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If there’s one sports talker who knows how to troll the Cowboys, it’s Stephen A. Smith.

On Monday, the well-paid ESPN host and former Inquirer reporter once again donned a cowboy hat and spent the bulk of his two-hour show gloating over the Eagles’ win against Dallas on Sunday.

“The Cowboys found a way to mess up your Christmas,” a giddy Smith said in a southern accent as he laughed at Dallas’ misfortune while chomping on a fake cigar.

Throughout Monday’s episode of First Take, Smith sat with a silver box he said was a Christmas gift to Cowboys fans. As the show was about to end, Smith finally unwrapped the gift, culminating two hours of trolling.

“What’s in here? Absolutely nothing! No division crown. No playoff victory. No Super Bowl. Absolutely, positively nothing for Dallas Cowboys fans!” Smith revealed. “Because that’s what you deserve!”

"I wish I had a cap so I could tip it to you,” Smith’s Carson-Wentz-hating co-host Max Kellerman said.

Smith wasn’t finished with Cowboys fans.

“All this bloviating — ‘You know we gonna win the Super Bowl next year, right?’ — keep saying that to me … you been saying it for 24 years, hasn’t worked. Keep it going,” Smith said. “You pathetic Cowboys fans everywhere. Merry Christmas.”

Despite the gloating, the Eagles haven’t won the NFC East yet. The Birds have to either defeat a decent-looking New York Giants team on Sunday at MetLife Stadium, or the Cowboys have to lose at home against the Washington Redskins. Both games will now kickoff at p.m. after being flexed by the NFL.

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Either way, Smith isn’t concerned.

“The Cowboys ain’t going to the damn playoffs. That’s over,” Smith said. “Now how that’s gonna happen, you pick your poison.”

Missing from Monday’s First Take was Hall of Famer Michael Irvin, who has made several notable (and sweaty) appearances on the show defending the Cowboys. On Sunday, Irvin wore a green suit on the NFL Network in a failed attempt to jinx the Eagles.

“There’s an APB out for ‘The Playmaker,’ Michael Irvin. The cops are looking for Michael Irvin. I can’t find him! I’ve asked for police assistance,” Smith joked.

Meanwhile, Smith’s former co-host Skip Bayless tried to milk his Cowboys fandom by once again throwing away his Ezekiel Elliott jersey (something Elliott’s mom has criticized the host for). Instead, the internet chose to mock the FS1 host over the awkward placement of his microwave.

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Stephen A. Smith ruthlessly trolls Cowboys fans with Christmas gift

Stephen A. Smith&#;s greatest Christmas gift came early this year, as the Dallas Cowboys lost control of the NFC East with a crushing loss to the depleted Eagles in Philadelphia. Smith has been reveling in the Cowboys&#; misfortune all season long, and he released a video of himself dancing and laughing uncontrollably after the Eagles won to drop Dallas to

On Monday, Smith appeared on ESPN&#;s Get Up in his cowboy hat carrying a huge Christmas gift. Smith revealed that the gift was for Cowboys fans, and that he would unwrap it on First Take.

Later that morning, Smith finally opened up the package to reveal&#;. &#;ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.&#;

&#;What&#;s in here? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. No division crown. No playoff victory. No Super Bowl. Absolutely, positively nothing for Dallas Cowboys fans&#;. because that&#;s what you deserve!&#;

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No one. And I mean, no one, is happier when the Cobwoys lose than Stephen A. Smith.

It’s no secret that the First Take host has a deep hatred for America’s Team. And when it comes to trolling Cowboys fans on Twitter, no one does it as frequently or as enthusiastically as Stephen A. Smith.

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Never one to miss out on a meme, Stephen A. Smith tweeted this, less than 24 hours after the Cowboys lost to the Bears, Thursday night.

I appreciate a good meme. But you know what else I appreciate, math. Stephen A. Smith said he spent 55,, hours laughing at Cowboys fans. FIFTY FIVE MILLION.

Sir, please be serious.

Anyone want to guess how many years would take place in just one million hours? How about years. If you really want to know, 55,, hours translates into 6, years and some change. His tweet got more than K likes and more than K retweets at the time of this post.

His math was a little off, but go off Stephen A. You really got Cowboys fans with your funny, but mathematically inaccurate joke.

I’m not even mad. It’s actually funny to me.

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Stephen A.'s best trolling moments vs. the Dallas Cowboys this season - Stephen A. Smith

Stephen A. Smith rushes to Twitter to troll Cowboys after loss to Jets



Stephen A. Smith speaks for . . . well, himself (wait, wrong show), but he also speaks for a lot of his fellow New Yorkers — and people who just can't get behind America's Team.

That's probably why the "First Take" star decided to defend their honor moments after the Cowboys suffered a loss to the previously winless Jets at the Meadowlands on Sunday.

Either that, or SAS just loves trolling the Cowboys. Yeah, that's it.

That's the sound of someone who enjoys what he's doing maybe a little too much.

