Another word for known

Another word for known DEFAULT


Widely encountered, used, or recognized:


The definition of notorious is well known for an undesirable trait or for any particular trait.


Easily perceived or understood; apparent.


Of a religion, church etc.: formally recognized by a state as being official within that area.


Much talked about; having fame, or celebrity; renowned


Fit for, adapted to, or reflecting the taste of the people at large:


Widely known; specif., significant and widely know within a particular field



Realize is defined as to achieve or fully understand.


(Archaic) To see; look at; descry


To differentiate is defined as to separate out two or more things, or to look at and understand what makes things different or distinctive.


(Computing, not comparable) Generally recognised; reserved for some usual purpose.


The definition of received is something that has been allowed or accepted.


The definition of proverbial is something well-known or commonly referred to.


The definition of public is something that is related to, available to or known by people.


Not readily noticed or seen; inconspicuous:


(Slang, figuratively, intransitive) To engage in sexual intercourse.


To plant or arrange in a bed of earth


To twist; turn; wind; have a motion like that of a screw


To profess is to declare something, often out loud.


Identify means to determine who or what someone or something is.


Fathom is defined as to understand completely, or to measure the depth of something.


To see the difference (between things); distinguish


To associate is defined as to bring two or more things together, or to have a relationship of some sort with another person or organization.


To cause or allow the mind to become aware of (a stimulus):


To communicate by speech or writing; express with words:


(Intransitive) To divide itself into separate pieces or substances.


To have a sensation, limited experience, or anticipating sense (of something)


Meet is defined as to come face to face with, be there when someone or something arrives, or to be introduced.


(Archaic) To find out or learn (something) through experience.


To experience, undergo, or feel (something painful, injurious, or unpleasant):


Ignore is defined as to deliberately disregard, or to avoid noticing.


To interpret wrongly; understand or explain incorrectly


To fail to understand correctly; misinterpret


To forget things; be forgetful

Find another word for known. In this page you can discover 68 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for known, like: discovered, recognized, disclosed, accepted, acknowledged, notorious, hackneyed, certified, revealed, observed and obvious.

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1. known

adjective. ['ˈnoʊn'] apprehended with certainty.

  • well-known
  • far-famed
  • better-known
  • renowned
  • acknowledged
  • celebrated
  • illustrious
  • familiar
  • identified
  • notable
  • noted
  • famous
  • proverbial
  • best-known
  • legendary
  • famed
  • unknown
  • inglorious
  • unfamiliar
  • ugly

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  • dethrone
  • cyclone
  • condone

Example sentences of the word known

1. Verb, past participle
There are six types known in Florida, but only one is white.

Quotes containing the word known

1. During my life I have seen, known, and lost too much to be the prey of vain dread; and, as for the hope of immortality, I am as weary of that as I am of gods and kings. For my own sake only I write this; and herein I differ from all other writers, past and to come.
- Mika Waltari

2. Edward Norton and I have known each other awhile. I just think he's the real deal, supremely talented and smart. He's got a great sense of humor.
- Kevin Spacey

3. We have known since the s that carbon dioxide traps heat in the atmosphere. The right amount keeps the climate conducive to human life.
- James Hansen

2. little-known

adjective. unknown to most people.

3. well-known

adjective. ['ˈwɛlˈnoʊn'] widely or fully known.

4. well-known

adjective. ['ˈwɛlˈnoʊn'] frequently experienced; known closely or intimately.

5. best-known

adjective. most familiar or renowned.

6. better-known

adjective. more familiar or renowned than the other of two.

