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19 Personalized or DIY Horse Memorial Gift Ideas

Do you know a friend or family member who recently lost a horse? Most people who lose animals experience grief, but losing a horse may be especially difficult. Your friend's relationship with his horse may be decades-long and based on a connection from work, competition, or pleasure.

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Since most pet memorial gift ideas are focused on dogs and cats, we would like to help you figure out a gift to give to someone who recently lost a horse. Here are some jewelry gift ideas and memorial gifts you can display either inside or outside. You can personalize some items. You may also be able to create some of these items yourself if you enjoy crafting. 

You should be able to find products similar to those described with a simple online search. Here are some horse memorial gifts to consider.

Horse Memorial Jewelry Ideas

Consider giving a piece of jewelry to your friend who recently lost a horse. Here are some ideas you can search online.

1. Charm bracelet or necklace

There are many different charms you could give a horse lover, such as a horse head, galloping stallion, horseshoe, cowboy hat, or boots. To show that the piece is in memory of a horse that died, add a wing or broken heart charm. 

Charm bracelets and necklaces come in a wide variety of styles. You can also purchase clear lockets and charms inside. This style would enable your friend to add several strands of the horse's mane.

2. Memorial diamond

Some people opt to put their animal's cremated remains in urn jewelry or create a memorial diamond out of their pet's ashes.

For example, companies like Eterneva allow you to send in a horse's cremated remains and choose the color and cut of the diamond. From there, your friend can set the diamond on an existing necklace or new piece of jewelry.

3. Horse hair locket

Perhaps your friend or family member kept a clipping of the horse's mane or tail. A small segment of this hair could be bound decoratively and placed in a clear pendant. You can create this item yourself, but there are also online companies that will do this for you.

Some artisans specialize in creating braided bracelets or necklaces out of the horse's mane or tail. They may include a personalized charm with the horse's name and the phrase "in memory."

4. Horse pendant

Consider purchasing a horse head or galloping horse pendant on a chain. You can find one that depicts the looks of the horse that died from online retailers that come in a variety of sizes and colors.

5. Photo pendant necklace

Search for an online company that will create a pendant from the photo of a horse. These pendants are then cut into the shape of the animal and placed on a chain. 

6. Horse keychain

Your friend may not wear necklaces or bracelets and would appreciate having a horse-related keychain. Personalize the keychain with the name of the horse as well as the dates of its lifespan. 

7. Rainbow bridge bracelet

Many companies make rainbow bridge bracelets. Find one that will add a horseshoe charm for a friend who is grieving the loss of a horse. 

Horse Memorial Gifts You Can Display Indoors

Perhaps your friend doesn't enjoy jewelry. Instead of buying something that your friend will not wear, why not purchase a memorial gift that can be displayed indoors?

If you have problems finding a keepsake gift appropriate for a horse lover, you may broaden your search to sympathy gifts not related to animals. 

Here are some memorial gifts that your friend can display inside the home. 

8. Portrait

One of the most thoughtful gifts to give to a horse lover is a portrait or drawing of his or her favorite animal. Even if you may not be artistically talented, you may be able to find someone on Etsy to complete the portrait or drawing. 

Look through the artist's online portfolio to try to find someone with the appropriate style for your friend. 

Do you need a photo of the horse for the portrait? Look through your friend's social media account to find the necessary image.

9. Engraved horseshoe

Find someone who will engrave a horseshoe with the name of the deceased animal. Add the line "in memory" or "forever in my heart." Embellish the piece with dried flowers or other decorative items, and add a piece of leather to the top to make it easy to hang. 


Design a beautiful plaque for your friend to display on his or her wall. This plaque can include a photograph or etching of the horse. Besides adding the name of the animal, consider including a horse loss quote or poem. If you can't find a generic poem online, consider writing one in honor of the horse that died. 

Photo frame

One of the most beautiful memorial gifts that you can give to someone in mourning is a personalized photo frame. Search for a horse or western-themed frame for someone who lost a horse. If a picture is available, include one with the frame. Consider printing the photo in black and white. 

