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How to Start Playing the Best Gameboy Color ROMs 

Some people say it’s impossible to turn back time and relive the happy moments. But we’re pretty sure that most retro gamers will disagree with such an opinion. As true connoisseurs of classic games, we remember the unrestrained fun and exciting feelings that overwhelmed us in childhood, when we were playing The Legend of Zelda, Mario Bros, or The King of Fighters. We’ll bet there are other retro games, the very mention of which gets your heart rate up. Neo Geo, PlayStation, Gameboy Advance, Nintendo DS, and other consoles made so many generations happy. You also have your favorites among home video game consoles. But there is one that occupies a prominent place in our hearts. It’s Gameboy Color (GBC). With GBC ROMs that you can download from our website and a reliable emulator you can start playing virtually any GBC game. If you want to reunite with your old Nintendo friends and dive into primordial retrogaming, go on reading.       

Best Original Gameboy Color ROMs

If you’re in search of the best original Gameboy Color games, but don’t know where to look for them, you should set your sights on our website. We offer tons of safe and tested games that are compatible with most GBC emulators. You can easily locate the ROM file you’re interested in and download it onto your computer. Be it immortal Super Mario Bros, Dragon Ball Z, Grand Theft Auto, or any other GBC game, you’ll be able to quickly find it on our website with the help of the search option or any other way you find more convenient. Don’t limit yourself to just tried and tested options. There is a wide array of Game Boy Color ROMs for you to try out. Note that you can download GBC ROMs for free without restricting yourself to one option.  

Platforms that Support Gameboy Color ROMs

Different people choose different operating systems. To be able to play your favorite GBC games smoothly on your OS, you need to take note of the platforms that are compatible with the GBC ROMs you’re planning on downloading. Presently, there are slews of trustworthy time-tested emulation tools wherewith you can play your favorite titles on a PC, tablet, or smartphone. Most emulators are perfectly compatible with Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, and Linux devices. So, make sure to do some research on the emulator you want to use, as well as its compatibility with your platform. 

iOS Supported GBC Emulators 

Some years ago, finding a stable Gameboy Color emulator for iOS was a real ordeal. Presently, running classic Nintendo games on Apple portable devices is much easier. You can download the regular Game Boy Color emulator app using the Safari browser and then add the game boy color ROMs to your Google Drive account. You also may try out full-featured emulators for your iOS device. Among the most popular and safest options are Delta Emulator and Provenance. 

Windows Supported Gameboy Color Emulators 

If you’re looking for Windows a GBC emulator, you have a wide variety of options to choose from. 

You may want to look at BGB, first. This emulation tool is highly praised for its accurate sound and video emulation, as well as debugging features. BGB also boasts an auto delay feature, forward and backward compatibility, and ability to save and load stats anywhere in the game. It has gamepad support and allows customizing the button layout to your liking. Those who want to get the most out of their gaming will appreciate GameGenie and GameShark cheat support. They will come in handy when you decide to unlock some in-game features. There are other Windows-supported solutions worth your attention. Such emulators as GeMP (M), LameBoy DS, and MeBoy Builder also can help you emulate almost any game without lags and freezes on your Window PC. 

Android Supported Gameboy Color Emulators

You can also enjoy playing Game Boy Color classics on your Android devices. All you need is a nice emulator compatible with the Android OS. We highly recommend that you pay attention to such emulators as John GBC, My OldBoy!, GBC.emu, Pizza Boy Pro, ClassicBoy, and EmuBox. Some users note that RetroArch also works fine on Android. But, to our mind, there are other less complicated emulators that can do better. 

Linux Supported GBC Emulators 

Today, many developers take care to make their emulators compatible with another popular OS – Linux. The VisualBoy Advance emulator, which supports the games from the family of Gameboy handhelds, is now compatible with Linux. Ubuntu, Debian, and Arch Linux users can install the appropriate version of this stable and reliable emulator on their Linux PC and play a wide array of Game Boy Color ROMs downloaded from our website. Other emulators that are reported to have good compatibility with Linux are Mednafen, TuxBoy, and KiGB.   

