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12 Best Treasure Chest Toy Box Plastic or Wooden (with Lock)


Which child does not dream of finding a hidden treasure chest toy box? Pirates, sunken ships, desert islands, chests full of treasures – all these things make up one of the most exciting make-believe adventures of childhood. So why not extend the fantasy into the real-life and give your child a special storage place for his or her dearest treasures? If this is exactly what you thought about, then this review can help you choose the best treasure chest and fulfill your little adventurer’s cherished dream.

Best Treasure Chest Toy Box – Buyer’s Guide

Treasure hunting game is probably one of the most popular activities among children of all ages. In order to make it even more interesting, parents often seek to buy various accessories, a chest being one of the essentials. So what should a perfect treasure chest be like? Let’s dig deeper into the issue.

Nautical Cove Treasure Chest Keepsake and Jewelry Box Wood
  • Treasure box measure 5.5 long by 3 deep by 3.25 high. Perfect for keeping jewely, necklaces, keepsakes, and other small items
  • Looks like an authentic Pirate Treasure Box in mini form! Made of quality wood, and has decorative iron plating and buttons
  • Small Chest is also great as a toy box for kids - girls and boys alike. Makes a great dorcorative box in your home!
  • Hinged lid makes it easy to open and close, and is stiff enough to have it half open to show off your items!

Age Priorities

  1. First of all, you should take into account the age of your child. Some toy chests contain small parts that might get swallowed or stuck in a nose or an ear. In order to avoid such unfortunate incidents, you should buy solid products without detachable parts if it is intended to be used by toddlers.
  2. Another age-related issue is ease of use. The size and weight of the box should be appropriate for a child’s age. Having a toy chest that is hard to lift or open is no fun to a little adventure seeker.
  3. If you want the treasure toy chest to survive more than one round of play, make sure it is made of sturdy materials and that the hinges and latches are durable enough. The smaller the kids, the rougher the play, so in order to avoid disappointment, it might be a good idea to choose a more durable box over a prettier one.

Themed parties and other

  1. Buying a ready-to-play treasure toy set might be a good idea for pirate themed parties. In this case, you won’t need to worry about what to fill the chest with and what other toys and accessories to buy.
  2. Treasure chests are designed for hiding things, so it is logical enough that they should be lockable. Some of the products come with a lock, while others don’t. Buying a chest that has a padlock or a hooked latch will save you a trip to the store.
  3. Choose the material wisely. Toy chests are usually made of wood, leather and wood combination, or plastic. Wooden products look more realistic, especially if completed with a rustic finish and embellished with metal hardware and braces. Faux leather chests look more sophisticated and have an aristocratic vibe. However, they are not meant to be used as toys, since the material is prone to scratching. Plastic toy boxes are usually cheap and almost unbreakable. They are great for everyday use in large groups of children.

Best Treasure Chest Toy Box in 2021

1. Melissa & Doug Wooden Pirate Chest Pretend Play Set – The Ultimate Pirate Party Kit

12 Best Treasure Chest Toy Box Plastic or Wooden (with Lock)This is one of the most fully packed pirate pretend play sets. It includes a chest, a bandana that is also a pirate flag, a set of plastic coins in a velvet bag, and an eye patch. The chest itself is a vintage looking wooden box with a hinged lid that locks on a skull-shaped latch. The box is large enough to hold lots of toys, but at the same time is rather convenient for children to carry it around. The chest has a secret compartment at the bottom where little treasure hunters can hide the most precious loot.

Overall impression

Melissa & Dough pirate chest pretend play set might be a good solution if you need to occupy a child or even a group of children for a long time. It is more than enough to start playing right away, so you won’t need to buy any additional items.


  • The product comes with various pirate themed accessories.
  • The wooden box looks rather realistic.
  • The box has a secret hiding place at the bottom, which makes it even more interesting to play with.
  • Decent size allows it to hold a lot of toys and treasures.


