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Looking back: This was CS:GO in

Even the players are human

Quite often in tournaments we’ve seen mind boggling plays coming out from the veterans of Counter-Strike, yet sometimes even they have moments that show they’re human just like us. Kenny ‘KennyS’ Schrub had a moment like that earlier this year where he might have been focussing a bit on the wrong part of his screen… .

These clips are easily missed, however, if you see the things coming out from the NA scene. There it seems like every match has a crazy highlight.

Bigger rosters, bigger wins

With some players of Astralis taking a temporary step back, it became more and more apparent how much of a strain competitive CS:GO can put on the players. This has since then transitioned into having the first rosters with six or more players. The team mainly benefitting from this seems to be Vitality, with the French organisation picking up Nabil ‘Nivera’ Benrlitom and putting him to good use in some of their victories. 

I’m super excited to be joining @TeamVitality‘s ranks today and play alongside @[email protected]@[email protected]@zywoo as well as @[email protected]_CSGO 😍

Can’t wait to start this new adventure! #VForVictorypic.twitter.com/DCfMKAet5a

— Nivera (@Nivera__) October 16,

This six man roster has not really caught on yet with other teams however. The costs that come with a CS:GO team are quite hefty and adding another player would mean yet another big paycheck to cover each month (and possibly even a buyout to get him on the team in the first place). Astralis themselves have had some players join and leave during the temporary absence of some of their players, yet have kept Lucas ‘Bubzkji’ Andersen as a sixth man. It seems unlikely many teams will adopt this form of bigger roster themselves, however with more success comes more money and possibly more players in the roster.

NiKo leaving FaZe

Nikola ‘NiKo’ Kovač has left FaZe Clan after a lengthy stay, joining up with his cousin in G2 Esports. Since joining the team Niko and G2 have been doing quite well, winning the first match against FURIA and beating some top teams after. The move in itself was quite shocking as NiKo had an all-star line-up around him. 

This year however they did perform well but were unable to get wins consistently or even get into the Grand Final, often ending third. After a two month talk between the organisations a deal was signed and NiKo was able to embark on a new journey. Yet with the addition of a new player some teams still try to hold on to the regular roster size of five players, meaning that Audric ‘JaCkz’ Jug has been benched early December.

Cheering all over the world

Usually there’d be a clip in here somewhere of an international LAN where we’d celebrate the incredible win of a certain team. Yet with the pandemic still going on, only some online cheers were visible on the broadcasts. 

Is the international scene dead at the moment? No not at all! Some American teams and players (both North and South American) have temporarily migrated to Europe to be able to compete against top teams and of course compete in high level tournaments. Some slightly lower ranked NA teams can’t afford the move but do sometimes have some interesting ‘home distractions’.

Million player milestone

When the pandemic reached concerning levels and multiple countries imposed lockdowns, gamers found more time to play their favourite titles and of course to hang out with their friends online. For the first time ever CS:GO reached over one million concurrent players, showing the game is far from dead with new milestones reached despite the game being eight years old in

What about highlights?

Just looking at the relatively lower clip views on the respective Twitch channels, it seems as if people are possibly missing the LAN vibe of cheering people as backing vocals for every clip. We’ve already given you some fun clips but it’s also time to show some Brazilian strength and (over)aggression. FURIA’s Andrei ‘arT’ Piovezan has really finetuned his W-holding skills and takes advantage of the open mid of Vertigo in the following clip against Team Liquid.

If you thought that was good, there is one thing you need to have seen this year and that is probably the most disgusting pistol ace ever shown on stream. It is to no surprise it comes from the prodigy himself, Mathieu ‘ZywOo’ Herbaut.

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Release Notes for 10/21/


– The “Stockholm Viewer Pass” and the “Stockholm Viewer Pass + 3 Souvenir Tokens” are now available for purchase. 50% of the proceeds go to the teams and organizations taking part in the PGL Stockholm CS:GO Major Championship.
– With a Viewer Pass, you’ll get:
— An upgradable Stockholm Event Coin.
— Access to the Stockholm Pick’Em Challenge.
— Unlimited team graffiti for the duration of the event.
— Steam.tv team flair.
— Access to Stockholm Souvenir Packages.
– Team stickers and patches are available for purchase.

