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Armed Frontline(Girls' Frontline for Arma3)

Article by Cleista

GFL Explained: Neural Upgrade banner image, featuring M4A1 and ST AR

2/18 update: For readers that came here in search of information about NTW's and M4 SOPMOD II's Neural Upgrades, please refer to this section of the February Monthly Roadmap

MOD Priority: MOD I everyone > M4 SOPMOD IIMod II > M4 SOPMOD IIMod III > NTWMod III > Any

2/1 update: Added information about the new Fire Control Component item. 

11/19 update: If you landed on this page trying to figure out whether to upgrade M4A1 or AR, the priority is as follows: 

  1. M4A1 Mod I and ST-AR 15 Mod I
  2. M4A1 Mod II,
    • Level her Mod Skill to
  3. ST-AR 15 Mod II
    • Level her Mod Skill to
  4. M4A1 Mod III
    • Enhance her Mod Equipment
  5. ST-AR 15 Mod III
    • Enhancing her Mod Equipment is optional

M4A1 Mod is also sufficiently complex that reading the following short guide explaining her usage is recommended. 

What is the Neural Upgrade system?

what is neural upgrade

The Neural Upgrade system, also known as Digimind Upgrade or sometimes simply as a remodel (Mod), is an upcoming mechanic for Girls’ Frontline EN that is expected to be released late September. 

The Neural Upgrade option allows certain T-Dolls to be enhanced beyond their normal limits, which improves their level cap, rarity, and stats, on top of unlocking a second skill at Mod II. Furthermore, any T-Doll upgraded to the maximum tier (Mod III) will receive new in-game art, updated voiceovers, and a unique special equipment.

Receiving a Neural Upgrade is a big deal for any T-Doll, as her performance can tremendously improve after undergoing the Upgrade. The pool of eligible units on EN started with the three Neural Upgrade Voting event winners — M, M14, and G36 — with additional batches of three or four units added to the game once every few months.

Where is Neural Upgrade performed?

While Neural Upgrade has not been released on EN at the time of writing, astute commanders may have noticed the presence of a greyed-out option in the Research menu hinting at the eventual release of this feature.


After official in-game launch of this feature, the Neural Upgrade tab will be enabled, and commanders who navigate there will be greeted with a familiar T-Doll selection panel.


Only units who have a potential Neural Upgrade will be possible to select, which makes it a very small list for EN at feature launch. On top of that, the T-Doll must:

  • Reach level cap (Level before Mod, and the corresponding Mod I/II caps of level and thereafter)

  • Be 5x Dummy Linked

  • Have Affection


With any prerequisite not satisfied, Neural Upgrade is not possible.


After an eligible unit is selected, the commander is presented with a screen showing effects of the Neural Upgrade, including: 

  • Level cap increase

  • Rarity increase

  • Stat cap increases (at MAX level) to Damage, Accuracy, Evasion, Rate of Fire, HP, and Armor, if any. 

  • Skill 2 unlocked, if any

  • Special Equipment received, if any

However, this process is not free; the resource cost of performing an upgrade is shown at the bottom near the confirm/cancel buttons, in M14’s case costing 15 Dummy Cores and of a new item, Memory Fragments. 

Memory Fragments can be earned in a new type of Combat Simulation, Neural Cloud Corridor, and are specifically used for Neural Upgrade. 

Neural Cloud Corridor

Like the Neural Upgrade menu option, a greyed-out tab for the Neural Cloud Corridor has been in the EN client for quite some time now. This specific Combat Simulation will unlock at Commander Level

fragment sim

As Neural Upgrade is a late-game feature, commanders are recommended to ignore the two lower tiers of Neural Cloud Corridor and simply go for the highest level one, as their echelons at this point should have no trouble with the simulation.

fragment sim 2

Neural Cloud Corridor can be considered a fancier version of the Enhancement Capsule Combat Simulation, with three tiers that are essentially the same deal of walking through ? nodes before killing a single enemy group for the rewards.

random node 10 fragment reward

The ? nodes may either award varying amounts of resources or 1- Memory Fragments, similar to the Enhancement Capsule Combat Simulation ? nodes that yield either resources or enhancement capsules. All possible outcomes are positive.

score screen, +30 fragments

The final fight is a quick brawl against some Brutes, Dragoons, Jaegers, and Jaguars. Despite the intimidating-sounding enemy DPS units, the lack of tanky enemy units such as Scouts or Guards makes this fight much easier than it seems on paper. Any level 90 5x dummy linked team should have no trouble taking down the final enemy to earn 30 Memory Fragments, completing the simulation. 

With the ? nodes dropping 10 Memory Fragments about 50% of the time, and the final enemy kill granting 30 Memory Fragments, this works out to an average income of 45 Memory Fragments for one clear of the Advanced Neural Cloud Corridor, or 15 Memory Fragments per Combat Sim Energy. 

Even though the natural cap of 6/6 Combat Sim Energy limits the obtainable number of Memory Fragments after maintenance without Extra Combat Sim Energy, commanders who wish to Mod a T-Doll immediately on the release of Neural Upgrade can obtain some Memory Fragments from the Cafe by reading the new Neural Upgrade-related stories. 

cafe remodel stories award fragments

As at least 3 units will be released in the first Neural Upgrade batch, commanders can expect to receive at least free Memory Fragments on release day. Please look forward to the stories, as they’re quite well-written and will be a treat for anyone interested in the lore.

Mod I

After Neural Upgrading a level T-Doll, she becomes “Mod I”, gaining a new level cap of and an upgrade to their rarity.

m14 remodel screen

2★ and 3★ units will become 4★, 4★ units will become 5★, while 5★ units will become 6★. Typically, only 2★ to 4★ T-Dolls will receive the Neural Upgrade option, with 5★ remodels being the exception rather than the norm.

This rarity increase affects the T-Doll’s skill multiplier, for example increasing M14’s Damage Focus boost from 60% to 65%. Tile buff potency also increases to match her new rarity, reducing HG cooldowns by 15% instead of 12%. 

Additional tiles are also occasionally added to a T-Doll’s buff formation if their previous coverage was poor, such as G3’s Mod granting her an additional forward-facing tile. 

To reach the new level cap of from level , a T-Doll needs to gain exactly 2,, XP, or combat reports - approximately 61% of the experience needed from level 1 to  

Commanders can halve the amount of grinding or combat reports needed by establishing an Oath with the T-Doll, which doubles her experience gained from combat and Combat Reports after level  

Mod II

After Mod I comes Mod II, an even further upgrade that bumps the level cap from to and unlocks the T-Doll’s secondary skill, or Skill 2. This upgrade is substantially more expensive than Mod I, costing five times as many Memory Fragments in M4 SOPMOD II’s case.

sopmod remodel screen

This additional skill is not activated separately, and is either an effect that is tied to the activation of Skill 1 or a permanent, separate passive boost. For example, M4 SOPMOD II Mod II’s Skill 2 modifies her grenade so that it splits after detonation, while SAA Mod II has a secondary skill that simply adds a passive buff to her teammates over time, independent of her Damage Focus skill.

remodel skill training

The newly unlocked Skill 2 starts at level 1 and must be trained, similar to the first skill. The Training Data costs and time required (scaling up to 24 hours for the last level) are the same per level. 

To reach the new level cap of from level , a much higher requirement of 4,, XP, or combat reports ( with Oath) are required - about % of the XP requirement to level from to


The final upgrade available to T-Dolls with a Neural Upgrade option, a Mod III upgrade unlocks the final level cap of , new in-game art and voiceovers, as well as a unique special equipment for the T-Doll. Notably, if an Oath has been established with the Mod III T-Doll, her Affection cap increases to (from ), with an additional 5% gain in stats at Affection for a total of 15% increase to DMG/ACC/EVA compared to 5% without Oath.

As the final upgrade, Mod III also costs the most out of all the tiers, requiring % more Memory Fragments and 50% more Dummy Cores than Mod II.

sopmod remodel screen

Special equipment are often marginal upgrades over 5* equivalents, such as M14’s Bipod that adds 48% Crit Rate and 10 Accuracy. While the Mod III special equipment is often useful, the triple enhancement cost of special equipment is still present, and may be a considerable resource drain for a relatively minor benefit. 

One notable challenge commanders may face after the Mod III upgrade is the experience requirement of 27,, to reach the T-Doll’s new level cap of , which is over times the XP needed from level to As many T-Dolls gain important single points in their stats at some point between Levels and , commanders who want perfect stat maximization are in for the long haul when faced with Mod III’s incredibly steep XP curve. 

For commanders wishing to minimize grinding, the following chart may be of use. Shown values indicate the level at which the corresponding T-Doll reaches their maximum stat cap for the corresponding stat. Values under indicate that the T-Doll’s stat cap is not meaningfully increased from level gain post Mod III.

