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A2ZCare T-Bar Row Attachments &#; Full ° Swivel for Easy Use In Small Spaces – Fits 1” Standard & 2” Olympic Bars



  • Our product is made of top-quality solid steel, the platform contact to the floor is constructed of heavy gauge steel, coming with dual bronze Oil-Lite bushings, so it is very steady, durable and able to avoid any corrosion.
  • Suitable for all of 1” standard and 2” Olympic bars, designed with the knob which helps to lock 2” Olympic bar tightly and ensure your safety during the workout.
  • Emphasized with full degree swivel and full range swivel up and down that provide with multi-direction exercises, it helps you to improve your core muscles, lats, traps, biceps, hamstrings, glutes & abs and much more.
  • Easy to attach to Power Racks/ bench/wall due to the secure tighten/ tensioner knob, designed with several holes on the platform in order to bolt to the floor, gives you the utmost safety.


  • Work all the major muscles in your back, specifically the latissimus dorsi (lats). It is an effective means to increase your power and size of the whole back, build a solid back.
  • T-bar row also works your shoulder, the pulling muscles in your arms. Great for improving your core strength and muscles, Biceps, Hand Flexors, Trapezius, Lower Back, Teres Muscles, Deltoids…


&#; T-Bar Row Platform

&#; Combo T-Bar Row Platform & V-Handle

&#; T-Bar Row Plate Post Insert

&#; Combo T-Bar Row Insert & V-Handle

&#; T-Bar Row for 1-inch & 2-inch plate

Challenge your busy life today with A2ZCare T-Bar Row platform. Its simple and convenient design provides you the optimum effect in advanced workouts at home. You only need to attach an end of the bar to the platform cup and lift up the other end with all of the weight levels you can handle, then start rowing. It is an incredibly-handy piece of equipment to add to your workout routine!

NOTE: you must make sure the platform is secured to base frame or floor before using it.

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Weight lbs
Dimensions × × in
Legal Disclaimer

Every exercise program is accompanied by its inherent risk. We offer products which are expectedly appropriate for experienced adults over 18 years of age. Before use, please elaborately learn how to use the product and to perform some specific exercises or to consult your physician for accurate guidance. Supplier is not responsible for any request of injury compensation or direct/indirect issues arising from using the product.


T-Bar Row Platform, T-Bar Row Platform &#; V-Handle, T-Bar Row Insert fits 2 Inch, T-Bar Row Insert fits 1 &#; 2 inch, T-Bar Row Insert fits 2 inch &#; V Handle

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Enweonga Straight Grip Landmine Handle, Steel T Bar Row Handle for 5Cm(2 in) Olympic Bars Barbell, Back Row Bar Handle

Enweonga Straight Grip Landmine Handle, Steel T Bar Row Handle for 5Cm(2 in) Olympic Bars Barbell, Back Row Bar Handle


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Product Details

  • Durable & Reliable Construction: This t-bar row landmine attachment for barbell with wide space handles is expertly crafted using solidly built steel material, up to handle a maximum weight capacity of lbs. Powder-coated all-steel construction resists damage from other equipment and accidents that frequent institutional use.
  • The Ultimate Partner To Your Landmine: Portable straight grip landmine attachment allows you to target your lats for a well-rounded workout. The dual-handle attachment is great for row exercises, which will help you develop your back, shoulders, forearms, triceps, and biceps.
  • Easy to Use: Insert the barbell bar into the handle hole & you are ready to go! Designed to fit a 2" Olympic Barbell, the Landmine Handle fits neatly between the collar of the barbell sleeve and the weight plates and is angled towards the user to allow for sufficient grip space for the largest of hands.
  • Comfortable Rubber Grips: High-density rubber grips ensure a firm hold on the bar during use. One issue with landmine exercises is because you have to hold the fat part of the bar, grip strength (or lack thereof) can be the limiting factor. This handle fixes that problem so you get more out of your landmine work.
  • A Worthwhile Addition To Any Home Gym: Add t bar row attachment to your home gym to increase exercise versatility of barbell dumbbell exercises. We suggest you mount plates on and off your barbell when you have this landmine attachment used in a kickstand kind of format so that is a definite plus. But if you want to use it for what it's really intended simply flip it over once you have a weight plate on.
Package Dimensions x x inches ( x x cm)
Item Weight pounds ( kg)
MaterialAlloy Steel
Item Weight Kilograms
Grip TypeErgonomic
Weight Limit Pounds (81 kg)


Bodybuilding T-bar row attachment!
Our T-bar adopts a new ergonomic handle, which can achieve the best isolation and muscle structure of the back, core and abdomen.

The T-shaped barbell rowing bar attachment also has a very comfortable exercise effect, because our handle is made of super grip gel, which can absorb the impact of the barbell on the floor and provide users with a comfortable experience when reducing weight.

Material: thick steel
Handle length: 77 cm ( inches)
Height: 27 cm ( inches)
Suitable for: cm ( inches) barbell bar
Weight: kg

Packing List
1 *Fitness handle (not including barbell bar and barbell plate)

Please warm up in advance to protect yourself when exercising

Customer Questions & Answers

  • Question: What is the safe range of weight capacity?