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Synonyms for Known:

What is another word for known?

synonyms found


[ nˈə͡ʊn], [ nˈə‍ʊn], [ n_ˈəʊ_n]
  • adj.

    all (adjective)certain (adjective)
    • on ice,
    • unerring,
    • SAFER,
    • inarguable,
    • having down pat,
    • establishable,
    • positive,
    • incontestable,
    • confirmable,
    • safest,
    • undisputable,
    • unassailable,
    • evident,
    • in the bag.
    conscious (adjective)
    • more apprised,
    • able recognize,
    • more aesthetic,
    • most witting,
    • most felt,
    • in-formed,
    • most remarking,
    • most apperceptive,
    • more apperceptive,
    • more recognizing,
    • more informed,
    • more witting,
    • more remarking,
    • under-standing,
    • in formed,
    • under standing,
    • most apprised,
    • most percipient,
    • supra-liminal,
    • most supraliminal,
    • re-marking,
    • on to,
    • more percipient,
    • re-cognizing,
    • re cognizing,
    • more felt,
    • supra liminal,
    • more understanding,
    • re marking,
    • most recognizing,
    • more supraliminal.
    determinate (adjective)familiar (adjective)
    • repeated,
    • most recognizable,
    • more familiar,
    • more workaday,
    • un-ceremonious,
    • frequent,
    • re cognizable,
    • most workaday,
    • everyday,
    • un ceremonious,
    • stocker,
    • in formal,
    • un sophisticated,
    • in-formal,
    • re-cognizable,
    • un-sophisticated,
    • more recognizable,
    • more frequent.
    famous, popular (adjective)
    • manifest,
    • proverbial,
    • acknowledged,
    • admitted,
    • patent,
    • noted,
    • plain,
    • obvious,
    • avowed,
    • certified,
    • common,
    • confessed.
    genuine (adjective)
    • most well-established,
    • more wellestablished,
    • more unpretended,
    • un-impeachable,
    • un-questionable,
    • most unpretended,
    • wellestablished,
    • un feigned,
    • more undesigning,
    • most undesigning,
    • un-pretended,
    • well-established,
    • more well-established,
    • un pretended,
    • well established,
    • Undesigning,
    • most wellestablished,
    • un-feigned,
    • un designing,
    • un-designing,
    • more well established,
    • un impeachable,
    • most well established.
    incontestable (adjective)open (adjective)Other relevant words: (adjective)
    • there,
    • taken for granted,
    • professional,
    • in the limelight,
    • witting,
    • determinate,
    • unstated,
    • conscious,
    • used to,
    • workaday,
    • met with,
    • supraliminal,
    • well-qualified,
    • out-standing,
    • submitted to,
    • Familiar,
    • Undergone,
    • wordless,
    • garden variety,
    • up to speed,
    • widely known,
    • unpretended,
    • in limelight,
    • in on,
    • celeb,
    • able to recognize,
    • well-known,
    • hep to,
    • wise to,
    • genuine,
    • namer,
    • in the public eye,
    • understood,
    • knowing one&#;s stuff,
    • sensitive to,
    • superstar,
    • in right mind,
    • unmannered,
    • down pat,
    • alive to,
    • matter of fact,
    • certain,
    • recognized,
    • percipient.
    professional (adjective)
    • more wellqualified,
    • most wellqualified,
    • therest,
    • knowing one stuff,
    • knowing stuff,
    • knowing ones stuff,
    • more well qualified,
    • therer,
    • most well-qualified,
    • up speed,
    • more crackerjack,
    • most well qualified,
    • more well-qualified,
    • wellqualified,
    • most crackerjack,
    • well qualified.
    recognized (adjective)
    • most admitted,
    • more admitted,
    • more allowed,
    • re cognized,
    • re called,
    • re-membered,
    • all-owed,
    • re membered,
    • most identified,
    • more identified,
    • re-cognized,
    • re-called,
    • all owed,
    • most allowed.
    undergone (adjective)
    • under gone,
    • under-gone,
    • Endured,
    • most endured,
    • most encountered,
    • with-stood,
    • more endured,
    • with stood,
    • most withstood,
    • more withstood,
    • more encountered.
    understood (adjective)
    • most wordless,
    • more appreciated,
    • more unstated,
    • un said,
    • most roger,
    • un-said,
    • more presumed,
    • un stated,
    • un expressed,
    • most presumed,
    • un-stated,
    • un-spoken,
    • more roger,
    • most unstated,
    • un spoken,
    • more wordless,
    • under-stood,
    • un declared,
    • most appreciated,
    • un-expressed,
    • un-declared,
    • under stood.
    undisputable (adjective)used to (adjective)well-known (adjective)
    • more celeb,
    • super starrest,
    • namest,
    • super starrer,
    • well known,
    • in public eye,
    • super-starrer,
    • super-star,
    • in famous,
    • superstarrer,
    • more somebody,
    • most celeb,
    • superstarrest,
    • most somebody,
    • super-starrest,
    • wellknown,
    • super star,
    • out standing.
  • n.