T-DollTypeLevel for max DamageLevel for max RoF

Neural Upgrade Cost Breakdown

Assuming 12 energy regenerated per day:

Pre-Mod RarityRemodel StageDummy CoresMemory FragmentsCombat Sim Energy equivalent
2★Mod I10 (~1 day)
Mod II2040 (~3 days)
Mod III3080 (~6 days)
Total60 (~11 days)
3★Mod I15 (~1 day)
Mod II30 (~ days)
Mod III45 (~9 days)
Total90 (~ days)
4★Mod I20 (~1 day)
Mod II40 (~ days)
Mod III60 (~11 days)
Total (~ days)
5★Mod I25 (~1 day)
Mod II5080 (~6 days)
Mod III75 (~ days)
Total (~ days)

5★ Neural Upgrades such as the one for NTW will require another item, Fire Control Component (FCC or IFCC) that is purchasable twice per month through the Expedition Black Market or events (typically awarding 10 per clear). Discounting event drops, 5 months of expedition drops are needed per 5★ Mod. 

  • MOD I requires x2.
  • MOD II requires x3.
  • MOD III requires x5, for a total of 10 FCCs to fully MOD III a 5★ T-Doll.

For commanders with a large number of stocked Combat Reports that want to assess their ability to rapidly level up remodeled units, here’s a quick reference chart of Combat Reports required to level units:

LevelCombat ReportsCombat Reports (with Oath)
1 ->
90 ->

For a rough ballpark approximation of number of runs required if grinding manually, take half the number of combat reports required. The exact run count will vary slightly as each run provides XP (~ combat reports) before level , and XP thereafter.

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About the Author(s)


(AKA Nonotan, Discord Cleista#)

Guide writer and editor for Girls' Frontline, and one of the few people who like its gameplay more than the gacha. Got MICA to pay me  gems once. 

Send guide suggestions and ideas via DM on Discord, or drop some in the #gf_site_suggestions channel on the Community Discord. 


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Article by Redarrix

Neural Upgrade Priority Guide featuring the M/GSH/M38 batch

Latest Additions

The July Neural Upgrade batch includes:

  • M (Medium Priority) - The first SG MOD to reach EN, M carries the unique ability to grant herself and others in her column with a shield up to three times when receiving buffs. She will be of great value for future events in situations where the echelon will be fighting groups of hard hitting enemies for considerable lengths of time, as well as any situation where you need 2 SGs.

Click to jump to the M Mod analysis section

  • GSh (No Priority) - GSh represents an interesting idea that does not play out in practice. All of her shots have a chance to provide shields to her teammates, but these shields are both unreliable in application and too weak to be worth it.

Click to jump to the GSh Mod analysis section

  • M38 (No Priority) - Unlike Type 64 who doubles down on the stun grenade, M38 branches out and adds an incendiary grenade to her loadout. Unfortunately, the extra AoE that this incendiary grenade has does not make up for the pitiful damage modifiers that it has. In practice, her incendiary grenade not only comes out later, but will hurt enemies far less than even MP40 will.

Click to jump to the M38 Mod analysis section

Tier Changes:

  • UMP45 (Medium to High) - Despite not being a game changing upgrade overall, the cost effectiveness of UMP45 MOD cannot be understated. It’s one that everyone should do as soon as possible for dirt cheap.
  • Stechkin (Medium to High) - Similarly to UMP45, Stechkin’s cost effectiveness makes her an appealing upgrade despite not being as game changing as some other MODs.
  • SAA (High to Medium) - With the new abundance of HGs that have come in as the game has progressed, SAA MOD is not as important as she once was. She remains an amazing HG and an upgrade to still do in the long run.
  • M (Medium to Low) - M’s niche as a low cost farmer has dwindled as time goes on, as enemies become harder and other HGs perform better in those scenarios for a lower cost. She still has her place though and is a good upgrade in her own right.
  • M14 (Medium to Low) - While still a great upgrade to a great doll, the need for M14 MOD has reduced more and more as time goes on. With so many great generalist RFs available that perform similarly or better to M14, she is now a low priority upgrade.
  • MP (Medium to Low) - Similar situation as SAA, the new abundance of HGs has given MP a lot less value, even for non-dupers. She still remains a good HG and a cheap one at that given her 2 star status, saving her from No Priority for the time being.
  • M (Medium to Low) - The applicable use of M has now passed between the last update and this update, resulting in her moving back down to Low Priority.
  • C96 (Low to No) - C96’s fun quirks are no longer enough to save her from being a No Priority upgrade.
  • FN (Low to No) - Basically the same case as M14, the introduction of so many great RFs dwindles FN’s value a lot. Not just that, her insane cost to bring her up to the viable level (MOD3 and Oath) hinders the value even further, unlike M14 who at least has a good base form and doesn’t strictly require MOD3 or Oath.
  • Type 64 (Low to No) - It was only a matter of time. Already at the bottom of Low, Type 64’s super cheap upgrade simply isn’t good enough to recommend her anymore.

Other Changes:

  • Some dolls have moved around in their previous tier. Please check out all the tiers to see the new priority orders.
  • Hanyang Type 88 received a complete overhaul to her explanation. This was in order to better reflect her primary strengths and make them more clear compared to the other components of her upgrade.
  • All of the aforementioned dolls in Tier Changes (bar MP) have received minor tweaks to their explanations. Other dolls have also received minor adjustments to their explanations, such as ST AR, KSVK, M4 SOPMOD II, AS Val, and NTW
  • At some point in the future, a certain selection of dolls will be receiving buffs to their MOD Special Equipments. Any dolls which have this now have a footnote under their explanation talking briefly about these buffs.


The Neural Upgrade system (Otherwise simply referred to as “modding”) allows you to enhance the performance of certain dolls. Those dolls which have access to Neural Upgrade can enjoy better stats, new/improved skills, Special Equipment, and even a rarity and art upgrade - often making them much stronger and more usable. 

With the process being costly however, it can be daunting for commanders who are getting into modding for the first time to choose where to start. This guide aims to help those commanders who might be struggling to decide on where to start, or even anyone simply trying to select an upgrade candidate among their own short-list of T-Dolls they want to upgrade next. While this article does provide a general overview of all currently available Digimind Upgrades and rank them by priority, knowledge of the basic system mechanics are assumed.

Before continuing, reading the below guide to obtain a good understanding of the system as a whole is recommended if you’re new to the concept of Mods/Neural Upgrades:

Ranking Explanation

  • In terms of priority, dolls are sorted into four tiers: High, Medium, Low, and No (sorry IDW). 
    • For High, Medium, and Low Priority dolls, they have been ordered within the tier based on their overall value. Even within the same tier, some mods do still take clear precedence over others.
    • For No Priority, they are ordered alphabetically. When you’re at the point of doing these mods, order is irrelevant because of how little all of them offer.
  • Neural Upgrades are ranked based on overall value vs cost.Dolls with higher priority will generally have a higher return on investment: they offer more to the average player for the resources required compared to lower priority dolls.
  • This does NOT mean that Low Priority MODs are bad. Certain Low Priority Dolls actually have great upgrades, but they simply don’t have as much value as other higher priority dolls for whatever reason.

Certain upgrades may be more or less valuable to you depending on certain personal factors such as if you have access to comparative dolls, or if you simply like the doll a lot and would like to upgrade them ASAP. An example of this would be that FN may have greater value than normal to someone who doesn’t have Lee-Enfield.

High Priority

These Neural Upgrades are highly valuable for what they offer and should be the first dolls that you invest into.

M4A1 Mod III



Recommended Upgrade Level: MOD3

M4A1 is objectively the most valuable MOD in the entire game and should be the first MOD performed by everyone. The amount of applicability that M4A1 MOD has to almost all important aspects of the game is unparalleled. She can do everything she could before and much much more.

The most important aspect of her upgrade is her new Skill, Seal of the Avenger. While her Damage Focus skill is active, she will mark whoever she is targeting and, more importantly, will pull out and use a cannon when there are three or fewer friendly dolls on the field. This cannon majorly reduces her fire rate, but gives a massive damage boost and splash damage capabilities. This cannon lets M4A1 deal absolutely ridiculous amounts of damage and enables team compositions that can kill otherwise impossible enemies. Look at her insane damage output:


The sheer power and utility of M4A1 cannot be understated. At an absolute minimum, she should be brought to MOD2 to get Seal of the Avenger. MOD3 is absolutely recommended though in order to obtain her amazing Special Equipment and bonus stats from affection if you oathed her. For more information on how exactly her skill works and which teams to build around her, check out the article below:

NOTE: In the future, M4A1 MOD’s Speq will be buffed to give considerably more Firepower and a hefy Rate of Fire boost as well. This is to make the Speq competitive with the #2 Chip, a new equipable for ARs that is not yet available on EN.




Recommended Upgrade Level: MOD2

MA (Calico) MOD brings some powerful and interesting upgrades to the mix. She’s already an amazing HG and only goes up from here.