Framed horse poem

It’s hard to know what to say when someone loses a pet. Poets can articulate those complicated feelings beautifully. Search for an appropriate horse poem online, and figure out a way to attractively display the words. 


You should have no problem finding a horse-related collectible online or at your favorite gift store. Search for one depicting a winged horse (not a pegasus, but a horse that has earned its heavenly wings.) 

Horse Memorial Gifts You Can Display Outdoors

If your friend is a horse lover, he or she must be an outdoor lover as well. Here are some memorial gift ideas that can be displayed outdoors.

When purchasing a memorial gift, consider spending the extra money to get the item personalized. 

Barn plaque

Even though you may want to purchase an indoor plaque, why not find an item you can hang in the horse barn? Your friend or family member may want to dedicate a stall for a beloved horse.

Wind chimes

Wind chimes are popular gifts for people in mourning. Why not purchase wind chimes for your friend or family member who recently lost a horse? You can personalize wind chimes with words, photos, or images. 

Stepping stone

Some people enjoy working on outdoor projects, such as memorial gardens, to celebrate the life of a beloved animal or person. If your friend is starting such a project, contribute to it by purchasing or making a stepping stone. The stone can be decorative more than useful, and you can personalize it with the name of the horse.

If you're looking for something smaller and tangible, companies like Parting Stone create beautiful, handheld cremation stones to help someone grieving keep their loved one close by.

Apple tree

Were apples your friend’s horse’s favorite treat? Why not purchase an apple tree for your friend to plant in memory of the animal? Consider adding a plaque to the tree once it matures. 

Memorial bench

Do you think that your friend would like a spot to sit and reflect? Purchase a memorial bench. Look for a seat designed with a horse theme. Add a personalized tag to the bench that includes the name of the deceased animal.

Metal yard sign

Artisans can craft a beautiful display made out of metal depicting the image of your friend's horse. Add the horse’s name to the sign, and the horse's image can have a subtle halo above its head. 

Your friend can add this sign outside the barn or to the entrance of the pasture. 

Other Sympathy Gift Ideas for Someone Who Lost a Horse

You may struggle to find something appropriate for your friend who lost his or her horse. Instead of worrying that the item is not suitable or doesn't match your friend's style, consider your friend's emotions and buy a gift based on those.  

Your friend is probably struggling with grief, so bring gifts that can bring comfort. Drop by with fresh-cut flowers or a beautiful house plant. Bring your friend dinner or a baked item. 

Besides bringing a gift, listen as your friend or family member shares memories about the horse and look at photos or videos of the animal.

Treat your friend how you would want to be treated if you were grieving. It shouldn't matter whether the grief is from the loss of an animal or a human because those feelings may be the same.


Welcome to Mane Attraction.

We design and create special keepsakes and memorial pieces from your horses past and or present. Founded in and with one of the largest selections of  horsehair jewellery in Australia to choose from, you will find your perfect piece.

Located near Bendigo, Australia, we are able to send customers orders Worldwide.

In addition to our designer Horse Hair Bracelets, we also create Tassels, Hatbands, Rings, Cufflinks, Lockets, Pendants, Watches, Keepsakes and more…..

We can now also cater to those with Dog Hair, Cat Hair, Rabbit hair etc with our new range of Lockets and Pendants.

Have a design in mind? We can also work in conjunction with you to create an original designer piece. We are focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction.
All pieces can be made with your horses tail hair or with a selection from our stock.

Only have a small amount of treasured hair or mane hair? No problem, we also have pieces to accommodate your needs.

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Losing a horse is never easy, as they play such an important role in our lives. When it comes to honoring your lost friend, there are several touching horse remembrance gifts and ideas to preserve their memory.

The bond between horses and people is truly a special one. They make us laugh, bring us joy, and are a shoulder to cry on.

