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Committed, talented and continually tested, we are a family-owned, boutique house plan broker specializing in high-quality house designs that have been purchased and built in nearly every state in the U.S., as well as globally. We strive to offer a first class experience in assisting our customers with their goal of homeownership. We consistently provide our customers with the largest selection of quality house designs in the nation originating from the best-in-class architects and home designers throughout the country.

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PLAN 207-00034 – 3S511 Winfield Road

Property Description

This 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom Contemporary house plan features 4,486 sq ft of living space. America’s Best House Plans offers high quality plans from professional architects and home designers across the country with a best price guarantee. Our extensive collection of house plans are suitable for all lifestyles and are easily viewed and readily available when you begin the process of building your dream home. All our house designs are easy to read, versatile and affordable with a seamless modification process available if your plans need to be changed to suit your lifestyle and personal choice.

Property Details

Property Id : 37089

Price: EST $ 1,014,737

Property Size: 4 486 ft2

Bedrooms: 4

Bathrooms: 4.5

Images copyrighted by the designer and used with permission from America's Best House Plans Inc. Photographs may reflect a homeowner modification. Military Buyers—Attractive Financing and Builder Incentives May Apply

Floor Plans

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The Beauty of America's Best House Plans And Style

America's best house plans evoke a sense of family living and are warm, welcoming, and open. The American style isn't restricted to a particular set of designs. Instead, America's best house plans feature elements from other designs to create a new look.

The most popular American styles were brought with them by settlers who arrived in America. While many of these styles have been modified to meet modern needs and lifestyles, they still retain the original architectural designs, such as symmetrical facades or rectangular shapes. The large columns found in Southern Colonial homes are still present in many of America's best house plans, even though the domes of Neoclassical houses have vanished.

What are America's Best House Plans?



America's house plans are inspired by many American historical styles and have an inviting, familiar feel. These plans are available in one, two, and three-story versions. They combine elements from Colonial, Country, European and European design. These can be used in any environment. There are many exterior options, including brick, stucco, and wood. You can adapt the interiors to fit a variety of styles and traditional tastes. Traditional home plans offer many options, including cozy fireplaces, spacious sunrooms, inviting front porches, generous dining areas, and large kitchens and family spaces. America's house designs offer a wonderful choice for those who want a home that has both traditional charm and modern conveniences.

Easily How Can You Build America's Best House Plans?



Everyone has an idea about what they want their house to look like, but this idea is often shaped by the images they see in magazines, movies, and even online. But what if you could make your house plans that fit your exact specifications? How to build America's best house plans is a consumer guide to the latest house plans, designs, builders, home remodeling, kitchen remodeling, outdoor living, bathroom remodeling, floor plans, interior design, exterior design, and roofing systems siding & more.

America's Best House Plans are generally made for the convenience of the builder, not the homeowner. But, there are some things to consider during the design process. First, the house's layout, how it's laid out should be decided before you ever step foot on the lot. Second, what type of home you want, whether a single-family home, townhouse, or condo unit, needs to be decided well before the home is built. So, The Archimple website provides valuable information to the public on choosing the right house plans for their homes.

Modern American House Designs For Your Home



As with any major lifestyle change, you'll want to make sure you're making the right decision. If you want to build the home of your dreams, there is no better place than to start than with one of these dreamy design plans. Today's modern American house designs are becoming more and more stylish, with its smart use of glass, metal, and wood materials. (You may be surprised to learn that glass was once considered impure material for building houses.)

If you are in America and looking for a beautiful modern house design, then you are at the right place. Archimple understands this and has come up with some beautiful modern American house design ideas. These beautiful American house designs are ideal for America. You can read more about modern American house design on our blog.

America's Best House Plans Craftsman



Craftsman 3 bedroom house plans are traditional American homes that have been a staple of American architecture for more than a century. In direct contrast to other architectural styles, their design elements and artistry are synonymous with comfort. These america's best house plans craftsmen are simple in design, with form and function at the forefront. They still hold your attention and imagination. Craftsman style is used by people, from homeowners to home remodelers, to builders to architects. It's used in all kinds of homes, from modern to traditional to eclectic styles.

