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5 Reasons Truckers Love the Classic Peterbilt Truck

The Peterbilt truck, is one of THE most popular models of all big rig trucks, originally built for the discriminating owner operator who needed a truck that could stand up to the challenges of long haul trucking.

The Pete was Peterbilt&#;s top of the line conventional highway truck. In it&#;s day, it was THE hottest rig to own.

Peterbilt has made some great trucks, but this model, truly helped to make the Peterbilt company what it is today.

5 Reasons We Love the Peterbilt

At the time the was first introduced to the market, if a trucker wanted a long hood rig, the choice was the Peterbilt or the Kenworth WA truck.

Freightliner, wasn&#;t even in the race, back then.

Black 84 Peterbilt Round Headlights

5 Reasons Truckers Loved the Peterbilt

1.  Any specs could be ordered.  The Pete &#;s had a large engine compartment. Almost any engine and transmission combination, could be spec&#;ed for an order.

This was a huge advantage as they could be designed for logging, produce work and any kind of specialized trucking. 

At the time, the Cat engine was popular and it would fit under the hood of a &#;.a popular choice. 

Virtually any tranny could be placed in the 359 model, even the Spicer , the transmission of choice at the time.

 Peterbilt Black Gray Custom Rig

2.  Cool signature features such as long hood, large breather canisters, high stacks, prominent grill.

Custom Peterbilt Large Sleeper Berth Maroon Black

3.  Aluminum bodyextended life of the unit.

Another added perk to the aluminum composition, was that it didn&#;t suffer from corrosion, so the bodies of this model, would, and have lasted a long time. aluminum body also made for a light weight truck.

If a trucker was looking for the lightest unit possible, this truck could be ordered with an all aluminum cab and bunk, and even the frame could be ordered in aluminum.

It was &#;full size&#;, and didn&#;t weigh very much&#;. a factor that was especially important to truckers hauling extra heavy freight, like produce haulers.

4. Excellent turning radius, due to the steering box and the length of the steering axle.

5. Solid after market value. Not only was the style of this rig, top notch in it&#;s class, but it&#;s resale was like no other!

Because it could be ordered just about any way possible, the resale of these rigs were excellent&#; a major factor for owner operators and trucking companies.

In fact, the Peterbilt, still maintains excellent value, even today, with a market flooded with used old big rigs.

The last or so, of &#;s manufactured, were &#;numbered&#;.

These particular units are especially valuable. Peterbilt had a series of custom paint jobs which were unique to the &#;s and if a has one of these paint jobs, it will bring in even more money in resale value.

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Peterbilt Red White Late Model

A Sad Day For Fans &#; Peterbilt Stops Making the

When Peterbilt announced their decision to discontinue their model, it set off a frenzy, and many people rushed to buy them, thinking that the company was discontinuing this long hood truck&#;.. a smart marketing move on their part.

But what the company really did, was actually make some improvements to the design and the quality control, and essentially just made the Peterbilt even better.

They improved the cab by making it wider with more leg room.

They called it the UNIBILT cab which is a cab and bunk on one air ride system.

The UNIBILT cab substantially improved the ride of the vehicle. Thus, the beginning of another legend, the Peterbilt

The was quite a truck in it&#;s day.

 Peterbilt Numbered Truck

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December 01,


Peterbilt Spotters Guide

A brief photo reference guide to identify various Peterbilt models from the s

During the 's Peterbilt continued to refine the conventional line-up.  The model was introduced as a wide-hood and a highway-lightweight version called H was available.  The 1st stand-up sleeper was installed on a in   also saw the introduction of an entire new line of conventional models and the last in



The carried over from the 70's.

Model 6x6 shared the " SBFA hood.



H with bright polished crown, 36" sleeper and roof fairing. H with standard hood, roof fairing and non-sleeper.  Note the battery box now has a built in step with tread designed to clear slush and snow.  This also has square turn signals and roof lights.

vocational configurations - x6, FEPTO and SBFA.

This I-DOT has the Severe Service cab.


The model continued from the 70's.  The pictured has a FEPTO bumper, Severe Service cab, set forward front axle and painted crown and surround.  was available in SFFA, SBFA and tandem-steer configurations.


also continued from the 70's.  This has the Severe Service Cab option. was available in SBFA configurations.