Whether you or a loved one lost a horse, a memorial is a terrific way to forever commemorate them.

Here are 12 horse memorial gifts and ideas:

Horsehair Memorial Bracelet

Check Price Here

Have a piece of your horse always with you with this beautiful horsehair bracelet made from your own horse’s hair. The hair is elegantly braided and comes with a stainless steel centerpiece that can be personalized with your horse’s name

A stainless steel piece is engraved on the front with the phrase “always in my heart” reminding you that your beloved equine will always be by your side. This bracelet is a wonderful way to remember the special horse in your life who has passed away.

Custom Watercolor Portrait

Watercolor painting of a horse

Check Price on Etsy

Forever capture the image and spirit of your horse with a stunning custom portrait. It will make a magnificent tribute to display in your home, so you can always see your horse.

This hand-painted piece is created by watercolor paints. There are different sizes available, whether you are looking for something small or large. A custom painting is a touching way to remember your equine best friend, that you can hang proudly in your house.

Sculpted Hand-Painted Memory Box

Sculpted hand-painted memory box with a woman and horse hugging

Check Price on Amazon

This charming memory box will keep any keepsake from your horse safe and cherished. A simple yet elegant carving of a woman and her horse captures the beautiful relationship we have with horses.

The sentimental phrase “Always there for me” is engraved on the inside of the box to reaffirm your horse will always be a part of you.

Each box is crafted from artist Susan Lordi’s original handed carved piece and hand-painted to perfection. It is a touching representation of love and strength, whether for yourself or a friend.

Horse Memorial Stone

Horse memorial stone

Check Price on Amazon

Whether placed in a garden or hung up on the living room wall, this touching memorial is a lovely way to always remember your horse. It is a timeless piece that is meaningful and beautiful.

The slate gray stone features a grazing horse with wire angel wings and a heart cut out. The phrase “In loving memory of a faithful friend” is delicately engraved on the hand-painted resin stone. It would make a thoughtful present for someone who just lost their equine partner.

You can find other memorial stones which you can have your horse’s name engraved into it. See them here on Etsy.

Custom Photo Frame & Plaque

Custom photo frame

Check Price on Amazon

This charming frame is a wonderful way to display your favorite photo of your horse. The quote “You Left Your Hoof Prints Forever On My Heart” is engraved gracefully across the frame.

The 8” x 10” frame holds a 4” x 6” inch photo, which can easily be hung up in different places of your home. Four different wood colors are available, so you could choose what style best matches your home.

A name along with a birth and death year of your horse can be personalized to add a special touch.

See other beautiful horse memorial plaques here on Etsy.


One of the best ways you can honor the passing of a horse is by donating money to help horses in need. There are many horse rescues and therapy riding centers that are in need of money to help care for their horses.

Donating in your horse’s name is a great way to pay respect to them while helping horses in need and providing money for therapeutic programs.

Remembrance Christmas Ornament

Custom horse Christmas bauble ornament

Check Price on Amazon

This graceful ornament will shine on any Christmas tree as a beautiful commemorative to your horse that will always hold a special place in your heart. The phrase “Thunder is the Sound of Hoofbeats in Heaven” it sketched on along with a gorgeous rearing horse.

White feathers are placed behind the creamy vellum that shines through the back of the glass. A delicate green satin bow is attached so it can easily be hung atop your tree. This ornament would make a great gift for any equestrian who lost her beloved horse.

Organized Gathering

Hosting an organized gathering is a great way to share your love of your horse to those close to you. Gather your close friends and family to pay to tribute and tell some of their favorite stories they have of your horse.

It is a healthy way to mourn the loss of your horse, as you are in the presence of those who love and care for you.

Memorial Horseshoe

Memorial horseshoe with a plaque

Check Price on Etsy

Simple, yet elegant this memorial horseshoe makes for a sincere keepsake to commemorate your cherished horse. It can be hung up in a barn or home, as it features a rope of your choice for hanging.

