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Emeralds Shower
If you're looking for a guide to getting Emeralds, you've come to the right place! Read on to find all our tips on how to get the glittering green money of Minecraft Dungeons.

Enderman dropping Emeralds
Sometimes when you defeat enemies, especially stronger ones like Enderman, they will drop Emeralds for you. How considerate!

Emeralds from Treasure Chests
No dungeons without treasures to loot, and in Minecraft Dungeons the Treasure Chests are guaranteed to drop Emeralds, so try to find them all.

Emeralds from Pots
Placed randomly around all maps, these pots are just waiting to be smashed and give up the Emeralds inside.

Salvage Weapons for Emeralds
If you no longer need a weapon, if for example you got a stronger one, you can salvage it for Emeralds.

Since you can only equip two weapons at a time, there should be plently of good Emerald fodder for you to salvage!

Diamond Pickaxe
While it might be hard to find since it's a Unique weapon, the Diamond Pickaxe has the "Find More Emeralds" effect - Most likely a must for anyone looking to rack in loads of Emeralds.

Prospector Enchantment
This enchantment is a lot easier to find than the Diamond Pickaxe and gives up to +300% increased chance to get Emeralds from mobs.

Effects of Prospector
Prospector ImageProspector
Find more Emeralds on fallen enemies.
Tier 1
+100% increased chance
Tier 2
+200% increased chance
Tier 3
+300% increased chance

Creepy Crypt Mission
Creepy Crypt seems to have a lot of rooms with blue pots, and those usually grant both Treasure Chests and Emeralds, making it an ideal place to farm Emeralds!

It's also usually quite big, so if you have the Diamond Pickaxe with you, you'll be able to get even more Emeralds as you mow your way through.

A more advanced trick that requires a bit of set up to pull off, this trick can net you tons of Emeralds, without you having to do anything. Check out our guide on AFK farming below!

How to AFK Farm

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Minecraft Dungeons emeralds guide: best farming locations

When you kill an enemy in Minecraft Dungeons, there is a high chance that green gems will scatter everywhere. These are emeralds and they act as the game's currency. So why do you need emeralds?

Well the main reason is to exchange them with the Blacksmith or the Wandering Trader at the camp for a random weapon, random armour piece, or random artefact. Since they are randomised and you'll have the chance to get unique weapons quickly this way, you'll want as many emeralds as possible.

Minecraft Dungeons emeralds guide

Our Minecraft Dungeons emeralds guide will give you tips for emerald farming including an emerald farming build to try out, and where the best missions to emerald farm are.

Minecraft Dungeons emeralds

Enchantments and unique items that give more emeralds

Certain enchantments and unique items have some effects that can give you a better chance to give you an increased chance to get tons of emeralds. Here are the known enchantments and unique items that can increase your yield of emeralds for defeating enemies.

  • Prospector (Melee enchantment)
  • Diamond Pickaxe (Unique weapon)
  • The Last Laugh (Unique weapon)

Minecraft Dungeons emerald build

If you can somehow get The Last Laugh unique weapon with the Prospector melee enchantment, you have a greatly increased chance to give you a better chance of farming emeralds quickly. The Last Laugh is a sickle weapon that boasts a high attack speed, so should cut down  I'd also look into any enchantments that increase your attack speed.

If you're looking for builds for your hero that are focused on dealing damage rather than farming emeralds, I recommend checking out our Minecraft Dungeons best builds guide.

Minecraft Dungeons emerald grinding tips

Finally, before we conclude this guide, here are our top five emerald grinding tips so you can make a fortune as quickly as possible.

  1. Stick to the higher difficulty tiers. You'll have a lot more enemies on screen at any given time, meaning more chances to farm emeralds.
  2. I'd also recommend playing levels where the types of enemies encountered are easy to defeat. You don't get any more emeralds for defeating tougher enemies. The easiest levels to grind emeralds are Creeper Woods, Soggy Swamp, and Pumpkin Pastures, though I also like Desert Temple for its many vases to break.
  3. An alternative strategy in the late-game is to repeat some levels at lower difficulties. The idea is to get as many items as possible, then salvage them for emeralds. Since the item's rarity is all that affects the price, it doesn't matter if that item has a lower power level.
  4. Due to the size of the secret mission: Creepy Crypt, this can also be a good option for emerald grinding. The number of chests present in this secret level can exceed the chest counter on the map screen. Learn how to unlock it in our Minecraft Dungeons secret levels guide.
  5. You can increase your attack speed even more by equipping a Death Cap Mushroom. This will help you slice through enemies quickly.
  6. Find every single chest and vase in every level. Each one gives you a lot of emeralds. You should also add the one chest pig per level, as this piggy bank erupts emeralds when broken open.

Minecraft Dungeons emeralds

Minecraft Dungeons guide series

Thanks for reading our Minecraft Dungeons emerald guide. You'll find plenty more guides for the game in the section below, so do check them out.

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Minecraft Dungeons: How to Farm Emeralds (Fast & Easy)

Minecraft Dungeons for better or for worse simplifies the endeavor of acquiring better gear whilst making the upgrading process just as simple with a little bit of depth to it. Players are forced to discard their gear rather than hoard them as upgrading them is specifically tailored to enchantments. The only way of getting more enchantment points is by salvaging previously upgraded items or leveling up for more.