Even at just MOD1, Calico already gains an excellent boost from her enhanced tile formation and improved Skill 1 multiplier. Not only does her tiles’ buff amount improve, she even gets a new tile positioned straight behind her, allowing her to not only buff the position 4 HG (which can be great with Python for example) but also be used more effectively in teams with HS or teams where another position 5 HG is desired.

Skill2 from MA’s second Neural Upgrade stage is where things get really interesting though. SOUL LIVE! grants one of two different effects depending on the type of node that her echelon enters combat in. 

  • If it’s an allied node, a deceleration zone in front of the echelon will be made that reduces enemy movement speed and evasion. 
  • If it’s not an allied node, she’ll give everyone a small RoF boost for a short time and also massively buff non-HG doll movement speeds up to roughly the same speed that HGs enjoy.

On allied tiles, the whole echelon will enjoy the safety that comes from the reduced enemy movement speed, buying them more time before they enter attack range - especially useful due to the long initial cooldowns and low initial DPS of RFHG echelons. On non-allied tiles, the extra ally movement speed allows for some otherwise impossible micromanagement potential when such a thing is needed - like dodging enemy AoE attacks with otherwise slow RFs.

Overall, this is an extremely impressive MOD for an already strong HG. It’s worth getting her up to MOD2 for the new Skill and some players even go so far as to dupe multiple MA Mod (at the cost of not being able to reach Mod 3 due to a lack of Fire Control Cores). Even then, if you’re really short on fragments or cores, MOD1 is still a strong enough option to be worth considering if you don’t need the FCCs for anyone else.




Recommended Upgrade Level: MOD1

UMP45 MOD… is actually not that substantial of an upgrade overall. So why on earth is she in High Priority and this high? It’s simply because of how cheap she is compared to other MODs in the game.

UMP45 is one of the few upgrades where MOD1 is the most beneficial. This gives her even stronger tiles, a stronger Skill 1, and a nice stat bonus. Overall, MOD1 is a simple but effective upgrade for a cheap price. Her Skill 2 and MOD3 Speq are pretty underwhelming upgrades and are not worth the extra memory fragments and cores.

MOD2 and MOD3 for UMP45 are definitely lower priority. Getting her to MOD1 however is highly recommended simply because it’s so cheap to do for what you get. For only 20 cores and memory fragments, UMP45 MOD1 is a more than worthwhile upgrade.




Recommended Upgrade Level: MOD3

ST AR is an extremely beneficial MOD. The substantial performance upgrade that comes with her Mod skyrockets ST AR’s damage output through the roof and makes her the highest single-target DPS AR in the entire game against unarmored enemies, only contested by 89 Shiki (who requires manual control for maximum damage) or AS Val Mod with a very specific setup.

ST AR can cap her RoF from Skill 1 alone and her Skill 2, Crime and Punishment, has her pull out a secondary weapon that deals 10% of her normal damage (bumped up to 20% if she is attacking an opponent marked by Seal of the Avenger). This combined with her ability to equip two DPS-boosting accessories gives ST AR incredible sustained DPS in long fights against unarmored or lightly armored enemies. Since she fires two shots at once as well, she can somewhat avoid the issue of leaving enemy dummy links with a tiny amount of health left, which is somewhat helpful for her DPS capabilities. 

ST AR MOD is extremely useful as a DPS AR and typically works in a different type of echelon than M4A1 Mod, so don’t be fooled into always running them in the same team! ST AR should be brought up to MOD2 at minimum, but MOD3 is recommended. In day battles, her MOD Special Equipment is very strong, especially given that she can use it with a VFL. Note that at night though, she will want to use VFL + PEQ.

Type 88 Mod III



Recommended Upgrade Level: MOD3

Now… this is certainly one hell of an upgrade to try and explain.

Well, while it can seem overwhelming at first, there’s only a couple of key points you need to actually understand so that you can see why Hanyang Mod is so beloved. She gets one of the most overwhelmingly unique neural upgrades available. Previously an undesirable night focused RF, her upgrade boasts insane levels of AoE capabilities not seen on any other RF.

Let’s start at the main meat of the upgrade. Her new Skill 2: Almighty Combat Skills. This skill is overloaded with a ton of different effects, the most important of which is her giant freakin’ laser beams! Specifically, all of Hanyang’s shots will gain the pierce effect when Skill 1 is active. Note that while this is visually represented by the aforementioned laser beam that only shows as shooting straight forward, Hanyang can and will still shoot in other directions. Having pierce is a massive boon, particularly for large clusters of enemies and helps her to outperform many other general RFs.

Skill 2’s other effects include a variety of different attacks to her regular shots. When enemies are directly in front of her, she’ll switch to a melee attack that will send out waves of energy that hit the entire row. She’ll also launch either a cluster grenade or a missile when Skill 1 triggers. The missile will launch if her target is armoured and has the highest HP, while the cluster grenade will launch if her target is unarmoured.

As for the other new components of her kit, she receives a healthy boost to both her Damage and Rate of Fire, two upgrades she sorely needed. Her Accuracy also gets a considerable boost, though she still remains on the lower side of Accuracy for RFs. Damage Focus N also receives more damage and a much needed reduction in Initial Cooldown. On top of all this, Damage Focus N receives a new effect: a whopping % movement speed increase. If Hanyang ever needs to move for whatever reason, this will be of great value.

There's no need to worry too much about the seemingly complicated details, since in practice all of this simply translates to Hanyang dealing tons of damage. Here's a video of her in action that'll explain this far better than any text description:

It’s a lot to take it at once, but put together the pieces and you’ll see why she’s such a powerful RF. With her massive laser beams and all her additional sources of damage, Hanyang boasts AoE performance unrivalled. Whether you’re looking to rank or just have another insanely fun RF to use, Hanyang Type 88 should be one upgrade on everyone’s radar. She’s best at MOD3, coming with a powerful Special Equipment and enjoying the extra stats from Oath. MOD2 is still strong though for those who don’t have the immediate resources to get her straight to MOD3.




Recommended Upgrade Level: MOD3

As the first non-construction doll to receive an upgrade, KSVK does not disappoint. KSVK MOD packs a lot of fun, a lot of firepower, and most importantly of all: floofier ears than ever.

KSVK MOD’s biggest selling point is her Skill 2, Shockwave Demolition Round. When there’s any enemy under the effect of a negative status effect, she will prioritize the closest enemy with a negative effect and her shots will deal splash damage behind the target. She’ll also see a statistical improvement primarily to Damage and Accuracy, increased modifiers on Skill 1, and an interesting new set of tiles that buffs shotguns.

With her Skill 2 in action, KSVK now boasts amazing damage output that only gets better with more present enemies.  Her main downside is her fairly rigid team requirements. She needs someone that can provide consistent debuffs, such as MA MOD with deceleration zone, HP, or the Beach Fairy. Without this, her performance does drop off considerably. 

I think all you need to see is the below video where a KSVK exodia single-handedly mops her way through 60 Hydras:

If you can provide the debuffs, KSVK will provide the destruction. Overall, KSVK MOD is an impressively fun and explosive upgrade. She’s definitely a worthwhile upgrade for all commanders and her overall usefulness cannot be understated. Do note though that you’ll need a well developed arsenal of dolls first for her to shine, so she’s not recommended for newer commanders. She’ll want to be brought up to MOD3, for both her strong Special Equipment and bonus stats from oath.




Recommended Upgrade Level: MOD3

You like boom? If the answer is yes, MOD has got all the boom you’ll ever need. Much like with SOPMOD, MOD becomes an incredibly powerful grenadier AR.

How does achieve a lot of boom? Well, she gets a fairly good boost to all stats across her upgrade and also receives stronger tiles and coverage. The big buffs though come from her Skill 1 and new Skill 2. Her grenade not only receives a stronger damage modifier, but gets a whopping two second reduction to her ICD, meaning her bonkers powerful grenade gets fired in 6 seconds, the same ICD that FAL enjoys.

Her Skill 2 is Parasitic Grenade, which makes one of two additional effects happen depending on if does or does not kill the main target with her grenade. If she does kill the main target, a second explosion with lower damage but a larger (4 yards!) blast radius will occur. If she doesn’t kill the main target, that enemy will instead take damage over time and also take more damage from other sources, which is a very useful debuff that keeps somewhat relevant against elite enemies or bosses. Regardless of which effect occurs, will be contributing colossal amounts of overall damage from her grenade.

If you want to deliver a nuclear blast unto the enemies quickly, MOD has your needs more than covered. MOD also has the notable advantage of being the best option for corpse dragging E, which is the overall best farming map in the game for both experience and cores for the foreseeable future (and if you want to do Chapter 13's 1-link Vector drag, you'll need MOD's buff tile there too - there's no escape).

While MOD2 is perfectly fine for , she benefits greatly from her nice MOD3 Special Equipment and bonus oath stats, so MOD3 is overall recommended if you have plenty of Fire Control Cores.

