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More About PEX Manifolds

A manifold is the hub of a plumbing system that distributes supply water to distribution lines throughout a home. Each manifold system has a variety of adapters, end caps, and fitting assemblies that can be purchased to customize the manifold to various applications. Contact us today to find all of the PEX plumbing parts and accessories you need here at

MANABLOC PEX Plumbing System
Viega MANABLOCs are available in compression, crimp, and PEX press styles. Each of these utilizes 1/2", 3/8", or a combination of both for port outlets. Each MANABLOC is pre-assembled and includes port connections, drill templates, and a faceplate. However, mounting brackets, supply adapters, and caps must be purchased separately. Standard setup requires two supply adapters (one for hot and one for cold) and one supply end cap. To avoid purchasing an expensive PEX tool, a compression style MANABLOC is recommended.

Crimp Style Manifolds
Copper Crimp Manifolds feature a 1" copper supply constructed of type "L" copper. Crimp Manifolds require the crimp tool and crimp rings for securing connections to PEX tubing. These manifolds are available in a valve or valveless configurations. Valved models contain valves at each loop, which provides the ability to isolate different lines. This is especially useful when a leak or necessary repair is required. Crimp ball valves can be manually added to valveless manifolds if desired.

ProPEX Style Manifolds
Uponor (Wirsbo) ProPEX Style Manifolds require the Milwaukee ProPEX expander tool and ProPEX rings for securing connections to PEX tubing. ProPEX Style Manifolds are available in copper and engineered plastic (EP) configurations. EP manifolds are an economic alternative to copper manifolds but are just as effective. These manifolds are available from 3 to 12 outlets and in valved and valveless models.

ProPEX Copper Manifolds feature a 1" copper supply constructed of type "L" copper. These copper manifolds are available with or without stop valves. ProPEX stop valves allow the ability to isolate individual loops without shutting down the entire system.

The engineered plastic (EP) heating manifold by Uponor (Wirsbo) is similar to its brass counterpart. EP radiant heat manifolds are constructed of high-performance thermoplastic. It is suitable for use under conditions of high impact, heat, and moisture. They are resistant to corrosion, pitting, scaling, high chlorine levels and ultraviolet light. EP radiant heat manifolds are an economic alternative to expensive copper, brass and stainless steel manifolds.

Push-Fit Manifolds
Push-Fit Manifolds have push-to-connect branches, allowing for easier and faster installation to supply multiple water lines. These manifolds reduce the risk of leaks by removing excess points of connections.

Compression Manifolds
Compression Manifolds allow easy connections to PEX without requiring additional tools. Available with multiple shut-off valves, Compression Manifolds offer a reliable distribution point for a variety of installations.

PEX Press Plastic Manifolds
Compatible with Viega FostaPEX or any standard ASTM size PEX pipe, Viega PEXPress fittings provide a reliable connection system for professional applications. PEXPress Manifolds are available in plastic with multiple options for outlet configurations, resist corrosion, and contribute to safe and worry-free plumbing distribution systems.


Pex Manifolds

The Apollo ExpansionPEX 3/4 in. PEX-A Barb Inlets x 1/2 PEX-A Barb 4-Port Open Manifold is simple to install. Apollo ExpansionPEX barb fittings are a key component to one of the most economical potable water piping systems. Also capable of integration into hydronic heating systems, Apollo ExpansionPEX couplings must be secured into place Apollo ExpansionPEX sleeves or comparable expansion-type sleeve or ring (all sold separately). The Apollo ExpansionPEX system is a comprehensive piping system comprised of lead free brass fittings, poly alloy fittings, manifolds, valves, fasteners, tools and tubing designed for implementation in water delivery systems, simple or complex.