    best-known (noun)better-known (noun)celebrated (noun)established (noun)famous (noun)far-famed (noun)identified (noun)illustrious (noun)known (noun)
  • v.

    knew (verb)
  • Other synonyms:

    • overt,
    • fishbowl,
    • foreseeable,
    • secret,
    • Told,
    • Famed,
    • encyclopedic,
    • transparent,
    • recognizable,
    • old,
    • unwritten,
    • unclassified,
    • declassified,
    • public.
    Other relevant words (noun):
    • customary,
    • conceived,
    • notify,
    • apparent,
    • put forward,
    • figure out,
    • popular,
    • widespread,
    • pointed,
    • make public,
    • ascertained,
    • transpire,
    • give forth,
    • prominent,
    • conspicuous,
    • emit,
    • rumor,
    • come to light,
    • publish,
    • intimate,
    • promulgate,
    • glorious,
    • be known,
    • knowing,
    • exposed,
    • appreciated,
    • Ycleped,
    • peep out,
    • discover,
    • circulate,
    • be visible,
    • prevalent,
    • trite,
    • in the air,
    • give out,
    • get out,
    • represent,
    • utter,
    • going round,
    • sort out,
    • be acquainted with,
    • speak of,
    • broach,
    • spread,
    • eminent,
    • voice,
    • distinguished,
    • crop out,
    • be aware,
    • propagate,
    • issue,
    • edit,
    • buzz about,
    • outstanding,
    • pat,
    • going around,
    • communicate,
    • in circulation,
    • send forth,
    • put forth,
    • reported,
    • talk of,
    • recognised,
    • Indicated,
    • realised,
    • signify,
    • diffuse,
    • bruited about,
    • information,
    • Hight,
    • aware,
    • current,
    • bruit about,
    • present-day,
    • Itself,
    • trivial,
    • visible,
    • be able,
    • mention,
    • learned,
    • particular,
    • acquainted,
    • clear-cut,
    • spread abroad,
    • proclaimed,
    • marked,
    • viewable,
    • let fall,
    • be disclosed,
    • projected,
    • come out,
    • express,
    • put about,
    • well-recognized,
    • bandy about,
    • see,
    • clear,
    • prevailing,
    • identifiable,
    • named,
    • know,
    • specify,
    • commonplace,
    • conversant,
    • disseminate,
    • realized,
    • wit,
    • ooze out,
    • leak out.
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  • Independent