NOTE: In the future, MOD’s Speq will be buffed to give a hefty Firepower boost. This is to make the Speq competitive with the #2 Chip, a new equipable for ARs that is not yet available on EN.




Recommended Upgrade Level: MOD2

While lagging behind the other AR team members in terms of raw DPS, M4 SOPMOD II nevertheless has a very powerful MOD which makes her one of the best grenadier ARs in the game.

Her Skill 2, Hysterical Circus, turns her grenade into a cluster bomb. After the initial explosion, it splits into three smaller grenades which will deal a small amount of AoE damage. (You can mostly ignore the synergy with M4A1 Mod’s Seal of the Avenger, since you won’t usually run them in the same team) The extra smaller grenades don’t quite have the same destructive power, but free damage on top of M4 SOPMOD II’s already amazing AoE damage potential is always welcome.

Outside of her grenade, SOPMOD MOD also enjoys a nice stat boost and even a base crit rate boost. Her Speq is also great, being an improved EOT with far better stats. This lets M4 SOPMOD II maintain decent DPS outside of her grenade, something most grenadiers cannot do. 

Overall, SOPMOD’s Neural Upgrade is a highly worthwhile MOD that everyone should eventually do. MOD2 is sufficient for her, as obtaining her Speq is not as important as it once was. MOD3 is still a nice upgrade regardless.

Stechkin Mod III



Recommended Upgrade Level: MOD1

Stechkin MOD is a worthwhile upgrade to an already strong HG, but not in a way you’d normally expect a HG to be. She’s a member of the illustrious MOD1 club and actually doesn’t offer too much beyond her initial upgrade.

Her Skill 2, Percussion, is actually a fairly loaded skill in terms of effects. She will increase her own Damage and double her Crit Rate when her Skill 1 is active. She’ll also target whoever has the lowest HP and reduces evasion of enemies below 30% HP. In practice though, this skill doesn’t offer as much as one would probably hope. The one support centric aspect of it (the evasion debuff) is tied to a rather harsh below 30% HP requirement.

Stechkin's MOD III equipment is effectively an X-Type Exoskeleton with 20% free crit rate. When combined with the 20% base crit of HGs and her Skill 2's crit-doubling effect, Stechkin can reach 80% crit rate at Night with her MOD III speq even when she has a PEQ equipped, which can let Stechkin effectively clean up low health enemies. This is unfortunately extremely expensive and not likely to be worth the investment cost, due to the inherent low DPS of HGs. 

MOD1 is therefore Stechkin's most cost-effective upgrade. For a relatively low price, Stechkin will enjoy improved Skill1 and tiles that make her buffs even stronger than many 5-star HGs. For the cost, she’s more than worth it.

AS Val Mod III



Recommended Upgrade Level: MOD3

A true zero to hero, AS Val rises from one of the weakest base ARs to the new crown of Night Empress for night performance assuming you can give her the right support to reach her max potential. She has dethroned OTs and 9A by such a huge margin that there’s not even a contest anymore. 

What makes AS Val MOD so incredible is Faith, her Skill 2. This skill is very simple, but amazingly powerful. Whenever AS Val receives a damage buff from any source (Fairy Skill/Talent, HG buff, or even her own Skill 1), she gains perfect accuracy for 3 seconds. What is so utterly bonkers about this is, when combined with certain support, she can completely forego using a PEQ at night in favour of a VFL. The best choices for her are Python, M MOD, and a Fairy with the Fervor talent. All of these factors alone already increase her skill coverage considerably, but when combined will allow for almost perfect coverage in the first 20 seconds. This Google Sheet and the below infographic contains all the specific details you need.

AS Val MOD also enjoys a nice stat boost, an upgraded Skill 1, tiles that finally face forward (which is great since her tile buff is actually very strong), on top of a good Special Equipment that bumps her raw damage up even further. Everything combines to give her outstanding DPS at Night, easily surpassing the former Night Queen Groza and reaching levels competitive with ST AR Mod against certain enemies.

It should be noted that if you lack the means to give her this Skill 2 coverage (specifically a Damage boosting Fairy Talent/Skill), then AS Val does become considerably less worthwhile against unarmored enemies due to a lack of continuous Faith activation - forcing her to wear a PEQ. She’s still pretty good just on her own merits with another HG at night, but won’t exceed usual expectations if she can’t use a crit scope. Getting her to MOD2 for the skill is the minimum, but getting her to MOD3 allows her to enjoy her great Special Equipment and additional stat bonuses if oathed.

Medium Priority

These Neural Upgrades offer great value for the cost and are worthwhile to be invested in. Certain factors however make them not as necessary or desirable as those in High Priority.




Recommended Upgrade Level: MOD2

Rejoice, for at long last we can finally complete Singularity!

Memes aside, SAA MOD is a strong HG and offers a lot to all players. On top of her enhanced tiles and Skill 1, her new Skill 2, Duel Survivor, periodically increases the Rate of Fire and Accuracy of all allies every 4 seconds (and continues to work even if SAA retreats from the battle). Combined with her already immense damage boosting capabilities, what you have now is an incredible HG who buffs team DPS far above that of other damage buffers. As a fun fact, you can even reduce the interval between her Skill 2 boosts with RF buff tiles that reduce cooldown (not that it matters much practically).

The versatility of what SAA Mod offers makes her a worthwhile Neural Upgrade for most commanders. As she is a support through and through, her MOD3 Special Equipment is not hugely beneficial overall, so it is recommended to upgrade her to MOD2.




Recommended Upgrade Level: MOD2

From a meme to a force (shield) to be reckoned with, MP5 MOD sets out to eliminate the bad rep she got from appearing in everyone’s heavy constructions.

Besides the objectively badass art upgrade, MP5 MOD receives some shiny new tools to allow her to serve her Main Tank role a lot better. Statistically, she primarily improves her HP which was her previous biggest flaw. She also gets her Force Shield brought up to the 4 seconds of duration that G36c and Thompson enjoy. 

MP5's new Skill 2, Immaterial Defense, boosts her Evasion by 20% for every remaining enemy group when Force Shield expires, up to a maximum of 60% with 3 or more enemy groups present. With fights becoming longer thanks to tougher enemies, and MP5's special GSG UX Exoskeleton that has more Evasion on it (58) than an entire max-leveled Thompson (56), this all offers MP5 an overall significant boost to her tanking abilities that far surpasses other force shield SMGs.

The other amazing feature of MP5 MOD is she carries the rare niche of being able to buff RFs. Her tiles go great with RFs in night battles, capping their Crit Rate (assuming the RFs have maxed VFLs) and providing some helpful Accuracy. This makes her a strong choice for both RF squads where survivability is needed and also Hybrid squads which utilize both ARs and RFs.

This doesn’t mean you should always use MP5 in RF squads. You’ll want to decide, as per usual, which squad needs her the most instead of just defaulting her to any old RFHG team. That extra survivability won’t always be as beneficial as raw damage buffs from a HG!

If you are interested in rising to the top of rankings, MP5 MOD is a High Priority upgrade. As shown in the below chart for Polarized Light Ranking, all Shield SMGs play a pivotal role in this ranking.

PL Ranking

For the average player however, MP5 MOD is a very worthwhile upgrade but not one you would necessarily miss. If you do upgrade her, make sure you farm the GSG UX Exoskeleton from Night Chapter 4. It is recommended for her to be brought to MOD2. Her Special Equipment from upgrade is a EOT alternative, despite MP5’s focus being survivability, so she’ll still want a Suppressor.

Let’s be real though, anyone upgrading her will still take her to MOD3 for that art alone.

NOTE: In the future, MP5 MOD’s Speq will be buffed to lose the Rate of Fire reduction and instead gain an Evasion boost higher than the typical Suppressor. Because of this, MP5 may be recommended to MOD3 once this buff arrives.




Recommended Upgrade Level: MOD2

IDW’s American cousin bursts her way onto the Neural Upgrade scene as our first upgradeable SG. Thankfully, M got the memo on what a good MOD should be, unlike her British cousin.

Her Skill 2, Hunting Instinct, will grant herself and other units in her column with a 25 HP shield for 5 seconds whenever she receives any sort of buff that isn't a shield buff or movement buff. Note that this shield can stack up to 3 times and also REQUIRES another ally in her column, otherwise the skill does nothing. Similarly to how AS Val can attain perfect uptime on her Skill 2, you can achieve similar with M to ensure she and her same column allies are receiving constant shields.

In the coming events, there’ll be groups of enemies that will need to be continuously sustained under heavy fire for considerable lengths of time. For the echelons which carry the burden of facing foes like this, M will be a super valuable asset, helping to drastically increase the sustainability of not just herself but for the entire team. She will also naturally shine in any situation which calls for 2 SGs, such as facing Pyxis.


The rest of her neural upgrade is not too important. The most important part is the extra point of Armour she receives, helping more than one might think at first. She also gains a boost to HP. Her tiles now also buff Accuracy and her Armour boost from Skill 1 is higher. Skill 2 is the definitive selling point of the package, hence why MOD2 is her recommended upgrade level. Her Special Equipment is a red dot sight with some extra crit damage, so it can be safely ignored.