VIDEO: Cowboys vs. Jets game highlights

The question now is whether he'll snag a Sam Darnold No. 14 home jersey and do another runway walk through Cowboys fans. Check out some of his previous heel monents:

Aaron Rodgers, Packers

Drew Brees, Saints

Smith also trolled Cowboys fans and franchise legends ahead of the Cowboys-Titans Monday night game last year:

Maybe Smith can look up his former tag-team partner at the Worldwide Leader, Skip Bayless, and share his glee over the 'Pokes dropping to Eh, might be too soon: Bayless was still deep into the anger stage Sunday night.


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Cowboys smith trolls stephen a

Stephen A. Smith was jamming to the Cardinals&#; beatdown of the Cowboys

Usually when you read about Stephen A. Smith in these parts, it&#;s because the man threw out a ridiculous trade idea (Devin Booker for Kyle Kuzma, anybody?) or went on another one of his very loud rants.

But since we&#;ve ragged on the ESPN talking head for the times he&#;s put down one of the Arizona sports teams, it&#;s only right we highlight one of a joyous moment for Stephen A. courtesy of the Arizona Cardinals. Their throttling of the Dallas Cowboys in front of a Monday Night Football audience sure got the man in a good mood.

There was Stephen A. Smith, dancing in front of his camera before chuckling like a madman and then declaring: &#;How &#;bout them Cowbooooys?!&#;

Get this man on TikTok.

Like many Cardinals fans, Stephen A. enjoyed the imagery of a grown man in a Cowboys jersey wallowing in sorrow at AT&T Stadium during the loss as a woman beside him, to no avail, attempted to comfort him.

Unlike ESPN analyst Booger McFarland, Smith was proven correct for his Monday morning prediction that Dallas wouldn&#;t be up to the task of beating Arizona.

Being right made Smith downright giddy Monday night and into Tuesday morning.

He was laying it on former Cowboys defensive lineman and fellow ESPN talk show host Marcus Spears real hard in the aftermath of the game.

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Stephen A. trolls Cowboys fans after Dallas’ playoff loss to the Rams

Is Romantic Breakup The Real Reason Stephen A. Smith Hates The Cowboys?

DALLAS - Nobody bashes Dallas Cowboys fans more than ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith. During his three-decades worth of work in sports media, Smith has made his distaste for the Cowboys very known, referring to Dallas fans as "cockroaches.''

Have you ever wondered where his hatred comes from? Of course, Smith knows how good the Cowboys are for television; our Mike Fisher has pointed out often that Smith is more of an "actor and performer'' than he is a sports analyst.

But is there more to the origin of whatever part of his animosity might be genuine? 

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[Cowboys WR CeeDee Lamb: Serious About Dumping No. 88?]

On First Take on Friday, co-hosts Max Kellerman asked Smith point-blank: Have you had your heart broken by a Cowboys fan? To which host Molly Qerim Rose couldn't help but laugh and Smith answered "yes.''

Smith proceeded to say the heartbreak occurred in high school and that he doesn't know where she is now and doesn't care. 

No image description

A bit bitter, are we? 

And since, any time Smith has dated a woman who was a Cowboys fan, he says he ends it the minute he finds out the team she roots for. It is clear he takes extreme delight in trolling Cowboys fans and he knows that it pays in views. 

Speaking of that Cowboys TV gold Remember how heated it got between Smith and Michael Irvin when the Cowboys legend joined the show in ? 

Smith has said the Tony Romo argument between himself and Irvin is his favorite moment on First Take. 

Whether he is mocking Dallas' slogan, "How 'Bout Them Cowboys?" or calling Cowboys fans the most "disgusting nauseating fanbase in history" Smith is a hater or maybe he's just licking old wounds.

Or, given his "performance'' history, maybe there was never any old girlfriend at all.

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Stephen A. Smith, Skip Bayless troll Cowboys after losing to Tom Brady, Bucs

Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless managed to rub salt on the Dallas Cowboys&#; fresh wounds after their Week 1 loss against Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Despite an impressive comeback performance from Cowboys star QB Dak Prescott, Dallas fell short as the defending champions escaped with a win.

Fox Sports&#; Bayless called it like it was. The year-old &#;Undisputed&#; host took to Twitter to tell the Cowboys that they should not have their heads down after losing to the defending champions. Although I&#;m pretty sure he meant well, Bayless&#; take would still be tough to read if you&#;re a Cowboys fan especially with him ending it with &#;the Cowboys goat goated&#;.

On the other side of the fence, ESPN&#;s &#;First Take&#; host took a more brutal route. Stephen A. Smith, who&#;s been very vocal about how he isn&#;t a fan of the franchise, didn&#;t need to use a lot of words. Unlike Bayless, Smith just laughed his butt off on Twitter to savagely troll the Cowboys after the loss:

It was a tough night for the Cowboys and these hot takes from both Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smitb definitely did not help. Prescott and his squad gave it their all and managed to put up a fight against the reigning Super Bowl champs. The comebacking Prescott held his own against the defending Super Bowl MVP in Tom Brady and threw a whopping yards including three TDs in his first game since October

The Cowboys had a huge defensive stop in crunch time and converted on a key FG which gave them a one-point lead with less than two minutes to go. Unfortunately for them, those ninety-plus seconds were all Brady needed to put his team in a position to convert a last-second FG to grab their first win of the season.



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