Outline of a unicorn head

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The unicorn is a mythical legendary creature that is essentially a horse with a pair of wings and a sharp, pointed horn projecting from its forehead.

We’ve all dreamt of seeing a unicorn in real life, but the chances of actually seeing one is improbable.

Why not learn how to draw a unicorn instead? By drawing a unicorn, you can see it up close and personal.

Fortunately, we have created a step-by-step process on how to draw a unicorn, summed up in 9 quick and easy steps.drawing unicorn in 9 easy steps

Each instruction comes with an illustration that serves as your visual guide as you follow the steps, making the process a lot easier for you.

All you need is a piece of paper and your favorite drawing tool and you’re all set to draw a unicorn!

Have fun and take advantage of your imagination!

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How to Draw a Unicorn — Let’s get started!

Step 1unicorn drawing step 1

Start by drawing two connected curvy pointed shapes on the upper left portion of your paper. This forms the mane at the top of the unicorn’s head.

Afterward, draw a tapered oval shape on both sides of the mane to create the unicorn’s pair of ears.

To make sure that the unicorn will be drawn in the center, you can create reference lines by drawing an intersecting horizontal and vertical line across your paper.

This should divide your paper into four spaces. The space on the upper left marks the spot where you should draw the mane and the ears.

This ensures that there’s sufficient space for the unicorn’s entire head and body.

Step 2 — Create an Outline of the Unicorn’s Headunicorn drawing step 2

Draw the shape of the unicorn’s head right underneath the mane and the ears that we drew in the previous step. Don’t forget to put emphasis on the unicorn’s jaw and muzzle.

The shape of the unicorn’s head should look like a typical horse’s head.

Step 3 — Afterwards, Draw the Unicorn’s Long Maneunicorn drawing step 3

Draw an elongated narrow shape along the back of the neck of the unicorn. This creates the long, thick mane of the unicorn.

Keep in mind that the two clumps of hair that we drew in the first step and the mane we’re drawing in this step should be directly connected.

Make sure to add pointed clumps of hair on the mane to add texture, making the mane look soft and realistic!

Step 4 — Next, Outline the Body of the Unicornunicorn drawing step 4

Draw a sideways irregular oval shape underneath the head of the unicorn. This shape forms the unicorn’s body.

Make sure that both sides of the body are rounded, forming the beefy build of the unicorn.

Step 5 — Then, Draw the Front Legs of the Unicornunicorn drawing step 5

Below the unicorn’s chest, draw two parallel vertical lines with a horizontal line at the bottom. This creates one front leg of the unicorn.

Afterwards, draw a similar shape right beside the first front leg to complete the unicorn’s two front legs. Since the unicorn is facing sideways, the front leg at the back isn’t fully visible.

Don’t forget to erase any lines from the torso that overlaps inside the legs! This will ensure that your drawing looks neat, and most importantly, refined.

Step 6 — Complete All Four Legs of the Unicornunicorn drawing step 6

Repeat the previous step underneath the bottom back of the unicorn. This creates the unicorn’s pair of hind legs..

After completing this step, all four legs of the unicorn should be fully formed, as shown in the illustration above.

Step 7 — Afterwards, Add the Unicorn’s Furry Tailunicorn drawing step 7

Draw a curved shape with a pointed tip attached on the lower back of the unicorn.

This forms the unicorn’s thick, furry tail.

Step 8 — Next, Draw the Unicorn’s Pointed Hornunicorn drawing step 8

Draw a narrow, pointed shape attached on the forehead of the unicorn. This creates the sharp horn—one of the unicorn’s most distinct physical features.

Afterwards, draw a horizontal right above the edge of each foot, creating the appearance of hooves, which are basically the soles in their feet.

Step 9 — Add Patterns and Details on the Unicornunicorn drawing step 9

Draw two parallel diagonal lines across the horn of the unicorn. Then, draw an upright oval shape within the ear to form the inside ear.

Afterwards, draw a curved line to create the outline of the unicorn’s muzzle. Next, draw an oval shape for the eyes and a small shaded circle inside the muzzle for the nose.

Moving on to the details of the unicorn’s body, draw a curved line at the bottom of its body to outline the body’s underside.

Now that we’ve successfully drawn a magical unicorn, it’s time for the much-awaited step, which is coloring the unicorn!

Unicorns are typically depicted with a white color, which signifies purity and grace. However, it is believed that unicorns also exist in a wide range of colors such as silver, green, and more vibrant colors.

Feel free to use any color you like to create a one-of-a-kind unicorn. Always remember, the sky’s the limit to your imagination—make use of it!unicorn drawing 9 steps

Your Unicorn Drawing is Complete!