Recommended Upgrade Level: MOD2

The time-tested Nagant Revolver brings a solid MOD to the table, packing both good offensive and defensive support.

Her main upgrade lies in her Skill 2, Seven Tone Paean. This skill makes her reload after every 7 shots, but the first shot after every reload (including the first shot at the start of battle) will give all allies a nice buff to Damage and Accuracy for 4 seconds. On top of this, her already legendary Damage/Crit tiles get even stronger, and her first skill sees a further bump in effectiveness.

All in all, a great MOD for any battle you need a boost to both power and survivability. In particular, M pairs well with HS for shield teams (though TEC-9 can be a different budget option if you don’t want to pay the MOD cost) and is great for MGSG teams as well. The defensive nature of Nagant Revolver’s first skill does mean she won’t typically be the first choice for general use, even if her Skill 2 does patch it up somewhat.

You will want to get her to MOD2 for her Skill 2. Her Special Equipment is just a bonus and not imperative for her (though her Mod 3 art is amazing).




Recommended Upgrade Level: MOD3

NTW MOD is something that sounds like it’d be really powerful on paper, but in practice is not as universally applicable as you may hope for from such a costly upgrade. She is one of the best charged-shot RFs in the game when you do need that niche, however - and demand for this niche shows up pretty often in future events.

The upgrade reworks her first skill, now named Hunter’s Mania, to change her targeting mechanics, ignore shields, and gain better damage output. This is to go along with her new skill 2, Chain Reaction, where if her first skill kills an enemy, she shoots again up to three times with no aiming time and a flat 4x modifier, though sadly now with the ability to miss. This Skill 2 also has a passive component that buffs NTW’s normal attack damage against enemies with above 50% HP.

Sounds pretty cool, right? Well, it is cool, but sadly isn’t as special in practice as it might sound. For the most part, you’ll still be having her do what other nuke RFs like Grape and M82 do: hunting dangerous foes such as Doppelsöldners or Hydras, or killing enemies with high Evasion. The problem there is that NTW MOD is way more expensive than both of those, primarily due to needing New Type Fire-Control Components to be upgraded.

Still, her second skill does offer something quite unique that can help her to contribute more to mopping up the enemies accompanying these dangerous foes. It’s a pretty nice upgrade from her base form, just extremely expensive for what is ultimately on offer. Her Special Equipment is very nice and offers a great damage boost, so MOD3 will be beneficial. Though given the cost, just MOD2 for the skill can also work.

Micro Uzi Mod III



Recommended Upgrade Level: MOD2

Uzi was tired of being a joke in the community and decided to bring up her game! Micro Uzi MOD brings a pretty strong upgrade that can stand out in the right situations.

While she still possesses a lower Damage stat than one would like, Micro Uzi does make up for it with her peerless Area of Effect potential. Burning Chain, her Skill 2, will cause the burning damage effect from her grenade to spread around. This spreads both through new burning ground being created and through enemy groups simply burning each other. Against dense groups of enemies, this proves to be devastating due to the amount of damage ticks that enemies will experience.

Uzi Burn Dorito

Outside of dense enemy groups, Uzi will still enjoy good performance as an incendiary grenade off tank. She even has her tiles fixed so now she’ll buff the AR behind her!

If you’re looking for another relatively traditional incendiary grenade SMG with some insane potential against clusters of enemies, Uzi will be a great choice to upgrade. This AoE is very fun to play with and very strong against the right types of enemies, but strictly speaking it is nothing you’ll necessarily miss if you don’t MOD. Bringing Micro Uzi to MOD2 for the Skill is recommended. Her Special Equipment is really unsuitable for her. She wants an EOT, yet the Speq is an ITI - Accuracy won’t help the AoE!

NOTE: In the future, Micro Uzi MOD’s Speq will be buffed to give a Firepower boost higher than the typical EOT. Because of this, Micro Uzi may be recommended to MOD3 once this buff arrives.

Low Priority

These Neural Upgrades are good upgrades for their respective dolls, but typically don’t offer as much or don’t offer enough for the price as other upgrades.




Recommended Upgrade Level: MOD2

The MOD for this classic handgun gives her a rather unique identity, with M’s new upgrade leaning more towards a damage dealing role than the buffing/debuffing that is typically expected for most HGs.

Her Skill 2, Desperate Sharpshooter, has M fire off 7 quick attacks after throwing her smoke grenade - they deal double damage and progressively target the furthest enemy first, progressing onwards to the closest. Thanks to being a smoke grenade user (the only HG to be so at time of writing), M can be highly useful for keeping the team safe from threatening foes; her MOD skill’s appreciable early burst can help deal with any potential smaller mobs, or for using M as the solo farmer in low-difficulty event maps.

That’s right, M Mod is also good for cheap farming! The burst damage can be enough to take out many easy formations by herself, and M works great when paired with either another HG or AR as a flexible and low-resource farming team if her own DPS is insufficient. Running these budget teams can save you a lot of resources when farming the same map hundreds of times in events - the reduced cost adds up pretty quickly.

However, as time has gone on, the amount of enemy echelons M Mod can effectively solo has decreased and other HGs, such as Desert Eagle, are able to offer similar performance for farming without the need for a MOD. This is not to say M does not have her place in farming, she’s still good at it and some might find value in her. She’s still a HG and is held back by HG stats and lack of Armor Penetration, but M’s unique abilities make her a good Neural Upgrade candidate. MOD2 is the best value overall as her Speq is a fairly underwhelming upgrade over regular Hollow Point ammo.

M14 Mod III



Recommended Upgrade Level: MOD3

M14 MOD plays on all of her original strengths and simply makes her even stronger. While the need for her has dwindled over time, she still stands as a strong RF.

Her primary issue before the upgrade was her low Damage stat. The upgrade helps this through a raw Damage stat increase and her new Skill, Clear Fighting Spirit, that buffs her crit damage while her Skill 1 is active. This compounded buff results in M14’s DPS being similar to other powerful DPS RFs such as WA Her Special Equipment is also very helpful, being a VFL with a substantial accuracy boost - a stat M14 needs badly due to her deficit in this particular attribute. With armoured evasive enemies becoming more common at night, the extra accuracy does help considerably.

All this considered, she’s still all she was before: a strong general RF. Not to mention the constant influx of top tier RFs, making her upgrade less and less lucrative as time has gone on. If you do upgrade her, she will want to be brought up to MOD3. Not just for the Special Equipment, but oathing her does help to bump her performance up even more considerably.

Mosin-Nagant Mod III



Recommended Upgrade Level: MOD3

You wouldn’t typically expect a RF with an aimed shot skill to be an effective generalist RF. Mosin Nagant decided she didn’t like that mindset and became just that with her MOD!

As long as you have both of her Special Equipment, Mosin Nagant’s damage output is amazing. The raw damage she can deal per shot thanks to her Speq and new Skill 2 is extremely high. Her new skill in question, Pale Reaper, boosts her damage for 3 seconds when she kills with a normal shot and boosts her Rate of Fire for 5 seconds when she kills with her Skill 1.

Sadly, in practice this is not as effective as it once was. With a large variety of high HP foes now being prevalent in the latest content, she struggles to kill these foes with her Skill 1 and thus cannot consistently proc her Rate of Fire boost in every fight. That’s not to say she still can’t be effective though, but her use cases have gone down considerably.

The other downside is Mosin-Nagant is extremely costly to max out. She’s a 4 star base that needs both of her Special Equipment to excel, one of which is obtained via RNG in Chapter N. You do get a great RF for the cost, but she would be replaceable in most scenarios by a cheaper RF. If you do upgrade her, you’ll naturally want to bring her all the way up to MOD3 for the Special Equipment and Oath stat bonus.




Recommended Upgrade Level: MOD2

The precious little Viking gets a simple but effective boost to her capabilities from her MOD.

The most important of her upgrades is her new Skill, Tidal Breach. This grants her allies a decent Rate of Fire boost for 4 seconds when her Skill 1 activates. On top of this, her tiles now give even more Damage and her higher post-MOD Evasion stat makes it safer for her to be used on the frontline than before. This sadly doesn’t change the usefulness of her Skill 1, however. Decreasing the enemy Rate of Fire is not typically useful for increasing survivability when compared to debuffing Damage, which in itself is already niche in usage.

It’s not a fancy upgrade, but it’s effective and also cheap. The ability to boost Rate of Fire while having Damage tile buffs is rare, though the RoF buff duration isn’t as high as what’s offered by a dedicated buffer. Viking will definitely be more useful for those who don’t dupe T-Dolls in particular. She will want to be taken to MOD2 to unlock her Skill 2, as her Special Equipment is not impactful overall on her performance.