Made from repurposed horseshoes, it has a beautiful rustic finish. A name and a custom quote can be added to a sterling silver plate to make it special to your horse. It is a wonderful sympathy gift or keepsake to admire your late companion.

Horse Shadow Box

Vintage wooden shadow box

Check Price on Amazon

Shadow boxes are one of the most customizable ways to memorialize your horse. They come in different sizes so you can add small and large keepsakes inside them.

When making a shadow box you can include pictures, ribbons, braided locks of hair, horseshoes and pieces of tack. With a large shadow box, you can even include your horse’s halter. They are a touching way for you to make your own memorial to celebrate your horse’s life.

Many horse shows have the opportunity to sponsor a class. Sponsor a class in the name of your horse as a way to carry on your legacy.

It is a way to support your sport while honoring the bond you had with your horse. In some cases, the show may even name the class permanently after your horse and read a tribute to your beloved companion every year.

A sponsored or secret get together for a friend who has lost a horse is thoughtful sympathy idea.

Horse Necklace

Always in my life horse and woman necklace

Check Price on Amazon

We recently saw this gorgeous little necklace on Amazon and thought we would share it on here. The necklace is made from sterling silver with a polished finish. It’s a sweet little horse remembrance gift.


From Hair To Eternity

Jewelry designers use strands of hair to help horse lovers create keepsakes to commemorate a lost friend or special accomplishment.

Horse Hair BraceletSomewhere in a drawer in the house or on a shelf in the barn you likely have a bundle of hair saved from a cherished horse that you no longer own. Whether the hair was lovingly saved after the horse’s death or before the horse was sold, keeping that portion of hair preserves the special bond you shared. Designers as passionate about horses as the clients they serve offer hand-crafted keepsakes that brings the locks out of the shadows to honor the horse’s memory.

Most often, the horse hair is cut after a horse’s death. Braiding horse hair into key chains, bracelets and other keepsakes enabled Pennsylvania artist Aimee Cain who started Equine Keepsakes to grieve the loss of her own horse, Pretty Boy who passed away unexpectedly. Before his death, she was unaware these items were popular. A friend suggested she make a horse hair bracelet because Cain was already a skilled crafter.

“That bracelet was all that I had left of my precious boy, and it meant more to me than words could ever explain,” she said. “I knew then that I wanted to begin designing horse hair jewelry, even if to just create one to honor my sweet boy.”

Horse hair accessories are nothing new to Lou Petty who has been involved with the horse industry for more than three decades. When she was showing in the s she made her own horse hair pins for show shirts. Then when Carol Harris lost Rugged Lark in , Petty offered to make a piece of jewelry for her. Harris and Petty are neighbors and close friends  Harris encouraged her to do the same for others. Over the past 14 years she has found a significant demand for the items.

Horse Hair Designs“The biggest reward is when people are comforted by the piece I’ve created for them,” she said.

Not every piece symbolizes a horse’s passing. Horse hair accessories are also worn daily to celebrate a special partnership with a horse or to keep a horse that is sold close to one’s heart. Petty wears bracelets made from the tail hair of A Certain Melody (Chloe) and Certain Beau Purple (Eddie) two foals by of her former stallion Certain Potential. Both were born on the farm and hold a special place in her heart.

“I have friends who have nice gold and diamond jewelry they never wear, but they wear their horse hair jewelry every day,” she added.

Through horse hair jewelry, Erica Avratin a Bridgewater, Massachusetts engineer by day and designer by night, has discovered the fulfillment of a business that satisfies customers and her own aspirations at the same time. In , she faced significant life changes. She knew she needed to keep her horses to help her through those challenges. She also needed an additional

source of income to support the horses. Her horse hair jewelry business, The Horsehair Studio buoyed her spirits and enabled her to keep the horses.

“Creating something beautiful and meaningful for other people also helped me through a difficult time in my life,” she said. “It’s also rewarding to do something for others that they can’t do themselves.”

Horse Hair DesignsHow much hair is needed?