  • The heavy lid makes the chest topple over when opened.
  • Hinges are not very durable.

2. WellPackBox Wooden Pirate Box with Antique Style Lock– A Lifelike Old Style Box with a Full-Size Lock

12 Best Treasure Chest Toy Box Plastic or Wooden (with Lock)This is a small, lifelike pirate chest that can be used for treasure hunting pretend play, as a gift dispenser at parties, or as a storage solution to keep little secrets and valuable things in. Its signature element is a large latch with a full-size lock, thanks to which the box looks less toy-like. The arched lid decorated with bent metal braces lends the chest an authentic vibe.

The item is a perfect size for little kids to hold, carry and play with. It has enough room inside to hold a treasure map, some coins, jewelry, small toys, and other little precious trinkets.

Overall impression

This wooden chest can become a fun element of a treasure hunting game. It can also be used to store various keepsakes. Its oversized lock might be inconvenient for little children to handle, but it can always be replaced with a smaller one.


  • Ancient-looking design.
  • Sufficiently great chest.
  • Lockable latch comes with a lock and two keys.
  • The size of the box allows it to be used both for fun and as a storage unit.


  • The lock is quite cumbersome.
  • Massive latch might hurt little fingers if handled without due care.

3. Nautical Cove Wooden with a FREE Pirate Flag and Gold Coins – a Ready-to-Play Pirate Game Set

12 Best Treasure Chest Toy Box Plastic or Wooden (with Lock)This is a small wooden chest with metal embellishments, which lend it a realistic pirate vibe. It comes with a set of 144 plastic gold-like coins and a large pirate flag so that children are all set to start playing their treasure hunting game. This toy chest can become a great party accessory or can be used to store toys and little keepsakes.

The chest has a latch to put a lock on and secure the secrets hidden inside. However, the lock is not included, so you would have to purchase it additionally. The lid swings on two metal hinges, which look quite durable and allow the box to close firmly.

Overall impression

This is an ultimate pirate themed set, which can be used for parties, pretend games and room decoration. The chest is authentic-looking, sturdy and functional. It’s gender-neutral and can be used by both boys and girls.


  • Made of real wood with metal rims, which give it an authentic look.
  • Realistic old style.
  • Comes with a set of coins and a pirate flag.
  • Quite thick and sturdy.


  • Metal rim is loose in some places.
  • Rather small.

4. U.S.Toy Plastic Pirate Chest – Durable Toy Container for Classrooms

12 Best Treasure Chest Toy Box Plastic or Wooden (with Lock)This sturdy solid plastic toy box might become an interesting theme party attribute or a storage solution for various trifles.

The color of the chest is plain black, which might seem unattractive to some.

However, this might also be a great opportunity for creativity. Children might have fun decorating the box with colorful stickers and gems or painting it all over.

Overall impression

The toy box is rather big to hold medium sized toys, party costumes, giveaway gifts, playroom supplies and things like that. It is rather light and has handles on each side for easy carrying. This item can be used as a toy and supplies storage box in playrooms, classrooms, daycare centers, and kindergartens.


  • Made of solid, durable plastic.
  • Unusual design.
  • Decent storage capacity.
  • Has a wide range of application options.


  • The lid is not attached to the box.
  • Carries only a slight resemblance with a pirate treasure chest.

5. PTC Skull and Chain Pirate’s Chest – Small Jewelry/Trinket Box with Octopuses

12 Best Treasure Chest Toy Box Plastic or Wooden (with Lock)This item is a very lifelike representation of a pirate’s chest, which could have been found in a sunken ship at the bottom of the sea.

It features a quite impressive three-dimensional design with octopuses, chains and a pirate skull. The box has uneven edges and doesn’t close tightly, just like an old, timeworn chest would be like. Its metal-like rims look as if they have been afflicted by rust and seaweed.