    • Adjective
      recognized, acknowledged, recognised, informed, prominent, identified, knowledgeable, experienced, recognizable, knowing, established, well-recognized, well-established, publicized, clear, celebrated, knowledge-based, reputed, unaware, Deemed, proven.
    • Verb, past participle
      understood, appreciated, learned, learning, realised, Followed, Told, recognise, discovered, realized, imagined, confirmed, Worked, noticed, reappointed, perceived, acquainted, sensitized, characterized, Notified, Disseminated, misunderstood, recognizsed, Communicated, convinced, Populations, anticipated, characterised, conceived, Shown, disclosed, redesignated, Believed, uncovered, incorporated, implemented, Investigated, reproduction, recalled, confessed, thought, remembered, Questioned, clarified, evaluated, designation, conceded, contacted, reminded, Mentioned, adjustment, supposed, concluded, practicable, publicised, specified, considered, defined, foreseen, Commemorated, Construed, Caught, described, found, Attributed, guaranteed, concealed, promotion, promulgated, outlined, predicted, nominated, suggested, supported, pointed, designated, Allowed, concerned, classified, Asked, located, connected, Slowed, grasped, Apprised, verified, felt, overlooked, Obtained, associated, condemned, Denounced, appointed, Denominated, comments, ignored, revealed, Territories, forecast, grown, afflicted, said, assigned, collected, Issued, advised, Compiled, owed, Invoked, Encountered, Nicknamed, Responded, finalized, zone, Examined, formulated, completed, Confronted, founded, specialized, presumed, honoured, attendance, updated, broadcast, Christened, Looked, advertised, convicted, vindicated, contained, represented, liked, appendix, Existed, Introduced, Compared, checked, witnessed, allocated, hailed, encouraged, &#;, heard, educated, interviewed, Declined, consolidated, Transpired, presented, Guessed, expressed, distributed, abbreviated, weathered, admitted, Comprised, loved, evidenced, Persuaded, become, documented, expected, endorsed, analysed, oh, Answered, linked, Enjoyed, circulated, welcomed, Enshrined, finalised, assumed, referenced, surrounded, taught, Summoned, changed, entitled, moved, exposed, alleged, Marketed, highlighted, robin, recovered, scheduled, initiated, spoken, Counted, emphasized, gathered, Manifested, composed, Undertaken, exploited, Smelled, published, Accorded, Rendered, shot, obliged, combined, increased, grouped, labeled, labelled, acquired, projected, Upheld, bereaved, Detained, -, history, transmitted, phoned, embodied, Provided, double, Sentenced, situated, entrusted, sustained, regulated, committed, Baptized, assured, valued, Suffered, included, improved, Lodged, imposed, Judged, Profiled, briefed, resolved, proved, Programs, continued, decided, Undergone, Benefited, Managed, conducted, renamed, murdered, asserted, Begun, relieved, worn, attained, approved, Evolved, CAILED, Been, chosen, expanded, message, Quoted, deprived, Launched, blamed, extended, ruled, Subjected, Rewarded, featured, Embraced, area, spotted, Tasted, Exhibited, voiced, Watched, Operated, Promoted, broken, designed, Regretted, unveiled, Killed, enhanced, selected, handled, related, Indexed, Replied, Precluded, released, lost, Endured, relaxed, Exercised, sent, protected, covered, spread, Afforded, Incurred, Survived, maximum, received, Submitted, given, Succumbed, intended, signalled, suicide, plan, planned, Delivered, Picked, focused, destined, invited, trained, read, very, Talked, earned, held, day, reflected, Embarked, tested, baptised, reviewed, Performed, Gained, Praised, satisfied, maintained, Brought, Scored, seized, reside, Resided, Occurred, used, attached, Surveyed, run, running, charged, Served, permitted, Argued, Drafted, sought, Emerged, credited, posted, Happened, poised, Appealed, Attracted, Referred, spent, ", stressed, titled, posed, ec, Cited, Arrived, faced, drawn, or, Remained, kept, adopted, HIT, me, Urged, affected, Prized, limited, put, hurt, Termed, Viewed, till, i.e., attended, _, figured, Lived, laid, treated, formed, Dialed, Achieved, may, Audited, Claimed, aired, Lights, come, required, studied, added, Caused, produced, effects, placed, Succeeded, requested, fallen, travel, traveled, travelled, Meant, Dubbed, Created, , applied, called, calls, risen, fired, raised, Reached, bap, gone, taken, built, led, closed, Aimed, Dealt, vested, H, Entered, headed, let, failed, played, done, Passed, named, Met, based, Acted, dated, made, Gotten, Got, cut, recognized, recognised, informed, identified, experienced, established, publicized, celebrated, reputed, Deemed, proven.
  • Other Related

    • Proper noun, singular
Dive - Ed Sheeran (Lyrics)

Famous and well-known&#;-&#;thesaurus



used for saying that someone or something is famous, especially in one particular way or for one particularreason



used for saying that one person or thing is famous in one way or for one reason rather than another



establishedpeople are well known for being good at their job



well known to you, or easilyrecognized by you



in a way that is known about by a lot of people



most important or most well known



used about someone famous or important who is admired by a lot of people, or about their work



very well known, and therefore likely to be remembered for a long time

of TV etc. fame


used for saying what made someone or something famous



mainly journalismincluding many famouspeople



famous, or well known


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