The next time you cut a lock of hair, even if you don’t have current plans for a keepsake, remember that the more you keep, the easier it will be to have a memento created if you change  your mind down the road. Smaller pieces like a ring or key chain won’t need as much as a necklace or bracelet, but saving an adequate amount allows for flexibility. Tail hair is more durable than the mane and preferred although mane hair can be used if necessary.

When clients have an opportunity to plan for a piece, Petty asks for 28 inches of tail hair about the width of a client’s little finger whereas Avratin works with hair that is pencil width in size. Double stranded items need two pencil widths. She prefers the hair is at least inches long, but she admits she has worked with a lot less.

“Sometimes you have to get clever to make a little hair go a long way,” Avratin said. “The best hair is higher up in the tail because as it grows out it becomes thinner. When people send as much hair as they can, I can pick out the best hairs.”

Horse’s hair like people’s hair bleaches in the sun. Cain explained that this is important for the client to know when they have a horse with sorrel or chestnut hair to avoid confusion or disappointment when the final product arrives.

Horse Hair Designs“This hair often looks reddish on the outside, where it has been exposed to the sun,” she said. “The longest strands are underneath are often required for braided designs. These are not exposed to the sun often and are frequently a dark brown or black tone with only minimal red highlights, if any.”

Sanitizing and whitening are often included in the cost. However, it’s preferred that the hair is gently washed before being mailed for production. The sanitizing process does more than disinfect the hair and eliminate bacteria. Avratin uses the process as a way to set the braids and soften the hair so that there are no sharp, pokey ends.

All three designers, with the client’s permission, save any excess hair from a project. It can be kept on file for use in a future project by the same client and/or donated to be available to others who may not have access to a horse of their own.

The design process

Avratin, Cain and Petty all begin the design process with the same materials – horse hair and the client’s reasons for choosing a horsehair keepsake. Some clients submit notes and photographs with their order, which often conveys the circumstances behind the purchase.

Despite beginning with nearly identical supplies, each designer brings a unique approach to their production process. In the end, the finished pieces are as different as the horses they were made to honor. They regularly experiment with different braiding styles to create a look that is unique.

Horse Hair Designs“Every tail is different,” Avratin said. “The thickness, the consistency varies and to get a finished piece to look consistent is a real challenge.”

The devil is in the details, she said. Her engineering background encourages an approach that considers the  tiniest of details, such as counting every single hair, she said. When she encountered difficulty sourcing silver end caps and beads, she made my own and now has others manufactured with those molds.

Petty agreed that although projects may start based on a design she’s already created, it quickly evolves into a process that requires a new process. Based on the customer’s order she adds beading to match a stable’s colors or an exhibitors show outfit. Several years ago, she learned to silversmith and can sculpt a horse’s name onto beads included in a bracelet or necklace.

“Silversmithing is time intensive. Different medals require different temperatures, if they’re too hot, they’ll melt, if they’re not hot enough the materials won’t solder,” she said. ““Fitting the piece to the person size and style can sometimes be challenging.”

The vast majority of orders are made using the hair from a customer’s current or previous horse. However, Cain offers the option of using hair from donors who are willing to share a piece of their heart horse with equestrians around the world.

“Each order is hand crafted with care, including perfectionist level attention to quality and durability, just as if I were creating it to honor my own beloved horse,” she said.

Horse Hair DesignsCelebrating the bond

Horses carry their owners through the good times and the bad, the triumphs and the challenges. The bond between a horse and rider is difficult to put in words, yet one that is central to the equestrian’s horse life. When it’s time for a horse to move on, either to greener pastures or a new home, a horse hair keepsake celebrates that connection.

“The bond people share with their horse is so important,” Cain said. “Sadly, many of my clients have suffered tragic loss and are requesting memorial pieces of their beloved equine friend. Other times, a story is one of triumph from a World Show win, first place Kentucky Derby finish, or valiant recovery of a rescue horse.”

