heights of these different machines to see which ones are the best for a home gym with lower ceiling.

Pulley tower dimensions list

BrandModelHeightWidthDepthLoad typeMax loadNotes
VansweWall mount2425PlatesHeight adjustable
Fitness RealityX-Class814446PlatesOnly high and low pulleys
TitanPulley Tower v327PlatesHeight adjustable
Titan Pulley Tower v3 Short27PlatesHeight adjustable
Rogue CT-160SelectorizedHeight adjustable
Valor FitnessBD8025PlatesHeight adjustable

Wall mounted

You might have noticed that all of the machines mentioned here (except the Rogue) are wall mounted. That’s necessary because these are tall machines with a small footprint you apply lateral forces to. That means without mounting them to something else will make them fall over.

That ‘something’ can be a wall but in some cases it can also be a power cage. But, that requires you to have a power cage that’s compatible with the pulley tower. That will be a power cage from the same brand and in the same series of products as the tower. If you’ve already got a power cage, it’s worth a look if there are compatible pulley towers but if there isn’t, you can always just mount a pulley tower to the wall.

That does require you to have a bit of wall space available. Since the recommended ones are pretty small, that shouldn’t be too difficult. Don’t forget you need free space in front of the cable machine to actually be able to use it. How much space depends on what you want to do of course.

Which exercises can you do with a wall mounted pulley tower?

In a home gym with limited space, I’m all for equipment that is multifunctional. The more exercises you can do with a single piece of equipment, the better. Because in the end that means that you need less equipment to do a full workout which means you can do more in a smaller space.

Suggested post: Why you need a cable station in your home gym

A basic home gym should have free weights. A free weights setup can provide an awesome workout in very small space. If you’ve got a bit more space left over a cable pulley tower is a very good addition. There are two reasons for that;

  • A cable machine provides other exercise options than free weights. (see below)
  • Cable exercises have a different strength curve than free weights. This can help with extra muscle gains.

Because the weight always moves straight up and down, the force you have to provide to move the weight is much more linear throughout the movement than with free weights. That’s why cable exercises feel different than free weight exercises. The different feel provides a different training impulse which can lead to extra muscle and strength gains.

Cable exercises

There are tons of exercises you can perform with a home gym pulley system. Some are similar to exercises you can do with free weights while others are unique to cable machines. Even exercises that are the same as with free weights have benefits if you perform them on a cable machine.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of exercises you can do.

  • Curls
  • Tricep extensions
  • Front raises
  • Shoulder presses
  • Straigth arm pulldowns
  • Cable Rows
  • Face pulls
  • Lat pulldown (with bench)
  • Reverse fly
  • Chest fly

Don’t forget to check out my eBook!


Similar news:

There you have it! 10 of the best cable machines out there today. There are a few unique designs, so we're sure there's an option that will suit your home gym.

Next, we've provided a buyer's guide to all the important factors to consider when buying a cable machine; some popular exercises to do on your machine, and finally, the answers to some frequently asked questions.

1. Size and Footprint

Home gyms come in all shapes and sizes, from large garages to small home offices. Cable machines can take up a lot more space than free weights or other equipment.

If you want your crossover station to have a chin-up bar, for example, make sure you check that your ceiling height will accommodate both the machine and the extra clearance.

A wall-mounted machine, like the Archon station, might save you some more floor space. Alternatively, a compact cable machine like the Body-Solid BFFT10R is a fully equipped machine with a much smaller footprint.

2. Weight Capacity

The next consideration is how much weight you want to lift in your heaviest exercises. Any machine will handle some light lateral raises or bicep curls, but for bigger compound exercises, make sure both the weight stack and resistance ratio can provide that.

For plate-loaded machines, make sure the weight capacity of the attachments and the cables will handle the weight you want to place on them. Overloading a cable machine is a risky proposition, so make sure you do your research and exercise safely.

The two highest maximum weight machines in this review are the Rogue CT-1, with its maximum weight of lbs, and the XMark functional trainer, with two lb stacks.

3. Versatility

Finally, the best cable crossover machine is the one that allows you to do every exercise you want to do! The best cable machine for your home gym might be the Valor Fitness BD, which has four degree handle attachments as well as a chin-up bar.

If you want a lot of space to do your pull-ups with a full range of motion, the Powerline PCCO90X has ample clearance.

Every cable machine has different benefits, so check out some options from this review and go from there.

Cable Crossover Machine Exercises

Cable Crossover

The namesake of the machine, the cable crossover is a chest isolation exercise. The pulleys can be placed at low, middle, or high angles to work different portions of the pec muscle.

To perform a cable crossover, hold the handles at either side with the arms outstretched. Lean forward slightly at the hips, and squeeze the chest as you bring the hands forward. Cross the hands over each other and hold, before slowly bringing the arms back out to the starting position.

Perform this exercise slowly and avoid using momentum to cheat the movement.

Tricep Pushdown

Next, we'll use the high pulley to focus on the triceps. With a bar or rope attachment, stand facing the pulley with the elbows at your sides.

Keeping the upper arms locked, extend your elbows as you bring the bar down towards the front of your hips. Squeeze your triceps as you lock out your arms at the bottom of the movement.

Slowly resist the weight as you bring your arms back up to the starting position. Refer to the video above for a demonstration.

Cable Lateral Leg Raise

Cable machines also offer some unique exercises for the lower body. The lateral leg raise, or cable hip abduction, strengthens the stabilizing muscles of the hips, toning the thighs and glutes in the process.

For this exercise, place an ankle strap attachment onto the lowest setting of the cable, and wrap it around your ankle. Stand side-on with the attached leg further away from the pulley. Hold on to the frame for balance as you brace the core, and squeeze the glutes to raise the foot out to the side.

Lift as far as you can without leaning or swinging the leg, and slowly lower to the starting position.

Single Pulley vs Double Pulley: Why Some Weights Feel Heavier

When using different machines, it can get confusing when the weight you've been able to lift on one machine seems much heavier on another.

This is because different cable machines use different numbers of pulleys as leverage. This creates differences in what is called the resistance ratio.

Cable machines can have any number of pulleys. Typical ratios are and For example, on a machine, if you select 50 lbs of resistance, you will require 50 lbs of force to lift the weight.

On a machine with more pulleys - say a ratio - selecting 50 lbs will only require 25 lbs of force to move it. This is because the pulleys are assisting the lift.

When purchasing a cable machine for your home gym, make sure the resistance ratio and provided weight allow you to have enough weight for your workouts. For example, a machine might have a lb weight stack, but a ratio, meaning the maximum resistance you'll get is 'only' lbs.

If the weight feels different when you use a different machine, just remember this rule and adjust accordingly.


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