Recommended Upgrade Level: MOD2

A highly anticipated upgrade, LWMMG MOD is a solid upgrade that has ultimately come too late for her full usefulness to prevail. 

Statistically, she notably receives a nice Damage bonus and a boost to her clip size. Hunting Impulse also receives more accuracy and her tiles improve, though she still lacks armour and still only buffs straight in front of her. Shining Barrier, her new Skill 2, can grant a 5 HP shield to dolls on her tiles. This is at a 20% chance to activate per shot, bumped up to % during Hunting Impulse.

Her MOD DPS can be comparable to that of other MGs such as MG5, M2HB, and PK, plus she has the defensive shield utility when needed. It’s a nice upgrade to a popular doll, but it’s not something so impressive that developed commanders need to rush out and get. She will be particularly nice for newer commanders who may not have obtained alternative stronger MGs yet. Getting her to MOD2 would be a nice and cheap upgrade. Her SPEQ isn’t anything too Special, but she does enjoy the extra Damage from Oath if you’re willing to put in the investment.

One last point to note, for new commanders that might be needing strong MGs, it is highly recommended to raise LWMMG to MOD1. MOD1 is extremely cheap and offers a very substantial upgrade to her performance, helping to cover your MG needs until you acquire other options.

NOTE: In the future, LWMMG MOD’s Speq will be buffed to lose the Rate of Fire reduction and instead gain a considerable Crit Rate buff. Because of this, LWMMG may be recommended to MOD3 once this buff arrives.




Recommended Upgrade Level: MOD2

While the Reload Cancelling days have passed her, Auntie BAR nevertheless has a still solid MOD.

Her upgrade does improve one of her primary issues, which was lackluster upfront damage from her first volley. Battlefield Magic, her new skill, makes the initial shots in each volley come with a substantial damage boost. This improves her first volley significantly and makes her second volley extremely strong due to both skills being active at that time. This skill also gives her a flat reload time that’s fairly low for MGs, which helps offset the issue of her low clip size and perfectly synchronizes her 2nd/4th/etc. volleys with her Damage Focus MG skill.

All of this requires a fairly high investment cost to realize, however. While not quite as much of a cost as Mosin-Nagant is (since you only need to enhance one of BAR’s Speqs and can arguably skip both), it’s still very costly due to ideally wanting to oath her for the extra stats at MOD3 if you plan to use teams that rely on min-maxed damage output from M Mod.

M MOD is a costly but effective option who gets most of her potential unlocked at MOD2. The overall cost effectiveness sadly hinders her and places her towards the lower end of Low Priority, even below LWMMG who’s much cheaper.

NOTE: In the future, M MOD’s Speq will be buffed to lose the Rate of Fire reduction and instead gain a considerable Crit Rate buff. Because of this, M may be recommended to MOD3 once this buff arrives.




Recommended Upgrade Level: MOD2

UMP9 MOD gets an overall good upgrade to her abilities, though still suffers from most of the same issues that her base form does.

Statistically, her Evasion see’s a nice improvement with all other stats bar Rate of Fire getting a decent buff too. Her tiles also see a boost in how much Rate of Fire they give and her Stun Grenade now lasts for slightly longer. Her Skill 2, Snow Owl’s Roar, allows UMP9 to buff herself and the others in her column depending on what the Stun Grenade does.

If the Stun Grenade doesn’t stun her main target or said main target dies before the grenade hits, she and the others in her column get a small shield and small evasion boost. If she does stun her main target however, she instead gives a significant 50% damage boost. With the right timing, you can abuse this by moving UMP9 into the back row so she gives said damage boost to your DPS dolls.

Sadly though, UMP9 is still a stun grenadier. Her ICD didn’t receive an upgrade, still too volatile in targeting, and the stun grenade still does not work on bosses. Her usability remains niche overall and when that niche is needed, you could still just use Type79 instead, who will be similarly strong while not having the costs of upgrading.

UMP9 is definitely a good upgrade to a doll who’s sadly past her prime. She’s overall a low priority upgrade in terms of performance, but I know most of you will upgrade her anyway because of her story involvement and adorable smile. In that case, MOD2 is the optimal stopping point. Her Special Equipment from MOD3 is barely an upgrade over an EOT and she’s a main tank anyway, so she’ll want a suppressor in most cases.

NOTE: In the future, UMP9 MOD’s Speq will be buffed to lose the Rate of Fire reduction and instead gain an Evasion boost higher than the typical Suppressor. Because of this, UMP9 may be recommended to MOD3 once this buff arrives.

G36 Mod III



Recommended Upgrade Level: MOD2

G36 MOD may not be extremely flashy, but is still a good upgrade to an already good AR.

Her new Skill, Arclight Contract, combines support for the tanks with further buffs for herself. She will raise the Evasion of allies on her tiles while also buffing her own Rate of Fire based on the number of allies on her tiles. On top of this, she gets nice boosts to her overall stats, first skill, and tiles. This allows her to be an overall versatile AR that doesn’t falter in any particular area.

One drawback is that people looking to maximize her effectiveness will be in for the long haul. Her raw RoF caps at 76, but reaching this point requires her to be level This singular point of RoF does help her to pass thresholds for decreasing the total frames between shots when buffed by RoF tiles, so there’s a long grind ahead for min-maxers who want to raise G36 MOD.

Overall though, G36’s actual biggest drawback is the need for more specialised ARs. Her versatility is hindering her overall usefulness for newer content and there are now many better options than her in most cases. She’s still won’t be a terrible pick for most cases, but you’ll often find yourself desiring other ARs over her for most content.

If you do raise G36, it is recommended you get her to MOD2. The investment needed to raise her to level is too astronomical to recommend MOD3 for most people. Her Special Equipment, while good, is not something she’ll miss a whole lot.

No Priority

These Neural Upgrades have next to no reason to be done.

Bren Mod III



Recommended Upgrade Level: No

Bren MOD is special. I always thought these upgrades were supposed to improve the doll. Now don’t get me wrong, Bren’s MOD is technically an improvement on her base self, but it’s so poor of an upgrade that it is never worth it.

For some reason, Bren MOD decides to hyper focus all aspects of her kit on her Accuracy. She already enjoyed a good Accuracy stat, but now she pushes it to unnecessary extremes. Her Skill 2, Interval of Strength, gives her a stack of accuracy and extra ammo after every reload up to three times. It’s like Lewis, except without the good. Her Speq is also an EOT on crack, cranking the accuracy buff up drastically. She’s going to be reliably hitting targets for sure, but so are all of the other better MGs without all this accuracy padding.

With so much focus on accuracy, her damage gets left in the dust. She does get a pretty big raw Damage stat buff but that’s it. Not even the enhanced Lock and Load helps since she decided more bullets was more important. Even with all the extra ammo, she still falls behind the primary MG competition.

Bren MOD is painful. Such a revered Machine Gun deserved better than this. If she focused on her damage more, she could have potentially been a decent alternative to Lewis. But that’s not what we have. What we have instead is a doll too fixated on hitting her targets to understand she also needed to hit them harder. If you upgrade her, you’re probably doing it either to get the spot in collection or her amazing new art. Or to CE stack in Theatre, I guess - no one else can quite match her CE (but you won’t out-whale Fiddlekins or Eoneo anyway so why even bother). If you’re considering Bren MOD for any of these reasons, you probably have way more cores than you know what to do with - and way more options for MGs.

C96 Mod III



Recommended Upgrade Level: No

C96 is an upgrade that’s easy to look at and immediately write off as worthless. For the most part, she is a pretty weak upgrade, but she does have a couple of things going for her.

Her new Skill2, Night Sky Pursuer, grants allies 2 ammo to their current clip (if they even have a clip size) and raises their critical damage by 20%. C96's base stat upgrade is focused primarily on her Accuracy and Evasion, and her Skill1 and tiles also get stronger - but that's not the main reason why you would mod her.

C96 is forced into Position 5 if you're using her as an HG in RF teams at night, thanks to her odd tile layout. The 20% critical damage bonus may as well be an effective 20% DPS increase for RFs, plus the huge amounts of accuracy she gives can really help RFs a lot against evasive enemies. The main point of contention here is that Type59, a login 3 star HG who can debuff enemy evasion, fills this niche already and outperforms C

For a really out there quirk, C96 can meme Hunting Impulse MGs into outputting DPS numbers competitive to strong AR teams at night thanks to the massive accuracy buff and initial cooldown synergy. This will require there to be at least 2 seconds of walk time and for the enemies to all die within the first volley, so it’s not extremely practical but is at least fun.

Some may be able to have a little fun with C96’s interesting quirks. For most though, she’s a safely ignorable upgrade.

FN49 Mod III



Recommended Upgrade Level: No

FN MOD actually addresses a lot of the issues that her base form had, taking her from a bad RF to a good one.

With all the new upgrades that is brough, from the raw stat increase to the new and enhanced Skills to her new useful Special Equipment, FN sets out to fix her DPS issues and make herself comparable to the likes of Lee-Enfield. She may face issues at night however, considering her still relatively poor Accuracy.