Horsehair doesn’t expire or degrade so even after years of saving a chunk of hair can be used to create a ring, a bracelet, a necklace, a key chain and more in remembrance of a horse long gone.

“When people have been saving tail hair from a very special horse that’s been deceased for 20 years and see my site and say that’s what I’ve been waiting for, that’s incredibly rewarding,” Arvatin said.

In general horses have a knack of bringing people together in unexpected ways. Even just their hair provides the opportunity to meet horsemen and women from all walks of life.

“This is a nice way for me to meet people of all disciplines,” Petty said. “I’ve made pieces to honor show horses, trick horses and minis. I’ve even used tail hair from a giraffe and an elephant for friends who owned these animals.”



Ideas memorial horse hair

Horse memorial ideas?

I don’t know if this would work for you, but it did for me. When COVID shut us down a year ago, I started a writing project --I set limits for myself: I would write “the best memory” of each of each of my horses (in 55 years I’ve had 17 horses), and then scan in two photos of each --a head shot and an action shot. Each had one chapter, about pages long. I set aside about an hour a day for my project. It took me about six months --but I finished.

Since it was my project and I’d set the rules, sometimes I broke them. Because writing can wander --and get long and dull --I limited myself to words about each horse. Some had a bit more, some a bit less. For most horses that was enough to tell “the best story” about some adventure or accomplishment proud moment or disaster I’d had with that horse; I also decided that I had to tell a story I’d seen/participated in --so I couldn’t use stories told by previous owners or my kids unless I was present to see it.

I wrote my stories chronologically, starting with the first horse I owned, and finished with my most recent purchase. I sent it to FrostyM from COTH–she’s a wonderful writer --and she gave me some pointers to make the stories “hang together” and have a flow that allowed the reader to follow the stories better --they were a bit disunited. After the second draft, everything fit together.

I printed a few copies and sent them to my kids, and a couple of friends --honestly don’t know if they read them or not. FrostyM and I discussed publication --but I’ve done that and didn’t want to deal with editors and agents --besides, I felt that my little horse stories lacked a broad appeal. I made a couple of hard copies for myself, put them in a nice 3-ring binder, and enjoy reading them now and then.

What it did for me, was immortalize some wonderful horses —my granddaughter said, "Granny, when you are an old lady, I read these stories aloud to you like in “The Notebook!” Now I will never forget my first horse Ginger, or my wonderful Charlie --and all the joy they gave. That was the title of my collection, FYI : They Give Me Joy.


4 strand round horsehair braid
By Christian Ackman

Losing a horse is devastating, regardless of the cause. Nothing can prepare you for the void you’ll feel after they’re gone. It can be very difficult to find a fitting memorial for your beloved horse. We have put together some ideas to keep your horse’s memory close even after they’re gone.

Getting jewelry made from your horse’s hair is a very elegant way to keep your horses memory with you. Whether it be a bracelet, necklace, rings or earrings, there are many artists who can put together a custom piece of jewelry to keep your horse’s memory close to your heart. Most of these pieces are made from the horse’s tail.

Another great accessory to remember your horse by is a nameplate. Commonly, you see nameplates on leather bracelets or belts. These have a traditional equestrian style, and are a great conversation starter about your beloved horse. Many tack stores can custom make these bracelets and belts.

A handful of pottery artists have begun creating pottery pieces incorporating horse hair. These unique pieces are custom made, using horse hair that you provide. With no two pieces being alike, these make great memorials to enjoy around your home or office.

Shadow boxes are a great way to collaborate many items that remind you of your favorite horse. Including your horse’s halter, horse shoes, ribbons, awards and pictures will help preserve lasting memories of your horse, and make great wall art. These are a great project that you can do yourself!

Many people hold memories from horse shows and competitions fondly, as those moments are some of the best shared with your horse. Custom quilts and pillows are a great way to display ribbons earned in those competitions. Different designs and patterns allow you to customize these any way you’d like, and will be a forever memory of specific shows with your horse.