&#; Enabled grenade donation purchases from the buy wheel.
&#; Fixed a bug where spectators sometimes wouldn&#;t correctly see donated weapons.
&#; Fixed a bug where disconnected and reconnected players could exceed grenade purchase limits.

&#; Added the following nodes: decorator_game_event, action_drop_active_weapon, action_inspect_current_weapon, action_standup, action_custom_buy.
&#; Added variables: BombIsBeingDefused, AccountBalance, IsBlind, BlindnessPercentage.
&#; Fixed a bug where node &#;condition_owns_item&#; wouldn&#;t work with &#;item_defuser&#; / &#;item_cutters&#;.
&#; Fixed a bug where bots would incorrectly include themselves when sensing other players.
&#; Added support for &#;team_filter&#; when sensing grenades.
&#; Node &#;action_wait&#; now supports &#;@convar&#; references.

Release Notes for 10/15/


[ MISC ]
&#; Fixed a bug where water footstep sounds would emit from spectating players&#; death locations. (thanks /u/birkir and others on reddit)
&#; Bots will be able to open more Danger Zone doors.
&#; Stability improvements.

[ MAPS ]
&#; Fixed pixel gap through scaffolding near B

&#; Fixed many clipping issues (thanks Luar)
&#; Fixed missing nav mesh in lower A
&#; Updated radar
&#; Made map playable again by changing the license plates
&#; Various visual tweaks

Release Notes for 10/7/


&#; Added the bbno$ &#; u mad! Music Kit, available in regular and StatTrak™ versions

&#; Danger Zone
— Respawning players are no longer able to select respawn locations that should have been prohibited by the spawnmask map
— Smoothed camera motion when using ExoJump

&#; Added new VO for Trapper and Trapper Aggressor agents
&#; Adjusted ragdoll physics

&#; Dust 2
— Re-tired visblocker from T spawn to mid
— Blocked unintended wallbang

&#; Insertion 2
— New glass texture for windows in office, to make it easier to see from inside if the glass is broken or not
— Other minor tweaks

&#; Ravine
— Fixed bomb stuck spot near spawn
— Clipping fixes
— Updated radar

&#; Basalt
— Added a reception desk to B Connector
— Added an additional window to Red Barn
— Removed railing on A for easier movement
— Visual upgrades to bombsite B
— Visual upgrades to Red Barn
— Added literature
— Added a fuzzy carpet
— Small visual upgrades across the whole map

&#; County
— Disabled physics on window at creek house
— Removed possibility to set metal frame of the quarry building in motion
— Set proper scale on metal containers
— Improved cliff models collision
— Clipped cave ceiling and wooden roofs in order to prevent players from getting stuck while using exojump
— Fixed collision on aspen tree models to prevent players from getting stuck
— Fixed global sound on bunker doors
— Fixed all reported stuck spots while jumping
— Increased fade distance for corn field
— Clipped beach part of the map to prevent players from escaping the map with bump mines
— Extended watertower ladder
— Fixed reported floating barrels/turrets
— Made waterfall floor more shallow so that the items can be picked up
— Closed of some of the rooms in haunted mansion
— Renovated haunted mansion
— Removed killzone on the left side of the bridge
— Optimizations

Release Notes for 9/23/


&#; Fixed crash that would sometimes occur when users would play Danger Zone multiple times in a row.
&#; The giant X on the ground at the bombsite for Week 1 Guardian Mission It&#;s Raining Sharks will no longer disappear.
&#; Removed cl_forcepreload and the client launch option preload; these options were copy/pasted from configs on the internet but would cause crashes, slow loading times, and stuttering.
&#; T side will no longer be able to buy-via-donate the Riot Shield.
&#; The maximum cooldown penalty for griefing has been increased from 1 day to 14 days.
&#; Fixed bug in accept popup localized string.