Overall impression

The remarkable design of this box is pretty much its only winning characteristics. It’s rather small and fragile and most likely will not withstand rough children’s play. However, it could serve well as a jewelry box, or a decorative element to sit on a desk or a dresser. And it will be suitable for small children’s treasures.


  • Impressive three-dimensional design.
  • A realistic shabby finish provides a striking resemblance with a sunken treasure box.


  • The box has no lock or latch, so if it falls or tips over there is always a chance for its contents to get scattered around.

6. Vintiquewise Wooden Leather Treasure Chest – Elegant Handmade Keepsake Box

12 Best Treasure Chest Toy Box Plastic or Wooden (with Lock)Vintiquewise handmade treasure box features an elegant faux leather patchwork design and metal hardware elements. Its antique style resembles an old-fashioned traveler’s trunk or a chest in which people used to store their valuables.

It is skillfully and thoughtfully crafted so that every element belongs in its place. The classic and minimalist design of the chest will be appreciated by both children and adults.

Overall impression

This wooden and leather box would fit in with the pirate or castle themed kid’s room. It is not durable enough to withstand rough play, but it could be a good option for your child to keep toys, books, and other valuables in.


  • Stylish and tasteful design.
  • A realistic replica of an old-fashioned treasure chest.
  • Quality hardware includes metal handles on the sides and a latch that locks on a hook.
  • Fairly large.
  • Good storage solution for both children and their parents.


  • Not durable enough to be used as a toy.
  • Faux leather is prone to scratching.

7. Polish Art Handmade Pirate Chest Box – Best Wooden Keepsake and Jewelry Box

12 Best Treasure Chest Toy Box Plastic or Wooden (with Lock)This is an all-wooden toy box designed for storing coins, jewelry, and other kids’ valuables. Toy box has a small built-in lock that opens with a key (included) so that a little one can actually hide something in it.

It is designed and decorated in such a way as to resemble the actual pirate chest that can be seen in cartoons and children’s books. It is finished with a painting of a pirate skull against the crossed swords.

Overall impression

This is a small, but decent quality handmade toy box. If your child is fond of a pirate theme, this box could make a nice present. A little one would most likely appreciate a tiny key, which can be worn on a lace around the neck to make sure that his or her little keepsakes are properly secured. This pirate chest might also work as a place to keep a collection of coins or souvenir toys.


  • Quality handmade product.
  • The box locks on a key.
  • Pirate-themed design.


  • Too small to fit anything bigger than coins or similar items.
  • The painting of a pirate might seem not very cute to some, especially girls.

8. Vintiquewise Chest/Box with Lion Rings – Wooden Ancient Style Decorative Box

12 Best Treasure Chest Toy Box Plastic or Wooden (with Lock)Owing to its lion rings and decorative rivets this treasure chest has an alluring antique look. It is an all-wood lacquered box with a classic hexagonal lid and a lockable latch (the lock, however, is not included). His large enough to hold medium sized toys and treasures.

It might be a nice gift for a child, who is into the pirate theme. It could also be used as a decoration for a theme party or a family heirloom depository.

Overall impression

This pirate-style treasure chest fits for a variety of uses. It is rather compact to be easily handled by children, but capacious enough to serve its direct purpose – storing stuff.


  • Antique looking hardware.
  • Quite capacious.
  • Classic old-fashioned style, reminiscent of real pirate chests.


  • The bottom of the box is quite thin, so it might break under the weight of heavy objects.
  • Does not include the lock.

9. Decorative Gifts Leather Treasure Chest Full of 50Toys – A Pirate-Themed Party Kit for Large Groups of Children

12 Best Treasure Chest Toy Box Plastic or Wooden (with Lock)This trunk already comes with “treasures” inside. It is filled with 50 assorted toys, which can be used as party prizes or giveaway gifts at children’s parties. The toys are not very functional and have little to do with the pirate theme, but they are nice, and most children would be very excited to find them in a newly bought box.