While FN MOD is good, she is very costly. Getting her to MOD3, levelling her skills, enhancing her Special Equipment, and ideally giving her an oath ring leads to a doll that’s only comparable to Lee-Enfield before Special Equipment. For the cost, can I say it’s worth it? I’d honestly say no. Though out of all the dolls in this tier, she’s probably the best one. You won’t be hurting too bad if you upgrade her for waifu purposes. Outside of her fans though, FN is too much for too little.

G3 Mod III



Recommended Upgrade Level: No

While not an outright terrible upgrade, G3 sadly continues to be weak in the grand scheme of grenadiers.

Let’s start with the good: Her raw stats get a good buff that helps her offensive capabilities, plus she gets improved values on her grenade and her tiles. On top of this, her tiles finally face forward and she has a decent Special Equipment.

That probably all sounds well and dandy, but she still has notable faults. She still has poor DPS compared to other top grenadiers thanks to her low Rate of Fire and also has an underwhelming Skill 2. The Freezing Point of Courage gives her grenade an additional effect depending on the enemy health. Enemies hit below 50% HP take additional damage while everyone else gets stunned for a brief moment. Sounds good, but in practice will typically not offer too much benefit. The additional damage will typically only add overkill unless against very high HP opponents and the stun can be a nice bonus for hindering enemies she can’t instantly kill in one grenade.

G3 lovers will probably find an alright upgrade that will satisfy them. For most people though, there is basically no reason to upgrade her. The one niche she did have, which was being able to corpse drag , is now irrelevant with E being available to play instead.




Recommended Upgrade Level: No

Our adorable little medic GSh sadly doesn’t improve a whole lot with her upgrade. While there is an interesting idea at play, it is ultimately not that practical.

Her new Skill 2, Twin Star Protection, gives her a chance per shot to grant all allies on her tiles with a 1-HP shield. This chance is equal to her crit rate and can be stacked indefinitely. Also, her crit damage during Skill 1 is increased and she receives all the usual upgrades like better stats, improved tiles, improved Skill 1, etc.

The concept of infinitely stacking shields is an interesting one, but it sadly falls flat once you account for two major flaws. One, the chance being equal to her critical rate means these shields will proc unreliably. Two, the shields don’t actually “stack” on top of eachother and more merge together to increase the HP of a single shield. This ultimately means GSh would need to stack a lot of shields for it to block more than one attack.

While you could theoretically have GSh proc her shields on each attack and improve the tank’s survivability quite a bit, it is ultimately too small of a shield and too unreliable in its activation chance. Her upgrade is not downright awful, but it is not worthwhile for most commanders.




Recommended Upgrade Level: No

Everyone’s favourite meme comes back with a new upgrade and a vengeance! Except not really, considering IDW MOD remains pretty bad.

Her upgrades do little to fix her primary issues and certain aspects of the MOD itself actually conflict with one another. Statistically, she remains with low HP and instead decides to buff her Evasion even more, despite this being one area she didn’t need improvement. Her tiles are now slightly better too with a 10% crit rate buff (still bad overall though) and her Skill 1 sees a decent improvement.

Her new Skill, Electro Hijinks, goes against her main tank nature and tries to buff her DPS potential for whatever reason. It gives her 3 charges which boost Damage and Rate of Fire, with charges going away every 2 seconds and refreshing when her Skill 1 activates. You can probably guess this still doesn’t make her good at DPS. Then her Special Equipment, which is barely an improvement over a T4 Exo to begin with, still hits her Damage stat as hard as usual.

With all factors considered and an already abundant pool of strong main tanks available, IDW MOD offers nothing worthwhile to justify the costs. If you’re someone who’s just collecting MODs, get her to MOD1 and then forget she’s there. Not that you can actually forget IDW, since you’ll probably get her again in your next doll production.

M38 Mod III



Recommended Upgrade Level: No

M38 is a real cutie. If that was the only factor in upgrading, I’d say “yes, go and upgrade!”, but it’s not. M38 is the second 2 star stun SMG to get a MOD, the first being Type While she doubles down on the stun grenade, M38 instead tries to branch off for more offensive utility… though this still falls just as flat.

Her Skill 2, Scarlet Flame Pursuit, is quite literally just an incendiary grenade. Except on a longer ICD and with REALLY bad modifiers. The initial impact of M38 MOD’s incendiary grenade deals x damage, which is downright pathetic. To put this into more perspective, MP40 is a 2 star with an incendiary grenade and her direct impact deals x damage. Her DoT is also x, as opposed to the typical 1x that other incendiary users have.

M38’s advantage over these is the radius of her incendiary is units, as opposed to the units of other incendiary users. This means that M38 can theoretically stack up to the others when there’s a lot of enemies present and she can hit foes that the other incendiary users cannot. But this is a very specific scenario and even though her damage can add up, it’s more likely that she’s going to fail to kill her foes.

m38 graph

M38 is safe to ignore for practically everyone. Not even the fact she can buff RFs makes up for the lackluster damage output that her newfound grenade brings.

Sten MkII Mod III



Recommended Upgrade Level: No

Sten MOD packs a decent boom, but it’s far from enough to make her a worthwhile investment.

One the one side of good, her aforementioned Hand Grenade does back a decent punch after her upgrade thanks to the buffed Skill 1 and improved Damage stat. Her new art is also really good, but that’s hardly going to help her in combat.

Her new Skill 2 is Valiant Shield. She places down a shield that reduces incoming damage by 35%. It’s a decent defensive boost, but marred by a poor uptime and cooldown. It lasts for just 5 seconds and comes with a 16 second cooldown, which simply cannot compete with other SMGs like MP7 who have insane % Evasion buffs that have double the uptime. 

In practice, Sten's survivability fails to reach anywhere close to other top options. To make matters worse, she continues to maintain her trademark awful tiles. Evasion and Accuracy is the worst practical combination you could have for ARs, primarily thanks to the Evasion side of it being largely irrelevant for backline units. If this was changed to something like Damage, then we would’ve had a good set of tiles. Alas though, that is not the case.

All in all, Sten MOD is an ignorable and completely forgettable upgrade when it comes to gameplay investment. Nobody but her biggest fans will be in a rush to perform this upgrade, but her fans will be happy at least, since she is a real cutie after all with a great set of MOD 3 art.

StG44 Mod III



Recommended Upgrade Level: No

Being the first successful Assault Rifle in history, StG44 deserves so much, but sadly got so little. Like with G3, StG44 MOD is not a terrible upgrade, but it is one that won’t convince anyone that doesn’t already love her to give it another glance.

Her new Skill2, Firestorm, sounds a lot more powerful on paper than it actually is in practice. Her raw grenade damage is increased by 20% and there will be 3 secondary explosions after the initial, each one occupying a different radius of her HE grenade splash damage. Enemies can be hit by multiple of these secondary explosions, but when this occurs, the damage is often less than expected thanks to how dummy links interact with explosive damage. StG44 MOD still deals passable grenade damage in most cases, but she is forced to compete with Anti-Personnel Grenade users like or M4 SOPMOD II since StG44 maintains her 8 second initial cooldown, the same as AP Grenade ARs.

The core problem of High-Explosive Grenades is that they are just so utterly dreadful that this still doesn’t make them anywhere close to competitive, especially with the high HP, low dummy link enemies that are far more prevalent nowadays. StG44's overall damage as a grenadier is going to be low: in cases where you’d want a grenadier, her DPS will be comparable to just using an ordinary self buffer. If she launched an AP grenade instead, we would probably have an entirely different story here. Honestly kinda sad to think about.

As a fun side note, StG44 does get a slightly interesting change to her tiles. She now buffs ARs and gains extra tiles similar to what Ribeyrolles has. The problem here is that she is hardly a support AR, since her tiles buff Accuracy and Evasion. The stat boost StG44 gets from the Neural Upgrade is relatively good, gaining a decent chunk of Damage and Rate of Fire.

As with pretty much all dolls in this tier, StG44’s biggest selling point is just the art, which IMO is some of the best art that Neural Upgrades has to offer. She will actually be the first and likely only doll in No Priority that I will personally oath and raise to MOD3. For anyone who doesn’t already love StG44 like myself, there won’t be anything worthwhile found in her upgrade.




Recommended Upgrade Level: No

SV is sadly one of the bottom of the barrel upgrades. While it’s not the absolute pits like Bren and IDW, there’s still basically no reason to ever do this mod outside of love.

SV had the base to form a decent MOD from. Her stats were fairly good for a 3 star but suffered from her Skill, Interdiction Shot. Her upgrade decides to focus more on improving her damage with this skill instead of her general performance. Her Damage sees a decent boost and her new Skill 2, Shadow Savior, does give a small Accuracy and Rate of Fire boost when she’s cloaked. 