Rear view of a prime mover.  


The model was the largest Peterbilt built.  featured a 40" wide frame, " rails, optional suspensions up to , lbs. and power plants up to the Cummins KTA, Caterpillar and Detroit Diesel 8v  Only 2 's were built.


Severe Service Cab

The Severe Service cab option included an optional windshield mask with a wider center post and rounded glass corners.  The mask was availble on all cab models.  



By rectangular quad headlamps became available.  By the mid 80's square fender turn signals became optional, along with Hadley square air horns and aero-style roof marker lights. 

Late '79 into builds saw the all-Peterbilt 36" sleeper. Photo courtesy of R.Gaines 

A late year  similar to the '84 calendar.  This has square turn signals, roof lights and no fender marker lights.  The bumper fog lamps are also the rectangular style. 

Another later year with square turn signals, roof lamps and no fender marker lights.  

This built has one of the first factory installed raised-roof sleepers.  The new sleeper had rear doors on both sides.  Note the square fender mounted turn signal and the forward fender corner marker light has been omitted.  

became the benchmark for the "Large Car" customized truck.  Here a has large aftermarket sleeper, fat straight pipe exhaust, extra horns, extra grille bars and numerous custom items.  

"Old No.One" the first truck from the Denton, Texas plant in was bought back by Peterbilt and restored to factory-fresh condition by staff and remains on display at the plant. 

The last Compare it to one of the first.

  Even 20+ years after the last was built, the remains popular with many still in service and is a favorite for restoration for show truck duty.

Eighties Interior

Classic II interior in blue vinyl and velour. Classic II in brown.

Peterbilt Spotters Guide Page 3

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copyright Tim's Trucks and Tim Ahlborn.  Photos copyright their original photographers and Peterbilt Motors Company.

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1999 Peterbilt 379 EXHD with Stand Up Sleeper c42875

Hi , here"s a chance to get a Peterbilt EXHD WITH THE SUPER RARE FACTORY DOUBLE BUNK STAND UP SLEEPER , When"s the last time you saw one of these trucks with this factory conversion ??
The speedo reads k miles on the clock . I dont know motor milage , ive only had this truck for 8 months ,was gonna customize but another project came up ,so this needs to go ..
Runs great !
Shifts great .!
Fresh maroon red paint .
New upholstery in the cab , the custom standup sleeper is bare and ready for your own touches
Cat power B motor runs great .
Eaton fuller 15 speed gearbox .
inch wheelbase .
Jake brake .
Fresh tires
This truck would be great for somebody who wants to customize or just put it to work .
This truck is located in San Diego Ca ..
Buyer is responsible for pickup and delivery , I will help any way I can . .

Condition: Used Year:
Mileage: , Engine Make: Caterpillar
Make: Peterbilt Engine Horsepower:
Model: EXHD Fuel Type: Diesel
For Sale By: Private Seller Vehicle Title: Clear
Transmission Type: Manual Number of Axles: 3
Suspension Type: Air

Up peterbilt sleeper stand 359

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  2. I have to agree on the modernized part. Both mine are just like they were sent for the most part. I wanted to put a 36 inch on the red and black one but the frame, cab, and sleeper numbers all match so in the end that won out. The B model has been worked extensively but it is still the original block and pump, Its no fun to me if I ain&#;t working it I am choosey about how and where. Done all of mine including the paint, but the body was in good shape already. It was a one owner that had been well cared for its whole life.
  3. I have also ran across a model in the last couple days. It has been disassembled and the B model Cat was sold. This gentleman redid the hood cab is in very good shape and when he went out to to where he kept the sleepers to show it to me it was a factory standup. I&#;m definitely a flattop lover 36" til I had 3 kids now 63" will be needed for when they pile in with me. Being a standup though I&#;m kinda wanting it too. I know they only made a few in 86& I know this is getting off my original thread but does anybody know exactly how many of these they made? It was also a factory 2 stick truck and has the big Eaton rear ends so I m trying to work a deal on it also. Maybe put it back so if one of my sons ever trucks he can do it in a classy ride. After he&#;s proven he can take good care of one of course!!! Lol
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