We hope you enjoy this step-by-step unicorn drawing. If you had fun drawing a unicorn, then you’ll surely have a good time drawing other legendary creatures like a dragon!

Check out our “How to Draw” catalog to explore more interesting drawing tutorials like this.

Once you’ve finished drawing and coloring a unicorn, don’t forget to show off your masterpiece! Take a picture of your artwork and share it on our Facebook page and on Pinterest.

Don’t be embarrassed, we’re sure it looks incredible because you’ve worked hard for it.

We would love to see your magnificent unicorn drawing!how to draw a unicorn in 9 easy steps

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How To Draw A Unicorn

This step by step drawing tutorial will show you how to draw an easy unicorn. 

Use any medium you would like to draw this unicorn.

Unicorns are beautiful fantasy creatures. My favorite part about drawing unicorns is doing the horn so it looks like a spiral.

There are also a lot of fun ways you can color this drawing. Use any medium you like to use such as color pencil, marker, etc. 

This particular unicorn drawing tutorial goes along with my how to paint a rainbow unicorn tutorial. 

Step By Step Overview


Instructions For How To Draw A Unicorn


1. Start by drawing a circle in the middle of your paper. 


2. Then draw the snout of the unicorn. Start at bottom of the circle and curve the snout around to above the circle. 


3. Then draw the front part of the unicorn’s neck so that it is slanted. 


4. Then draw the top of the unicorn’s head. Draw this line to connect the unicorn’s back and then draw a spiral at the bottom. This spiral will a part of the unicorn’s hair. 


5. Then draw the unicorn’s horn. Start at the bottom of the horn and draw a curved line for the base. This base should overlap the head a bit. Then make the horn go to a point like drawing a triangle. 


6. Then draw the eye so that its inside of the initial circle. Draw an upside down curve for its nostril. Also notice that a portion of the circle is erased so that only the bottom part shows. 


7. Next draw the ears. The bottom part of the ear on the front overlap part of the head. The back ear does not overlap. Also draw the inner part of the back ear.


8. Daw the hair. Start by drawing a line from the left part of the horn and overlap the back ear. Go behind the front ear and draw the line to the edge of your paper on the left. Then draw a curl in front of the unicorn horn. 


9. Then draw the curl next to the front ear. Also draw a line on the inside of the front curve and a few lines on the hair on the back. 


10. Draw the portion of the unicorn’s hair on the right side of its neck. Draw a spiraled lines to make it look curled. 


11. Next add more detailed lines on the hair on the right.


12. To make the horn look like it is spiraled, draw ovals on the inside of the horn. Make these ovals go horizontally and start at the bottom. Each oval gets smaller and smaller as you work to the point. 


13. Optional: you can erase the original line of the horn that is on the outside of the unicorn spirals. In other words, just have the ovals and no triangle line. 


14. As a final result, you can make the snout look like it is curving down as shown in the red lines below.

15. The final result. Erase all your stray lines and any of the circle in the middle that is still showing. 


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Easy How to Draw a Unicorn Tutorial and Easy Unicorn Coloring Page

Here’s an easy unicorn drawing project with step-by-step instructions. Focus on just the head and you’ll have time to draw an extra fancy mane.

easy unicorn drawing

Of all the animals to draw, I think horse-like ones rank near the top of the list as far as difficulty is concerned. With all those bends and curves in their head, neck and legs, it’s just plain tricky to get them to look right. Draw them too straight and they look kinda wimpy. Make them too curvy and they appear kind of strange.

And unless students have a real horse in front of them, or a good photo at least, there’s a good chance they will get stuck along the way. Not to worry though, I’m pretty sure that drawing anything horse-like (including unicorns) has vexed many an artist over the years.

The solution? A unicorn tutorial that focuses just on the head and mane. All the cute and colorful fun is still there, without any extra frustration.

For some extra inspiration for how to color your unicorn, scroll down to see more finished samples. Yes, a rainbow painted background is always lovely. But even if you only have access to crayons, that doesn’t mean your unicorn has to be any less colorful.