Choosing America's Best House Plans With Modern Farmhouse



America's best farmhouse is an architectural style that blends modern elements with delightful elements of the past, resulting in an elegant home. Its aesthetic blends past and present concepts, one that can be both classic yet modern at the same time. An America's best farmhouse features modern elements like an open floor plan, large windows, and beautiful wood details.

Based on the "America's best house plans modern farmhouse," you can design your own dream house, build it, live it, and enjoy it. The "America's best house plans modern farmhouse" is not to be confused with the "America's best house plans modern farmhouses." The first one is the best design. Which one you choose is up to you.

America's Best House Plans For Cottage And Style



Cottage style is a beautiful style of building that is simple, charming, and easy to maintain. It is the perfect choice for first-time home buyers, people moving into an older home or anyone that wants to live in a more cozy setting. You don’t need to sacrifice luxury to enjoy the beauty of cottages. The best house plans for cottage style are simple, charming, and easy to maintain.

america's best house plans cottage are the plans suited for you since the cottage is one of the styles of architecture. The cottage is one of the most popular homes in the United States, especially in the South. If you are interested in building your dream cottage, there are several options, including traditional, contemporary, or even modern styles. And if you are using the design features of the cottage to blend in with the scenery, you can be sure that the house has many lovely details, such as white trimming around the windows, well-designed doorways, or even beautifully tiled floors.

How Much Does It Cost to Build America's Best House Plans?



Home Advisor reports that the national average cost of build America's best house Plans is $298,432. The typical range for a house is $154,185 to $477,534. However, this cost doesn't apply to all new homes in the U.S. The cost of building your home will depend on factors like where you live, what materials you choose, and how much labor is required. Builders are also facing rising lumber and material prices, which they pass on to the consumer.

Home Design and Permits

HomeAdvisor estimates that home design services and permits will account for 10%-25% of all new home construction costs. You can expect to pay $50-$250 an hour for professional design services if your house plans cost between $2,000 and $8,000. Depending on where you live, permit costs can vary.

Cost per Square Foot

According to Bill Samuel, Blue Ladder Development, "Generally speaking, you should expect to build a home anywhere from $120 per sq foot to $400 per sq foot." HomeAdvisor has estimated that the average cost of building a home is between $100 and $200 per square foot. The average price is $150 per square foot. For custom builds, HomeAdvisor estimates $200-$500 per square foot. This house price is taken from this source.


America's best house plans have been at the forefront of home design for years. It's easy to see why they are so beautiful. The exterior of the home is left open to the elements. However, the interior feels more modern. The best house plans in America are the best for low-income homeowners. They use the most effective materials and design for the best home. The best house plans in America have many common features: large windows, a spacious porch, and a well-designed garage.

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America's Choice House Plans

What do you get when you take one of America's best-selling, consumer approved and builder preferred house plans and then modify it with our customer's most requested design changes? A gorgeous home plan that is more affordable to build, has a perfect floor plan with all the design details a busy family needs, is energy-efficient and has timeless appeal with excellent resale value.

In America's Choice House Plans, you'll find all of this and more! We're taking our best-selling house plans, incorporating our most popular modification requests from consumers and builders throughout the country, and then carefully updating the floor plan, structure and exterior details to bring you a beautiful, affordable and energy efficient home. We'll be adding house plans to this collection all year long, so check back frequently or sign up for our Dream Designs newsletter to be the first to see the new house plans we add to this exciting collection. If you're interested in commenting on house plans we're working on, check out our Facebook and get involved in creating our upcoming design masterpieces. If you need help finding your dream home plan, check out four of our most popular styles: craftsman house plans, small house plans, ranch style house plans and luxury house plans. Our experienced home plan specialists are also available to assist you six days a week, simply email, live chat or call 866-214-2242.

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Why buy your house plans from

A century of doing business and working closely with builders, homeowners, home designers, and architects has taught us a few things that some of the newcomers to the business may not have had time to figure out. We've learned that providing you with unequalled service, excellent technical assistance (we have experienced design professionals on staff to answer your questions and help guide you through the complex process of creating a new home), reasonably priced customization and modifications, and the best home designs in the world make our already great prices even more of a value to you.

As has been the case throughout our history, The Garlinghouse Company today offers home designs in every style, type, size, and price range. We promise great service, solid and seasoned technical assistance, tremendous choice, and the best value in new home designs available anywhere.

Please take the time to read How The Home Plans Business Was Born.


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