    Answer: I am not sure either. I have had about (4) 45lbs plate on my landmine using this attachment and it held just fine.
  • Question: What size barbell bar is used for and how much weight can it bear?

    Answer: Grip Landmine Handle is suitable for all Olympic poles, with a maximum weight of 80kg
  • Question: what size barbell bar does it fit?

    Answer: Barbell Rod hole inner diameter is about 5cm, the length of the rubber grip is about 15cm, and the maximum spacing is about 43cm. Suit for the olympic and regular,rubber grips Not easy slide.Can be used at home and gym.Great workmanship

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13 customers ratings

  • 5 Star 79%
  • 4 Star 12%
  • 3 Star 6%
  • 2 Star 0%
  • 1 Star 3%

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Customer Reviews

Lo•• ••ng

September 28,

Perfect for back muscle excersise

The material of this attachment is top knotch for that price point and the center hole is large enough that any barbell will fit in it. Its a perfect equipment to gain back muscle without hurting the lower back!

E.•• ••K.

September 17,

Nice piece

This items works very well for the intended exercise.

Gr•• ••eg

September 7,

Bars to grips flex a little too much

The bars to the grips flex a little too much with 4 45s on bar. Hope the welds hold.

Na•• ••es

August 12,

Simple Does what is needs to

This is a good sturdy item. No frills. Price is probably about $$15 too high.

Ni•• ••us

August 10,

Pretty darn durable

What's not to like about this? I've been using it for a few months now and it's holding up. Does what I need it to do. Not sure about the weight limit but seems to be pretty sturdy, if you're rowing +lbs I might be a little weary about the welds, other than that great product and I'm satisfied.

Ch•• ••th

July 5,

Buy it

Great product and love using it! Makes the back work hard using this

Ca•• ••e

June 30,


Sturdy material. Came pre assembled which is nice. Fits well on to our weight set.

Al•• ••uz

June 6,

Ty•• ••

May 9,

Great piece of equipment

It works for t bar rows! It helps me get a better workout and it's easy to use. The build quality is excellent. I would recommend it

Am•• ••er

April 28,

very good

its perfect, get this one

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Sours: https://www.ubuy.com/product/RAO7KL0-enweonga-straight-grip-landmine-handle-steel-t-bar-row-handle-for-5cmin-olympic-bars-barbell-back
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Strong Steel Construction:Our single T bar row attachment handle is constructed of all-steel for more durability and anti-corrosion black powder coat finish to withstand wear and tear from workouts.The max capability reaches pounds. It will not bend or warp. Universal:This T bar row landmine attachment fits 1 and 2 Inches Olympic Bars and is compatible with straight Olympic bars of any length. Easy to Grip:Our single T bar row attachment handle has rubber grip to prevent hand slide and improve the comfort of use ,so that you can focus on strength training without worrying about safety. Simple to Use:The slide-in design allows you to quickly effortlessly install this T-bar row attachment onto other accessories for a more complete workout and creating efficiency during strength training workouts. Versatile for Workouts: Perfect for various workouts, help to increase your range of motion while doing training exercises. Perfect for single arm rows, meadow rows, single deadlifts and glute bridge presses and more. colour: black Material: steel Size: about 18x7x6cm Package Contents: 1 x Arm LandmineOnly the above package content, other products are not included. Note: Light shooting and different displays may cause the color of the item in the picture a little different from the real thing. The measurement allowed error is +/- cm.

Sours: https://shopee.co.th/Single-Arm-Landmine-T-Bar-Row-Handle-Rubber-Grip-L-Handle-Olympic-Barbell-Bars-for-Olympic-Bars-Single-Landmine-Handle-l-i
How to do t-bar rows at home!

Chinups and lat pulldowns will make your lats wider, but if you want a thick, densely muscled back, you need to do rows. The T-bar row allows you to use a neutral grip—palms facing each other—which is the biomechanically strongest position to pull from.

This gives T-bars an advantage over bent-over rows, in which the palms are turned down. Because you can use both hands, you can load more weight, and that gives the T-bar an edge over dumbbell rows, too. The only catch is that many gyms don’t have a T-bar row station, but we’ve got a solution for that!

Quick T-bar Row Tips

When To Do It: 
Early in your workout, or paired with a chest exercise like the bench press

Where It Hits:
Middle back, rear delts, traps

How Much To Do: 
sets of reps

How to: T-bar Row

if your gym doesn’t have a landmine unit, follow the instructions below.

  • Place the end of an empty barbell into the corner of a room.
  • Rest a heavy dumbbell or some weight plates on it to hold it down.
  • Load the opposite end of the bar with plates and straddle it.
  • Bend over at the hips until your torso is about a degree angle to the floor with arms extended.
  • Hook a V-grip handle (the kind you see at a cable station) under the bar and hold with both hands.
  • Keeping your lower back in its natural arch, squeeze your shoulder blades together and pull the bar until the plates touch your chest.
Sours: https://www.muscleandfitness.com/workouts/back-exercises/how-t-bar-row/

T bar row handle olympic

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