Release Notes for 9/22/


&#; Fixed a rare incorrect game settings error when trying to play some game modes.
&#; Fixed grenades ammo problem on servers with sv_infinite_ammo 1 setting.
&#; Fixed a wave file fatal error when force precache launch setting was used.
&#; Fixed a scrolling regression in workshop maps list.
&#; Fixed material seams on several Guerrilla Warfare agents.
&#; Fixed voice mismatch for Gendarmerie agents.
&#; Fixed the name and voice of Elite Crew distinguished tier agent &#;Jungle Rebel | Elite Crew&#;.
&#; Added several missing knife finish textures.

&#; Updated lights.rad file with the latest lighting information for map creators.

&#; Updated radar image to match the latest map changes.

&#; Replaced env_sprites with clientside version
&#; Removed point_spotlights
&#; Replaced some of the physical props with non-networked versions
&#; Updated radar image
&#; Optimalisation

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Is CSGO really dying in ?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has a unique player base that loves to hate the game. In the CSGO realm, comparison of Valve&#;s shooter with every new FPS game is a norm; facts are mostly irrelevant. Is CSGO dying?

Jabs and comments from the unversed were disregarded, but ex-CSGO professionals also added to the discussion. Most recently, Michael &#;shroud&#; Grzesiek jumped on the bandwagon by claiming &#;CS is undeniably dying&#; in one of his videosVarious esports maestros including gaming analyst pimp chipped in—the ex-professional player directed at a ceaseless bull session that follows CSGO everywhere.

G2&#;s owner Carlos &#;ocelote&#; Rodriguez also disagreed with Shroud.

CSGO player count is thriving in

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Released in July , with less than 2k active players, CSGO picked up the pace rather quickly. After a dwindling player base, the fps game managed to peak , concurrent players in , according to steamcharts. This breakthrough took five years, but unlike other fads, this game was here to stay.

Since , Valve’s GO has managed to break several records, crossing the one million mark in March of The iconic shift in player count could be attributed to the COVID situation. Many novice gamers unlocked the true potential of CSGO behind the locked doors during the pandemic. The game experienced a monumental rise in player count from April to December , gaining 27% more players. 

Like any other game, CSGO&#;s player count isn&#;t always booming. The count dipped, but it always powered through the downturns. 

CSGO VS the new games

Valorant is not CSGO&#;s first adversary. The comparison police were on the rise in when PUBG was officially released. Despite belonging from a different genre, the game managed to eat up a considerable chunk of CSGO&#;s player base. There were guns, action, scenery, and all the ingredients that CSGO had, but comparisons failed to diminish CSGO&#;s loyal fan-base. 

The players experimented with PUBG, but the absence of five versus five format, tactical play, and competitive energy sent the CSGO fans back to their home. The minor shift in the player count was re-fixed; the numbers rose to more than K concurrent players in January  

Two years later, Apex Legends had to suffer the weight of comparisons. The game was widely different from Counter Strike in terms of graphics and genre, but imminent judgments followed. 

Valorant is the new contender, and it has undoubtedly shaken some of what Valve created. It would be irrational to overlook the ramifications caused by Valorant, as numerous CS professionals have packed their bags and left for the animated world of Riot&#;s tactical shooter. However, the player base of CSGO didn&#;t take many hits. 

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Months after the release of Valorant, CSGO gained 2% more players in August With more than K concurrent players in October, CSGO&#;s player count is on the peak. More players continue to log in for a gaming experience that has created a massive universe of esports. 

In terms of player count, has been the best year for Valve. The professional scene did suffer a bit, but pandemic cranked up the player base to eleven. With LAN&#;s return, Counter-Strike Global Offensive is expected to make and break new records. 

The lively crowd, surroundings decked out in tech, and enemies sitting across from each other, are just a few key ingredients of a LAN tournament; ingredients that you can&#;t possibly have in an online setting. Fans can&#;t wait to fill up the Arenas once again, and comeback of LAN might tempt many inactive players to log back in to their steam accounts.

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