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G-Dragon Models in Three Covers for the November Issue of Vogue Korea

Words by Erika Magpili | Photo Credit: Vogue Korea


G-Dragon, a South Korean singer and rapper who serves as the leader of boy band phenomenon Big Bang, is one of the many Korean idols who have graced high-fashion magazine covers with their alluring charisma and stunning style.

Just recently, the world-famous artist was featured for Vogue Korea’s November issue. The said magazine features G-dragon in three different covers, with each showing off his unique and spunky charm as he sports the Chanel Fall collection in celebration of the new Chanel creative director, Virginie Viard.

This is the first time in four years that G-Dragon modeled for Vogue Korea after his absence due to his mandatory military service. In an Instagram post, Vogue Korea wrote: “To commemorate the era of Virginie Viar, G-Dragon appeared on the cover of <Vogue Korea> in 4 years wearing the Chanel fall collection✨ Videos and pictorials with him will be released soon!”




In related news, Vogue Magazine had all of its 26 global editions consolidated under a singular editorial theme of “Hope”. The covers featured the faces and artwork of influential artists including G-Dragon for Vogue Korea, Norah Jones for Vogue India, Zhang Ziyi for Vogue China, a Takashi Murakami artwork for Vogue Japan, paintings by Kerry James Marshall and Jordan Casteel for American Vogue, and portrait of British footballer Marcus Rashford and model/activist Adwoa Aboah for British Vogue.

“World star G-Dragon is also famous as an art lover. As a contemporary artist, he expressed Hope’ as Lighting Art’ for the issue of Hope’ in the September 2020 issue from 26 countries. The phrase G-Dragon inspired to work on the cover of the September issue of is “Light is Hope!” Right today, for his birthday, we are revealing the cover that he has hidden for you~”



With all 26 Vogue editions uniting for the Hope issue this September, G-Dragon has crafted an art piece revolving around the same theme. PULP

Sours: https://pulp.ph/2020/10/16/g-dragon-models-in-three-covers-for-the-november-issue-of-vogue-korea/

Kwon Ji Yong, BIGBANG’s G-Dragon, GD—no matter which side of him you know, he still remains as a one-of-a-kind icon in the music scene.

BIGBANG’s G-Dragon is the main character of Vogue Korea’s November 2020 issue where he grandly showcased his everlasting majestic visuals and powerful charms.

bigbang g-dragon

The BIGBANG member makes his return on the cover of Vogue Korea after four years in the most fantastic way possible—which is posing as the long-time ambassador of luxury fashion brand Chanel.

G-Dragon has definitely made his mark in the industry by amassing various titles such as rapper, singer-songwriter, record producer, entrepreneur and fashion designer—all of which he excels in.

bigbang g-dragon

His pictorial came under the concept of showing his three sides: Kwon Ji Yong, G-Dragon, and GD, which all blend with each other to bring a “one of a kind” icon like him. In his snapshots, he shows his captivating charms while modeling pieces from the Chanel Fall Collection.

This is in celebration of the recently-opened exhibition for Chanel at the Palais Galliera, a museum of fashion and fashion history in Paris. Moreover, it commemorates the era of French fashion designer and Chanel’s creative director Virginie Viard.

Recently, the BIGBANG member also made his chic return to Paris Fashion Week following his discharge from military service. As expected, the stunning musician turned heads with his trendy outfits and one-of-a-kind charisma.

bigbang g-dragon

Meanwhile, the full pictorial and interview featuring BIGBANG’s G-Dragon will be available in the November 2020 issue of Vogue Korea.

SOURCE: [Vogue Korea]

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Sours: http://www.hallyudaily.com/bigbang-g-dragon-vogue-korea-cover-november-2020-pictorial/
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BIGBANG’s G-Dragon Talks About What Music Means To Him, His Fashion Philosophy, And More

BIGBANG’s G-Dragon graced the November issue of Vogue Korea!

His elegance shone through the pictorial, in which he wore Chanel’s fall collection featuring Chanel’s signature pearls, 2.55 hand bag, and quilting. The photo shoot took place at an old recording studio in the Yongsan District.