Still though, the primary focus is on improving Interdiction Shot as this Skill 2 also boosts her Skill 1 damage by 18% when she’s cloaked and then removes the cloak, resulting in her temporarily losing the Accuracy and Rate of Fire bonus. Becoming cloaked already requires her to not move for 3 seconds, so it is highly inconsistent.

One look at the DPS numbers shows this direction was the entirely wrong path to take. Her DPS at level while oathed is comparable to T-CMS… A 3 star login RF. Yeah sure, T-CMS is one of the decent login dolls, but visualise that for a second. T-CMS is comparatively the same DPS, but with much MUCH lower costs.

sv98 vs t-cms

Overall, SV MOD is an upgrade that only her hardcore fans will like, and those people are still likely only doing it for the art. For everyone else, it’s a completely ignorable upgrade that’s not worth the cores and fragments.

Type 64 Mod III



Recommended Upgrade Level: No

Type 64 is a decent upgrade at a low cost for those that like her

Her Skill 2, Silent Flash, now has her Stun Grenade offer an accuracy debuff. On top of this, the accuracy debuff component affects stun immune enemies, making her the only current stun grenadier to offer anything against bosses. Unfortunately, the time that accuracy debuffing is useful has passed us and now this skill is not very effective. Her Special Equipment is also fairly underwhelming, only being a small upgrade over a typical suppressor.

Black Ops 3 Girls Frontline Full Campaign Gameplay

With the Neural Upgrade system announced in EN, it's time to stop calling anything related to modding T-Dolls mod 3ing them. Cause I don't want to be answering the question if it's a separate system. It's the same thing, mod 1 and 2 gotta happen before mod 3. 

PS: You need to be Commander Lv 60 or higher to unlock this. 

PPS: Because this is important, and god knows no one will read past the basics sectionBe sure to oath the T-Doll you're gonna mod if you can. It doubles the exp gained from all sources while going from to


Modding a T-Doll via Neural Upgrade essentially pushes their level cap up as well as giving them other benefits. While vague, these other benefits are usually insanely good and can push a T-Doll from being garbage (hi Micro Uzi) to actually being something people want for their power. These benefits come at each tier of mod. This tiering is where the terminology of mod 3 comes from. Essentially, you have mod 1, mod 2, and lastly mod 3. Mod 1 is the first stage, which pushes the level cap to , mod 2 makes it , and mod 3 makes it You'll need to hit the level cap and have max dummy links/affection to mod or proceed to the next stage of the mod, as well as have cores and the new currency introduced with the Neural Upgrade system, Memory Fragments. 

These fragments come from that Combat Simulation that's been always locked since the start, the Neural Corridor. It's basically an upgraded Enhancement Combat Sim. You go over some random nodes and then fight an enemy for your Memory Fragments.

Also like the Enhancement Sim you can get the items you're running the sim for from the random nodes. Neat. RNG. Anyways, from the advanced version of the sim, you'll get a whopping 30 Memory Fragments per clear. This can go up to a total of 60 if you're lucky with drops from the random nodes(10 per). Did I mention you need thousands of these? Have fun.

Anyways, once you've gotten all that stuff ready, you're set. Go over to the Research section and head over to the Neural Upgrade tab. Pick out the T-Doll you want and you can then proceed to mod them. Do this for the next few level caps and you'll be able to finish out your T-Doll at Mod 3 with their (probably cool) new art. 

In Depth#

Ok, so you want the not adhd version of this. Be sure to read the basics first. First up, let's talk about mods themselves.

These are mostly made for story T-Dolls or weaker T-Dolls to attempt to push them to viability. Each mod stage gives the T-Doll you're modding unique benefits that are pretty static between any given mod. Also note that each stage of modding will give additional stats. 

Mod 1#

The most obvious thing mod 1 will do is push the rarity of the T-Doll up; 2 and 3 star T-Dolls will go to 4 star, 4 star T-Dolls goes to 5 star, and 5 star T-Dolls go to 6 star. However, mod 1 has two additional effects that go along with it. First, the skill of the T-Doll will get buffed. For example, AS Val's skill goes from a % damage boost to a % damage boost. Second, the tile buffs get buffed and sometimes changed. AS Val's tile buffs goes from a 25% FP 10% ROF buff to a 25% FP 15% ROF buff as well as gains an additional tile that gets the buff. In some cases, it can even buff additional types of T-Dolls. MP5 actually buffs RFs as well as ARs once she gets modded.

Mod 2#

Mod 2 is where the majority of the strength of modding comes from. Here, they'll gain their second skill. Yes, T-Dolls will get a second skill, and yes it eats your data. Not much to say about this in a general sense, the skill given isn't really different from any other skill. You level it the same and usually, but not always, the skill just activates when the first skill activates. Not much thought needs to be put in here. Any specifics about the skill would be talked about with the T-Doll, rather than here.

Mod 3#

Mod 3 is what most people think of when you're modding stuff. Here you're gonna be getting the updated splash art, updated chibi, and their special equipment. A lot of the special equipment aren't too game-changing, so you're not actually gaining a ton of power here. Some are definitely super worth going for, but a lot aren't. Just be aware of what each equipment actually provides if you choose to rush a mod 3. The one other "major" thing that you get when you mod 3 something is that the cap for affection goes up to if you've oathed the T-Doll. Yes, you also get an additional affection bonus once you get to affection. Woo. A little extra stats. It's nothing too huge, but it's definitely something. Just be aware of the costs of going to mod 3 on a T-Doll, cause it can get pretty high. 


The amount of resources needed to actually do any given mod depends on the base rarity of the T-Doll. Here's nice bunch of tables to show the requirements per rarity.

2 Star
Mod LvCore CostMemory Fragment Cost
Mod 110
Mod 220
Mod 3301,
Total Cost602,
3 Star
Mod LvCore CostMemory Fragment Cost
Mod 115
Mod 230
Mod 3451,
Total Cost902,
4 Star
Mod LvCore CostMemory Fragment Cost
Mod 120
Mod 2401,
Mod 3602,
Total Cost3,
5 Star
Mod LvCore CostMemory Fragment CostFire Control Component
Mod 1252
Mod 2501,3
Mod 3752,5
Total Cost3,10

Yeah, remember when I said you can get up to 60 Memory Fragments per advanced sim run? Yeah. Have fun. Just be happy that it's open every day.


Okay, so now that you can totally mod a T-DollYou should be good, right? No? How the fuck is the best way to go about this? ok ok, we can keep going. Let's start with leveling. 

First off, leveling is still the same as per usual. However, there's a few things about going over Lv that you should know. I think the first one should be pretty obvious. You need way more EXP to get levels as you get higher level. Here's a nice table showing how much EXP you need per level:

Level EXP Needed

As you can see, once you get to and mod 2, the exp needed goes up VERY sharply. If you're planning on using Combat Reports to get something to mod 3, you'll need a grand total of 2, CRs to do so. If you want to CR to , that's nearing 10k CRs. (Not recommended at all, is enough to get like, % of the power of the T-Doll)

The second thing you need to know is pretty simple and I already covered it at the top. You gain double exp from ALL sources once you've modded a T-Doll that's oathed. Those CR numbers needed to level? Cut that in half. The doubled exp gain even counts for that. Highly recommended to oath moddable T-Dolls if possible.

The last thingis bad news my dudes. has exp reduction once you hit Lv Game over, time to move on n or You can try and power through the reduction, but it definitely hurts when you need so much exp to hit

Modding Strategies#

Bear with me for a second. I know how it seems, "It's just upgrading T-Dolls, what kind of strategy could there be?" It's definitely a bit odd, but this is entirely warranted. There's a fair few people that are under the impression that you should rush a mod 3 ASAP. This is not a good idea unless you're loaded up with Memory Fragments. This is due to the majority of the power in a mod coming from them hitting mod 2 and gaining their secondary skill. It's far better to have multiple units at mod 2 than to have one at mod 3, especially if EN gets the high value mods early on. The cost of a mod 3 is very high in comparison to the benefit it gives. 

To add to that, once you're at mod 3, going to Lv doesn't give you much in the way of stats. You don't need to hit your head against the wall that is 10 jillion exp to hit If you can, go for it, but it's not gonna give you too much.

If you ask me "what should I mod first" I can't give you a good answer because that depends on who's available for modding. You gotta get a proper evaluation that's fitting for the time period we're in to decide that. 

Not gonna lie, this part is just for little tidbits that doesn't really fit anywhere 

Mod stories: These are located in the Cafe. Here you'll get to see the T-Doll's backstory in a nice cutscene. You'll unlock a cutscene when you have the T-Doll in your armory, as well as after every mod stage. As a bonus, these give you Memory Fragments! Be sure to check them out.

Mod equips: These are NOT ALWAYS a good thing. Something like BAR's special equipment can actually lose you DPS. Once you've gotten a T-Doll to mod 3, they'll automatically equip to your T-Doll, so be sure to check their equipment.

Logistics: Yes, a modded T-Doll will give higher great success rates. Their level is higher.

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