Sours: https://romshub.com/roms/gameboy-color

Pokemon - Blue Version (UA) ROM



Pokemon - Blue Version (UA) is a part of the famous games series which is developed by the game freak entertainment company. The game is available for the Nintendo Ds and also for the Game Boy Advance. However, with the help of some emulators and rooms available on the Internet, you can also play this beautiful game over your mobile phones and laptops very quickly. The game is the first release in the parts of Japan, but slowly, it started to release in parts of the North American countries along with European countries and finally in Australia.
Today I am going to show you some basic things about the Pokemon - Blue Version (UA), which will help you to play the game like a professional.
• The gameplay of the game includes the overhead perspective, and you need to control your pokemon character from that sight of the game. Navigate your nature of pokemon throughout the active region of the Kanto area.
• Your motive in the game is to become the champion of the indigo league by demolishing all the pokemon characters in the game.
• Your other main motive of how the game is to complete the Pokedex, which is the particular Encyclopaedia of the game. This will definitely help you to gain all the right amount of progress in the game also.
• However, you can also take some help from the online gaming websites where you will find some particular tricks and tips to play the beautiful game like pokemon - Blue Version (UA). You can also visit some YouTube channels where many experts for their advice on the particular videos which are very useful to play the game.
In the end, I can say that all the information when should above are sufficient to provide you information about its basics and gameplay.

Sours: https://romsie.com/pokemon-blue-version-ua-gameboy-color-rom
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Pokémon Blue is an RPG-style game. The game begins in Pallet Town. The game introduces gamers to the region of Kanto. It introduces three new Pokémons, Charmander, Pikachu and Mewtwo, to the player. 


Game Plot


Professor Oak, an expert on different types of Pokémon, guide the player to catch the Pokémons. When the player has understood the method to capture the Pokémons, he can become a trainer. As the game advances, the player has to record information in his Pokedex.

A player should become an established Pokémon trainer so that the battle at Gyms can take place. The game's central characters are Professor Oak, Blue, grandson of Professor Oak and rival of Pokémon Red, Gym Leaders, Elite Four and Team Rocket.




Once the player has proved his grit as a Pokémon trainer, Elite Four (a specialized group of trainers) is the next to battle. The attempt of Team Rocket to steal the player's Pokémon should not be fruitful. There is various kind of fighting and deals to strike. Each action should be vigilant, and a total of 150 Pokémon s are accessible to trainers. The player can attempt to collect the first-Generation Pokémon all through the game. But one won't indeed collect all.


Best Emulator for Pokemon - Blue Version ROM

Pokémon Blue can be played on the GBC console. Some of its features are:

  • It is an open-source GBC with link cable support.
  • A new "mirror mode" flips the entire demonstration horizontally and also exchanges the inputs for the left and right directions on the D-pad. 
  • All dialogs/menus translates to English at the source code level.
  • Along with the ROM and SRAM files, users can now specify the SRAM file extensions used for Slot1 and Slot2.
  • The options for showing the FPS pattern are now Off, Slot1, Slot2.
  • Source code is Unicode now.
  • It enables two different consoles to merge.
  • Available as core Liberato
  • Basic chat during netplay
  • Resource light

The features which are not present are retro achievements, retro cheats, sensors, subsystem, location, camera, username, led, language, crop overscan and native cheats. 

Some other emulators are GB Enhance, Higan and Retroarch 1.7.5.


Similar Games


  1. Sansara Naga 2: The player is the scion of a winged serpent raising group and should pursue a terrible individual from their clan who has taken valuable antiquity essential to the preparation of monsters. En route, the player can raise their demons in battle.

  2. Peria Chronicles: Players can make towns, yet additionally journey lines where the mission developer wins if the questers come up short and the other way around. The fight framework can be either an activity RPG style continuous battle or a Pokémon-style fight framework. 

  3. Pokémon Red: Like most RPGs, Pokémon's Red player doesn't partake in the fights. Instead, the primary character investigates the terrains and gets Pokémon, which fight for him against his adversaries' Pokémon. Although you start the game with just one, you can, in the end, gather a gathering of up to six distinctive Pokémon. Somebody can exchange the individuals at Pokémon Centers.


Sours: https://www.gamulator.com/roms/game-boy-color/pokemon-blue-version
Pokemon Blue (Game Boy Color) - Full Playthrough

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Rom pokemon blue gbc

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Pokémon Blue (GB) - Longplay

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