The feature not only highlighted his ability to pull off various outfits, but also his thoughts on two of his well known traits – his style and songs. When talking about the concept of the photoshoot, G-Dragon explained that he “didn’t mean to break people’s stereotypes about Chanel as a brand.” He added, “When I style my jeans with Chanel’s tweed jacket or jewelry, it’s a playful combination. I like how I can look well-dressed but carefree at the same time.”

In an interview, he also briefly expressed his current views on music. Referring to the numerous songs he wrote in his twenties, he described, “They are like a diary because I tend to write about my personal experiences. If I hadn’t written about them, I’d have forgotten everything because I’ve been so busy. When I listen to my songs at a later time, I think to myself, ‘Ah, that was then.’ Or, I realize how my thoughts and perspective have changed over time. I also sometimes go through similar ordeals again.”

Here are more of the photos from Vogue Korea’s feature with G-Dragon:

The photos and videos with G-Dragon can be found on Vogue Korea’s official website, social media channels, and YouTube channel.

Source (1) (2)

Sours: https://www.soompi.com/article/1433839wpp/bigbangs-g-dragon-talks-about-what-music-means-to-him-his-fashion-philosophy-and-more
G-Dragon with Sue Choi after the Spring-Summer 2021 Ready-to-Wear Show — CHANEL

While the leader of the group BIGBANG celebrated his birthday on August 18th, he announced by an Instagram post that he was behind the coverage of the future Vogue planned for September 2020.

G-DRAGON has already made several appearances in the famous magazine, notably alongside the internationally renowned model BELLA HADID. But also in another issue which had made a lot of noise, because of photographs on the border between masculine and feminine.

World star G-Dragon is also famous as an art lover. As a contemporary artist, he expressed ‘Hope’ as ‘Lighting Art’ for the issue of ‘Hope’ in the September 2020 issue of from 26 countries. The phrase G-Dragon inspired to work on the cover of the September issue of is “Light is Hope!” Right today, for his birthday, we are revealing the cover that he has hidden for you~

Artwork G-DRAGON

Contributing editor GEE EUN

The singer’s fans seem to be thrilled, the magazine ranked first in sales on a site selling Korean goodies, even though it is only available as a pre-order.

Journalist: Mmmrci
Translator : Mmmrci
Source : SNS,ktown4u.com

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Sours: https://kstationtv.com/2020/08/21/bigbang-g-dragon-designs-the-september-2020-cover-of-vogue/?lang=en

Dragon vogue 2020 g

Few celebrities love fashion week as much as G-Dragon, the South Korean singer and rapper who serves as the leader of the boy band phenomenon Big Bang. A clotheshorse with an affinity for French design, he’s been absent from the scene for more than a year due to his mandatory military service. Discharged in October, K-Pop’s king has since kept a low profile, but the double whammy of the menswear and couture shows proved irresistible. He was spotted in the front row this weekend at We11Done, the buzzy Seoul-based label run by his sister Dami Kwon and Jessica Jung. In a pale blue suit embellished with peace sign brooches, G-Dragon addressed the latest trends in tailoring and jewelry, but it was his giant messenger bag and matching muffler that took things to that next level. The outlandishly oversized accessories were playful, offering the star a moment of anonymity as he covered his face with the scarf before posing for photographers.

The impressive outfits continued at Chanel’s spring/summer 2020 haute couture collection where G-Dragon arrived at the Grand Palais dressed head-to-toe double-C finery. His pastel boucle cardigan from the resort 2020 show, cropped corduroys, and pattered blouse would have been chic on their own. Still, each piece received an update thanks to multiple brooches, chains, and even a graffiti-covered Chanel classic flap accented with pearls. The clever mix of statement add-ons is part of what makes his style so dynamic and one of the reasons why he was so sorely missed during his fashion week absence.

Sours: https://www.vogue.com/vogueworld/article/g-dragon-returns-to-paris-fashion-week-chanel-we11done
Chanel 首爾星光閃閃一起韓風!小松菜奈nana komatsu、G-Dragon、BIGBANG、桂綸鎂、安室奈美惠、崔始源|VOGUE Taiwan

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