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Polk Audio " W 2 Way Car/Marine ATV Stereo Coaxial Speakers DB (Pair)


Everything you love about Polk’s Dynamic Balance technology —that rich, clean, full range sound—is built into the marine tough, yet ruggedly sophisticated, DB+ series. And with its universal fit, it can be installed in any vehicle: Automobiles, motorcycles, boats, ATVs—you name it. Upgrade from your OEM speaker system toward a bigger, fuller, high performance sound. The high grade materials used in our DB+ Series ensure you get an audio system that’s designed and engineered for clear, full range sound that will last much longer than your factory setup. These speakers also feature non resonant materials so you get extremely clear highs, mids, and lows no matter what you’re listening to through our patented Dynamic Balance (DB) Technology. The new DB+ series has been updated so you can enjoy a simple drop in installation in any vehicle including cars, boats, ATV’s you name it. Its new shallow tweeter design ensures your factory speaker grille re installs with ease for a flush, seamless look. This quick and easy experience also ensures a faster installation process so you can get back to what matters with our great sound always along for the ride. The DB+ Series is IP65 rated so it’s dirt and water resistant. It also has been tested for salt fog, UV and humidity. A big part of that marine certification also means that each speaker has a non corrosive plastic grille, a polypropylene UV tolerant cone, waterproof inner and outer surrounds, and stainless steel mounting hardware, ensuring that it’s fully protected against the elements.

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Cole said:

Really like that head unit. I just replaced the dash and sound bar speakers with 4 Polk DB I've got an older Sony CD player. Not sure the specs but how much difference would this head unit make in sound with the new speakers?

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Very subjective as the user needs to control this, and the speaker set-up also plays a role. Sound processing within the head unit is a critical role in sound quality, like bass and treble, as well as the equalizer and high/low pass filters. Coaxial speakers give the user less control, like a track bar relocation bracket, where component speakers give the user more control, like an adjustable track bar. I assume you have coaxial?

Back to original question. Probably very little but depends on a few factors as mentioned above.

How do you listen to your music? You have a Sony CD player so I assume you listen to CDs, like me. UpperMIs JVC marine grade does not play CDs. So do you listen to CDs, stream, radio and/or? Do you need a USB input, or two, or none? HD Radio is more common now, so if you listen to radio then you may want a head unit with a built-in HD radio tuner.

My brands of choice are Kenwood, JVC, Alpine and Pioneer. Kenwood has great built-in sound processing controls, and Alpine has an App, TuneIt, and you can control the sound processing through the App, and you can download another user App to see what you like.

For my overhead speaker pods, I installed component speakers with a crossover , but plan to remove the crossover and then add an amplifier/DSP combo to power and control the signals to those speakers.

Audio is fun!!! Jeeps are way more fun though!!!!!!


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The Polk DB+ series of speakers is a popular option for cars, but these speakers are also marine certified. In addition to being durable enough to handle salt, water and the sun, the speakers have the sensitivity and the power handling to push your tunes out past the wake. While these speakers don’t provide high-end audio quality, the audio performance is great for the price. In addition, with a slim mounting profile, the speaker fits into nearly any enclosure. We don't test boat speakers any more, but we do have a guide to smart speakers if you're looking to take your party from the shore to the ship.

I tested the audio quality by recording the speaker as it produced a sine tone that transitioned from 20Hz to 20kHz, which represents the spectrum of human hearing. After recording this tone on a loop for five minutes, I used a frequency signature filter to create the average frequency signature of the speaker. Then I compared its frequency signature to the original audio file and graded the low, midrange and high frequencies.

The DB+ received its best grade in the high frequency range with an A+. In fact, it was the best speaker I tested at producing high frequencies. Only the Fusion FR and Clarion CMQRL speakers were close. However, while those speakers produced elite grades for the midrange and lows, the DB+ received a B- for the midrange and B for the lows, reflecting a less-balanced audio performance. However, this speaker is also one of the most affordable boat speakers. The performance is high-value when taking the price into the account. In many ways, it’s the more affordable version of the Polk MM1 marine speakers, which cost more than twice as much.

The DB has a sensitivity rating of 92 dB, which means that the manufacturer claims it is efficient enough to create a volume of 92 dB (measured at 1 meter) with 1 watt of power. This sensitivity rating should make it one of the most efficient marine speakers on the market. Only the Polk MM1 speaker has a higher sensitivity rating. However, in my comparative loudness test, which compared each speaker's efficiency by measuring their volume on the same stereo, both Polk speakers were underwhelming. The DB received a C+ grade, tying it with two other speakers as the sixth-most efficient speaker in the test.

The power-handling specifications are excellent, with a continuous power-handling rating of RMS watts and a peak power handling of watts. Both are as high as it gets for a marine speaker, which means it can handle more power and reach higher volumes.

All of the Polk DB+ speakers are marine certified. This means they’ve been rigorously designed and tested to handle salt, fog, humidity, water and the sun. The speakers have ASTM certifications for salt, fog and UV rays, which is a must for boat speakers. The tweeter is made of aluminum, and the woofer is made of polypropylene. Both are noncorrosive and resistant to water.

The one durability feature missing is gold-plated terminals. Gold doesn’t rust and is one of the best conductive metals, which is critical to ensuring the speakers get as clean an audio signal as possible.

The Polk DB+ series of marine speakers is an excellent option for upgrading your boat’s sound system. Not only are these the most affordable speakers in our review, but they pack a punch. With its high power-handling, you can really turn it up with the Polk DB Just don’t expect the audio quality to match that of more expensive coaxial speakers, such as the Polk MM.

Jeph is a freelance writer who specializes in automotive and tech. With a Masters degree in Fiction from San Diego State University, he has written extensively for Top Ten Reviews on subjects ranging from car speakers and Bluetooth devices, all the way through to online file storage and backup software.

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Subaru Legacy GT Sound System Upgrade Stage 1: Polk DB6502/652 Speaker Install Full Walkthrough

4 Speakers and 3 lights Combo Black Coated / Polk DB Speakers Installed

4 Polk DB " Watt marine speakers and 3 18Watt LED marine spreader lights are installed with wires ready to connect your wire harness.

  • DB+ Series " 2-way Full Range Coaxial Car Marine/ATV/UTV Speakers
  • Universal fit for cars, boats, motorcycles, ATVs and UTVs
  • Power Handling- Peak: watts
  • Power Handling- RMS: watts
  • Recommended Power Range: 30 - watts RMS per channel
  • IP65 rated - dirt and water resistant speakers
  • Tested to withstand salt-fog, UV and humidity
  • Made from non-resonant materials for clear highs, mids and lows
  • Dynamic Balance (DB) Technology
  • Polypropylene UV tolerant cone
  • Waterproof inner and outer surround
  • shallow tweeter design
  • 4 ohms impedance
  • Frequency Response: , Hz
  • Sensitivity: 92dB

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652 polk audio db

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Subaru Legacy GT Sound System Upgrade Stage 1: Polk DB6502/652 Speaker Install Full Walkthrough

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