Use the Button below to Download a PDF Tutorial

easy unicorn drawing

Easy Unicorn Coloring Page

easy unicorn drawing

Materials for How to Draw an Easy Unicorn

  • Pencil. The Ticonderoga brand are the most reliable, make nice dark lines when you need them, and are the easiest to erase. Buying the pre-sharpened ones will save busy teachers a lot of time.
  • Eraser. Large ones you can hold in your hand do a much better job than just the pencil tip erasers, especially when erasing leftover pencil lines after tracing.
  • BlackSharpie Marker. These fine point permanent marker pens make nice black outlines, have a good tip for coloring, and never bleed when they get wet. Use them with good ventilation and add extra paper underneath to protect your tables.
  • Prang Crayons. These are a bit softer than other crayons so they sometimes look like oil pastels. They also have a some nice brown shades that Crayola does not have unless you buy their larger boxes.
  • Crayola Crayons. The reliable brand that always works well. The 24 pack has some of my favorite golden orange and yellow colors that seem a bit richer and warmer than the ones Prang has.

Step by Step Directions for How to Draw an Easy Unicorn

How to Draw a Unicorn

  1. Start the simple head shape.

  2. Add the cheek and neck line.

  3. Draw the outside of the horn.

  4. Add inside diagonal lines.

  5. Draw two ears.

  6. Start the mane as shown.

  7. Add the mane details.

  8. Finish the details on the face.

  9. Trace with a marker and color.

Unicorn Drawings by Students

Another Unicorn Drawing Project

Easy Unicorn PDF Tutorial (click to download)

More Cute Drawing Projects

Sours: https://artprojectsforkids.org/easy-unicorn-drawing/

How to Draw Unicorn Head

View As : StandardPrintableStep by Step

Start the tutorial by making two circles, a curve line & a triangle.

Draw outline for the face as shown.

Make eye & nose.

Draw horn & hairs.

Make ears & hairs over the neck.

Make line over the horn and other head portions as shown.

Finally, make necessary improvements to finish.

Sours: https://www.drawingtutorials101.com/how-to-draw-unicorn-head

Of head outline a unicorn

Ever wondered how to draw a unicorn head? One of those cute super cute pictures that professional artists draw? Here’s how to draw one in just six steps. 

Step #1: How To Draw A Unicorn Head: Draw The Face From The Side

how to draw a unicorn head: step 1

Begin at the top of the nose where the hairline will be and draw a shape like a fat bowling ball on its side. This will give you the unicorn’s nose and jaw. You can use a simple line, but notice how varying the thickness of the line adds interest to the shape.   


 Step 2: Draw The Unicorn Bangs

how to draw a unicorn head: step 2

This unicorn drawing has a lot of hair, and if you look at it closely, you’ll see that it is drawn in a way to suggest movement. When you draw the bangs, think of a wave crashing on the beach. Then use a sweeping movement combined with sharp points. 

Step 3: Draw The Horn From The Side

how to draw a unicorn head: step 3


The easiest way to draw the unicorn’s horn is by drawing a long and pointy cone shape filled with diagonal lines. This will suggest a spiral. But try drawing the horn in individual segments to get a more pleasing look. Here, we’ve used segments with bulging middles and pointy ends. They have sort of a leaf shape. 

Step 4: Draw The Neck And Throat

how to draw a unicorn head: step 4

The back of the neck begins at the level of the bangs and sweeps downward in an arc well past the jaw. The front of the neck is just a short angled line. 

 Step 5: Draw The Unicorn Mane

how to draw a unicorn head: step 5

The mane follows the shape you drew for the neck, but is bigger and more “bulgy.” Start at the horn, draw a wave-like crest as you did for the bangs, and then sweep down, ending your arc in a point. Begin a second line at the level of the throat and draw sweeping hook-like shape. This creates a curly lock of hair. Start a third line that connects to the lock of hair and sweeps downward to a point. Sweep back upward to a point where the unicorn’s shoulder would be. If you draw these lines well, the mane will appear to sweep down the back of the unicorn’s neck and break over the unicorn’s shoulder.

Step 6: Draw The Unicorn Eyelashes, Eyebrow, Nostrils, and Hair Details

how to draw a unicorn head: step 6

Draw an arc for the unicorn’s closed eye and short lines for the eyelashes. Draw an eyebrow. Then draw narrow, closely-spaced nostrils to mimic the way they would look when seen from an angle. Finally, draw accents in the hair that follow the outer curves of the hair.

How To Draw A Unicorn Head: Coloring And Highlights (If You Want)

How to draw a unicorn head: example

If you want to color and add accents the drawing, fill the face, hair, and horn with any color you want and then imagine where the light in the scene is coming from. If the light is coming from the left as it is in this drawing, draw some additional light-colored lines to mimic the areas on face and hair where the light is likely to be fall most strongly and cause a reflection. You can also do this by just leaving these areas uncolored .

Want to see a great video we found for drawing another unicorn head? Click here.

To download the printable tutorial below click here.

how to draw a unicorn head printable 


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