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Since May 2020,  I have been billled $7.57 for Roku for Disney Echo.

I do not use nor am familiar with this channel.  I cannot find any record of this subscription in Roku nor Disney account.  

I had DisneyPlus subscription for 1 month then canceled [I have conformation email].

I feel like I'm stuck in an endless loop. Roku does not have this transaction listed in payment history [Although PayPal statements reflect Roku has been getting paid $7.57 per month since May for this phantom Disney Electro subscription]. Disney shows no evidence of subscription. 

I need this charge to stop now. I can't afford to give away $7.57 per month especially since this seems to have no end date.

There is no subscription listed to manage or cancel.  I don't even know what Disney Electro is or when I have ever subscribed. 

How do I cancel the phantom subscription and stop monthly charges without canceling Roku?

--Exasperated Streamer.


Disney Plus is the streaming platform for Disney, Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, and National Geographic content. The contents are movies, series, TV Shows, and Originals. It has a premium subscription with no free trial for ad-free streaming. You can purchase the subscription of Disney Plus on Roku Channel Store using the Roku account. It is necessary to know the procedure to cancel the Disney Plus Subscription on Roku.

Disney Plus

The Disney Plus Subscription costs $6.99 per month and $69.99 per year. It offers unlimited downloads of contents for offline streaming. The contents are available in 4K UHD and HDR streaming quality.

How to Cancel Disney Plus Subscription on Roku?

The Disney Plus subscription must be canceled at the right time to avoid the charges. The subscription bought in the Roku Channel Store can be canceled on the Roku device as well as Roku website.

On Roku Device

#1 Launch Roku and press the home button on the remote.

#2 Select Streaming channels and search for Disney Plus app.

#3 Press the * button on the remote to get the options.

#4 Choose Manage subscription from the available options.

Tap Manage Subscription to cancel Disney Plus on Roku

#5 Select Cancel subscription to Cancel Disney Plus subscription on Roku.

Click Cancel Subscription

#6 Click Cancel Subscription again to confirm the cancellation and tap Done.

Select Cancel Subscription - Cancel Disney Plus on Roku

On Roku Website

#1 Launch your PC/ Laptop and open Google Chrome browser.

#2 Go to RokuWebsite and sign in to your Roku account.

Sign in to Roku Account

#3 Select Manage your Subscriptions and it displays the subscribed channels or apps.

Click Manage Your subscription

#4 Go to the Disney Plus app and click Unsubscribe to cancel the subscription.

#5 Confirm the cancellation of the subscription.

Cancel Disney Plus Subscription

In case you have purchased the subscription on Disney plus website, you have to cancel it on the website only.

#1 Open Google Chrome and visit the Disney Plussite.

#2 Log in to your Disney Plus account.

#3 Select Billing details and click Cancel Subscription.

#4 Tap Complete Cancellation to confirm the canceling of subscription.

We have discussed the various way to cancel the Disney Plus subscription on Roku. It is preferable to cancel the subscription one day before the subscription due date to avoid a technical glitch. After the cancellation of the subscription, you can also watch the contents on Disney Plus till the end date.

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So, are you saying that you did this:

Did you see any subscriptions or purchases?

If you went to those links, and there were no subscriptions or purchases, then Roku didn't charge you. If there are purchases or subscriptions, Roku did charge you.

Now, assuming there are none, which is what I think you said in your rant, what that means is that another party charged your card and provided the names "Roku" and "Disney" to the credit card company.

Before you say that can't happen, keep this in mind. I'm not suggesting these specific examples apply to you, I'm simply offering them as examples that would explain how this can be.

Porn Websites and marital affair Websites succeed because they don't put "Porn" or "Affairs" in their credit card description. If they did, spouses would find out and they'd lose customers. So, they put things like "IT Support" or something other than what it actually is. That's how it works.

So, yes, some scammer or credit card thief could bill you and put "Roku" "Disney" or "Apple" or just about anything they wanted in the description. 

So, again, if there is nothing showing up on those links at the top of my post, then Roku didn't bill you, and likely won't reimburse you for something they didn't take from you.

Contact your credit card company and list it as fraud.

Roku Community Streaming Expert

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Note: I am not a Roku employee.

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Charge disney roku for electronics

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How to get Disney Plus on ROKU

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