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Emeralds are used solely for the purpose of purchasing gear from the blacksmith and the wandering trader at camp. As weapons cannot be physically upgraded in the sense of increasing damage output or it's gear level, players must rely on the collection of emeralds in order to procure better gear and face the Archillegers mobs head-on. This guide will explore some methods for quick and easy farming, and take out the stress of trying to procure better gear.

How to Farm Emeralds in Minecraft Dungeons

Emeralds are guaranteed whenever looting vases and brown chests which regularly show up on missions, around camp, and when players first load into the game. But from enemies, emeralds drop seldomly which can make it a little frustrating when trying to push past a power level players may currently be stuck on. Enemies don't drop new gear as frequently either, so exchanging with the blacksmith and wandering trader is the only consistent way to get gear, as the items received will always fall in the recommended area to raise the power level. Not every level has the same drop rate when it comes to chests and vases that carry emeralds specifically. Also, killing enemies can be a hassle, and clearing levels takes a while as most sudden events that occur in-game require players to kill everything in sight before continuing. Luckily the game doesn't exactly discriminate against players for playing missions below their recommended levels so setting the difficulty slider to the lowest setting will save time. But, the easier the difficulty the fewer enemies that will spawn.

Creepy Crypt which is a secret mission with a large enemy count that can be found very easily, and is an excellent place to activate plenty of encounters. There are plenty of switches lying around that will activate ambushes, rewarding chests, and vases for surviving. Dead skeletons are also strewn about underneath black shields with a golden cross so, disturbing those also happen to activate encounters. Rare weapons chests also reward emeralds and usually pop up after an ambush. Finally, Players should invest in builds that increase attack speed whilst raising damage. The goal is to defeat enemies and move through dungeons as quickly as possible. Prospector is a must-have weapon enchantment that will increase the chance of emeralds dropping from enemies up to 300% when maxed out. Rampage is a perk that has a chance to increase attack speed after killing an enemy. Boots of swiftness is an artifact that increases the movement speed with a mere 5-second cooldown. Mushrooms increase attack speed, damage, and movement speed for a good period of time so mopping the floor with mobs should be pretty easy. Some Unique weapons such as the Diamond Pickaxe specifically increase emerald drop rates so try and look for those.

Tinkering around with the aforementioned enchantments and those similar will make farming for emeralds as quick as possible. Running Creepy Crypt at Default II with only prospector and no other enhancements will net about 400-500 emeralds in a single run. Due to the length of the dungeon, this can take anywhere from 15-25 minutes so increasing attack speed, movement speed, and damage can narrow that down to about 10 minutes or less per run. Farming for emeralds at the beginning of the game is a little bit dicey as weapons tend to have only one active enchantment slot. Being lucky enough to get a weapon with two enchantment slots, both with prospectors available will stack the effect. So earn some levels, set aside some enchantment points for when appropriate gear rolls come around and grind for those emeralds for a chance to get great items from the gear vendors at camp.

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Minecraft Dungeons is available on Xbox, Ps4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.


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FASTEST \u0026 BEST Emerald Unique Farm (+15.000 Emeralds / EVERY Hour) in Minecraft Dungeons

How to Farm Emeralds Fast in Minecraft Dungeons

By Cameron Corliss


Minecraft Dungeons features emeralds as the central currency, but there are faster ways to earn them while adventuring than some think.

Minecraft Dungeons is sort of a beginner's ARPG, though that isn't necessarily a bad thing. The game features a decent smattering of missions, interesting mobs, and the Minecraft iconography fans know and love. Progressing through the game, players will earn emeralds, the game's primary currency, but there are faster ways to gain them than some realize.

Emeralds are spent on purchasing new gear from vendors, of which there are several throughout the game. They can be used to get cool new gear quickly, rather than running through missions on Minecraft Dungeons. However, those that want to purchase entirely new sets of gear are going to need quite a few emeralds to do so, making farming emeralds in Minecraft Dungeons a necessity for some.

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How to Farm Emeralds

There are a few different ways to farm emeralds in Minecraft Dungeons, as well as ways to boost the number of emeralds earned. Each time players level up, they should check their gear for the "Prospector" enchantment. Prospector will increase the likelihood that emeralds are dropped by enemies, which will help speed up the process considerably.

Additionally, players should be sure to check all the nooks and crannies of a level. Frequently, Minecraft Dungeons will have alternate pathways leading to chests, more enemies, and secrets. Not only will this help bump players to Minecraft Dungeon's max level faster, but it will load their pockets with emeralds that can be spent on gear.

There are tricks to finding every chest in Minecraft Dungeons,mostly revolving around speed. Dungeons also informs players on how many chests they missed at the end of a level, which can be a good indicator of whether or not players searched thoroughly enough. One thing to keep in mind is that there are things like pots in each level, which also drop emeralds when broken.

Some weapons also increase emerald drop rates, like the Diamond Pickaxe and Last Laugh. Those weapons can be turned into fun builds for Dungeons,offering a bit more replay value in the game as a whole.

Salvaging unused gear is also a quick and consistent way to earn emeralds, plus it will refund any enchantment levels players have used on the salvaged gear, allowing players to reinvest in new equipment. That's one of the main benefits of salvaging gear, which can't dropped or traded in Minecraft Dungeons.

Minecraft Dungeons is available now for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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Ultimate Guide to AFK Farm EXP \u0026 Emeralds with Any Armor at Soggy Swamp Apocalypse Plus 18 to 22

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