Brakes for 2003 jeep liberty

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2003 Jeep Liberty Brake Service & Repair

When To Get Your Jeep Liberty Brakes Checked

Getting your 2003 Liberty’s brakes checked before trouble starts is a good idea. There's no need to wait for a problem. We make it easy by providing free brake checks to all of our customers so that we can help stop problems before they start. You can request a free brake inspection at any time or during another service, like a tire repair or an oil change. If you've been putting off regular car care, though, keep the following brake symptoms in mind.

Brake problems include unusual noises, a vibrating pedal or steering wheel, a burning smell near your tires, a “lit” dashboard brake signal, or a sensation that things aren't like they used to be. You know your Jeep Liberty best. A free brake check can help keep your system performing well. In general, manufacturers like Jeep advise that at a minimum, front and rear brakes are disassembled and serviced at least once every 12 months or 12,000 miles. That includes checking the parking brake, too. Brake service and/or repair should be performed as necessary. Want to keep your brakes ready for anything? Stop at your local Firestone Complete Auto Care for a quick inspection. We offer free brake checks seven days a week. Our expert technicians are happy to examine your 2003 Jeep Liberty brakes, brake pads, and other braking components. Preventative brake care can help keep you safe on the road.

Brake Pad Replacement for Your Jeep Liberty

When should you change the brake pads on your 2003 Jeep Liberty? It depends on you and your driving style. In general, brake pads last from 30,000 to 40,000 miles. If you drive mostly on the highway and tend to brake smoothly (as opposed to slamming on the brakes), your brake pads may last longer. If you often haul heavy loads or ride your brakes, your brake pads may wear out sooner. How often you need to replace your brake pads also depends on what kind you have on your Liberty. Not all brake pads are created equally. Some materials last longer. Thankfully, when you get Jeep Liberty brake pad replacement at Firestone Complete Auto Care, you also get a limited Lifetime Parts Warranty. Brake checks and brake pad replacements are some of our most popular services. For your Liberty, we’ll use brake components that meet or exceed Jeep’s specs.

Get Your Jeep Liberty Brakes Fixed

Your Jeep Liberty may be powered by a strong engine. One that’s strong enough to take you into high mileage territory. [content-1-text-4-2] One that can outlast the 170,000-mile mark. But if you can’t stop it, it’s as good as scrap metal. If you notice your brakes are squeaking or not working well, don’t wait! Safe driving and responsive brakes go hand in hand. Plus, waiting can lead to more expensive parts wearing out and requiring replacement. For example, if you drive with completely worn out brake pads, your rotors might start to warp, and the metal-to-metal grinding may compromise other healthy parts. We can help prevent that damage from happening. Get your 2003 Jeep Liberty brakes fixed at Firestone Complete Auto Care. Our brake repair services include brake pad/shoe replacement, rotor/drum resurfacing, brake fluid exchange/bleeding, and wheel cylinder and brake caliper installation. Make an appointment for Jeep Liberty brake repairs or services today.

2003 Jeep Liberty Repair

You rely on your Jeep Liberty to get you where you need to be. We’re ready to help when something goes wrong or to help stop a problem in the first place. Click on a repair below to learn more about 2003 Jeep Liberty repairs.


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How to replace Rear brake pads on Jeep Liberty

Weak Brakes? 2003 Liberty



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Oct 24, 2008
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Dot 4 is what the dealers are now using.
Definitely bleed all four corners and were the old pads worn evenly?
I do not know what brand you went with but would recommend Napa, what a difference, rear brakes were in need!
I may even change the front over to Napa Premium/adaptive one pads as the front brakes (OEM) make way to much dust and lack grip, and they were replaced 10k ago.
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2003 liberty jeep for brakes

2003 Jeep Liberty – Rear Brakes


Today’s featured service is Rear Brakes on a 2003 Jeep Liberty, brought to us by a client from Little Mountain, Vancouver.

Jeep Liberty

2003 Jeep Liberty. Note the discolouration on the front wheel. This is due to rust particles from the metal on metal brakes. This wheel was previously mounted on the rear.

This Jeep Liberty came to us with the rear brakes badly worn: a loud grinding noise was present on every brake application.

Upon inspection we found the left rear brakes worn metal on metal. The term metal on metal refers to the fact that the brake pad material has completely worn away and the metal backing plate on the brake pad is rubbing against the brake rotor. The rotor is solid metal.

While brakes worn this severely are always repairable it always comes with extra costs. Pads and rotors must be replaced and usually calipers are damaged from the intense heat generated when the brakes wear to this point. In many cases however, a sticking brake caliper can cause this wear in the first place.

One often overlooked area of damage when brakes are run metal on metal for an extended period of time are the iron particles which are created by the wearing components. These coat the wheel(s) with an almost impossible to remove layer of baked-on, rusty iron dust. I’ve even seen vehicle paint jobs damaged by this excessive wear.

Jeep Liberty

Jeep Liberty wheel covered in rust from metal on metal brakes. This rust is baked on and very difficult to remove. A perfectly good wheel has been damaged.

Fortunately this is all preventable. Regular brake inspections, performed at least annually, will inform you of the condition of your brakes. Any grinding noises heard while braking should be immediately addressed.

Metal on metal brake wear is also a safety hazard as your brakes are not capable of stopping your vehicle as quickly. The sound and pedal feel is also downright annoying!

On our featured Jeep Liberty the brakes worked fabulously after replacement, unfortunately it will have a rusty wheel to remind the owner of the worn out brakes that were left too long.

For more about the Jeep Liberty check out this link

For more about disc brake operation click on this link

Jeep Liberty

New brakes on the right rear. New pads, rotors and calipers. The parking brake shoes are not visible as they sit inside the rotor. They were also replaced as the shoes had delaminated.

How To Change Brake Pads \u0026 Rotors, Front (2002-2007 Jeep Liberty)

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