The toy box itself is a vintage-looking wooden piece decorated with faux leather. Its inside is lined with some soft material. It resembles medieval chests, in which lords used to keep their valuables, although in a somewhat smaller version.

Overall impression

This leather toy box looks very realistic, especially if complemented by a padlock (which is not included in the package). It might be a great pirate party accessory or a birthday gift to someone who is fond of history and antiques.


  • Realistic representation of a medieval chest.
  • Includes a set of 50 toys.
  • Good quality product.


  • Faux leather is prone to scratching.
  • Toys not do exactly match the design of the box, but you can always put your own.

10. Natural Linden Wood Scout Treasure Chest – A Miniature Jewelry Box with Hand-Burned Design

12 Best Treasure Chest Toy Box Plastic or Wooden (with Lock)The miniature natural wood treasure chest features a hand-burned design reminiscent of old Venetian patterns. Its elegant look suggests that it is rather a jewelry box than a kid’s toy box.

However, older kids might also appreciate its unconventional style. It might be a good idea to use this box to keep jewelry, coins, gems, postcards, and other small, but valuable things in.

Overall impression

This product is a realistic miniature version of a classic old-fashioned treasure box. It is finely crafted and has a quality finish. It can make a good gift not only for children, but for adults as well.


  • Refined style.
  • Quality workmanship.
  • Comes with a lock and a key.
  • Great for children and adults.

11. Country Barn Babe Kids’ Toy Chest – Pirate Treasure Chest-Personalized Gift for Children’s Customizable Wooden Box

12 Best Treasure Chest Toy Box Plastic or Wooden (with Lock)This is a large treasure box made of pine wood with metal braces and fastening elements. It is designed in a classic chest-like shape and looks very realistic with its matte shabby finish. It has an ornately shaped latch that comes with a little matching lock. The box is embellished with laser engraving on the lid and on the front. You can get it as it is or have it customized with the name of your child or some other words of your choice. Customers also can choose one of the nine stain colors to match their interior or meet their children’s preferences.

Overall impression

This chest stands out from many other items on the market thanks to its customizable design. It is rather sturdy and can be used as a toy in pirate pretend play, as a party accessory, as a room decoration element or as a chest to keep the most valuable things in.


  • Customizable design.
  • Comes with a matching lock.
  • Made of solid wood planks.
  • The lid has a lift support that keeps it open in a vertical position.
  • Realistic chest-like appearance.
  • The box is rather large.


  • The newly bought box might have the unpleasant varnish smell.

12. Quickway Imports Leather Trunk – Best Designer Treasure Chest

12 Best Treasure Chest Toy Box Plastic or Wooden (with Lock)The Quickway Imports treasure box is designed in the elegant perpendicular shape and embellished with soft to the touch tooled faux leather and red velvet inlay. Its exterior features fine decorative and functional elements – faux leather matching handle, two belts with fasteners and buckles on the lid, and a signature hook latch. Thanks to the understated colors and simple design the box looks expensive and classy. It is fully functional and capacious enough for your child to keep all his or her dearest things in it. However, it might be an inappropriate toy for very young children.

Overall impression

The Quickway Imports leather box is an elegant storage solution for the most valuable keepsakes. It would be a great gift and an interior decoration, but not a toy.


  • Elegant classic design.
  • Strong, high-quality latch.
  • Can be carried by a handle on the top.
  • The box is rather sturdy and finely crafted.
  • Fairly capacious.


  • Gentle faux leather covering will get scratched rather quickly if handled inappropriately.
  • The box is easily breakable if used for rough play.
General Conclusion

We have reviewed some of the hottest products on the market of treasure toy chests. The range of choice is really much wider than that, so if you look properly, you will definitely find the one that would be adored by your little one. After all, a treasure toy chest is not such a big of an investment, so don’t take it too seriously. Remember, children love to play with anything, as long as the game is spiced with imagination and a positive attitude.

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