There are many different picture frames designed to help remember your horse. Having a picture of your horse on display will provide a regular reminder of such a special horse, and allow you to share that with those who see his picture.

Custom portraits of your horse can capture specific traits that you loved most about your horse. There are many professionalartists who can create a stunning painting or drawing of your horse. Portraits are a great way to have a lasting memory of your horse in addition to beautiful artwork to display.

Getting a memorial tattoo is a very permanent way to keep your horse with you always. Tattoos allow you to incorporate your own style in the art piece, and can be as simple or as extravagant as you’d like. Including your horses name or ID number are just a few ways to honor your horse’s memory.

A custom model horse is another way to remember your beloved horse. Your horse can be “re-created” into a shelf-sized memory. Color, markings, shading and highlights are all hand painted based on pictures provided. These custom horses are beautifully crafted and will be a lasting memory of that special horse.

There are so many creative and unique ways to remember your horse after they’re gone. Losing a horse is a heartbreaking process, but being able to enjoy their memory can allow you to cherish them for a lifetime.

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My Bestie Dani just told me yesterday, at the barn, that the day we were at the Horse World Expo in Harrisburg that we gave you our horse's tails to you for our love knot bracelets and my necklace, was the day that your Apache Joe crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I had just read your story the other night, while working at my second job, to a coworker/friend, and we both started cryingso very sorry for your loss. What a handsome boy he was and how so very blessed you both were to have each other for all those years. Although I never did get that pony I did ask for every year for Christmas and my birthdays from the day I could speakI did finally get my Coal Train Hannah the year I turned She was I am turning 39 on Easter Day and she will be 15 on May 2, she is the love of my life and I can't thank you enough for the beautiful Love Knot bracelet you made w/ my bestie's horse's tail and my Hanna's tail and also the gorgeous necklace with pink beads and horseshoe charm. I will cherish them both forever and am positive will be having you make many more treasured memories of my Hannah


This is the most beautiful work of horsehair braiding you'll ever find!! There are no ends poking out anywhere and it is smooth, consistent and even. The braids are intricate and time consuming and Ponygurl does wonderful professional work! No one will be sorry for purchasing one of her pieces! They are meaningful and wonderful keepsake treasures that you will be honored to wear!


I received my bracelet in the mail a couple weeks ago and I can honestly say I've never been happier with a piece of jewelry in my life! I took the hair off of my horses tail the day before we had to put him down and it is a beautiful memory of him. I had asked for a small detail added in to the bracelet and PonyGurl pulled it off wonderfully and it looks amazing! I have worn the bracelet every single day and it has not shown any signs of fraying or splitting which is great! The braid is beautiful and not one hair is out of place! I would(and have) recommended this site to every horse owner I know because whether alive or passed on it is a great tribute to your horse!


Thank you so much for your beautiful work on Danny's keepsake of his gelding "Royal"..  My son was over- whelmed as we all were..  I am sure you have blessed so many people this Christmas season.. Again thanks!


I can't thank you enough for the beautiful work!! The bracelets are loved by everyone! I look so forward to having you make wonderful creations for me in the very near future. I hope you had a wonderful holiday and thank you for helping to make mine so special!
Thank you again!


"I just received my necklace in the mail..thank you, thank you, thank you!..I ordered mine as a choker style and I can honestly say she followed the the necklace length to a " T " and it fits perfectly ..the concho hangs right where I wanted it to ..and I have a small neck.. Thanks again I absolutely love it!"


"I received my bracelet last week. Thank you so much for how quickly you finished and mailed it. I love it! It came out much better than I could have ever imagined! Thanks again!"


"Just have to say THANK YOU for the beautiful necklace! I just got it today and couldn't be happier with it! I have to admit I had bought one for myself from someone else awhile back, and although it was WAY more expensive than yours, yours is MUCH prettier. I just may be ordering another one for myself through you lol. Thanks for getting it done in time and doing such a wonderful job on it!"





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