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Thumbs Up Crying Cat is a reaction image of a cat with photoshopped teary eyes giving a thumbs up. The image, akin to Crying Cat, is typically used to suggest sadness but with an added feeling of compliance signified by the thumbs up. Though the earliest crying cat was posted in 2014, the Thumbs Up Crying Cat was created in June 2019 and became popular on Reddit and Twitter.


On August 26th, 2017, Discord user posted the earliest known variation of the meme in the JabGood server, naming the emote "JabGood" (shown below).

Lord Raph 08/26/2017 new emote lads Lord hamish 08/26/2017 00 strangest_stranger 08/26/2017 Cat Felidae Text Small to medium-sized cats Font

That year, people began posting versions of the cat with tears welling in its eyes. One of the earliest was published on November 11th, 2017 (shown below).

Попка Акула 1/л6/2017 enjoy my organic boy Cat Cat Small to medium-sized cats Felidae Whiskers Photo caption Nose Organism Aegean cat Eye Font Carnivore Kitten Photography

On June 17th, 2019, Redditor IAMAdumbgirl posted the original photoshopped image captioned "sad thumbs up" to r/sadcats (shown below). The post received over 1,700 points (99% upvoted) in a year.

Cat Cat Mammal Small to medium-sized cats Felidae Whiskers Nose American wirehair Carnivore Aegean cat Snout Singapura Asian German rex Eye


Crying Cat, also known as Schmuserkadser, refers to a series of photoshopped images of cats with teary, glassy eyes to appear as though they are sad. The earliest known usage of the Crying Cat was published by an anonymous Meme Generator user on June 11th, 2014 (shown below, left). The image is a photoshopped version of Serious Cat, due to the fact that the background of the image and ears and color of the cat are identical (shown below, right). Within four years, the image has generated more than 925 images.

Cat cat small to medium sized cats cat like mammal whiskers eyeLare serious cat his is serious thread Cat cat photo caption small to medium sized cats cat like mammal whiskers fauna burmilla khao manee domestic short haired cat eye


In April 2020, The image gained popularity as a reaction image on Twitter and Reddit. On April 18th, Twitter user @SaoryEmanoelle responded to @RespectfulMemes' post about thinking only of someone else to which they responded with the reaction image captioned, "They not thinking about us though lmao" (shown below, left). On June 22nd, Redditor edmemesthrowawaybby posted the image to r/EDanonymemes and captioned it "When you’re chilling with your BF and he asks if you’re good but all you can think about is how fat your thighs look when you cuddle" (shown below, right). The post garnered over 200 points (100% upvoted).

Respectful Memes @RespectfulMemes · Apr 18 How I'm spending my time during social distancing: Thinking about you SaoryEmanoelle @SaoryEmanoelle Replying to @RespectfulMemes They not thinking about us though Imao 2:47 PM · Apr 18, 2020 · Twitter Web App Cat Cat Small to medium-sized cats Felidae Whiskers Nose Photo caption SnoutWhen you're chilling with your BF and he asks if you're good but all you can think about is how fat your thighs look when you cuddle o lawd Cat Cat Small to medium-sized cats Felidae Whiskers Photo caption Facial expression Nose Aegean cat American wirehair Snout Carnivore Eye Internet meme Asian Photography Organism Polydactyl cat

In late July, the image became popular on r/dankmemes. On July 27th, Redditor mijuzz7 used Thumbs Up Crying Cat in a captioned post to r/dankmemes that accumulated over 47,000 points (96% upvoted) in three days (show below).

Random player on my team: "Fuck off, noob. You're trash." Me, who just bought the game and is trying my best: Cat Whiskers Small to medium-sized cats Felidae Photo caption Nose Snout Aegean cat Internet meme Singapura Asian American wirehair Font Photography Organism Carnivore Eye

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Crying Cat Thumbs Up Memes


Crying cat giving a thumbs up memes depict someone trying to signify positivity or stability when they are actually quite sad. More broadly, they can be used to represent situations that are bittersweet.

This feels bad from dankmemes

According to Know Your Meme, this photoshopped version of a popular crying cat meme first appeared on the subreddit r/sadcats in June 2019 in a post by user IAMAdumbgirl. From there, the meme spread to Twitter and Reddit where it was particularly popular on r/dankmemes in July 2020.

These memes are popular reaction images for scenarios when someone is hurt but trying to put on a brave face. They’re also reminiscent of a TikTok where a cat cries while continuing to eat a Hot Cheeto.

Gonna miss you buddy from dankmemes

Understandable, have a nice night from dankmemes

Daddy from dankmemes

True story from dankmemes

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Thumbs Up Crying Cat

Thumbs Up Crying Cat: blank meme template


The “Thumbs Up Crying Cat” meme is a reaction image involving the photoshopped image of a cat giving the viewer a thumbs-up gesture. This sister image to "Crying Cat" has commonly been used to indicate a mixture of sadness but acceptance of a situation, possibly to avoid being difficult. Why the original Crying Cat meme debuted in 2014, Thumbs Up Crying Cat is significantly younger.


On June 17th of 2019, IMAdumbgirl, a user on the social media site Reddit, uploads the initial picture. She adds a caption of "sad thumbs up" to the r/sadcats subreddit. The image goes on to garner over 1700 points, with a 99% upvote rate in a single year.


This is the sort of meme you would use when you are feeling a blend of sadness and duty. The cat obviously looks distraught but the addition of its thumbs up basically conveys the message of "Man this sucks but alright, let's get this over with." Example uses of this reaction image could include the following.

  • Being given a rain-sensitive job in the dry conditions of the summer and taking solace in receiving a paycheck despite horrible temperatures.
  • Receiving the wrong delivery from a restaurant when it is too late for a correction. You have something to kill hunger even if you have allergies.


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Thumbs up crying cat memes

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