  • 3/4 in. PEX-A barb inlets and 1/2 in. PEX-A barb outlets
  • Larger internal diameter of Apollo ExpansionPEX fittings results in a 25% greater flow rate within the system
  • Constructed of high density polysulfone alloy for superior reliability and strength
  • Cold-expansion tool (sold separately) is required for installation
  • Meets or exceeds ASTM F1960 standard
  • Meets UPC, IPC and cUPC standard
  • Must secured in place using Apollo expansionPEX sleeves or other PEX-A expansion sleeves/rings
  • NSF listed
  • Go/no-go gauges are never required
  • To ensure secure connections every time, fittings cannot be dry fit
  • Rated to 200°F and 200 psi
  • Item is not compatible with PEXb pipe, crimp-style (ASTM 1807) or pinch clamp (ASTM F2098) piping systems

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PEX Manifolds

About PEX Manifolds

The primary purpose of a PEX pipe manifold is to act as a distribution center in a plumbing or heating system. Select manifold types and models allow users to set up automatic flow control, monitor temperature and flow and much more.

Manufactured manifolds save installers significant amount of time and help to eliminate leakages associated with manual assembly from individual components, such as fittings, valves, pipes, etc. In many cases, the cost of manufactured manifolds is less then the cost of such individual components, which further helps to increase savings.


Hydronic Radiant Heating
A classic hydronic type radiant floor heating system is comprised by (2) or more loops (circuits) of PEX tubing which are fed by the main hot water supply line from the boiler or other heating equipment. A PEX radiant heat manifold incorporated into this system helps user to balance the flow in individual circuits, achieving equalized temperatures throughout the zones. Optional manifold actuators can replace manual balancing valves and in combination with an external zone valve control device (such as Taco ZVC) allow to control the room temperature via the thermostat.
Other components integrated into the manifolds’ design, such as shut-off valves, air vent and drain valves simplify the installation and maintenance process without the need for installation of separate costly components. PexUniverse sells a complete range of Everhot radiant manifolds.

In traditional rigid pipe systems, water is delivered to the fixtures by branching off the main water pipe with smaller diameter pipes. The issue of such systems is a large number of connections concealed behind the walls and in the floor/ceiling, which take more time to make and present a potential leak problem.
PEX plumbing manifold, installed in proximity to the hot or cold water supply, helps to eliminate these issues by allowing for a PEX pipe run from the manifold directly to the fixture with little or none concealed connections. PEX manifolds with valves (“valved”) or without valves (“valveless”) sold here are made in USA from type “L” copper and are fully compliant with “low-lead” regulations.
PexUniverse offers the largest selection of Sioux Chief copper manifolds online.


Leading US PEX companies, including Watts, Viega, Zurn, Nibco, Everhot and others offer PEX products manufactured to the same standards, meaning that they can be used interchangeably.
Radiant PEX manifolds by Everhot can replace similar products from the above manufacturers, as well as brands such as Uponor (Wirsbo), Caleffi, Mr. PEX and several others.
Copper PEX manifolds by Sioux Chief are also capable of replacing the products made by mentioned, however, the type of connections must always be considered. PexUniverse sells plumbing manifolds with either standard crimp style or push-to-connect outlets.


Heating Manifolds
Main factors which influence the selection of a heating manifold include size of PEX pipe used for floor heating and the size of the heated area.
For a typical slab heating system with 1/2" PEX spaced at 12" OC (On Center) and a 1,500 sqft space, the project would require about 1,500 linear ft of PEX. Since advised loop length for 1/2" PEX is 300ft, the project would require (5) 300ft circuits of PEX and therefore, a 5-branch heating manifold set (such as SSM005).

Plumbing Manifolds
Since hot and cold water plumbing requires separate PEX plumbing manifolds, they are sized and selected based on the number of fixtures as well as inlet and outlet pipe sizes. Larger manifolds can be used for whole-house plumbing, whereas smaller – for point-of-use applications. Select models have as much as 12 branches with trunk diameter of up to 2".
Models with valves provide the user with ability to shut off the flow in the event of maintenance or repair. PDQ manifolds with push-fit connections allow to connect any brand PEX pipe without the use of tools.
Viega ManaBloc Water Distribution Manifold

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PEX Manifold System: PEX Water Lines

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